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Archives: October 13, 2021

The only way the infrastructure bills will pass is if the progressive caucus bend to what Manchin

U.K. Turns to Coal as Low Wind Output Increases Power Prices

William C. Rhoden's excellent "Gruden is gone, now the NFL should get rid of those who enabled him"

FDA finds that Moderna's booster dose enhances virus-fighting antibodies

on TCM late,

MAGA Gun Church That Worships With AR-15s Has Bought a Giant Mountain Property in Tennessee

Rep. Adam Schiff's Promise To Refer Contemptuous Witnesses to the DOJ for Criminal Prosecution

Elections administrator in Texas county TFG won resigns after campaign to oust her

Hundreds of people evacuated from partially derailed Metro train in Arlington

Comedian Ben Gleib goes to an "anti-vax" restaurant and confronts idiocy

The real..."Donald Trump" will finally emerge..

No apparent shortage of prey for southern resident killer whales in Canadian waters during summer

TFG Soils his Depends Over Stunning Report on How He Reacted in Real Time on 1/6

Texas civics teacher in the US on asylum was sentenced to 12 month probation for his role on 1/6

Can someone provide a link to Women's March talk from this evening. please?

KY's Only Democratic Member of Congress Announces Retirement, Gerrymandering Threat Looms: Yarmuth

Facts Matter.

Mark Meadows Says 1/6 Commission Because Democrats Don't Want to Discuss Economy

Aren't you impressed, Trump-humpers!?!

The Red Sox should refuse to go to Texas for the ALCS.

Michigan GOP Rep. Wears 'Q' Button, Pushes Election Fraud Claims at Pro-Trump Rally

Economist: Congress should've killed the debt limit a long time ago. Here's what it should do now

Macron pushes nuclear, hydrogen power in 30 billion plan to reverse industrial decline

Washington schools superintendent warns parents to prepare for more closures

It's taken since Saturday afternoon, but little Jean Luc has emerged from under the bed!

Jailed MAGAs? Riot Investigators Threaten Subpoena Dodgers (MSNBC)

Luckovich -Manchin & Sinema Nailed the Door Shut

Bill Maher's dark vision for 2024 is all-too-real

Mike Lindell now calling GOP election reviews "fraudits" & that they're part of the cover up

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Neo-Fascist Attack In Rome, Italy Shows How The Far-Right 'Mini-Insurrection' Strategy Is Now Global

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Egypt inaugurates world's largest wastewater treatment plant

Kristalina Georgieva will remain managing director of the IMF, its board says

Just like the email lady, Kaepernick was right

Hawaii reports just 49 new COVID cases; vaccination rate stands at 69.6%

Federal immigration agents to end practice of worksite raids

The Covid vaccine doesn't cause infertility, but the disease might

Bannon, Replace Govt Workers w Shock Troops, We Control This Country, Rejuvenate FBI, Justice Dept.

Linda Ronstadt - Long, Long Time

M$Greedia is giving this shit way too much coverage

Boeing to require all US employees to be vaccinated against COVID

Democrats guide to getting at least 50 US Senate seats after 2022 is winning

Jesus Christ Superstar

Our democracy is being torched. Survey out of UVA suggests many voters are willing to watch it burn.

Poll: Americans aren't as divided on COVID as the media makes it seem

Teens like me just want to feel safe on our CMS campus

Charlottesville city manager resigns, citing 'public vitriol' and a 'broken relationship' with mayor

Health food at the state fair

Big Biz Says Screw You With Big a Texas Longhorn To Guv's Ban on Vax Mandates

Superman's Funeral- SNL

Brevard (FL) School Board member Jennifer Jenkins tonight details the threats and intimidation...

Satanic Influence of Facebook!

William Shatner hopes for no 'gremlins' on Blue Origin launch

Unvaccinated pockets of France expose inequalities and could fuel a winter wave

UNC cancels classes after reported suicide and attempt, citing 'mental health crisis'

Story about the BBC'S version of "The War of the Worlds" incident.

The Murders Down the Hall

Paul McCartney: Rolling Stones are a "blues cover band"

'If The GOP Is Afraid Of Trump, They Should Call Him Out' Says Rep. Connolly - Deadline - MSNBC

Students, alumni impact community as part-time first responders

Are Abbott and Desantis taking turns as America's Top Asshole?

NRPS - Glendale Train.

*Adam Schiff coming up on Lawrence show.

PM Update: Patchy fog and drizzle tonight, but sunshine may make a real appearance Wednesday

Jaleel Stallings Body-cam Footage; MPD Officers 'Hunting Activists' During George Floyd Protests

Two QAnon "celebrities" are at war...

Joyce Vance: DOJ 'Throws Down The Gauntlet' In Court Filing On TX Abortion Law - Deadline - MSNBC

Victorian Medicine Was Completely Insane Answers With Joe

Adam Serwer: By Attacking Me, Justice Alito Proved My Point

Representatives of the [#MAGA] Master Race are on the scene in Michigan today.

Michigan GOP Rep. Wears QAnon Pin at Pro-Trump Protest

BROKEN - Sack Cartoon

The Lincoln Project - Last Week in the Republican Party

3 USPS workers, including suspect, dead after shooting at Memphis facility

Disgusted Cheerleaders Demand NFL Release Report on Washington Football Team's 'Boys Club'

Donna Edwards On Voting Rights And Trump in 2024: 'Our Democracy Is At Stake' - Deadline - MSNBC

BLASTERS! Nothing but bangers from the Alvin brothers

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Texas Gov Greg Abbott Bans Vaccine Mandates, Ted Cruz Helps Launch Imaginary Crisis & Gruden Resigns

A QAnon influencer is organizing anti-mandate lawsuits in courts throughout the country

Apparently, CRT isn't sparking enough rage so now they have to add "DEI"

Democrats guide to getting 50 US Senate seats after 2022 is winning.

MAGA Gun Church That Worships With AR-15s Buys Giant Property in Tennessee

After all these years, the NFL is looking to settle. Why? Here's 1 take

I wish they would stop...

US Schools Gave Kids Laptops During The Pandemic. Then They Spied On Them. Digital Surveillance

A worthog isn't a friendly pet

Texas Republicans Spar Over Who Is More Pro-Covid - All In - MSNBC

State Dept. investigating whether Trump officials took gifts meant for foreign dignitaries

Texas agency removes webpages with resources for LGBTQ youths

California is banning gas-powered leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and weed trimmers -- and offering rebate

Bill Maher's dark vision for 2024 is all-too-real

Wings, jackfruit, fried rice, tortillas, pickles, and even chicken nachos are also on the menu

My lullaby tonight is from Cole Chaney. Good night.

Alisal Fire grows to 8,000 acres, burns out of control in Santa Barbara County

Seattle Kraken score their first ever NHL goal.

Jen Psaki humiliates Ted Cruz with one single comment - Brian Tyler Cohen

Florida Employees Threatened With Demotions If They Criticize Ron DeSantis

Trump won Hood County in a landslide. His supporters still hounded the elections administrator...

Wednesday Morning Sweet Autumn Season Jazz Streamimg

It's not looking good for the astronauts accompanying Shatner.

Sen. Josh Hawley, if this is not "harassment and intimidation," what would you call it?

Nearly Two-Thirds Of Americans Agree Life Was Better Before Social Media - MSNBC

Congresspersons Sheila Jackson Lee and Al Green will be suing on the racially gerrymandered district

Congresspersons Sheila Jackson Lee and Al Green will be suing on the racially gerrymandered district

Willie Jones, Kicked In The Head By California Deputy, Is Pursuing Legal Action

Eleven Films America must #SupoenaKevinMcCarthy

Catholic Troops Can Refuse COVID Vaccine, Archbishop Declares

Eleven Films America must #SupoenaKevinMcCarthy

Texas Gov. Abbott Issues Order Banning Vaccine Mandates (MSNBC)

Exclusive: China to test blood samples that could reveal Covid-19 origins (CNN)

The Case for Voting for Democrats

Opinion: I'm no Democrat -- but I'm voting exclusively for Democrats to save our democracy

News story that covid is leading cause of cop deaths gets thumbs down & stupid comments in reaction

Biden administration orders halt to ICE raids at worksites

Leave Ted Nugent Alone!

Rep. Schiff: Trump Completely Remade GOP In His Own Flawed Image - The Last Word - MSNBC

Experts Warn Possible Tsunami (Oct 13) after New Satellite Images Show La Palma Eruption intensifies

North Korea is showing off its arsenal

From George Lakoff:

Seth Meyers - Trump Endorses 88-Year-Old Sen. Chuck Grassley - Monologue 10/11/21

Went to Home Depot curbside pickup today.

OSHA Sends Employer Vaccine Rule to White House for Final Review

Update to my GoFundMe fundraiser

Joy Reid: The Cancer Of The Big Lie Has Spread Through GOP Ranks- The ReidOut - MSNBC

Waller Co. DA Elton Mathis slams police over teen's crash with cyclists

Waller Co. DA Elton Mathis slams police over teen's crash with cyclists

Do you ever pick your nose? Even if it's only once every few years?

10 Japanese Brands You Pronounce Wrong!

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'The Way of a Pilgrim'

Desktop Christmas Cheer

New York must allow religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccine mandate, judge rules

Chinese, Japanese, Korean Chopsticks difference

Smartest Cat in the World!! (Wait for it...)

New Podcast Series on Rightwing Radio

☦ Orthodox Christian Hymns /Sermons by Fr. David Jacob of St. Mary's in Chambersburg, PA

'I Am Definitely Not an Angel': Man in U.S. on Political Asylum was a Jan 6th rioter

5 things NOT to do when handling KATANA! A must-watch before buying katana or training iaido/battodo

high school soccer coach apologized after letting a player score 17 goals against winless team

Cute animals play with pumpkins

Medical Groups File Brief Arguing Texas Abortion Ban Endangers Women - The Last Word - MSNBC

Interpreter who helped rescue Biden in 2008 snowstorm flees Afghanistan

Texas-Based Aryan Circle Prison Gang Leader Known as 'Aryan Prodigy' Sentenced Over Assault

Concern grows over state of Stafford's finances

(Jewish Group) For Jewish Indigenous actress Sarah Podemski, it's a miracle just to exist

(Jewish Group) Does the number of violent assaults on Jews convey a country's antisemitism level? No

(Jewish Group) From Judeo-Greek to Karaim, Oxford courses on 12 rare Jewish languages

From Judeo-Greek to Karaim, Oxford courses on 12 rare Jewish languages aim to keep heritages alive

Former Houston Methodist employees will demand their jobs back after Abbott's vaccine mandate ban

Truck Driver Shortage Fuels Supply Chain Issues - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

within hours of a man's death, group - including judge, plunder his home, unaware of cameras

Texas businesses should sue over Gov. Greg Abbott's vaccine mandate ban, Harris County attorney says

Texas Law Says Jury Panels Must Be Chosen Randomly. A Brazoria County Official Had a Different Idea.

Follow the Science: Lab Leak Is Most Likely

Breakfast Wednesday 13 October 2021

Republicans Eyeing Upcoming Votes Stack Local Elections Boards With Trump Loyalists - Rachel Maddow

Texas removes suicide hotline from LGBTQ site because it could hurt GOP governor's reelection

String theory explained.

Maddow: Look Past Conspiracy Nonsense And Weirdos To Appreciate Modern Medical Science - MSNBC

Attacks On Abortion Rights Already Forcing Women To Dangerous 'Back Alley' Alternatives - Rachel Maddow

How a doughnut-shaped district breaks up voters of color near Fort Hood and helps House Republicans

Please Get Vaccinated and Continue to Mask Up, Please....

The incredible story of college football's first -- and only -- eighth-year senior

NEWSFLASH: cheating foreigners is a core part of the job

My wife and I had fight she was crawling on her knees at the end

Eating mushrooms may help prevent depression, study shows

Lost Maya Neighborhood Is a Mini Replica of Teotihuacan Citadel, New Research Finds

I'm still harvesting cucumbers from my garden here in Upper Michigan

Lost Maya Neighborhood Is a Mini Replica of Teotihuacan Citadel, New Research Finds

...if the GOP could win elections they would

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, October 13, 2021

U.S. FDA staff says Moderna did not meet all criteria for COVID-19 boosters

Democrats guide to retaining control of the US Senate in 2022 is winning-

Wednesday TOONs - Just A Bunch Of Really Bigoted Cartilage

US to reopen land borders in November for fully vaccinated

Biden to discuss supply chain crisis with US ports and carriers

European markets slump as UK economic growth falls short of forecasts

Bolsonaro blocks free tampons and pads for disadvantaged women in Brazil

Nordstrom, JOLTS underscore 'palpable sense of urgency' in jobs market: Morning Brief

A peaceful moment for you today

American On Pace For Record Number Of Billion-Dollar Disasters In 2021 -USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!!

Removal Of Obsolete Klamath River Dams May Be Too Late; Warming & Disease Are Crushing Salmon

CBS News polling of the Virginia governor race shows Terry McAuliffe (D) with a narrow lead ...

Pictured: William Shatner and three people who are about to die.

China Says Carbon Emissions Will Grow For Another 9 Years, May Need "New Phased Timetable" For Cuts

China exports up 28% in September; surplus with US grows

The Southwest Airlines mess and rumors of a vaccine walkout

Capitol Rioter Decides to Represent Himself in Court, Accidentally Admits to Two New Felonies

IEA - Current Carbon Pledges Will Cut Carbon Output By 40% By 2050, Ostensible "Net Zero" Target

GQP State Legislature Candidate Has The Solution To Sea Level Rise - Remove All Boats From The Ocean


Lol, Pelosi called McTurtle 'Moscow Mitch' on the Floor of the House

Ruthie Tompson Dies at 111; Breathed Animated Life Into Disney Films

The Weekly Pull: Batman: The Imposter, Immortal Hulk, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (10/13/21)

The Webcomics Weekly #158: It's not about the Lore but the Journey (10/12/2021 Edition)

Eric Boehlert: Media fail: Americans have no idea what's in Biden's Build Back Better bill

Funny Facebook post - called road side assistance for the wrong car

Andy Yanchus, Marvel Comics Colorist, Dead at 77

The Rundown: October 13, 2021

Great idea. Send MAGAs to Moscow.

Worker Shortages / Desperate Immigrants

CPI for all items rises 0.4% in September; food, shelter among indexes rising

It is official ...."Moscow Mitch" is in the Congressional Record" hit the link below:

Today, for the very first time in the entire history of the human race...

Capitol rioter admits to new felonies while representing himself in court

It's amazing!

The Trump Thugs are winning as law-abiding citizens do nothing to resist.

Authorities recommend reckless homicide charges for Madison man in crash that killed 3 teens

Seniors vote by mail

All 206 House Republicans voted against raising the US debt ceiling

Shall we play spot the difference?

📸📸📸 October Photography Contest Comment Thread 📸📸📸

He's stealing his brother's bone while he's asleep:

Real average hourly earnings for all employees increase 0.2% in September

Social Security benefits to rise 5.9 percent for roughly 70 million people in 2022

The great Art Tatum was born on this date.

Paul Simon has a birthday today.

Marc Elias Democracy Docket: How the GOP Will Try To Subvert Our Elections

Tuffy's Dog Food Recall (Salmon)

The sinister story of Kyrsten Sinema's turn to conservatism and political corruption

So, US reopening land borders to vaccinated next month, are fake Canadian vaccine records a thing?

Is America experiencing an unofficial general strike? - Robert Reich

Wednesday reminder of St. Stephen's food bank.

So Did Bill Maher Lay Out The Road Map For Tr**p & The Repugs To End.....

Texas removes suicide hotline from LGBTQ site because it could hurt GOP governor's reelection

You raised $275.00 on October 12, 2021 (Democrat Abby Finkenauer)

Stash-House Stings Carry Real Penalties for Fake Crimes

Yet once more, Jeff Tiedrich for the win ...

Pittie Has One Obsession In Life: Swimming

"That's quite a rocket"

Hurricane Pamela makes landfall on Mexico's Pacific coast

morning temp check in.

Now is the #TimeToDeliver for the working class of this country.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- October 13, 2021

So sick of these assholes.....

Sophie just had her first flea bath, and I lived to tell about it

14 minutes from now, Blue Origin launch:

Anyone have an extra peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

Shatner going into space is everything that is right AND wrong with the Universe

Kid really sells it.

I just laughed out loud at this on twitter. Josh Mandel is an absolute idiot.

Marine who criticized handling of Afghanistan withdrawal will plead guilty, seek favorable discharge

Just bitchin' about broadband again.

Do Republicans believe in gravity?

Winter slowly approaching: Cape Morris Jesup, Greenland -3 F

Legalize marijuana now: There are no good reasons left for locking people up

William Shatner "Sings" 'Rocket Man' (1978)

Legalize marijuana now: There are no good reasons left for locking people up

Der Spiegel: The Shadowy, Homemade Weapons Community Just Keeps on Growing

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Biden's $3.5T plan to help working families depends on Democratic unity

Pic Of The Moment: What Republicans Are Trying To Stop America From Getting In "Build Back Better"

William Shatner sets record in space with Blue Origin spaceflight

2fer: Chihuahua to Vegas. Cat stormed at shelter by owner in full combat gear.

Va Gov Race, GOP Youngkin's Carlyle Group Ruined Mobile Homes, Last Afford. Retirement Option, More

Sea-Fever - John Masefield

Any CyFair AFT members out there?

Trump To Replace Pence With Jon Gruden As 2024 Running Mate

Biden, Battling Supply Chain Woes, to Announce Port Will Operate 24/7

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) bizarrely claims 40,000 Brazilians heading for Connecticut

Sen. Roger Marshall, M.D. just claimed there's no need for the vaccines

Matt Amodio - We're never going to know unless he tells us

Va Gov Race, GOP Youngkin's Carlyle Group Ruined Mobile Homes, Last Afford. Retirement Option, More

MORE EVIDENCE: New details of armed Trump extremists continue to emerge in January 6 cases

Cartoon: Fun with fake privilege By Clay Jones -October 13, 2021 9:00 AM

Democrats are favored to win the 2022 NH US Senate Race unless-

Democrats sue over Montana law GOP used to disenfranchise young voters

The sinister story of Kyrsten Sinema's turn to conservatism and political corruption

Ok, serious question about anti-vaxxers.

NASA Is Preparing for the Ravages of Climate Change

Good Day DU (October 13, 2021)

An F.D.A. analysis suggests that J.&J. has not presented robust evidence for booster shots.

The truly GREAT Paddy Moloney, The Chieftains founder, dies aged 83


No one asked if I wanted a vaccine

Case sealed in arrest of South Dakota Senate Majority Leader Gary Cammack

Biden needs to take way more credit for the benefits people are receiving from his relief bill

HBO-MAX closed caption question.

Tweet of the Day

X - 4th of July

I voted today in Virginia

We still have time...

In The Dead Of Night, TX House GOP Pass Racially Gerrymandered Map

The Two Navy Holidays: Navy Birthday and Navy Day

Fox is still passing off GOP activists as concerned parents

Auditor Demands Brett Favre Return $828,000 in 'Illegally Spent Welfare Funds'

I watched John King covering the reconciliation bill on CNN and it occurred to me that

Here is why we are so screwed...even all over the world. Most people with the most money are corrupt

The 2021 National Book Award Finalists

How Biden hopes to solve holiday shipping crunch

The truth shall set you free__

Went to hospital for a test

Councilmember removed from leadership after offensive mailer

Women's 10km world record holder found dead

Republicans have lost the popular vote in 4 straight general elections and 7 of the last 8.

House Budget Chair John Yarmuth announces retirement

Husband a 'suspect' as Kenyan athlete Tirop found dead

Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro announces his bid for governor

Mississippi auditor demands payments in human services fraud

How To Draw Ted Cruz

I fear I'm the meanest, most feline abusing hooman on the planet, today.

Breaking...Film TV workers union says strike to start next week

Pennsylvania's Democratic attorney general Josh Shapiro, who fought against former President Donald

Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro announces his bid for governor

Utah surpasses 3,000 COVID-19 deaths as more young patients succumb to the virus

Something Profound for My 10,000th post ........

We drove to MSP airport; have not been there since forever

Marine critical of military over Afghan pullout to plead guilty

Case sealed in arrest of South Dakota Senate Majority Leader Gary Cammack

2319 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today ; -6 deaths

Sidney Powell's latest dumbass conspiracy theory

New Poll Shows Biden's Approval at 50%

Malcolm Nance on Stephanie Miller's Show Today

The Shooter's Wife: Noor Salman, Wife of the Pulse Nightclub Gunman, Is Ready to Speak

Pressure on January 6 panel ratchets up amid new explosion of Trump election lies

With Trump gone, advocates flood Justice Dept. with requests to investigate police

Mike Lindell smoking crack again?

Indianapolis officer charged after video showed him kick handcuffed man in face

Buttigieg says Biden's infrastructure proposals would help supply chain crisis

IATSE Sets Strike Date for 60,000 Film and Television Workers, Ratcheting Pressure on Studios

Penn State to require COVID-19 vaccine for all University Park employees

Smug Liberals Empower The Far Right? Fuck You

When mommy's finally home..

Gabby Petito was strangled. Experts say such an assault is a red flag for intimate partner homicides

Reince Priebus Claims Democrats 'Think Cows Are the Enemy of the American People'

Why don't Biden, Pelosi and Schumer call James Carville?

Jon Gruden's censorship: Why conservatives decry the consequences of free speech

But but.. Why don't Biden Dems try getting their message out!

Which US Senate Elections do the Democrats have a better chance of winning?

MAGA Gun Church That Worships With AR-15s Has Bought a Giant Mountain Property in Tennessee

Eve of destruction lyrics and today

"Its Time To Shut Up About Bob

Remember, "Inflation is taxation" is a goldbug meme

Rep. Steve Scalise's recent cowardice is part of a long and very ugly history

Not My Cat is complaining

Matthew Gertz busts Fox for having GQP activists as local Fairfax "parents"

IBM, American Air, Southwest Snub Abbott and Back Biden on Shots

The AntiVax Cray Cray on full display

Florida school board member who supports masks reveals threats her family received

Arrested For Being Annoying

King County vaccine mandate prompts tide of legal questions from firms, employers

Chicago Police bodycam video shows violent arrest at center of CPD lawsuit ABC7 Chicago

Who's a good girl!

The Untold Story Of The Danbury Police Department

United CEO confirms 232 employees are being fired for not complying with its vaccine mandate

Best Campaign Ad Award goes to New Jersey Dem Party

Lie or Be Fired! Crazy QI Case

Western Washington could see La Nina winter this season

Dayton Police Investigate After Body-cam Shows Disabled Man Pulled From Car By Officers

How to Crash a Back The Blue Rally

Washington's border with Canada reopening to vaccinated travelers in November after 19 months

California bullet train's latest woe: Will it be high speed?

President Obama to campaign in NewJersey & Virgina for Murphy & McAuliffe

Midnight in Washington Comment Thread

The Lincoln Project changes AT&T's Twitter bio

Pro-Trump activists could knock on your door asking questions about the 2020 election

Did the pandemic restore our faith in government? Survey says YES.

IMPD officer charged in excessive force investigation

Has anyone watched "Sex Education" on Netflix?

Most hopeful news all year. "Czechs Defeat a Populist, Offering a Road Map for Toppling Strongmen"

DA: After cops killed son, mother uses $5 million settlement to supply guns for teen gang

Rise of a Far-Right Pundit Is Scrambling French Politics

Ohio State Marching Band: "A Tribute to Rush" Halftime Show Oct. 9, 2021 vs. Maryland

Texas House passed extreme gerrymandered GOP state House map at 3:30 am

Join us in wishing our first Second Gentleman @DouglasEmhoff a very happy birthday!

Aches and pains from one 72 year old's perspective------

The Lincoln Project-Seb Gorka and Glen Youngkin-two birds of a featerh

The Lincoln Project-Seb Gorka and Glen Youngkin-two birds of a featerh

The Lincoln Project-Seb Gorka and Glen Youngkin-two birds of a featerh

OpEd: Unemployment benefits weren't what kept workers home. The latest crummy jobs report proves it.

Doctor clears up common misconceptions about COVID-19 vaccines

Dale Kildee, who represented Flint area in Congress for 36 years, dies at 92

Attorney General, Jeff Rosen, agrees to testify to the January 6 Committee

Cartoons 10/13/2021

Val Demings Builds Massive War Chest

Eric Adams, New York City's Likely New Mayor, Is Keeping a Low Profile

COVID cases decline but local hospitals remain 'under siege'

Rosen, former acting AG under Trump, scheduled to appear before Jan. 6 committee

Boeing says workers must get the COVID vaccine by Dec. 8

John Gruden "T***p" and the destruction of societal norms

Demings outraises Rubio with $8.4 million haul

90-Year-Old William Shatner Calls His Space Joyride the 'Most Profound Experience'

Pentagon Backs Taiwan Against Chinese Military Threats

NHL announces that all but 4 players are vaccinated

Smokey Robinson Reveals He Almost Died From COVID-19

Herschel Walker spokeswoman thinks swastikas are "anti-mandatory vaccination graphics"

Va Gov Race: GOP Youngkin's Carlyle Group Ruined Mobile Homes, Last Afford. Retirement Option, More

U.S. to Open Canada and Mexico Borders for Vaccinated Travelers

#LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb is trending on twitter

Two pieces of advice for new DUers starting an OP

McAuliffe urges Dems to use muscle on voting, infrastructure

'County With A Staggering History Of Detaining Children' Revealed In Shocking Report

Biden addresses global supply chain bottlenecks

Biden is such a drag on the VA gubernatorial race!!!

Environmentalists sue Texas officials, claiming the repeated closing of public beaches so that Elon

He will give up his career to prove a point': Former ESPN anchor on Kyrie Irving

Rep. Gym Jordan's Anti-Vax Tweet Gets Turned Into A Scathing Reminder Of His Past

Pablo Casals on pedagogy...

Claudia Tenney (R-NY) campaign spent thousands on her own companies

Paraplegic man recounts when cops dragged him from his car

A Texas state agency removed a suicide hotline and resources for LGBTQ youth from its website after

Virginia moves to immediately sever ties with prison health care contractor

Herschel Walker cancels fundraiser with supporter who had swastika in her Twitter profile

Miami Mayor Says Plan Advancing to Pay City Employees in Bitcoin

'The most profound experience I can imagine': Emotional William Shatner recounts space trip

You know those school board elections we are used to downplaying? Nov 2 Elections in CO...

It finally fracking came!

Port of LA shifting to 24/7 operations to help ease shipping backlog ahead of holiday season

DKOS: Lazy pundits are rooting for Democrats to fail in Virginia--so we're going to help them win

'Protective' Katie Couric left out RBG's criticisms of kneeling for anthem in 2016 interview

Don's Take: School board meetings are turning into battlefields

Hillary Clinton Directly Calls Out Trump & GOP For Betraying Democracy

Why spend $50,000 on a pool when you can use a livestock water tank instead?

The Department of Justice is investigating the Texas juvenile prison system.

The Department of Justice is investigating the Texas juvenile prison system.

Question: any resource for learning which vaccine has had the most breakthrough cases?

Several killed in Norway by bow and arrow. breaking

'Eternals' First-Day Advance Tickets Beating 'Shang-Chi' & 'Black Widow'; AMC Sees Biggest Day 1 Pre

State agency removed online resources for LGBTQ youth after complaints from Abbott primary opponent

rip paddy moloney. hard to imagine the world w/o you.

State agency removed online resources for LGBTQ youth after complaints from Abbott primary opponent

**Breaking** Mesa County's Tina Peters can't participate in November election, CO judge rules

Neil Young - After the Gold Rush (Live) [Official Audio]

A proposal to ease the US worker shortage that would make Repubs' heads explode:

What's for Dinner, Wed., Oct. 13, 2021

Here we go - countdown time...some documents are due today - others tomorrow

Georgia ballot inspection case dismissed after no fraud found.

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Parrots incredibly talk to one other like humans

This is fascinating:

'Seized by some invisible hand': What it feels like to have Havana Syndrome

Jail time for two Capitol riot defendants pleading guilty to petty misdemeanor

Pacific Hurricane Pamela hit Mexico as a Cat 1 but it will do some damage in the US

US Senate seats that Democrats must win in 2022!

Distance runner Mary Cain files $20M lawsuit against Nike, her former coach

Actor Letitia Wright Denies Black Panther 2 Anti-Vaxx Reports

Judge sentences Texas man in US on asylum to 12 months of probation for Capitol riot

Online pharmacy Ravkoo sold millions worth of dubious drugs

Michelle Wu Leads Annissa Essaibi George By 32 Points In Boston Mayoral Race Ahead Of WBZ-TV Debate,

Happy Birthday, @AOC ! Hope it's a good one.

Brachs turkey dinner candy corn an 'unrepentant violation of the Geneva Convention'

PA from cradle of democracy to land of insurrectionists - Paul Muschick commentary

10/13 Mike Luckovich - Supply Chain Issues

Cross your fingers: "'Near-record' rainfall could hit the Bay Area soon"

*the epic documentary "Season of the Osprey" is only two weeks away

Our New Employee Just Lost Healthcare Now Makes Too Much Money

What Allen West got wrong

Biden, Battling Supply Chain Woes, to Announce Port Will Operate 24/7.

Jon Stewart Slams Comedians Crying About 'Cancel Culture'

Hey, I love all winged creatures that visit my bird feeders but come on, such pigs......

The latest email scam is . . . elaborate. Someone's been reading too many int'l crime novels.

Fort Hood soldier found dead behind barracks

I want this

'There have to be consequences:' Judge ups sentences for U.S. Capitol rioters

Back today, NOT an osprey.

You can tell this homeless puppy was raised by cats

Do it Republicans.....listen to TFG

Jeffrey Clark subpoenaed by Jan 6 Committee:

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 14 October 2021

Five Cheetah Cubs Born at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute [LIVE WEBCAM]

Paywall: Robert Strong: Dumb and dumber Americans

Texas florist becomes 100th US Capitol rioter to plead guilty

Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and

Rosie and the kitten (From Reddit)

'Several' people killed in Norway bow and arrow attacks, police say

I need help solving a word jumble!

IATSE Sets Strike Date for 60,000 Film and Television Workers, Ratcheting Pressure on Studios

Naked woman walks through Denver Airport asking passengers, 'Where are you from?'

I think we can all get behind Donald Trump's latest threat...

Angus on the half-pipe.

Tonight & tomorrow, the Moon, Jupiter, & Saturn meet up.

Venezuelan Army General Who Saved Hugo Chavez From Coup Dies in Jail

Jail Officials Held in Contempt for Treatment of Jan. 6 Defendant

Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to run 24/7 according to Biden!

Just saw my Proctologist for my yearly exam, sweet old character, kind of guy you imagine

Are we paying attention to the warnings that Trump is going to try to end the Republic again?

Just in case you missed it...

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Katie Couric Exposes RBG After 'Protecting' Her from Scolding National Anthem Kneelers Like Colin Ka

Ancient meteorites preserve building blocks of early solar system

Infrastructure Bill

Chicago Civil Rights Activist Timuel Black Dies at Age 102

Kari Lake Racks Up Another Extremist Endorsement -- The Rest of the Field...Silent

West Michigan hospitals hit capacity as COVID cases rise

Pastillas de avena

Heroic Rescue Of a Stray Kitten Trapped In a Military Helicopter

White House Warns Supply Chain Shortages Could Lead Americans To Discover True Meaning Of Christmas

Kevin James is trending on Twitter, and this is why:

Potential storm could end California wildfire season early.

just got the bestest teeshirt ever

Trae Crowder - Making Fun of Madison Cawthorn

D.C. Region: Covid Cases Drop, Hospitalizations Plateau Following Delta Surge- DC, Md, Va Area

This is why you need to go inside a sturdy building when lightning is within 10 miles of you.

She was dead on about TFG.

Man charged federally with threatening former Baltimore health commissioner Dr. Leana Wen over COVID

The Lincoln Project - Dragon of Budapest

Evening in southern MD

Charlie Kirk Gets Fooled By A Dolphin Fetus - The Rational National

Sherrod Brown Endorses Tim Ryan

today was mostly cloudy and light sprinkes and some mists .

Sunset with birds

Mad About The Boy - Carmen McRae

Sen Eliz Warren: Billionaires Have 'Enough Money To Shoot Themselves Into Space' They Dont Pay Taxes

Short film - DELIVERY FROM EARTH - first human born on Mars from perspective of a Navajo family

A sort of nice anti-vax story from Florida. Florida man and a Doctor meet at a bar.

How do you like your bacon cooked?

Adam Schiff explains the subpoenas from the last 4 years:

Unsupported 'sickout' claims take flight amid Southwest woes

Question regarding a nasty right wing smear going around about Biden's speaking ability.....

Privatization Of Puerto Rico's Electric Grid

My annual skin cancer screening - hold onto your hats folks

Biden and the DEMS need to prepare for political fallout coming soon...

with Jupiter!

Winter heating bills set to jump as inflation hits home

Dave Bromberg - Statesboro Blues - Live 1974

Longmont Shooting: USPS Mail Carrier Fatally Shot In Front Of Mailboxes

The foolish GOP grandstanding against vaccine mandates

Prosecutors argue Giuliani associate Lev Parnas knew donations he funneled were illegal

which politicians should we send to space?

Is there something I can do to make things up?

Martian floods? Scientists say rover found evidence

You know what will be fun?

TFG's Bluff

In Pa. visit, Jill Biden asks Allentown's Hispanics to put faith in husband to deliver on promises

WH formally rejects TFG's request to protect specific documents from being given to 1/6 committee

Herschel Walker Fundraiser Had Swastika In Twitter Profile

House Capitol attack panel issues subpoena to Trump official Jeffrey Clark

Beau: Let's talk about Biden's poll numbers....

Firefighting crews battle wildfire that threatens Reagan ranch in California

Grammar lessons...

Biden Plans Wind Farms Along Entire U.S. Coastline

Meet Jeff McConney, TFG Org CFO Allen Weisselberg's right-hand man who has been quietly testifying