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Archives: December 6, 2020

Opinion: Why The Founders Could Not Have Devised A Trump-Proof Democracy

This isn't about Trump. It's about the Republican National Committee.

Blitzer -more than one million Americans have been diagnosed with Covid 19

All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down: The Mavericks

Arkansas U.S. Representatives vote against bill to decriminalize marijuana at federal level

Soros, Bloomberg... we need some money.. it's time...

CNN: 1 MILLION Cases in the last 5 days.

I hope to hell none of you own a MyPillow

Antonn Dvork Symphony #9 "From the New World"

It's after 7:00 and the GA fiasco is not on tv.

Horses peacefully snoring and farting in their stalls - I've never seen anything like this

Locomotive Breath

Sincere question about SD Gov. Noem and current ICU/COVID-19 crisis

Mike Lindell ( says Supreme Court will "vote 9-0 for Trump"

My Christmas shopping is done!

Are participants in transition meetings under oath?

OOOh trump says us dems will take them Georgians into communism....oooh commies

Push Push Herbie Mann (feat. Duane Allman)

Trump went down to Georgia, an election he was Lookin to steal. . .

Biden Could Be Our 47th President - Just Sayyin

The're shouting four more years

Also listened to this over and over

Sharing a podcast recommendation - David Suzuki!

I'm pleased there hasn't been a single Republican federal judge to buy into Trump's BS

Highly competitive US Senate Elections the Democrats are likely to win in 2022.

Frank Bruni: Death Came for the Dakotas

Here's Mike Lindell just now brazenly laying out Trump's last-ditch plan to steal the election

Fun song

Judges turn back claims by Trump and his allies in six states as his legal effort founders

Virginia Reports Highest Increase In Virus Cases In A Day

Trump claims THEY stole Christmas (yes for real)

Any brave souls checking in on the Trumpster rally in GA?

Oh my God....

After Jan. 20th I hope RUMP family has a good lawyer for fighting all their future court battles

Baby chimp sanctuary on BBC USA 8PM Saturday. We don't get it in Canada

Now that the election is over they no longer give masks to the supporters behind Trump.

SNL tonight host Jason Bateman; Morgan Wallen performs. N/T

Trump the fascist artist: How the MAGA crowd is motivated by aesthetics, not ideas

Fact check: Alleged 'backdated' ballots wouldn't have been counted even if USPS claim true

Let me be sure I've got this straight

Covid-19 puts workers in danger. It's another reason we need unions

The time bomb under President-elect Biden's doormat

Trump trying out a new racist dogwhistle? I don't remember hearing this one.

I'm hosting an ICU covid nurse

25,000 + new cases of Covid - 19 in California today!

Jon Ossoff Rocks TikTock: On Being Chicken Perdue

House passes bill to reduce deadliness of landslides

Life is almost back to normal in Melbourne, Australia.

This, right here, is the deepest thought Trump has ever shared with us lesser beings.....

The Forever Grievance: Conservatives have traded periodic revolts for a permanent revolution

we should be proud of our Democratic brand AND we should work hard on building it, like this:

Pentagon denies blocking Biden transition team

"Speak for yourself." - Brian Karem

Production of Thorium-229 in Oak Ridge Nuclear High Flux Isotope Nuclear Reactor.

LOL This dumpster fire in GA right now, is ALL about dump.

At Trump's rally, Loeffler and Perdue got to speak for 2 minutes and were shouted off the stage...

Loeffler & Perdue not making the cult happy

Huge feral hogs invading Canada, building 'pigloos' as they go

t-rump thinks that the Supreme Court is going to overturn the election for him

When the blessed day comes when Typhoid Trump is out of office, could families of Covid victims file

After telling people to vote in January, Trump is showing video of people claiming vote fraud...

BWAHAHA! Republicans were "worried" Trump's GA MAGAt rally would be all about Trump. It was.

Trump admits (in effect) he lost! :"We're gonna win back the White House"

Weigel: "Two things I've found, and every reporter I've talked to has found, this weekend in GA."

As lawyers keep pushing Trump election challenges, calls for sanctions mount


What's happening on June 5th?

Extremely rare white cougar highlights a quirk of the species (NatGeo)

After 9 Months, 14M Cases, 275K Dead, Fox & Friends Suddenly Discovers Masks Work In Fighting COVID

White House signals no rush on coronavirus stimulus: 'We don't believe the recovery is in jeopardy'

*A Christmas Story, Ch. 247, now.

Well....I guess I won't have to at SNL tonight. Just watched Trump's rally. LOL nt

Vaccinations Could Start This Week

Let's talk about McConnell and fixing democracy....

Is 'Natural Immunity' From COVID Better Than a Vaccine?

In rare show of solidarity, 14 key nations commit to protect oceans (NatGeo)

Apparently Trump called out the names of members of the Georgia legislature.

Only thing Drumph is good at..Bullshitting idiots

This is the motto of the GOP

"I didn't have Fox News being a gateway drug for Newsmax on my 2020 hellscape bingo card"

So he is saying Biden won then

Judge Boxofwhine opens her show with a monologue trashing AG Barr

The crowd chanting "Fight for Trump!" at Loeffler and Perdue

Republican Party Spent $300k On Copies Of Trump Jr.'s New Book

SNL is new tonight.....

"Governor Kemp owes his position to President Trump. It would be nice if he reciprocated."

AZ: Gabriella Czares-Kelly is the first Native American elected to a Pima Countywide seat

Mongel band The Hu covers Metallica's "Sad but True."

My Holiday Season is one step closer to being complete since this evening I saw the

There A Rose Suchak Ladder!!!

Two groups of BRATS went out killing deer and a horse.

Trump is theoretically campaigning for the Republican senate but raising money for himself

Trump just urged Doug Collins to run for Governor.

Trump: "We built the wall. Just as I promised !"

Africans Roast Trump After Election Results

GOP candidate says he was used without permission as a plaintiff in lawsuit to overturn Wisconsin el

A good and terrible chance my co-worker's father is going to pass, 80 years old

If PARLER doesn't do it for you, apparently there's MAGABOOK...

1:45 for Trump...0:02 (combined) for Loeffler and Perdue.

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

Frank Caliendo a few years ago ...just a few years ago

Trump plays a new Role: campaigner in chief

Amazing dancers---Cab Calloway's Jumpin' Jive

Pillow Guy may just be more insane than even donald trump!

waxahatchee and some friends - thirteen (studio-2020) beautiful big star cover

Kia recalls 295,000 U.S. vehicles for fire risks

The MyPillow guy says that Trump will be president for the next 4 years.

Call For Investigations Into The "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" for...."Crimes Against Humanity"

RIP Squigy

Covid and abuse vs the hope of a vaccine.

Fox News meets its fans.....

The bar opened early tonight...

Beating Hearts

"This is how you report false claims from powerful figures."

It takes a Republican Village to end Democracy

Tucked into the Covid-19 stimulus package? Protection for corporations

Among other things, Trump is such a chickensh*t coward.

Jay Leno Vents About Flying on The Airlines. 1987

Josh Marshall, TPM, has the right wording "This is a Crime"

Trump used premise of "condolence call" to Kemp to lean on him for Trump-friendly electors

TPM "Of Course Trump Made Georgia Rally All About Himself"

more weak sauce verbage from the media - CNN's headline

SNL did it!

Talked to my son tonight. e really doesnt believe this virus is any worse than the flu!


My team lost tonight

Giuliani claims victory over Antrim County judge's order related to marijuana proposal

Just watched SNL opening and their send up of that crazy lady witness with Rudy in Michigan....

The 2020 Holberg Debate with John Bolton & Yanis Varoufakis: "Is Global Stability A Pipe Dream?"

Texas GOP event at Dallas City Hall draws crowd airing grievances over election, other issues

Thinking of how Democrats handled a very likely stolen election in 2016 and what we are seeing now

Seven Magellan employees injured, four in critical condition after refinery explosion

PG&E faces millions in fines for 'egregious and reckless' logging, roadwork in Santa Cruz Mountains

East Bay gyms fined for violating COVID-19 rules

I'm tired. So tired

Anti-LGBTQ+ Hungarian Politician Caught at 25-Man Orgy

New Olbermann Dec 5 "The Devil Goes Down to Georgia"....

An estimated 2,606 died in the World Trade Center on 9/11 ...

In New Orleans, you get to vote in someone's garage...

It's official: Southern California stay-at-home order goes into effect late Sunday night

Inside the Lives of Immigrant Teens Working Dangerous Night Shifts in Suburban Factories

Colombia's comptroller general holds politicians responsible for $1B dam debacle

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 11/30/2020

Let Them Eat COVID, Or These Fabulous New Job Numbers!

XUAN ZANG 7th Century Buddhist Monk's 25,000 km journey

My latest show is UP!

New Jersey Governor Lashes Rep. Matt 'Putz' Gaetz Over Potential Superspreader Event In His State

Losing And Complaining Is The Most Lucrative Scam Of Trump's Presidency - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Having a nice Saturday night, thanks to some Indica.

Trump's 'Stupid' Gov. Kemp Call 'Bordered On Criminality': Former Senate Leader Harry Reid

Trump is evacuating American soldiers from Somalia, make way for Erik Prince's Mercenaries

Trump is bribing electors..... Trump will do anything to win ..... Anything!

Jon Ossoff: Government Paralysis During The Pandemic Is Untenable - The ReidOut - MSNBC

So December 14th is when electors offically give their votes to Biden?

Republican Appointed Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge SlamsRejects Suit Challenging WI Election Result

CBS- Biden officially secures Electoral College majority after California certifies votes

Jason Williams wins New Orleans DA race, promising new era in prosecutors office

Ga. Sen. Elena Parent (D) receives death threats, asks for additional police protection

Mauree Turner Wins, Will Be First Muslim Lawmaker In Oklahoma

Tennessee - yes, Tennessee - just elected out LGBT+ lawmakers for the first time

Sen. Bernie Sanders: People Are Suffering 'In A Way We Have Not Seen Since The Great Depression'

Covid: Argentina passes tax on wealthy to pay for virus and economic measures

Covid: Argentina passes tax on wealthy to pay for virus and economic measures

After hostile workplace allegations, Berkeley paid Davila aide $31,000 to resign

Watching Mellissa Carone, one thought occurs to me...

Texas Republicans lose State Senate supermajority.

Bye! Looting Loeffler and Chicken Perdue so be sure to give to act blue & turn Georgia Blue!

Noose, racial epithet create sense of violation at vandalized Black-owned Tower District gym

Evo Morales Arrives in Venezuela to Observe Sunday's Election

Venezuela votes in parliamentary elections amid calls for boycott

A victory for Indigenous environmental activism in Ecuador

Nearly 200 workers test positive for COVID-19 at Foster Farms poultry plant in Fresno

SNL: Weekend Update

Well, there it is. Republicans are coming out against Republicanism.

SNL: The Christmas Conversation

Tulare County healthcare executive arrested at LAX, accused of financial crimes

from 2018 came perhaps the most awesomely 80's song since, well ... the 1980's ...

SNL: Santa's Village

New Cal-OSHA standards could help curb COVID-19 spread in agricultural, service sectors

It pisses me off when they pretend like 270,000 people isn't a lot.

Stay-at-home order will be imposed in Southern California and San Joaquin Valley

OLBERMANN: KING BULLSHIT THE FIRST: The Devil Goes Down To Georgia and concedes

Historians fear bonfire of records in Rose Garden

The Alan Parsons Project - I Robot

New Jersey gala attended by Rep. Matt Gaetz that ignored COVID rules prompts restaurant closure

SNL: Michigan Hearings Cold Open

New Jersey officials shut down a restaurant that hosted a mask-free New York Young Republicans gala

Minnesota restaurant (and bar?) defies shutdown orders

Fox's Geraldo Reaches Peak Cult Status, Says Name Vaccine 'The Trump'

Trump floats a Doug Collins run against Kemp for Georgia governor

The difference between a Democratic rally and a Trump/Fascist rally ?

Alabama sheriff's office slammed for "thugshot" Christmas tree decor

Los Angeles budget scenario could include nearly 1,900 layoffs; LAPD would be hardest hit

Pro-Trump groups, counter-protesters clash at California Capitol after weeks of unrest

Breakfast Sunday 6 December 2020

Sacramento County considers fines up to $10,000 for violating COVID health orders

Scientists create ingredients to enhance taste and health properties of 3D printed food

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Tree Topper Edition

Poll: Pence will be pressured to pardon Trump, his kids, and his criminal associates

Geologists Think They've Found an Alaskan Version of Yellowstone's Supervolcano

California Democrat said he was preparing for a recount, but he just conceded House race

The way Dump and his minions have acted about this election,

California Republican accused of 2015 rape by former Capitol staffer

The Van Morrison/Eric Clapton song is as batshit insane as was feared

California owes $34 million on a voter outreach contract it can't pay for

Eerie Footage Captures Human Immune Cells Digging a Tunnel Through Tissue

Romanians elect new lawmakers, seek end to political turmoil

Laverne & Shirley star David Lander dies at 73 after a decades-long battle with multiple sclerosis

Trump said he can't be a 'gracious loser' because the election was stolen

on CNN: psychic numbing

Rush Limbaugh has in recent weeks become increasingly frustrated with Trump

A teacher who turned his home into a PPE factory during the pandemic was honored with a new car

Agent Orange's narcissistic lack of empathy and rejection of science..

Can somebody recommend a good pillow? Maybe about a year ago,

The could do us all a big favor by first, explaining that the so-called "evidence" that

Happy Birthday to Governor Andrew Cuomo!

"Squiggy" died (Laverne & Shirley)

David Lander, 'Squiggy' on 'Laverne & Shirley,' dies at 73

Keen Eyes And Smart Satellites Help Archaeologists Find Hidden Wonders

'Sonic attacks' suffered by US diplomats likely caused by microwave energy

9 months. One $1200 stimulus check.

Arizona high school whips out preposterous trick play in final game of the season

On Netflix: And Breathe Normally

Trump's Schedule for Sunday, December 6, 2020

The Curse of 2020

Peter Alliss, voice of the BBC's golf coverage, dies aged 89

I'm 'Stealing Christmas to Keep You Safe,' Canadian Leader Gives Emotional Virus Message

Non Sequitur - GAH!

51 Years Ago Today: The Altamont Free Concert ends in tragedy

Clueless Orange Moron Thinks The Supreme Court Will Overturn The Election For Him

U.S. military budget is dropping!

Lights go out, roads dicey as wintry storm batters Northeast

RIP Squiggy.

Pompeo says violence levels in Afghanistan 'unacceptably high'

YOU raised $3,545.00 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-5-20

There will be NO noticable "boycott" of the January 5th Georgia elections by Trump supporters.

"Biden mulls a dirty-money sleuth for CIA." Smart connection drawn here by @SpyTalker and @ElaineSha

"Just so you understand." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

155 Years Ago Today; Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery ratified

Trump burned to the ground by GOP advisor for throwing 'world's biggest hissy fit' at Georgia rally

I predict Trumpies will segue seamlessly from "Trump is the best president ever"...

Your Sunday Jamaican language lesson -LOL

Flynn says Obama was scared of him?

Trump: "Healthiest president ever ?"

I am all for Trumpy having a rally on January 20th.

GA's Lt. Governor (R): Trump's comments last night "concerning"

Mary Trump on President Trump's Election Conspiracy Theories (And Post Trump PTSD) Zerlina.

Hey!! DUers...time to get holiday gifts? Shop our values and support small business

Adrienne Nims

San Francisco Passes Indoor Smoking Ban; Cannabis Still OK

Trump Obtains Podiatrist's Note Claiming He Won Election

Just like I predicted-

16 Authentic Portraits Of Native Americans Posing In Traditional Regalia

How Biden's Digital Team Tamed the MAGA Internet

Man fatally shot by deputies on Iron Range

Trumpty Dumpty wanted a rout

I think it can be said, that person who plants seedlings for trees, under whose shade, they will

Trump has given a large percentage of the male population ED

magat relatives are posting a screed on facebook, anyone seen a good response?

40 years ago, today, my wife and I were married in a little chapel (just added a recent one)

Joe Biden's already more popular than Trump's ever been - CNNPolitics

Let me get this straight

Back In Your Arms Again: The Mavericks

Trump's false fraud claims are laying groundwork for new voting restrictions, experts warn

When Will The White House Get Sanitized??

5376 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 25 deaths

Trumpty Dumpty wanted a crown

Warren Berlinger, Film and Television Character Actor, Dies at 83

On December 5, 1937, "Large Marge," of "Pee-wee's Big Adventure," was born.

Let's highlight the damage caused by Trump and the GOP's rejection of science.

On a day where we had 2,800 deaths (I think that is right), 200,000 new cases of C-19, and Trump...

Looking for tips and suggestions on painting a black cat

An artist used almost 1,000 images to make the 54 emperors of The Principate

"Face the Nation" Doing a great job of reporting reality

Here come the Holidays!!!

Look, Trump supporters don't have to come together with the rest of the US

Coffey Co. Health Officer resigns over mask dispute with Commission

Drought Monitor 12/1/20 - CO: 75% In Level 3/4 Drought; TX 24%; NV 70%; NM 82%; UT 90%; AZ 93%

Marc Elias: "...if you want to see how the Kraken experts in GA are debunked, read this."👇

Man Says He Was Targeted With Explosives Due To His Politics

Today would have my father's 88th birthday.

The Republican Plan for the Next Four Years Isn't Normal

2020 A Year Of Crushed Records Across West; Much Of What Didn't Burned Down Burned Up In Heat Waves

Poll: Biden's already more popular than Trump's ever been

Trump reminds me of my parents when they had dementia

these French dudes saving seals in Namibia - Ocean Conservation Namibia

Biden kicked Trump's butt so much in the election

Dear Republicans, have you tried heroin?

Trump Isn't The Problem...

Shop Our Values, support DU & Dem small business people,think on getting Holiday gifts here

There Are 12,000 Abandoned Oil/Gas Wells In Oklahoma; In 2019, The State Plugged 138 Of Them

Defiant Staten Island pub owner slams car into sheriff deputy while trying to escape arrest...

Hispanic lawmakers press Biden to name Becerra or Perez for attorney general

Alabama sheriff's office draws backlash over Christmas tree decorated with "thugshots"

Consider holiday gifts from our DU market place for our furries

Heartland Hack Pres. Assclown Appointed To NOAA Will Help Select National Medal Of Science Winners

Can America Be Great Again? One of the best I've seen on America reaction

"We'll see ... whether there is a Biden administration" -- DNI John Ratcliffe

Today is the last Sunday Platform for our Leader at our Ethical Culture Society.

Roald Dahl's family apologises for his antisemitism

here's what i think- always keep learning

Fox gets a dose of karma at Trump's rally

On this day, December 6, 1920, Dave Brubeck was born.

Iran nuclear deal: Saudi Arabia says Gulf states must be consulted if US revives accord

Iran nuclear deal: Saudi Arabia says Gulf states must be consulted if US revives accord

from Capital Weather gang: Here comes our first chance of snow by late tonight!

Ex-NFL player Carlos Rogers pleads guilty in fraud scheme

Chris Wallace repeatedly corrects HHS Sec. Alex Azar when he refers to Joe Biden as "vice president"

Directed radio frequency plausible cause of 'Havana syndrome,' U.S. government report finds

Directed radio frequency plausible cause of 'Havana syndrome,' U.S. government report finds

'The pathetic death rattle of a loser and crybaby': Ex-RNC official hammers Trump

Higher blood sugar tied to COVID-19 death risk; rise in U.S. overdose deaths may have pandemic link

Since October, the Trump campaign has paid $161,841 for Jenna Ellis' legal services

Governor Cuomo Briefing December 3 2020

A very thoughtful lecture

Lou Bega: Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of...)

Kayleigh McEnany urged Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to threaten SoS Brad Raffensperger's budget...

Be Prepared....this is coming

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on FTN re: Covid and The Stimulus

Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Covid and The Stimulus on Face the Nation:

Why Biden should hope the president pardons himself

3 (R) senators have been on Sunday shows to spread the conspiracy theory that Biden did not win

there's punks in this rabbit hole!

trump alluded to black people taking land, in reality the law allows black land to be stolen

Dr. Slaoui confirmed what President-Elect Biden said on an interview with Jake Tapper, that they

I sew for a Living..May I help you?

How did Trump do in behalf of Loeffler and Perdue? I've looked here and on...

The Republican Party is evolving into the junta ruling Nazi America in "The Man in the High Castle"

Biden Already More Popular Than Trump Ever Was

Storage tank explosion at Texas petroleum facility injures 7

'If You Want More Criminality, Decline to Hold the Criminals Accountable'

We need a western style top ten wanted for murder posters with pics. of

Headlines Don't Capture the Horror We Saw - The Atlantic

Trump's Operation Warp Speed promised a flood of covid vaccines. Instead, states are expecting a tri

Some of my recent work

Something a little different --

Georgia GOP Senate candidates humiliated at Trump rally promoting THEM - Brian Tyler Cohen

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 7 December 2020

Project Veritas's James O'Keefe crashed a private CNN teleconference. CNN says he may have broken th

I still think he is going to try a takeover. Plus,

Pentagon Reverses Course on Biden Talking to Spy Agencies

MI State Representative Laurie Pohutsky: The SNL skit was amusing, I guess...

Op-Ed: Why so many people want to believe the election was stolen

Saudi prince strongly criticizes Israel at Bahrain summit

Giuliani launches new conspiracy theory: Election fraud was coordinated by 'somebody in Washington'

63% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck. Racking up debt during pandemic

The Snake.....

2020 meltdown leaves Iowa Democrats on edge

GA Officials: We Voted For Trump But We Need To Call Out His Election Fraud Falsehoods

The Crown: Netflix has 'no plans' for fiction warning

In 2020, Disinformation Broke The US

You know what I think?

The things you can learn during lockdown:

With apologies to Zane Grey, "Riders of the Pineapple Sage"

Trump admin just made the citizenship test harder. Can you answer these questions? (CNN)

Born To Be Blue: The Mavericks

What Fiction are you reading this week, Dec. 6, 2020?

'A seven-layer cake of lies': Stelter reacts to Trump's claim (CNN)

Dozens of Haines residents evacuated from their homes as rain and landslides continue

Alaska officials say hackers stole voter info, didn't compromise election integrity

Birx frustrated by 'parroting back' of virus misinformation

Biden's 100-day mask plan 'a good idea,' Trump's vaccine chief says

Biden's criticism of vaccine rollout 'just nonsense,' Azar says

UK to start coronavirus vaccinations on Tuesday

A pick-me-up story (not political).

Manchin slams Trump for 'dangerous' political 'posturing' during pandemic

Georgia GOP voting manager says threats against election official led to unloading on Trump

RWNJ Lauren Witzke (former US Senate nominee in DE) wants Trump to declare martial law

Tried a gluten-free low carb pastry recipe

Dave Brubeck was born on this date.

Biden's already more popular than Trump's ever been (Gallup Poll)

Tracking COVID-19 in Alaska: 1 death and a record 933 new cases reported Saturday

Tapper's closing comments today aimed at pukes used dump's snake story: Did you not know who he was

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Tish Hinojosa was born on this date.

Trump Uses Rally for Georgia Senate Candidates to Push Unsupported Claims of Voting Fraud

ICE Is Trying To Force BuzzFeed News To Divulge Its Sources

From the Philippines martial arts

Recount affirms an 11-vote win for Democrat Liz Snyder in Anchorage House race

US Coronavirus: The US has added 1 million new coronavirus cases in only 5 days

December 6, 1963: Jacqueline Kennedy and Caroline arrive at the Georgetown home of Averell Harriman

Lawsuit challenges Alaska's new ranked-choice voting ballot measure

Buckwheat pancakes get blackened, what's technique to use?

Rudy's latest conspiracy: Election fraud was coordinated by 'somebody in Washington'

Tom Perez for AG? Your thoughts?

'We've never found systemic fraud': Ga. secretary of state says of election

Emu Follows Her Human Dad Everywhere

Native Americans critique data, surveys following election

Nissan Quits Trump Now Too

Staten Island Bar GM Arrested After Defying Closure Again, Hitting Deputy With Car

Republicans accuse Joe Biden of speaking in complete and coherent sentences.

Over half of Alaska's largest prison has tested positive for COVID-19

Cat Brothers Love Tormenting Their Dad

'We're all victims': Trump sells Georgians lies in exchange for 'attempted coup'

Republicans Pushed to Restrict Voting. Millions of Americans Pushed Back.

Watch This Chunky Golden Lose 100 Pounds

All the focus is on Georgia -- and who will vote and who will not

Employer mandates seem awfully requisite to curb Covid

A DU 2020 Retrospective - Here's my contribution (add yours!)

The New Yorker's Latest Issue Has an Article about Vaccine Vials

Loeffler and Warnock to meet in Georgia Senate debate

David Sedaris demands the right to fire others:

Trump's Final Days of Rage and Denial

Biden to meet with Operation Warp Speed's chief vaccine adviser this week

I can't imagine how anyone could vote

Smiling Dogs That Will Instantly Make You Smile

Georgia voting manager says he now has 'police protection' to guard against threats caused by Trump'

Buy any of my books as a Christmas Gift or for yourself...

'We've lost our moral authority': Kinzinger unwilling to back off Trump

Don't know if this non-political miracle was posted here yet or not (graphic warning, but happy end)

Operation Warp Speed promised a flood of covid vaccines. Instead, states are expecting a trickle

Sun Sentinel Investigation: Gov. Ron DeSantis 'Ordered Public Health Officials Not To Discuss The ..

Trump's brain needs to be donated to Science.

The Wonderful World of Make Believe

Alaska Voices: Dunleavy makes Alaska a hostile place

I was watching Cash Cab earlier today and discovered

Please enjoy these ducks changing their minds.-- LOL

The question I'm pondering...

Barbra Streisand Is, as Ever, Firmly in Control.

Trump Math is trending on twitter - losing by 74 EC votes and 7 Mil popular votes is a tight race

Cartoons 12/6/2020


Trump tactics to overturn election could have staying power

If I had to guess, Bill Barr distanced himself from Trump the same day ...

So DeJoy cannot be removed by Biden?

Democratic senator says a Covid-19 stimulus proposal could come 'as early as tomorrow'

The Trump Administration is Cracking Down Against a Global Movement to Boycott Israel.

Hard not to be sad...

What's Matthew McCONAUGHEY 's Texas game? Wingnut? Third Way?

Lol... Eric Swalwell on Twitter:

Georgia governor rebuffs Trump's call for special session to overturn election results, top official

Who is the creepiest Trumpette?

Latest Votes Show Groundswell Behind Legal Pot

Death Toll Is at Least 7 After Rule-Breaking Wedding in Washington state, all males age +70

Climber rescued after falling into volcanic hole on Mt. Hood

"Hilarious that this idiot thinks he can lecture other countries about electoral fraud..."

Secretary Of State Rebukes Claims Of Election 'Anomalies'

Oh No...

Rudy Giuliani admits to trying to stage a coup in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona

Rudy has covid-19.

Rudy Giuliani has tested positive for Covid

WAKE UP DAMMIT! *apology for shouting but I'm exercised*

Trump supporter arrested for assault after firing a gun into crowd of counter-protesters

"The president is now indulging the Dilbert guy's authoritarian fantasizing..."

Giuliani has Covid

What to do with a collection of antique telephones?

A message to you Rudy

I'm disgusted. The gop REFUSES to directly help Americans who are struggling. If a current

If a Maggat says about election corruption "Where there's smoke there's fire"...

Oh Rudy G.!

Backing Trump, Some Ex-Military Officers Spread Conspiracies, Urge Martial Law

The question is how did it take so long to infect him?

Rudy Giuliani Tests Positive for COVID-19, President Trump Says in Tweet

Cold day, so . . . . .

The real voting irregularities....

Giuliani has tested positive for the coronavirus, Trump says.

'Dead Man Walking' nun says Trump administration trying to rush through executions in 'shameful kill

So Rudy the Tugger has covid.

Trump's stupid/delusional emails of the day ("in the history", "by far")

Pakistan: 7 virus patients die after oxygen supply runs out

Alito Demands Briefs in Pennsylvania Congressman's Lawsuit to Flip the Election (UPDATED)

Watch out Arizona...

Why Doesn't Somebody Arrest Him?

Grift Grift Grift

When was the last meeting with Killa Con and

Should be on every public vehicle, airplanes, trains, took so long

Watching CNN...Rudy-TootyGiuliani has the covid.


tweet of the hour

Trump's Parting Gift To Biden: An Even Worse Catastrophe In Yemen

History of Repuglican dirty deeds to cheat the elections - HCR

Sue the shorts off of Giuliani and any other Trumpster who tests positive for

Over 50 people in the Big Con orbit have tested COVID positive...

No, it's not Enya. Karl JENKINS/composer, Adiemus. Not holy religion, holy MUSIC


Vladeck: Alito's moving up deadline for PA to respond to injunction request (why it doesn't matter)

BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani tests positive for COVID-19, Trump says

Uruguay's 1st socialist president, Tabare Vazquez, dies at 80

Uruguay's 1st socialist president, Tabare Vazquez, dies at 80

Imagine if this guy was black.

Trump's Final Days of Rage and Denial

PJ Harvey - Angelene


Good demonstration of why so many people are falling for utter lies about the presidential election

Stephanopoulos steps all over Repukeer senator....

Hey Donald, Did You Know?

Nevada: Images of the Silver State

This leap year's leap won't take place till January 20th, 2021. n/t

Do I understand correctly? iq45* is taking credit for a vaccine created for a pandemic he says is a

Per NY Times Giuliani is at Georgetown Medical Center.

Even here on DU, there are more titles with "Trump" in them than those with "Biden."

"This is not a measure of faith. It's a measure of arrogance."

George Takei ftw!

Trump rally-goer arrested for assault in Washington state

Joe: The dreams of too many Americans have been deferred for too long.

"Concern" thread for Rudy testing positive for Covid.


From steak_umm: Just submitted the first draft of my dissertation proposal! Thanks for the epigraph

Rudy Giuliani asks Michigan woman if she'd remove her mask at hearing

does the Biden/Harris inauguration need to be online only?

Fox is the only one that dares to believe Trump. NYT, the Guardian, Yahoo...

As I approach the end of my life, two things of which I am enormously proud is that...

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 6, 2020

Jon Ossoff debates empty podium

Most Horrific and Powerful Movie ever made..32 minutes... Night and Fog...

Transition46: We aren't just going to rebuild what has worked in the past. This is our opportunity t

Am I right, that this is the first time trump has talked about Covid 19 since the election?

La Bamba: Playing For Change, Songs Around the World

A miserable end to a miserable presidency

The Coronaman:

What if Guilliani was warned that he could be arrested

Goodbye Nagy, Ryan, and the rube...

SNOW SHOWERS forecast for 8 - 10 a.m. Calvert County!

Just tested positive...

i just learned that one of the residents in my apartment building has c19

Giuliani in the hospital.

Initial COVID vaccine supply 10% of original government promise

They just introduced David Perdue's empty podium at the debate.

Biden to Pick Xavier Becerra to Lead Health and Human Services


Georgia U.S. Senate runoff debate: Jon Ossoff's final forum before January election

Ossman & Perdue Debate

Trump average approval rating lower than any post WWII President

Arlington Memorial Bridge Reopens All Six Lanes To Traffic, After Two Years Of Construction

Good space station sightings coming up tonight, Monday, and Wednesday

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will nominate Xavier Becerra, for HHS Secretary

Los Del Rio, "Macarena"

President Trump is considering a made-for-TV grand finale

Sunday night German talk show, all about the USA. I wish we could have these back home.

Rudy has Covid. Covid came from bats. Write your own jokes here!

CA Western Monarch #s Collapse; Possibly Fewer Than 10K Overwintering In 2020 (Was Millions In 80s)

Yahoo News: Lawyers keep pushing tЯump's delusions.

Ossoff used his time wisely as he debated an empty podium.

"Amtrak Joe's" inaugural arrival

Messaging matters: We need to "reimagine policing for the 21st century."

He should not take a precious bed from an elderly or a health care worker

'Mambo Italiano': Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren

I figured out Guiliani's brown goo!

And now a preview of the MAGA series finale:

I don't want Trump to take Rudy G. testing positive for granted, but Trump has with everyone else!

Doctor: Giuliani potentially exposed hundreds to virus

It is understandable to have faith in a religion.

"Four more years for PRESIDENT Trump---MAGA"

So, the Orange and Riverside County sheriffs are refusing to enforce Newsom's lockdown?

Zorba The Greek, Dance: Anthony Quinn, Alan Bates

Faster Horses

*Best* Zorba The Greek Dance Flash Mob: Bristol, UK

15 year old artist's home made debut, a Christmas song for 2020:

Omg, California had 26, 575 new cases of COVID today

kids write winter message on windows--but ooopsie!

Loeffler - Warnock debate up at 7 PM on CNN