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Obama to GOP: Tell us you ideas instead of trying to rig elections

Mythic Quest a go for seasons 3&4.Funny conference call with Rob, Anthony Hopkins, and Jason Sudakis

Hitler's Dark Methods of Manipulation Hitler's Propaganda Machine Timeline

Obama sharply criticizes Youngkin in Va. governor's race

Should guns be banned from movies / TV / etc?

Is the Chock Full O Nuts Gourmet Roasted Coffee

Eric Swalwell: All the questions you've wanted answered...finally revealed!

This Comment From Biden Has Republicans NERVOUS

Rie aka Suzuku : Never cry

Enjoying a nice vodka and tonic tonight.

Libertarian Milton Friedman, Betsy DeVos Aided Segregation, Privatized Public Education- 'Choice'

White supremacists are returning to Charlottesville. But this time, they're on trial.

Former AZ Attorney General Grant Woods has died

Dear Great Pumpkin...

Pocket pool. n/t

CIA's Hypnosis, LSD and Mind Control Project

Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods dies unexpectedly at 67

Trump Loving State Representatives Sign Letter Demanding All 50 States 'Decertify' 2020 Results

PM Update: Mild with more sunshine tomorrow

Hubby got his moderna booster yesterday.

Byron Brown 'writes down' his name, votes early in mayoral race

Poll: Voters trust ABC, CNN most, Fox News least among mainstream news outlets

What's the cheesiest 70's song that you actually like?

Mmmmmm! Cooked chocolate pudding with a glob of peanut butter. :) Eaten still warm

flash flooding risk.

New Mexico governor confirms plans for UN climate conference

'Daily Show's' Klepper reveals what happened at Trump rally

They're not trying to forget about 1/6. They're using it as a RALLYING CRY.

Professional film set armorer gives her general take on the Baldwin tragedy

Garden Grove Pays $500K to woman Arrested for DUI when she was actually having a stroke 10 yrs ago

What employees were saying about Facebook during Capitol riot

The Evolution of Turtles

One Way or Another

Vaccine Expert Answers Everything You Need To Know About Boosters - Velshi - MSNBC

Fmr. Zuckerberg Mentor Roger McNamee: Facebook 'Lost Sight' Of Legal Lines - Velshi - MSNBC

Colombia's most wanted drug lord captured in jungle raid

Fascist Invasion Of America Captured On Video

A "liberal" shooting someone draws the wrath of conservatives,

The Daily Show: Sen. Tammy Duckworth - Why the Subminimum Wage Should Be Abolished

Magellan did NOT circumnavigate the earth! PBS, Magellan's Crossing

Magellan did NOT circumnavigate the earth! PBS, Magellan's Crossing

I can relate with this song.......

Magellan did NOT circumnavigate the earth! PBS, Magellan's Crossing

Why Did Five Of Kyrsten Sinema's Advisers Quit? - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Minnesota politician backs fundraiser for alleged Capitol attackers

Free Audubon online bird drawing classes

Obama: America Is At 'Turning Point,' Campaigns For Terry McAuliffe In Virginia - MSNBC

Have you watched "Four hours at the Capitol"? (HBO Documentary)

Obama to NJ crowd. "We can't afford to be tired. I remember in 2016"

NY Gov. signs bill allowing candidates to use chosen names in bids for office

The Daily Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 10/18/21

AGC chief 'Otoniel,' Colombia's most wanted arrested

Black leaders call on Seattle mayoral candidate M. Lorena Gonzlez to pull 'racist' ad saying Bruce

I might be a little late

Democrats' problem is not focusing on issues most vital to independents, 2 prominent pollsters say

Trump's Big Lie is the new Lost Cause

Brazil's Bolsonaro plans to attend G20 summit in Rome -foreign ministry official

Perfect for Halloween! Constantine ASMR. Alert if you have issues with.....

My 41-year-old nephew died suddenly yesterday.

Blinken says the US has plans to curb Amazon deforestation

Hillary Clinton and Duran Duran...❤

The Giants and Dodgers combined for 220 wins this season, and neither made the World Series.

Baseball SPOILER

MCH staff receive death threats after COVID patient photo goes viral

Paraguay has 180 days to repair environmental damages, says UN

Everett Takes Stock of Findings on a Possible Transit Merger, Charts Next Steps

Seven prisoners found dead in Ecuador jail affected by riots

Facebook dithered in curbing divisive user content in India

So conservatives hate drug companies now. They see them as "Gov. monopolies"

Wife of Rep. Mike Kelly may have used 'confidential information' she got via her husband...

Vista Colleges are Permanently Closed

Vista Colleges are Permanently Closed

☦ The Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry

Texas Cop Fired Two Days After Killing a Man During Pursuit


SNL: Ghost of Biden Past Cold Open

This is a story of 2 Luther Johnsons.

Where are the workers? Cutoff of jobless aid spurs no influx

So Racism is legal if its a religion.

Halyna HUTCHINS & Joel SOUZA take priority, granted. Can we spare a bit for Alec?

Patagonian fossils show Jurassic dinosaur had the herd mentality

Patagonian fossils show Jurassic dinosaur had the herd mentality

Austria Threatens Lockdown for Unvaccinated

Question: why kneel during the anthem? Here's the answer

Nightclub declared 'nuisance' is closing in Hattiesburg

California Travel Blogger Among 2 Killed in Mexico's Tulum

Olympic sprinter Alex Quinonez fatally shot in Ecuador

Perfect representation of covid

Neil Peart Drum Solo

Beyonce and Jay-Z selling former church in New Orleans. People have a lot of questions

Olympic sprinter Alex Quinonez fatally shot in Ecuador

SNL: Weekend Update

Piano player at London railway station

What's in, and what's out, as Democrats reshape Biden bill

Boo! Thousands crowd New Orleans streets for 1st parade


Ohio's prison workforce is 28% vaccinated, per state data; lowest rate among all state agencies

Graphic video. Anti vaxxer dies of Covid and orphans 5 kids, on TikTok.

More criticism

Illinois man died of rabies, after refusing the vaccine

*Can't* be a spoiler but don't click here: SNL cold open (biting my tongue for content) *luerved* it

Auditor Demands Brett Favre Return $828,000 in 'Illegally Spent Welfare Funds'

'String Quartet No. 6' by Beethoven/The Alexander String Quartet performing

From 1978 until tonight, just now in fact

Sunday Morning Jazz Lazy Day Mood and Coffee Music Streaming

The Cascades - Rhythm of the Falling Rain

Sen. Bernie Sanders said expansions to medicare are 'not coming out' of spending bill, contradicting

La palma.volcana lava inches thru town

Listening to Todd, "A Wizard A True Star" in the Germs Lounge of The Jupiter Room

'We are the future': Students react to proposal that would slash thousands in financial aid

Anti-marijuana groups lobby as Gov. Reeves contemplates special session

SNL: Declaration Pitch

State audit at Itawamba Community College uncovers $2 million in misused job training funds

all frat social activities halted at USC amid more drugging reports

9 overtimes: Illinois outlasts No. 7 Penn State in longest game in college football history

Lincoln Project will be filing ethics complaint against Abbott

Right-Wing Pro-Trump Event Aiming for 10,000 Attendees Sees Less Than 1,000 on First Day

Iranian governor slapped HARD - man upset his wife was vaxxed by a man rather than a woman

Breakfast Sunday 24 October 2021

Attention New York voters!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Ghost Pupperz Edition

Just Stop

Earth may be trapped inside a giant magnetic tunnel

Baby octopuses grow hundreds of temporary organs, then lose them without a trace

Weird stellar remnant may be from one of the first stars in the universe

Jim Acosta confronts Marjorie Taylor Greene on Capitol Hill

The Maya: History, civilization & gods


The Naked Emperor insists he is legally immune because he is the former guy...

The Maya: History, civilization & gods

Louisiana higher education board troubled by number of TOPS recipients from millionaire households

The final barrier to Madoc successfully attacking my feet, at night, has been breached.

Mexico Reports 10 Clandestine Graves in Morelos

Who is Hanna Gutierrez? Armorer of Alec Baldwin's 'Rust' Was Hired as Replacement ...

Rust shooting as an allegory for Covid

Judges Present Book on Crimes of the Argentinean Dictatorship

Former university president accused of violating Oregon law with response to LSU scandal

US urges NKorea to stop missile tests and return to talks

Louisiana Bond Commission delays refinancing of state debt over 'gun rights' questions

Possible oldest prehistoric art ever known is discovered by Chinese scientists in the 'roof of the w

How the political world evolved to this point?

What Drove Homo Erectus Out of Africa?

Thousands of tiny 'ice needles' may explain mysterious stone patterns on Earth ... and Mars

This morning it went from tentative scritches to head to tail stroking pets, with Mittens the Kitten

Braves Manager Brian Snitker - 1971 Macon Ill. baseball takes almost "Hoosiers" story. Very cool.

Louisiana's teacher shortage is raising alarms: 'Fewer teacher candidates than ever'

Words of Wonder / Get Up Stand Up

Lots of minor tremors across the Caribbean/Atlantic in the last 24 hours

CDC Tracks Down a Killer - "Healing" Gemstones

October 24, On this day ......

Striking bourbon workers ratify new Heaven Hill contract

Striking bourbon workers ratify new Heaven Hill contract

CBC*: Falling for fall: Explore Canada amid its autumnal colours.

Because...Venn Diagram..

Trump Advisers Enlisted Ex-Army Psy-Ops Specialist in Bid to Overturn Election

Facebook has gone cookoos.

Sonny Terry was born on this date.

Guardian: Diana Rigg: 'Ma didn't suffer fools: she exploded them at 50 paces'

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, October 24, 2021


JD Vance commercial this morning

From The Guardian: The 31st annual Tompkins Square Halloween dog parade...

Trying to disprove the existence of white fragility by banning use of the term white fragility is...

Has it dawned on DUers that the entire reason for the Slobfather's use of Lock her Up

There used to be a lot of hostility here towards Bernie Sanders.

The dilemma that haunts America.

Mark Hamill tweets that he misses Obama, and a clip from VA rally

Biden to host Manchin in Delaware at critical juncture


Rapist Pastor Gets No Jail Time

"Adopt A Highway". What an amazing performance by Ethan Hawke

The Dunning Kruger Effect explained

You're not 'fully vaccinated.' You never will be.

Check out the "sewer monster" Richmond VA pulled out

Feds push for prison time for ex-Saints player Joe Horn, who pleaded guilty to health care fraud

critical race theory : congratulations conservatives

Thousands of workers across the U.S. would rather lose their jobs than be vaccinated

Across the Desk - S4:E15 (Special Guest - Scott Hamilton of The Hamilton Report)

Just when you think the cray cray might be turning a corner...

Kemp takes a swing at MLB as Braves advance to World Series

Evangelical leaders endorsed Trump. Now his fanatics are destroying the Evangelical Church.

New Whistleblower: Facebook Exempted Breitbart from Censure

Where Facts Were No Match for Fear

Rio Rancho, N.M., man arrested following altercation at truck stop

Sneaky Canadians:

Jen Psaki Flips 'Gotcha' Question Around On Peter Doocy - Rebel HQ

If you want get a laugh watching a grown man squirm . . . . .

On this day, October 24, 1936, David Nelson was born.

Earthquake in S. California. You all OK?

73-Year-Old Falls Church Man Dies After Shooting at ATM: Police

Fuck that kid. Fuck that kid too. Aaaand fuck this kid too.

70 degrees, sunny with a light breeze. I should be doing housework. . .

Jonathan Capehart just had Aunt Gloria (Avent-Kindred) on, talking about the infrastructure bill....

I wonder, it's Sunday and at the churches throughout the land----

Allegations Made Against Man Responsible For Film Safety On 'Rust' Set

I do not worry so much about a Democrat winning the presidential election in 24. BUT

Prosecutors in Detroit uncover massive money-laundering operation between US and Dubai

Oklahoma senator receiving backlash after referring to Asian-American families as 'yellow'

Its as close to a storm that we will ever get

The Texas House of Representatives say marriage equality is NOT the law in Texas and that same-sex..

As Sen. Joe Manchin's Star Rose in West Virginia, the FBI and IRS Probed His Closest Allies

I watched a video made by an anti-vaxxer, chronicling her journey through Covid-19

Where the hell did it go?

Should New Orleans standardize Carnival parade routes? Here's what a Mardi Gras expert thinks

DeSantis says he is seeking to hire police who refuse to get vaccinated because it's 'scientific'

GOTV Event in Charlottesville today - Dave Matthews will be there

I'm a Florida school board member. This is how protesters come after me.

Has anyone used an ultrasonic pest repeller in their house?

Northern California High Surf warnings

Conspiracy beliefs prospectively predict health behavior and well-being during a pandemic

Neil Cavuto says "Get vaccinated!":

'When We Organize, We Win': Ocasio-Cortez Joins India Walton at Rally in Buffalo

I found a good sale on sweatpants with pockets and I wanted to share info.

1483 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 11 deaths

I found a good sale on sweatpants with pockets and I wanted to share info.

(South Korea) Yoon Seok-yeol's "apple" apology and the Chun Doo-hwan dictatorship

Cash pouring in for Lujan Grisham's 2022 reelection campaign

Texas HB 3979 has unintented consequences leading to a bad interpretation

I'm really scared that this is the sort of thing that will cause people on the right....

Are any Ks counties giving the booster shots with Moderna yet?

Charles Koch And Rupert Murdoch Should Be Arrested

Ultralow Thermal Conductivity, Novel Zintl Antimonides, Thermoelectrics, Nuclear Fuel and Fukushima.

Shocked! Fox lying about California gas prices

Trump's infrastructure plan.

If we allow republicans to decide who gets to count the votes. Democracy will die.

Baked Pumpkin Donut Holes

German police halt armed far-right vigilantes on Polish border

Bargain flannel sheets!

Picasso works bring in $109M at Bellagio auction

Millions of Workers Stay Home to Watch Young Children as Daycares Struggle

Pope: Don't send migrants back to Libya and 'inhumane' camps

NYT: Where Facts Were No Match for Fear

What Fiction are you reading this week, October 24, 2021?

Thousands of Sequoias Must Be Chopped Down, Trees pose danger after California wildfires

SPECIAL REPORT-Is the Amazon near a tipping point? Three real-world studies are ominous

Added benefits.

Jake Tapper Destroys GOP's 'Cruel' Response to Alec Baldwin Tragedy

Colombia's most wanted drug lord Otoniel captured

An October 2012 tweet about Donald Trump by J.D. Crowe

Third Pfizer jab yesterday at the Centre de Vaccination

How working unpaid hours became part of the job

New Jersey governor race tests Murphy's progressive politics

What is appropriate (DU) loungewear?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 26: New Waves Around the World: Japanese New Wave

Manchin's Dirty Empire Reaps Big Financial Rewards from Network of Coal Companies

Jay Black, Jay and the Americans Singer, Dead at 82

Florida's top doctor refuses mask, is told to leave meeting

Mummy's older than we thought: new find rewrites the history books

Not everyone likes Gospel, but I liked this voice immediately

DeSantis Explains His 'Scientific' Plan To Hire Anti-Vax Police

On this day, October 24, 1861, the first transcontinental telegraph was completed.

Madoc having a snooze in his 'Bachelor's Pad', AKA 'The Play Pen'.

Some Republicans joked about the 'Rust' shooting. Tapper brings the receipts (CNN)

Tapper to Pelosi: Are you frustrated with Sinema and Manchin? (CNN)

Mr. Cat, my porch cat, is well on his way to becoming a house cat.

Autumn Leaves - Nat King Cole

Best. TV Listing. Ever.

When old friends choose MAGA over morality it's time to say goodbye.

Anyone have an Ark they can spare?

What it's like to be on the front lines of the school board culture war

This Donkey Loves When Her Favorite Human Plays Guitar

Race-blind redistricting? Democrats incredulous at GOP maps

'We know who we are': Inuit row raises questions over identity and ancestry

Let computers do it: Film set tragedy spurs call to ban guns

STI rates 'at their highest numbers' in US as Covid dominates health funding

Is Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg guilty of world-wide murder?

Why is the idea of 'gender' provoking backlash the world over?

Colombia captures most-wanted drug lord, Otoniel, in bust compared to Pablo Escobar's fall

3.6 magnitude earthquake rattles Los Angeles area

Learning the ropes: why Germany is building risk into its playgrounds

Dog deals effectively with cat who stole her bed:

Obama mocked GOP New Jersey gubernatorial nominee Jack Ciattarelli for attending a 'Stop the Steal'

President Obama had fun mocking the idiot in New Jersey who wanted to ban swearing

Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen talk "Renegades" - CBS Sunday Morning

President Obama had fun mocking the idiot in New Jersey who wanted to ban swearing

Angus King: Losing climate provisions in reconciliation bill weakens Biden's hands in Glasgow

High wind causing power outages around Puget Sound

My message to the police unions complaing

Jeanine Pirro: I want to know who has an alcohol problem

Democrats weigh changes in filibuster to pass voting rights legislation after GOP opposition

75%+ of all adults; 95-99% of employees where vaccine is mandated--should be the story:

'Crisis mode': Psychiatric bed shortages leave patients in limbo

Texas drag race driver slams into spectators, killing 2 kids


Today I placed my first "curbside pickup" order with Walmart. It was ready in about 10 minutes...

Gov. Abbott interview against vaccine mandates at University of Texas' DKR Stadium raises eyebrows

Trump pick's messy personal life worries Senate Republicans

There used to be something called a "limit" that had existed in something called "reality".

Hackers Lay Claim to Trump's Social App Before Its Launch

Analyst says housing prices in Snohomish County 'have never been higher'

Pelosi Won't Say If She'll Run Again

Frustrating experience using oils for the first time.

Cartoons 10/24/2021

When the Go Gos were Punk

Interesting Stat Facts

It's National Tight Ends Day

Upwards of 10,000 trees near giant sequoia groves must be removed after California fires

Ex-soldiers offered mercenaries $10,000 a week to join a private army that would fight in Yemen's

Eric Trump mocks 'sensitive' US army as he tells rally father Donald is 'gonna be back'

Pakistan police use tear gas to disperse Afghans

'I was terrified': the vet sterilizing Pablo Escobar's cocaine hippos

Why is TFG running for president again? To stay out of jail

Almost got arrested yesterday by pissed off cops.

I got my flu shot yesterday and slept until 3 pm today

Rep. Jim Banks suspended from Twitter for misgendering trans government official Dr. Rachel Levine

Police must do more to crack down on 'dangerous' anti-vaxx protests outside schools, says Priti Pate

Austin police fistbumping Nazis

If the law says that people working on a movie set are entitled to know......

Russell Brand tag teams Jon Stewart ragging on CNN - apologists for Drumpf

Beck - Heart Is A Drum

Trump Supporters Are Going Door To Door In Florida Looking For Voter Fraud

GOP Shill Gets SLAMMED For Fake Performance

The AFC North is suddenly looking like the toughest division in football

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 25 October 2021

Keeping teeth in your mouth as you grow old should not be a luxury in this country.

Riot at Barklay's Center in NYC.

How Facebook neglected the rest of the world, fueling hate speech and violence in India

Ivory poaching has led to tuskless elephants, study finds

Democrats want to repair and strengthen the villages across America for all Americans.

Patrick Mahomes Leaves Game After Terrifying Hit

$139,679,397 dropped into Texas state level politics by 25 individuals, from January 2015 /June 2021

Orthodox patriarch hospitalized at start of 12-day US visit

Went to vote in NYC today; nobody was in line...

Senator: Bill would address 'pink tax' for military uniforms

Dunk pup has had busy day defending against serial killer packages delivery people

People have lost their damn minds. Protesters supporting Kyrie Irving break thru barricades

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 24, 2021

Facebook's Internal Chat Boards Show Politics Often at Center of Decision Making

Cockney Rejects - Fighting In The Streets

The Texas abortion ban has a medical exception. But some doctors worry it's too narrow to use

Maria Muldaur - "I'm Vaccinated & I'm Ready For Love!"

Twitter Suspends GOP Congressman

Afghanistan Near Collapse

wierd. golden gate bridge "sings" due to high winds .

Texas drag race driver slams into spectators, killing 2 kids

Hunter Biden paintings on display.

Damn I love Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Big storm here in western Washington

Conservatives fight paid leave plan proposed by House, U.S.still lags behind the rest of the world

Marjorie Taylor Greene isn't welcome in Connecticut

A $1,775 Doctor's Visit Cost About $350 in Maryland. Here's Why.

A $1,775 Doctor's Visit Cost About $350 in Maryland. Here's Why.

officers in Connecticut accused of drinking and ignoring calls while on duty resign from their job

Navajo Nation: No COVID-related deaths for 17th time in 24 days

Building an Inverted Aquarium inside my Backyard Pond!

Trump pick's Parnell for PA and Walker for GA worry GOP, about their scuzzy backgrounds

This is a cool video, from a pretty interesting guitarist

VA:GOV: "BIG" Early Voting in Deep-Blue Northern Virginia Saturday

Father Ray Kelly sings a song, BGT

Mike Lindell announces 3 Day Thanksgiving broadcast to prepare America for overturning election!

For a solid year, Media has derided President Biden. NYTimes AGAIN today.

A Flower of a Weed (A Weed of a Flower?) found out in the pasture.

This Bears - Buccaneers game is actually painful to watch.

Another prime example of why people don't wanna work for slave wages

Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin blasted Trump at the QAnon conference today.

Finally one police chief is implementing a "Shoot to incapacitate" instead of "Shoot to kill"


Santa Rosa, CA had 7.24" rain so far today. Still pouring down.

Tesla gives 'Full Self-Driving' to a new crop of users, takes it away after apparent software bugs

'The Secrets of Isis' Star Joanna Cameron Dies at 70

Sen. Warren is optimistic that a deal on Build Back Better is near:

Please submit your nominees for the 15th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

Fox News has joined 34 media organizations and journalists in an Amicus Brief in Nunes case

Opinion: To police officers who refuse to be vaccinated, we say: Good riddance.

Opinion: To police officers who refuse to be vaccinated, we say: Good riddance.