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Biden's Justice Department Should Not Be Pursuing Trump's Political Vendetta

National Women's Law Center CEO On Awareness For Abortion Rights - Deadline - MSNBC

Ok, I couldn't resist, I bought Dylan tickets.

Critics point to Kyrsten Sinema post calling for corporations to 'pay their fair share' of taxes

So let me see if I got this right

Richard Watrous, Capitol Riot Suspect, Said He Followed TFG's Orders

A Secret State Department Report Says Microwaves Didn't Cause "Havana Syndrome"

OwlKitty in Iron Cat

The US government avoided a shutdown - but what happens next?

Could Democrats get more than 55 US Senate seats after 2022?

Two die in New Mexico after taking Ivermectin

Given the vast majority of Dems support the President's Build Back Better plan

Alito bristles over criticism of Supreme Court's 'shadow docket'

One more win and Matt beats that Holzhauer douche...

Marc Elias: A Dangerous Time in Our Country's History

Senate defeats GOP amendment to block Biden vaccine mandate

Dems Need to Follow Lead of 84-Year-Old Congressman and Call for Trump to Be Criminally Prosecuted

Jan 6th Subpoenas Will Show 'Pieces Of An Autocratic Movement' Coming Together - Deadline - MSNBC

Gosh, tomorrow is October 1rd already!!

Nearly a dozen states enacted laws this year that could subvert the results of future elections

Joe Manchin collects $500,000 a year from coal stocks dividends

Two Insurrectionists Sentenced; Prosecutors Promise "Consequences" for those who "Incite Riots"

Americans Not Eligible For Covid Booster Getting It Anyway, No Questions Asked In Pharm, Doc Offices

Americans Not Eligible For Covid Booster Getting It Anyway, No Questions Asked In Pharm, Doc Offices

Rep. Schiff on MSNBC: No One is Off Limits in the January 6 Investigation

Remember Max Baucus and Ben Nelson refusing to vote for the public option in 2009?

Manchin Admits Getting His Bill Passed and Then Tanking Progressive Package Was Always the Plan

Serial ATM Bomber Accidentally Blows Himself Up Making Video Tutorial, Authorities Say

I'm going to go out on a limb here...

Md. Gov. Hogan Encourages People To Get COVID Booster Shot, Despite Confusion

Approximation (from historical records) of the rations Thomas Jefferson allotted to each adult slave

'Eye-Popping Rip-Off': Americans Pay Nearly Double Rest of World Combined for Top Meds

Amazon settles with 2 former employees who alleged retaliation firings

Do you think Medicare negotiating drug prices could pass as a stand alone bill

This woman posted vids bragging about taking ivermectin and vowing she would never get "the fucking

Gonzlez, Harrell duke it out over their plans to address homelessness

McAuliffe Still Leads In Virginia

Vladimir Guerrero and Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Why House Democrats May Be More United Than They Seem

Don Junior: "If you've ever tended bar, you know this face all too well."

Why is Gov. Parson going to court to stop a records request for the number 407.1500?

September 30 -- in history; 'Yabba Dabba Doo!' 'The Flintstones' premieres on ABC

Don't worry hooman we got the mail for you!

Turn Rachel On RFN!

Bahamas and Cuba intercept hundreds of Haitians at sea who were headed for U.S.

Republicans' Debt Ceiling Brinkmanship Is Self-Incriminating

Infrastructure bill debacle proves Elizabeth Warren right: To get things done, first fix corruption


Manchin: One Mean Megalomaniac

Has anyone had a friend or family member w/ Double-Hit Diffuse Large B-Cell, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma?

16-year-old with toy gun killed by cop--horrifying story:

More Than Half of Police Killings Are Mislabeled, New Study Says

Two service members move to block Pentagon vaccine requirement in court

It's not about the one, but the many

DEBUT: 'The Flintstones' premiered 61 years ago, September 30, 1960, on ABC

Carved Pumpkins

Of Course Jared and Ivanka Think They're the Duke and Duchess of South Florida

"COVID restless anus syndrome" Google said it was a reading search so I looked it up

The Rude Pundit: Kyrsten Sinema Is Getting Off on This

'He's Wrong': Chris Hayes Debunks Joe Manchin's Case Against $3.5T Biden Plan - All In - MSNBC

Manchin speaks with activists from his houseboat

ExxonMobil makes first amended offer since lockout; threatens to remove benefits

ExxonMobil makes first amended offer since lockout; threatens to remove benefits

Trashcan alligator --how it ended up (2nd tweet):

I just killed an hour watching CSPAN

This song may be a bit opaque the 1st time through. Look, I love it, but that guarantees nothing

RapidRide bus service to expand in Seattle

Need help! Samsung S20 causing my router to crash (updated)

One for all and all for one:

SXSW joins fight against Texas abortion bills: 'We are appalled'

Did Red State Senator Lie In Biden Spending Clash? Clues In Leaked Memo - The Beat - MSNBC

2022 US House Election - member vs member Race. Who wins?

So, Manchin speaks to the plebes from high atop his

What's the difference between an airplane and the United States? 😳😡😆

Ladies & gentlemen, the Weekend:

8-Year-Old Asteroid Hunter From Brazil Is Officially The World's Youngest Astronomer

Gratitude thread for Nancy Pelosi

8-Year-Old Asteroid Hunter From Brazil Is Officially The World's Youngest Astronomer

What are the WORST LINES in movie history?

DEROS 50 Years Ago Today

Talented Singer slaps bass

Tiny squirrel really tries to grab the basketball that guy is dribbling!

America Is Very Blue In 2021 But The Senate Isn't - Kornacki Shows Why - The Beat - MSNBC

Secret State Department Report Suggests Likely Cause of Havana Syndrome

The trainwreck of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is the cost of not getting money out of politics (Will Bunch)

Sens. Rick Scott, Marco Rubio Demand Information from HHS on Failure to Provide Life-Saving COVID-1

Choosing which gang to run with:

Japan's next PM Kishida fills ruling party key posts with Abe allies

Trump extremists brought numerous guns to the Capitol on January 6 (Mother Jones)

Watson, Crick's breakthrough DNA discovery was based on Rosalind Franklin's work - PBS NewsHour

Has anyone had a friend or family member w/ Double-Hit Diffuse Large B-Cell, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma?

Ya know how a lot of people say you won't need all that STEM stuff we learned in school?

maybe the house should not vote until the senate has passed its own bill what

After 15 years in prison, man cleared in deaths of 5 kids

Teen Mom Brain Dead After Being Shot in Back of Head by School Safety Officer

Tips to avoid road rage:

Weeks after Texas lawmakers reduce illegal voting penalty, Gov. Greg Abbott asks them to increase it

Inside the Far-right Podcast Ecosystem

The Daily Show: Amazon's Smart Robot Can Follow You Around & Scientists Declare 23 Species Extinct

There are two senators who are unfathomably selfish and are jeopardizing Biden's agenda

Former Seahawks CB Richard Sherman reveals counseling, medication after July arrest

My approved 2022 US Congressional Redistricting plan.

For People Who Got The J&J Vaccine, Some Doctors Are Advising Boosters ASAP

Johnson Lied: People Died

Special ops troops 'hunkered down' in California airport hangar after nighttime ninja attack

Opinion: Milley deserves an apology from all the Republicans who accused him of 'treason' - Max Boot

Sack on the Democrats

Seth Meyers - Trump Would Listen to the Cats Soundtrack Whenever Upset - Monologue 09/29/21

The Lion OwlKitty

Just got a news alert that Pelosi isn't bringing the bipartisan bill to the floor

Panola County denies UT Health request for help with pandemic expenses

Kimmel: Republican Support for Trump Dwindles, Financial Armageddon Looms & Dogs Are Eating Weed!

Anyone remember in My Cousin Vinny, when loud horn wakens Vinny + Lisa?

NC Courage Coach Paul Riley Fired After Accusations Of Sexual Coercion By Former Players

British vs American vs Canadian ENGLISH Differences! (very different!)

Dianna Rathburn, anti-masker, proves she's a shitty researcher

North Carolina's Women's Soccer Team Fires Its Head Coach After He Was Accused Of Sexual Coercion

Will there be a compromise among Democrats so both bills pass?

The second greatest ensemble-cast, Sci-Fi, TV show franchise is getting a reboot!

Sen. Murphy: Why Manchin's Counteroffer Is 'Good News' For Negotiations - All In - MSNBC

Sept. 30th, 1919 - Hundreds of Black People Killed in Elaine, Arkansas, Massacre

A Teen With A Toy Was Killed By Police, And Few Want To Talk About It - non tweet version

Jan. 6 Committee Came To Chew Bubble Gum And Drop Subpoenas, Is All Out Of Bubble Gum

nasal condoms

Susanna Hoffs - Picture Me

'Missing' Drunk Man Spent Hours Helping a Search Party Look for Himself

Lawsuit accuses former Boston Ballet star and her husband of sexually abusing dancers

Former Gregg County GOP chair, White Oak mayor set to plead guilty in theft case

Baby died because of ransomware attack on hospital, suit says

White Room (Cream) - played on a renaissance lute

'Vile abuse': Former Lubbock Christian School president gets 5 years for child porn

Trinity University to rename business school in honor of record $25M gift from alumnus

Seth Meyers - Manchin and Sinema Derail Biden's Agenda as Fox Fearmongers About It: A Closer Look

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 1, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Cinematography by John Alonzo

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 2, 2021 -- Fleischer Animation 100th Anniversary Part I

BREAKING: Speaker Nancy Pelosi Delays Vote On Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan - The Last Word - MSNBC

Nurse Carefully Weighs Whether She Better Off Getting Vaccine Or Losing Job And Dying

Biggest loser of the day...

Threatening a US Congressman lands man in federal prison

Thanks Tonight for the Logical Progressives Who are Holding Out for the Future of the World

(Jewish Group) Jews face discrimination across the globe, new report finds

Sisyphus, the Myth on Netflix. Head scratcher ending.

Premier League: Football's vaccine crisis,Two thirds of top-flight players are not jabbed...

Can the debt ceiling be raised/removed in the Reconciliation bill?

Have you seen Beyonce's Tiffany commercial?

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 3, 2021 - TCM Classic Horror (with Mario Cantone): Creature Features

What's The Height of Absurdity? A Guy Standing On his $700,000 Yacht, Telling Progressive Activists

TCM Schedule for Monday October 4, 2021 - Big Country

Democrats Ditch Plan For Late Night Vote On Biden Spending Plan - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

SpaceX Prepares To Launch Largest Rocket Ever Despite Ongoing FAA Review

California woman finds Crater of Diamonds' largest gem of year, 4.38 carats

The Best Pumpkin Beers to Drink This Fall

Sahil Kapur tweet:

Krugman Tweet:

Watchdog faults FBI for 'widespread' errors handling surveillance warrants

Hi y'all, and here are a couple photos.

lake mead and lake powell are endanger of disappearing. Western states need to change

For God's sake. This was not a day for a powerful white man to weigh in.

Unesco Awards Cuban Scientist for Her Research on Dengue Fever

Lauren Cho disappeared in June. Her case is getting renewed calls to action.

Jimi Hendrix: Hey Joe

Remembering Betty - The cat with kaleidoscope eyes...

Turkey: 'Missing' man joins search party looking for himself

A Fractured Carpenters Union Sits Together at the Bargaining Table for the First Time

A Fractured Carpenters Union Sits Together at the Bargaining Table for the First Time

Rockefellers have a message for Joe Manchin

Former Editor: Media Shouldn't Serve Both Parties, But Democracy - The Last Word - MSNBC

Paraguay drought: Extraordinary photos show how the country is drying up

This cargo ship runs on wind

2 white men who murdered black men in Oregon released on little to NO bail.

3 from Luxury

Demand for private jets soars as rich travellers try to avoid 'mosh pit'

Black family says police told them they can't act on neighbor blasting racial slurs

Less meat is good for us and the planet - why are politicians shy to say so?

just a thought - maybe dems should take what they can get and run with it...

How Republicans Are Accidentally Helping Progressives On The Infrastructure Bill - Rachel Maddow

"If I were Black, I'd be picking cotton. But I'm white, so I'm picking you for [school dance]."

Progressives Planning Primary Challenge Against Sen. Kyrsten Sinema - NBC News

Weekly WA newspaper fined $15,000 for selling election coverage

jeff tiedrich has an important message for parents

New January 6 Tapes Reveal Trump Mob Attacking Police At Washington Monument - Rachel Maddow

Mayor Bronson defends use of Holocaust imagery by mask mandate opponents during heated second night

Mayor Bronson defends use of Holocaust imagery by mask mandate opponents during heated second night

Rudy Giuliani, Under Oath, Reveals Baseless Origins Of Trump Big Lie Claims - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

This year's Alaska Permanent Fund dividend amount is $1,114

How some Iowa parents are threatening to defund schools over mask mandates

Pillow Guy's Bogus Claims Debunked Again; Recount Costs Trump A Few Votes (Again) - Rachel Maddow

Congresswoman Shares Painful Past To Support Reproductive Rights After Texas Abortion Ban - TRMS

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/30/21

Lewis County Commissioner Gary Stamper dies of COVID-19

Stephen Colbert: Guest John Lithgow

Thurston County warns of toxic algae bloom at state park lake

Bachman's Warbler has gone to join Dick Davenport ....

Four more GOP Reps. under scrutiny for potential stock trading violations

Idaho's partial vote recount validates 2020 election tallies

What happened to Marco Rubio, Time mag's 'Republican Savior' of 2013?

Bette Midler: "Decided to post my first dick pic"

Best "prayer overheard in church" story I've heard all year

Rudy Giuliani, Under Oath, Reveals Baseless Origins Of Trump Big Lie Claims

Auditor Galloway sues over Hawley's reaction to audit

UVA's Dontayvion Wicks TD catch last night

2 old rightwing yale donors want prestigious program taught "the way Henry Kissinger would"

Former President Jimmy Carter quietly marks 97th birthday

A peaceful moment for you today

Abortion, Taliban in spotlight at Hollywood women's event

So resisting arrest is all they have got?

Kentucky seeks action against WVa gov's coal companies

Kentucky seeks action against WVa gov's coal companies

Turkey: 'Missing' man joins search party looking for himself

"Peril Remains. It's Not Over. Trump Is Out There." Trump never gives up....

Can someone please talk some sense into Sen. Kyrsten Sinema ?

Old Farmers Almanac: The Month of October 2021: Holidays, Fun Facts, Folklore

Can we please have a seperate Sinema/Manchin forum.

Trump Extremists Brought Numerous Guns on January 6, Evidence Shows

Biden's Schedule for Friday, October 1, 2021

BepiColombo: Europe's Mercury space mission in final stretch

Pfizer, Merck launch new trials of oral COVID-19 drugs

Breakfast Friday 1 October 2021

Friday TOONs - Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Senate narrowly turns back GOP Sen. Tom Cotton amendment to curtail assistance to Afghan refugees

Merck says a trial shows it has produced the first effective antiviral pill for Covid.

"Is this Marxism?"

We are becoming the People of the Lie.

Today in History: Yosemite Is Established

"Hey look! Britney is free !

D.C. Wrongfully Arrested 6 People For Carrying Handguns In Public, Federal Judge Rules

In April 2022, Federal Flood Insurance Premiums Will Rise 18%; Increases Will Continue For 20 Years

Madoc and Morgan say 'Good Morning, DU friends!!'

Soundtrack For A Climate Disaster: Living In Rural Sonoma County During The Pyrocene

Big Oil Supports A Carbon Tax, Which Explains Why It's Flooding Fakebook In Anti-Biden Advertising

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 24 September - 1 October (2021)

Will the Secret Service act on this?

Happy 97th birthday Jimmy Carter!

5-year old classical pianist, Elisha from Russia

BC Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Protesters Trying To Block Old-Growth Logging @ Fairy Creek

Amazon, Disney, Apple, Microsoft Among "Green" Corporations Funding Opposition To Biden Climate Bill

US Marine who says he rescued baby at Kabul airport investigated for appearing at Trump rally

The origin of Super Villians: Girder

Soliciting Multiversity: DC's Top 10 For December 2021

The Rundown: October 1, 2021

If you're expecting an employment report from the BLS this morning, you're in for

At Retirement, Billionaire Hedge-Bro Discovers Climate Collapse, But Hey, He Launched 2 Green Funds

David Rothkopf on the Media and their asinine "Dems in Disarray" meme. And, WHY WE'RE DEMOCRATS...

N Korea says it fired anti-aircraft missile, 4th recent test

From The BBC: Africa's week in pictures: 24-30 September 2021

At Least A Dozen Giant Sequoia Groves Will Lose "Significant Numbers" Of Trees In Current Wildfires

Happy birthday President Jimmy Carter

Drought Monitor 9/28/21: Every State W. Of Mississippi Has Some 0-4 Drought Except LA, AK

Vladimir Horowitz was born on this date.

Joe Manchin is right

My wife has discovered an old Japanese soap opera and is obsessed with it

So, we don't have budget/infrastructure bill yet.

It looks like the military-industrial complex is ramping up it's propaganda

Albert Collins was born on this date.

Kavanaugh Has kovid!

Saw the Rolling Stones last night in Charlotte

Strange Effect

Rapey Kavanaugh has Covid.

Mick Jagger walks into a bar ...

The media is out to get Joe Biden no doubt about it. The Joe Biden's Failure meme.

I think that they will land at $2 trillion, which is still bigger than most anything ever done

Anti-vaccine advocate Chris Sky fed up of phone calls after giving out his number 🤣

On this day, October 1, 1968, "Night of the Living Dead" was released.

Biden's approval slumps after a slew of crises: AP-NORC poll

Nursing home workers aren't getting vaccinated -- prompting worries about the elderly...

I hate to say this, but

SOCIAL MEDIA WARNING: Facebook Marketplace ad leads to arrest of Stone County, Mo. man

The Humanity of Michael Ratner, The Fabrications of Samuel Moyn

Who They Are - The Lincoln Project

London police tell women to run from lone police officers if they are concerned.

91% of Tyson Foods employees vaccinated against COVID two months after mandate announcement

The Matrix with a cat.

Blackstar was released 23 years ago today.

Survey Finds Disability Service Providers On The Brink

Infowars host Alex Jones is responsible for damages triggered by his false claims on Sandy Hook Shoo

More arrests are needed in cases of violence and threats of all kinds

Justice Kavanaugh tests positive for COVID, has no symptoms

Can someone here please help ease my panic about the debt ceiling?

Last day of clinic before vacation!

4 Ingredient 'Stove Top Stuffing' Meatloaf

28 School Shootings since August.

David Dayen @ddayen: So I read four business books; on the colossus CEOs of our time

Pic Of The Moment: Hey, Remember When Republicans Were Worried About The Afghan People?

Woman Rescues Baby Squirrel -- Then Becomes A Complete Squirrel Mom

Utilities Took Public Money,Gave CEOs Millions,& Then Turned People's Lights Off During the Pandemic

How much could they cut the budget bill if it did not include any money for the senators states

What to do about a friend in need?

Petty shit on OANN

Was there ever any GOOD way for us to get out of Afghanistan?

CT new seat belt law

Just read where 21% of Mormons are in the Q movement.

BIF, birds in flight. A five shot sequence.

I'm tired of the lunacy leading the direction of the country.

US factory growth up in September despite supply woes

Rolling Stones, Giant Eagle partner to hold vaccine clinic at Heinz Field

3642 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri;55 deaths

Carl Bernstein Warns: We're In A Civil War

Good Day DU (October 1, 2021)

SAFE Banking is currently attached to the National Defense Authorization Act. It passed in House ...

The one thing we can't allow is doing nothing...

The face of 'Stonehenge Man'.

Powerball jackpot climbs into Top 10 of all time, at more than $620 million

Merck says experimental pill cuts worst effects of COVID-19

Joe Manchin Just Cooked the Planet

"Paid for by Pharma" kind of says it all to me...

Tweet of the Afternoon

'She is just absolutely standing in the way': Sinema's critics in Arizona speak out

Social Security cost-of-living hike coming, but might not matter for many

Ayanna Pressley endorses Michelle Wu for Boston Mayor.

Setting moon over the Lincoln Memorial

I am giving up the fight against the hoarding of toilet paper by my hubby.

Rep Casten, a moderate from Illinois was on Bloomberg, indicates we are very close to the

AK-SEN: Lisa Murkowski Files Paperwork For 2022 Senate Run

Medium rare! I'll say no more.

Arizona - The Basque Connection

Time to Play Hardball. Any ideas?

Al Gore puts $600M into UK Green energy-tech startup Octopus Energy Group

Zatanna by claudia lanniciello

It would be nice as the pandemic goes on

Can we please stop labeling the infrastructure bill the "bipartisan infrastructure bill"

Hey MSM! What's the "Approval Rating" for the Retrumplican Party?

Steve Bannon: Wellness Warrior War Room Defense Pack

We're going to get bills through the Senate

'Venom: Let There Be Carnage' Screams $11.6M On Thursday; 2nd Best Preview Night Of The Pandemic

Buzz killer!

'Venom: Let There Be Carnage' Screams $11.6M On Thursday; 2nd Best Preview Night Of The Pandemic

New Yorker: "Trump still faces a reckoning in New York."

2 Ohio narcotics officers arrested for trafficking more than 7 kilos (15 1/2 pounds) of fentanyl

Because Of The Republican Filibuster

The Target of an Alleged Proud Boys Plot Has Been Found Murdered in El Mirage (AZ)

Boebert's Hit At Joe Backfires

This so called social safety net as the WH calls it

Understanding Your Split Brain Robert Reich

The Morning Glories are teaming up with some Petunias and a 'volunteer' Dill plant

Southern Baptists press for sex abuse review to advance

In TX, casting a PROVISIONAL ballot is illegal?

A squirrel hid thousands of walnuts under the hood of a man's truck. It wasn't the first time.

Newsy goes over the air today, October 1st.

Something Sinema Said Years Ago

NYC Teachers Ask Supreme Court to Block Vaccine Mandate

Grab your popcorn. The next episode of Miami's "wild feud" is live.

Is an air fryer worth it?

tweet from hoarse whisperer this morning--on the lighter side

House Democrats meet as leaders race to secure deal on Biden priorities

Loaded please!

Following [Dr.] Fiscus incident, second case of fraudulent Amazon account found in Tennessee

The Simple Truth about GOP's relentless Voter Suppression efforts...

In these troubling times it's good to hear some POSITIVE news for a change!

Miami's Embattled Top Cop Compared City Leaders to Cuban Dictators

With Bearnaise thank you!

Camp Pendleton Marine to fight military vaccine mandate

tiedrich tweet on kavanaugh

Majority of Trump voters believe it's 'time to split the country' in two, new poll finds

What a day - Biden heading to Capital Hill this afternoon

Then the challenge is to slice off a bite of steak, cut and stab a Bearnaise coated piece of

Congress' punt on infrastructure triggers partial government shutdown

Texas anti-Choice law in court today/Friday for a temporary stay against it

Aarghhh. Where do earworms come from and why are they usually songs you despise?

The Supreme Court that Trump tilted to the right will review abortion, guns, and religion.

Sleep is Just Death Being Shy

Alito misfires in his political broadside against Supreme Court critics

These 35 Senators Voted Against Stopgap Funding to Avoid Government Shutdown

Biden to go to Capitol Hill today!

Newsom orders COVID vaccines for eligible students, the first K-12 school mandate in nation

Shipyard commander: Workers must be vaccinated or exempted -- or face removal

Far-right militia group membership surged after Capitol attack, hack shows

California workers lose paid COVID sick leave. What happens now?

One of our medical group fired the unvaccinated staff today

Judge slams cops, denies qualified immunity over student's Covid 19 instagram post

Marysville teacher told to take Thin Blue Line flag off wall

This is funny. Planning your get a way after committing

It's flu vaccine time, even if you've had your COVID shots

Pat Robertson steps down as '700 Club' host after 60 years

Climate Change 1958: The Bell Telephone Science Hour

Illinois Democrats file bills modeled after controversial Texas abortion law

Workers at Bezos' rocket company allege sexism, safety risks

Illinois Democrats file bills OOPS! DUPLICATE!

California to require Covid-19 vaccination for students, governor says

United says 273 employees reported they were vaccinated after the company said they would be fired

Manchin and Sinema finally feel the heat as Democrats battle over Biden's agenda

Has anyone here been having issues watching videos on YouTube itself?

Seattle to add more than 2,000 housing units for homeless by end of 2023

Data in audit report shows Cyber Ninjas' hand count is 'fiction,' election analysts say

Trumpers hate Joe Biden with a passion.

Bonner County to conduct 2020 election audit as part of Idaho's effort to rebut 'freight train' of

Jayapal Says She's Spoken To Sinema, Who's 'Very Engaged'

Biden heading to Capitol Hill to meet with House Democrats amid infighting

The first time I viewed this link I realized that

West Virginia Tells Congress: Listen To Us (BlueGreen Alliance 30s ad)


Election denialists smacked down by Idaho secretary of state

Maricopa Hoax: The Ninjas made up the numbers

There's a teacher on CNN who says her belief in Judaism prevents her from being vaccinated

Forbes is now owned 95% by the Chinese and they post repeated bullshit on Youtube

Why, when you donate money to

(Jewish Group) Israeli soccer fans face antisemitism at stadium built by the Nazis

Reality Bites, doesn't it Sen. Manchin

(Jewish Group) Anchorage mayor defends anti-maskers who wore yellow Stars of David in protest

(Jewish Group) 80 years after Babyn Yar Holocaust massacre, a German lawyer seeks trial...

A perfect early fall day for a stroll in the park.

Oregon group claims new nuclear reactor plan poses threat to Tri-Cities, Columbia River

Hanford work ordered to continue, with or without fed shutdown

Science wins. COVID-19 deaths/hospitalizations could soon be rare... no vaccine required.

Shrinking Salmon, Fewer Clams: Climate Change Devastating Seafood Industry

Why are billboards telling LGBTQ youth they are loved springing up in US cities?

Happy 97th birthday to President Jimmy Carter

Monsoons make deserts bloom in the US Southwest, but climate change is making these summer rainfalls

We SUED Marjorie Taylor Greene (and won) - The MeidasTouch Podcast

Senate candidate JD Vance is describing how the Republicans have changed. Are we listening?

Can getting the vaccine give you Covid?

Trump Support COLLAPSES in Shocking New Poll

Cartoons 10/1/2021

How does Sinema get labeled as a "moderate Democrat? Please read before responding.

"Feel-Good" News Story or Poverty Propaganda?

Besides gelato, Italians are enjoying life, freedom

Washington's minimum wage will increase to $14.49 on Jan. 1

Far-Right Boogaloo Admits Posing as BLM Supporter While Shooting Up Minneapolis police station

Everett mayor to voters: 'There isn't anything left to cut'

That jerk who cuts in the ferry line can be fined $139

Shining light on the dark age of the Tulalip Boarding School

Kentucky governor files paperwork for reelection run in 2023

Covid-19 Deaths in U.S. Level Off as Delta Variant Surge Eases

NXIVM doctor who branded women loses medical license

Alex Jones is STILL at it...

Africa internet riches plundered, contested by China broker

Gov. Ron DeSantis says he won't run for president because he's busy 'trying to make sure people are

Sinema has left DC. Medical appointment and fund raiser.

I love everything about this picture and tweet.

Mr. "I Kept My Underwear On" & 'Stop the Steal' Lawyer Team Up for New Dominion Lawsuit

Luli Lee - About Summer (NEW)

Laredo's new $50M avocado distribution facility opens, bringing at least 120 jobs to city

Fact check: Infrastructure bill wouldn't impose 'driving tax' of 8 cents per mile

Judge declines to drop lawsuit against TFG for using 'Electric Avenue'

Self-Described Member of "Boogaloo Bois" Pleads Guilty to Riot

Halloween Is Coming! #1

Halloween Is Coming! #2

Halloween Is Coming! #3

Halloween Is Coming! #4

Halloween Is Coming! #5

A Purple, Yellow and blue Lady

TFG told his press secretary that Justin Trudeau's mom had sex with 'all of the Rolling Stones

Colombia's Center-Left Is Seen Winning 2022's Presidential Race

Hondurans Demand Approval of New Electoral Law

Paramilitary-Backed Colombian Senator Will Go to Prison

Amazon settles with 2 outspoken workers it fired last year

Amazon settles with 2 outspoken workers it fired last year

I can't hear most smoke detectors because the tone frequency is too high.

HPD: Former student shot administrator at Yes Prep Southwest

Where Lots of Police Shootings Draw Little Scrutiny

Dolly Parton reacts to Lil Nas X's cover of Jolene

Some cheery sunflowers!

Pramila Jayapal is fantastic. Would love to see her in the Senate someday.

Coal Mining Sux

Texas Says Forcing Women to Go Out of State for Abortions Is Stimulating Commerce

Seven squirrels get tails untangled with help from Grand Blanc Township police

Curious 2016 communications between Trump, Alphabank servers

Arrest made in case of Molotov Cocktail thrown into Travis County Democratic Headquarters

Your thoughts please.

Mexico asks Israel for extradition in missing students case

Been watching Ann Richards videos on YouTube.

About 6 hours ago we joined the ranks of the maxed vaxxed

Air Force, Colorado State join Boise State, San Diego State in sticking with Mountain West over AAC

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 1, 2021

Two Minutes on Why Donald Trump is Guilty of Inciting a Riot/Insurrection - Glenn Kirschner

A Happy Jayapal: Biden Fully Endorsed Two-Track Plan

Justice Kavanaugh Tests Positive For Covid (MSNBC)

The Last Few Years In My Little Town...

Trump brought Marine on stage who claimed he's someone he's not (CNN)

Justice Sotomayor rejects request to block New York City school vaccine mandate

Dr. Gupta asks nurse if anything would convince her to get vaccine. Hear her reply (CNN)

He Ran Over BLM Protesters--but Apparently That's Not a Crime

CNN to 'Europe's last dictator': Do you want to apologize? (CNN)

Covid Shot and Fle Shot Together - Info from my Doctor

My daughter is getting married in 3 weeks-need suggestions

Go Ahead, Hold Joe Biden to a Higher Standard

DHS compiled intelligence reports on protesters arrested in Portland without legal justification, re

How about a banana? No? How about a whole bunch?

DA hints at possible charges for Texas teen who ran over 6 cyclists while 'rolling coal'

When Russia says goodbye to oil, its all over for that industry.

WOMEN'S MARCH...TOMORROW!!! Hundreds of cities...

Got my 3rd shot, the 'booster', and some good advice from the pharmacist...


Questions that Do need answers (vaccines, the big lie and the truth)

Hot Tuna - Water Song Live -1973

The souffle with creme anglaise!

US reaches 700,000 COVID-19 deaths

1 October 2017. Stephen Paddock kills 59 and wounds 868 in Las Vegas in massive shooting spree.

"The Children First Bill" - one way to successfully rebrand the reconciliation bill

The episode of "CHiPs" with Laura Branigan was on this evening.

Election denialists smacked down by Idaho secretary of state

Poll after poll shows that the $3.5T reconciliation bill is immensely popular

Motherfucking poser

Outdated White House Situation Room Getting Needed Overhaul


Despite what "This Day in Rock History" says, today is not Scott McKenzie's birthday.

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) gaslighting about America's wild horses

Just home from the hospital after spiking a fever on Sunday.

On the surface, I agree with free Community College,..

Let's face it, the Military Industrial Complex

Lawyer Steven Donziger gets six-month sentence for contempt in Chevron battle

America's Fundamental Dichotomy

Photo of Senator Joe Manchin's yacht in D.C. with activists!!!

so is the plan to bring Medicare down to age 60 dead now

Newsom orders COVID vaccines for eligible students, the first K-12 school mandate in nation

The Beauty of Buying a Ski Home in Idaho? Nobody Knows a Thing About It

Hang in there...

Cristina Fernandez affirms the opposition seeks Macri's impunity

Tweet of the Day

Mercury flyby tonight: Europe's BepiColombo spacecraft to attempt its 1st swing past the planet

Box Office: 'Shang-Chi' Tops $200M As Divide Grows Between Hits And Flops

Supreme Court justice axes appeal of NYC school vaccine plan

we just finished binge watching Hotel Del Luna on Netflix Recommend it!!

Box Office: 'Shang-Chi' Tops $200M As Divide Grows Between Hits And Flops

Anyone ever get cut on opening a screw top wine bottle?

Man Who Complained Ex-Proud Boy Was Plotting to Kill Him Is Found Dead

North Dakota Governor Warns That Hospitals Are At "Redline Capacity"

What weird foods have you eaten?

Biden Re-Links Infrastructure and Reconciliation Bills

Mother of hospitalized 5-year-old says her decision not to get vaccinated was 'big mistake'

Keith Olbermann - LET'S STOP THE PLEASANT EUPHEMISMS: They aren't "anti-Vax."

Val Demings Leads In Facebook Ad Spending

I finished watching The Many Saints Of Newark on HBO MAX.

Watch This Rescue Dog Lose Half Her Weight

Puerto Rico is on the brink of a power supply crisis. Protesters demand answers.

Pele discharged from hospital after successful surgery

Dershowitz and Lindell sue Dominion in RICO class action

Any ex-smokers miss smoking?

Residential school survivor criticizes Trudeau for travelling on National Day for Truth and Reconcil

Why is Lester Holt broadcasting from Foxborough...

American model outperforming European in hurricane forecasts

Biden signs government funding bill to prevent shutdown

Central Texas law enforcement experiences major spike in COVID deaths since August

Gottheimer's 'Road To Nowhere'

Toronto police ISO suspect who steals dirty diapers from day care garbage.

Koch-backed group fuels opposition to school mask mandates, leaked letter shows

Real "having a bad day" vibes: Police statement about Travis County Democratic office bombp

I Have A Bumper Crop Of Basil This Year And Am Wondering What I Can Do.....

Plano fire captain suspended for attempting to acquire a fake vaccine card

Noem corruptly obtained a real estate license for her daughter to "benefit all S. Dakotans"