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'We're not a bunch of deadbeats': West Virginians turn on Manchin for blocking much-needed help

Actress Joanna Cameron, Saturday Morning's "Secrets of Isis" Star, Dies at 70

DUNE author Frank Herbert: "Power attracts the corruptible." (28 second video)

"We the People of the United States,

Halloween Is Coming! #44

Halloween Is Coming! #43

Halloween Is Coming! #42

Halloween Is Coming! #41

Halloween Is Coming! #40

Halloween Is Coming! #39

Halloween Is Coming! #38

Halloween Is Coming! #37

Halloween Is Coming! #36

Halloween Is Coming! #35

Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

I subscribe to the New York Times...

Plaquemine woman bilked $500K from taxpayers through fraudulent PPP, unemployment claims, feds say

The Press Made the Polio Vaccine Trials Into a Public Spectacle

Learn Something New: Certain plastic bags contain cat-like pheromones and they may urinate on them.

"The Liberty Way": How Liberty Univ Discourages and Dismisses Students' Reports of Sexual Assault

Michael Keaton on 60 minutes

This should be a best-seller.

James Gandolfini, The Sopranos fans may enjoy this article from New York Magazine: (it's quite long)

'We don't negotiate with terrorists': Muslim student says he's shocked by NJ teacher's remarks

Why the witch-hunt victims of early modern Britain have come back to haunt us

Reclaiming Jesus from his church

Surpluses present opportunity to both reinvest in Kentucky AND build Rainy Day Fund

VA-GOV: Glenn Youngkin Financed a PAC That Supports 2020 Deniers and 1/6 Apologists

10 Commercials from the 40s

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is on TV tonight on PBS

James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther on 'Friends,' has died

Nets briefly put Barclays Center on lockdown after protest for Kyrie Irving turns ugly

Pelosi Says Spending Bill Deal and Infrastructure Vote Will Come This Week

I have so many questions....

COVIDIOTs supporting Kyrie Irving's vaccine refusal swarm Barclays center

Tweet of the Day

Dems look to keep tax on billionaires in spending bill

Don Henley - The End Of The Innocence

When you rescue a dog...

Sen. Joe Manchin wants to restrict who gets the child tax credit. These West Virginians may pay the

EXCLUSIVE: Jan. 6 Protest Organizers Say They Participated in 'Dozens' of Planning Meetings

Container ship drops dangerous cargo and catches fire of BC Coast

U.S. Constitution Framers Would've Been 'Diametrically Opposed' to Today's Filibuster: Senator

Mehdi Hasan and guests cut to the chase...

I was asked to cross post this from the AWPS group

I'm really disappointed set Kristen Cinema

Using extra budget money, Louisiana deposits first $205 million into fund aimed at stability

Virginia Democrats sue USPS for delays that threaten to 'disenfranchise' voters

Faux "news" going after Fauci for testing on dogs

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene to speak at Frisco Conservatives gala

TFG Will 'Kneecap' GOP Presidential Nominee if He Doesn't Run, Says Ex-Republican Lawmaker

Baltimora - Tarzan Boy

South by Southwest agrees to settle lawsuit over no-refund policy for canceled 2020 event

A 19th-Century Law Dismantled The KKK. Now It Could Bring Down A New Generation Of Extremists.

The Lincoln Project To Come For Greg Abbott With New Ethics Complaint

Disclosure: I worked for people who experimented on dogs.

Armed And Dangerous - Courtroom Scene

Sea level rise is killing trees along the Atlantic coast, creating 'ghost forests' that are visible

Asia Who Will Stop the Rain?

As Florida's DeSantis descends into anti-vaxx Crazyville, Miami-Dade Schools follows the data

**How Americans, from both the North and the South, tell the story of the Civil War.

Glenn Youngkin accused of anti-Semitism after saying George Soros plants 'political operatives' on s

Like a miracle, two obscure cousins came into my life this past week.

Kyrsten Sinema takes thousands in campaign contributions from pharmaceutical giants while stalling p

Anyone remember Jay Leno Cop & Kitty?

How Earth Would Look If All The Ice Melted

Sports! World Record for Beer Mile broken 4:28. 4 beers + 1 mile

Gosar was allegedly offering Trump pardons to people who helped organize the J6 events.

Robbie Robertson "Broken Arrow"

Everlong - Foo Fighters

Rioters Participated in 'Dozens' of Planning Meetings

Al Franken: Adam Schiff on The Curious Case of Donald Trump, 2021 and His Goons (Oct. 24, 2021)

Anyone else reading (or read) "State of Terror" by Hillary Clinton & Louise Penny?

The Police - Message In A Bottle

Democrats Eye Tax on Billionaires' Gains

The Chicago Art Institute dismissed eighty plus people because of the color of their skin.

Potential first wind farm in Arkansas on hold

French Nationalist TV Host Eric Zemmour, Inspired by Trump, Surges in Polls

Arkansas Supreme Court rules in favor of Cherokee Nation, denies Gulfside license to Pope Co. casino

Squid Game

Was this legal?

Franz Kafka foresees the MAGAT minions

DC man charged with 2 murders, including 2020 killing of recent Virginia Tech grad

DC man charged with 2 murders, including 2020 killing of recent Virginia Tech grad

Full Timeline of the Dune Universe (34,000 Years)

Big storm rolling through my area

Airborne Microplastic Concentrations in Five Megacities of Northern and Southeast China

Trump DECLARES New WAR on Republicans

Paul Gosar must be held accountable for his role in January 6th.

Magnet Fishing, a Pandemic Craze, Is Now Creating Trash Problems

The Latest on President Biden's Build Back Better Package - MSNBC

Has Adam Schiff repeated his complaints of the DOJ and/or Garland?

The Rolling Stone article...when do we get to the point where enough is actually enough?

Obama goes viral, humiliates Virginia Republican at rally - Brian Tyler Cohen

Swalwell cites Trump's view on 'traitors' as GOP targets Cheney (CNN)

Thompson says Facebook is "working" with January 6 committee - Face the Nation

There was a football game today, and the UAPB marching band won

Thread on the Willard Hotel from Robert Costa

ABC This Week - Vaccines are 'likely' to be available to children 5-11 early Nov.: Dr. Fauci

Bribery case's Maggio out of prison

On this day, October 24, 1963, UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson was physically attacked in Dallas.

Thank you to DUers who post great news articles

Sun Setting, Day Ending

SEPTA rape fiasco is latest in a U.S. pandemic of police lying. There must be consequences

UA fraternity chapter punished for hazing

Arlo Guthrie with Bob Dylan

Mr Rodger's neighborhood...

Was anybody else getting 503 error messages a few minutes ago?

Former Saudi intelligence official accuses Mohammed bin Salman of multiple murder plots, kidnapping

☦ Orthodox Christianity: The New Commandment That Supersedes All the Rest

World leaders prepare for UN climate summit - CBS News

Race-blind redistricting? Democrats incredulous at GOP maps

Just great just found out my cousin was in the hospital.

John Oliver Exposes the Rogue Cops Protesting Vaccine Mandates

Hunter Biden's Art on Display

Car Seat Headrest - Drugs With Friends

Too close for comfort?

An experiment to reduce the mosquito population - CBS Sunday Morning

"Black history is American history. Plain and simple."

Look at the answers the Ohio GOP Senate candidates gave: Greatest crisis facing kids?

Chaos Breaks Out As Anti-Vax 'Stand With Kyrie Irving' Protesters Smash Through Barriers and Try to

Chaos Breaks Out As Anti-Vax 'Stand With Kyrie Irving' Protesters Smash Through Barriers and Try to

Prince - The Bird (Live At The Los Angeles Forum, April 28, 2011

Waning Gibbous, 79% visible

The War - Prince

Trump Defends Capitol Rioters And Says Real Insurrection Was On Election Day - Ring of Fire

OH-SEN: Bonus Tweet of the Day

Waning Gibbous, 79% visible

Horny Toad

Bushman Scare Prank - Halloween Special (2021)

Annie Christian

Prince - 17 Days (Live At The Los Angeles Forum, April 28, 2011)

Baldwin was 'practicing' with gun when it went off, warrant says

Jellyfish - Wanna Stay Home

"I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are."


DeSantis eyes $5,000 bonus for unvaccinated police to relocate to Florida

Maureen Abood's 'Rose Water & Orange Blossoms' Lebanese Recipes

School district, teachers' union reach tentative agreement; battle over superintendent's future loom

Orange Peepaw Is Trying To Trademark 'Truthing,' 'Retruth' And 'Follow The Truth'

Rockslides cover California State Route 70 near Dixie Fire burn scar

Ween - All of My Love

Eddie Vedder - Long Way (Official Lyric Video)

Nevada governor found at-fault in weekend crash in Las Vegas

We Can Funk

Some people are saying ...

Man Accused Of Killing A 31-Year-Old Sitting In A Car In Front Of His Home Has Been Arrested

Eddie Vedder - Long Way

Sex -Prince

Dorothy Parker (Live from One Nite Alone Tour... The Aftershow)

Prince - Controversy

The Emperor's New Clothes

Army of Me

rump Blasts Fox News For Supposedly Airing 'Untruthful Anti-Trump Commercials'

Dog Owner Pleads for Safe Return of 100-Pound Mastiff Named Charlie-Murphy Stolen in Car

Nine Inch Nails - Only (Dirty)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Taiwan

Prince - Ballad of Dorothy Parker

Only US can save 'Otoniel' from life in Colombia prison

Nevada's Rosen calls for end of public land 'giveaway' leases

QAnon-linked convention kicks off in Las Vegas with misinformation

Avalanche kills at least 4 climbers on Ecuador volcano

Guatemala sets month-long curfew in province after protests

What's With All the Imperial Spanish Flags in Peru (and Elsewhere)?

Cowboys for Trump Founder, facing charges, Turns on Trump for abandoning jan 6th rioters

Jay Black, singer for Jay and the Americans, dies at 82

Drugs, crime and protests: Ecuador stares into the abyss

Family Services workers protest unsafe conditions, plead for more staff

How Factory Farms in America Ignite Fires in Brazil

Sudan PM held in apparent coup; general declares emergency (update)

How Factory Farms in America Ignite Fires in Brazil

at Liberty University, being raped equals violating the "Liberty Way" by having premarital sex

Ultimate Cheeze

The COVID-19 surge in Idaho has peaked. But hospitals are still crowded.

Katrina Pierson served as liaison between Jan. 6 insurrectionists and the White House: report

Police sergeant on leave after profanity-laden tirade against 17-year-old girl

Honduran sisters in Rochester allege mistreatment at southern border

Ex-Saudi official claims damaging intel against crown prince

Hartgen: McGeachin again shows her unfitness for office

How the U.S. terrorist list is getting in the way of peace in Colombia

Ron DeSantis Calls Special Legislative Session To Pretend To Actually Do Work - Ring of Fire

Breakfast Monday 25 October 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Jan. 6 Protest Organizers Say They Participated in 'Dozens' of Planning Meetings With Mem

Biden's critics hurl increasingly vulgar taunts

A 100-Year-Old Priest Was Nudged From His Parish. He Has No Plan to Retire.

A 'shoot to incapacitate' policy puts Georgia police chief and town in the spotlight

Inside Amazon's Worst Human Resources Problem


So Bernie Kerik was part of the inner circle of the coup

Monday TOONs - Buying Tickets To The Sinema

State approves 60-bed psychiatric hospital in Wilsonville - with caveats

Bend attorney seeks rematch with Zika in Redmond-area House district

S.F. Bay Area Storm Index: Third strongest storm since 1950 and strongest in 26 years

Meet the Istanbul street dog who's become a sensation

Mayor Wheeler's Office Considers Banning Homeless Camping Downtown

So I turned on CNN and MSNBC, at 6:00 AM EST, and the were headlining with the Baldwin "rust"

Sheriff: Child's Skeletal Remains, 3 Abandoned Siblings Found In Apartment

Cowboys for Trump Founder Turns on Trump in Conference Speech Over Capitol Riot Charges

Hat Tip To DeSmog, A Consistent Thorn In The Side Of The Climate Denial-Industrial Complex

WMO - COVID "Did Not Have Any Discernible Impact On Atmospheric Levels Of GHG, Their Growth Rates"

Do I look alright in my new glasses?

$1.8 Million In Gifts & Goodies To Tory Party & MPs In Just 2 Years From Climate Liars, Fossil Firms

Hottest Summer Ever For Utah, But State GQP Reps Cite Prager "University" To Protect Coal

Trump Has Weekend Freakout Over 'Horrible' Fox News Ads

Obama Springsteen interview

It's his world and we're just living in it.

A left-wing Muslim immigrant faces off against a right-wing Christian evangelical -- and either could

Psychologist shares beautiful advice for talking to people with dementia

Cultivated Meat and the Prayer of Saint Francis

Biden's Schedule for Monday, October 25, 2021

Nationals Get Extra Cabinet Seat As Oz' Meaningless Climate Pledge-Barge Slouches Towards Glasgow

This week's major U.S. economic reports (October 25 - October 29)

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 10/20/2021

2021 Ringo Award Winners Announced

The Rundown: October 25, 2021

PrintWatch: No More Second Printings From Image Comics

A husband said to his wife

Snohomish barber set to explain decision to keep cutting at start of COVID pandemic

Eric Boehlert: Who cares if anti-vaxxers quit their jobs?

"I used to be what they call an auditor."

Manchin agreeable to wealth tax for Biden plan, source confirms

Trial of Unite the Right organizers begins Monday

Road-blocking climate protesters resume campaign in London

DeSantos is offering unvaccinated police officers a $5000.00 bonus......

Trump's judges will call the shots for years to come.

How a secretive conservative group influenced 'populist' Trump's tax cuts

Love Train

Germany jails ISIS woman over death of Yazidi girl

German IS woman jailed for Yazidi girl's death in Iraq

Tesla stock jumps toward another record after Hertz's plan to buy 100,000 Tesla EVs

Rats, mold, roaches: Howard students stage sit-in over housing conditions

The inside story behind the photo of the last soldier to leave Afghanistan

Pablo Picasso was born on this date.

Britain's migratory birds may stop flying south for the winter

Republicans play for keeps!

Media should stop asking if the Dems "can land the plane" and begin to ask is the GOP and

Is there an "energy crisis"? Not really -- fossil fuels are collapsing, and it's high time

How Liberty University Discourages and Dismisses Students' Reports of Sexual Assault

Tweet of the Day

Worst of US pandemic likely behind us but we can't drop our guard, experts say

A peaceful moment for you today

Republicans Have Expanded Their Tent

Pic Of The Moment: Up Is Down In Florida

"Trump decides to act, with help from Willard war room."

18 USC Sec 2383

What iconic photos of events are imprinted in your memory?

(UK) Recording reveals police efforts to recruit BLM activist as informant

What an achievement Ohio

Five things that shape Xi's view of the world

Prepare for Propane Sticker Shock

Prepare for Propane Sticker Shock

Living with the world's oldest mummies

The bumpy road to India's electric car dreams

ATL - HOU position-by-position breakdown

Moderna booster reaction


San Francisco's progressive DA likely headed for recall

James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther in 'Friends' sitcom, dies at 59

The rotten core of the Republican Party

Biden Continues Trump's Devastating Sanctions; Yellen's Treasury Dept misses a chance for reform

Interesting map - River systems in Africa

Fox News house of horror -by Tom Tomorrow

Working like a dog on the farm

New scam: wells Fargo texts you a login page.

A children's classic

It's a scare-a-saurus.

Mangey Puppy Who Couldn't Walk Hops Around Like A Bunny Now

Some of dis and some of dat

Judge Says O'Keefe's Project Veritas Is 'Political Spying'

Hertz orders 100,000 Model 3 electric vehicles from Tesla

I'm glad they're getting a bill passed but it will make things worse for me

Cat on a truck hood

Trump Jr. Is Hawking Tacky 'Baldwin Kills People' T-Shirts

Sudan Military Coup Draws Thousands to the Streets in Protest

Senator Paul Wellstone...1944-2002

Yesterday I tossed Mittens the Kitten a big plastic bottle top, to see if she'd play with it

50 years ago, The Electric Company used comedy to boost kids' reading skills

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- October 25, 2021

Greenhouse gas levels hit record; world struggles to curb damage

Saudi crown prince a 'psychopath', says exiled intelligence officer

On this day, October 25, 1918, film and television actor Milton Selzer was born.


158 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon; -1 death

Rats, mold, roaches: Howard students stage sit-in over housing conditions

EXCLUSIVE: Jan. 6 Protest Organizers Say They Participated in 'Dozens' of Planning Meetings With

Damn, have had 4 calls since 8:00am today asking me what Medicare supplement I have.....

Good Day DU (October 25, 2021)

Why Russian and Chinese warships teaming up to circle Japan is a big deal

State Sen. Brian Kelsey, Nashville club owner indicted in campaign finance conspiracy

The Facebook Papers may be the biggest crisis in the company's history

Republicans Are Crazy; Now Steve Bannon has a new lie to push

Which Would Be Better? Successful Bills or No Bills at All?

Paul Gosar's January 6 Tweet Resurfaces After Report He Offered Pardons to Rally Planners

Two dead after tree crushes car in Fall City

I need to find that special German word that means that feeling of general unease...

Should we care?

Southwest Airlines cancels more than 1,000 flights, disruptions continue

We're Living Through the Greatest Transfer of Wealth From the Middle Class to the Elites in History

Robert Reich: Don't believe corporate America's "labor shortage" bull

US conservation group to drop Audubon name over 'pain' caused by slaveholder

This Alaskan Air Base Will Host An Experimental Mini Nuclear Reactor

Thousands without power around the Sound

TN State Sen. Brian Kelsey And Nashville Social Club Owner Indicted In Campaign Finance Conspiracy

Today Madoc is 'rain gazing'

Wash. Attorney General recovers nearly half a million in stolen COVID-19 relief funds

Wildlife Expert Reveals That A Chief Warrior Ape Just Did Something Chilling Deep In This Jungle

What the giant James Webb telescope will see that Hubble can't

A man was 'covered' in poop after a passing plane dumped toilet waste over his backyard...

Moderna says COVID-19 vaccine safe, effective in kids 6 to 11

Is the Governor race in Virgina and New Jersey a referendum on the Biden administration, and

Child, 1 Adult Dead, 2 Others Sick From Deadly Bacteria Found In Aromatherapy Product Sold At Wal

The Sh*t Just Hit the Fan on January 6. Here's What We Know So Far and What It Means.

Does anyone know if you take a tour of a soda bottling plant if there is a

In PA some voters received Spanish instructions for mail-in ballots with an incorrect Election Day

Shocking Death on Set Shows What's at Stake in IATSE Film and TV Crew Contract Fight

STACY ABRAMS in Virginia with the message of the day-


On this day, 2002, Paul Wellstone died.

Happy Birthday, James. Carville, 1944.

Far-Right Congressman Tricked Jan. 6 Planners With 'Blanket Pardon' Promise, Says Report

Cartoons 10/25/2021

The google doodle today honours Claude Cahun, 1894, French photographer, sculptor,

Florida School SUSPENDS Students For Getting Vaccinated

Mill Creek councilman invites unvaccinated officers to apply

On this day, October 25, 1885, Sam M. Lewis was born.

Everett to get wireless electric bus chargers via grants

It's rare that I get something at Costco that I don't like. This was one of those times. Update.

The media narrative will flip again after Biden signs both bills, which I expect will happen.

Amazon, Microsoft execs join effort to promote Seattle's 2026 World Cup bid

Speaking of Costco, I'm going to get my 2021 advent calendar this week.

Stripping military bases of Confederate names stirs passions

He's running: 2024 is Trump's "get out of jail free" card

In France, Trump-like TV pundit rocks presidential campaign

Gorilla vitals

WMATA: No timeline to return 7000 series cars to service as inspections continue (Washington, DC)

Biden 'positive' on budget deal; Manchin OK with wealth tax

Holy Shit: The Sunday Sermons Episode 2: Religion... TO THE EXTREME!!!

In major ocean polluter Philippines, group turns plastic waste into planks

The great Carol Cawalladr

Dog Abandoned On The Road Falls In Love With His Rescuer

'Four Seasons Total Documentary' Official Trailer

The great Carol Cawalladr

I want to congratulate the pharmaceutical industry.

Humpback comeback: Record number of humpback whale calves seen in Washington's Salish Sea in 2021

Trump team and Fox alleged dead voters. Most cases were either debunked or actually involved Republi

Average tech salaries in Seattle are the second-highest in the US

Trump Loyalists Planned To Overturn The Election In 'War Room' of D.C. Hotel

The google doodle today honours Claude Cahun, 1894, French photographer, sculptor,

Cook County's (Chicago) gun and ammunition taxes shot down by IL Supreme Court.

My wife asked me what the 9th letter of the Alphabet was. It was a complete guess, but

Middle Age Riot tweet about Gosar's blanket pardon promise:

Mohamed Bone Saw's Gom Jabbar?

Awww! This even made Santa tear up:

Former MSNBC host nails Condo RICE as "soldier for White Supremacy" over CRT

Facebook has known it has a Human Trafficking problem for years. It still hasn't fully fixed it

Chuckle of the day

Baldwin was practicing drawing his prop gun when it discharged, according to director (CNN)

MPs say UK research frozen because of Brexit delay (BBC)

Climate change: Pledge of $100bn annual aid slips to 2023 (BBC)

Found a good thread re: how/why we are seeing so many shortages

Using a driveway to turn around while not white in Texas... That's a killing


Is it OK to shamelessly plug a media source here on DU?

Manchin shutting down Sanders on Medicare expansion

"The Liberty Way": How Liberty University Discourages and Dismisses Students' Reports of Sexual Assa

The Lincoln Project - Obama Youngkin

Cute but spooky raccoon hands:

DU seeks volunteers to serve as Main Forum Hosts

We used to have to do this in gym:

Could be the cutest baby bunny ever:

Wait for it.

Suddenly, a busy week

A West Coast storm breaks records as another storm threatens 70 million Americans in the eastern US

Scientists discover trace of ancient life in a 2.5 billion-year-old ruby

John James Audubon and Joe Manchin--separated at birth?

It's no longer "Protect & Serve," it's really "Infect & Abuse"

TFG's new social network is already in trouble

Why haven't there been any NYC Mayoral race polls?

Urban areas across the US are undercounting greenhouse gas emissions

Tacoma company must pay $214K for environmental violations, fire that hospitalized worker

Pierce County school district won't fire staff over COVID vaccine, risks state funding

Down creek

Elie Mystal explains to a CSPAN caller how abortion is indeed supported by the constitution.

Memory can be a funny thing

Democratic Appreciation Thread,

Arizona has caught up to New York when it comes to reported deaths per capita

"Social spending bill," "massive spending bill," etc.

* Expect storms, heavy rain in DC area Monday evening *

A Spokane teacher is accused of creating a hostile work environment for her response to Washington's

Hertz order for Teslas ranks among biggest-ever EV purchases

PHEW - the fires are out i n the West

Former U.S. ambassador Gregg calls for 'dynamic' steps toward N. Korea diplomacy

For No Reason But A Smile....

I mean, we kinda knew some of them were probably involved...

Donald Trump Jr. sells t-shirts mocking Alec Baldwin's fatal shooting. $27.99

Gillian Welch - Barroom Girl

The Prosecution of Trump for The January 6th Insurrection...

Question: Will be in B'more tomorrow for appointment @ 1:30,

Jim Acosta confronts Marjorie Taylor Greene on Capitol Hill

Developments in the ongoing saga of Snowflake!

Josh Mandel, Ohio Senate Candidate, Believes 2020 Election Stolen From Donald Trump

What's for Dinner, Mon., Oct. 25, 2021

Plan to honor Montana's heritage foundered when facts proved no match for fear

It finally stopped raining. Skittish, Mittens the Kitten and Scooter were all at the front door.

The Whole History of the Earth and Life

COVID-19 killed 4 times as many Georgia cops as violence, accidents.

Texas universities with federal contracts are caught between Greg Abbott and Joe Biden over COVID-19

A-hole pledges to sue on behalf of any state agency refusing COVID-19 vaccine mandates

(Jewish Group) Neo-Nazi group hangs 'Vax the Jews' banner in Austin, Texas...

Early warnings and emerging accountability: Total's responses to global warming, 1971-2021

Just retrieved an email with a recipe for Festive Swedish Buns...

King County order to prove Covid-19 status takes effect

Trump, Cowboys, Rolling Stone, and a Bumpy Ride

Fresh lockdowns in China as local Covid-19 infections spread to 11 provinces

The Ugly, Desperate Embrace Of Trumpism In Virginia

The Chinese military is thinking about how to stealthily destroy enemy ports and just set off a big

Kinney County approves deputizing citizens to police migrants

Russia close to using natural gas as weapon in Europe's gas crunch - Biden energy adviser

Rand Paul is proof COVID affects your cognitive ability

Facebook yanks Bolsonaro video claiming vaccines cause AIDS

NYPD and other municipal workers just blocked traffic on the Brooklyn bridge, protest vax manda

McDonald's Workers In at Least Ten Cities Will Be Walking Off the Job Tomorrow

A QAnon conspiracy theory about election fraud is becoming a pro-Trump push for traceable ballots

Is 538 becoming more right-winged, or is it just ME?


Stormy, and peaceful, southern MD

'Only in Texas': Viral TikTok video shows driver roll coal into crowded Whataburger

Trump's Social Network Violated Software License

A mom told Jeff Bezos that Amazon was underpaying her $90 a month, sparking an internal probe that f

Struggling families about to take another hit: Home heating costs projected to soar

Seems Rolling Stone has irritated emptyG

Republicans Exposed By BOMBSHELL Insurrection Report

The results of the October Photography Competition are in, and they are SPLENDID!

Results for the October Comp are up in GD

Germany is testing the use of Catenary Wires over the right lane to power trucks.

AOC Calls for Expulsion of Lawmakers Involved In 1/6

Mo Brooks Denies Planning January 6 Rally

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Anyone else have a reaction to the Moderna booster?

7 Animals That Evolved at Hyperspeed -- Because of Us

Seth Abramson reported on the Willard war room meeting 8 months ago! Where was MSM?

Voto Latino and voters sue Texas over new congressional map, claiming that it violates the VRA

Voto Latino and voters sue Texas over new congressional map, claiming that it violates the VRA

Trump's new media venture could make him billions

Trump Has Weekend Freakout Over 'Horrible' Fox News Ads

GOPer brother's 64 b-day is today, so my mother called him to wish him a happy b-day!

I watched the Circus - the weekly program on Showtime

Latino groups sue over Texas redistricting

Just in the last week . . .

It's time for the Biden Administration to cross the Rubicon and put Bannon behind bars.

My Heart Will Go On -- Celine Dion

Couple of the good Buddies

this video from Jan 6 DURING the insurrection while in the safe room members refused to wear masks

Billionaire Leon Black Is Being Investigated by the Manhattan D.A., Sources Say

Opinion:Republicans are testing messages to reverse their suburban slide, and education is a winner

Nanny keeps the peace between baby elephants Wan Mai and Pyi Mai

Unvaccinated pilots are costing millions, United tells judge

Roger Stone speaker at The Truth About Cancer conference? WTF?

BPD: 5 people, police officer injured in Boise mall shooting

Denver's airport held a job fair ... expected 5,000 people would come - but only 100 showed up.

Kick insurrectionists out of Congress

If you shoot someone, you'll probably get away with it (Minneapolis)

With all the new revelations, can we say, then, that Pence saved the Republic?

Swedish Cardamom Buns recipe from Milk Street (attribution)

Can you imagine how pissed the Slobfather must still be

Storm Update: Interstate 80 closed Monday morning

50 years ago, 'The Electric Company' used comedy to boost kids' reading skills

Reputed drug cartel boss 'El Jaguar' wounded, arrested in Mexican army shootout

Arlington County Board candidate who said she was 52 is actually 72, records show.

have they looked at Gaetz's phone records yet? who was he talking to in this picture while the....

The Spider Dance" - 1920 - Ziegfeld's Midnight Frolic (Photo)

Airport travelers experience long lines as Formula One visitors depart Austin

OMGAWD.......Paula Deen is showing jewelry on JTV!!!!!!

Planning of the coup: playing devil's advocate

"Rust" assistant director was fired from previous movie after gun incident injured crew member

How do I say this? I am less than fully confident about the VA gubernatorial race.

Kyle Shanahan has lost me

White House decides again not to assert executive privilege over former President Trump's documents.

Who Do You Think Was The Source Of The Rolling Stone Article On The Insurrection?......

Here is the latest data (for the end of Q2 2021) from the Fed in terms of HOUSEHOLD net worth


Where Did Earth's Water Come From?

Daily Show's Klepper reveals what happened at tRump rally

Revealed: How Facebook promoted QAnon to a 'North Carolina mom'

Madoc needs to work on his hiding technique

Invitation to Lubberland

Bronze Star recipient Ruben Ramirez to make congressional bid

Oklahoma Supreme Court temporarily blocks abortion restrictions

Trump Organization Faces New Criminal Inquiry

With all the floods and deluges across the country

Cartel leader killed during night of gunfire in Matamoros

Biden White House rejects more executive privilege claims by trump

QAnon-connected coalition recruiting effort for secretaries of state candidates in 2022

Not gonna lie.....watched this more than once.

Texas' new redistricting maps are now law after Gov. Greg Abbott signs GOP-backed bills

President Biden

MD US Representative Anthony Brown-D is running for Attorney General.

Biden expected to name GOP official who challenged Trump's lies to key election security role

Jeff Bezos is launching a new 'business park' in space

FBI finds scant evidence U.S. Capitol attack was coordinated - sources

Stranded 600lb turtle returned to Atlantic Ocean (BBC) {link to video}

The recent allegations regarding extensive Trump and GOP complicity in 1/6 are both shocking...

Black Friday - Official Trailer (2021) Bruce Campbell, Devon Sawa

Instant pot chili

This Is What's Fueling the U.K.'s Massive COVID Surge

Anti-masker in restaurant gets clocked in the face

Video of Snowflake!!