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Vessel lost 40 shipping containers off Washington coast because of rough seas

Why should the power of your vote depend upon where in the USA you live?

Mitt: "A trillion seconds ago, Neanderthals were on the earth."

Friday Talking Points -- Contemptible!

"Disparate" factions of Democratic party - NPR

Is Biden going to rescind/reverse the SALT deductions?

TFG still seething over John McCain takes it out on his daughter.

Canada says EV tax credits would cause 'serious' harm to auto industry

Deadly bacteria found in aromatherapy product sold at Walmart

Biden injects new momentum into filibuster fight

Lethal prop gun fired by Alec Baldwin had misfired before

GM now finishing and shipping pickups it had parked for lack of chips

50% Of Americans Now Carry Medical Debt, A New Chronic Condition For Millions

Jeffrey Clark will answer questions for the Jan 6 Committee

Five tactics used to spread vaccine misinformation in the wellness community, and why they work

Dems eye slimmed-down drug price deal to advance social spending bill

Remember how mean and nasty TFG and his supporters were and are?

Woman's Miscarriage Gets Her 4-Year Prison Sentence - The Rational National

Wisconsin audit finds elections are 'safe and secure'

Joe Manchin Called Our Reporting "Bullshit." Now He's Got a Different Story.

Internal Alarm, Public Shrugs: Facebook's Employees Dissect Its Election Role

from an acquaintance in MD:

Inside Facebook, Jan. 6 violence fueled anger, regret over missed warning signs

Dr. Phil pressured a teen to go to a troubled youth ranch where she was sexually assaulted, lawsuit

Jethro Tull - Aqualung (Official Music Video)

Biden concedes a key part of the Trump tax cuts is probably here to stay due to Kyrsten Sinema

Matt Gaetz Gives Himself, Lauren Boebert And Marjorie Taylor Greene A Nickname

America needs to re-think it's relationship with the automobile.

I put some Bee Gees music over North Korean marching

The Justice Department has reportedly hired prosecutors specializing in child exploitation and publi

Star Trek Mirror Mirror opening scene

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

It's unclear why the trailer was in the upright position as it was traveling down the freeway

The REAL Legal Story Behind Alec Baldwin Shooting - Rebel HQ

John Eastman vs. the Eastman Memo

Meet the U.S. Attorney (acting) who will handle the Bannon criminal referral.

Don't start nothing, won't be nothing

'A Dog's World' - Book Review

Former Giuliani associate Lev Parnas is convicted of campaign finance crimes

"Trump Lost" Billboards Come To Arizona

Dems see a $1 trillion-plus deal within reach -- but not until next week

President Of The National Women's Law Center: SCOTUS Decision On TX Abortion Law Is 'Devastating'

Ethics report scrutinizes Hagedorn

GOP state Senator asks supporters to donate to Lindstrom family charged with participating in Jan. 6

The Federal death panelty

The Animal Fair

Rep. Swalwell: I Fear There Is Going To Be A Day Of More Violence - Deadline - MSNBC

'Vice Signaling': Hayes On How Publicly Being A Jerk Became A GOP Principle

Republican Operative to Democrats: SPINE UP -- an unpunished coup is a training exercise

BINGO! This is how Progressives must talk about the Build Back Better price tag Dems, watch & learn

batten down the hatches .

Rev. Al Sharpton: 'We Have To Make Time' For Voting Rights Legislation - Deadline - MSNBC

"Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening"

As COVID Drops Across The U.S., Fox News Continues To Spread Misinformation, Risk Lives - The Beat

Cocaine Hippos and Other News Which is Significantly Less Amusing (Y'know, Death Cult Shit) (Ferret)

Could anyone sue Fox News,


Bill Maher: new Halloween costumes

Texas State Rep: 'There Is No Bottom' For The Texas GOP - Deadline - MSNBC

Florida looking at withdrawing from OSHA

1 in 4 Arizona Teaching Positions Are Still Unfilled As Teacher Shortage Continues

Barbados Elects Its First Head of State, Replacing Queen Elizabeth

The Mesa Pastor Who Inspired QAnon Promoter Ron Watkins' Run For Congress

"Look for the Union Label....."

It Can Happen Here: Expert On Tyranny Warns Of GOP Extremism - The Beat - MSNBC

My best hope for the BBB agenda now...

Arizona Woman Is at the Center of Alleged Fraud Ring Run by Steve Bannon and Chinese Billionaire

I'm realizing that the GQP knows we can't prosecute them within the 4 year POTUS time frame.

I have long held the view that the power brokers in Russia

The Arizona Redistricting commission just made my campaign 1000x easier

Air France still offers full FIRST class service...

Rep. Liz Cheney slams GOP, Kevin McCarthy, & Jim Jordan for not voting for Bannon's contempt.

LA Times article on Baldwin shooting

Trump's Legal Hurricane: New Criminal Probe As Riot Investigators Circle 45 - The Beat - MSNBC

Tucson will terminate employees who don't get a COVID-19 vaccine by December

Biden delays release of secret JFK assassination files

Kurt Eichenwald: From a Texan living through our collective hell

Phoenix Police Officer Allegedly Handcuffed His Own Daughter, Then Covered It Up

WAPO: Inside Facebook, Jan. 6 violence fueled anger, regret over missed warning signs

Rep. Raskin: Tweets From Insurrectionists Called Jan. 6 'Civil War Part 2' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Marriage equality is the law of the land -- except in Texas, argues the state GOP.

Saturday Morning Autumn Season Relaxing Jazz Streaming

Biden makes BOMBSHELL announcement on the filibuster - Brian Tyler Cohen

Rise Against - Nowhere Generation With Meg Myers Acoustic (Official Lyric Video)

Trump aims to use this Russian tactic to be 'installed without winning' in 2024: Yale historian

Timothy Synder on MSNBC-----Tyranny

Alec Baldwin 'Rust' Movie Fatal Shooting May Have Been Recorded

NIH says grantee failed to report experiment in Wuhan that created a bat virus that made mice sicker

Richard Hell - Blank Generation

Jared Kushner in talks with Saudi Arabia to receive $2bn for investment firm: Report

Houston Astros advance to World Series

Houston Astros advance to the World Series with a Game 6 win over the Red Sox

Houston Astros advance to the World Series with a Game 6 win over the Red Sox

If Garland Doesn't Start Arresting Jailing Criminals America Is Toast

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 10/22/21

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'The Antichrist Is Coming, Parts One and Two'

Orionid meteor shower: All you need to know (

West Virginia governor says he will welcome with open arms three seceding Maryland counties

My take on Jan 6th

☦ Orthodox Christian Byzantine Chant

Need help finding a song posted more than a month ago; it was a musical version of a Taoist parable

Mexico probing allegations of forced labor at tomato export firms Avatar

Virtual reality universe unveiled (

Doom posting is voter suppression.

Arizona attorney general asks judge to block COVID-19 testing, vaccine rules in expanded complaint

Rough seas knock 40 shipping containers off cargo ship near Strait of Juan de Fuca

Jose 'Pepe' Mujica: 'It's one thing to be passionate and convinced of what you're defending and anot

Colombia's Amazon rainforest 'has lost area size of Wales despite 250m from UK to limit deforestati

School funding: Arizona must get federal approval to take from land trust again

Jamaica Arrests Colombian As Suspect In Haiti Assassination

'I was terrified': the vet sterilizing Pablo Escobar's cocaine hippos

The New Lost Cause

Project Runway allows two men to bully and berate a female designer.

COVID death toll among Tennessee public school employees rises [to 27]

Max Boot: "Extremists" are in Control of the Republican Party - Amanpour and Company

NEA Scout, NASA's solar sail mission, readies for launch on Artemis 1 (

chatting w my kid the drummer and shared this-

Maricopa Community College District Nursing Students File Lawsuit Challenging COVID-19 Vaccine

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Is the Dying Scream of the Corporate Democratic Party

Solar storm confirms Vikings settled in North America exactly 1,000 years ago

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Steve Schmidt: Trump's Truth Is Hideous Deception - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The Metaverse Is Bad

'Rust' crew describes on-set gun safety issues and misfires days before fatal shooting

Feel good with Perlman.

Chile far-right candidate rides anti-migrant wave in presidential poll

Four Hours at the Capitol

Listening To This A Lot Lately, For No Particular Reason I Could Name

4 Selections by pianist Grant Johannesen

Jury Finds Coolidge Real Estate Investor Guilty Of Wire Fraud And Money Laundering

Support Builds for KPIX Reporter Targeted in YouTuber's Racist Remarks

Transgender Girl Faces Down 'Ugly Vitriol' From TX Republicans - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

What Trump-Run Social Media Could Mean For Democracy - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

What are you streaming these days?

What are you streaming these days?

Foreigner - 'Waiting For A Girl Like You'

OSHA moves to strip state of ability to regulate worker safety

I Must Take Issue ...

Schoolboard member resigns after a string of dead animals appears in her driveway

UT professors say Texas Legislature should do more to improve power grid structure reliability

Weapons Safety Expert Looks At Safety Protocols And Alec Baldwin Movie Set Shooting - Rachel Maddow

☦ Orthodox Christian: Psalm 73, New Living Translation

Alvarado announces candidacy for 'open' Congressional District 15

Florida man accused of killing neighbor after cat wandered on property

Cuellar: Reopening of bridges means border communities can have a great Christmas

Minneapolis officer charged in crash that killed innocent driver during pursuit

Greyhound CEO Dave Leach Explains Decision to Sell to Germany-based FlixMobility

GOP Election Fraud Hype Collapses As Figurehead Is Charged With Voter Fraud - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Smothered Pork Chops

Benjamin Britten: Curlew River

Trump Supporter: I don't like all of the diversity

Trump's 'Coup Lawyer' Eastman Disavows Infamous Memo To Overturn 2020 Election - Rachel Maddow

Waning Gibbous, 92% visible

Tucker Carlson leads attacks

UA System, Auburn workers must be vaccinated by Dec. 8

World's approval of U.S. leadership rises in the first half of 2021. Easy to see when Trump took off

Hubbard defense reiterates apology by former Alabama speaker

The plot of "Rust".

Stephen Colbert - Monologue (with Rescue Dog Rescue!) and Opening - 10/22/21

MyPillow's Mike Lindell again questions Alabama election: John Merrill says state 'didn't have any

Breakfast 23 October 2021

Tuberville says ask Nancy Pelosi, 'Were you warned?' about Jan. 6 riots at Capitol

Illinois Supreme Court tosses county tax on guns, ammunition

Gonna guess that the employee attrition rate in this business is through the roof...

Facebook fueled Stop the Steal

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ReTHUG symbol of voter fraud arrested

TV Reports on Manchin and Sinema Leave Out Their Financial Conflicts

Nobody wants to work anymore? Maybe it's the increasingly hostile customers?

Flint Lead Lawyer Sues Jackson, MSDH, Alleging Lead-Poisoned Children

BLM offering 1400 cactus and yucca plants for sale Nov. 13 and 14

Organizers Plan For Post-Roe Mississippi With Self-Managed Abortion Education

Organizers Plan For Post-Roe Mississippi With Self-Managed Abortion Education

Chile is at the Dawn of a New Political Era

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, October 23, 2021

Republicans want to move forward from the January 6th insurrection.

In my opinion, the Select Committee should go on the offensive.

Just a thought telecasters are just so pure

Hey, I wanted to ask you something.

NKorea slams US for supporting Taiwan in nod to ally China

Vaccine mandates are working!

On this cold, dark, drizzly morning, I finally heard Mittens the Kitten's 'Meow!!'

DeJoy's DeCember DeParture

Today in history: Women March for Suffrage

'Striketober' is showing workers' rising power - but will it lead to lasting change?

Question on Covid numbers.

Rejected cockatiel just wants to be everyone's friend

hang in there, Progressives...

The midnight crazies hit right on time, last night.

There were five attendees without masks last night at

"The One Percent" Documentary, By Jamie Johnson, J&J Pharma Heir

🌲 Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas started LAST NIGHT!!! New movie list here 🌲

How Prohibition Put the 'Organized' in Organized Crime

Alec Baldwin Didn't Know Prop Gun Was Loaded With Live Rounds: Sheriff

Lets See what Wall Street thinks when it comes to supporting an insurrectionist....

Health Care Hucksters to Host Quack Convention in Nashville

More insight into Facebook's anti-Democracy treachery

I was finally able to schedule my Moderna booster for next Friday after having the J&J shot back in

Prince Charles warns of narrow window to face climate change

China passes law to reduce pressure on children from homework

Willard Hotel Was Insurrection 'Command Center'

Give Me Shelter

Shaquille O'Neal's declined $70,000 register purchase at Walmart

Weekend TOONs - The Bannon's In Your Court, Attorney General Garland

Think there's a worker shortage now? Just wait until we finally get universal health insurance!

A double dose of Psaki/Douchey yesterday:

I can't imagine the pain Alec Baldwin is experiencing

Hunger strike for climate action going on now

You raised $25.00 on October 22, 2021

I wonder if Trump sees the connection between his Truth Social site and Orwell's Ministry of Truth.

Darkman: Revisiting Sam Raimi's cult superhero movie

Florida's top public health official was asked to leave a state Senator's office

Daily Beast as a bookmark: Keep or trash ?

The US Plastics Industry Will Generate More GHGs By 2030 Than Coal - 232 Million Tons

OFFS - Mister Bone Saw Announces Saudi Arabia Will Target Net Zero In Another 40 Years

This Supply Chain Thing is Getting Out of Hand!

What will be telling is which companies will advertise on trump's new social media platform

Nations' COP 26 Editing Efforts: A Punch List Of Magical Thinking, Intransigence And Stupidity

If Someone were writing a script for a made for TV movie:

Great insight into Irish/Italian clashes in NYC post-war, from Martin Scorsese's parents.

Must See Billboards in Kentucky..."We're rich. How y'all doin?"

Private Memorial Service Planned for Colin Powell at Washington National Cathedral

Salon article: Trump's Big Lie ... may poison the country for decades

Florida Man Arrested After Throwing A 'G' At Woman

Never trust a former president...

Legendary Woodstock Photos That Will Go Down In History

Point out that S.O.B. that called you a bad doggie-I'll take care of him

Dwight Yoakam has a birthday today.

Superman invites the wrath of Indians for destroying military equipment in Occupied Kashmir

got a free 28in non-smart TV, I'm wanting a bigger smart TV, was curious if I could

The Past, the Present, and

How kids judge the Halloween candy you give out

Trump-endorsed GOP candidate for Michigan Secretary of State to speak at QAnon conference

Chesterfield mom says daughter distraught after local dentist uses little-known 'hand over mouth' te

Interesting Twitter Thread On 24-Month Powell Water Level Projections

ATA petitions White House for trucking exemption from vaccine, testing mandate

With a fifth of Virginia's nursing homes failing to meet staffing standards, stakeholders split on s

Finally. My week on-call is officially over.

He claimed someone cast a ballot in his dead wife's name and that meant voter fraud was real, but...

Bishop Talbert Swan: Riley Williams, 22, white: US Capitol insurrectionist, stole a computer

Apple PAGES app ... anything new ?

All My Loving - The Beatles

That would scare me too

Move over Jesus Christ on a trailer hitch.....

Newsmax, Fox News air outdated, out-of-context photos of empty shelves in segments bashing Biden

Ronchetti leaves KRQE to consider run for N.M. governor

Ronchetti leaves KRQE to consider run for N.M. governor

Rampant Poaching Forces Elephants to Evolve to Not Have Tusks, Study Finds

Oath Keepers in public office.

Demand fair pay and benefits for striking John Deere workers

If you had SATV in the 90's, you were somebody!

3145 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat; 30 deaths

Ran as Dem to get elected, voted as Rep to get richer

Elephant kills poacher in South Africa, park officials suspect

Republicans - Metaphor on not getting the vax shot (Warning -- cringeworthy)

What is going on in and with Florida? This school needs shut down!

Meet India Walton: Black Socialist on Democratic Ticket for Buffalo Mayor Snubbed by NY Dem Party

FL Surgeon General asked to leave Tina Polsky's office after refusing to wear mask

January 6 defendant spoke at far-right rally attended by Proud Boys, despite court order against...

'I don't know how many moments we have to have before it matters'

Alec Baldwin was given loaded weapon and told it was a 'cold gun', court records show

Man killed, 7 wounded in shooting near Fort Valley State University

January 6 defendant spoke at far-right rally attended by Proud Boys, despite court order against...

Eric Trump and Roger Stone are headlining the 'Truth About Cancer' conference in Nashville

I'd love to see some adoring coverage of Dr. Biden highlighting how nice it is to be back to having

We've seen the meme, now here is the video that started it.

If you're still on the fence about getting vaccinated 👀

What I REALLY don't like about my con brothers

Turkey moves to throw out US and nine other envoys

Luckily, John Barron is ON THE CASE!

Special election in Ohio could offer clues on how to run with or against Trump in 2022

Suspected poacher trampled to death by elephant in South Africa

This is Halloween!👻🧛‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧟‍♂️🎃🧙‍♀️🧹Back Off Thanksgiving and Xmas!

Will TFG choose megalomania over country?

Virginia Democrats sue USPS over delayed delivery of election-related material

Newly-appointed Texas secretary of state briefly worked with TFG to challenge the 2020 election

Woman Makes Friends With Wild Blue Jays Is So Surprised When She Moves To A New Home The Dodo

Kitten Yoga

COVID cases dropping, immunity rising, but WA state's hospitals still face hard season

White House delays release of JFK assassination records, citing COVID-19 pandemic

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will win by a landslide to narrow margin.

Mets, Eskimos, Ironmen, Totems: Seattle's hockey history is richer than you think

GOP leaders escalate battle against COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Arthur C Clarke predicts the internet in 1964

CNN reporter confronts parents at school spreading bogus vaccine claims

Bible story of Sodom revisited. Was it a meteor strike? ( {old news, but interesting}

Social Security Update: New Bill Could Benefit Seniors Immensely by Improving Cost-of-Living Formula

Presidential ranking- Trump given 3rd worst

USC Sigma Nu frat prez is the main suspect in rape, students surround & cover frat house with signs

Vote today in Virginia

How Facebook Radicalizes Users

If the media had a policy not to cover kidnappings for money

Cartoons 10/23/2021

This Barn Owl Baby Just Heard Thunder for the First Time Wildlife Moments

Chris Wallace: "Jen Psaki, I think, is one of the best press secretaries ever."

Rep. Eric Swalwell Shares Chilling Voicemail Sent To Him By Tucker Carlson Fan

'My god what an idiot': J.D. Vance gets whacked for past Trump comments

COVID death rate in rural Ga. now double that in urban areas

Folks who were used by Republicans as anti-vax pawns should vote Dem

Chris Hayes Exposes The 'Cruelty At The Core' Of The GOP

How to Make Abuela-Approved Asopao de Pollo

Let's talk about nonsense and a Florida man jobs experiment....

A Kansas City tenant fights back and wins rare victory against landlord who tried to evict her

Canada adjusts travel advisory ahead of US reopening land borders

Larimer County CO offers businesses way out of mask mandate

Jean-Luc has been here a whole 2 weeks and it's still like he doesn't trust me one bit!

Again and again. Women's pro soccer players are just the latest to deal with abuse

Today's Athletes Need To Be More Like Muhammad Ali

'I was terrified': the vet sterilizing Pablo Escobar's cocaine hippos

LIVE: Obama campaigns with Virginia gubernatorial candidate McAuliffe

LIVE: Obama campaigns with Virginia gubernatorial candidate McAuliffe (X-post from VA group)

Minnesota politician backs fundraiser for alleged Capitol attackers

Judge sets Monday hearing on whether to intervene in GOP election review

The Constitution never enshrined Democratic ideals, nor does the GOP. Its a divide as old as America

ICE deported men back to Cameroon and Uganda restrained in "the Wrap" for hours

Thanks Boog

Minneapolis officer charged in crash that killed innocent driver during pursuit

1986 image. How many dozens? Hundreds? of songs among these musicians?

The Left's War Against The New York Times

'School-to-prison pipeline' for Black children on shocking display in Tennessee

Somebody needs to remind Sinema that AZ is no longer a Goldwater state.

Obama is giving a rally speech for Terry McAuliffe. Not sure how long it will be but it's on CNN now

I have not received mail this Friday or Saturday.

Did NY pass a voter suppression law?

It's proving difficult to find a jury in the trial for Ahmaud Arbery's killing. Some are scared

"Trying to have a conversation with you would be like arguing with a dining room table.".

🎶⚔ We will fight against the creatures of the night!🧟‍♂️🧛‍♂️🎶

Obama is killing it!

USA Fencing Is Blocking A Top Athlete From A Competition After Sexual Assault Accusations. It Took

Trump team set up a 'command center' dedicated to overturning the election the week of the Jan 6th

Asteroid 2021 SG came from the sun's direction {so we didn't see it coming!} (

Erdogan orders removal of 10 ambassadors, including US envoy

Obama is a really gifted speaker

Anxiety is off the chain today for some reason.

The White Supremacists Behind The Deadly Charlottesville Rally Are Going To Court. Here's What You N

Ethan Forhetz reports on 'sketch' of suspected thief

Naughty koala baby--watch to the end:


Shelter dog clings to reporter, & the reporter adopts her.

Letitia James Makes Political Hires

Little girl hurt her finger, so she holds it out the window to cool it off & make it feel better:

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick pays out $25,000 to Democrat for Republican voter fraud

The former Republican US House Member who sang Twinkle Twinkle Kenneth Starr is back.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 23, 2021

Cat DEMANDS to play fetch:

If it hasn't already been said, some support for Alec Baldwin as we know

Rep. Eric Swalwell Shares Chilling Voicemail Sent To Him By Tucker Carlson Fan

Corgis play tetherball:

Cops and Paramedics Involved in Elijah McClain's Death Charged With Homicide

interesting .

This anti-vax idiot's ticktock videos should be a PSA

Stealth puppy:

Gory Halloween Decorations News Story.

Animal Planet: 22 adorable pet in Halloween costumes.

This puppy will NOT be left out or left behind:

12 years old, is she?

Saw a Halloween decoration in probably a

Illinois finally upsets #7 Penn State

Welcome to BucketheadLand - Aunt Suzie - Familiar Spirit

Striking bourbon workers scheduled to vote on new contract

Ok need some ideas!!!

Ever do a bunch of stuff, listening to music or a book,

Just a photo

Coffin dancers: compilation

I cut the cable

I cut the cable

When you are the customer and the hospital should respect that

Dad's on Duty group turns around a Louisiana high school

6 of The Weirdest Places on Earth - SciShow

Earler tbe discusion turned to how male dancers are the real...

Nope. Nope. Nope.

The Sisters of Mercy - More

TFG's Official Theme Song

Surgeon General asked to leave Tina Polsky's office after refusing to wear mask

Memphis theater group, Brooks Museum host Day of the Dead 'reverse parade'

A landscape painting I worked on for a few mornings.

Townes Van Zandt - Pancho & Lefty 1993 TV Performance

According to Madoc, today is Snuggle Bug Saturday

A Purification Ritual for Vaccine Wellness

Trump Pee Tape Is Out There, Spy Says

MAGA people explained.

Lawsuit filed against USPS - Mail Delays in Virginia

Sound on (twitter)

The anti-vaxxer flag ("Never Mind" .... "I Changed My Mind" ... "HELP!")

Virginia Democrats sue USPS over delayed delivery of election-related material


Now! Barack on the stump for Gov. Phil Murphy! God, how I miss him!!

Depend on Democrats to Do the Right Thing

Crew member yelled 'cold gun' as he handed Alec Baldwin prop weapon.......

Bernie nails it.

Oklahoma senator receiving backlash after referring to Asian-American families as 'yellow'

AtlantaBraves Ticket ofc 404-577-9100 (option 6) Why did they just book anti-vaxxer Travis Tritt

While watching Obama speak for Governor Phil Murphy, I came across this - he spoke just seconds ago:

While the GOP fawns over DeJoy for slowing down mail service, they whine about slow Ports

Bill Maher's latest advice to liberals: "Shut the fuck up for a while."

Got my booster today at Rite Aid!

OK Folks - those storms in the West are looking serious


"Management by Metrics Is Upending Newsrooms"

Large gaggle, down creek

history of the entire world, i guess

Here are the Consequences to Democracy if AG Garland/DOJ Refuse to Prosecute Trump's Election Crimes

Alec Baldwin 'Canceling Other Projects' After Rust Shooting Death, 'Inconsolable for Hours' Says

You Shook Me All Night Long - Finnish Band, Steve n Seagulls

ABC's 'The Rookie' bans use of live guns on set following accidental shooting on 'Rust' set

Will someone please tell me this is not true?

Where are the water worlds? New tool to find out (

Addicted to kissing the (T)rump 'America First' groups try to bring nativism into the mainstream

CNN reporter confronts parents at school spreading bogus vaccine claims (CNN)

Obama and Springsteen being BFFs

Attention New York voters!

Wisconsin GOP is gonna ban words:

Barack Obama stumps for Terry McAuliffe


Dejoy: Postal Service to add 45 facilities ahead of holiday season

Missouri Paper Blasts House Republicans After Bannon Contempt Vote, Says GOP 'Coddles Criminals'

Tim Ryan Calls Out J.D. Vance

Cute Cat Stands Up Like A Person When She Wants Treats

Please tell me its fake news about Fauci

As far as I can tell, the sole person who lost their job at Netflix over the Dave Chappelle special

Yuge Flop: Michael Flynn Headlines Sparsely Attended Pro-TFG, Anti-Vaxx Event

Rescued Darter Returns Home to Find Rival There Waiting

Fact Sheet: National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality

Cheney's Consultants Are Given an Ultimatum: Drop Her, or Be Dropped

Commas are important

What's in, and what's out, as Democrats reshape Biden bill

Meghan McCain Swats Away TFG's Latest Attack on Her and Her Dad: 'Thanks for the Publicity Boomer'

When it comes to guns, there are no accidents or mistakes. Just negligence.

Got my Moderna booster...

The NIH awards $41.7 BILLION dollars of grants annually. That's billion, with a "B."

Pencil Necked Geek Josh Hawley Calls for Merrick Garland to Resign over FBI School-Board Memo

Have you seen this one yet?

TFG has 'still not forgiven' Kevin McCarthy for suggesting his censure after the January 6 riot

"Let's go Brandon" real meaning