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Fact check please DU. I see no yoga pants - can this be real?


Fort Everywhere: How did the United States become entangled in a cycle of endless war?

So if Barr leaves early and Rudy has COVID, WHO is Trump's most likely one-month AG pick?

Please stop using the word "literally"

Gov. Ige continues push to furlough state workers

Just seen at Packer game (unable to find on line):

Another thing the murdering orange traitor destroyed-the traditional inaugural festivities. His

F@CK Your Feelings

AmyStrange & the Criminal Series...

How wealthy homeowners are endangering Hawaii's beaches

Radical, defund the police, green new deal

What's up with Kelly's mouth?

Hawaii reports another coronavirus-related death on Oahu and 105 new infections statewide

GA Runoff debate: I do have to hand it to these hitting attacks and on message

Warnock needs to add that she dumped her stock illegally using insider information.

If I had downed a shot each time Smirkyface Loeffler referred to "radical liberal Raphael Warnock",

Over 300 detained in Belarus during protests against leader

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? (POLL)

Sheriff: NYC bar owner who defied COVID-19 orders ran over deputy with car

*FUN* 'Macarena' Flash Mobs

"Let's Groove" (Amateurs at Dance Class) Which are your favorites?

I'm bored with food

We need buzzwords

Band Aid - Do they know it's Christmas

My Kingdom for a Sharpie!

I won't root for Rudy to die, but I also won't feel bad if he does.

GA runoff comment: A lesson in propaganda and waste of time

I'm not going to be lectured- She's going for the racists with that one -

I'd like to get a count on how many times Loeffler said "Radical liberal Raphael Warnock"?!?!


Does anyone else think Trump will yank us out of NATO before he goes?

Krebs says it's "well past the time" for GOP to acknowledge Trump defeat

Tweet of the Day

Two cheers for the Never Trump conservatives

Superspreads like Trump and Giuliani get treatment reserved for elitists

Texas man found dead in woods could have been killed by mountain lion

Stelter: Trump's 'junk-food' news diet is contributing to his downfall

Regarding the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA)

ROBOT Kelly LOAFER LEFFLER malfunctioning, also a Republican magat Corporate Socialist welfare queen

The Reagan's opening and guess what?

U.S. CDC reports 280,135 deaths from coronavirus

Aloha, Harry: Hawaii Island mayor leaves office after decades of public service

Democrats need to address Republican use of the scare tactic, "socialism"

Tony Dungy criticized the Jets defense for lack of situational awareness on the last play of the..

The only Socialists are the Republican magat Corporate Socialist welfare queens

Federal agency finds no wrongdoing in Kodak loan: report

Federal agency finds no wrongdoing in Kodak loan: report

Barr might resign

Loeffler sidesteps debate question on Trump's claims of 'rigged' election

To lead CDC, Biden picks Rochelle Walensky

A friend and I have discussed, Trump will move to Russia .."permanently"...

MI SoS Benson says armed individuals have surrounded her home to chant obscenities at her.

Giuliani Admitted to the Hospital

Any ideas as to how to recover icalendar data that disappeared when migrating a time machine

Question about the SCOTUS and Pennsylvania

Walter Reed Total Landscaping is wondering why an ambulance just pulled with some guy leaking oil

Here's an interesting take of Loeffler's performance tonight from Twitter:

Warnock: Why did Loeffler visit his church in January?

Joe: I promise you this: I will spare no effort -- or commitment -- to end this pandemic.

i cant quite put a finger on whats wrong with this photo

The kill shot from Warnock we didn't get

Jenna Ellis is frantically googling

Barr Considers Leaving DOJ Before Trump's Term Ends: NYT

Given Loeffler's rote recitation of vacuous bumper sticker slogans, there are but two

Save space - get stackable cats for Xmas

Giuliani COVID-19 diagnosis closes Arizona Legislature

Opinion: Why Republicans still refuse to accept Trump's defeat

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Off Topic: I thought you might like this

2020 Holiday Food And Toy Drives In Washington: How To Help Out

WOW! Jon Ossoff is on FIRE! He needs to place a rubber chicken at that Perdue podium next time

Kelly Loeffler in Georgia Senate debate defends Trump election lawsuits


Ratcliffe: Release interim Durham report to deter Biden from shutting down inquiry

"First ICE... now SDNY putting kids in cages."

Hmmm..who knew?

As Trump rants over election, his administration accelerates push to lock in policy & staffing gains

Andy Reid! CROP ART!

No special session for the Georgia General Assembly. Gov Kemp says it would be unconstitutional

Perdue was a no-show and Loeffler repeated "radical liberal" ad nauseum, but their goal was the same

NEW Polling in GA Runoff Race! I think after Ossoff's debate he will catch up to Warnock v Loeffler

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Anti-Vaccine Scientist Has Been Invited to Testify Before Senate Committee

Girl From Mars - Ash

Those attacking Warnock have to understand something

1/13/17 - Democrats denied tickets for Trump inauguration festivities

So, what do you think the actual inauguration will look like?

So, who is worse? #GrinchPerdue or the #LoefflerGrinch #GrinchesOfGeoriga

Riverside Sheriff Statement

Dear God - XTC

Let's talk about how the stock market isn't the economy....

Here are 4 *different* screenshots of Kelly Loeffler during tonight's debate.

Another one asking Trump for a personal favor.

Anyone see the LGBT Ritz commercial

Dan Rather: "Wine gets better with age. Whining gets old real quick."

An Ohio Sheriff's Deputy Fatally Shot A 23-Year-Old Black Man Outside His Home

Dad sings impromptu national anthem at HS game after sound system fails

Bad Day - Daniel Powter

Rudy's followers are delightful

I Love Death - Lodger

William Holden and Tom Ewell had nearly identical voices

Boogie Woogie Country Girl, Mash Up Swing

Dueling Banjos - Deliverance (Arthur Smith)

whatever they accuse us of, they have been doing

Ibn 'Arabi - "Know Yourself" - Selected Excerpts for Meditation - Sufi Mystics

Over 28,000 New Covid cases in CA today...

Astronauts Will be Able to Extract Fuel, Air, and Water From Martian Brine - Universe Today

Kayleigh McEnany flies off the deep end, goes full authoritarian on Fox News - Brian Tyler Cohen

'Boogie Barcarolle': Rita Hayworth, Fred Astaire, Classic Hollywood

Georgia U.S. Senate runoff: Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock debate in Atlanta

Trump plans on inauguration day...sounds like him...

George Carlin responds to Kelly Leoffler's comments about her living the American Dream

Many times in the Trump era, if you described exactly what he did a few months before he did it, you

Norway's Prime Minister: Ocean science can boost jobs and wellbeing

Arizona legislature shuts down after Giuliani tests positive for coronavirus

What if Rudy's covid is really the fake excuse for the end of litigation?

Just replace his word "election" with "administration," & we have truth

Here is how to contact the Riverside County CA Sheriff Department

Guantanamera: Playing For Change, Songs Around The World

Tell me about buying prescription eyeglasses online.

Obama's old Punahou jersey sells at auction for a record $192,000

Amid ongoing fiscal crisis, proposed cuts to special education worry parents and educators

Makes you ask why the hell we even bother.' Infectious disease experts face disillusionment as COVID

As first lady, Jill Biden plans to push for debt-free community college

Grand Hyatt, Kauai's largest private employer, to close its doors for the rest of the year

Ghost Donald in the Sky

Arizona Legislature shuts down after Giuliani possibly exposed lawmakers

Vote Forward: All Georgia Senate GOTV addresses adopted!

Kealoha Scandal Hasn't Led To Major Reforms At Prosecutor's Office, Audit Finds

My nephew and family are sick.

Sullivan might "challenege" Flynn pardon?

Ban on sea voyages and flights between two Samoas remains in effect

Chris Wallace SCHOOLS Trump official for refusing to call Biden "President-Elect" Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump campaign is trying to convince state legislators that Rudy didn't infect them

Great election conspiracy joke (2nd tweet)

How will Agent Orange manage to fuck up the vaccine rollout

Programming Note:

Pink Floyd Cymbaline 1971 live in a church...

Unpaid IPI construction workers stage protest in CNMI

🚨NEW: In an affidavit filed tonight in federal court, the Chief Investigator for the Office of the G

Chief Mouser - The Downing Street Cats

Trump's Possible 2024 Bid Leaves Other GOP Candidates in a Bind

Colorado First Gentleman Marlon Reis hospitalized with worsening COVID-19 symptoms

Trumpty Dumpty -- with my favorite actors/actresses

Chick-fil-A Accuses Poultry Suppliers of Price Fixing

Arizona Legislature shuts down because of exposure to Rudy Giuliani

And now Gouliani has been taken...

Rudy Giuliani looks like shit.

I truly believe that Ossoff won the race, heard this from a magat today...

1963 - 2020. Amazed it's still standing

Trump spent the last four years trying to prove how macho he is

Randy Rainbow - Breaking: Rudy Giuliani loses sense of smell...

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 8: Dickens Adaptations

Sometimes, A Hat Is Just A Hat

Trump now believes all Republicans lost their races due to imaginary fraud effort

Texas is still a non voting state

Videos by some of the protesters outside Michigan SoS Benson's home

What 1% mortality really means.

Former Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D-Md.) died this evening

Guam lawmakers reject bill to end lifetime governor pensions

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive): Pringles Update

Statement from Michigan Secretary of State about armed protesters

Statement from Michigan Secretary of State about armed protesters

Guam DOE: More than 500 students still 'missing' midway through school year

Humpty Dumpty -- another fine collection

Broken Robot Kelly is a crooked, lying scripter.

Compilation of 1918 Chicago Newspaper headlines

The Daily Social Distancing Show: This Week's Coronavirus Updates - Week of 11/30/2020

Number of minors in GovGuam homeless emergency shelter increases

Kelly Loeffler's High School Yearbook photo

Jerrold Post, CIA psychiatrist who profiled Trump, dies of Covid aged 86

Hayabusa-2: Capsule with asteroid samples in 'perfect' shape

Norway excavates a Viking longship fit for a king

Nemonte Nenquimo: The indigenous leader named 'environmental hero'

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Psalm 141, NKJV

Anyone watched Your Honor on Showtime?

Highly competitive US Senate Elections that Democrats will likely win in 2022.

I love Jon Ossoff's tweet!

'Ballooning' spiders take flight on Earth's electric fields

Archaeologists Could Help Bring Otters Back From the Dead

Funny GA Runoff Meme

First Gentleman (of Colorado) In Hospital With Worsening COVID-19 Symptoms

Anti-Vaccine Doctor Will Testify Before Senate

Robin Vos' plan puts politics ahead of health

Foxconn not expected to meet hiring goals in next 3 years

Minnesota regulators deny request to delay Line 3 pipeline

Trump's Wisconsin lawsuits are flaming out but the effects may linger

Match Dot Com - Satan and 2020 - directed by Ryan Reynolds.

Democratic committee members denounce 'forum for debunked conspiracies' at Assembly hearing next

If drumph and his cronies who got covid were like us

The Trump Admin Just Made The Citizenship Test Harder & More Biased

Humpty Dumpty "Heroes - Limericks from the Seat of Government"

Breakfast Monday 7 December 2020

Dr Rochelle Walensky, MD, MPH, for CDC

7 December 1941, Hawaii

The future of the GOP: bleak, bleak, bleak

Here's a celebratory parrot to get your Monday started off right...

Obama's 'defund the police' comments showcase a radical cynicism

Origins of The Moonwalk


Rita Hayworth Is Stayin' Alive

Who could ask for anything more?

Baking ancient bread

Nicholas Bros., Cab Calloway: Greatest Dance, Jumping Jive, Hepcats

In Georgia, Loeffler again refuses to say Trump lost

Melinda Coleman, mother of Daisy Coleman, dead

New roads pave way for massive growth of Israeli settlements

'Singing In The Rain,' Gene Kelly: Classic American Musical

Hundreds ill, 1 dead due to unidentified disease in India

Maduro allies win majority in Venezuelan congress in disputed election

Maduro allies win majority in Venezuelan congress in disputed election

Iran says 'smart satellite-controlled machine gun' killed top nuclear scientist

Joe Scarborough just tried to equate Republican MAGATS to peace protestors of the 60's.

Homophobic confrontation ignites strong feelings in Wyoming

Lena Horne, Stormy Weather; Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson, Stair Dance

Taco Bell, shit, gravy

Pandemic's uneven march across U.S. paved way for wider outbreak

"If I can't have you nobody can"

It's a super tramp morning with coffee and dogs

Lessons from Donald Trump on what NOT to tell your kids!

Scoop: Israel lobbies senators to pass Sudan immunity bill

Massive Dump remix

Azar: Vaccine will be available to all by mid-2021

Just Take A Minute To Fathom This: Trump Is Threatening To VETO a DEFENSE BILL Because...

Want Vaccines Fast? Suspend Intellectual Property Rights

Trump's Schedule for Monday, December 7, 2020

1-47! A federal judge in Michigan SLAPS DOWN the Kraken in that state

Kelly Loeffler's 2013 interview: "I still try to walk through it every day with my cat."

Michigan Dem oversight chair getting death threats

Maggie's Song

Trump's core supporters have been 'radicalized' against democracy -- and

Study Of 4,000 Incidents Worldwide: As Warming Continues, # Of Winter Drownings Spiking

UK Met Office Study Projects End Of Sub-Freezing Temperatures In Southern England By 2040

Monday Dec. 7 is the LAST day to register to vote in Georgia! 🗳🍑🇺🇸

Here's A Story To Make You Feel Good

*Hot* Tango Scene, 'Latin Lover' Rudolph Valentino: 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Film 1921

U.K. Says Talks Could Collapse in Next Few Hours: Brexit Update

Coca Cola, Pepsi And Nestle Sweep Top Honors For World's Worst Plastic Polluters

Covid blood test can predict patient survival chances

Made Me Laugh...

Ossoff Get's it Absolutely Right: Why is it so difficult to take action on the climate? Corruption.

Scott Morrison Insists He's Speaking At Virtual Global Climate Summit; Likely Didn't Make The Cut

Satan and 2020's selfie.

Copernicus: November 2020 Hottest Global November On Record; 2020 "Almost Certain" 2B Hottest Ever

So what was the Perdue's reason for his no show at the debate last night?

Eric Boehlert: Sunday morning shows need to ban Republicans who won't admit Biden won

Some on facebook are alledging that Robot Barbie Loeffler wore a wire mixed in her

The Tango, 'Scent of A Woman,' Al Pacino: Classic Beauty

This Is Funny

Don't Know how I feel about Bob Dylan's big deal.

Today is the anniversary of the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack that took the US to war.

Louis Prima was born on this date.

Dozens of armed protesters gather at Michigan's SOS

Hotter Arctic Rivers Responsible For About 10% Of Arctic Sea Ice Loss, Also Boosting Air Temps

Harry Chapin was born on this date.

Bill Barr lost Trump when he did not come thru with "Obamagate"

One of the girls starting to flirt with Kaavan

Parrot performs an original dance with a carrot

Joe Scarborough is still a repub.

Something I've been thinking about, will trump and his family flee to escape prosecution?

Inside the race to make vials for the Coronavirus Vaccine in upstate New York

Wisconsin could face a budget gap of as much as $2 billion over two years

'The people have spoken': Michigan judge rejects lawsuit from disavowed Trump attorney

This Just In: Americans View "Natural Gas" More Favorably Than They View "Methane"

Biden picks MGH infectious diseases chief Rochelle Walensky to oversee CDC

YOU raised $3,865.34 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-6-20

Front-Burner Lands Issues For PE Biden: Bears Ears, ANWR, Boundary Waters, Escalante, Bristol Bay

Dec 7 Last day to Register in Georgia for the Jan 5 Runoff Election

Two Wauwatosa residents are suing the city, mayor and police chief over the October curfew

Bath Time for a Samoyed

Trump rallygoer arrested

Thank you go Dyehard Ghouliani

Why isn't the media saying anything about Guiliani's hearings farce not being sworn in?

Tomorrow, Justice Alito wants to look at evidence from a PA lawsuit.

Trump is intent on maintaining control of the Republican Party.

Scientific journal purges anti-gay UW-Madison paper published in 1951

Are there any potters here? Or glass workers? Looking for a large mug

I didn't know Stephanie Ruhle had contracted COVID

Tom Waits has a birthday today.

COVID-19 spread a concern as Union Grove students return to school following unauthorized homecoming

I participated in an AMERICAN BRIDGE call with Gov. Deval Patrick and Ed Luce (Financial Times)...

Four of the five people to be executed over the next few weeks are Black

Protest Saturday at the Governor's Mansion ends with damaged cars, two citations

Stephanie Ruhl is recovering from COVID 19

Former Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton announces marriage

More on DeSatan...An inadvertent glimpse of what Gov. DeSantis is really like when a secret tape is

*Best* Dancing In The Movies: 'Footloose,' Master MIX

I think Loeffler's aggressive attacks on Warnock will backfire on her with GA voters.

Bob Dylan sells entire song catalog to Universal in blockbuster deal

On this day, December 7, 1941, the refurbished, streamlined Empire State Express made its first run.

Eight years ago tonight...

Jon Ossoff showed up but were was that other right wing hack.............not debating.........

Ossoff Says Sen. Perdue Declined To Debate Because 'He Can't Defend The Indefensible' NBC News

FINGERS CROSSED: MAGAts Are Listening To Trump And May Not Vote In Georgia Senate Runoff

Brexit: Ireland's foreign minister says 'the news is very downbeat', 'very gloomy'

Water Futures to Start Trading Amid Growing Fears of Scarcity

Ex-wife of Minnesota GOP communications director Jack Tomczak granted restraining order against him

NYPD Cops Cash In on Sex Arrests With Little Evidence, While Black and Brown NYers Pay the Price

Higher Love

December 7th used to be Pearl Harbor Day

Clyburn is lead chair of Biden inauguration, co-chairs Whitmer, Garcetti, Richmond, Rochester

Trump planning an exit on Air Force One from the White House to a rally on Inauguration Day

Trumpism will continue without Trump -- but its leader is running on borrowed time

The Daily Dread - Tracking the Spread, 12/7/20 - 15 Million Cases by Nightfall...

Jill Biden tweet: 79 years ago today, our nation met tragedy with courage and resilience. My father

BTRTN: Catch 2024: The Next GOP Candidate for President Will Be the One that Breaks from Trump First

Some in media are supposedly "going hard" on Trump -- but it's too little and too damn late

BTRTN: Catch 2024: The Next GOP Candidate for President Will Be the One that Breaks from Trump First

Pearl Harbor minute by minute in real time on Youtube if you're interested.

Monday TOONs - Welcome to another episode of Mitch & Fiends

Whitmer picked to co-chair Biden inauguration ceremony

Unions back Porcari for DOT

F18 fuel cell at extremely low altitude?

Marine One replacement frequenting Washington, D.C. skies

Georgia officials say state will recertify election results today.

They are on elephant birth watch on SafariLive

Sometimes, it's a very good thing to express thanks in writing.

From the racist speech stealing panty model first lady to an educator with a Ed.D

Well the new White House Tennis Pavilion is done ...

Trump's Final Days of Rage and Denial

Get ready to change the channel and stop giving Donald Trump the attention he craves

The 2022 US Senate Election cycle is favorable to the Democrats, Here is why?

Ivanka: .. where we saw those beautiful words "Made in the USA" stamped on a new line of computers

How do you feel about dining pods?

My liver is going to have me arrested for domestic violence- heard at a meeting

Cool Guys!: The Evolution of Dance, 1950- 2019, Ricardo Walker's Crew, Not To Miss

'Existential Peril': Mass Transit Faces Huge Service Cuts Across U.S.

Indiana nurse: 'I can describe the sound a zipper on a body bag makes'

Pic Of The Moment: "Makes You Ask Why The Hell We Even Bother"

We Had the Vaccine the Whole Time

Jon Ossoff debates an empty podium...

From 2019: Living with a Paranoid Narcissist

Black America is over-policed and under-protected

Stephanie Ruhle Announces She Is Recovering From Covid

1567 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 0 deaths

German experts defuse half-ton World War II bomb found in Frankfurt

Joe: This team of world-class medical experts and public servants will be ready on day one to implem

Trump administration rejects tougher standards on soot, a deadly air pollutant

I'm usually wrong but....

Gov Cuomo: Fauci is guest at a COVID briefing and making an announcement at 11:00am ET.

'Uptown Funk' Dance Flash Mob, Sydney, Australia: The Kids Are Hot!

Just Biden my time until January 20.

Old High School Newsletter. Look at these graduation pictures....

(so horribly sad) Indiana nurse: 'I can describe the sound a zipper on a body bag makes'

Sympathy goosebumps waiting on line

Trump planning to bail on Washington?

Trump loses Georgia. Again.

State Rep. Steve Drazkowski, who voted against COVID-19 relief, received PPP loan for his business,

Anger toward doctors and health officials is rising in rural communities.

Melania Trump Announces Completion of the New White House Tennis Pavilion; December 7, 2020

Juan Williams: Trump is feasting on a dying GOP

The Rundown: December 7, 2020

🚨🚨BREAKING: Georgia federal judge DISMISSES Kraken conspiracy case from the bench. 🐙

It's been a crappy year - Stars no longer with us

Supreme Court rejects appeal to limit transgender students

MI: Federal judge rejects lawsuit seeking to decertify Michigan's 2020 election results

'The Results Remain Unchanged': Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Upholds Biden Win

Ex-exec spills on how UNpresident got out of trouble in past, what to expect these last days

SCAM open season

Right-Wing Republicans Are a Self-Thinning Herd

Former Trump Organization VP: Trump may leave the country before the end of his presidency.

'Scared': MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle Contracts Coronavirus, Delivers Powerful Plea to Take Virus...

DISGUSTING...Armed Michiganders Gather Outside Secretary Of State's Home To Deny Voting Results

Marc Elias-court dismissed Georgia Kraken lawsuit from the bench

Okay - try to follow this new conspiracy theory from our FRiends...

Medicare coverage age under Biden

In a first, California considers allowing housing project on San Diego ecological reserve

Governor Cuomo Briefing December 7 2020

'What is He Hiding?' Trump Questions Georgia Governor Brian Kemp After State Again Certifies Vote...

Socialism Is The Fire ...

Maybe we can turn it into a field hospital

COVID - "doing all the right things..."

Never Forget That Hillary Clinton ...

This new LGBTQ parent could use some support.

Dr Vivek Murthy MD, MBA will be US Surgeon General again

Virginia Military Institute removes Confederate statue

"Not anymore"

BREAKING: Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Biden's win in Georgia

Minnesota's budget forecast projects $641 million surplus

A little bird told me. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Michigan judge openly calls drumpf case bullshit

One I had a patient tell me I was deeply compassionate.

If were joining DU today, the name I would choose would be "The City of New Orleans"

Trump's Afghanistan Airstrikes Increased Civilian Deaths by 330 Percent, Brown Costs of War Study...

Paul Sarbanes, senator from Maryland who led overhaul of corporate accounting rules, dies at 87

Grandma telling it like it is....🤣😂🤣

Trump's dereliction of duty leaves America in a dark winter

Rudy - nose drip, mouth wipe, head wipe - HERE'S COOOVVVIDDD

"Everything Beautiful is Far Away". What a pleasant surprise.

Dave Weigel: I get letters

Every form of evil contains the seeds of its own destruction.

Coloradoans, you do us proud: Biggest Swings Against Trump (NYT)

Overriding a veto would be an excellent way to bid the UNpresident *begone*

Hundreds attend bus tour event supporting President Trump

7 December 1874, Vicksburg Mississippi Massacre

Trump Administration Declines to Tighten Soot Rules, Despite Link to Covid Deaths

Happy earliest sunset of the year: December 7

We joke about fumigating the White House after Trump leaves.

Detroit's lawyer wants a judge to issue sanctions in the Michigan 'Kraken' suit

Aaron Coleman, the Abusive Teenager Elected to Kansas House, Reportedly Still Harassing Women

Police arrest suspect, on ground, handcuffed - perfect cat bed

AZ GOP has filed notice of appeal in lawsuit attempting to overturn AZ's presidential election...

On this day, December 7, 1960, Kirk Douglas attended the London premiere of "Spartacus."

Republicans Will Hit Becerra on Medicare for All

'Fauci Effect' Drives Record Number Of Medical School Applications

Water started trading today as a commodity

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is set to give a foreign policy speech in Georgia

If trump did flee the country, even to a no extradition treaty, we would get him..

Black Michigan lawmaker posts voice-mails saying she should be lynched

Trump admin set to approve Arizona land swap for mine opposed by Native Americans

Why am I god

Nothing about Pearl Harbor? My dad was there when it was bombed, as a 19-year-old airman.

Kelly Loeffler disqualified herself at Sunday night's debate

"Three more years! Three more years!"

Cat claims another victim

George Stephanopoulos embarrasses Republican Senator spinning another voter fraud lie with reality.

Dec 7, 1941 A day which will live in infamy.

WH Tennis Pavillion shade from Michael Beschloss

Share the road

Implosion to Fell Rosslyn Hotel Tower This Weekend

Floating Russian folk dancers

National Catholic Reporter: Biden should appoint a post-Trump truth commission

CNN puff piece on Saudi Arabia

Listen Little Girl ...

America's nurses could use some mercy now

Xavier Becerra a question

"Excuse me, Lifetime, but what the everlovin' FCK is this?"

Joe: Dr. Fauci isn't just one of our foremost experts on combating viruses--he is a good man and a ti

SCOTUS has refused to take up a challenge to school policies that support transgender students

We are buried beneath the weight of information

Chuck Todd allowed GOP official to get away with the same false equivalence CNN's Ana Cabrera nipped

Something I think we should all consider in terms of COVID death numbers.

Are Vendors Buying Contracts In Arlington Through Political Contributions?

Georgia Republican Kelly Loeffler dodged a question about whether senators should trade stocks

EU adopts human rights sanctions framework styled after Magnitsky Act

Mike Lindell is ranting again at a pro-Trump rally in Madison, WI...

Bob Dylan sells entire song catalog to Universal Media Group

Virginia has officially banned no-knock warrants

Loeffler dodges questions about Trump's 2020 election claims (CNN)

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan won't run for reelection

'Thanks Kelly Loeffler, I think we got the message': Fux Noise mocks Georgia senator for repeating

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov on Trump effort to toss out ALL mail ballots (Interview w/ Brian Tyler Cohen)

I have changed my mind on gerrymandering

"I'm larger than you -- think I could take you?

Virginia Military Institute removing Confederate statue

David Rothkopf: Unveiling a tennis pavilion in the midst of a national humanitarian catastrophe...

Sheriff who suggested Whitmer kidnapping could be 'citizen's arrest' sues over election

Black Michigan lawmaker posts voicemails of lynching threats in wake of election hearing

Love this from Nancy Sinatra:

Georgia court rejects latest Trump lawsuit over faulty paperwork

GOP defy Gov. Evers by putting Christmas tree up in capital

Threat of fracking looms large over Okavango Delta and other conservation areas

Michigan hospitals say three week order is working in open letter

Michigan hospitals say three week order is working in open letter

"I want to see Kelly Loeffler pass ten CAPTCHA challenges"

Disgraced State Rep David Byrd hospitalized for covid pneumonia

Empowering Single Word Profile Prints of Extraordinary Women From History, Film, and Fiction

We can choose to indict Agent Orange, or face him again in 4 years.

Secretary of State Pompeo spent more than $40,000 in taxpayer money on a series of "Madison Dinners"

Missed this from November: Tom Petty's family 'touched' by Joe Biden playing 'I Won't Back Down'

(from Instagram) Congress is about to bar unidentified federal agents from policing protests.

Our dental office is receiving

Office of Special Counsel finds WH trade advisor Peter Narvarro violated the federal Hatch Act...

Lawyers across the country urge bar associations to investigate Trump's legal team

Here's a fascinating analysis of Q-Anon and conspiracy theories in general,

'Every Day Was Like a Veep Episode': The Veepiest Moments of the Trump Era

My neighbor's J fell down but this way is better. #2020


Former Alabama senator dies of Covid, in his last words warns, 'We messed up'

Just in: Trump is petitioning the Michigan Supreme Court to take up his election challenge

Sidney Powell & Co. are trying to introduce testimony of an anonymous "expert" in AZ Kraken case

It's worth noting

Anti-maskers likely kill more Agent Orange supporters/MAGATS than any other cause..

Seen this on Twitter about Kentucky election results

Supreme Court rejects appeal over Oregon school district's restroom policy for transgender students

Alexandria Gets Perfect Score On 2020 Municipal Equality Index

Human Rights Campaign's Municipal Equality Index (MEI) 2020: See Your City's Score

Jenny Durkan announces she won't seek a second term as Seattle mayor

'Guarding' my chimney!

Las Vegas Bushman Prank #603

MAGAt 'pastor' calls for Democrats and journalists to be executed

Super Spreader Rudy causing quarantines in Michigan as well as Arizona.

Cartoons 12/7/2020

Turkey vulture? over my chimney!

Mukilteo ferry terminal to open Dec. 29

Peter Navarro referred for disciplinary action for Hatch Act violations

Admit it; you'd like to see Jack McCoy grill Trump

Ok! Rudy G. isn't running a fever according to Trump?

Pete Buttigieg Vetted For Cabinet Posts ... Commerce, HUD, EPA on the Table

Why actual writers scream out loud...

York County parents protest online classes by refusing to turn in aid forms

Madame Tussaud's London has already redressed its effigy of POTUS in retirement golf clothes

London Wax Museum has redressed Trump in Retirement cloths.........

This day next week, Georgians decidie the fate of the world.


'The Good Lord's in control': Hundreds attend N.C. town's Christmas parade despite COVID warning

1500+ lawyers call for bar associations to condemn Trump campaign lawyers and to investigate...

Navy Training in State Parks

Michigan Secretary Of State Says Armed Protesters Descended On Her Home Saturday

Lawmakers say COVID-19 relief bill won't offer $1,200 checks

Thomas Pursell's Escape Burial Hatch

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #9 in D Minor, Op. 125 "Choral": III.

Trump already has a new job as @Rudy's spokesperson..........

Ivanka tweeted photo of trump superimposed on Mt. Rushmore

The End Is Near! Safe Harbor Day Spells Doom For Trump

Georgia runoff Contribution summary by recipient so far

Is the picture that is still on the MSNBC home page real?

538 Latest Polls Of The Georgia Senate Runoffs

Disloyal: A Memoir By Michael Cohen Full Audiobook

California faces strict new coronavirus lockdowns; some sheriffs push back

Former Alabama senator Larry Dixon dies of Covid, and in his last words warns, 'We messed up'

Ultra-conservative Thomas More Society behind blitz of trump's fraudulent lawsuits

ABC Host Slaps Down GOP Senator's Fraud Claim: 'Why Can't You Accept The Results?'

Leading Covid-19 vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna decline invitations to White House 'Vaccine Summi

As virus spreads, Kansas hospital runs out of staff

Princess Sparkle Pony Shares her dad's Mt Rushmore Image. You can guess the rest

Steve Blank, member of Pentagon advisory board, resigns in protest of recent purge

Elliot Richardson resigned when ordered to fire the Watergate special prosecutor.

If I don't support losing pristine desert to solar farms am I anti environment?

Trump/Pence sue Biden/Harris to set aside the vote in two counties in Wisconsin

Excellent Idea LOL

Jenna Ellis, "I am trying to overturn the election for Jesus!"

Breakdancing to become an Olympic sport

Radio equipment was stolen from an Il-80 aircraft in Rostov region. It is an air command post design

I now support essentially forming a coalition with reputable center right Republicans

Good primer and updates on COVID-19 vaccine development and JAMA links.

Trump mulling extravagant White House exit to upstage Biden inauguration

Asked if Trump should concede once electors vote on Dec. 14, Jim Jordan said: "No. No way, no way.."

Dick Allen has died

Wife of former AL state Sen. Larry Dixon (who died of Covid): 'We Messed Up'

House conservatives urge Trump not to concede and press for floor fight over election loss

If the Gore campaign had fought this hard in 2000 ...

Is there a ce-ment pond next to the tennis pavilion??

Coronavirus Vaccine Update With Paul Offit - JAMA video

Moscow Mitch doesn't care how many Americans die and descend into financial ruin

12/10 Update: Extremely disturbing news regarding GA senate runoff absentee ballots

"I'm getting my act together and taking it on the road..."

Justice on Jan 20, 2021??? Who should President Biden pardon on day 1??

These are the extended 'open' and 'not open' restrictions in Michigan

Monday, December 7 is 'National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day'

The Glassy State of Matter.

Pfizer and Moderna snub Trump for proposed vaccine summit.

"I'm gonna give them an insurance policy courtesy of Glock on their forehead".

Fraudulent Votes by Heather Gardner (Queen 'Somebody to Love' Parody)

When you Google "Alex Trebek" -- this is what you see. Well done, Google. 🙌

New hospital metrics could mean the end of NYC indoor dining soon, Cuomo says

'Restaurants are hanging on by a thread': Owners worry if COVID restrictions extend

Biden plans to name his Attorney General this week and his Secretary of Defense nominee on Friday.

MSNBC to Name Rashida Jones President of MSNBC

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 7, 2020

Trump administration officials passed when Pfizer offered in late summer to sell the U.S. more doses

BREAKING: Biden will announce AG and SecDef this week

Staffers Say Trump Is Moody And Depressed

Вороватые дворняги ублюдки

Ted Cruz says he's ready to present oral argument to SCOTUS for PA case

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 8 December 2020

How Listening To Music Can Have Psychological Benefits

Insane Giuliani Witness' Criminal History REVEALED

🚨NEW: Trump electors have filed a new lawsuit seeking to decertify the 2020 general election in PA

Trump administration officials passed when Pfizer offered in late summer to sell the U.S. more vacci

Trump adviser Kudlow praises Yellen Treasury nomination by Biden

GOP has more in common with authoritarian regimes than traditional conservatives

Vilsack emerges as Biden's top choice for USDA

Former head of Israeli space security program says aliens exist and Trump knows.

MSNBC announces new head, Phil Griffin is out

California exits give Newsom rare chance to pick 3 high-profile leaders

Anne Arundel County #COVID19 Testing Schedule This Week

"Ready to Serve" from the WI Restaurant Association

Reunited and it feels so good: Dog, owner reunited after three years apart

Lincoln Project ranked among top 2020 advertisers

CREW obtains receipts for Pompeo's notorious "Madison Dinners"

Lazy or Incompetent? Why didn't Trump stop the steal?

The Trump campaign legal efforts may be coming to an end, sources say

6 weeks and then........?

Pompeo to speak in Georgia as Senate run-offs loom

Perdue slams Ossoff's debate performance

'Fauci Effect' Drives Record Number Of Medical School Applications

🚨NEW: Declaring "this election is still not over" Trump files a motion in Michigan Supreme Court

So this morning, as I was pouring some radical liberal almond milk onto my radical liberal Cheerios

"The War on Christmas going exactly as planned"

So then will Speaker Pelosi be censuring the ReTHUG conservative House Members who have

As His Term Ends, Trump Faces More Questions on Payments to His Hotel

Question about the military

If you get a notice that your Georgia registration has been challenged, contact me immediately:

The Federalist goes full anti-vaxx

OMG: This was DeSantis. He sent the gestapo.

Rashida Jones To Succeed Phil Griffin As MSNBC President

DeSantis will be on a White House panel on vaccine distribution tomorrow.

Judge Sullivan just granted a bunch of requests to file amicus briefs in Flynn case.

Kelly Loeffler is Republican AI

Old Hollywood Dance Classics, Mashup: Wonderful Tribute

"Amtrak Joe's" inaugural arrival

I guess Blue Lives Matter unless they are trying to enforce Covid restrictions

Colombia seeking presidential powers to meddle with elections

Happy hollidaze!! DU

The EU now has its own Magnitsky Act !!!

Yahoo News (I know. Refrain from posting about tЯump the dump.)

Shots That Killed Emilly and Rebeca in Rio de Janeiro Came from Military Policy, Says Grandmother

What happens if someone refuses to leave office? What if they literally lock themselves in there?

2403 at Pearl Harbor - 2977 on 9/11

SCOOP: Joe Biden has selected Retired Gen. Lloyd Austin to serve as secretary of defense

In Honor of Robotic Kelly Loeffler's Performance

As 'safe harbor' day arrives, reality sets in for Trump supporters

Police confiscate fired data scientist Rebekah Jones' computer after DoH complaint

House lawmakers say they will cut holiday short to override possible Trump veto of defense bill

The cost of child care was already astronomical. In the pandemic, it's 'terrifying.'

🚨 BREAKING: 18,000 new Youth Georgians registered for the January 5 runoff elections!

Love ya, Ari, but please don't allow people like Posner on the show again.

Oh, Snap!

Gov. Beshear: Additional December Vaccine Shipments Expected

Trump lost the election -- but his legacy of coronavirus denialism is here to stay

IACHR Meets With Peruvian Victims of Forced Sterilizations

Gotta ask this here of the smart people here. (this is for AFTER Jan. 20th.)

Fans loved NBC election guru Steve Kornacki breaking down the NFL playoff on 'Sunday Night Football'

Chile's Pinera administration's approval ratings continue to fall