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Archives: January 21, 2020

Bernie Sanders on voting in an interview with Dave Weigel of the Washington Post:

Baby's first ice cream

Jazz composer and saxophone player Jimmy Heath dies at 93

IA Newspaper, QC Times, Editorial: Klobuchar is the one

2020 US Senate Election- Incoming US Senators.

Bernie (2019): Non-Racists May Still Feel Uncomfortable About Voting for an African American

I swear they can't even protest gun violence right in Florida

Bernie Sanders' (2019) MLK comments anger Barack Obama supporters

Grammar, people. Also, tell the truth

AG Barr Served with Demand to Recuse Himself from Lev Parnas Investigation

You raised $298.20 on January 19, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Where was your candidate in 1963?

The White House doubles down on its dumbest impeachment defense

The Trump team is just making things up and hoping someone will believe them

As deficits soar, Trump asks, 'Who the hell cares about the budget?'

CNN has become a lot more positive towards Biden

The DU has now raised OVER $80,000 to defeat Trump this November ActBlue POTUS donation links

I've been kicking around the idea of starting up a Trump-era support group.

READ: McConnell lays out terms for Senate impeachment trial

The rabbi who spoke out for civil rights in America

Trump's lawyers, Senate GOP allies work privately to ensure Bolton does not testify publicl

Dionna Langford Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Dionna Langford Endorses Bernie Sanders for President


The Democrats want Bolton to testify, but how do they know he'll be an asset vs. helping Trump?

New: Bill Browder - Russian espionage operation possibly targeting him foiled by Swiss security

Democrats attacking democrats

On day before impeachment trial, Sanders Campaign says Biden has a 'corruption problem'.

NYT: Amy Klobuchar: Who she is and what she stands for

WaPo: President Trump made 16,241 false or misleading claims in his first three years

Kellyanne Conway: Martin Luther King would oppose impeaching Trump


Just changed my Democratic Primary preference to Elizabeth Warren

Teacher explains why she knelt during national anthem on same football field as Trump

Imagine being so afraid of kids that don't want to be shot that you have to dress up like G.I. Joe

What Moscow Mitch MOST Fears

"This is not his impeachment trial. It's his removal trial."

Chicago to DC Studs Terkel's 1963 train Ride to MLK Speech Interviews:

Dems need to sue McConnell

Trump's Impeachment Brief Is a Howl of Rage

If Bolton can't discuss what he knows because of national security, it can't go in his book

Congressional Members of tRump 's impeachment team are Reps Doug Collins, Mike Johnson,

I've never given Eminem a second thought. I am more into

Little Donny's 3rd year, really highlights the difference between 2017, 2018 and now.

Tweet from Joe Lockhart:

Trump on Trial: Its Reputation Tattered, Polarized Senate Faces a Steep Impeachment Test

When it comes to electability, remember, a woman won the most votes in the last presidential

Washington schools not required to track teacher vaccine records

Noam Chomsky Makes the Case for the Lesser of Two Evils

U.S. Constitution: 1788-2020?

Shared housing programs provide path out of homelessness

I saw this little guy walk today.

Frank Clark has made the Clowney trade look much more balanced

Fast-food chain Krystal files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Joe Biden's elevator moment may be as good as a New York Times endorsement (CNN)

Counterfeits hit home: Consumers are being foiled by fake water filters (Thanks Amazon)

Doug Collins, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, and More Joining Trump Defense Team

America's last slave ship stole them from home. It couldn't steal their identities.

Meet the Trump Defense Team ALL STARS! Jordan! Collins! Lesko! Meadows! Ratcliffe! Stefanik! Zeldin!

The American Scion Who Secured British Neutrality in the U.S. Civil War

Donald Trump, a Racist, Sends Awful Tweet About MLK Jr. Day

Jesus, how far is this going to go?

Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Regiment

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Friday 1/17/2020!

In Iowa, It's Joe Biden's Race to Lose (Mother Jones)

Joe Biden tells The State he is the best 2020 candidate to help down ballot SC races

Closed vs. Open Primaries. Hear me out, please

The Forwards... Ever Forwards Never Backwards

Sanders surrogate AOC claims the Democratic Party "is a center or center-conservative party"

MLK Jr.'s son reacts to President Trump's tweet

Trump Russia Adviser ESCORTED OUT as Security Risk

Republican National Committee to host its winter meeting at Trump National Doral Miami

CO-SEN: Sen. Cory Gardner's Reelection Campaign Refunds $33,000 In Donations

Authors of "Very Stable Genius' in being interviewed by Maddow right now.

We gotta witness...

Connecticut Republican admits to operating Facebook pages defending him while claiming to be run by

Rep. Pramila Jayapal Endorses Bernie at Des Moines Rally

Rep. Pramila Jayapal Endorses Bernie at Des Moines Rally

Vatican orders sex abuse investigation of Brooklyn bishop

How many ways the Democrats could regain control of the US Senate in 2020?

Trump Ignores Senators And Adds Jim Jordan To Impeachment Defense

Trump Allies Work to Prevent Bolton's Testimony

Tucker Carlson Delivers GOP a Warning: Bernie Sanders Could Win 'Many Thousands' of Trump Voters

Swim Until You Cant See Land

CNN is now doing a GREAT profile of Adam Schiff. Well worth watching when online later.

This beats all.

Can the Resident be impeached

The Davos Plutocrats Warm Up to Trump - "We Are All Adjusting to His Abnormal Behavior"

John Roberts' Stamina

Seth ABramson recommends a hail mary now


Sanders apologizes to Biden for surrogate's op-ed alleging he has a "big corruption problem"

If Berine Sanders gets the nomination (Larry David)

My little бабушка doggie (Babushka doggie)

Mr Robot: Mar-a-Lago

Please Please Please tell me evidence will be presented

The impeachment trial

Abraham, Martin and John.

Rest Up Everyone Tomorrow Is the Day

This Bernie Ad is Perfect (Warning Tissues may be Needed!):

AFTER HE IS ACQUITTED...Trump will have free reign to commit any criminal or unconstitutional act

UN Report: Half A Billion People Struggle To Find Adequate Paid Work

Wendell Potter. The second largest group of doctors in America has endorsed Medicare for All

New Paul Krugman column: Biden, Sanders, Social Security and Smears

Sorry, just trying to get the time line right for impeachment trial

Devin Nunes keeps Getting Caught In One Clumsy Lie After Another

Another reason why I will not subscribe to the NYT-there are some very condescending comments

House Democrats may call new impeachment witnesses if Senate doesn't

Ken Olin: I said I'd vote for Sanders in the primary, but if his campaign continues to impugn Biden

Commercial pilot charged after allegedly writing racist graffiti on bathroom wall

Peru: Many With Disability Left Off Voting Lists

Joe Biden on the hesitant "apology". Now when does Teachout apologize?

Donald Trump, A Very Stable Genius, Tries To Read The Constitution

It's not like I'm obsessed with fashion.

Weni widi weekee - was kai-ser a weenie?!1 (See 8:54 mark)

Stop wasting our time, McConnell

Michael Avenatti is now in the same federal lockup in NYC where Epstein was

Former Defense Sec. William Cohen on partisanship and impeachment evidence -PBS NewsHour

Immune Discovery 'May Treat All Cancer'

Sometimes we need to cry.

Former Sec'y of Defense Wm. Cohen on PBS Newshour:

Nothing More Clearly Demonstrates [Redacted]'s Utter Contempt for the US Senate

Ran across this gem and had to post for my MA Group fambly

Chris Wallace rips into Lindsey Graham over witnesses at Senate trial

Great Britain putting out a new coin!

Oil-Catching Sponge Could Be Solution for 100 Billion Barrels of Oil-Contaminated Wastewater Generat

The Daily Show: These People Failed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Frankly, I am terrified.

Seth Meyers - Trump Prepares for Impeachment Trial After Lev Parnas Bombshell: A Closer Look

Seth Meyers: Amber Ruffin Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day With a Song

Sanders, a critic of secret money in politics, won't call on group supporting him to disclose donors

Immune Discovery 'May Treat All Cancer': BBC News (h)

Legendary Comedian Paul Mooney on The Queen

Alaska man survives more than 20 days after cabin burns down

Getting to Know Andrew Yang The Daily Show

How Trump fused his business empire to the presidency

My impeachment trial pledge.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Mood Mix With Andrew Yang

PATRIOT 'Militia' Gun Rally Won't 'Comply' With Pledge Of Allegiance

Our economic system, a new antiseptic form of slavery.

McConnell releases impeachment trial rules, sparking new outcry from Democrats

People Urgently Fleeing Climate Crisis Cannot Be Sent Home, UN Rules

People Urgently Fleeing Climate Crisis Cannot Be Sent Home, UN Rules (e/e)

Do you really think the Senator who stole a SCOTUS seat is going to hold a fair trial for Trump?

NYT Joe Biden interview

Politifact scorecards for Biden, Sanders, Warren, and Klobuchar

Car Wars! Tesla VS Porsche, Lamborghini, & Jaguar

You know who and Rick Scott.

The lost neighborhood under New York's Central Park

Tesla Model 3 vs I-Pace vs e-tron vs ...SUPRA?! - Electric vs Petrol DRAG & ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST

Fox "News" I cannot figure out how viewers seriously consider Fox News a responsible news outlet.

President Donald Trump Picks Jeffrey Epstein Lawyers For Impeachment All In MSNBC

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Drexel University prof. arrested for using cancer research funds at strip clubs and bars

☦ Eastern Orthodox Hymn: 'Blessed Is the Man'

☦ Eastern Orthodox Hymns

☦ Eastern Orthodox Hymn for All of Creation 💗

Recipes from Maureen Abood/Some nice soup ones and lots others.

Elmo's Impeachment Song is that thing we all need...

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/20/20

2020 US Senate Election Rating

Stephen Colbert - Guest Tom Steyer: Corporations Are Not People

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian Hymns

US Senate seats Democrats need to win in 2020 to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

United Church of Christ wipes out medical debt for over 11K St. Louisans

Sanders apologizes to Biden for supporter's op-ed

commercial airline pilot writes "#MAGA" and anti- Hispanic, anti-black slurs at Florida airport

Andrew Yang on MSNBC Live w/ Stephanie Ruhle (Jan 15, 2020)

Andrew Yang on MSNBC Live w/ Stephanie Ruhle (Jan 15, 2020)

GOP state lawmaker wants to let cops detain anyone they think might commit a crime

Steyer keeps trying to talk to Bernie

So who is missing from the Con's propaganda team from the

The Con is speaking now

Breakfast Tuesday 21 2020

Highly competitive 2020 US Senate Races.

Planned Parenthood endorses challenger to Sen. Susan Collins

John Roberts Has More Power Than Mitch McConnell Would Like You to Think. But Will He Use It?

They think it is all good because right now they are not coming after them...idiots

Russian state-propaganda really, really doesn't want to talk about Trump's legal team.

Mayfly Numbers Down 50% In Midwest Since 2012; W. Lake Erie Species Down 84% 2015-19

Poor BHP! Bushfire Smoke Is So Bad It's Slowing Their Australian Coal Production

Greta Thunberg: 'Nothing has been done' to tackle the climate crisis

52 Years Ago Today; a Broken Arrow in Greenland

Iranian politician, we will pay 3 million to whoever kills Trump.

The Debate of President Donald J. Trump

Russian police use spy camera to film opposition activist in her bedroom

Looks like the #MAGits are going to Kavanaugh the Senate trial

Adam Schiff and Democrats will continue to investigate after this trial is over.

..Has anyone given thought to moving to Canada..

TX, SC Want Their Slice Of $16 Billion In HUD Money For Rebuilding, But Never Mention Warming

My prediction.

Make no mistake...we're facing some contentious, divisive, fugly days ahead.

Paul Krugman: Biden, Sanders, Social Security and Smears

'Go back to Iowa,' Brooklyn leader tells recent New York transplants in controversial speech

My internet went down for 12 hours. Can someone catch me up on today's Impeachment schedule?

MAGA stops, TV and the pope: How Pence plans to sidestep impeachment

BWAHAHA! Parnas' attorney posts video of Mike "I Don't Know The Guy" Pence...with Parnas.

Biden receives endorsement of local labor leader....😎🎨🦩🍦

This is a kitchen-related question

How do you keep yourself from getting in the dumps these days?

▶️ Hear the Bern: Episode 41 - Bernie and the Troops (w/ Kyle Bibby & Hector Barajas)

A letter from Dubuque

Yeah! Audible just downloaded "A Very Stable Genius" to my iphone... Anyone else have it?

Moveover 'Moscow Mitch'... Carl Bernstein has now proclaimed him 'MIDNIGHT MITCH"

I think it's time to shut down the senate switchboard...

Faux News Breaking: Migrant caravans are heading to the US... right on cue.

2020 US Senate Election is going to be like the 2000 US Senate Election.

Hillary Clinton's candid review of Bernie Sanders...


Princess Ivanka makes her grand entrance at Davos.

Historian DUers: Is the rise and fall of Rome worth studying?

We constantly have them on our minds' , little-known agency searches all over for the remains of MIA

Happy National New England Clam Chowder Day!

Trump got one applause line at Davos this morning

Who has been seen with more high profile GOP figures in recent years?

Impeachment Trial Thoughts

AOC: "We don't have a left party in US - The Democratic Party is not a left party"

Photos From the Pro-gun Rally in Virginia

Sacramento Bee: "Nunes has "betrayed truth, betrayed the trust of voters &, quite possibly, betrayed

Laurence Tribe: "Blame #MidnightMitch, NOT Roberts for insane schedule"

New (Jan 15-19) NH poll: Sanders 16%, Biden 15%, Buttigiegd 12%, Warren 10%, undecided 24%

Vatican's Legion of Christ at Center of Scandal

Davos Man 2020

I put out some dry cat food for a stray that hangs around in the winter.

No TOON post today

Michael Moore Thinks There's a Chance the Senate Could Convict Trump 1/21/2020

"Nowhere Boy." Excellent biopic about the young John Lennon

Future Forward: Thai opposition party cleared over Illuminati claims

The Rundown: January 20, 2020

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 01/15/19

Former Wharton professor weighs in on Trump's high IQ claim

Ghosts of Comics' Past: 20, 30, 80, 110, and 980 years ago

The policy of containment:

Myanmar panel: Security forces likely committed war crimes

The Teens were an awesome decade for sports in the S.F. Bay Area

McConnell's rules for the impeachment trial are a cover-up wrapped in obstruction

TPM: No Begging or Pleading - It's Senate Republicans Who Are On Trial

Swiss police suspect Davos plumbers of being Russian spies

Lies rot the soul. It is inevitable.

Will not watch MSNBC with Chuck Todd as the lead.

Row over white models in 'cornrow wigs' at Paris fashion week

Dershowitz's abuse of power argument is absurd.

We are being ruled by Criminals.

Trump decries climate 'prophets of doom' as he hails 1tn trees plan

Sen Mallory McMorrow plans to file sexual harassment charge against Sen. Peter Lucido

Cenk Uygar just called the article Sanders apologized for the best ever written on politics - UPDATE

Rachel Maddow Warns That McConnell's Rules Allow Him To Cherry-Pick Evidence

Ozzy Osbourne diagnosed with Parkinson's disease

Trump TIRADE: Calls Generals "Dopes & Babies"

Trump Russia Adviser ESCORTED OUT as Security Risk

Nadler drops the hammer on Dershowitz: 'I thought he was ignorant -- now I know he's lying'

McConnell doesn't trust the American people with facts of case against Trump.

Disney Removes 'Fox' Stink From 20th Century Fox Purchase

JAN 24 at 8PM - University of Iowa Rally w/ Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Phillip Agnew

JAN 25 at 9AM - Cedar Rapids Canvass Launch with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Fred Guttenberg on Sanders' apology to Biden

🐦 JAN 25 at 8PM - Ames Iowa Rally with Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez

Dershowitz Defense: If he's unfit, you must acquit!

The humanitarian and environmental disaster of Trump's border wall

If the shoe were on the others foot...?

Iowa Caucus Weather forecast...

Meanwhile, at Fox...

Waning Crescent Moon at Dawn

As virus spreads, anxiety rises in China and overseas

Paul Krugman on Sanders' apology to Biden

Indiana Jones and the Passage through Central Park:

House Managers Say Trump Lawyer Is a Witness

'I owe the American people an apology':

Sacramento Bee Slams Devin Nunes In Scathing Editorial

Which of the remaining candidates would do the best job of uniting the party and nation?

Trump is not going to make the mistake we made in 2016

Katy Tur Confronts Sanders Press Sec on Campaign Swipe at Biden: Do You Think He Is Corrupt?

Former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz Named Political Co-Chair for Mike Bloomberg Campaign

On impeachment day 1 - A peach of a President

If Obama also speaks out against Sanders does he have a chance?

"We'll give you a fair trial, followed by a first-class hanging!"

Warren reveals more endorsements from former Castro, O'Rourke supporters

Connie Schultz: I snapped this photo of @SenSherrodBrown in the wee hours of December 24, 2009...

Tesla Stock Is Up Sharply After Car Maker Slams 'Completely False' Claims in Recall Petition

Senator Bernie Sanders is proud of his status as an Independent Senator

Biden, Sanders, Social Security and Smears

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Formal Statement On Senate Leader McConnell's Cover-up Resolution

Not original, but appropriate: "THE WHOLE WORLD'S WATCHING!" nt

Chris Matthews can kiss my Royal Irish Ass

Cutting books in half? 🧠🤯✂️📚🧠🤯

Giuliani says he was 'misled' by Parnas

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Zephyr Teachout?

Following brief lull, forecasters say another winter storm looms for central, eastern US

Sanders leads, Biden gains in New Hampshire

Actor Michael Douglas endorses Bloomberg for president

I work as a contractor for the DoD

Warren wants task force to investigate Trump administration

Televangelist brings "prophets" together for his scam show...

Write your two senators today asking them not to be part of the coverup.

I have the Democratic Primaries Forum on Full Trash, so why do some threads show up on the home pg?

Swiss uncovered suspected Davos spy plot by Russian 'plumbers':

Monmouth Poll: 80% of voters think some Trump administration officials should testify

Has anyone else noticed this: 57% think Trump abused his power, 58% believe he

I find it endlessly amusing that the "Militias" that show up at 2nd Amendment rallies

Schumer to subpoena docs blocked by WH-addl amendments on more docs & new witnesses (Updated)

DUers watching the Schumer et al press conference

DNC member and Iowa labor leader Sandy Opstvedt endorses Joe Biden for president.

Do people still have bridge parties? Am reading Georgette Heyer's post WWII mystery Duplicate Death

NEWS: Due to impeachment proceedings in the senate, @BernieSanders will not travel to Iowa tomorrow.

This morning I turned on MSNBC and after 3 minutes of Chris Mathews I was SCREAMING at the TV.

E. B. White, on Yankees:

Dershowitz can be either a lawyer or an expert witness, but not both

Breaking: Brazil Federal prosecutors charge American journalist Glenn Greenwald with cybercrimes

Schiff Says No Vindication Will Come from Rigged Trial

No Begging Or Pleading -- It's Senate Republicans Who Are On Trial

Ex (Tea party darling) Senator Jeff Flake's advice to Republicans ahead of impeachment trial

I heard several sirens this morning, just found out why. Suspicious package found not far from here.

Pic Of The Moment: Today's Big Number

Supreme Court Will Not Rule Quickly on Obamacare Appeal

I don't know how any adult human being can be told what to think by any other

CALL THE SENATE (202) 224-3121

THAT DON! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

In DC this afternoon? Check out the Jumbotron truck near Union Station (Live feed)

Full article on Hillary Clinton documentary from Hollywood Reporter here:

As if I needed another reason to despise Conner McGregor

Democrats are right to challenge McConnell's rules up front.

Trump's Trial Memorandum. Issued on: January 20, 2020

Your daily laugh: "It's a great people repellent." Larry David

Trump's Remarks to the World Economic Forum. Issued on: January 26, 2018

Cats and Sea Meats, from twitter

Are 1099 have to be deliverd via snail mail?

Ozzy Osbourne reveals Parkinson's diagnosis

Stormageddon in Newfoundland results in epic front door archway

Stormageddon in Newfoundland results in epic front door archway

Couldn't Pelosi delay the SOTU (graciously!) to give Mitch more time for trial?

🇦🇺Messages for Morrison:👨🏻‍🚒👩🏼‍🚒

AP FACT CHECK: Trump spreads distortions at Davos

On Purity and the Democratic Primary Race

#MidnightMitch, you fucked up the clock. You're working on #MoscowMitch time.

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne announces Parkinson's diagnosis

Netanyahu calls for sanctions over ICC war crimes investigation

Unfollowing a lot of Sanders supporters on Twitter

And so it begins - MoscowMitch up now

Iran admits it fired two missiles at Ukrainian passenger jet

What does McLipless have in his mouth?

This is a frightening sign of decay in our institution-a fedl judge's order is ignored.

I want to thank Bernie Sanders

Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained - sources

Trump pushes his party to normalize corruption

That darned KITTEH !!! !!! !!!

Moscow Mitch is just making a speach on the senate floor.... it isn't part of the official heaaring

The Mitch McConnell Impeachment Theme Song-

I called Scott and Rubio's DC offices today.

Alan Turing's doctorate, knighthood medal have been found

Edwin Starr was born on this date.

Senators allowed to drink ONLY water or milk on Senate floor during impeachment

Here ya go, Mitch.

Richie Havens was born on this date.

"The McConnell Rule has neither precedence or principle." --Shumer just now. n/t


Iranian attending college in Boston is denied entry to US

Iranian attending college in Boston is denied entry to US

McConnell's fake move to compare Clinton impeachment to Trump impeachment.

I turned down DU jury duty for the first time. I've done jury duty at least 100 times before but...

I swear to Jebus Batman was behind me in traffic today

How Dare You - a powerful version

Frank wanted to be a good truck driver, but he's finding out that there's no shortcut to success.

We need a TRIAL WATCH LIVE Thread from experienced thread monitors. PLEASE?

Remember the lessons of 2000...

Trump announces the US will join 1 trillion tree initiative

Tamak. The river Tamak. In winter. (nt)

Which Senator got a late swear in? Thx

Hope the senators did not partake of coffee

Bodyguard cat flips:


Trump confirms plans to expand travel ban

Kindly pretend that you are a mouse.

CNN Breaking: CDC expected to announce 1st US case of Wuhan Coronavirus this pm

David Pakman live reaction/commentary impeachment.

First US case of Wuhan coronavirus confirmed by CDC

I seldom use Windows, but I need to backup Mom's Win7 HD. What's the best (free) way ?

Bernie Sanders said 'on a good day, my wife likes me' in response to Hillary Clinton's statement

Mike Bloomberg campaign ad: "Impeachment"

Argentina's new president to arrive in Israel as his first foreign visit

So, the POTUS who consistently shoots first and then aims is being tried by a partisan

NEW - Changes to the McConnell resolution: 3 days, not 2, will now admit House record into evidence

A positive omen?--my large poinsettia was dying, brought back to life with careful watering

Op-Ed: California's forgotten slave history

Whatever you may think of Glenn Greenwald, no journalist should be subjected to persecution

On this day, January 21, 1950, George Orwell died.

Penguin couple enjoy a romantic stroll on the beach (Twitter video)

BLS Report: Job openings fall to 6.8 million in November; hires and separations little changed

Why Trump Caved on China by Fareed Zakaria

Criminals! Cowards! Traitors! Nazis! Cover up animals! Meet the new GOP!

Argentina's new president to arrive in Israel as his first foreign visit

Momma shrew and her babies form a conga line (Twitter video)

Today in History

U.S. Firefighters Arrive in Australia to A Heroes' Welcome

Why were concessions announced AFTER the trial began?

Washington Post: The U.S. is pushing Latin American allies to send their Cuban doctors packing

The milk rule started in 1966 and has stuck.

ONLY FROM K-TEL. For the first time all of their greatest hits on one album!

''Here's to the crazy ones.''

Bloomberg's massive ad campaign hikes TV prices for other candidates

Adam Schiff Is Doing Quite A Job

Jeff Greenfield: With Biden, Will Democrats Be Both Safe and Sorry?

Alert for those calling Mitch McConnell but NOT Kentucky residents:

Bernie Sanders' People-Powered Campaign Is on Fire

I look forward to Sekolow being dumped into prison or total poverty.

Trigger-warning. (I'm serious.)

OK, I swore I would listen

My father just got a scam call from Yale Vision

Sanders campaign relieved to have dodged Clinton endorsement

Who Will Win The 2020 Democratic Nomination? Spoiler, the answer is Biden. 538 in depth look at who

Dog Is So Excited To Leave Her Kennel After 500 Days In Shelter

VA Senate votes 22-18 to scrap Lee-Jackson day & make Election Day a state holiday.

Media Stupidity Is Uniting Left and Right

Orphan Baby Goat and His Human Friend are Inseparable


Rachel: Mitch said he had votes to pass last night's resolution. Clearly, he didn't

Reaching Out to the Jewish Community

Hey wait, Ted Cruz is tweeting?

Reaching Out to the Jewish Community

A small Idaho town isn't so small now as West Coast transplants move to the area.

Mr. Sekulow's primary talent seems to be lying to construct strawmen which he then knocks

In 2020, Double Standards Are Still Dogging Elizabeth Warren--and All the Women Candidates

They are singing his song, note for note.

Even AFTER the "apology" of last night, Gray is still going on about this:

There's Nothing 'Radical' About Bernie's Agenda

Former Digitial Director for Kamala Harris goes after Klobuchar

There's Nothing 'Radical' About Bernie's Agenda

Best tweet so far today......brilliant

IMHO, due to the lies they are telling and the bad faith arguments they are spewing, both

It should be criminal for attorneys to lie in the Senate Chamber.

What is the theory behind the yelling republicans? I had to turn Sekulow off.

State Sen. Kevin Cavanaugh endorses Elizabeth Warren for president

Why is Cippoline defending POTUS against removal?

One day after the big gun rally, House Democrats wipe out GOP firearm bills

It could be different without the "Bernie or Bust" legacy.

Thank you Adam Schiff thread


NH Primary Source: 49 NH small business owners endorse Bernie Sanders for president

Here to remind you that Jay Sekulow is a grifter of the highest order

L.A. Times interview with Pete Buttigieg

Multi million $$$ unelected lawyers in the Senate

Pet peeve, people who send xmas cards of their family brand, but no writing

NH Primary Source: 49 NH small business owners endorse Bernie Sanders for president

Argentina's government sending bill to Congress to solve debt crisis

Argentina's government sending bill to Congress to solve debt crisis

Kudos to Virginia!

so, if we overturn the 2016 election

McConnell Got Caught Bluffing

At least 8 senators had Apple Watches on

Krugman's tweet on disliking Sanders.

David Corn: With Trump's Impeachment, American Democracy Is on Trial

Oops, MSNBC on cable just had transmission glitch -

Senate Democrats win 2 key changes to Trump impeachment trial rules

I wonder what Andrew Yang is referring to here.

Schiff Killed It....

Nicole Wallace Is Doing A Good Job

A father tackled a high school wrestler who slammed his son on the mat, police say

Tweet of the moment: The Delta House defense

71% of Republicans Want Mitch McConnell to Call Witnesses at Trump Impeachment Trial, New Poll Shows


Maddow: GOP say they don't want to see any more evidence-BUT-public's going to get more every day

Joseph Bondy: Pence knew the guy.

Hundreds rally in Olympia to end mass incarceration

Schiff on John Bolton: "Do you want to hear from someone who was in the meetings?

Are there any nationwide pro-conviction rallies this weekend? We need to take to the streets.

Greta Thunberg calls for climate action in Davos, as Trump lashes out at 'prophets of doom'

Let's make them feel the 69-71% of Americans who wish to see witnesses. Contact info.:

Trump Fumigated Mar-a-Lago After HIV+ Roy Cohn Visited, Book Claims

Tom Steyer likes Bernie Sanders

Michigan lawmaker says senator harassed her at orientation

Trump and his Republican cronies have made three big mistakes

One thing I never understand - When the Reps say this is a "Political Witchhunt"

John Brennan:"33 years in public service, never heard a government lawyer so misrepresent the facts"

Colman Dock returns to regular ferry schedule after two weeks of delays

Army officer says she was raped, but court ruling blocks her from justice

Bloomberg Shifts Ads to Focus on Impeachment

Trump Just Called Climate Scientists 'Foolish Fortune Tellers'

Kids without vaccines still going to class in Pierce County despite law tightening exemptions

Ms. Lofgren is using her opening statement to introduce evidence--brilliant

Papyrus Closing All Stores, Including at Pentagon City Mall

You raised $855.60 on January 20, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

I'm Gonna Say It.....

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos's phone 'hacked by Saudi crown prince'

Beto Goes off on Moscow Mitch As He Gets Out the Early Vote For Eliz Markowitz in Texas

'Act as if You Loved Your Children Above All Else': Greta Thunberg...

OK, I tried calling the Senate 5 times today but could not get through

How dare you violate the sanctity of the constitution?!

I thought I'd heard most all kinds of discrimination, until today. This is a new on to me for sure!

My submission for tweet of the day:

Amtrak reverses course, won't charge wheelchair users $25,000 to reconfigure train car

Reward offered after illegal digging at North Cascades archaeological site

CSPAN Caller: "I just want to say impeach the fucker. Have a great day!"

Bill Clinton, Activists, and Others Honored at King Day Celebration

I can't listen to the Republicans.

Hmm Wonder if Adam Schiff was giving Justice Roberts some backing?

Religion and school choice at heart of new Supreme Court battle

Netanyahu and Likud Abruptly Part Ways With Former Trump Campaign Advisers

Will Sommer was at the rally.

AG Ferguson goes after 'ghost guns'; gun laws debated in Olympia

Ari Melber: The number is bigger than 4 (GOP Senators to break with McConnell on impeachment trial)

Bernie Sanders Responds to Hillary Clinton Claiming 'Nobody Likes Him': 'On a Good Day, My Wife

"Safe to say this isn't typical!" :)

Stocks close lower on news of deadly virus spreading to US

WP: GOP working on Plan B ..classifying Bolton testimony??

Boeing has reached out to retirees to maintain the 737 Max

"The Senate shall have the sole power to 'try' all impeachments."

I voted for Eliz and saw Beto at the polllng place

Graham on Twitter during trial. Posted at 3:06 PM.

Rick Wilson strikes again (epic rant to GOP Senators about impeachment trial)


Opinion: Democrats looked ready to unify. And then Hillary Clinton had to go and raise her hand

Editorial: Allow state's adults to grow their own marijuana

I checked to see what Gaetz has to say...he's actually bad-mouthing both Dems AND Rs

Description of Body language of the GOP Senators

'Trump being Trump' isn't a rationale; it's an indictment

Register editorial board to announce caucus endorsement at 6 p.m. Saturday

After a three year hiatus, I'll be back working in a fire lookout this summer ..

Virginia Senate votes to eliminate Lee-Jackson Day, create new Election Day holiday

But how will he pay for it? Andrew Yang's Freedom Dividend

Man finds a mouse in his room but due to his poor English, he comes up with an alternative...

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 22 January 2020

I'd love it if we got to see Trump's failed attempts reading the Constitution. His commenting

Dad, 4-year-old son shot in head after gun fires during 'play wrestling'

America's Radioactive Secret

A Fact-Free Sham Trial Perpetrated in the Dead of Night': McConnell's Trump Cover-Up in Senate Begin

CDC confirms first US case of Wuhan coronavirus in Washington state

AZ paper, Eastern Arizona Courier, regrets endorsing McSally:

Charles P. Pierce: I Don't Understand Why There Aren't Thousands of People Protesting the Senate T

Busy signal at Lamar Alexander's DC office...

50 Years Ago Today: Boeing 747 makes maiden commercial airline flight for Pan Am

Trump lawyers accidentally make case for impeachment

Warren campaign hires pair of top Castro aides

Cartoons 1/21/2020

GOP rejects effort to compel documents on delayed Ukraine aid

Honest question about Bernie Sanders

Brady Violation Issue

Bernie Sanders' People-Powered Campaign Is on Fire

TRUMP SCAM UNCOVERED! He's Charging THOUSANDS For Single Rooms in Exchange for White House Access!

just checking in. Where are you today? How are you feeling about your candidate?

Is it true that this is the first trial Roberts has presided over?

did anyone actually think the Republican senators would play ball?

Amazon's Jeff Bezos' phone hacked by Saudi crown prince

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 21, 2020

Trump Just Called Climate Scientists 'Foolish Fortune Tellers'

Kellyanne Conway Suggests Martin Luther King Jr. Would Have Traveled To Ukraine For Dirt On Biden

Fun fact: Senators who supported amendment represent 15 mil more people than those who opposed it

Collins Says She's 'Likely' to Support Calling Witnesses

Jeff Bezos's Phone Hacked by Saudi Crown Prince

Truth Sandwich, by George Lakoff:

Phone number song, your favorite?

Lioness Has Sweetest Reunion With Her Pride

Party line coverup. Senate rejects Schumer amendment to subpoena WH documents.

Trump to Expand Travel Ban List

It's time to march on DC.

Val Demings is presidential.

Why Women Trust Bernie

Why Women Trust Bernie

@forensicnewsnet has Deutsche Bank bombshells incoming.

Vietnam Vets exposed to Agent Orange can re-apply for benefits as of January 1, 2020

Isn't it about time for another quarterly meeting?

More U.S. troops leave Iraq for medical treatment after Iranian missile attack, Pentagon says

North Korea abandons nuclear freeze pledge, blames 'brutal' U.S. sanctions

The 7 Stages of Yang

Dayum. Nancy Pelosi made her choice.

The University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE)-CWA 9119 Has endorsed Sanders.

Lebanon forms government with backing of Hezbollah and allies

Lebanon forms government with backing of Hezbollah and allies

Ok it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway

Rescued Pit Bulls Save Owner's Life During Attempted Robbery

Vietnam Vets exposed to Agent Orange can re-apply for benefits as of January 1, 2020

Vietnam Vets exposed to Agent Orange can re-apply for benefits as of January 1, 2020

U.S. Supreme Court lets Flint, Michigan residents sue over water contamination

Adam Schiff is putting Jay Sekulow in a clown suit.

If Mitch McConnell ran the Super Bowl

Honda recalling 2.7 million North American vehicles for new air bag inflator defect

Bernie Sanders just won the endorsement of UPTE with 66% of the vote.

Who does McConnell work for?

Bernie Sanders just won the endorsement of UPTE with 66% of the vote.

Disappeared Venezuelan legislator being held in state detention: lawyer

Oh yuck! JimBakker is also 80yo this January! Days of celebration on videos at ministry webpage

Cipollone falsely claims Republicans were barred from impeachment depositions

Brazil dam collapse: Murder charges filed by prosecutors

Brazil dam collapse: Murder charges filed by prosecutors

There's Going To Be 16 Hours Of Questions.....

Hillary Clinton Won't Commit to Helping Bernie Sanders Win in 2020


Why Biden is the best candidate..With Biden we win. Here is why:

An update on the stray cat that adopted me

Wombats Are 'Accidental Heroes' For Sheltering Animals In Their Burrows During Bushfires

Doctors understand they cannot do their jobs healing the sick under our dysfunctional

2020 Baseball HOF selections

I've not heard of feed a cat fermented goat milk before

Jason Crow, is kicking ass and Taking some lame ass prisoners

2020 CO US Senate Election- Romanoff-D vs Gardner-R on each CO Congressional District.

Boeing halts shares trading after stock plunges by almost 6 percent

United Church of Christ wipes out medical debt for thousands. This is Obama's church

MSNBC: Claire McCaskill surprised that "Susan" voted against allowing documents

Tweet of the night: I wonder if there will be consequences?

Rep.Zoe Lofgren You Were Fantastic Too

Pence attends homophobic sermon streamed on White House YouTube channel


CBS' early exit shows decisions networks face on impeachment