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Archives: December 3, 2020

Alas poor Kraken, we barely knew ye

Why Trump Might Just Fade Away

My community just elected Deborah Gonzalez (D-Athens, GA) as the 1st Latina DA in GA!

WaPo: New coronavirus cases in the United States surpassed 200,000 cases in a single day

Arizona Governor Duuzey's response to medical authorities who pleaded for additional

Another in the series of life lessons...

How Many Of You Here Think Trump Started His Presidency With The Thought Of Pardons In Mind?.....

Joy Reid

WATCH: Candace Owens Compares Vaccines to Slavery During an Appearance on the Alex Jones Show

The Election Is Over ...

Cannabis sales surge, proving pot is pandemic-proof

Should accept no trump/McConnell deal

GA voters - important info if you vote on the BMDs at the voting centers

Benton-Banai, co-founder of American Indian Movement, dies

Order Pizza From Us ...

Mitch McConnell's Revised Stimulus Proposal Still Not Enough, Economists Say

'Very dark couple of weeks': Morgues and hospitals overflow

Pardongate: Kanye's candidacy a quid pro quo?

Bosch - Amazon Prime - 6 Seasons

What we know about David Perdue's stock trades

12/03 Mike Luckovich -You're welcomed!

US lawmakers unveil anti-slavery constitutional amendment

NC Attorney General Josh Stein: Don't Fall for COVID Vaccine Scams

This is banana republic stuff but it's par for the course with an authoritarian leader

Giuliani endorses threatening Michigan lawmakers for Trump

Coronavirus: Former French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing dies of COVID at 94

Funny, razor-sharp one act Trump-Pence end times play from Sidney Blumenthal.

Project Veritas' CNN Sting Uncovers Explosive News That Tucker Carlson Is Racist

Jockeying for jobs: Tensions simmer inside Biden transition as new administration takes shape

Hershey's Kisses' classic Christmas bells ad got a makeover -- and people are outraged

F**k yo couch, driver, f**k your couch!

Pompeo invites hundreds to indoor holiday parties after subordinates are warned against hosting 'non

I'd like to save the dictionary publishers some ink and/or memory space. Several words and their

Mark it on your Calendar

Disgusting, Despicable, etc, etc, etc...

Rick Wilson is 100% correct. Investigate the Trump administration fully. Or face a bleak future

United States Just Set a New High for Daily Covid Deaths-2828 and Counting

Behind the Bastards: The Worst Police Union in History

🚨NEW: Republicans have launched a series of frivolous election contests in MN

Louisville police's 'no-knock' warrants most often targeted Black residents, analysis shows

Mitch McConnell's dark pivot: Wreck the economy -- and sabotage Biden's presidency

Give Americans a stimulus check by Christmas or small businesses will have an unhappy new year

why is MSNBC an hour off? Did I miss something today?

Groups sue Georgia over voter purges

Anderson Coopers real world lead story

Judge picks apart lawsuit (WI)

Powell cited QAnon figure in lawsuit to overturn Georgia election

To my dear wife:

Just a reminder of a basic fact:

Is Parler Stealing Your Data? - Steve Hofstetter

Drawn and quartered. *TRIGGER WARNING*

Mike Pence Backs Away From the Trump Election 'Fraud' Train Wreck

Mike Pence Backs Away From the Trump Election 'Fraud' Train Wreck

It's slowly happening; I can sometimes go a day or more without being outraged

Escalating attacks on voting put elections staff at risk

Why Donald Trump and his supporters have no reason to claim fraud?

If you recieve a pardon from the president.............

Modern DNA suggests that the Denisovans were surprisingly diverse

DC: Metro's Proposed Cuts Are A 'Punch In The Gut' For Workers And The Local Economy

'When the Bombs Go Off, the Blood Is on Mike Flynn's Hands':

tramp may fire barr???

I don't quite buy Moncef Slaoui's optimism

Mississippi Fred McDowell - "Goin' Down To The River"

Where is Trump going to live after he leaves office?

Ilhan Omar: Cancel rent and mortgage payments.

Hannity says Trump should pardon himself and his family

Breitbart attacking Lin Wood

Lets hope Trump is the Repub nominee in 2024 because he'll lose by a record number of votes if he is

Biden warns Americans against traveling for Christmas

Hiring falls off in November to slowest rate since July

203,362 new cases: 2828 deaths Source: Worldometer

Lancaster ISD superintendent's $2M buyout blocked for nearly a year

Highest number of daily Covid deaths and cases ever in USA. 203,362 cases and 2,828 deaths

Colombia's military denies systematic support to paramilitaries

How long before Joe

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that are likely to flip.

Trump will head for Mar-A-Lago just before the Christmas holiday.

Decathlete Rafer Johnson, 'World's Greatest Athlete', dies at 86

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Ivanka Trump was deposed Tuesday in DC attorney general's inauguration lawsuit

Republicans cheer on a Trump 2024 run

What is hidden in Biden's medical boot? (!)

In Letter to China, Itamaraty Says the Country's Reaction to Eduardo Was Offensive and Disrespectful

AC 360 and Cuomo refused to play Trump's rant today. May others follow.

Can Velveeta Voldemort give himself a pardon for treason?

Parents of 628 migrant children separated at border still have not been found, court filing says

Three Reasons to Decriminalize Abortion in Colombia

*11:45 PM Citizen Kane (1941) 1h 59m Drama TV-PG

⚖️Nevada Court issues order in DISMISSED election case. Trump and his allies are 1-40

Why GOP's instant dismissal of Barr's election fraud denial is so concerning


I've seen the movie Rachel's talking about, 'Marie' w Sissy Spacek,

Frightened Don Jr. Asks If He Can Sleep In Dad's Bed After Bad Dream About Being Indicted

Cartoon: Christmas conspiracies By Clay Jones -December 2, 2020 9:00 AM

AZ Governor Ducey confirms he ignored Trump's call during vote certification press conference

48417 Americans have died from COVID-19 since Trump formally declared the pandemic was over on 10/27

Well here is another way they are making money off of these stupid legal suits

We're in the mad cow phase of the trump presidency.

The Rude Pundit: Trump's Continuing COVID Murder Spree

See Bernie Sanders reaction to Trump floating 2024 presidential run (CNN)

The population of South Dakota is 884,659, 82,203 in South Dakota have tested positive for COVD-19

Police: Beaten bowling manager asked patrons to wear masks

Barr is praying for this to happen...

David Perdue bought Pfizer stock -- a week before company said it would develop a vaccine

John Mulaney on Secret Service Interview as told on Jimmy Kimmel Live 🤣🤣🤣

2nd pic: Times Square 1898-1900!

CDC warns Jan and Feb 2021 will be the worst months for Covid.

Mary Trump on CNN now

The entire world is hoping that the magats are listening...

Want to give a DU shout out to Democrat Mayor of Tucson, Regina Romero.

One of Rudy's witnesses just said she thinks "all Chinese look alike" while arguing for Voter ID

Trumps rant tonight disappeared

Amazing and Hilarious Christmas Light Show! - Christmas Can Can

I am not kidding...


Trump's star witness is Myrtle Beach drunk.

Simple Man

rightwing nuts are working up a lather at these meetings

Democrat Mark Kelly Sworn In As New Senator From Arizona

The Wizard - Black Sabbath. this will loosen

BREAKING: Trump files new federal court lawsuit in Wisconsin challenging the results of the election

Will Joe Biden grant a pardon to Hunter for the Bowling Green Massacre?

Hospitals stretched beyond 'reasonable limit' as number of Covid-19 patients reaches 100,000

Trump administration sets wave of executions for days leading up to Biden inauguration

'They have not earned your vote': Trump allies urge Georgia Republicans to sit out Senate runoffs

"All Chinese Look Alike..."

Don't underestimate Trump's danger to us all just yet...

Boxer Getting Picked Up From The Vet Gives Owner This Look

I detest mike Flynn

Wapo's Philip Bump: the most petulant 46 minutes in American history

Soon I will reach my 1000th post.

Donald Trump tells all. Must see!

California Coronavirus Update: Daily Cases Explode, Set Record; Gov. Newsom On Verge Of Issuing

Ex-French leader Valery Giscard d'Estaing dies at age 94

Trump attorney in GA: "Why would you go back and vote in another rigged election" ?

At Pro-Trump Georgia Rally, Lawyer Lin Wood Says Don't Vote for GOP Senators in 'Rigged' Runoffs:

Third-highest daily COVID deaths reported as Ohio adds itself to travel advisory for 15% positive

Biden Considers Two Governors, Former Surgeon General for HHS

Jacinda Ardern Declares 'Climate Emergency' in New Zealand

Georgia Argued Sidney Powell Is a 'Security Risk' Who Can't Get the 'Keys to the Software Kingdom'

No-kill, lab-grown meat to go on sale for first time

So Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are meeting with (Epi 1) Stacey Abrams.

New game show: Perdue, Loeffler, or Mr. Burns

Barr's special counsel move could tie up his successor

Katie Porter is up next on Lawrence -MSNBC. Nt

I know where the lines are. I am choosing to ignore them.

Heads Up!! Katie Porter on Lawrence O'Donnell

A fascinating aspect of Donnie's pathology is the need to be vindictive to imperfect loyalty

Today's Recipient of the Katie Porter Thrash -- The Snotty Steve Mnuchin

MSNBC - Lawrence O'Donnell

Close your eyes, count to 10...

First ever attempt with bandlab app

McConnell's corporate immunity demand is a poison pill.

Donald Trump Jr. asks his dad if he can sleep in bed with him after nightmare of being indicted.

So, I just caught a mouse in the house tonight. The 3rd in 3 months....

A trove of Donald Lame Duck cartoons ...

Florida attorney under investigation for registering to vote in Georgia, encouraging others to do...

Robin released a new record just a bit ago. It's really good too

feds crack down on animals on airlines, allowing only legit service animal DOGS instead of

James Dewar sang with Robin for decades. Very rarely better than this

Lawyers say Trump admin has handed over new data that will help reunite separated migrant families.

Of course this one. The best song on 1980's best album - no matter who says different

White House Says Pardons Will Be Given First to Essential Frontline Criminals

Reporter Brian Karem receiving threats, calls out Trump and McEnany

Obama, Bush & Clinton volunteer to get covid-19 vaccines on camera

I don't even know how to describe this except it's brilliant! (SNL/Rudy's drunk chick mix)

Stop Team Q: Loeffler and Perdue Support QAnon Terrorism -- Meidas Touch

Trump escalates baseless attacks on election with 46-minute video rant

Synesthesia: Anyone else experience this?

Donald Trump Lost the Election Fair & Square.

I trust there are men in white coats that can be dispatched

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Melania's Christmas Redemption & The CDC's Vaccine Plan

Clinton, Bush, Obama will get public COVID vaccines...


Ice storms: Inside wintertime's dreaded, frozen mess

It's terrifying to have lunatics like this

I know, we've all talked about favorite Christmas movies....

When you don't consider Bill Barr to be sufficiently disrespectful of the Constitution.

I agree with Sidney 100%

Ok, shut it all down. Rudy Giuliani just farted.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Will Trump Pardon Himself, His Children, and Rudy Giuliani?

Christmas Wrapping (Long Version)

Attacked by Neighbor: Probably Final Update

It's been a bizarre 4 yrs but is getting wild

LA Mayor orders residents to stay home and businesses that require in-person work to cease operation

AG Dana Nessel calls out the Sham Hearings

Trump Pardons Flynn, Barr Moves for Dismissal of Flynn's Case. Ball is Now in Judge Sullivan's Court

Mushroomhead - Sun Doesn't Rise (Official Video)

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Superspreads Christmas Cheer at White House Party

Does anyone know this? Question regarding former presidents and national security briefs

A lawsuit in Georgia claims that nearly 200,000 registered voters were improperly purged

Did anyone catch Trump's Facebook... whatever that was?

Absolute favorite holiday rerun

Has anyone told us where citizens will get the vaccine and what the cost will be?

OK Governor Stitt's COVID-19 plan? A day of fasting and prayer.

Trump is said to be livid at Barr, with one official suggesting termination possible

According to FOX News...."Apparently... masks work"

Parler's got a porn problem: Adult businesses target pro-Trump social network

How about Collins, Sasse, Romney & Murkowski go Independent and caucus with the Ds?

Amazon effort to thwart Alabama union drive suffers early defeat at labor board

Can we talk about the substance of defunding the police?

Strong Santa Ana Winds Returning to SoCal Prompt Red-Flag Warning, Possible Power Shutoffs

The Beatles - Hey Bulldog

Oboe Concerto from Alessandro Marcello. Dedicated to

TCM Schedule for Thursday, December 3, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Pre-Code Classics

Obama-era official could lead Biden's BLM

Have you still got it in you to rock? Pat Travers- Rock and Roll Susie

Lab-grown chicken on the menu in Singapore after world-first approval

Hong Kong media tycoon and pro-democracy figure Jimmy Lai charged with fraud

Full Interview: Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly speaks to the media after being sworn in

Horrible thought - Trump might go down in history

Neutrino detector finds new type of "ghost particle" from the Sun

Full Interview: Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly speaks to the media after being sworn in

Little Stevie making faces for the camera

China testing blunders stemmed from secret deals with firms

China testing blunders stemmed from secret deals with firms

Deflating American myth

Pat Patterson, first openly gay professional wrestler, dies aged 79

My original Deep Thought tonight:

Mexico: Lopez Obrador says pandemic lockdowns are the tactic of dictators

Astronomers Are Mystified by These Ghostly, Unexplained Circles Seen in Space

Whatever became of Rachel Biticofer?

Baby born from 27-year-old embryo sets new record

When will your city go into lockdown again? Remember this.....

Google violated U.S. labor laws in clampdown on worker organizing, regulator says

ATTN Steve Mnuchin ... she taught at the University of California, Irvine School of Law (wiki)

Mary Trump Thinks Her Uncle's Postpresidency Woes Are Just Beginning

Cluster of Alaskan islands could be single, interconnected giant volcano

Study: Infants diagnosed with COVID-19 experienced reversible myocardial injury, heart failure

How much more damage will the prick do before he exits

Robot drills hole on Moon, employs robot arm to clean up mess to bring home

New study suggests COVID-19 arrived in the U.S. last December without anyone knowing

Jerry Harrison - "Rev It Up"

City of L.A. issues stay-at-home rules that mirror L.A. County order

Mitch McConnell Actually Cried Today. Lawrence Was Not Moved - The Last Word - MSNBC

Voyager spacecraft detect new type of solar electron burst

holy shit there's more footage of the lady in the trump trials

Unraveling The Mystery: How Do Megamouth Sharks Glow?

Chinese firms on U.S. exchanges threatened by bill headed to Trump's desk

A huge group of people gathered outside the Staten Island bar...

The Social Life of Forests

Student ejected from classes following mental health crisis sues Ohio University

403 errors

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear says 'inaction is deadly' on state's deadliest day of the pandemic

Ohio takes step toward making Juneteenth a paid state holiday

Rolling out the red dirt carpet

As Investigations Mount, Trump Reportedly Discusses Family Pardons - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

New and detailed atlas of the skies

People chose the coast during the big chill

Ohio House OKs bill to ban colleges from blocking controversial speakers, setting up 'free speech


Ohio tea party leader urges Trump to suspend the Constitution, declare martial law to hold new vote


President Trump Seriously Considering 2024 Run As He Continues False 2020 Claims

Sen. Sherrod Brown predicts smooth confirmation for Rep. Marcia Fudge if she's picked as Biden's

Chris Hayes: We Failed To Protect The Most Vulnerable Americans From Covid - All In - MSNBC

JoAnn and Bob Glick donating $42 million to MetroHealth System, largest gift in its history, to help

In the Ancient American Southwest, Turkeys Were Friends, Not Food

Puerto Ricans just issued their mandate for statehood

Supreme Court may decide if states fire employees who leave for military duty

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are favored to win.

GOP: Don't force me to wear a mask! Also GOP: Declare martial law and have the military conduct

Dolly Parton - Don't Drop Out

New Nonprofit Fund Offers Alternatives To 'Predatory Loan' Industry In Texas

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/2/20

Stephen Colbert: Guest Michael Eric Dyson

Former Kansas AG not letting lack of law license hinder work on Trump election fight in Michigan

Trump campaign allegedly asks GOP lawmakers to illegally reverse election results

They're still showing Trumpy bear commercials!

Breakfast Thursday 3 December 2020

Andiamo owner leading charge to defy COVID-19 order netted at least $1.8M in PPP funds

Federal judge sets Dec. 21 hearing on Flint water crisis settlement

NY: Exhibit At 18th C. Dutch Historic House Faces Racist Past, Dyckman Farmhouse Museum & Slavery

Tired man....just so tired

What it'll mean if a President is allowed to pardon others for his own gains

US President Trump may pardon jailed Tiger King star Joe Exotic: Report

COVID-19 sweeps through Macomb County Jail, infecting more than a quarter of inmates

GREAT READ: The COVID-19 tsunami is coming, and it will be worse than most people can imagine

Michigan funeral home to pay $250k settlement for transgender discrimination case

Republican and Democrat Judges Have Turned on Trump--and Not Just When it Comes to the Election

Mackinac Bridge Authority: Climbing the towers to take pics isn't worth the risk

Grosse Pointe Shores attorney plans to fight ticket over Black Lives Matter sign

Putin orders Russia to begin large-scale COVID-19 vaccinations next week

Joseph diGenova resigns from Gridiron Club after saying fired cybersecurity official should be shot

Oregon Doctor & Staff Refuse To Wear Masks During Pandemic, Calling Covid 'Common Cold'

The Sacramento sheriff refused to enforce covid health measures. He's now tested positive for the vi

I wear long sleeved tees a lot in cold weather.

Thursday TOONs - The Fraud Is Not In The Stars But In Themselves

Defeated Detroit candidate stakes out opponent in residency dispute

Former French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing dies at 94 after contracting Covid

Their conspiracy theories serve a greater purpose for them if you think about it

Fauci criticizes early UK approval of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

2,596 Trades in One Term: Inside Senator Perdue's Stock Portfolio

Tempers rise, facts fade as Rudy Giuliani claims Michigan vote a 'con job'

Presidents in our lifetime

Let me make this pellucidly clear re Covid 19 deaths and infections

She's 102. She lived through the 1918 flu and now she's beat coronavirus -- twice

Valery Giscard d'Estaing: de Polytechnique a l'ENA, un etudiant hors normes

By government definitions, retired generals Flynn and McInerney are committing sedition

Supreme Court to consider Indiana's request to not list both gay parents on birth certificates

Friends of Animals Sues Fish and Wildlife Service for Mandatory Hunting Imagery on Duck Stamp

Illinois records single-day record of 238 coronavirus deaths

Surprise! Blackjewel Files For Chapter 7, Stiffing Workers, Health Coverage, Taxes & Reclamation

Trump's Schedule for Thursday, December 3, 2020

Oh no, Karen killed Dr. Fauci.

Greenland Will Continue To Lose Ice Mass Even If Snowfall Comparable To 1980s Returns

Barr had 'intense' meeting with Trump after AG's interview undercutting voter fraud claims: Sources

Former French President Giscard D'Estaing dies of covid

Three Nominations Sent to the Senate; December 2, 2020

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; December 2, 2020

French Guiana Plans To Cut Down Forest & Grow Soy For Biodiesel Because It's "Sustainable"

Surprise! Worlds Misses Pledge To Protect 10% Of World's Oceans By 2020; US Not Participating

Andrew Wheeler Wants You To Know That You Can Follow Him & EPA On Parler

Study - European Deciduous Trees Losing Leaves Earlier; Carbon Uptake May Be Less Than Thought

They all asked for you (New Orleans classic-The Meters)

Bill Price encourages GOP to commit voter fraud in Georgia with false registrations

Wuppertal (Germany) Suspension Railway...1902

The CARES Act assumed the the pandemic would be behind us by the end of July

Republicans are anti-democracy...

Republican Florida Man says his instructions for committing voter fraud in Georgia were a joke.

POLITICO: "The Left's Stupid Second-Guessing Of Biden"

Meanwhile in Monolith News:

Labor Department Published Flawed Estimates of Weekly Jobless Claims, Watchdog Says

Rudy tries to shut up his own witness when she gets the kraken on.

Bid to Exclude Immigrants from Census Appears Doomed

Trump Trip to Georgia Has GOP on Edge

Has 'President Trump' always fired people via Tweet ?

Where is the liberal alternative to Sinclair Broadcasting Group?? Unless "we" find a way to

Jobless claims: Another 712,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims last week

Electrify all US school buses by 2030

A girl came to the U.S. border with reports of sexual abuse. ICE expelled her, citing COVID-19

President Biden needs to allow his DOD to recall "general" Flynn and Court Martial him

Trump's final Christmas parties of death

Biden team weighs North Korea policy as the era of Trump's 'love' letters with Kim ends

Obama, Bush and Clinton say they'll get vaccine publicly to prove safety

Conservative Pundit Fears Now Is 'Most Dangerous' Part Of Donald Trump's Presidency

Donald Trump is acting like a spoiled toddler -- America must give him a permanent timeout

US reports 3,100 COVID-19 deaths in one day, surpassing previous record by 20 percent

Democrats took a risk to push mail-in voting. It paid off

New winner of looney conspiracy of the year : Stone, Kim Jong Un, ships with ballots in Maine

Trump has murdered a lot of us - and turned 1/3 of the population into mass murderers with him

With this newer reduced stimulus bill

Pence to visit Tennessee, talk virus vaccines

You guys are the best!

Woke up this morning with this number on a loop in me head! Soooo good!

N.M. Gov Lujan Grisham turned down Interior post, says transition source

41 Years Ago Today; 11 dead from injuries sustained at The Who concert disaster

The Rundown: December 3, 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 12/2/20

Facebook to start policing hate speech targeting Blacks more aggressively than anti-White...

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 12/2/2020


GAVLEBOCKEN INAUGURATION 2020. Join us in our Christmas-pimped live studio.

Will the Trump family get their own cell block

😟 Rural Virginia county officials pass resolution rejecting 'tyranny' of governor's coronavirus rest

Political Hypocrisy Is Undermining Public Health

Trump administration pushes pay freeze for federal workers, after initially calling for a 1% raise

'Nuther great Brendan Benson tune!

Houston company to build first U.S. vessel to support offshore wind boom

Washington DC bans gas-powered leaf blowers.

Pompeo invites hundreds to indoor holiday parties.

Trump's star voter fraud witness goes viral HUMILIATING herself at "hearing" - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump Press Secy So Humiliated Even Fox Can't Save Her

BREAKING: Trump Considering Pardoning His Kids & Rudy Giuliani

"Obama, Bush and Clinton say they will take the COVID-19 vaccine publicly to gain public trust"

Leslie Jones is all of us:

Donald Trump is acting like a spoiled toddler -- America must give him a permanent timeout

William Barr's Predicament

What trump/repubs have learned to do well - throw shit out there, onus on targets to disprove

Which is worse? The Covid-19 Virus or the Trump Virus?


VP-elect Kamala Harris picks Tina Flournoy to be her chief of staff

Another Three Nominations Sent to the Senate; December 2, 2020

PPP funds to Trump Organization and Kushner Properties tenants.

Kamala Harris Announces an All-Female Slate of Senior Staff Picks

Building a house?

Obama to stump for Democrats in Georiga Senate runoffs

Heh. The Kraken is even too crazy for Newt.

So that we're clear, this is why Democrats aren't worried about Trump's election theft scheme

YOU raised $4,389.38 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-2-20

If astrology is your "thing," here's Kamala Harris' star chart

Meet Molly, the baby who came from an embryo frozen when her mom was a year old

Easy Mixed Vegetable Tempura Recipe

Pro-Trump legal crusade peppered with bizarre blunders

NY Times - Covid-19 Data Is a Mess. We Need a Way to Make Sense of It.

Hope this works SNL Drunk Girl remix

Think they could bother to tell us...

Do we get to see the data that was released to the FDA about the vaccines? thx in advance

New Georgia Senate Polls For What They Are Worth

GA Repubs nervous about Trump's visit on Saturday.

'Substantial Likelihood Of Wrongdoing' By VOA Parent Agency, Government Watchdog Says

Jonathan Capehart, Tiffany Cross Take Over 'A.M. Joy' Weekend Slots on MSNBC

Reporter on Trump's act: I'm going to get myself in trouble here. This is the height of stupidity.

Just got back from Aldi. Absolutely no sign of 'pandemic panic buying'

Hospitals are already turning patients away....

Password storage apps

Fauci to have first "substantive discussions" with Biden transition officials

Democrats Hold Edge In Georgia Runoffs

Trump's gaslighting the Georgia GOP is akin to Hitler's "The German people failed me.

5442 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs.; 82 deaths

Fauci to Meet with Biden Transition Team

Mystery magazines keep coming to our house. Can't figure out why.

Mystery Hackers Hit Vaccine Distribution Operation

Straight out of Wuhan? The 7th Military World Games, October 18-27, 2019.

Flynn Calls on Trump to Suspend Constitution

Here's the thing...

FL attorney telling GOP members how to vote illegally in Georgia:

Opinion: Joe Biden has to move fast

"I want to thank America for my landslide victory!" . . . Please CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Jellyfish fans! Roger Manning Jr. album! Only released in Japan. Check out the crazy, ridiculous,

BTRTN: Local Heroes Stand Up to the Fraud Farce, While Biden Projects Calm

BTRTN: Local Heroes Stand Up to the Fraud Farce, While Biden Projects Calm

Dallas Morning News reports 52 available ICU beds in Dallas county, which has 2.5 million residents.

NEW: After intervention was granted, we have filed to dismiss the Georgia Kraken case.🐙

One of Giuliani's witnesses yesterday in Michigan: "I think Chinese all look alike.....

Trump's MUSTy this morning

Pueblo's Sunset Inn was a booming family business. Then the pandemic hit

Trump admin held back phone numbers and addresses that could have reunited separated migrant...

I flat burst our laughing at this 2024 election bid by a Tulsi supporter

I Am Trying Very Hard to Consider Everything Realistically.

Anomalies plague more than 1 million census records, lawmaker says

Trump Trip to Georgia Has GOP on Edge

The cluster is coming from inside the house.

Black smoke seen near downtown is coming from boilers at the GSA heating plant in Southwest

I got 6 pcs. of mail today & all 6 were a pc. to get me to vote in the Ga. runoff! I also

Trump hotel charged the inaugural committee 35x more rent than others on the same day

Dr. Fauci has spoken with Biden's CoS Ron Klain and will meet with Biden later today.

Jerry Brown's advice to Joe Biden: Follow FDR. And progressives should 'chill'

DSean Patrick Maloney wins DCCC race

Giuliani farts during hearing:

Connee Boswell was born on this date.

Dr. tweets photo of COVID-19 unit in a parking garage. Trump falsely claims it was "fake".

Amtrak agrees to fix stations and pay $2.25 million to settle ADA discrimination claims

Six weeks left. Who knows what the prick will do?

If Roy Cooper(R-NC) decides to run for the US Senate, it will be in 2026 instead of 2022.

Prison Inmates pool wages for Student Scholarship

Justice Amy Coney Barrett's Choice by Linda Greenhouse

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney chosen to chair DCCC going into choppy election cycle

"A Sketchy Trump Appointee At Census Is Involved In Wacky GA Election Lawsuit"

The US has reported its highest one-day Covid-19 death tally: Over 2,800


Trump 'Fraud' Witness Also Believes Ghosts Are Haunting His Family


DiGenova whines about "cancel culture" after being forced to resign from Gridiron Club

Buyin' Time - Stephen Stills

Democratic nominee for the 2022 PA US Senate Race is likely going to be either-

This pilot merged into traffic better during his emergency landing than most drivers do

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Civil War

My Trumpie neighbor on Facebook again, this time on "voter fraud"

CBS: Any evidence whatsoever of widespread fraud? GABE STERLING: Oh god, no.

Smoke and mirrors? Browns have beaten only one team with a +500 record

Maybe posted? Fuck it! For me bradda Polack Msgt!

Unfotunately, I don't think the appalling lack of education about the need for a senate...

The Mighty Mini crushes Mighty Mo in vicious throat lock move

Fauci staying on at NIH!!

Trump Allies Discourage Georgia Residents From Voting In January Runoff

CNN: Obama cautions activists against using 'defund the police' slogan

Album released this date in 1965

Accessory in Holly Bobo Murder Case Arrested on Drugs, Weapons Charges

I just put up a Google review for the women's clothing store where no one

Mayne! I've enjoyed things the king and queen never hayde!

If 2020 was a ----

Pitch Pizzeria pays over $93,000 in back wages after labor violations

In February, 2021, a man goes to the White House to see Donald Trump.

So I Told The Cops ...

Ivanka Trump Diamonds Embroiled in Alleged Money-Laundering Scheme

I'm sorry? They gave a covid bailout to a guy to make conspiracy videos saying covid doesn't exist?

OK President Elect Biden and VP Elect Harris - Lives Stolen not Election

Been having a back-and--forth with local conservatives on neighborhood blog

Joe is ahead in the Georgia recount by 27,411 votes.

The Concession Speech - LOL

Daily Food Holidays Link

How sick is this? The Hook n Canned Heat!

Not sure if this has been posted...

Rosa DeLauro wins Appropriations gavel

I am shocked that Jenna Ellis is not the seasoned constitutional law expert she plays on TV.

Jimmy Reed... The foot stomping just drives me nuts! Love it!

Clip just now on MSNBC: Trump is still a fucking lunatic.

On the mark David Frum tweet:

Data of 243 million Brazilians exposed online via website source code

A question for Marines on DU

For Watergate aficionados: American Archive of Public Broadcasting

Couple arrested for flying on commercial flight knowing they had tested positive for Covid

Pray for me--I just went to C-Span to look at the video of the Madman's screed from yesterday.

Dems Ossoff and Warnock have slight leads in GA polls

This young lady's lack of empathy explains the Right-Wing well

Bum ba bum ba bum ba bum ba bum ba bum ba bum ba bum ba....

Trump Admin Held Back Phone Numbers and Addresses That Could Have Reunited Separated Migrant Childre

How do we prevent the next grifter-in-chief?

Lost island beneath the North Sea survived a mega-tsunami 8,000 years ago

5 year old boy struck and killed after forced out of car on busy highway for being 'unruly'.

Is Richard Shelby (R) running for re-election or retiring in 2022?

It's time we put a flame-torch to their keep....

Remember our antipathy toward Diebold?

Anyone watching the Rittenhouse preliminary hearing?

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Why would someone want a pardon if they've done no wrong?

When she's really coming on at you at a dinner-date...

Donny's vile hypocrisy: offspring edition

Roman subjects paid emperor piles of silver to leave them alone, inscription reveals

This morning, on my way to the office* I saw a group of 4 MAGAs near GMU waving Trump-branded

Registered Republican Behind Hoax Antifa 'Protesters Needed' Craigslist Ad


It's such a beautiful morning

Cambodia: Kaavan finally looks happy at his new home in Cambodia's Sanctuary.

The Three Gossip Girl Elephants Keep Talking To Each Other

Hypothetical ?: If Trump From The Start Thought He Could Use Pardon Power To Exonerate All...

Wisconsin Supreme Court won't hear Trump election lawsuit

Mike Flynn is engaging in sedition.

Police guide that calls BLM a terrorist group draws outrage

Once hopeless, Raju's spirit has soared

Democrats File Bar Complaint Against Joe diGenova for 'Blatant Threat'

Anyone else having Covid themed dreams?

More from yesterday's freak show, in which Mellissa Carone blames Dems for being jobless:

The Washington Post is asking every Republican member of Congress the same three questions today.

The election was one whole month ago. We have 48 days left.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court also DENIED Trump's requested election relief

And yet he STILL lost!

Third Monolith Appears atop Pine Mountain, California after Mystery Objects in Utah and Romania ...

Iran says it will comply with nuclear deal if Biden lifts all sanctions

Newt Gingrich Upset at 'Totally Destructive' Pro-Trump Lawyers He Helped Embolden

Wisconsin high court declines to hear Trump election lawsuit

Ex-RNC Chair Has 1 Damning Word For People Still Donating To Donald Trump

Factbox: Step by step - How Chinese 'money brokers' launder cash for Mexican drug cartels

More Senate Republicans signal openness to $908 billion relief package

Election fraud claims will "cost Republicans control" of Senate

How To Co-Exist With Wildlife Starring Jeff, Chunk the Groundhog & Family

New phallus sculpture appears in Bavarian mountains

" one is actually allowed to live at Mar-a-Lago full time. Not even Donald Trump."

Pro-Trump legal crusade peppered with bizarre blunders

How the biggest retail companies are compensating essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Trump loses 4-3 at Wisconsin Supreme Court - link

Jamaal Bowman: Only 5% of policing is focused on violent crime. The other 95% can be handled...

Don Jr. is considering challenging Wayne LaPierre for control of the NRA .

Trump declines to say if he still has confidence in Barr

Judge denies motion by U.S. teenager accused in Wisconsin protest shootings to dismiss two charges

BREAKING: Dr. Fauci with meet with Joe Biden this afternoon...

More Senate Republicans signal openness to $908 billion relief package as pandemic spike worsens

QUESTION - How many people do you know who have died from Covid-19?

Solar power booms in Texas

Let's talk about how Trump's great speech left me confused....

Ivanka defends herself on twitter without acknowledging blinding conflict of interest

Biden's popular vote lead nearly 7 million now - 6,873,865

Can Donald Trump's Presidential Pardons Be Overturned?

I will support a Trump Network:

New records show Trump's DOJ rushed a no-bid contract for lethal injection drugs

"I am not going to be President-elect Biden's nominee for HHS secretary."

CDC predicts 450K COVID-19 deaths by February

A Wisconsin judge found probable cause in Kyle Rittenhouse case; ordered to stand trial

Did Pence jump off #TheTrumpTrain or was he pushed?

Zients, Murthy tapped to head up Biden's Covid-19 response

This family bet everything on bitcoin when it was $900 - and bought more when it crashed in 2018

Former U.S. attorney has asked the GA State Election Board to investigate U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham

Not sure how many here have read the Woodward book Rage, but I thought it was actually

Trump Rushes To Lock In Oil Drilling In Arctic Wildlife Refuge Before Biden's Term

Newly Discovered Underground Rivers Could Be Potential Solution for Hawai'i's Drought

I know i know i know. Just can't get enough of this number. And you should feel the same!


Because why not? Carry On

All Warner Brothers 2021 releases going to HBO Max

Democrats see spike in turnout among Asian American, Pacific Islander voters

Why did Trump do nothing to stop massive voter fraud in this country?

Why Republicans are resorting to anti-socialism hysteria

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

These are iPad stations being prepared for virtual ICU end of life visits

Pulpit - The Lincoln Project

Mom says she, son are traumatized after police smashed SUV, beat her, and separated them

Ancient Greeks Voted to Kick Politicians Out of Athens if Enough People Didn't Like Them

Metarie - Brendan Benson

Old friend that is a Trump supporter believes the COVID vaccine

Why Republicans are resorting to anti-socialism hysteria

A political litmus test for Republicans: Fail it, lose your TV slot

Wisconsin high court declines to hear Trump election lawsuit

Oh my god! The kids in this video almost make me want to have one!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's great speech and how it left me confused....

Oh my god! The kids in this video almost make me want to have one!

Google Illegally Fired And Spied On Workers Who Tried To Organize, Labor Agency Says

Sheriff who refused to enforce restrictions tests positive for Covid-19

Suppose that a loud-mouthed belligerent person who has previously announced his intent to

(Jewish Group) New York Young Republicans call Andrew Cuomo aide a 'court Jew'

"Increasingly detached from reality" - Love the opening of AP's article on Trump's crazy video

Phonebanking for dummies version 2.0

Cornyn: "So far, it looks to me like the pathway for the president has narrowed, if not closed."

2020 cycle: GOP managed to erase the murder of George Floyd and replace it with Antifa "violence"

With our odds improving of winning the senate, what would we do with the trifecta?

Trump campaign's star witness in Michigan was deemed 'not credible.' Then, her loud testimony went v

'They have not earned your vote': Trump allies urge Georgia Republicans to sit out Senate runoffs

Cold Hard Bitch - Jet

The John F. Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts may be Trumpified

WOW - Trump aide banned from Justice after trying to get case info

Cause who couldn't use a little extended Steve Miller to get through the day? Amiright?

Bell Telephone ad during 1918-1920 flu epidemic.

Trump aide banned from Justice after trying to get case info

LIVE, Randi Rhodes, FSTV (Free Speech TV) M-F, 3-5 EDT


NPR's Best Books of 2020 (380 books - in all categories)

OMG! The orange is contagious!

Put Your $ Where Your Mouth Is - Jet

Postal Service Delays Disenfranchised Thousands of Legally-Cast Ballots This Fall

We're Not Fuckin Around!

Why do level-headed "sway voters" keep going back and voting GOP?

Adorable Cat Teeth That Will Brighten Your Day

Pretty funny how these guys were soooo taboo, bordering on pornographic when I was a lad.

Brazilian Air Force hangar was being built by hungry slaves - authorities

telling voters a Fact once doesn't help.

Gov Cuomo's briefing has vaccine show and tell

Shine On - Jet .... Fucking love this tune! "I will shine on for everyone...."

Little cutie going up the stairs. (Twitter)

CAUGHT: Trump & Republicans are projecting. Here is proof they are the ones conducting voter fraud.

EXCLUSIVE: Children in Brazil found working for food delivery apps

Boris Johnson losing grip on 'red wall' seats, poll shows

Pittie Rescued from Canal Turns Into a Big Chubby Baby

Razor face - Brother Elton

DC Attorney General responds to Ivanka's tweet claiming no wrongdoing.

Trump Rushes to Hand Over Apache Sacred Land to Mining

Supreme Court strong-arms California judge to follow its ruling exempting churches from COVID restri

Pfizer Inc. expects to ship half of the Covid-19 vaccines it originally planned

NY AG James vows to continue Trump investigation

Trump coup attempt seems to be ending with a whimper. Can we relax a little now?

Yeah, sure he will

Newsom orders new lockdown in most of CA...

Here's Trump's big witness:

Cartoons 12/3/2020

Wisconsin Supreme court tell Trump to go fly oa kite.

Is Lin Wood secretly working for us? See COINTELPRO for historical reference.

Hello? Satan? Got a soul for sale if you can make me sound like this....

Trump telling people in Georgia not to vote is deliberate

Snohomish council leader announces early for mayor campaign

'There's going to be some tears' over 160-acre timber harvest

Saturday Night - Sam Cooke

vaccines, race, and our response to them.

Note to our Trumpist trolls and lurkers: Trump "has your number".

Ghislaine Maxwell to Seek Bail in Private Hearing--Despite Flight Risk Warning

Apparently Linda Carter does not age:

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 4 December 2020

Nurses wanted: Swamped hospitals scramble for pandemic help

ani difranco - do or die (studio-2020) in which she extolls the virtues of VOTING!!!

CA will begin new Covid lockdown as wild fires burn S. Cal.

Supposedly these vaccines were being produced for months and months.

Some people will simply NEVER be convinced that electoral fraud against Trump is fabricated...

McEnany's husband attends White House press briefing without mask

Fear me. I am the Kraken! (Second tweet.)

Not sure I had this much energy in me teens!

Democrats will win GOP held US Sen. seats up in 2022 in PA,NC,and WI with Atty. Gen. named Josh.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Dec. 3, 2020

Drone footage of Arecibo Telescope collapse

Simple: Preemptively refuse a preemptive pardon

Durham Has Unaltered Copies of the Documents that Got Altered in the Flynn Docket : emptywheel

Army Hits Back Against False Claim that Soldiers Died in CIA Op to Nab Election Servers

Warner Bros just changed the movie business, again.

Ivanka thinks she is in the same league

Dedicated to our girl Malaise for keeping our spirits up during the Trumpocalypse!

Because many of us need a laugh....

Mary Trump said that she thinks her uncle genuinely believes he won the election

Warnock leading Loeffler, other Georgia Senate runoff race deadlocked: poll

Oh! Another monolith!

White House communications director Alyssa Farah has just resigned from her post.

America Puts Trump on Mute

'Time' Names Its Kid Of The Year: Water-Testing Scientist Gitanjali Rao

Wind fans wildfire in California canyons, residents flee

samantha crain - pastime (studio-2020) chocktaw lady's first record after a devastating accident

Jonathan Capehart and Tiffany cross to take over AM Joy slot

Mental toughness

Federal, industry officials warn that hackers are targeting vaccine distribution process

Officials Warn Defunding Police Could Lead To Spike In Crime From Ex-Officers With No Outlet...

Surprise surprise, Rudy's looney Michigan yelling drunk is an actress........

Brianna Keilar #RollTheTape: If the White House is calling it the "Trump Vaccine" .....

Senate vote likely next week on blocking Trump's massive UAE arms sale

Every American needs to read this or have it read to them!!

No one can explain "Defund the Police" or "Abolish the Police" as well as activists can.

These Trump supporters say big tech is biased. Here's why they're on Parler (CNN)

Slate " The Show is Over. The Horror is Still Here"

Rents in Seattle down nearly 20% since start of pandemic

I don't think universal stimulus checks are a good idea.

Goddamn right this deserves a repost!

Biden the SEVEN MILLION+ Vote Winner

A friend of mine just lost her mother. This was in her obituary and it made me smile.

Lou Holtz "Trump Greatest President During My Lifetime"

Colombia Is Considering Legalizing Its Massive Cocaine Industry

Ex-US Attorney Asks GA Officials To Probe Graham's Alleged Ballot-Toss Scheme

Today's episode of "Dumps of our Lives"...

Oh noes! Pay attention to Me!

Barnesville OH fire in apt building 52 families displaced

Tomorrow Never Knows

Twitter Confirms Trump Could Be Banned After Inauguration Day For Repeated Violations

The opposite of "progressive" is not "conservative"; it's "regressive". Just sayin'----nt

trump is trying now to punish the GOP

"Disgraced Republican lawmaker planted no-party candidate in key Senate race, sources say"

Why no discussions about the Trump Presidential Library?

Biden on Fauci: "I asked him to be chief medical adviser and part of my covid team."

samantha crain - garden dove (studio-2020) another excellent track from her latest record

Marsha Blackburn is insulting 18 million Asian Americans

Joe Walsh (former Illinois Rep.): No longer a Republican because I oppose fascism

Doctors Ration Intensive Care as Covid-19 Patients Stretch Hospitals

things you do to do one thing

Have any of you seen signs that Trump is rallying up his base?

Must See Maddow tonight. Thurs/Dec 3rd./ Stephanie Winston Wolkoff,.....

Okay. I know! This is horribly cheesy. I know.

You know it looks as though Biden could have

Biden/Harris Tapper one-hour interview CNN tonight 9:00 ET

Trump praised QAnon during meeting about keeping the Senate

Ringo's brother-in-law

The bonkers future of the GOP

Tenants Sue Trump Over Scheme That Drove Up Their Rents

Will we have to prove being vaccinated in order to be in public without a mask?

US ends era of emotional support animals on planes

Donald Trump and Jared Kushner receive $3.65m in PPP loan money intended for small businesses, repor

Stray Dog With A Secret Keeps Running From Rescuer

Facebook sued for 'denying opportunities to US workers'

Donors Exceed Goal To Help Save Beloved Manuel's Tavern In Less Than A Day (Atlanta)

🚨🚨BREAKING: Wisconsin Supreme Court DENIES Republican petition to bring an original action...

SNL: NATO Cafeteria (Yes, this is a year old, and still funny!)

A new metal monolith appeared out of nowhere in California, but it didn't last for long

Is this COVID Derangement Syndrome or Brexit Derangement Syndrome?

Back, again. Different cancer. Update#2 - heading to surgery 12/15 AM

I've noticed when we meet friends in the grocery store, if their nose is over their masks ...

T-rump looks AWFUL today. Bloated, big bags under his eyes...

Biden says he will ask Americans to wear masks for the first 100 days he's in office

Heads Up - President Elect Biden and VP Elect Harris will have their first

Joe Biden just passed 81 million votes: 81,001,651 to trump's 74,113,247, a lead of 6,888,404.

Laurence Tribe's comment about self-pardon

Auntie spent a few minutes in crazy QAnon land today. You wanna know the latest conspiracy theory?

Judges skeptical of bid by alleged Epstein victims to void non-prosecution deal

I'm Beginning To Suspect That ...

Post your "current" favorite Stones tune!

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 12/3/20

I am a Floridian, but I live within the Georgia TV market coverage

Out of the Mouths of Cartoon Characters

'Dirty methods' in Brexit vote cited in push for new laws on Europe's elections

'Dirty methods' in Brexit vote cited in push for new laws on Europe's elections

All the pardons in the world won't save you.

Tired of winning, PA Repubs?

Rock The Runoff Virtual Concert Tonight!!

Police guide that calls BLM a terrorist group draws outrage

One thing I won't pardon him on.

It seems Mellisa Carone, Rudy's fraud witness, has a bit of a, ummm, background story

Koala wanders into Australian family's home and climbs their Christmas tree

Idea for bars and restaurants - "proof of vaccine" nights sometime summer 2021 (no vac, cry)

In the Trump Era, it's finally time for religion to lose its presumption of virtue.

THIS is how Joe Biden should convince Manchin to kill the filibuster and support his agenda:

Farah resigns as White House communications director in tacit nod to Trump's loss

David Frum with a tweet showing just how impressive Biden's win was.

AOC drags Marco Rubio

Monoliths? This visionary had an in-home model 23 years ago.

🎶 I don't give a d*** about Christmas 🎄🎶

If this is real, it's very depressing...covid related twitter post.