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One death and 26 hospitalizations now associated with hepatitis A outbreak at Famous Anthony's in

Waxing Gibbous, 88% visible

Mondaire Jones Warns Against Watering Down Human Infrastructure Proposals

Europe's Violent Shadow Army Unmasked

Waxing Gibbous, 88% visible

Ah, who is Robert Gates.......60 Minutes.....Anderson Cooper talking to Gates.....

Republicans Worry Trump Will Blow the Next Election

Jill Biden surprises her South Carolina 'prayer partner'

Private Facebook group that organized July Cuba protests plans bigger ones soon

Ex-intel official who created controversial Trump Russia dossier speaks out

Gillian Welch My Morphine

Jorma Kaukonen - Operator

One of the most beautiful songs ever

Betty Lynn, Barney's Girlfriend Thelma Lou on 'The Andy Griffith Show,' Dies at 95

Eric Clapton's SAD Final Act.

When the Synapsids Struck Back

Dave Bromberg Band - Sloppy Drunk....

Levon Helm and the Cate Brothers....after the Band?

The ongoing saga of Snowflake. Progress is made!

Press Association names Senator Zaffirini champion of transparency

BTRTN: Part 7, The Jeremy Lin Saga Continues: Basketball Takes a Back Seat

BTRTN: Part 7, The Jeremy Lin Saga Continues: Basketball Takes a Back Seat

Is this a real bird?

BTRTN: Part 7, The Jeremy Lin Saga Continues: Basketball Takes a Back Seat

why do we starting this month have to dial the area code and number ?

Send In The Clowns - Judy Collins

Still Loving You -- Scorpions

One of those long draining days

Have you ever been

Removed Robert E. Lee statue now on display at Texas resort

Two of the Best, American Legends

Times are tough for lovers of vintage cameras. One was just pulled from a plane.

ESPN reporter Allison Williams leaving network over COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Is energy crisis in Europe a cautionary tale for U.S.?

Fauci Dismayed by Texas' Move to Ban Mandates

Biden has a big chip he needs to use now - threaten to declare Natl ER for Climate by Exec Order

Ex-intel official who created controversial Trump Russia dossier speaks out

The angry little face as the green beans get snapped.

Washington Metro suspends use of more than half of its rail cars

Christopher Steele Breaks Silence in ABC Interview, Says the Trump Pee Tape 'Probably' Exists

Hungary's opposition parties unite to challenge far-right leader Orban

What do you think about this?

COVID-19 vaccine exemption passes West Virginia House

ICYMI...the Balloon World Cup was last week

Cleaned out my camera storage and look at the photo I found dated December 4, 2020

Patrick Mahomes' mom calls for NFL to change interception rules

Al Franken: Economist Austan Goolsbee on Build Back Better (Oct. 17, 2021)

Next Bond?

Domino's Pizza CEO says U.S. needs more immigration to address nationwide worker shortages

Ronnie Tutt, Elvis' drummer, passed on

Global tax deal could drive changes in Democrats' budget plan

Why America's vets are turning to extremism after the military

Best Room Rater review ever.......🤣

WV redistricting update: Senate delays vote again, as controversy swirls over map that came out of

Before 1807, women voted in New Jersey

A short explainer of what the Oath Keepers are and why they matter.

So it seems police unions want to test the system by refusing to reveal vax status and . . . .

Utah Protesters Claim Hospitals Are Killing People Who Have COVID

THE BATMAN - Main Trailer

DC's 'Black Adam' Trailer 2022 Breakdown

NASA's Mars Fleet Lies Low with Sun Between Earth and Red Planet


DC 'SHAZAM 2: FURY OF THE GODS' sneak peak

COVID-19 canceled many fall fairs and festivals. Here's what that means for WV communities.

QAnon Figurehead Announces Run For Congress

DC's 'PEACEMAKER' Official Trailer

DC's Naomi - Official Teaser Trailer

FDA Delays Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine for Adolescents to Review Rare Myocarditis Side Effect

Ava DuVernay previews DC's 'DMZ'

The Bye Line: Jonathan Capehart Calls Out Tucker Carlson's Homophobia - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

CycloTech First Flight

Trump Blames Biden For January 6th Riot

Gov. Justice, family company agree to Monroe County stream restoration stipulations after feds say

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive): Local Car Commercials Update

Police Arrest Woman Caught on Camera Setting New York Jewish School on Fire

(Jewish Group) 'Holocaust was a scam' projected on Swedish synagogue....

(Jewish Group) DC councilmember who once spread Rothschild conspiracy theory is running for mayor

(Jewish Group) Holocaust denying neo-Nazi's remains were buried in a Jewish man's grave in Germany

"Help Me Remember" - song about dementia

Liliana Bakhtiari could become Georgia's first out queer Muslim elected official

Trans man drove himself to hospital & died there after being shot by unknown attacker

LGBTQ Keyser High student talks about bullying; superintendent releases statement

Rep. Schiff On Bannon Defying Jan 6 Subpoena: 'No One Is Above The Law' - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

The Temptations Papa Was A Rolling Stone 1972 Single Version

As Japan's yakuza mob weakens, former gangsters struggle to find a role outside crime

"1968" - a song

"The truth is, we need at least $45 from EACH Patriot reading this email..."

"If you are raising a young man, raise them to be a monster!"

"A Bad Liver and a Broken Heart"

The Clinton's Halloween Party -SNL

Monday Morning Jazz & Coffee Music Streaming

Anyone know if you can freeze milk and for how long?

TikTok challenges for students

There was a time ...

Former Republicans Discuss Trump's Continued Stranglehold On The GOP - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Large and Influential, Sanford Health led the region to understand the seriousness of the Delta

Marvel faze 4 trailer.

Judge sides with company in royalties dispute with state

Steve Bannon Proves Loyalty To Trump By Defying Congress - American Voices - MSNBC

Canadian firm reveals plan for $2.8B North Dakota gas plant

North Dakota oil executive pleads guilty in fraud scheme

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are likely going to win.

Former President Bill Clinton Discharged From Hospital - NBC News

Fire Postmaster DeJoy

Climate Change Policy Likely To Be Cut From Spending Bill - American Voices - MSNBC

Enbridge fails to meet aquifer cleanup deadline

Is there a Steve Gunderson type Republican running in WI-3?

Railroad venture boosts number of oil trains in Minnesota

An Israeli F-15 and a German Eurofighter fly together near Jerusalem, a demonstration of close ties

Saltwater spill reported in Billings County

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - One Short Night

Newspapers Sue Speaker Gosch to Release Names of House Members Calling for Special Session to

Manchin (D-W.Va.) has told the White House the child tax credit must include a firm work requirement

SD Senate Majority Leader on Probation After Pleading Down from DUI Charge

His announcement was premature. Ravnsborg's promotion is still on hold as Army Reserve officials

Who do you trust? Most South Dakotans unaware of the massive impact of financial firms on state's ec

The Pandora Papers have generated intense scrutiny of S.D.'s trust industry. Is it a thunderclap or

Why is the number 6 afraid of the number 7

Waterspout spectacle off the coast of Cuba

Breakfast Monday 18 October 2021

Nebra Sky Disc: British Museum to display world's 'oldest map of stars'

A peaceful moment for you today

Reopening of Bernalillo County headquarters postponed

Domestic Terror Inciter Madison Cawthorn Promises To Prosecute Dr. Fauci If GOP Returns To Power

Biden's Schedule for Monday, October 18, 2021

Metrorail limits service after pulling 60% of fleet for derailment investigation

Metrorail limits service after pulling 60% of fleet for derailment investigation

Like a rat in a trap

Behind the Energy Crisis: Fossil Fuel Investment Drops, and Renewables Aren't Ready

Behind the Energy Crisis: Fossil Fuel Investment Drops, and Renewables Aren't Ready

Been paying close attention to the budget fight/negotiations...

Monday TOONs - Stonewall-a-Lago

Amtrak Hopes Infrastructure Bill Will Help Fund a Tunnel to Ease Delays on Northeast Corridor

Desperate Fox Is Spreading Lies About Pelosi Stepping Down

Spanish prime minister vows to abolish prostitution, saying it 'enslaves' women

Chuck Todd Blames Biden For Not Fixing Everything In 9 Months

Female Spanish thriller writer Carmen Mola revealed to be three men

Green Investing Looks to Clean Up the Maritime Industry

China's Third-Quarter Economic Growth Slows Sharply to 4.9%

Gen. Colin Powell has died of COVID complications, per cnn.

Colin Powell dead at 84 from covid

Colin Powell, military leader and first Black US secretary of state, dies

"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date..."

Kamala Harris' father, Professor Don Harris

Presenting (seriously) the Balloon World Cup

Malcolm Turnbull On The Murdochs, The Lies And The Climate Crisis They Poured Fuel On

Just breaking.

A very Sparky Halloween -by Tom Tomorrow

Ted Cruz' dumb tweet about Australia, & the response from Michael Gunner, the Chief Minister for t

John Oliver Gets Local Car Dealer To Produce 'Unhinged' Ad And It's... Um... Wow

Minor Leaguers Win Free Housing Through Unprecedented Organizing

Eric Boehlert: CNN keeps trying to bury Biden

what happens to all those left over pumpkins

I hope these last two nights, with Madoc, are what I can expect from here out

Delayed or no links today

...Is the mechanism going to be named "fascism"?

Study calls Connecticut safest state amid COVID-19 pandemic

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz's Big Fundraising PAC is Nearly Broke

Jill Biden surprises the stranger who helped her rediscover her faith in God

Colin Powell Dies From Covid Complications At 84 (MSNBC)

During the Cold War, D.C. was ringed by Nike missile sites. One had an accident.

Pancake feed in Omaha helps striking Kellogg's workers, people seeking skilled jobs

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)

The Lincoln Project - Morph

Colin Powell had several bouts of cancer

"Every storm runs out of rain." Maya Angelou

Former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell died this morning

Miami school says vaccinated students must stay home for 30 days to protect others, citing discredit

Nobody wants to work anymore? Some job seekers getting fed up with applying and not hearing anything

Deposition Day

Evangelical 'Christians' declare war in Halloween and want call it JesusWeen. No, really.

I Salute These Patriots, My Friends, And Wish Them Godspeed And More Company


Food Packaging Chemicals May Contribute to 100,000 US Deaths Per Year, Study Finds

Fraud, need advice.

Miami man arrested in Haiti for allegedly supplying gun in attempted kidnapping

Buttigieg schools Chuck Todd: Private sector made supply chain fiasco. Biden not waiting on market.

Walking Contradictions

Couple Finds Tiny Sparrow After A Storm

For 105 days, COVID's death toll in Florida counties went missing...

Why did Trump respond to a deposition ?

Last Chance to Save American Democracy

Cocaine Blues, OG Style....

How is it that Kissinger & Cheney are alive when Colin Powell is not?

My Friend

Unique underground power line would send renewable energy from Midwest to Eastern markets

Out of the Shadows: The Man Behind the Steele Dossier (Hulu)

Does anyone know how Colin Powell's health was before he caught COVID?

OH-GOV: Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown endorses Mayor Nan Whaley for governor

Two fewer anti-vaxxers in the world.

"Voting isn't magic. Voting is medicine."

Ancient dog-size sea scorpion unearthed in China

St. Louis County officer found not guilty in death of girl

The future farmers of France are tech savvy -- and they want weekends off

Astronomers spot dark matter creating eerie clones of a distant galaxy

Protestors disrupt flame lighting for Beijing Winter Games

Biden administration moves to curtail toxic 'forever chemicals'

Here it comes: "Powell was fully vaccinated! See, vaccines don't work!!"

Build back solar: the Puerto Ricans who see sun as key to resist climate shocks

How do you dress your kid as a Satanic Socialist for Halloween?

Pic Of The Moment: I Guess Bigots Don't Have To Be Consistent

Sorting Out Sparky the Wonder Penguin's Halloween Costume

Did the Earth tip on its side 84 million years ago?

Sharing a little "Grandpa humor"

You're retired, got some money, and get that dream sport car you've always wanted

Researchers asked people worldwide about divisiveness. Guess where U.S. ranked

Sen. Chuck Hagel recalls harrowing 2008 trip to Afghanistan with Biden, Kerry

Manchin Child Tax Credit - Really hurts NJ families

Far Too Many Businesses Would Embrace Slavery

End of JFK's last speech, which he never got to deliver.

Amazon to Open Huge New Distribution Center in Minnesota

Plot twist...

John Deere on strike - $1.84 over 5 yrs. - 37cents a yr. (spoiled workers)

Oct. 17, 1961: Keith Richards spoke to Mick Jagger

Good Day DU (October 18, 2021)

John Eastman isn't going away quietly

PBS: NATIVE AMERICA, 4- Part Series: Full Documentary (2018)

Twenty years at DU. Thank you all for being you.

Wind on the River, southern MD

Anita O'Day was born on this date.

An easy, no cost way to reduce right-wing extremism in the military and veterans

Chuck was born on this date.

Born on this date. Gone too soon.

On this date in 1977

403 forbidden

A whole new world has opened up to Madoc.

One nut nuttier than the other nut

All morning the media would not report that Powell had cancer

Witnesses: Ethiopian military airstrikes hit Tigray capital

No new case numbers on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon - maintenance

Four Tops musical 'I'll Be There' will premiere in Detroit ahead of Broadway run

Are there any T shirts with " Will you shut up man!"

Tiedrich: "Colin Powell didn't die because he was vaccinated. he died because you weren't"

Memory of General Powell

SCOTUS summarily reverses LC rulings that had allowed lawsuits against police officers to proceed.

Fox's John Roberts Slammed For Deleted Tweet Claiming Death of Colin Powell Raises 'New Concerns'

You raised $175.00 on October 17, 2021

For Siwsan - Live cheeta cub cam

Scary Halloween decoration.

Toyota, Stellantis to Build EV-Battery Factories in the U.S.

I just gave Madoc his first taste of cat nip. Remember that blonde guy in 'Reefer Madness'??



Has Interpol become the long arm of oppressive regimes?

Savage Love - Walk off the Earth (Jason Derulo Cover)

When was the last time you saw a pay toilet?

The wealthiest 10% of Americans own a record 89% of all U.S. stocks

This little chef is adorable:

Qualified immunity: Supreme Court sides with police, overturns denial of immunity in two cases

Sinclair TV stations disrupted across the US after ransomware attack

Exploring West Virginia's Native American History

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- October 18, 2021

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Zillow Tumbles After It Stops Buying New Homes

ive been called a flameing card carrying liberal? where can i get my flaming card ?

Puppy Chooses His Own Shelter Kitten To Bring Home

What's inside the Treasury's proposal to track nearly all bank accounts

Parenthood - The rollercoaster

State COVID-19 vaccine mandate in effect Monday

Dog park plot twist (NSFW):

Hate-Speech Case Forces Japan to Confront Workplace Racism

Who is going to step up to save the children, and the globe, from Joe Manchin?

"Re-litigating 2020 is a recipe for disaster in 2022," Asa Hutchinson

Dominion CEO says company failed to vet secretive anti-Youngkin PAC it donated to, asks for $200,000

Brooklyn woman arrested for arson at Jewish school

TFG website hijacked by Turkish hacker

Monday mood:

Cutting Massive Bill Threatens to Blow Up Progressive Unity

How right wing radio took over American democracy by Justin Ling CBC Radio

Bates College Administration Censors Student Reporters Covering Staff Unionization

it rained in sonora ca last nite , a very good rain too. more to come ?

Parrots holding hands:

Stormed the capital...

Trump faces a pile of civil lawsuits as depositions begin

not only are we having the great i quit , we are also having the great not coming back to work.

Virginia GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin forced to boot white nationalist supporter from campaign event

Cartoon: Tucker loves the fetus, hates the child By Clay Jones -October 18, 2021 12:32 PM

Factory farms of disease: how industrial chicken production is breeding the next pandemic

Rescued leopard knows exactly where he wants to be scratched:

Sinclair Broadcast Group hit by ransomware attack

The G.O.P.'s Race to Out-Trump the Trumpists

Watch out for SPAM CALLS re: your Amazon account! ZI just got another one. Reason for

Just realized today at 1:59 PM will be my 17th anniversay here at DU.

Russia throwing temper tantrums by shutting their mission to NATO

Right-Wing Nonprofit Lavishes Millions on Top Brass

DeJoy, boy, is that you? I thought your Post Office days were through

Watching ABC news GMA3 talk about Colin Powell

Biden team asks Supreme Court to pause Texas abortion law

Halloween Costumes

Congressman Mike Doyle PA-18th announces retirement after current term

I'm confused on Moderna 3rd shot

Knesset holds contentious memorial session on anniversary of Rabin assassination

Cartoons 10/18/2021

Cyclists highlight Interurban Trail needs before light rail arrival

Alaska Airlines stalls plan for extra flights in Everett

Test flight planned for hydrogen-fueled passenger plane in Moses Lake

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 10/13/2021

The Rundown: October 18, 2021

Israeli defense officials express concern over uptick in Jewish 'nationalist crimes'

How Mitch McConnell Accidentally Created An Unregulated THC Market

Anyone else experience this?

Sites where Germans killed Jews are dedicated in Poland

Jury selection to start in trial over Ahmaud Arbery's death

Biden team asks Supreme Court to pause Texas abortion law

beach bunny w. tegan and sara - cloud 9 (studio-2020) it's like if the go-go's also liked girls

Attention, Conservative Parents: Your Kids Aren't Your Property

Ted Cruz blasted Australia's COVID rules. A top Australian official didn't hold back

Corel Software on sale

Mistakes were made...

Japan PM says Fukushima wastewater release can't be delayed

Dennis Prager announces he has COVID-19 while ranting against vaccines...

Ron Johnson's dumbass COVID cure

New CPD memo threatens investigation, termination for cops not compliant with vaccination reporting

On the lighter side , my text messages got hacked.

Monday's Psaki Bomb

Trump crowd is asked to wear masks. Watch what happened next

Colin Powell, The First Black US Secretary Of State, Dies Of Covid Complications

CNN:Colin Powell dies at 84

HBO Exposes the Violent Chaos of Trump's Jan. 6 Rioters

World Health Organization-WHO Is Letting Down 'Long Covid Patients'

Is the real reason for Chicago police not taking the vaccine just a move against the Mayor whom

Oh Spirit Halloween! Is there any costume that you don't have?

It occurs to me that firing Vaccine refusers in the Military and Police

Instead of providing children's needs with programs called "Child welfare programs:

The October Competition is now open for a second submission

The REAL reason the US supply chain is backed up

Can anyone help me out with an answer to this?

Jon Stewart: Trump isn't some incredible supervillain

500,000 plus dead Iraqis and it's yes he made a mistake Blitzer

Two Potoo Tubes

Wall to wall

His life made the world worse.

Tennessee fined $250,000

Battleground US Senate Races in 2024

Industrial production falls 1.3% as effects from Ida linger

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice

Um, anybody going?

So Powell had Parkinson's Disease

Glenn Youngkin Caught on Video Claiming Barack Obama, Jill Biden Stacey Abrams Are "Crazy People"

Donald Trump Jr. Is Going Full QAnon


SE Cupp: The RNC needs plausible alternatives to Trump

When does AOC run for the US Senate?

John Eastman isn't going away quietly

Brian Stelter shares chilling threats from man angered by his election reportin

Agent Orange kills another one...

Fuck! Enough Already! Colin Powell is why America is where it is!

#News 'He should suffer the consequences': Impeachment witness on Trump's lies

Sinclair Broadcast Group dealing with weekend data breach, ransomware attack

Amazon denies allegations of misleading congressional committee

The last good colonel died of Parkinson's

Judge agrees to delay sentencing of former Gaetz associate as cooperation continues

Check in if you remember watching the Colin powell WMD testimony with cartoons

Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan and the Proud Boys: How the fragility of the male ego fuels the far-right

Obama statement on Colin Powell.

Baby elephants take their cuddling seriously!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 19 October 2021

On this day, October 18, 1971, George Jones and Tammy Wynette released "We Go Together."

The U.S. Can Lower Drug Prices Without Sacrificing Innovation

So. What are we doing about Thanksgiving? I'm do a "vaccinated only" feast.

A short history the far right's use of LGBT lives and liberal vulnerabilities to win elections

Dennis Prager announces he has COVID-19 while ranting against vaccines and declaring that he was try

Trump files lawsuit against the House January 6 Committee & National Archives

School Makes Vaccinated Students Stay Home

Jan. 6 documentary: Four Hours at the Capitol--teaser:

Just hold the damn votes on Biden's agenda! If all fails let the voters decide in 2022 whom they

VA-GOV: Harris to campaign for McAuliffe this week in diverse Virginia county

Gen. Wesley Clark remembers the legacy and leadership of Colin Powell October 18, 202110:08 AM ET

JUST IN: Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit in DC District Court against the House January 6 Committee

School Makes Vaccinated Students Stay Home

Don't bother me, I'm busy.

On this day, October 18, 1954, the transistor radio was announced.

'History Will Not Judge Joe Manchin Kindly'

Trump sues Jan. 6 committee, National Archives

Manchin Skeptical on Passing Agenda by Halloween

Congressman David Price will retire after more than 30 years serving NC

Sharp-eyed diver finds crusader's ancient sword on Israeli seabed

What's for Dinner, Mon., Oct. 18, 2021

Another phony Republican campaign about a fake 'issue'

Better negotiating with Joe Manchin to get things passed than have to count on Susan Collins

Don't forget to wash... yeah, that's the spot!!!

What makes FOX such trash...

I can't stop thinking about that.


Top 11 "drunkest counties" in U.S. are all in Wisconsin

An outrageous post

Terhune: "I'm not gittin' a smoke detector!"

all this fawning over colin powell is disgusting. he lied thru his teeth for

Police & Thieves

Get well wishes for Alma Powell

In Washington, Republicans don't think twice about

Industrial Disease

About manchin and his new child tax credit demands

NYS Party Chair pressed to resign after not endorsing D candidate for Buffalo Mayor

Warning: It is coming: Most absurd, ridiculous topic ever posted..Right Here in Weird News..


Virginia Beach

My goddaughter overdosed and died today.

How old were you when you found out otters have pockets?

NHL has suspended player for 21 games for submitting a fake COVID-19 vaccination card.

Tiny French Bulldog Dressed As Spider Chases Scaredy Cat Rottweiler Around The House

Marjorie Taylor Greene FURIOUS After Georgia Judge Refuses To Allow Ballot Audit

The tone of "Trump 2024" terrifies me

Paul McCartney on writing "Eleanor Rigby"

Former Congresswoman Annette Taddeo announces for FL-GOV

History of vaccine mandates in the U.S.

Doctor advocating ivermectin applied for patent on treatment

Donald Trump Asks Supporters for $45 Each to Help 'Solve the Election Fraud'

Two Sides of Digital Payments

Waiting for the BIG ONE here.

Makeup for my accidental mashup post of Colin Powell and Kanye West

Pete Buttigieg is back and ready to cut emission

F.D.A. to Allow 'Mix and Match' Approach for Covid Booster Shots

Colin Powell endorsing Obama

Its occurred to me today

Two senior House Democrats announce they won't run for reelection in 2022

Not sure what (or who) Madoc is looking at, but he's looking pretty spiffy doing it.

For the second time this week a supermarket checker thanked me

Hilarious mask dispenser

Tarpon Springs teen identified as suspect shot, killed by police officers

TN values corporations over the poor and elderly

Trump testifies for over 4 hours in deposition about 2015 alleged assault at Trump Tower

Don Winslow Films - Joe Manchin Senator For Sale

Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell

CDC places ultramodern city-state at highest travel risk for Covid-19

Boy that Sinclair hack has really screwed up our Seattle KOMO news.

The Late Colin Powell: From WMD's to Secretary of State to Announcing "Trump is a Liar" - Kirschner

See a Salamander Grow From a Single Cell in this Incredible Time-lapse

Justices to Consider Fast Track Appeal of Texas Law

Cat helps dad sing an Adele song!

Today at the Senate.....

Fwiw: Two 'buds' heading home after meeting in the Capitol

What if MLB purposely assigned the Angel Hernandez squad to sabotage the Giants?

Georgia murder trial for the killing of Ahmaud Arbery begins with jury selection (CNN)

Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Big Ef You! To the Chicago police union:

Dominion, attorney general and SCC staff reach deal in contentious rate case

Reintegration of Colombia's former guerrillas threatened: UN

Republican FINALLY confronted on the question we've all been waiting for live on air - Brian Cohen

HRW urges to implement Colombia's peace deal to end massacres

New Covid variant is detected in the UK & US

China has the fastest missile in the world. Hypersonic.

Of the Chicago City Workers 95% are vaccinated if you don't count CPD CFD and a few others:

Musician Attacked with Eggs while Playing in The Street Wins Scholarship (Brazil)

Report says China tested a new hypersonic missile capability. Beijing says it was testing spacecraft

Senate Democrats ditch Hyde Amendment for first time in decades

Tweet of the Day


Navajo Teachings: Why Gold is Worthless

Biden to Hold Televised Town Hall

QAnon figure says he's running for congress to fix elections

Couldn't quite fit the whole thing....

Seattle Police and Firefighters swore they'd quit rather than get vaxxed! Hundreds!

I heard that the Slobfather's law suit includes some BS about him being

I heard that the Slobfather's law suit includes some BS about him being

Thousands march in El Salvador demanding resignation of President Nayib Bukele

Meet the man pushing for the racially motivated push for Buckhead to secede from Atlanta.

Billionaire ex-Walmart exec says the first 'settlers' of his planned $400 billion city 'Telosa' will

A clickbait Ad that just appeared on my DU page. "Unique People Who Really Exist"

Today we confirmed that the Bush cabal will never be brought to justice.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on HOW TO answer the press on Covid issues

U.S. Senate set to hold test vote Wednesday on election reforms

Digital Currencies Could Weaken U.S. Sanctions

Bye Trooper Felicia

Report: WSU football coach Nick Rolovich fired after refusing to take COVID-19 vaccine


Bannon -

Did hell freeze over?

TFG officials who allegedly pilfered swag did more than embarrass the country