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State judge rejects bid to nullify Biden election in Nevada

Florida. Please stop spending money there.

#MoscowMitch McConnell To Kill House Passed Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

Maine Democrat had $14.8 million left after losing to Sen. Susan Collins

Lord, help

'People are dying': Reporter backs Trump advisor Larry Kudlow into a corner on president's gross neg

OVERT SEDITION:75 PA House Republicans Urge Objection To Biden Getting Electoral College Votes

Massive voter fraud uncovered!

Biden Says Inauguration Will Resemble Virtual Convention

Oregon doctor who refused to wear mask has medical license suspended

Biden Clinches Electoral College Win as California Certifies

The Madness Continues

riday Talking Points -- Republicans In Disarray

Joe Biden now officially has more than the 270 Electoral College

Interspecies relationships that are too pure for the lounge

The RNC Shelled Out $300K for Don Jr.'s New Book

so who had "North Korea smuggling ballots through a harbor in Maine" in their office pool?

Ralston: As outrageous and destructive as these Trump/GOP lawsuits are, their serial ineptitude is

Jimi Hendrix: Foxey Lady

OK-We are hunkered down again and we need some good Netflix story ideas

Trump fundraiser, Kushner lawyer involved in effort to get pardon for tax evader

Pentagon blocks visits to military spy agencies by Biden transition team

Georgia sets single-day coronavirus record

Bribery investigation involves Kushner lawyer and puke operative:

Now 'The Daily Mail' is spilling the dirt on Jenna Ellis

Nevada, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin deliver more defeats to Trump legal effort.

JUST IN:Biden now officially has more than the 270 EC votes after California certified tonight

Donald Trump will get Secret Service protection, classified briefings and a pension for life

As Spock Would Say...

Dear Trump supporters who might be lurking

Spotted: A Couple on an Elaborate Date at Gravelly Point

San Francisco Bay Area Issues New Stay- At- Home Order

Bill Announcement; December 4, 2020

White House exodus begins even as Trump continues to baselessly claim victory

PM Update: Rain is heavy at times tonight, then it's a chilly and breezy weekend.

WH getting more toxic by the day - staff are turning on one another

🚨NEW: The same day that an Arizona court dismissed an election contest, Republicans file another one

DeVos suspends student federal loan payments through January

COVID-19 vaccine rollout relies heavily on pharmacy giants CVS and Walgreens

Post a line from a TV commercial & see if anyone knows the product without using Google -Part 13

Local TV Investigation Thoroughly Debunks 'Smoking Gun' Conspiracy Theory Pushed by Rudy Giuliani Ab

White House drafts executive order that could restrict global cloud computing companies

This is not acceptable!

Australia's Great Barrier Reef status lowered to "critical"

As first Pfizer vaccine doses arrive in UK, officials tell doctors & nurses they won't get priority.

Florida man blasts 'Cops' theme song in his car during traffic stop, ends up in jail

Giuliani's witness at voter fraud hearing just got off probation for computer crime, reports say

New Meidas Touch: Grinches of Georgia

Congress set to vote on defense policy bill as Trump goes after top senator

Another Trump spam lawsuit tossed

1 - 44! Nevada court dismisses Trump case with prejudice

Republicans' latest Georgia lawsuit used Facebook comments and stories of people following trucks on

Brittany Howard - "Stay High"

The Grinches of Georgia - Meidas Touch

Pentagon blocks visits to military spy agencies by Biden transition team

ICE Is Trying To Force BuzzFeed News To Divulge Its Sources

IMO, will households be forced to shop on alternate days

Breaking: The latest Freedom protest

Get ready for a million new Covid cases every 4 days.

Will Drumph sabotage the Republicans at his rally tomorrow

Made it to another Friday. Ok it's Early Times Bottled In Bond and 1 cube in my glass

Walter Schaub asks "How will he know?"

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

US Senate seats the Democrats win in 2022 to regain control of the US Senate in 2022.

Dead, East Filamore, Live, 1/13-14/70 Mason's Children

So, you lost.

As COVID spiked in Texas, lawmakers escaped to Maui for corporate-backed confab on economy

Business Insider 'What did you do?': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clashes with Marco Rubio on Twitter ov

Breaking in the Washington Post

Me and the boys and my good gal too, we drinking whiskey tonight

Altered States (1980)

China creating 'biologically enhanced soldiers', claims US intelligence chief

Really fast

Thank God for bourbon...

Union of Concerned Scientists:Connecting Faith, Climate, and Justice

Trump mounts another legal challenge to election, asking Georgia for a do-over

If Trump's self-pardon was legit, could he be required to testify about others who were not pardoned

Pokey and Adam are playing magic guitar on this song

Billy Graham intro'ing Statesboro Blues, Allman Bros 1971 Fillmore East.

1 Million Users Have Signed Up For Washington's Coronavirus App

NEW: The same day that an Arizona court dismissed an election contest, Republicans file another one

The first 20 James Bond movies are now free to watch on YouTube Movies

TikTok Sale Deadline on Hold as Talks With U.S. Continue

My Dad found the Kraken!

Friday Night Wine Buzz.

Regarding Covid: Do I have this correct?

Hanshan 寒山 - Cold Mountain Poems for Meditation - Zen Buddhism

Attics of My Life

Supreme court


Ivanka pats herself on the back for feeding hungry after trying to kick 700,000 off food stamps

U.S. sets records for number of COVID-19 cases, deaths, patients in hospitals

Feuds flare along Trump's border wall as construction ramps up during his final days in office

The entire time trump was resident at 1600 Penn. Ave

Tenants sue Trump over scheme that increased their rent: report

How about some Friday Fugelsang

Freedom - David Gray (studio) - its not what u think its about

Randy Newman, Ry Cooder, and Linda Ronstadt......Rider in the Rain

I just Rudied.

Ry Cooder and Dave lindley -

Rev Gary Davis - "Death Don't Have No Mercy in this Land".....

D.C. Prosecutor Contradicts Ivanka On Inaugural Committee Overpayment To Trump Hotel Rachel Maddow

NYT critical Op Ed Jorge Ramos "What I Learned from my Brush with Trump"

D.C. Prosecutor Contradicts Ivanka On Inaugural Committee Overpayment To Trump Hotel Rachel Maddow

Supermajority News - getting out the vote in Pennyslavania

Harder They Come.....

Incredible stupidity in a NYT Op Ed "Yes, People Are Traveling for the Holidays. Stop Shaming Them."

Secretismo - Silencio

"We're All Mad Here," the Georgia GOP's New Motto (F/SC)

Joe Biden officially secures enough electors to become president

I've read all about pending vaccinations, but shit about CURES . . .

While we are playing the game of "which reichwing crazy" will be the next wannabe dictator, all I

Let's not refer to this party as the Republican party

Mark Shields Just Stop It - You Are Part Of The Problem

I've shared this before, but I never signed the "No Repeat" policy letter

Trump purges Pentagon advisory board and gives seats to former campaign managers

Why are Rudy and his team making such fools out of themselves?

Why Think Republicans Will Work With Biden, When They Refused to Work With Obama?

Hitler just got the bad news....

Another non-poem. Torcs. On from Romans to Celts.

Wynton Marsallis - "The Second Line"

Trump Whines About Election As COVID Overtakes America

I can't stop laughing at this

AZ Governor Ducey's Chief of Staff is all outta fucks to give.

Daryl Hall & John Oates - Jingle Bell Rock

My urologist asked me how my sex life was.

VIRAL MOMENT: Governor calls Matt Gaetz "MATT PUTZ"

Dennis Kucinich files 'Re-Elect Mayor Kucinich' paperwork for potential 2021 mayoral bid

Trump must preserve official government records. It is the law.

75 PA House Republicans Urge Objection To Biden Getting Electoral College Votes

I had unbearable carb cravings tonight

Conservatives keep whining about a "blue state bailout" when in reality...

Hot Tuna - Keep Your Lamplight's Trimmed....2018?

How a flu virus shut down the US economy in 1872 - by infecting horses

Weir, Konkonen, Cassidy, Falzone, Mitteroff....

"The family grift continues apace."

Wall Street traders could be second in line for a COVID-19 vaccine after healthcare workers and nurs

U.S. suspends exchange programs with China, calling them 'propaganda'

What hath the Republicans wrought: Will Trump's insanity finally rip the party apart?

Keep on Truckin'.....

"Traitors. Every last one of 'em."

Man's Wife Makes Him Sell His PlayStation 5 After Realizing It Wasn't an Air Purifier

After his own state agency relaxed the pollution rules, W.Va. Gov. Justice's company promises to

Mark Warner: The Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity Improvement Act, is now the law of the land.

Wynton Marsalis - Jelly Roll's - Smokehouse Blues

Anyone advocating suspending the Constitution, declaring martial law, and redo an election is a

BRILLIANT: Biden 'Blitz:' The case for flooding the zone with executive orders on Day One

Fauci a Little Weirded Out by People Suddenly Listening to Him

Neurological symptoms suffered by diplomats consistent w/effects of directed microwave energy

Reports that new Trump leadership at Pentagon has awarded Erik Prince large, classified contract

LFR news alert. People are protesting the mandatory curfew in Tucson.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Why the Trump Kids Deserve a Pardon

Ratcliffe tells CBS that foreign adversaries are amplifying the president's claims about voter fraud

Under Biden, NOAA's profile is set to rise as climate change takes center stage.

President Biden has 279 certified Electoral College Votes as of Tonight. The election is over.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Black Home Ownership - If You Don't Know, Now You Know

Hugh Laurie - Police Dog Blues

Watch this immediately. Then follow @Lesdoggg if you don't already. She is good for the mind and the

John Fetterman has a wicked sense of humor.

Trump aide banned from Justice after trying to get case info

Joni Mitchell - 3 songs from a 1965 Canadian tv show (video)

Top Pennsylvania Republicans pressure congressional delegation to challenge Biden's victory

OMG, an earthquake

FL Man Tries To Register To Vote In GA, Now Under Investigation

L.A. Covid Cases to Reach 500,000 by Year-End at Current Pace

LOL: MyPillow CEO Says Trump Will Remain President, as Kellyanne Conway Admits Biden Won

Chinese Scientists Claim Breakthrough in Quantum Computing Race

Hugh Laurie - The St. Louis Blues.....

Oregon Doc's License Suspended Over Anti-Mask Boasts at Pro-Trump Rally

Indium Uptake and Accumulation by Rice and Wheat and the Health Risk Associated with Consumption.

Dan Fogelberg - As The Raven Flies

Ron McKernan - Operator -1970

Did Anyone Watch Rachel Maddow Interviewing Fareed Zakaria on her Show ?

Another lesson! This one I did by was time!

What Is The Guiness Record For Total Court Losses In A Single Month By One Person?

Jesse Johnson - just found this one, and I'm glad I did

Meacham: The Start Of Biden's Presidency Is 'Going To Be More Complicated' Than We Think - Deadline

Will the Republic live another day?

Does the $900 billion Covid relief bill have retroactive unemployment?

12/6 Mike Luckovich: Divided elephant

Breaking: Southern CA Under Stay at Home Order

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Fresh Air - Fillmore West 1971

Hayes: Trump, GOP Didn't Care What Happened After The Election With Covid, Economy - All In - MSNBC

When Is The Earliest Sunset Of The Year?

Find out how long until YOU may get the vaccine....

Robert Reich: November Jobs Report Is 'Really Disturbing'

State has no plans for vaccine campaign

Bars ordered to close again under COVID-19 restrictions

ANOTHER reason Democrats MUST take the Senate - to get rid of DeJoy

Tweet of the Day

Texas high school football player who attacked referee has been charged

Wynonna Ryder and Bob Weir - Ramble On Rose

Here's a terrifying tidbit from twitter

MLB sues insurance providers, cites billions in virus losses

2 from Jean-Baptiste Lully/1 from Charles Avison

Kentucky council unanimously denies request for independent prosecutor in Breonna Taylor case

Kentucky council unanimously denies request for independent prosecutor in Breonna Taylor case

I'm grateful for this group. So here I am again. What printer w/ tablet?

Brexit: Johnson and Von der Leyen to take over with direct talks

Earlier tonight, Japan's Hayabusa-2 spacecraft paid a call on Earth to drop off its box of rocks...

Irina Kulikova on guitar plays 2 pieces/selections by Raitio and Vasks

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: In the Spirit of Pre-Christmas/The Incarnation

Governor Justice gives update on COVID-19 vaccine

Vaccine Distribution by State?

Nevada GOP to appeal judge's refusal to nullify Biden win

What do trump enablers like Lewandowski and Bossie do between appointments from trump?

Highly competitive US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win.

No, there were no 'suitcases of ballots' counted in secret -- GEORGIA 2020

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: A saying from Elder Sophrony of Essex..

Don't Go Back - The Lincoln Project

Moms Covid - update :(

From the Guardian: Republicans are standing up to Trump. Unfortunately, it's too little, too late

Woke up this AM thinking about the hay bales

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/4/20

Former UK Prime Minister Theresa May had also Congratulated Joe Biden

If There Are Rats to Be F*cked on the Way Out the Door, These Are Just the Men to Do It

If There Are Rats to Be F*cked on the Way Out the Door, These Are Just the Men to Do It

Moses Sumney - Me In 20 Years

Okay, I'll say it: I have no problem with Trump going on a firing-spree in the government.

'Our hardest days still lie ahead,' Oregon governor says as state sets coronavirus records, modeling

Austria: Former finance minister Grasser jailed for corruption

Former Oregon State University employee says he was fired for taking parental leave

Oregon picks vendor, again, to replace employment department's obsolete technology

My Five Top Television Shows of 2020

"White History"-Defending Republican Compares Herself to "First Lady of Civil Rights" Rosa Parks

Portland Motels Are Surviving With Contracts to Shelter the Houseless Each Night

Breakfast Saturday 5 December 2020

Please...... :)

Funding basic services, recovering from 2020 at core of Gov. Brown's budget

There is nothing better to raise one's spirits than to watch kittens wrestle

Rick Wilson: Zero tolerance for Trumpers

A "Strongman" should not be mistaken for a "Strong Leader".

What time is today's shit show in Valdosta? (nt)

3/4 #COVID19 positives among elected officials are Republicans.

New Highway To Cut Pristine Brazilian National Park In Half, Because Fuck Earth

What is it about flags?

France Announces Plan To Cut Imports Of Brazilian Soy - To "Stop Importing Deforestation"

Highly Touted "Ocean Cleanup" Machine Would Remove Far Less Than 1% Of Plastic By 2150

How to create your own custom Chrome address bar actions

Trump's Schedule for Saturday, December 5, 2020

Titles for Melania's memoirs is trending on Twitter, with some hilarious suggestions

Georgia county recertifies election results, rejecting fraud claims tied to viral video

A Sweaty Andrew Wheeler Honks About His Amazing Work, Richard Nixon After Announcing COVID Exposure

Maddow Blog: It was not close. It, in fact, was a historic defeat for an incumbent president.

At this point I wonder where the Covid peak is. Do we hit 300K cases in a day next week?

In 2020, AP photographers captured a world in distress

Slate " The GOP is the Party of Civil War"


Georgia Democratic senator receives death threats after election hearing

Am I the only one? I find most of the Qanon/bagger/Trumpie mouth breather

What is your opinion re Russian covid vaccine?

Philippines Parents Pimp Out their Children as COVID Job Losses Mount

Repeat after me: "LOSER"

Inside Chump's pantry

Have You Ever Seen the Rain? - Naudo fingerstyle

Why didn't the moniker "tRump Chump" ever catch on as a label for his fans?

Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson bailed in bribery inquiry

University of Illinois system has now conducted over 1 million COVID tests on

Sunny Boy Williamson was born on this date.

Just 25 congressional Republicans acknowledge Biden's win, Washington Post survey finds

Jan 20 sweep

Little Richard was born on this date.

J.J. Cale was born on this date.

Clyburn flexes muscle on DNC pick

Judges Turn Back Claims by Trump In Six States

Discussing dump's new citizenship test on CNN/Smirconish

Georgia GOP Senators Get The Grinch Treatment In Damning New Attack Ad

How Georgia's Senate race pits the Old South against the New South

On this day, December 5, 1946, or maybe 1952, Andy Kim was born.

Just Because

Supreme Court will hear Trump administration defend controversial Medicaid work requirements

Biden is making a mistake

A much needed new emoticon for responding to MAGAts

Steve Sack FTW

Will Republicans pay a price for their complicit and treasonous act to tear down our democracy?

From AlJazeera: Defeating fascism beyond the ballot (headline)

"You can't rehabilitate eunuchs"---Rick Tyler just now on MSNBC when asked if

Why do you think so many ReTHUGs have not condemned the attempted coup

Question For The Forum Lawyers

Deval Patrick for AG?

Wisconsin's latest (self inflicted) superspreader!

Election fraud purpose

Just 25 congressional Republicans acknowledge Biden's win, Washington Post survey finds

Jerrold M. Post, CIA psychological profiler who labeled Trump 'dangerous', dies of covid-19 at 86

Eliot Spitzer for A.G.

It's official 1,040 to 232.

Wyoming employs a Soviet military doctor who thinks the Covid vaccine is a communist conspiracy

What do these 11 Americans have in common?


Nobody owned the songs they covered the way Johnny Cash did.

Meme of the day!

A water-powered drum machine in Indonesia.

How do I get Office to connect back to my email. I think this happened because

Weekend TOONs - Don Con's Moldy Oldies

Rachel Explains The Pentagon Changes

YOU raised $6,062.85 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-4-20

Giuliani's Michigan Witness Mellissa Carone Harassed, Sent Sex Videos To Boyfriend's Ex

The Economic Recovery Is Hitting a Wall

The Jobs Report is a Mess, December Will Be Messier

The 2nd on Netflix movie about gun control. - Were they trying to say something about the left ?

6799 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat.; 40 deaths

Regarding that 1% death rate no one seems to care about.

What now for Pete Buttigieg?

Shah Mot

45 days until TREXIT!

Pentagon Blocks Biden Transition from Spy Agencies

Is that all there is??

Joe From Scranton Didn't Win Back Working Class

National Academy of Sciences: Havana Syndrome likely caused by microwave energy

Hypocrisy is holding high expectations of others but lowering the bar for yourself. Integrity is ho

Trump has turned the GOP into the party of 'cowards' and 'eunuchs': Republican strategist

How lawmakers responded: Which candidate Republican lawmakers say won the election

Any names to add to this list of good Republicans?

46 days until 46.

🚨BREAKING: 11th Circuit AFFIRMS denial of Lin Wood effort to block Georgia certification. Trump an

Appeals court rules for Drumpf taking military money for wall

How Sharks are Fed at Aquariums

My sister just called, she has Covid 19

Pressure Mounts on Newsom Over Pick to Succeed Harris as California's New Senator

Oregon Doctor's License Revoked Over Refusal to Wear Mask During Pandemic

Ali Velshi destroys GOP: Hope to rebuild & wash off Trump's stench? We'll remember your silence.

WAPO: 12/4: Judge: Trump administration must take new DACA applications

Girl Cries Over Dog's New Haircut

On this day, December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified.

Iowa reports 62 additional COVID-19 deaths

President Obama Picks New York-Style Pizza Over Chicago Deep Dish

OMGOSH......the Temple Bar in Dublin is finally open....

President Obama Picks New York-Style Pizza Over Chicago Deep Dish

Proposed Constitutional Amendment 28.

Pentagon has awarded Erik Prince a large classified contract for mercenary operations in Africa...

Federal judge on Trump's Supreme Court shortlist smacks down lawsuit to overturn Georgia election

Tweet of the morning

VIRAL MOMENT: Governor calls Matt Gaetz "MATT PUTZ"

It's Come to This: Newt & Cruz Are the 'Sane' Ones in Georgia

Jason Johnson

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York................

omg Donkey's reaction after seeing little girl who raised him.

Here's your participation award, trump!

YOU Get A Pardon ...

This Saturday's Minnesota Supermarket Report

Record government subsidies boost income for Iowa, U.S. farmers. Des Moines Register

"I'm a loner, alright!"

covid likes this

Biden's Agenda for Women

One of the Most Menacing Problems and Yet Most Consequential --

"We're running against the Bonnie and Clyde of political corruption in America ..."

Is Closed Captioning done by people or by sound-recognition machines? *Fails*

#stoptheleftpurge on twitter???????????

Historians sue Trump administration to stop 'bonfire of records in the Rose Garden'

Scientists solve mystery of mass coho salmon deaths. The killer? A chemical from car tires

Why is Trump still paying Kasowitz who represents many Russian interests....?

Dear Leader: Your second Civil War ain't gonna' happen

Normal stuff during Trump's "election prayer vigil"

Walt Disney World ad this morning on TV.

Jim Jordan Gets SHREDDED for Saying Dr. Fauci Might 'Cancel Saying Merry Christmas'

To contact Congressional Republicans, dial 1-800-MTSACKS. nt

Have you noticed the media has spent 10X more talking about the losing 70 million Trump voters

Most People Are Good ...

Meidas Touch: the #GrinchesOfGeorgia

On December 5, 1984, Axel F, the instrumental theme song from Beverly Hills Cop, was released.

To Ignore Evil ...

I'm tired of people saying that someone with underlying conditions wasn't actually killed by COVID

Vids: radio telescope collapsing in Puerto Rico, a plane crash-landing on a highway was caught on v

On December 4, 1981, the Go-Go's filmed the music video for "We Got the Beat" at Palos Verdes HS

Only 10% of Congressional Republicans are willing to acknowledge results of the election

Congress ...THIS is why you haven't gotten your next $1200 Stimulus Ck

I don't know why I love this song, but I do! : Rock Me Amadeus - Falco

Researchers Delay Coronavirus Vaccine!

"Our House" - Madness

A very busy man....

"Cool For Cats" - Squeeze

Trump parade and rally in Greensburg, PA, today.

Nearly 90 Percent of Congressional Republicans Still Won't Say Who Won the Election: WaPo Study

Chris Krebs sent a clear message to President Donald Trump on Friday

'Shared psychosis': Mental health expert dissects Trump voters' unwavering support

Trump making it clear there's no room in the GOP for anyone who accepts election results

"Come On Eileen" - Dexy's Midnight Runners

This is QAnon, election edition.

The Deep State

COVID-19 becomes top killer in U.S. as hospitals fill up

Why universities -- and the rest of us -- need religion studies

Pompeo willing to meet with incoming Biden team, officials say

The duplicity of the Republican "leaders" never cease to amaze me

Where we are.

'We will face our greatest challenges': Seattle hospitals brace for difficult winter during pandemic

Beleaguered nursing homes prepare for monumental task of vaccinating residents and staff

46 days left! lots of damage could be done in 46 days!


WaPo asked every GOP member of Congress if Biden won. Just 26 said yes

A $900 Billion Plan Would Help the Economy, but Not Fix It

Sickness is as sickness does. . . . Please come CAPTION Rudy!!!

"Everybody Takes a Tumble" - The Waterboys

#MoscowMitch watches own constituents suffer and does nothing. We have to take his majority away

New Jersey officials shut down a restaurant that hosted a mask-free New York Young Republicans gala

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 12/5/20

Samuel Little, Serial Killer, Part Two

"What You Make It (Da Da Da Da)" : Sharon Shannon (featuring Marvel & Lady K)

Tucked into the Covid-19 stimulus package? Protection for corporations

The cost of having an idiot pResident...

How does one reach the office of the President Elect Biden?

The Virus Is Devastating the U.S., and Leaving an Uneven Toll

The Perfect Victim

Vaccine opponents rebrand as rollout of Covid-19 shots looms

Perhaps my last Melissa Carrone update, but then again...............

Tomorrow is Sunday, 280K Dead from Covid! Time for real Thoughts and Prayers...

Ohio House lawmakers passed a bill that would require an aborted fetus to be cremated or buried

Jeff Bezos says Blue Origin's rocket engine is going to land the first woman on the moon

Is my iPad useless now?

I don't know, really, but God seems pretty busy lately

Trump's new computer expert. (For the Kraken cases)

Secrecy and spin: How Florida's governor misled the public on the COVID-19 pandemic

Governor Kemp (R-GA) is otherwise engaged...

Why did trump install Cory at the pentagon?

Wake me on 01/20/21

Snowflake CEO Collects a $108 Million Payout -- Every Month

Just got a call for a candidate for Senate in 2022, looking for financial support before 12/31...

Dog Missing for Weeks Finds Her Owner During Work Shift at Walmart

Trump calls Georgia governor to pressure him for help overturning Biden's win in the state

Dog Missing for Weeks Finds Her Owner During Work Shift at Walmart

I've got another young lady artist for ya to check out Master Sergeant (and other Americana Fans)

Trump calls Georgia governor today to pressure him for help overturning Biden's win in the state

DC attorney general: Ivanka Trump "highly misleading" on lawsuit deposition

Handy breakdown of the 25 Trump Campaign's conspiracy theories dismissed in NV lawsuit

Schwab: Some how, Trump more ruinous after losing election

Covid on the rise in Nor Cal, Gavin Newsom issuing stay at home orders.

"Mank" on Netflix

Cartoons 12/5/2020

Jorge Ramos: What I Learned From My Brush With Trump

In two more days we won't have to listen to Joe Namath or Sam Davis anymore for a year!!!

Already had the coronavirus? You could get it again.

kathleen edwards - i am newly enamored with this canadian americana artist ...

F#%k the Party

Attorney for Jared Kushner and a Trump fundraiser investigated by DOJ in alleged bribery-for-pardon

Arizona Legislature 'cannot and will not' overturn election, Republican House speaker says

Germany: U.S. soldiers are still welcome here

So, bwahahaha. Whew, let me try again. COVID-19 may cause ED.....

Dan Rather with a PSA for MAGAts

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Arizona Legislature 'cannot and will not' overturn election, Republican House speaker says

Netflix suggested viewing

Trump's final gambit begins tonight

The Social Life of Forests - The New York Times

Mischief-Making Progressive PAC Urges GOP Boycott of Georgia Runoffs in New Ads

jenny lewis - singer of the much beloved rilo kiley ... has some really great solo work too ...

Amazon to share your WiFi network with other devices

Joe Biden weighs picks to lead his big infrastructure push

Violence erupts in new Paris protest against security law

Kshama Sawant recall appeal heads to Washington Supreme Court in January

The NYPD Said the Killing of Trawick "Appears to Be Justified." Video Shows Officers Escalated

Package theft is on the rise in Seattle ahead of holiday season

Nursing teams to be sent to long-term care facilities across Washington impacted by COVID-19

I've Purchased A Large Biden Flag ...

Does Melissa Carone remind anyone else of Sarah Palin?

Trump shot down by GA governor trying to overturn GA election results.

Covid: Argentina Passes Tax On Wealthy To Pay For Virus Measures

GOP Rep. Kinzinger wages a lonely fight against Trump's falsehoods and right-wing disinformation

Russia begins vaccinating against Covid-19 en-masse

Remember Dick Cheney and the big shredding truck? Wonder if tRump has one at the back door?

Massive Fire Breaks Out In NYC Destroying Historic East Village Church

Anybody ever transition from a house to Rv living?

Trump won so you don't need to vote for Perdue & Loeffler (Lin Wood's latest)

Trump demands names of the congressional Republicans who said they recognize Biden as winner

The circus is leaving town in 48 days

Useless trivia: Did you know there is an Apple Store on South Georgia Island (owned by UK) ?

Dan Pfeiffer - Republicans: Calculating, not Cowards

Reminder: Majority in Minneapolis Support Defunding the Police

Puppy for Hanukkah-3min 55secs.Enjoy!!.Smile, I have never seen anything like this before

What I Learned From My Brush With Trump by Jorge Ramos

Umm....but what about the fraud?

Harry Reid: "Trump's call to Kemp bordered on criminality."

Trump calling Governors? Is it lobbying, bribery, or extortion?

I hate all the damage he continues to do,

Trump supporters vs Election picture form.

Trump loyalist Kash Patel blocking some Pentagon officials from helping Biden transition

Trump clearly looks/acts so delusional and paranoid. Text book case! n/t

'At least' four strains of COVID-19 found in Baltimore Ravens' facility

VA GOP Chooses Convention for 2021, Prompts Their Leading Candidate to Go Independent

Thinking about moving to Asheville, NC. Should I do it?

"(T)he president barely shows up to work, ignoring the health and economic crises afflicting the.."

So, the orange turd is scheduled to speak at 7.

jenny lewis - with arms outstretched (live-2015) this is greatness right here ...

Help me with the Georgia legal filings

(Jewish Group) Biden's new COVID adviser co-owns a popular DC 'Jew-ish' deli and bagel shop

well hell. in for a penny

(Jewish Group) 'Jesus Wins' spray-painted on synagogue and Holocaust monument in Greece

(Jewish Group)WATCH: Daveed Diggs' new 'Puppy for Hanukkah' song

Meanwhile, in the altered reality of OANN

David L. Lander, Squiggy on 'Laverne & Shirley,' Dies at 73

I've watched this 10X and it's funny every, single, time!

(Jewish Group) 6 prominent Holocaust survivors have died in Europe over the past month

HuffPo interviewed Mellissa Carone: "it was actually her fiance, Matthew Stackpoole, who sent the.."

Could any of you have imagined, four years ago

Is it just me, or does anyone else think "influencers"

Ryan Riley: So today I talked to Mellissa Carone, who you know from the Internet this week.

"The Apotheosis of Joe Biden "

First lesson: Trump and his supporters need to understand that elected officials are not going to...

Covid and the unmentionables

Pandemic Fatigue Is Real--But Now Is Not the Time to Give Into It

My sculpture work on a game called The Immortal in the early 1990s

Justified Freakout? - California restaurant owner angry that Hollywood is getting special treatment


Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker - Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest - Complete concert in HD

The Lunatics over at Freepers are now saying that Covid vaccine will sterilize women.

Quick what is the over/under on how many minutes before Trump gives out Kemp's cell phone

In 1869, for Grant's inauguration, Grant refused to ride with President Johnson...

AOL: U.S. Supreme Court takes up bid to revive Medicaid work requirements

David "Squiggy" Lander Dead at 73

Hawaii invites remote workers. 'Movers & Shakas' Club & a free round-trip!!

Enya - Only Time

Jealous Joel Osteen....

Education For Whom and For What?

Boog and Duncan Take them to the park to play then to pet smart to buy dog toys

Holly McNarland - Numb

What's for Dinner, Sat., Dec. 5, 2020

Dance The Night Away: The Mavericks

Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses

Trump called Georgia Gov. Kemp on Saturday to push for the state legislature to reverse Biden's win.

For the "good Christians" who support Trump---a question posed by the Bible:

Trump's plan is to take parts of the foundation of government with him when he leaves.

Colin Newman - Alone

Why would someone post an LBN article without a subject header?

Coronavirus Cases In U.S.: Latest Map & Case Count

Tweet of the Day

Kaavan is flapping his ears! 😍

Nutshell - Alice In Chains

Drump new climate czar

The Devil went down to Georgia

Trade Promotion Authority (Fast Track) is set to expire in July, will Congress renew it?

The End Game - Divide and Conquer

With just 46 days left, could a President do anything serious enough to be impeached?

What customs should be like

The Shopping Go-cart? Shop-n-Go Cart?

May the gods of Covid-19 visit tRump's rally tonight.

Grow a spine Democrats - WE HOLD THE CARDS NOT THEM

WiFi at the Trump event here in GA:


Dear Chumpy, you LOST cause most Americans HATE you.

All Hail The Glory Of Plywood!

Quote of the Day


Runoff Pits Old South Against New South


Tonight in GA shows that magat rallies won't end til the clown is in the crook house

Taking bets: Will dumps endorse/support the crooks, or just whine and depress magats?

You're never too young to live your best life..

Taking a break...

CNN host zings Georgia Republican election hero trying to pose a false equivalence with Democrats

Liberal Redneck: Georgia Up For Grabs

I support covid restrictions but could someone explain this to me?

Liberal Redneck: Georgia Up For Grabs

The Failure of The Trump Administration - Covid Deaths Per Capita Comparison

Somebody had to tweet it!

Chief Inspector Murphy stars in next episode of... well it's really just him on the floor

Lots of unmasked people at the GA rally for tonight. Phew, one has to be really a stupid cult

I'm actually looking forward to trump's appearance in Georgia tonight.....

Georgia Republicans Will Ultimately Fall In Line And Turnout B/C Republicans Are Cowards

Trump's rally for Perdue and Loeffler is lacking.....signs for Loeffler and Perdue.

I wonder if anyone would make a big deal out of it if Biden had just one American flag

Historians will look back on 2020 America in utter horror LOL

Thoughts on the DACA ruling

When the Senate is at 50/50

Biden's first move

A wonky, in the weeds bit of good news (vaccines).

Does anyone know FOR SURE if the Georgia GOP incumbents WANT rump there?