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Bay Area Grant Program Offers $9500 to Trade Your Gasoline Car for an EV

I'm dying, laughing. They actually sound pretty good though.

Building back better by investing in workers and communities

Seattle's 72-hour parking rule begins next week after increase in abandoned vehicles

I think I found secret video of a Proud Boys meeting.

I'm not a slow person... but I've been busy...

Newsom launches Governor's Council on Holocaust and Genocide Education/$13 mill Holocaust ed fund

I Hear You Knocking -- Dave Edmunds

Tourists return to downtown Seattle, but office workers are staying home

Army general who commanded in Iraq dies of cancer at age 67

If Bannon, Meadows or Others Plead the 5th, What are Congress's Options? To Immunity and Beyond.

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end up with 50 to 55 US Senate seats.

Community rallies to support Virginia Beach family taunted by 'racist stuff' blaring next door

Middle school teacher filmed removing her face mask and intentionally breathing on cornered student

Megachurch With Ferrari-Driving Pastor Gives Back $4.4M Pandemic Loan

It is time to get serious about mounting a counter attack against Trumpism.

Funny advertising signs

Oak Ridge students say they were called racial slurs at protest over principal's 'Dr. Dre' comments

The Republican Party does not want Black and Latino voters to vote.

What Trump's Endorsements Have In Common

Allen West had just attended a packed Evangelical event a day and a half before covid announcement

South Dakota's tax avoidance schemes represent federalism at its worst

Ok, ok, I'm watching the orange piece of shit.......

Kim Kardashian is the guest host on SNL

Irving Police Arrest 4 People for Allegedly Selling Drugs, Guns to High School Students

Don't you find it irritating w/ Whackjob GOPers are good at what they do?

A white, black, and brown woman

The talk of the diner: how did Allen West catch the fake King Kong flu?

You learn something stupid every day: "Let's Go Brandon"

The Council Has Decided!

Czech Prime Minister Loses His Bid for Re-Election

dear du weather members .

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end up with 53 US Senate seats after 2022.


3 cats synchronize their stalking--downright spooky:

Emma Thorne: The Dirt Eating Scheme that Anti-Vaxxers Love -- Anti-MLM (Blackoxygen Organics)

Connecticut makes case for national 'baby bond' investments

Grassley turns reality on its head by suggesting Trump is a *victim* of the 1/6 commission

Panda relaxing

Cuddling on the couch (2nd tweet):

Let Us Spend The Money And Burn Trumpism To The Ground!

Three Sandy Hook parents won lawsuits over Alex Jones. Eight more families soon hope to do the same.

A serious outage of muliti trucking software systems is occurring.

"This father surprised his son after finishing an eleven year prison sentence..."

WaPo Editorial Without these changes, US democracy will remain vulnerable to Trump, other bad actors

Over 140,000 Children Primarily BIPOC in the US Have Lost A Primary Caregiver to Covid-19.

Can't get italics to work on my sig line

"Physical Graffiti" -- the first time I heard this

Why hasn't Congress used its "inherent contempt" power since 1934?

Feeling pretty lively tonight. Listening to music with my lovely wife in my own damn house. Nice

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet:

TXdon't need more distraction & McCONAUGHEY prolly not running but for sure is "woefully unprepared"

Maybe Senate Dems should negotiate with the people who own Manchin and sinema.

Calls Grow For Independent DOJ Task Force To Investigate Trump

Lebanon's national electricity grid collapses

Will the Democrats retain control of the US House after 2022?

After election win, Czech opposition seeks to oust prime minister hit by Pandora Papers disclosures

As Johnson Draws a Happy Face, Britons Confront a Run of Bad News

Anyone here a fan of "Ask a Mortician" or Caitlin Doughty?

Lawmaker Asked To Apologize For Calling Lamont 'Hitler' on Facebook

This was my life before my 20s

Connecticut lawmaker refuses to apologize for comparing Lamont to Hitler

Stairway to Heaven -- was it about Hobbits or was it stream of consciousness?

Amazing: look at what a male puffer fish creates to attract a female--

Saw this in the video forum, what is the $7.9 trillion mistake ?

California first to let kids add parents to insurance plans

2022 US Senate election prediction- Democrats will gain 0 to 5 US Senate seats.

I can predict, with 100% certainty that there will be an Iowa Caucus in 2024.

I just posted this on FB, lets see how long it lasts there...

👻👹Calling all the Monsters?☠🎃

Countdown to 🌛🧙‍♀️Halloween!👻🍭🍫🍬

I don't believe in dressing animals in costumes, but this one is actually hilarious:

Yip, GD disapproves of Teh Kardash doing SNL - BTW if you don't want SPOILERS, do NOT click here!!!!

What Social Media Is Doing To Our Brains -- And Our Culture - MSNBC

Capitol rioter suspected of stealing Nancy Pelosi's laptop is charged. Her plot to sell it to Russia

How A Village Keeps India's Handmade Shuttlecock Industry Alive Still Standing

Our House - Trump's Last Stand - On Assignment - MSNBC

OAN "calling to literally execute people who lawfully upheld the democratic process."

Sunday Digit: 6/10 - Any morning showers, fog and/or drizzle shouldn't last too long.

Texas A&M defeats #1 Alabama

A Secret CIA Gate at Kabul Airport Became an Escape Path for Afghans

I really admire Morgan Fairchild!

The Daily Show: What The Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 10/4/21

Is Anyone Doing A Tr**pism Cult Deprogramming?....

Court acquits Cristina Fernndez de Kirchner, ex-officials over alleged Iran MoU conspiracy

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end with 53 US Senate seats after 2022.

James O'Keefe singing show tunes and Michael Flynn singing Twisted Sister

Look up! The moon and 3 planets will gather after sundown this week.

A simple explaination and history so you will know what "The Cloud" is.

There are two teams salivating after Alabama's loss today and both are in the state of Ohio...

When You Go to the Loo, a Bat Might Go Boo

I seem to wind up finishing my evening listen to Sunny


Othello..oh,there you are!

Rep. Wild Says Sen. Sinema 'Isn't In The Right Party' If She's Against Lowering Drug Costs - MSNBC

If voters have legitimate concerns ...

The overlooked reasons so many rural Americans don't trust the Covid vaccine

Ayman's on MSNBC: AT&T bankrolled OAN

'Whipping Post' With The Most Strings Ever

Misa Criolla de Ariel Ramirez

why are so many cops afraid of getting a covid vaccine?

Michael Che - SNL

'It's evil': Jim Acosta reacts to Trump's remark during interview

Marjorie Greene SCREAMS Moron In This Video

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a safe to tilt margin.

"Now This News" - Media bias Fact Check . Just FYI as to it's Credibility

Medical student put on a fat suit and disguised himself as a Black woman to throw acid on his ex-gir

Amazon shopper bought Apple, Axus, Fuji products, returned cheap items. $290K fraud

Taiwan angrily rebuffs China's 'reunification' talk

Tweet of the Day

SNL: Facebook Hearings Cold Open

Danger of losing our democracy': Lemon reacts to Senate committee report

The fact that this song from 1968 ...

John Fogerty - Centerfield

SNL: Weekend Update

Cooking cucumbers

Wouldn't releasing the full non-classified Mueller Report, help suppress the stupid?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Awwtoberfest 2021 Edition

For many years I bought a newspaper every day, usually in the morning

Thoughts and Prayers...

US Senate seats that the Democrats will be winning in 2022 by a solid to slight margin.

Is Grassley(R-IA) running for re-election to make sure his grandson replaces him?

55 in age , my email this morning.

Ths deserves another posting.

GOP Operative: Helping Kids of Color Feel Like They Belong Hurts White Kids

CBC*: 5 big leaks of tax-haven records before the Pandora Papers

Controversial father of Pakistan nuclear bomb dies at age 85

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, October 10, 2021

What Happened to Boycotting the NFL: Ratings are up 17%

Damn! You mean I could have......

Imposter (Snow) - Jim Carrey

HOW IT'S DONE: Katie Porter SLAMS Corrupt Joe Manchin AND His Donors

An energy crisis is gripping the world, with potentially grave consequences

An energy crisis is gripping the world, with potentially grave consequences

"Project X" Simply the most outrageous teen party movie ever!

Apparently, the Trump rally has a Braveheart theme.

"I'm not ashamed. I never was. I'm what abortion looks like."

This was a first. When I reached down to pet one of the feral kittens, Skittish growled at me

'Micromanaged, disrespected': Top reasons workers are quitting their jobs in 'The Great Resignation'

The disgraced former president continues his Rodney Dangerfield tour.

America's unemployed are sending a message: They'll go back to work when they feel safe ...

Bolshoi performer killed in onstage accident during opera

Did you know that #COVID19 has a sound? Listen to this ICU nurse describe it.

REALLY? Manchin complains about Schumer justifiably slamming GOP debt ceiling hostage-taking.

Breakfast Sunday 10 October 2021

Dear Mike Pence. Sincerely, Leonard Pitts

Within You Without You

"Legal Vigilantism Is The Best Side Hustle EVER"

Pence is a pathetic empty bag

Do you still use Facebook?

Doonesbury - What Country Is This?

Taiwan won't be forced to bow to China, President Tsai says during National Day celebrations

Robert Reich: Supreme court, Facebook, Fed: three horsemen of democracy's apocalypse

A Well Regulated Militia

Can you spot the person who was paid to go to TFG's pissed off old white poeple rally?

Why do octopuses punch fish? - Yes they do this.

Kitten Loves His Mom So Much He Never Wants To Let Go....of Her Chin

New TikTok trend involving people tampering with lug nuts on cars

"The Many Saints of Newark" reminded me sharply of the Trump Organization

End of an Ear-a: The Legendary Inner Ear Studios Closes a Chapter

Ampfest - the right wing "Coachella" for putzes

Katie Porter is my rep and I couldn't be prouder of her.

Giuseppe Verdi was born on this date.

Between Trump acolyte and suburban dad: Inside the many faces of Virginia GOP's Youngkin

KHAAAAAAAN!!!!!! is dead......

Why Some White Evangelicals Are Rethinking Their Politics l FiveThirtyEight

Thelonious Monk was born on this date.

Titanic mantle plume "tree" rising from planet's molten heart is a window into Earth's fiery future

John Prine was born on this date-

Who knows what sort of mischievous plans are forming behind these sweet, innocent faces.

Newsom signs bill to require ethnic studies for California high school students

When we win we still lose according to NBC News

Krysten Sinema is what the green party devolved into

Crews Are Abandoned on Ships in Record Numbers Without Pay, Food or a Way Home

Just lionin around

Florida Man Explains Why Florida Is Bat**** Insane

Soaring Home Prices Are Roiling Appraisals and Upending Sales

Norm Ornstein on the crisis of democracy: "This is the same roadmap we saw in Germany"

Soaring Home Prices Are Roiling Appraisals and Upending Sales

Icon Pop - I love it Wake up time!!!! Play it loud!!!!

Question anout Update

Sebastian Kurz: Austrian leader resigns amid corruption inquiry

Fact about Abbott's wheelchair accident

Accidentally deleted post earlier over my wife boog Duncan

Federal law says uninsured COVID patients should be treated for free. Why did Orlando Health tell CJ

In dumber times- Standing under an A bomb blast

Guatemala police free 126 migrants from abandoned container

Fix the Senate, save America By Norm Ornstein

Good to see MAGAts finally donning masks

2182 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 32 deaths

Florida Veterinarian Who Shared Videos of Himself Sexually Abusing Dogs Gets 21 Years in Prison

Good Day DU (October 10, 2021)

tiedrich in the morning

Caught through upstairs window,

I just took a good long look at myself in the mirror, while naked.

We Finally Know How 43 Students on a Bus Vanished Into Thin Air

Hundreds of three-eyed 'dinosaur shrimp' emerge after Arizona monsoon

'It's evil': Jim Acosta reacts to Trump's remark during interview

QAnon's Deadly Price: Inside the Matthew Taylor Coleman Case

A must-watch short MSNBC panel discussion that includes Malcom Nance (says we're headed towards a

What Fiction are you reading this week, October 10, 2021?

Kid tells an anti-vaxxer to f*ck off and he's now my hero

Remember when fartfuck accused nurses and doctors of lying and stealing? Watch this video

Wow. This is nice.

Arizona Conspiracy Theory Fizzles Into Incoherence. Is he (Gosar) high?

The Two People We're All Related To

Stray Cat Brings a Weak Kitten To The Man Who Feeds Her

US Senate seats that Democrats are likely to win in 2022 to end up with 60 US Senate seats.

The vaccine mandate religious exemptions are a Proof of Work system

1776 and Slavery

Fiona Hill says January 6 was a "dress rehearsal"

Navy nuclear engineer and his wife charged with trying to share submarine secrets with a foreign cou

How would you know you had a heart, if it wasn't broken?

C-SPAN's Coverage of TFG Rally Sparks Widespread Criticism: 'A Rally Isn't News. It's Propaganda'

The great Wingnut armada (other states' Natl Guard) has evacuated Texas, leaving ABBUTT behind!

Former Trump cybersecurity official says GOP leaders have 'lost control' of voter base: 'This is a d

King County sheriff warns of counterfeit bills

This national employer just raised its minimum wage to $21 an hour amid worker shortage

Election 2021: Voters to make final call on medical examiner vs. coroner

This is a really cool song

The GOP is trying to run away from this US Code:

As anniversary of Edmund Fitzgerald disaster approaches, Amazon Prime has a great Lightfoot doc

Colorful sky

Why can't we, the good guys, have a powerful song like this?

Posted by Madison Cawthorn to his Instagram page last night. "I am the militia."

McCarthy & Fox already pushing lie that 2022 will be rigged to keep Republicans from majority

When is KS going to have a Dem. US Sen.? It has been 90 years since KS had a Dem. US Sen.

Cartoons 10/10/2021

Viewpoints: Putting Facebook back in human control

Trees, fighters of climate change, are also victims of it

Haiti condemns Trump's 'racist' comments toward migrants

Tucker Carlson Is 'Just a Bad Person.' CNN Host Confronts Andrew Yang About Interview With Fox Host

You know you're a gardener when...

Lurching from Crisis to Crisis, Congress is Addicted to Cliffs

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end up with 52 US Senate seats after 2022.

I'm confused by people who are offended by swear words.

Salmonella outbreak, mislabeled food and unsafe levels of lead prompt food recalls

Hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops have not yet complied with vaccine mandate as deadlines near

A TikTok bone salesman's wall of spines reignites ethical debate over selling human remains

Trump's Worst Nightmare Comes True - The Public Is No Longer Interested In Him

UW professor explains what's causing 'The Great Resignation'

DOJ Official Blocking Investigation Into Trump?

Anyone have any updates on Dog the Bounty Hunter's search for Brian Laundrie?

Maggie Haberman: It's The Dems Fault

Quote of the Day

The hell with my indifferent cat - going to get a cow

Black Lives Matter, She Wrote. Then 'Everything Just Imploded.'

Starting to refer to them as Anti-vax, Anti-mask...Adolts

Black Lives Matter, She Wrote. Then 'Everything Just Imploded.'

Tomorrow is "Kill the Indigenous Population of America" Day

Few Know What's In Biden's Agenda

CBS Poll: Biden @ 50%

Navy nuclear engineer and his wife charged with trying to share submarine secrets with a foreign...

Foggy fall

Question, how much longer do we REALLY have left? 5yrs? 10?

Forgive me, please!!

How do quarterbacks avoid stripping their throats?

It's Not Misinformation. It's Amplified Propaganda.

Italian police arrest far-right party leaders after anti-vaccination riot

Depressing Tweet of the Day:

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will definitely retain control of the US Senate.

Black Lives Matter, She Wrote. Then 'Everything Just Imploded.'

Later, down creek:

dean obeidallah tweet on c-span & tfg

*Call the Midwife BACK tonight!

*Call the Midwife BACK tonight!

Sophie is being VERY tolerant of Morgan, this afternoon. Both are on my lap

A Biden DOJ official is blocking a Democrat-led inquiry into Trump's election fraud crusade -- why?

Question: why is it that the Build Back Better plan is so ruthlessly opposed by the entire ruling

Packers/Bengals in Overtime

Sketch Artists, how many lines is necessary to capture a complicated face ?

For the tennis fans - nice match just starting

US Senate seats that the Democrats will have after 2022 is 51 to 53

Sex and Success. A Surprising Fact, w Stephen Fry. It Might Explain Your Life.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 11 October 2021

Trump wanted to make Ivanka head of the World Bank.

This explains Trump's constant fire hose of chaos.

White Male Privilege

Letter from the Editor: Jessica Berg Wilson's obituary carried anti-vaccine message, as family wishe

Alabama Will Spend Nearly 20 Percent of its Federal COVID Relief Money to Build Human Cages

Biden's signature bill isn't that expensive. It's a drop in the bucket

MoscowMitch is waiting for the opportune moment to ditch the Slobfather

August J. Pollak asked if one could think of three good things about....

A Tull Gem

Wisconsin immigrants to hold statewide strike for citizenship on Monday: 'Our time is now

Taliban says US will provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

Who said Drumpf was a security risk for not keeping secrets?!- MNUCHIN stopped Ivanka for World Bank

Interview: Al Gore, 15 years later warns again of An Inconvenient New Truth on Climate..

Hawaiian volcanic eruption glows in gorgeous satellite photos

New Report Says Meat, Poultry Plants Are Covid Hotbeds

Wrapping themselves in the flag

Tesla fined a whopping $137 million in racial abuse lawsuit

Real-life 'A League of Their Own' players celebrate 75th anniversary.

"Would you please.. please.. please open the door?!"

I'm calling it... if GOP takes the House in '22, it's Speaker Trump.

Only a fool...

Congressman Scalise...

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 10, 2021

Send In The Military Move The Containers Like England Did

Jerry Garcia Band [1080p Remaster Pro Shot] September 1, 1990 - Shoreline California FULL W/Bonus

'Absolutely False': Fox Slams Pence After He Lies About Jan. 6

Mason Crosby missed an extra point, and two potentially game winning field goals. Then they sent hi

Interview: Al Gore, 15 years later warns again of An Inconvenient New Truth on Climate

Murderer sends birthday wishes to his "victim's" family

A telling story about Kyrsten Sinema

No. 2 House Republican refuses to say election wasn't stolen

tweet of the day

2021 Horse Racing - 2021 Juddmonte Spinster Stakes

Former Office Occupant eulogizes his Mohammed Atta.

ice cream man accepts blue rock from little girl instead of money..... so cute

USGS reports 6.1-magnitude earthquake south of Hawaii Island

**LATEST** Study claiming COVID-19 vaccine significant cause of heart inflammation WITHDRAWN

At times I need to check that I am actually reading posts on Democratic Underground.

great tweet to cspan on covering the t rally & speculation as to why they did it

Ted Cruz Attempts to Attack Biden's Vacation...By Reminding People of That Time He Fled to Cancun

Anti-Vax Dad LIVID About Vaccine Mandate

in case you didn't know -the bestest TV series evar! --

Biden approval rate at 50%. CBS news poll.

George Clooney replies to "this guy who takes a shit in a gold toilet"

GOP candidate hospitalized

Holy Shit: The Sunday Sermons Episode 1: The Church That Literally Answers Your Prayers

On this day, October 10, 1926, Richard Jaeckel was born.

Florida Man discovers that mail-order meth isn't such a good idea

Trump's Iowa Rally, DOJ's Inaction & the Implications for the 2022 Midterm Elections - Kirschnr

I'm reading Rolling Stone's account of Trump's Iowa MAGAt rally and can't even pretend to "get" it.

Bear with me, again

Save Virginia from MAGA!

Caracal Hisses at Vet While Being Vaccinated - 1076952

How to wear a mask.

Browns/Chargers. . .what an amazing game.

From 2018: What Is the Biggest Thing in the Universe?

More than 100 Haitians found in trailer in Guatemala as desperate efforts to reach U.S. continue

Coffee is life...this morning I had the best cup of coffee in the world.

Former TFG aide Dan Scavino served with Jan. 6 committee subpoena after difficulty in locating him

US weather forecast Sunday: Millions across the central US are under threat of severe storms