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Jan. 6 panel votes to hold Steve Bannon in contempt

I Had NO idea that bannon was talking to Eastman on Jan 5

Will Anyone Be Jailed?: MAGA Riot Probe Investigator Says He'll Blink - The Beat - MSNBC

Washington sheriff charged over confrontation with Black man

Seattle opens $4M round of Covid relief grants for small businesses

Why Bannon 'Doesn't Have A Prayer In Hell' In Proving Executive Privilege - MSNBC

Follow-up: New Video Shows Dallas Paramedic Repeatedly Kicking Mentally Ill Man Before Police Show

Leaked Covid-19 report calls for mass homicide charges against Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro

To all the Americans leaving their jobs

Jen Psaki's Response To Peter Douchey's Question Leaves Him Momentarily Speechless

They just arrested Alyssa Milano for protesting at the WH and did not move along..LOL. She was

Why did Garland have

78% of Republicans want to double down on stupid.

District attorneys refuse to prosecute some GOP-led laws

Neal Katyal On Trump Jan 6th Lawsuit: He Is 'Going To Lose' - Deadline - MSNBC

Hospital Says Ivermectin-Obsessed Pols 'Harassed and Threatened' Docs

Former Nazi Camp Secretary Goes On Trial Over Murders Of 11,000 People

House Republican says colleagues scared to "be replaced by somebody like a Marjorie Taylor Greene"

Hey Stevie!

In Texas, the Waitlist for a Bed at a State Mental Hospital Hits an All-Time High

Washington's Sno-Park permits go on sale Nov. 1 with increased fees

Biden tells House Democrats tuition-free community college is out of economic package

Children in northern Colombia dying of hunger, thirst and government neglect

1st night of burning wood in the 2021 Fall season.

Iowa Democratic Party chairman says he was targeted by threatening messages after criticizing TFG

Six SPD employees fail to meet vaccine mandate, request exemption

I might need to change how I close out emails and letters

Bannon is going to wait until the feds knock on his door

How a Dallas Duo Grifted Cryptocurrency Investors Out of $24 Million in Far-Reaching Scam

Capitol Riot Defendant Expresses Regret In An FBI Interview - Deadline - MSNBC

Republicans Are Terrified That Trump Will Destroy The Party Next Year

Nebraska GOP Congressman was indicted for lying to the feds!

'We're Just Getting Warmed Up': Democrat Mike Collier Wants to Unseat Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

News Flash: TFG is still a moron.

Outrageous Theme Park To Be Built On Oil Platforms In Saudi Arabia

Africa's rare glaciers will disappear in the next two decades because of climate change

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread

BREAKING: Jan. 6 Committee Votes To Hold Bannon In Contempt

Richmond man gets 25 years for Ponzi scheme

El Chapo Refuses to Share a Prison Cell with Steve Bannon

Jan. 6 House Select Committee Votes To Refer Steve Bannon To DOJ For Criminal Contempt Charges MSNBC

Let's just call it parental/family leave and be done with it.

Tyler nurse convicted of killing four men with air injections

'Social media', market power and the health of democracy

Benny Thompson is on Rachel RFN! n/t

Ex-soldiers protest in Guatemala to get civil war payment

Which US Senator is going to retire first? Leahy-VT or Grassley-IA?

Lawyer who represented George Zimmerman arrested in Florida

Joe Manchin Doesn't Like What Joe Biden Is Doing

Schiff 'vehemently' disagrees with Attorney General Garland's reluctance to pursue Trump

'Forever chemicals' trigger first fish consumption warning in Chesapeake region.

Jackie Wilson. Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher

Austin progressive Greg Casar eyes run for Congress



Trump's Pentagon Chief Quashed Idea to Send 250,000 Troops to the Border

Go See These Black Operas -- Several Times

"He Will Face Justice": Former GOP Insider (Steve Schmidt) Says MAGA's Bannon In Legal Peril The Beat

Aaron Rupar @atrupar Mike Pompeo has lost an incredible amount of weight

Brazil President Accused Of Murder Over COVID Deaths

Alberta is going to start doing open pit coal mining in the Rocky

Did this year's flu shot hit you hard?

I wonder if Bill Lee is still fishing on the Maimachi River in NB. Canada?

Biden Sets Topline Number for Spending Bill

Trump Staffers Reportedly Wanted To Send 250,000 Troops To U.S.-Mexico Border

Steve Bannon Just Might Be Accidentally Saving America

US Labor Department warns 3 GOP states over COVID rules

Former Republican party chairman accused of stealing car parts in Brunswick

Rep. Eric Swalwell: The Best Constraint On Donald Trump Is The Law - The ReidOut - MSNBC

I am so sick of Trump pushing this rigged election BS.

North Korea fires suspected ballistic missile into Japan waters; Haitian gang demands $17M in ransom

Democrats Are Winning the Race to Raise the Most Cash Online

What was the raid on Deripaska's home all about?

Officials Say 'No One Intervened' As Woman Was Assaulted On Pennsylvania Train

'Currency of the alt-right': How white supremacists and the far right use Bitcoin to evade the law

Official Wizard of New Zealand fired by city council after more than 2 decades

Bonus Tweet of the Day

NFL Under Pressure To Stop Using Race As Factor In Concussion Settlement


Mainers earning less than $75,000 will soon get $300 'hazard pay'

Republican Liz Cheney destroys her Party as she votes to punish Steve Bannon's refusal to testify

The Lincoln Project - Last Week In The Republican Party

BREAKING: January 6 Committee Votes To Hold Steve Bannon In Contempt (MSNBC)

VA-GOV: Advice for watching Election Night returns: Red counties will report earlier.

Jan. 6 committee votes to hold Bannon in contempt (CNN)

dumpt boood in NYC -one yelled you lost get over it .....dumbass waves like he got applause

Bannon Wants to Destroy Our Democracy. He Must Be Prosecuted.

Wednesday Digit: 10/10 - Some early-morning clouds aside,

Short on options, Trump pushes a new idea: A do-over election

'John Wick' fans upset Mel Gibson is starring in TV spinoff

Fantastic speech on voting rights by Senator Angus King

Eric Trump Throws a Sniveling Shit Fit Over Biden Spending Time in Delaware

Facebook is planning to rebrand the company with a new name

US Senators likely to leave office in 2024 and 2026.

full moon

Black Iowa Democratic chair gets lynching threat over Trump essay

Man applied to 60 entry-level jobs in September and got one interview

Trump "wanted to go to the Capitol" and "would have stopped the violence"

Tonight's Full Moon

Trump ally and former journalist who says the 2020 election was stolen emerges as early frontrunner

i keep getting these robo calls from the police benevolent society.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Schweber just made BoSox fans forget about 1B clunkers.

Adam Schiff On Jan. 6 Vote To Hold Bannon In Contempt - All In - MSNBC

McConnell: GOP should move past Trump's "rehash" of 2020 election

"I'd Rather be Waterboarded."

Leslie Bricusse, 'Willy Wonka,' 'Goldfinger' songwriter, dies at 90

The Best Olive Oil in the World? This Village Thinks So.

Can anyone tell me what would cause my 6 year old

Iowa Democratic Chair Says He Received Lynching Threat After Criticizing Trump

MLB is using Grateful Dead songs, circa late 80's to fade in and out. Cool.

Inslee praises COVID-19 vaccine mandate as 95% of Washington employees get the shot

Mount Aso, one of the largest volcano in world, erupts in Kyushu, Japan

A New Hide and Seek....Facebook

Why Trump's Frivolous Executive Privilege Lawsuit Will Fail AND Why It Won't Help Steve Bannon

North Mississippi, or the Mississippi Hill Country. This style Blues was ignored for decades while

Rachel Levine sworn in as the country's first openly transgender Four-Star Admiral,

Sen. Angus King on filibuster: 'Democracy itself is more important than any Senate rule'

China, Russia navy ships jointly sail through Japan strait

China reportedly tests a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile

What About My Rights, Personal Freedom and Liberty?

Dean of the US House or Representative from each state.

Refresher on Trump & Oleg Deripaska (with a little Mitch thrown in)

Texas Republicans spare Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee in redistricting compromise

Another Special Session And Republicans Have Still Accomplished Nothing For Texans

They take an oath to do no harm, but these doctors are spreading misinformation about the Covid vacc

New York employers can't drug test most employees for weed

Teen thought he was meeting a man from a gay dating site. Instead, he was burned alive.

New Hanover Republican leader suing school board, sheriff's office over mask mandate

FUN FACT: "Lone Star" is Texas's Yelp ratin'.

Spooky Civil War Plaque/Relic

The United States' global standing rebounds under Biden

Illinois Holocaust Museum Exhibit: Rise Up Stonewall And The LGBTQ Rights Movement

Charles Barkley weighs in on Kyrie Irving's situation with the Brooklyn Nets


Lou Reed - Sweet Jane - with Rob Wasserman playings Bass.

Tommy Emmanuel and Jorma Kaukonen - Deep River Blues - Live at Fur Peace Ranch - 2020?

Keep scrolling. Nothing to see here...

This moon has been pulling out sooo much

Raleigh joins Wake County in enacting new LGBTQ protections

Wednesday Morning Autumn Coffeehouse Jazz

Liz Cheney: Trump And Bannon Were Involved In Planning 1/6 - The Last Word - MSNBC

Sadly, like we got to remember great 70's music in B&W.

Black Iowa Democrat Gets Lynching Threat For Criticizing Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 21, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month Lucille Ball

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 22, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Academy Museum Part II

'No one is safe': Haitians react after 17 missionaries kidnapped

Papa John Creach deserves his own thread - St. Louis Blues

Jan. 6 Committee Recommends Contempt Charge For Bannon - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Michael Wolff On Steve Bannon And 'Modern Monsters' - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

former prestigious bastions of conservative thought, Claremont now spends its time kissing trump ass

Federal Judge Rules UNC-Chapel Hill Can Continue to Consider Race in Admissions

California now only state to improve to 'moderate' level of COVID transmission, CDC says

"I was taught the 'opposing perspective' of the Holocaust in middle school. I'll never forget it"

Jack Cassidy and Jorma Kaukonen - That'll Never Happen No More...

Los Gatos (Ca): Fascists gather in front of mayor, vice mayor's homes during virtual council meeting

Liz Cheney drops bombshell during hearing -- and suggests Trump 'was personally involved in the plan

Sorry Steven. You are an exposed and expendable scumbag/

Democrat's Lawsuit Stops Trump-Style Election Subversion - The Last Word - MSNBC

Madonna University coaches suspended amid allegations of inappropriate behavior

GDTRFB - Hundred Year Hall, Germany 1972

Republicans in congress are terrified as 1/6 investigation goes forward

Lou Reed - Sweet Jane

Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones is coming to North Carolina to discuss The 1619 Project

Ex-president Macri back in Argentina, says won't testify in sub spying case

Yes, 100% Go Al Frankin, but challenge a weak GOP Senator somewhere that is winable

'The Public Will Be Shocked': January 6 Demonstrates Seriousness With Bannon Contempt Vote - TRMS

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band - Trouble in Mind

American among six tortured, shot and burned in massacre at Costa Rica cattle and coffee farm

This is Tina Forte, who is challenging AOC for her seat. Seems like she would be a downgrade.

Dead - Big River - Europe 92.

As far as North Carolina is concerned, David Shor is probably right

Just dropped $200 bills on Bill's 60th.

FBI Raid On Russian Oligarch Adds New Chapter To Bizarre NYC Property's Legend - Rachel Maddow

Mark Robinson continues the hateful homophobia of Jesse Helms

Chris Ayres, voice actor known for Dragon Ball's Frieza, dies at 56

The Dumbest Tweet

Commander Cody - Hot Rod Lincoln.

Whata ya know! My Terry McAuliffe sign is...

NC lawmaker on Oath Keepers roster says it's none of the public's business

A great son of Texas!

Redistricting in North Carolina: When will we see the maps?

Credit Suisse faces penalties over Mozambique loan deals

"The U.S. Constitution can withstand almost anything but poorly socialized boys with status issues"

Doing an all nighter. Watching/reacting to biz comms, but enjoying this moment.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/19/21

Heading toward set, @ 6:23

Guatemala Transfers Prosecutor Who Pursued Former Dictator

"This ain't no party ...

22% more U.S. coal-fired electricity generation in 2021 than in 2020...

So, Bannon has secrets?

Wynton Marsalis in South America. Jungle Fever.

Willy Wonka Songwriter Leslie Bricusse Dead at 90, Joan Collins Pays Tribute

Breakfast Wednesday 20October 2021

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Former Chester County, SC supervisor to be in court Wednesday, faces drug charges

Hipster band photos OR 122 old school Halloween costumes?? 😳👀👻

SC judge denies Alex Murdaugh bond in missing $3.4M case, orders psychiatric evaluation

SC nuclear advisers back atomic fuel plant with history of environmental violations

Happy birthday to MVP Harris!

A peaceful moment for you today

Federal government targets SC agency, claiming health care workers here are put 'at risk'

Rudy Giuliani Drains Final Dregs of Dignity With Abraham Lincoln Filter Attack Video

The Sand Man -- SC politician's company mined a town's sand. Where did the money go?

Grassroots Event with President Barack Obama and Terry McAuliffe

Since the Lev trial has started...remind everyone about the connections with DeSatan!

Is this just me, or does anyone else conflate Kyrsten Sinema with Brie Larsen?

Greenwald strikes again with his unique insight.

Trump Rally People Talking. They seem loony

Pflugerville High School quarterback plays through the pain of losing his parents to COVID-19

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, October 20, 2021

There must be something very incriminating in the documents Trump wants withheld from Congress?

Here's A Window Into The Meaninglessness That Is Boris Johnson's Climate "Leadershp"

What was really being planned at the Willard Hotel before the January 6th insurrection?

Cornell Study: It's Not 97% Of Climate Scientists Supporting Warming Consensus - It's 99.9%

Someone is lying..worker applied to 60 entry-level jobs in September got one interview

No TOONs Post Today

Bus bombs kill 14 in Syria capital; shells elsewhere kill 10

Mall Roof Fails During Freak Australian Storms; Cities Pounded W. Grapefruit-Sized Hail

Requiem for Bachman's Warbler

Nationals - "Real Australians" (Farmers) Shouldn't Be Burdened By "City" Emissions In Climate Plan

What is Rudy Giuliani up to these days? This:

CNN: How trump can sink Democrats request for Jan. 6 documents

The Weekly Pull: Catwoman: Lonely City, Halo, The Orville, and More

The Webcomics Weekly #159: Dr. Four Panel Revenge (10/19/2021 Edition)

Comics Should Be Cheap (10/20/21)

The Rundown: October 20, 2021

Jen Psaki renders Peter Doocy momentarily speechless with a simple question

I had a Sophie Stinky Toes flash back, this morning

This dog really knows how to drop a hint:

The accused spy knew stealth was crucial from his work on submarines. He surfaced anyway.

Small Needles, Short Lines and Few Tears: Biden's Plan to Vaccinate Young Children

Adams vs. Sliwa: How to Watch the First N.Y.C. Mayoral Debate

Why did this young man end up in dead in a rural Texas town?

Republicans Won't Be Able To Take Their Guns Into Hell

Eric Boehlert: When Washington Post lost its mind cheering Colin Powell's case for war

Liz Cheney, "Trump appears to have been 'personally involved in planning and execution of Jan 6 ....

The cowardice of Senate Republicans blocking a qualified Muslim's confirmation

OSHA, citing Covid failures, moves to strip three states of workplace safety authority.

Amazon eyes Albuquerque airport for new cargo facility

General Electric will require vaccines for its 56,000 U.S. workers.

Price for drug that reverses opioid overdoses soars amid record deaths

Happy Birthday Vice President Kamala Harris

Should those Christians that want an exemption

GOP Very Excited To Be Handed An FCC Voting Majority By Joe Biden

Serial armed robbery suspect arrested after being shot by Cricket Wireless employee

In a 2022 'gun fight,' Republicans look beyond Georgia for campaign cash (AJC)

The Thrill Is Gone

As Rahm Emanuel looks to become ambassador to Japan, his handling of Laquan McDonald's death looms

Man accused of strangling his wife to death released from jail again

Of course he did! (TFG bungles history)

What happens if the Republicans win the House in 2022?

Sky from yesterday pm. over Michigan

Vegan diets reduce land-use impacts by 50-86%, water use by 22-70%, and greenhouse gas emissions

Former Albuquerque pediatric surgeon pleads guilty to child pornography charges

With each passing day, Mitch McConnell shows himself to be a more disgraced public figure...

Wow. Scooter just surprised me.

The very interesting history of Kate and Tilly

Pic Of The Moment: A Pressing Question

Police reform by another name: COVID mandates causing cops to complain -- and quit

I urge the remaining fellow Republicans to leave the Republican Party

Excuse me, is there a VIP Check-out line?

Any updates on the Deripaska FBI Raid? Any Treasure found?

Thank you

Biden official dispels the hysteria of the IRS looking at your every transaction. It's false.

Emergency "Hazard" Alert at Walter Reed Bethesda

Creating content is the new propaganda.

NYC requiring vaccine for cops, firefighters, city workers

Court Mistakenly Gave Potential Jurors Access to Ahmaud Arbery's Mental Health History

Katie Porter - J & J trying to shield assets - baby powder cases

Upstart Corn Activists in Mexico Just Beat GMO Goliath Bayer-Monsanto

Nikolas Cruz pleads guilty to Parkland school shooting

Jelly Roll Morton was born on this date.

"I urged Republicans to stay. Now, months later, I'm leaving the party. Here's why"

Florida School Revises Covid Guidelines To Reflect Latest Misinformation

What a difference a couple weeks makes..Lot of McCauliffe signs in Harrisonburg,VA! 😁

Eddie Harris was born on this date.

What explains M$Greedia's failure to condemn the Slobfather?

Army Kicks Out Hitler Mustache-Wearing Solider Who Allegedly Breached Capitol, Says Report

Question for grandparents

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg added to D.C. privacy lawsuit

NV-GOV: Embroiled in controversies, Michele Fiore announces run for governor

I had to euthanize my Gabby just after midnight. He was

Tom was born on this date.

DOW and S&P 500 currently at all time highs

Damn humans - Gotta teach them everything

Possible bomb threat being investigated at Walter Reed

The Most Progressive Governor In America?

WAPO OP ED: SCOTUS gets 2nd chance to block TX abortion law. It should take it.

This 13-pound burger is served with Flamin' Hot Cheetos!

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- October 20, 2021

For all the "lunatics" in our group

Hospital: Ivermectin-Crazed Pols 'Harassed, Threatened' Us

"Just saw a black kid jaywalking. Send everyone."

That felt so good

Biden discusses $1.9T top line for economic package and tells Dems free community college is out

House Rules Committee Votes on Holding Steve Bannon in Contempt of Congress LIVE

Meet the Tomahawk-Toting QAnoner Terrorizing School Boards

Three Children Attacked a Black Woman. A Sheriff's Deputy Arrived -- and Beat Her More.

( Great news ) White House rolls out plan to vaccinate kids ages 5 to 11 against Covid

""Is the building north or south of. . .?" "Depends on which direction you are coming from.""

Well, some people really made out in the Covid pandemic

The Trump Administration Used Its Food Aid Program for Political Gain, Congressional Investigators F

Sol Sandoval gains fundraising momentum in uphill bid to unseat Rep. Lauren Boebert

In a major scientific advance, a pig kidney is successfully transplanted into a human

BROKEN: DOJ Announces Personal Information Sign-Up Page

Moderna won't share its vaccine recipe. WHO has hired an African startup to crack it

What's up NY State? Can't find anything on Bannon investigation for stealing money from wall-a-thon

Income test for Medicare dental under debate; gets pushback

The surprisingly complicated politics of the California crime everyone commits

Volcano in southern Japan erupts with massive smoke column

Stop resisting

Gas prices are at a seven-year high and expected to keep rising.

What the Hell Is 'Day X'? Far-Right Berserker Clan Was Prepping Uprising Across Several Cities,...

1991 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed; 47 deaths

USDA issues urgent pork recall, so throw it away if you have any

Joe Manchin Isn't Moved by Dem Attacks--He's Emboldened By Them

Ending worksite raids is a show; focus should be on employer compliance

How Biden's civil rights pros have reoriented the Justice Department

big proliferation of American flags in front of houses around here

across the Desk - S4:E14 (Utility Rate Increases To Cover Losses From Extreme Weather Events)

Soldier with 'Hitler mustache' is first to be thrown out of military after Capitol riot charges

What are those advisory votes on Washington's ballot? Here's what they are, and what they mean

Supply chain shortage: Port of Oakland offers to help ease cargo ship backlog in SoCal

Live thread of police searching reserve for Laundrie

Nikolas Cruz pleads guilty to the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Allan Sherman song "Signs" that I remember from my youth. When I was 12

Not for the squeamish

Don't Talk to the Police

Meghan McCain: 'SNL' parodies made me feel like 'laughing stock of the country'

Queen accepts medical advice to rest, cancels N Ireland trip

Cats in glasses--cats are liquids:

Jupiter Whacked Again? Japanese Astronomers Record Possible Impact (Sky&Telescope)

Gym Jordan is arguing that the investigation of Jan 6 should only be conducted

Cats don't need to talk to give us orders--watch to the end:

Damning investigation into USS Bonhomme Richard fire reveals sailors were totally unprepared

UPDATE - medical examiner in Sarasota called to scene of Brian Laundrie search

Sen Eliz Warren Urges Amazon Breakup- Copied Products, Rigged Results India: Reuters Investigation

Packing the essentials:

Soldier with 'Hitler mustache' is first to be thrown out of military after Capitol riot charges

Little boy calls police to report his toys are cool

Trump Organization Faces New Criminal Inquiry

Dogs control us with their eyes:

Report finds TFG used federal COVID-19 food program for political gain, ran it incompetently

Facebook is planning to rebrand the company with a new name

Republicans alarmed by corrosive effect on GOP voters of TFG's relentless attack on U.S. elections

He disappears when he closes his eyes:

I Never Have To Say I Believe Things I Know Can't Be True

Queen Elizabeth Cancels Trip, Rests on Medical Advice

Rescue Pittie Screams Like A Wookie When She's Excited

interesting Tweet of THE Morning

Cartoons 10/20/2021

Republicans In Congress Terrified As 1/6 Committee Investigates Them For Plotting Attack With Bannon

This may not be the right place for this discussion - please correct me, if not.

Huge news: We outraised Sen. Grassley (R-IA)

Rather than get vaccine, nearly 2,000 state workers lose jobs

Urgent: Has anyone else gotten a call allegedly from Medicare...

Flooding in Venice worsens off-season amid climate change

Facebook may be changing their name

Leaked Oath Keepers Data Shows At Least 28 Elected Officials Have Ties To The Group

My bookmark is set at the Home page. And I really hate it to face Whinny Donny's ugly face as the

TFG Gets Taken To School After Botching Basic U.S. History In Latest Rant

Ivanka Trump ACCUSED of CRIMES by Investigators

Investigators say gun used in Truck Park bar shooting linked to straw purchase

Sanders Calls John Deere Threat to Take Away Striking Workers' Health Coverage 'Beyond Outrageous'

When We Took Over the World

SCOOP: Manchin tells associates he's considering leaving the Democratic Party

The government has provided videos filmed by Capitol defendant Brian McCreary, who pleaded guilty

Two Montanas? New maps highlight state's split personality

Good Morning, Here's Rudy Giuliani Playing With Zoom Filters And Trying To Talk British Again

SCOOP: Manchin Tells Associates He's Considering Leaving the Democratic Party and Has an Exit Plan

Garland's modus operanda has remained the same all along


Don't really care about this guy, but like the dickhead Eric Clapton hate them.....🤬

Judge hearing Trump's lawsuit to block January 6 subpoenas once called Capitol rioters a 'violent

Raskin educating Gaetz

To cops who refuse to be vaccinated, we say: Good riddance.

What happens when conservative school boards seize power at districts around the country

'Doggie Halloween'

A 10-year-old Black girl was arrested at school in Hawaii after drawing a picture of her bully, ACLU

Tiny wrists in cuffs: How police use force against children

I think I now understand the purpose of yesterday's raid on Deripaska's home

McConnell Is About to Block a Voting-Rights Bill. It's All Part of Democrats' Plan

John Deere workers are walking off the job with an economic tailwind

Let's talk about Manchin selling out coal miners....

The Federal Government Gave Billions to America's Schools for COVID Relief. Where Did the Money Go?

My GOPer friend is upset with the price of fuel.....

Trump is Pushing QAnon Candidates Into the GOP Mainstream

Police Should Address THIS Before They Open Their Mouths

Manchin discussing/threatening to leave the Democratic Party?

Vagabond,on Netflix. Good enough to work through the English subtitles.

Starbucks Corporate Goons Swarm Union Drive

The Nevada Governor's race should be fun.....

House Republicans to vote against Steve Bannon contempt referral

Eielson to receive Air Force's first nuclear microreactor

We got ourselves a full-fledged panda pile up!

Leaked Oath Keepers Data Shows At Least 28 Elected Officials Have Ties To The Group

Condoleeza Rice was on The View.

Manchin denies story he's considering leaving Democratic Party

2 Blood Pressure Meds Recalled For Possibly Containing A Cancer-Causing Substance

2 Blood Pressure Meds Recalled For Possibly Containing A Cancer-Causing Substance

Jon Stewart Gives Mainstream Media a MUCH-NEEDED Reality Check on Trump and Democracy

'It's bullshit!" - Joe Manchin on switching political parties. Lol.

It's the courts stupid.

Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen

Doggy dentures?

37 Art Centers

Golden Retriever got his priorities straight..

Gmail was buggy with composing mail, so sprang for paying Outlook, now *IT* did the bug today

Brooklyn lawyers plead guilty to a charge in Molotov cocktail case tied to George Floyd protest

An osprey came to visit. (This one is for elleng).

Something really good in West Virginia

In looking at the howls by the Orange Blob's MAGA crew in Congress

Last pitcher to both win and lose 20 games in a season was...

Tobacco Use in Racial and Ethnic Populations (This surprised me.)

Gov. Whitmer will veto Michigan GOP's school voucher proposal

How to get volunteers

Leaked Oath Keepers Data Shows At Least 28 Elected Officials Have Ties To The Group

What's for Dinner, Wed., Oct. 20, 2021

"Hey, what are we lookin' at?"

'I'm Invincible': FBI Arrests Capitol Rioter Who Was 'Not Too Worried' He'd Be Charged

Today's GOP wants candidates to say how they'll use the state to keep white people on top

My new favorite song! Maria Muldaur: Vaccinated and I'm Ready for Love!

Senate Republicans block debate on Freedom to Vote Act

Senate Republicans block voting rights bill as pressure builds for filibuster reform

It's almost as if Rice is willfully ignoring a message that says "MAGA determined to strike in US."

From the Port of Long Beach - a twitter thread

Experts Warn Everything That Will Happen Between Now And November 2022 Could Spell Trouble For Dems

Wow - on a Twitter forum listening to Marc Elias right now!!

Manchin Denies He Threatened to Leave Democratic Party

Sinema Opposes Democrats' Planned Tax-Rate Increases

Proof That Joe Lieberman Was Ratf*cker For The GOP Surfaces In New Book By ... Joe Lieberman

Tell me what you think of Condoleezza Rice?

Arizona GOP Goes Full Fringe

Trump's Family Business Is Under Yet Another Criminal Investigation

When Meadows and Bannon go to jail.

Look, I'm a bit old-fashioned.

Apparent human remains found after Brian Laundrie's possessions located in Florida nature reserve

Putin keeps workers home for a week as deaths soar

Liz Cheney accuses Bannon of planning Capitol insurrection

So they wanted to "mend fences"

Goodbye, Columbus: Vikings crossed the Atlantic 1,000 years ago

Rep. Torres throws greatest shade ever at Gaetz & Jordan

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams (Official Music Video)

WAPO: All eyes on Manchin after Republicans again block voting rights legislation

A daily dose of Madoc

How the Duque regime all but suspended democracy in Colombia

Senator Seeks to Indict 70 People and 2 Companies for 24 Crimes in Covid Inquiry Report (Brazil)

New rumors? on the Nikon Z9.

Biden touts middle-class values of his $2T spending plan

US Senators up for re-election in 2022

An honest question for AG Merrick Garland:

Wanted: Facebook ad campaign towards Soviet oligarchs

Why I'm not a superfan of AOC

Europe is giving its top human rights prize to Vladimir Putin's most prominent critic

Why do Democrats always seem to wait until the last minute in elections

"Hello, I'm from dealer services"..three calls today already

Carlos Santana a gracious host on 'Blessings and Miracles'

Does anyone know why Manchin identifies as a Democrat?

For those who still believe in the myth of the reasonable Republican ...

Democrats need to win this election in Virginia, top to bottom

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 21 October 2021

The F.D.A. authorizes Moderna and J.&J. boosters and allows a mix-and-match booster strategy.

Moderna and J&J boosters approved!!!

Tweet of the Day

'It's Really A Sad Day': Kamala Harris Shames GOP For Blocking Latest Voting Rights Bill (The Hill)

Rage Against The Vaccine

Indicted GOP Lawmaker Gives Up Committee Post

William Shatner's sadness at seeing Earth from space

Early afternoon on the creek, and then the river.

JUST IN: Matt Gaetz, Jamie Raskin Get In Shouting Match During Steve Bannon Debate

Did a new pastel painting, 9x12 on UArt 500 paper. Thanks for looking! 😍

Message from my office:

In a First, Surgeons Attached a Pig Kidney to a Human -- and It Worked

Why is it so freaking hard to get Democratic voters to vote

Maskless NYPD officers disciplined after NYC subway video goes viral

This is a very good speech from President Biden -Update added full speech

Union Pacific and its unions sue each other over vaccination

Breaking:In a First, Surgeons Attached a Pig's Ass to a Human's Face!!!

This may interest my friends who are acoustic music fans

No to vaccine! "Don't tell me what to do"

No to vaccine! "Don't tell me what to do"

Flowers and cake for the Vice President

Lockstep GOP stops voting rights again. It is time for Biden to exert EXTREME pressure on . . . .

*Tonite Oct. 20, 8 pm ET: Bernie Hosts *What's in the Damn Bill* Online Panel Discuss. Dems. Package

Democrats' biggest push for voting rights fails with no Republicans on board

Grant miniseries

Is it okay for me to be racist? I'm bi and female so I think it might be okay, right?

AZ State Senate Wendy Rogers seems to be upping her grifting/fraud

Kudos to Nicolle Wallace

Let's Watch Jamie Raskin Dick-Kick Matt Gaetz, We've All Earned It

Treaty of Tripoli

CDC: Fresh whole onions causing large Salmonella outbreak in 37 states.

Schiff is on Ari now n/t

Hang tough, Steve Bannon!

Big, if true......Gaetz says someone may be trying to kill him 🤣😂🤣

What does it mean to "Trash this thread"?

Yeah ! We're #40 !

Yeah ! We're #40 !

Arbitrator: Official wrongly fired in Flint water scandal

Well, honestly, when driving through the West Virginia panhandle, I refused to get out of the car.

Oak Ridge Tennessee...

"This is it!", "They've gone too far this time!", "This is a bridge too far!", "The Republicans

Is Manchin Considering Quitting the Democratic Party?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

This is what we're up against. And millions of 'Muricans will absolutely love this.

FL Republicans respond that there are no threats happening at Sch Bds and Garland is making it up.

Fighting the last war.

Delivering newspapers while Black. Sherriff charged for lying on black man. 40 armed units responded

Top Democrat HUMILIATES Matt Gaetz with brutal smackdown - Brian Tyler Cohen


Marco Rubio sent me a letter today! He's worried about losing Florida. Have a look:

Bannon is Poised to be the "Target" of a Grand Jury Investigation; Trump Poised to be a "Subject"

BULQ Liquidation Source


Nikolas Cruz Pleads Guilty To Parkland Shooting (MSNBC)

Apparent Human Remains Found After Brian Laundrie's Possessions Located In FL Park (MSNBC)

So a skeptic and a believer visited Annabel....24 mintues long

Covid: WHO Warns Pandemic Will Drag On Into 2022

Have you been craving some John Philip Sousa?

Rep. Gym Jordan tells House panel he can't recall how many times he spoke with Trump on Jan. 6

M$Greedia and Big Pharma are out of control

Why would you bring flowers to a knife fight?