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Daughter of late state Sen. Jerry Relph who died of COVID-19 calls on Senate GOP leader to apologize

"It's definitely a conspiracy theory. Also, why is this on a Sesame Street background?"

Here's a crazy thing.

I NEVER want to hear a rightie complain about the t-ball team getting "participation trophies" again

Congrats to RB Frank Gore: 16,000+ career rushing yards

everything you need to know about these bastards is summed up as. while america is suffers and dies

A dog show question.

Markwayne Mullin (R-Oklahoma) is now on CNN speculating that "since Mr. Trump is a man of

Medical debt buyers and the company offices of privatized prisons...

Active military member charged with murder in Illinois bowling alley shooting

Trump signs stimulus and government spending bill into law, averting shutdown

Marco Rubio facing furious backlash after calling Dr. Anthony Fauci a liar and an elitist

Pence got the vaccination SO (supposed to wear mask afterwords)

If you're wondering what Orange NeedleDick will try to pull next, just ask yourself this question

What does Trump have up his sleeve

Here's a picture of the suicide bomber from NBC

American Prospect on the new Cabinet. "Progressives have done better than many of us feared.'

I bet they keep these cult Christmas decorations up past the inauguration

All MAGATs are delusional, but not all delusional people are MAGATs.

D'espairsRay - HORIZON PV

Could the orange Anus actually do this?

Compare and Contrast: Rush or The Yardbirds?

Hey Football fans. What do you think of Steve Kornacki's new gig

So, I'm watching Tenet. I can't understand what they're are saying half the time.

So Killa Kon signed the Covid 19 relief bill?

The Latest: AT&T aims to fully restore service Sunday night

The Long-Awaited End of 2020 * new post from Nancy Waterman

I made duck for the first time today.

This guy goes to natural disasters to rescue animals -- and he just adopted one of them 💜

Guy wire cutting crime spree topples one Texas tower, destabilized a 1,000-footer

Voter Suppression is un-American

He signed it. Per Collins of CBS news

GOP Lawmaker Attacks Pelosi for Pushing $2,000 Stimulus Checks Demanded by Trump

December deadliest month of COVID-19 pandemic

2020 has one last gasp for us...Phil Niekro has died...

Jake Tapper & Kayleigh McEnany spar after he says she 'lies the way most people breathe'

GOP Problem Solvers Caucus co-chair says he'll vote in favor of $2,000 checks

NY Senate to vote on 'strongest bill in the nation' to block eviction proceedings amid pandemic

Jesus--read the language in 45's statement re signing the relief bill.

'He is a child!!!' Teen son of Grammy Award-winning trumpeter wrongfully accused of stealing

Here's the bullshit Trump is requiring to increase relief payments

2014: U.S. Risks National Blackout From Small-Scale Attack

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

A different view of the Nashville Bomber.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it to you that Trump is eventually jailed for his crimes?

Trump's pardons, rage tweeting is peak white male privilege. Obama could never.

I really hope the Democrats don't blow this

DEP cancels Christmas tree recycling events due to COVID-19 pandemic

I found this image in a comment on another site:

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger Calls Out His Party's 'Grifting Scam' Election Challenges, Warns of Violence

I found this image in a comment on another site:

Washington state will spend $54M to help gig workers

Tweet of the night:

Seahawks clinch NFC West division title in Week 16 win over Rams

GOP Problem Solvers Caucus co-chair says he'll vote in favor of $2,000 checks

Trump to hold COVIDIOT party in Georgia ahead of Senate runoffs

Democrats have to get and retain hold of Congress

Teens expand TikTok playbook to help Democrats in Georgia runoffs

To Craunch the Marmoset

Has Trump endorsed the House Bill for $2,000 per person payments?

Virginia Deputy Fired After Far-Right Calls For Violence On Social Media

What's the best place to find crossword puzzles?

I'm officially the world's biggest crybaby.

Sneaky Beagle Steals Chicken Nuggets From Oven

Senate Democrats To Attempt To Pass $2,000 Stimulus Checks

Sanders would like to see Biden tilt left with Cabinet

The editorial board of the NYPost, the president's favorite paper, tells him to give it up

Margot Fonteyn, Rudolf Nureyev: Giselle

I wonder what's Reggie Skyrock & Ashley Weiss cut?

NY Post front page editorial tonight: The Post says: Mr. President... STOP THE INSANITY

::edited:: Parody Biden throwing shade....

What is a maroon?

Literally, the sound from my speakers just disappeared.

Travel back to 2015

Monday's digit - 8/10: Sunshine and 50 degrees? Sign me up. Jason, CWG

Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky, Dance of the Little Swans

Tchaikovsky, Bolshoi Ballet, Nina Kaptsova: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Statement from Trump; December 27, 2020

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 29: In Memoriam

Dems should be going absolute 24/7 bananas over the $2000 checks

"When even electricity whispering gorilla boner pills guy gets that trump got rickrolled..."

*Tuesday 8:00 PM The Graduate (1967)

Doggo--or Meercat?

Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit has a way with words...

Bolshoi Ballet, Coppelia: Waltz of the Hours

For D.C. protests, Proud Boys settle in at city's oldest hotel and its bar

Fox News broadcasts a disgusting video of two assholes

Please consider that Congress passed a Covid-19 Relief Bill that required 5593 pages of....

Rep. Katie Porter: I want to have an honest conversation about what it does and doesn't do.

Farewell Tweet from Walter Reed ER doc who was removed after criticizing Trump's joyride

Dave Barry: 2020 in Review

Rescued Russian Cats Gets Enviromental Minister Title

Watch Trump getting into his golf cart today. What do you notice?

We Finally Know Why Sun's Corona Is So Extremely Hot

The Post says: Give it up, Mr. President -- for your sake and the nation's

Apparently, buying Australian wine is the new "thing" to fight Communist China...


Gov. Justice anticipates long-term care facilities to be fully vaccinated this week

2019 law allows NY to prosecute those pardoned by a President

Judge Denies Blackjewel's Move to Liquidate

Judge Denies Blackjewel's Move to Liquidate

Judge Denies Blackjewel's Move to Liquidate

Judge Denies Blackjewel's Move to Liquidate

Surveillance video shows moments leading up to explosion in downtown Nashville

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Best of Michael Kosta in the Field

Monsters -D'espairsRay

Mass Vaccine Rollout Under Way In Europe As Covid Mutates Into More Contagious Strain - MSNBC

In June of 1974, a NYT's reporter asked CA folks what they thought of Nixon's impeachment

Proud Boys are fundraising for protective gear on givesendgo. Already raised $12k+

"From now on can we call them... parDons?"

Manhattan DA moving forward with Manafort case after Trump pardon

From my senior friend who loves jokes: Interesting thoughts about the past year:

Trump Signs Covid-19 Relief and Government Funding Bill - Bloomberg Politics

Trump Pardons Crooks for Federal Financial Crimes, Time for the States To Step Up+Charge the Crooks

Well, 2021 will be with us soon...

Kevin McCarthy is such a lying piece of shit

Tour the Dayton's remodel, downtown Minneapolis

Dr. Fauci: "We Are Really At A Very Critical Point" - NBC Nightly News

Americans just don't care about the pandemic

Sha-Na-Na does Tennessee Ernie Ford

JUST about Full.

Overlooking river, behind branches, southern MD

Legal Complaints Being Filed Against Trump's Election Lawyers

PART of a large gaggle, on sandbar @ creek near major river, southern MD

2020 sounded like such a nice, round year. It was sure to bring something special.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost says email shows OptumRx was overcharging the state - and knew it

Prince "Space" (Universal Love Remix) - 1994

Prince feat. Mayte 2020 ( Unreleased )

Groups backing Gov. DeWine and his daughter received FirstEnergy cash funneled through dark money

Almost 2 million Americans received first dose of COVID-19 vaccine - ABC News

Still Would Stand All hate around us, still would stand all Time

Google Earth scary

Why are so many financial books, columnists, newletters so biased in favor of Roths?

Cleanup Time - John Lennon

Prince - Sign O' The Times 2020

Outdoors: From tallest mountains to deepest oceans, humans altering environment

K & R Happy New Year

Woman accused 14 yr old son of jazz artist of stealing her iphone

Appropriate background muzak while reading RWNJ conspiracies

From tallest mountains to deepest oceans, humans altering environment

trump realized his stunt not to sign the stimulus bill was backfiring on him,


Imagine a Presidency so horrific Stephen King is shocked by it. That's where we are right now

Will trump pardon child sex ring predator Ghslaine Maxwell this week ?

D.C.-area forecast: Mild today, cold midweek, and then a big warm-up to ring in 2021

December's full Moon rises on Tuesday, December 29, 2020.

US Senate Elections that Democrats will win in 2022 will be in states that Biden carried in 2020.

Breakfast Monday 28 December 2020

Monday TOONs - Before He Goes

Saudi court hands prison sentence to women's rights activist - local media

China sentences citizen journalist to four years in prison for Wuhan lockdown reports

Rev. William Barber on Greed, Poverty and Evangelical Politics

Name a Time When the Death of a Fictional Character Really Threw You [Assume Spoilers Ahead]

NUTSHELL: Why we need Medicare for all.

What are the odds trump and his family will flee the country?

For D.C. protests, Proud Boys settle in at city's oldest hotel and its bar

Before the Soggy Bottom Boys...

Trump's Schedule for Monday, December 28, 2020

Donny Deutsch just went on a rant about the media focused on drumpf. He

Oh, the humanity!: Thousands of pounds of cheese balls spill onto Maryland highway

Trump Got Nothing

Photos: Frozen Lakes, Ponds And Icy Oceans

Woman Falsely Accuses Black 14-Year-Old of Stealing Her Phone, Gets Support From Hotel Manager,

After seeing the Andre Hill video from the Columbus, Ohio killing of another

IMHO the reputation of the US has been damaged beyond repair thanks to 4 years of the russian

Reality-TV President's $2,000 Stimulus Cliffhanger Ends in a Bellyflop

If a member of Congress was caught

When a person becomes a former president

Are you protected against online tracking? The EFF's Cover Your Tracks site has the answer

Eric Boehlert: How Beltway journalism is destroying our faith in government

UT Sells Oil & Gas Leases w/i Original Bears Ears Boundaries, Most At Rock-Bottom Prices

On this day, December 28, 1938, Sugar Chile Robinson was born.

Reason trump signed relief bill, to solve Mar a Lardo phone problems?

When the trump reign is over, I would like to see a report on the amount

St. George UT Official - Lawns Conserve Water, Because You Can Always Stop Watering Them

Argentina will begin inoculation with the Russian vaccine on Tuesday

Two weeks ago, we were told 20 million of us would be vaccinated by the end

Trump Donors Funnel $10.5 Million Into His Businesses

"The Bookshop". What a delightful, offbeat British gem!

Republicans Love Socialism - Carloads Of It, When It Comes To Keeping Failing Technologies Alive

A recovery pool encounter could doom Browns playoff hopes

Biden HHS nominee Becerra faces GOP confirmation concerns over abortion, universal health care

Morgan J. Freeman ftw

There's a silly image in my head, and it won't leave.

Vaccine Hesitancy Is Fading Away, Just Like Donald Trump

Avoiding giving more money to citizens in need.

Piecemeal data releases threaten to undermine Sinovac's COVID-19 vaccine

But, he called me "Friend" !

Did Trump's Hotel Concede His Defeat?

McConnell thanks Trump for signing coronavirus relief bill

I've read some criticism of participaton trophies but I don't have a problem with them. When my

What gives?

Fewer Americans say marriage is important for parents: poll

This is a MUST-READ article just published in the New Yorker "The Plague Year" Oh My God

Trump made sure everyone will watch him lose again on Jan. 6.

But, they swear it's not a cult (warning - vile image)

When you LOST the NYPOST!: NY Post Rips Trump's 'Shameful' Attack On Fair Vote As 'Undemocratic Coup

"What In Blazes Was Wrong With These People?" -by Tom Tomorrow

Oregon Hospitals Didn't Have Shortages. So Why Were Disabled People Denied Care?

Differing state responses a "major weakness" in US response, says Fauci

Just learned a new term I've never heard of before, anywhere.

Here's the bill that will be voted upon this afternoon in the House. It's a bill that will "amend...

The COVID Relief Bill and the Omnibus Funding Bill Emasculated Trump.

Fellow art historians! I'm trying to identify art in Steve Rattner and Mike Barnicle homes from

Subglacial Lakes Below Thwaites Glacier (WAIS) Filled With Melt, Then Drained In 2013, 2017

Deep-Ocean Weddell Sea (Antarctica) Warming Five Times Faster Than Rest Of World's Ocean Depths

YOU raised $366.00 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-27-20 (over $240,000 raised so far)

U.S. EPA finalizing first-ever airplane emissions rules

Have we come to this?

Republican evolution.

Give Him Hell, Amy Klobuchar!

How to donate stimulus money

Box truck playing music outside Nashville didn't have explosives, authorities say

Well, that's certainly another way to look at those movies

Biden will invoke Defense Production Act to boost Covid vaccine production, advisor says

Novavax coronavirus vaccine becomes fifth to begin Phase 3 trials in United States

Trump shows once again why he should not be President

FDR Taxed The Rich - Remember?

Brazil Vice president tests Covid-19 positive

On this day, December 28, 1879, the Tay Bridge disaster occurred.

"What are we supposed to protect you from? A wrong cheeseburger?"

Well that didn't take long. Qanon Trumpers claim Nashville bomb was "Chinese missile strike."

Long Shadows; Black Water

I think Chumpy got exactly what he wanted,

'It was a missile strike': Trump fans go nuts claiming Nashville bomb was Chinese plot to steal...

In the Trump country

Sept 11, Katrina, COVID - examples of how Repubs cannot, will not, don't wish to govern

Statehood is the problem

'I felt this bang in my calf' - Pete Bethune recounts near-death encounter with snake in Costa Rica

10,086 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 42 deaths

Since nobody will name an airport after this loser, think he'll settle for a jail??

America's military reckoning: It's time to stop the ritualistic fawning over veterans

Why we can't have nice things part 2.

White's Ferry, the historic Potomac River crossing in Poolesville, Maryland, announced it is ceasing

It's good to see a little progress - COVID Act Now map

New: Pence is being sued by Gohmert & other GOP saying he must pick pro-Trump electors on Jan. 6

What have you been eating/drinking too much of over the holidays?

CNN hired @kayleighmcenany as a contributor knowing she was a bad-faith liar

December 28: momentous day for Big Star. Alex Chilton was born (1950); Chris Bell was buried (1978).

@NYGovCuomo I will be holding a COVID briefing and making an announcement at 11:30am ET.

We have a president refusing to do his job now,

VP Pence has been sued by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) to invalidate Biden win

VP Pence has been sued by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) to invalidate Biden win

Roger Stone personally thanked President Trump for his pardon last night

I am just SO tired of winning...

On a Twitter thread, what do/did you call this?.

Trump wanted $2000 payments so his sheeps would give him money for his election grift.

Governor Cuomo Briefing December 28 2020

Golf great Greg Norman hospitalized with 'hideous' COVID-19 symptoms

A need for speed

Trophy Hunters Killed An Animal Every Three Minutes Over Past Decade

"Eventually, the MAGAs will turn on everyone. It's just a matter of time."

Where's Your Mask?


"Two justice systems"

Conspiracy-nuts: Nashville explosion was to destroy evidence of election-stealing.

He will never own it... BUT

House Set to Vote on $2,000 Checks and Vetoed Defense Bill

This Nation Will Explode In 15 Minutes. . .

Today In "Not At All A Scary Cult" - Merchandising!

Earl "Fatha" Hines was born on this date.

Hole! Hole! Hole!

From London Times Great commentary using detailed artwork in a political cartoon

Walter Reed Doctor Who Blasted Trump Drive-By Says 'I Regret Nothing' After Final Shift

Week 17 coming up and there are still three teams in contention to with the NFC Least!!

gop has lost all 5 voter supression attempts in Georgia runoffs

Pops Staples was born on this date.

Maddow Blog Is Texas' Dan Patrick prepared to part with his $1 million reward?

Trump is growing smaller before our eyes

🚨BREAKING: Georgia federal court DISMISSES the GOP's 5th voter suppression lawsuit

"Imagine taking seriously a pollster that tweets like this."

Why a vote on $2,000 stimulus checks is an absolute nightmare for Senate Republicans

go ahead and play the game

Kris Kobach Appeals to Second Circuit So He Can Access 'We Build the Wall' Money and Get Paid

Johnny Otis was born on this date.

Val Demmings tweet:

Armando Manzanero, legendary Mexican singer and composer, dead at 85

GOP Congressmen Publicly Spar Over Trump's Baseless Voter Fraud Claims

Armando Manzanero, legendary Mexican singer and composer, dead at 85

How CNN and FOX showed the identity of the Nashville suicide bomber

Middle Age Riot tweet slams Rubio:

A Cheerleader's Vulgar Message Prompts a First Amendment Showdown

If Warner Were a Muslim Cleric, We Wouldn't See This Intricate Discussion About Who's a Terrorist

House prepares to override Trump's veto of defense bill

Extra unemployment benefits may take weeks to arrive. Fewer checks may be coming

DOJ is appealing to DC Circuit to allow execution of Lisa Montgomery to proceed on Jan. 12th

Matt "Guitar" Murphy was born on this date.

Saudi Activist Who Urged Women's Driving Rights Gets Nearly 6-Year Prison Term

Here are the step by step procedures for counting electoral votes on Jan 6th

John Fugelsang: Real Patriotic millionaires...

Some personal details on the Nashville bombing suspect....

On this day, December 28, 1987, Ronald Gene Simmons's killing spree came to an end.

An idea from my cousin...

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Isaac Newton designing the cover for Pink Floyd's album

Reading comprehension is not a trumper's superpower

Straight Country & Western, no chaser

Perspective: A shocking 19th-century crime reveals the continued need for gender equality

Washington Football Team releases QB Dwayne Haskins

GOP lawmaker sues Pence in bid to overturn Biden win

SEC charged Loeffler's Company for its serious compliance failures resulting in an $8M penalty

Trump's Top 10 moments of presidential idiocy, according to Salon magazine

Simple probability question for someone good at these things ...

Yes, Trump cultist are nutz - The newest painting

Sno-Isle Libraries offers new online service for job seekers

I recommend: Raising Our Own: Understanding Child Development to Enhance Parenting


Good Morning DUMA folks, if you're on Twitter consider following @vintage_obscura

Cartoons 12/28/2020

LA County USC Medical Center Chief Medical Officer slams the American healthcare system. AT LAST!

GOP legislator wants state electoral college to elect governor

Are stink bugs zombies?

Biden Will Use Defense Production Act to Boost Vaccine

There's no way for McConnell to "win" on the $2000 checks, and he'll take the survival path.

FANTASTIC news! The nursing home where COVID first showed up is getting vaccines!

Stands to reason. Trump and Murdoch are about to be competitors.

Trump's Approval Rating Collapses

Wealthy voters are 'mythical middle' in Georgia Senate races

A pro-Trump lawyer called for Republican candidates David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler to be arrested

New York to ban evictions in midst of pandemic

Shocker--look where Trump is today:

For those of us unemployed, when will we see the $300/wk unemployment & the $600 (or $2,000) check?

What Teachers Know

Disciplinary hearing held for officer after fatal shooting of unarmed Black man

Washington has one of the lowest COVID-19 spreads in US

New York Post Tells Trump to Concede

Militia group plans to occupy Legislative Building in Olympia when session begins

Any recommendations for good instructional videos?

Biden to deliver remarks on foreign policy and national security Monday

Strong storm to march across the Lower 48 with snow, heavy rain and severe weather.

Cat advisory notice!!

Shouldn't have to say this.

America to pence. It is after 10. Where are the shots?

Rasmussen quotes Stalin in tweet on US election

Trump's delay in signing the stimulus bill costed millions of unemployed people $300

Jonathan Capehart ftw!

Stephen Moore, Stephen Moore riding through the land...

Are there any exceptions for getting a tenant thrown out in NYC?

Arizona researchers identify gene molecule that could explain the wide range of COVID-19 outcomes

Rasmussen faces furious backlash over 'deranged' scheme for Pence to steal the presidency for Trump

...Louie Gohmert Sues Mike Pence...

Struggling parrot nods "yes" to owner for help

Mary Trump: I didn't realize there were so many euphemisms for "white suicide bomber terrorist."

Historic White's Ferry crossing shuts down following legal dispute.

A Quiet Life, a Thunderous Death, and a Nightmare That Shook Nashville

"Nothing Else Matters" - Oona BROWN & Gage BROWN skate to Metallica & Marlisa

Handy Chart

Trump Looking for Homes Near Mar-a-Lago (he blinked)

Tweet of the afternoon

'Scotland The Brave' Mix: Scottish Band Clanadonia, Perth, St. Andrews Day

I grew up believing democracy was a good thing...

Meet the GOP freshmen taking on the 'Squad'

Coldwater Creek

Joe is LIVE! Tune in as I deliver remarks on the challenges our administration will inherit.

Biden on now on Natiomal Security and the Transition n/t

Massed Pipes & Drums 'Scotland the Brave': Ballater Highland Games


So if Pence refuses to open ballots from states Biden won, will someone else open and count them?

List of all pardons granted by Trump

Who actually commits voter fraud?

Biden says his transition team is running into "obstruction from the political leadership"...

Republicans sue Mike Pence in 'desperate' last-ditch effort to overturn election

President-Elect Joe Biden On the Challenges Ahead

Biden & Major: Kissie face, huggie pup

Opposing Lloyd Austin for Secretary of Defense seems like an absurd hill to die on.

Does anyone have any info as to whether the vaccines help an already...

Is Killa Kon about to pardon Allen Stanford?

When Will Trump Pardon Bernie Madoff?

'Tis the season...but what season is it?

4:54, people

House Live debating the $2000 bill. GOP predictably arguing against it:


Video: Woman attacks young black man for 'stealing' her iPhone.

Dave!? Damn man...Dave!? 😆

Democratic message must be: Republicans don't care about you. Democrats do.

Biden accuses Trump appointees of obstructing transition on national security issues

Baby Horse Moves Into Rescuer's Kitchen And Becomes Tiny Bucking Bronco

Dogs gather for picture beneath massive flock of crows

Dating: Do's And Dont's (1949)

Tweet of the Day

It is not normal for the president to share campaign videos nearly two months after he lost.

Example of the shit we are dealing with. Right wing crap.

A New Congressional Budget Office Study Shows That Medicare for All Would Save Hundreds of Billions

Pack of Arctic wolves settle for a nap in the afternoon

Gucci is going to revolutionize your eyeglasses, or NOT!

Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) announced she has tested positive for CV19

Plastic pipes are polluting drinking water systems after wildfires

Life Before Covid: Lazy cat sleeps on busy restaurant floor refusing to move.

Neighbor Recalls Chilling Reply From Nashville Suspect

Lick The Tins - Can't Help Falling in Love

Pope Francis Strips Powerful Vatican Office of Its Financial Assets

The consensus seems to be that black and brown people are more susceptible...

Killing Floor

Pope Francis Strips Powerful Vatican Office of Its Financial Assets

Ossoff, Warnock warn of dwindling funds; Schumer 'pessimistic' on Democrats' chances, source says

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 28, 2020

"Lions for Lambs" - 2007 film much overlooked and should be seen and discussed more

BREAKING: House is now voting on the COVID relief ($2,000) Bill...

Trump's final actions will seal his fate as worst president ever..

PM Update: Wind chills are back tonight and Tuesday.

Trump just tweeted a Dear Leader campaign video. SPOILER: He hugs the flag at the end.

We should definitely discourage people from doing this...*wink wink*

I just watched a political ad on tv where Rand Paul was slandering Ossoff and Warnock

Feed Ducks Frozen (thawed) Peas, Not Bread, Wildlife Organization Urges

Transphobic language,

Honduras: Indigenous environmental activist Felix Vasquez killed

Do you enjoy massages?

Virtually Full,

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 12/28/20

House Republicans to Trump, Drop Dead

Rebekah Jones named Forbes Technology Person of The Year

$2,000 relief bill passes house.

House passes measure to increase stimulus checks to $2,000

House has passed the CASH act by 2/3 margin

House now voting to override Trump's veto of the Military appropriations Bill (req 2/3 vote)

'Highly suspicious' fire at Black church in Massachusetts being investigated as arson

Give me, give me, give me

Jamaican government closes both Lime Cay and Maiden Cay with immediate effect after

I am so sick of the ugly.

House votes 275-134 for $2000 checks. The ball is now in the Turtle's court.

Biden says his transition team has 'encountered roadblocks' from Trump appointees

If McConnell won't bring $2000 payments to the floor, Bernie will object to the defense bill.

Columbus FOP leader: Officer who shot Andre Hill has been terminated

Who are the 9 Dem nays on the override?

Every single person with a Twitter account MUST go to Perdue and Loefflers Twitter and demand

Dominion tells Mellissa Carone, others to stop spreading election misinformation

Ohio attorney general joins lawsuit demanding religious schools be allowed to re-open

Coronavirus vaccinations begin at Life Care Center nursing home

Aisha's Law Falls Short Of Passing Ohio Legislature In 2020

Dump's veto overridden by House.

Biden adviser warns of 'worst' January ever from post-Christmas Covid surge

house vote live on cspan now. the veto is on the way to override

Toppled logs causes delays on Kingston-Edmonds ferry route

Stormy pattern to bring 4-5 feet of snow to Cascades by Sunday

Biden Interior nominee discusses environmental injustice with tribal leaders

Barbara Lee just voted "No" on the Military Appropriation override....

Lol, Loeffler and Purdue are really in a bind

Positive covid case in my senior living complex.

Euclid reaches $475,000 settlement with man tased by police during 2016 traffic stop

"Is the Pandemic Over Yet?"

The Rude Pundit's Nativity-palooza: You didn't know you needed this