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Latino groups sue over Texas redistricting

Biden to spend this week working behind the scenes to press Democrats on his sweeping domestic agend

Nick Rolovich out as Washington State football coach after refusing state-mandated COVID-19 vaccine,

January 6 investigators are talking about criminal contempt charges for ignored subpoenas.

Colin Powell: Epiphanies and Second Chances.

Nick Rolovich out as Washington State football coach after refusing state-mandated COVID-19 vaccine,

King County launches vaccine verification awareness campaign ahead of Oct. 25 health order

Colombia is putting its 'cocaine hippos' on birth control

Outage affecting 911 service in Pierce County

US extends security pact with Georgia for six years

A Lover's Concerto - The Toys

Manchin meets with Sanders, Jayapal amid spending stalemate

Biden to take part in CNN town hall in Baltimore

CNN Host Loses It After Bernie Calls Media Out

I think I made a small difference

The tragedy of Colin Powell's life

Lawmakers say Amazon reps, including Jeff Bezos, misled or 'may have lied to Congress'

Probably old news now...

☦ Orthodox Christian: Prayer Against Covid/St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Homestead, PA

Australia fights ruling of duty to prevent climate change

Greta needs to lighten up

WSU terminates contract of football coach Nick Rolovich

I interviewed Colin Powell in his Pentagon office when he was CJCS.

Delay in Oaf Creepers' conspiracy trial for Jan. 6 insurrection forced by growing pile of evidence

Group decries sentencing of Oklahoma woman for miscarriage

Jan. 6 select committee has released its report calling for BANNON to be referred to DOJ

Thanks, Travis Tritt, for Accidentally Saving Lives With Your Dumb Covid Policy

Only Two Good Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated For Covid-19

Powell's age and cancer bout left him vulnerable to COVID

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread

Purported hacker claims they defaced Trump's campaign website to protest Biden's stance on Turkey.

I question the rush to condemn Gen Powell here.

The Horror.....

Haitian prime minister forced to flee official ceremony after armed gangs appear

Trump Throws Legal Tantrum Over Insurrection Secrets

MAGA Leader Steve Bannon Faces Jail Again -- With No Pardon This Time (MSNBC)

Matt Gaetz's Friends Won't Text Him Because They Think FBI Is Watching

Waxing Gibbous, 94% visible

U.S. Supreme Court considers taking up abortion providers' challenge to Texas' near-total ban on the

University of North Carolina Can Keep Affirmative Action, Judge Rules

Longtime U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett will run in the Austin area's new congressional district

Slow Train to Mokpo- Jang Yoon-jeong

Greta Thunberg Rickrolls her audience:

Texas bill to block COVID-19 vaccine mandates for employers stalls in the Senate as business groups

If and when Sherrod Brown decides to retire, Who will the Democrats nominate to replace him?

Aussie leadership has ripped into Sen. Ted Cruz after he tried to shame the country for its COVID ma

Rep. Neguse: Congress Needs To Decide 'Whether They Will Save Democracy Or Not' - Deadline - MSNBC

White House official on voting rights legislation: "Every constituency has their issue"....

Hooters employees are pushing back against new revealing uniforms that include shorts so short that

Biden DOJ Will Try To Jail Bannon, Says Obama DOJ Vet - The Beat - MSNBC

Adele - Easy On Me

Manchin meets with Sanders, Jayapal amid spending stalemate

A definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result ...

Guess whose Birthday is Wednesday ?

This 31-year-old went 'all in' on YouTube--now he makes $6 million a year

They got (really) high with a little help from their friends

Supertramp - Take The Long Way Home

Everyone who feels a bit country tries this song.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

The last time Floyd got together and played "Comfortably Numb" for Live8

Tuesday Digit: 10/10 - Atmospheric autumnal awesomeness! -Matt, CWG

Lofgren On Trump Jan. 6 Lawsuit: Nixon Tried To Make Same Case And Lost - All In - MSNBC

My most favorite movie clip in the world ...

There's now a Harambe statue on Wall Street, facing the bull.

Jordan Klepper vs. Iowans who think Trump won

Message to Ted Cruz: "stand against a life-saving vaccine then you sure as hell don't stand with us"

Mary Trump's lawyer says dump is about to go through some things.

Media outlets should not use Colin Powell's death to push vaccine hesitancy,

Georgetown millionaire, 91, finances building to house elderly dogs

Vexatious Litigant

And I Think To Myself, What a Wonderful World

Brownshirts vs. the Board of Education

Jordan Klepper vs. Iowans Who Think Trump Won The Daily Show

Doctor: Using Colin Powell's Death To Fuel COVID-19 Misinformation Is Despicable - The ReidOut MSNBC

If DiFi leaves the US Senate before her term expires, Who will Newsom appoint?

Charles Bradley - I'm Going Through Changes - Sabbeth cover.

Ariel - Dean Friedman (1977)

How Virginia school boards are being weaponized to help elect a GOP governor

10/18 Mike Luckovich- Gen. Collin Powell's 4 Stars

Gaetz ally Joel Greenberg is giving investigators new information, prosecutors say

Here on Democratic Underground, we knew Cheney was lying, but most of us trusted Powell.

I am trashing all Colin Powell threads...

Al Franken on the "Non-Partisan" Supreme Court (October 18, 2021)

Huge hole discovered in Arctic's 'last ice'

The ultimate in recycling - Furniture made out of cardboard and soda cans

This thread is for Ornotna.

Hello everyone. Here is a bit more of what we are making

Hey Republicans You Don't Even Need To Bother Voting

'He lied': Iraqis still blame Powell for role in Iraq war

Which Democrat in AZ likely to take on Sinema in 2024 is a stronger general election candidate.

W. Post-Opinion: Biden did not run to stage a revolution. Progressives should stop demanding one.

Byron Brown endorsed by IATSE Local 121

How Right-Wing Groups Are Catalyzing Culture War Battles In Schools - All In - MSNBC

Schiff on Colbert right now. Said that ALL tfg's crimes need to be investigated and that he is "not

(Jewish Group) At 95, Mel Brooks will finally deliver 'History of the World: Part II'

(Jewish Group) 3 years after Tree of Life shooting, Pittsburgh is hosting a major global summit...

(Jewish Group) New Yorkers with Sephardic roots say Spain is breaking its promise of citizenship

First lawsuit filed challenging new Texas political maps as intentionally discriminatory

Criminal Injustice: Assessing mass incarceration's effects on families

An insurance ad is being celebrated by Stevie Nicks & condemned by the religious right

Water vapor detected on Jupiter's ocean moon Europa

House Lawmakers ask Amazon to prove Bezos and other execs didn't lie to Congress

RIP: All the Victims of the Iraq Wars

Walt Masterson tells MAGAts that Starbucks is run by ANTIFA

"If you don't like it, you can leave."

The Daily Show - If You Don't Know, Now You Know: Forever Chemicals

Ashes from Amazon transformed into city mural to raise climate awareness

Sneaky macaw gets into his snack container!

(AP) North Korea fires ballistic missile into sea in latest test

Court finds Colombia responsible for rape and torture of journalist Jineth Bedoya

Bill Gates reportedly advised to end inappropriate emails with female employee in 2008

Street Protests Flare in Anniversary of Chile's Social Uprising


Jordan Klepper Exposes MAGA Morons Who Still Think 'Trump Won'

Watched A Clockwork Orange for the first time

Lauded Spanish female crime writer revealed to be three men

Texas House wants to use COVID relief funds to send $525 checks -- but only to homeowners

Trump Goes Under Oath For First Time Since His Presidency - The Last Word - MSNBC

'Curse Him': Trump Attacks GOP Senator Bill Cassidy for Doubting His Ability to Win 2024

US Supreme Court to hear Ysleta del Sur Pueblo gambling case in fight against Texas

Facebook Hearings Cold Open - SNL

Texans will decide eight proposed amendments to the state Constitution on Nov. 2

Illegal logging by organized crime has depleted 15% of the country (Mexico)

How Colin Powell And Barack Obama Broke Barriers And Made History - The Last Word - MSNBC

'Policy of Death': Amazon Guardians Sue Ecuador's President Over Oil, Mining Decrees

Audit: Montana milk regulations do not reflect market trends, could hurt dairy farmers

Lawmakers question whether Amazon executives, including Jeff Bezos, misled Congress.

Which comes first, the doctor or the medical school? Montana attempts more homegrown doctors

Soldier And Statesman Colin Powell Dies At 84 - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Manchin's work requirement for child benefits would throw grandparent-led families under the bus

Scientists Gain Insights into the Ecology of Brazilian Fishing Jaguars

Former Sen. Al Franken: Why Democrats Need To Pass Biden's Agenda As Soon As Possible - MSNBC

Ceres at opposition, coming up November 27 (

The Bizarre Truth of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Zinke, Neumann lead fundraising for Montana's new congressional seat

Rachel Maddow: Colin Powell Impact On U.S. History Was Profound, Complex, And Tragic - MSNBC

Africa's glaciers to melt, millions of poor face drought, floods, UN says

Fox News Hosts Trashed For 'Disgraceful' Spin On Colin Powell's Death

UM responds to Title IX lawsuit, files for partial dismissal

Astronomers May Have Just Found Evidence of The Very First Stars in Our Universe

Stunning Visuals Show Solar Storm Auroras Taking Over The Night Sky

Trump, Without The Presidency To Hide Behind, Faces Litany Of Lawsuits - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

The first major city in the United States passes a dark-sky ordinance (DailyKos)

Busted! Astronomers Confirm The Large Magellanic Cloud Totally Ate Another Galaxy

North Dakota on brink of more radioactive oil waste disposal options

Our ancient ancestors may have been more civilized than we are

Experiments reveal the formation of new states of matter

Participants In Joe Manchin Meetings Claim Progress Even As Gap In Positions Becomes Clear - TRMS

Study on motivational narratives of meth users in alabama is first photo-ethnography in criminology

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/18/21

Unfreezing the ice age: the truth about humanity's deep past

Senate spending bills pump up science, but draw objections from Republicans

Three Montana School Districts Go Virtual or Close Due to COVID

Do You Buy That ... Limiting Abortion Access Will Mobilize Democrats At The Polls? l FiveThirtyEight

Stephen Colbert - "We're Going After Him" - Guest Rep. Adam Schiff On Steve Bannon

Yellow warblers remember warning calls 1 day later, suggesting long-term memory

Chinese Scientist Hopes to Conserve What May Be the World's Oldest Art

Helena officials open to discussing Confederate fountain's fate

Diver's Been Playing With Wild Seals For 20 Years

Lawmakers advance $25M cost-of-living hike for teachers

NASA to Provide TV Coverage of Russian Station Cargo Ship Activities

Don Winslow: EXPLOSIVE NEW VIDEO! #JoeManchinSenatorForSale

Cheney v. Trump: House race raising, spending at record clip

If we had a workable justice system, the judge(s) would throw out Trump's case immediately.

Full Moon Fever is coming tomorrow, October 20, 2021, at 8:56 AM U.S.

Montana and Wyoming see increase in coal production

Montana and Wyoming see increase in coal production

Sami people ask Danish queen to return sacred witchcraft trial drum

Senate Democrats to Unveil Scaled-Back IRS Bank-Reporting Plan

Uh-Oh, Wyoming Has Shortage of Snowplow Drivers

Sublette County faces worst outbreak of COVID-19 with no hospital and vaccine skepticism

A nurse's journey from treating Covid in Brazil to death in the US desert

A nurse's journey from treating Covid in Brazil to death in the US desert

Why Native Americans are buying back land that was stolen from them - Pt #1

Native American tribes land buybacks start a commercial approach to social justice - Pt #2

Joe Manchin's ugly new demands expose the absurdity of arbitrary centrism

Wyoming Democrats vote against a special session to address vaccine mandates

Rehab (Alcohol/Drugs)

Federal jury convicts three in NuTech securities fraud

Lone Star Rag - Bob Wills

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, October 19, 2021

About Bumble Bees

A peaceful moment for you today

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweets panicked message to supporters following poll of GOP voters

Multi-Agency Group investigation on Pandora Papers begins, holds first meeting

Day Traders Are Driving Uranium Price Higher

Senate Republicans Blocking Biden Pick to Spearhead Capitol Riot Prosecutions, Says Report

Venezuelan President to sign document on long-term cooperation with Iran

If you are wondering what Trump testifying under oath looks like, here is a clip from Mother Jones

Tuesday TOONs - I Got A Rock

US, Haiti seek release of 17 missionaries snatched by gang

US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2022 in order to remain in the majority is

Legendary vandalism in Calgary's Ward 6.

Audit: V.I. government employees double-dipping for over a decade

Dennis Prager RWNJ Radio Personality Announces He Has COVID After Hugging 'Thousands' to Get It

EPA Red Tape Represents Major Obstacle for Potential Purchase and Restart of Limetree Bay Refinery

Tuesday 19 October 2021

81,000 Abandoned, Unplugged Oil & Gas Wells In Pennsylvania, Not 56,000 As Originally Thought

Russia Claims 4 Million Tons/Year Of Methane Leaks; Satellites Show Emissions 2 Or 3 Times Bigger

Manchin Cheerfully Gives Republicans A Senate Majority

Slow-Moving Glacial Landslide Closes Denali NP's Only Road Through Summer 2022, Possibly Later

Ivermectin frenzy: Despite warnings, doctors assist Florida patients with anti-parasite drug

Jobless benefits uncertain for Washington workers who quit or are fired over vaccine mandates

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 10/13/21

The Rundown: October 19, 2021

Jerome Powell Sold More Than a Million Dollars of Stock as the Market Was Tanking

Average weekly COVID-19 deaths per 100K people, by age group, July 11th to September 4, 2021

The German Experiment That Placed Foster Children with Pedophiles

Question about Bannon's Pardon

How Gmail phishing emails bypass the filters and how to spot them

Airlines feedback: flight cancelled, no alternative offered and no refund offered...

Bernie Sanders Hints at 'Progress' After Meeting Joe Manchin Over Biden Plan Impasse

Manchin: I Won't Put Up With 'Bulls**t' If Dems Try To Obstruct GOP

du am temp check in.

What people screaming at schoolboards about "critical race theory" today were doing back in 2013

Make Manchin and Sinema midterm election issues by asking voters for a clearer Democratic mandate

Go Klepper Go!

Kanye West is now legally known as "Ye". Yes, no kidding....

Knoxville restaurant closed after employees say they've received late and faulty paychecks

Writing "Eleanor Rigby"

Rights activists urge boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

Is the Trump case about "executive privilege" going to the Supreme Court?

Big corporations that claim to support voting rights are still funding right-wing state AGs

Where is our DOJ?

Trump shows usual lack of humanity and class, savages Colin Powell after death

Covid 19 anti-vax madness - killing those with the mark of the beast

Indigenous Nation Stopped BC Social Workers From Apprehending Child, 6, on Their Land

GOP congressman falsely claims Biden plans to target the poor with new tax plan

I Got A Woman - Ray Charles

Second Amendment 'sanctuaries' pop up across the country as Republicans rebel against federal gun la

'Nuremberg 2.0': Why COVID Conspiracy Theorists See This Lawyer As Their Saviour

Czech president too ill to work, powers to be handed to PM Babi

Don't eat salads - It's an Illumanati Plot (Conspiracy thought logic)

Terry McAuliffe (VA-GOV) campaign ad: "A Better Way"

Natural immunity is good. Getting vaccinated after being sick with COVID-19 is better.

As the Orange Blob has drawn crowds who don't get out much


Right Wing Radio Host Dennis Prager Claims He Caught Covid On Purpose

Ocean Cleanup Extracts 20,000 Pounds Of Rubbish From Pacific Garbage Patch

"Teen girls are developing tics, Doctors say Tik-Tok could be to blame."

Just a run down of Presidential statements about the death of a high-profile American figure:

Hearing aids without a prescription or an exam? The FDA takes big step toward making that happen.

DeSantis has failed to call special elections for 3 Florida legislative seats

Human History Gets a Rewrite

On this day, October 19, 1987, Black Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 22.6 percent

Texas Lawmakers Pass New Congressional Maps Bolstering GOP

Exxon tells Texas refinery workers lockout will end if contract approved or union removed

Nebraska GOP congressman says he expects to be indicted over campaign finance issues

The Lincoln Project's Rick Wilson: Help Me Help You, Why Democrats Don't See the Dangers In the....

Who Is Interested in What the DOJ Has in Mind?

Militias with Badges

I see some here are waking up

JUST IN: DC Circuit appeals panel including 2 Trump appointees upholds pretrial detention of ...

What is it with cats and doors

Today's Instructables: Giant skeleton hands

Incarcerate Steve Bannon

FBI raiding home of Oleg Deripaska as per law enforcement.

People are fed up': Dollar General workers push to unionize amid hostility from above

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- October 19, 2021

Sick, Elderly Black Man Kicked Out Of Atlanta-Area Hospital With Tubes Still Attached

Mask mandates in school reduced community spread

Wm. Randolph Hearst Transformed US News Media- Hitler, Mussolini, Churchill Wrote For His Papers

Mark Cuban on why he's requiring vaccination or neg. test for fans at his NBA team's games

L.A. Metro's G Line now fully electric

New Mexicans need to start dialing 10 digits

History, the Past, and Public Culture: Results from a National Survey

Retention of Judges?

Dozens of NYC officers should be disciplined over response to George Floyd protests, watchdog says

How Joe Manchin's policy positions impact West Virginians

Just an observation...

"Instead of vaccinations, we should give people weakened forms of those diseases!"

Alex Murdaugh denied bond in alleged theft of housekeeper's settlement funds

Deripaska's DC home has been raided by the FBI this morning

National Zoo celebrates birth of golden-headed lion tamarin twins

As Evergrande Teeters, Chinese Media Walks a Fine Line

MmmmmURKA!! Concert Karen and her sidekick 😆😆😆

New mayors elected in historic victories in Calgary and Edmonton

Good news for the Jan. 6 committee

'Infaux Wars': Hidden Fluoride!!!

To my cyber stalker that called himself "Joe Blow"

5660 new cases on the AZ Dashboard for Sun, Mon & Tues; 174 deaths - maintenance delay

Too Soon?

That epic DIY haunted house in Ohio just got a massive new addition!

Anybody ever order from

I have a sunbeam loving kitten on my hands

I'm pretty sure that at some point

Some of dis some of dat

Look at How We Discuss the Defense Budget vs. How We Discuss Investing in Our People

Colin Powell's death wrongly seized upon to undermine utility of coronavirus vaccines

CEO of Major Defense Contractor Charged with Bribery

FBI agents swarm Washington D.C. home of Oleg Deripaska, a billionaire oil tycoon

Manchin's $60,000 income threshold for Biden's expanded child tax credit could cause 37,400,000 kids

Many things get my hair on fire.. none of them have anything to do with Pres Biden

Kamala in Nova this Thursday!

Against Child Hostages (A message to Joe Manchin)

Once a criminal referral is received from the Congress, can the DOJ appoint a Special Counsel?

Election audit bill fails to pass in Texas Legislature

Covid-19: New mutation of Delta variant under close watch in UK

UPS, Disney to meet with White House and discuss vaccine mandate

Capitol police officer pleads not guilty to obstruction charges

A graphic description of what we can expect when TFG croaks, via Rick Wilson

2% Tax On All Wealth Over $10 Million Every Year 3% Over $20 Million

How to Get Your News Direct from the Source

Mystery solved! Bizarre Hubble double galaxy caused by 'ripple' in space

It's The Big Lie Nazi Republican Party

Mountainous West Virginia Leads the Nation In Crippling Flash Floods Risk From Climate Change

Some Workers Want Covid-19 Recovery Accepted as Evidence of Immunity

Delegate Plaskett Asks USPS to Investigate and Come Up With Solutions to Issues Plaguing USVI Mail

Giant space bubble reveals reverse shockwaves from a catastrophic star explosion

Winners of the 2021 Epson International Pano Awards

FBI raids home of Russian oligarch and Putin associate Oleg Deripaska

Press: Steve Bannon behind bars in Capitol basement?

A Salaried John Deere Employee Reportedly Hit A Striking UAW Member With A Car

QAnon Celeb Tries to Leave Q Behind to Run for Congress in Arizona (Ron Watkins)

Am I correct that many traditional societies use/used shunning

Trump's ludicrous Jan. 6 lawsuit shows why we should worry about 2024

98% of Seattle first responders have been vaccinated or granted exemption

Jimmy Carter on Colin Powell's death

98% of Seattle first responders have been vaccinated or granted exemption

Pic Of The Moment: Big Galah Criticizes Aussie Covid Protocol, Is Told To Rack Off And Get Stuffed

Why Did D.C. Cops Shoot Into A Moving Car And Kill An'Twan Gilmore?

Let's talk about paternity leave....

#HATM: Historians at the Movies Builds a Community, One Film at a Time

2 women charged with stealing $3,000 in merchandise from Walmart at Pittsburgh Mills

Texas Republicans spare Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee in redistricting compromise

Today's Raid On Deripaska is a Big F'n Deal

America isn't running out of everything just because of a supply-chain crisis.

Gov. Lamont and Dr. Gottlieb on dealing with Covid.

WSP announces 127 firings following vaccine mandate deadline

Trump Admin Used Its Food Aid Program for Political Gain, Congressional Investigators Find

GOP Congressman Advocates for Fake Vaccine Administration: 'Ethical Form of Non-Compliance'

Stop resisting.

Confronted with losing their jobs, 99% of LAUSD teachers meet COVID-19 vaccine requirements

FBI Will Help Investigate Kidnapping of Missionaries in Haiti


Some questions about the painfully slow Congressional subpoena process

Facebook settles with DOJ to resolve allegations of discrimination against US workers

Criminal Charges Filed Against Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer

Ultra macro! Butterfly wing!

Morning yappers!

Reports suggest Washington will not suffer widespread staff shortages as vaccine deadline expires

The Moment When Colin Powell Squandered His Spectacular Career

Teaching 'opposing views' of the Holocaust is the latest effort to rewrite history

Getting ready for FULL @ 4 a.m, southern MD.

How will Donald Trump be remembered?

How Virginia school boards are being weaponized to help elect a GOP governor


Tuesday's Psaki Bomb

The DOJ has been much maligned lately...BUT.

Big rally in Kohler WI against vaccine mandates, BUT...

Rep. Schiff Watched GOP Colleagues "Slowly Surrender To The Immorality" Of The Former President

The perfect hat...

We need Abby Finkenauer in the US Senate by Rep Adam Schiff D-CA

QAnon Conspiracies Are Tearing Through Evangelical America

Trump's Lawsuit Gets an Unfriendly Judge

Navy probe finds major failures in fire that destroyed ship

Rachel Levine, openly transgender health official, sworn in as four-star admiral

Republicans Block Pick to Oversee January 6 Prosecutions

'City of a Million Dreams': Exploring the history and the meaning of jazz funerals

**Thread for VOLUNTEERS to HOST Photo Contests in 2022!**

Nearly 2 Dozen Escape Injury After Plane Crashes on Takeoff in Houston

ArsTechnica: Disinformation guru "Hacker X" names his employer:

Cartoons 10/19/2021

For anyone interested in keeping track of my foster kittens, Cinder (Squeaky) and Smoke (Gwenllian)

Kitten Loves To Ride On Her Pig Sister's Back

October Photography Contest Preliminary Round Now Open for VOTING! Thread ONE

October Photography Contest Preliminary Round Now Open for VOTING! Thread TWO

October Photography Contest Preliminary Round Now Open for VOTING! Thread THREE

Why journalists are failing the public with 'both-siderism' in political coverage

Preliminary Voting Threads for October Contest are now up in GD.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's campaign is in bad shape, but Matt Gaetz's is even worse

"You are a traitor if you don't donate to Trump."

Florida kids still lead all ages in positivity as COVID cases fall

Exxon tells Texas refinery workers lockout will end if contract approved or union removed

U.K. Economy Sputters Post-Brexit

North Korea tests possible submarine missile amid tensions

* The Wealthiest 10% of Americans Own A Record 89% of All U.S. Stocks *

MSHA won't mandate COVID-19 vaccines, testing, acting administrator says

Deripaska's plane: Aug 2016 meeting btwn Manafort & Russian ex mil intell officer (2018 report)

Here it is:..totally absurd...maybe funny??.. "I had a talk with the Poop Police" (very weird).....

'Somebody is killing us': Intermountain CEO has same cancer as Colin Powell, who died from COVID-19

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 20: Rodgers & Hammerstein

MTG tweets panicked message to supporters following poll of GOP voters

Texas gained 2 new House seats thanks to Latino growth. Both new districts are majority white.

Connecticut Gov. Lamont rips protesters hurling obscenities at President Biden while surrounded by

This Oklahoma case gives us a horrifying glimpse of the post-Roe future

Meghan McCain reveals the incident with Joy Behar that made her quit The View

Public Comment Sought On Nation's Autism Plan

Cute beagle's amazed reaction to returning home

GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn's Unhinged Parenting Advice Panned As 'Dangerous'

Deripaska, Manafort debts, McCONnell Russian sanctions, Putin's Deputy Prime Minister, Mueller repor

Joe Burrow (Bengals QB) off to a good start in the NFL.

Democratic US Senators King-ME,Cardin-MD,and Sanders-VT will be

CNN's John King makes a powerful and deeply personal statement on the importance of vaccine mandates

In The Forest

Judge refuses to suppress video evidence in Josh Duggar case

Manslaughter conviction of 21-year-old Oklahoma woman who suffered miscarriage sparks outcry

Gerald Friedman@gfriedma: If you are unvaccinated, you have 6x the risk of Covid-19 infection,

Homeland Security secretary tests positive for Covid-19

White House Appoints 2021-2022 Class of White House Fellows

Liberal Redneck - To All the Americans Leaving Their Jobs

Is Google email down?

MeidasTouch - The Supporters

Manchin, Tester voice opposition to carbon tax

Are COVID-19 Nasal Spray Vaccines Coming Soon?

Tweet of the Day

TFG told Sen. Tommy Tuberville to 'protect yourself' right before the riot on January 6

Apologies re: NE Covid story.

King County launches vaccine verification awareness campaign ahead of Oct. 25 health order

Yellen says Democrats raise proposed IRS bank reporting threshold to $10,000

it's not about refusal to get the vaccine; it's about reckless disregard for the health of others

Paul McCartney to induct Foo Fighters into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

All passengers survive plane crash in Texas

Michele Fiore's campaign ad for Governor of Nevada is... something:

Disgraceful': Lemon on Fox News coverage of Powell's death

Tucker Carlson, Ted Cruz sink themselves with embarrassing misstep - Brian Tyler Cohen

Big Trouble For Matt Gaetz As Judge Postpones His 'Wingman's' Sentencing

The Problem With War: Interviewing Secretary McDonough The Problem With Jon Stewart Apple TV+

Bolsonaro should face murder charges over Brazil's Covid disaster, draft senate report says

McCain book shares why she left 'toxic' times at 'The View'

What's for Dinner, Tues., Oct. 19, 2021

Manchin and Sanders to Seek Deal on Biden Agenda

UST IN: Biden Administration Responds To Trump Lawsuit Against Jan 6 Committee, National Archives

dear du.

Republicans Overwhelmingly Want Trump to Run Again

Second Amendment 'sanctuaries' pop up across the country as Republicans rebel against federal gun l

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Bannon wanted the vote postponed

Lindsey Graham Gets OBLITERATED

Homicide Charges Recommended Against Bolsonaro

If you are looking for work check the military

New Delta Sub-variant Rising in UK

Dr. Pierre Kory gets COVID-19 despite taking ivermectin to PREVENT the coronavirus!

Word of the day is 'suspire' (15th century): to breathe out with a sigh.

Virginia Voters: Deadline to apply for a no-excuse-needed mail-in ballot for 11/2 is this Friday

Nebraska GOP Rep. Jeff Fortenberry Isn't Worried About Getting Indicted. Not At All. Not One Bit.

I miss my mom and wish I had known more about her before she died

SCOTUS declines to stop mandated COVID-19 vaccines for Maine health workers

Deadline to apply for a no-excuse-needed mail-in ballot for 11/2 is this Friday

Is there a likelihood or Polis running for the US Senate

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Trump can't hide behind executive privilege anymore. But he's still trying

Full Hunter Moon Alert: Tonight and tomorrow night we will be treated

Israeli diver finds 900-year-old sword, said to be Crusader knight's weapon, on Mediterranean seabed

Reddit posts stories of anti-vaxxers dying of Covid, scaring fence-sitters into getting the vaxx!

Former aide reveals Melania Trump's reaction to insurrection

Donnie Dipshit on Colin Powell

School board member quits after home vandalized by harassers

Nebraska GOP Rep. Jeff Fortenberry charged with lying to feds hours after he denied crime in YouTube

Today in Trump's History: Thomas Jefferson

After WH mtg, Ro Khanna says to @jaketapper that most "the programs will be there in some form." -

Federal grand jury indicts Rep. Jeff Fortenberry on charges of lying to investigators

Fmr. Ca. Rep. Katie Hill Is Having a Baby

One can only assume the Washington Post has hired Senator Tuberville's PR man

When you realise they lied about going to the opera just to get you to the vet (Twitter)

Anybody else reading 'Uncontrolled Spread'?

Why Bannon 'Doesn't Have A Prayer In Hell' In Proving Executive Privilege

NY-GOV: Democrats Give Hochul Early Double-Digit Lead

"Ethical Form of Non-Compliance"

FBI Agents Also Searching New York City Townhouse (Deripaska)

Allegations of Misconduct as Powell's Million-Dollar Trades Face Scrutiny

The definitive explanation re: Executive Privelege and Trump

CNN's John King reveals he has multiple sclerosis / he's grateful for his colleagues who got vaxxed

Striketober: American workers take to the picket linesIn a tight labour market strikers have some

A friend is putting out feelers for me to get sketch artists


What can I do with...

Why Ohio's Tim Ryan Is Democrats' Most Important 2022 Candidate - Seib

Soon US government will recommend Vaccine boosters for those over 40.

"Texas is a prototype of what Republicans want to do everywhere"

Joy Behar, FTW

Why Ohio's Tim Ryan Is Democrats' Most Important 2022 Candidate - Seib

Saw this clip here before but I post it again because LOL.

Chicago cops who refused to submit vaccination status no longer receiving pay

Shelby County Commissioner Tami Sawyer one of 25 arrested at voting rights rally outside the White H

& So, The Left & The Right Began...


Rhode Island Senators Cosponsor Puerto Rico Statehood Bill

No Australian Open for Novak Djokovic if he isn't double vaccinated.

So after this Bannon vote tonight

This company owns the world (and it's our fault) - BlackRock

Getting started in Social Media.....

Oklahoma's anti-critical race theory law violates free speech rights, ACLU suit says

For Longtime DUers - say class of 2000/01......

Blakroc - the Black Keys with Mos Def

With public defenders as judges, Biden quietly makes history on the courts

Today, In Targets Parking Lot

Texas lawmakers approve more than $3B for college projects across the state

So about that "Remember the Alamo" crap

Another baby step forward with the feral kitten's, tonight

'Case closed': 99.9% of scientists agree climate emergency caused by humans

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto tests positive for Covid-19

More than 200 animals rescued from 'disgusting hoarding' conditions in Hill County

When I hear GOP candidate

Trump, what are you so scared of? Release the PeePee tapes!

Progressives, moderate Dems close to agreement on Biden's legislative agenda

Help DUers - why does the name Jeff Fortenberry ring a bell

One of the pro-Trump quacks is still at it...

Anyone got the link to the live bannon congressional vote?

Kyrsten Sinema as environmental disasters, a thread.

NM again declares crisis standards of care

Ted Cruz DESTROYED by top Australian official in humiliating smackdown - Brian Tyler Cohen

University of Pittsburgh faculty vote to unionize in landslide election

People ask what the male equivalent of a Karen is. It just occurred to me, and it is SOOO obvious!

For Siwsan especially right now, but for everybody who loves kitties:

Got pulled to sub in 7/8 today. Man, how could I forget how mouthy they are!?

NYPD Used Instagram To Stalk BLM Protester, Lawsuit Says

How is your sub list holding up? Ours isn't. Ed techs and very retired teachers have been filling

The myth of the climate moderate

Anybody ordered from (cross post)

CNN's John King Says He Has MS, Grateful For Vaccinations

Iowa Democratic Party chair reports lynching threat after writing op-ed critical of Donald Trump

Madoc zonked out, early. I hope this doesn't mean I'm in for some late night antics.

The National Park Service Could Soon Have Its First Native American Director

Can I brag just a little? For all those who think elders' lives are done

Donald Trump (yet again) proves there's no bottom

Planned Parenthood CEO to Headline SXSW 2022 Conference

Select Committee up on CNN regarding Bannon's criminal contempt of Congress hearing.n/t

Jan. 6 House Select Committee Holds Contempt Vote for Steve Bannon Over Subpoena Refusal

I am tired of the Democrats in Congress not standing up to the Republicans.

CNN is showing the vote on Bannon...

Why Are People Really Leaving Their Jobs? The Whole Reason Can Be Summed Up in 4 Words

WV's reliance on coal is getting more expensive, and Joe Manchin's constituents are paying the bill

I'll ask again---Why should the House not exercise it's inherent contempt power, have the

Passengers who did not intervene in sexual assault on train could face charges: report

Clay Bennett, political cartoonist extraordinaire, has an opinion on Virginia's Glenn Youngkin

I give Liz Cheney tough won credit.

Source: Six schools officially apply to join American Athletic Conference

Boo ya fuckhead was involved Cheney said it out loud for EVERYONE to hear

Fox News Blows

Delta-8 THC Is Illegal, the Texas Department of State Health Services Says

Full Moon rising.

'Nuremberg 2.0': Why COVID Conspiracy Theorists See This Lawyer As Their Saviour

Reporting out of Committee....all for telling Bannon you are in contempt.


the unasked question - what are they hiding. otherwise well done