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Congress has a new plan to fix Social Security. How it would change benefits

This golf spectator gallery seem a bit hyperactive:

Rolling Stone Article: Members of Congress Assisted Insurrection Organizers; Gosar Dangles Pardons

Who pays Corporate Taxes?

Jeff Bezos Is Building a Space Station That's Basically a Giant Business Park

Trae Crowder - "Two Dumb Ol Boys Return to Capitol for First Time Since January 6" - SKETCH

What could Biden's low poll numbers mean for Virginia's race (CNN)


Prosecutors cannot call those shot by Kyle Rittenhouse 'victims,' a judge has ruled

Rep. Grothman argues that Pre-K isn't needed because there are stay at home parents

Undercover video of John Eastman discussing his memo with a "supporter":

GOP candidate: God told me Trump left the presidency voluntarily because 'he's a good father'

MeidasTouch - Terry McAuliffe calls Glenn Youngkin 'Trump in Khakis'

Sorry folks but this isn't an episode of Law & Order.

BREAKING: FDA Advisers Endorse Pfizer's Covid Vaccine For Kids Ages 5-11 (CNN)

Fox host forced to issue correction on-air... and then blows the CORRECTION - Brian Tyler Cohen

MeidasTouch - We BROKE Trump!

The Lincoln Project - Last Week in the Republican Party

How reliable are the nasal swab tests?

Got my booster tonight.

A racist, a hypocrite, a terrible judge of character: Winston Churchill recast.

A racist, a hypocrite, a terrible judge of character: Winston Churchill recast.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Uses Declaration of Independence to Defend Violent Capitol Riot

The Perils of "Do Your Own Research"

Rep. Mo Brooks shifted blame onto his staff after he was accused of helping to organize the January

People live in those states Sen. Manchin! (Medicaid expansion)

阿兰- ALAN 青藏高原 Tibetan Plateau

Alec Baldwin's Daughter Rips 'Hateful' Candace Owens for Calling 'Rust' Tragedy 'Poetic Justice'

Veteran who resigned from Senator Sinema's advisory board: I'm watching video of her ignoring her...

Inexperienced 'Rust' Armorer Enraged Nicolas Cage on Previous Film: 'You Just Blew My F-ing Eardrums

Massive storm brings Lake Tahoe's water levels back above natural rim

Nina Turner GOES OFF On ICE Report - The Damage Report

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread

Biden Plan Will Include $500 Billion for Climate

Cindy McCain: Senate confirms Republican as Biden's ambassador to UN food agency

Today, I visited the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, and learned

Republicans are there to TROLL

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Trump Feuds With His Right-Hand Man - Rebel HQ

Marjorie Greene EMBARRASSED By Damning Report

Former Zuckerberg staff sue companies that run CEO's family office; allege harassment, discriminatio

Port of Seattle hopes 2022 cruise season visitors will return to pre-pandemic levels

At least 667,000 Virginians -- over 3 1/2 times more than in all of 2017 have submitted early ballots

WTF: Former Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder blasts fellow Democrat Terry McAuliffe (and attacks Harris)

Elizabeth Holmes Totally Fooled Betsy DeVos and Pumped Her Family For Millions, Says Witness

74-Year-Old Woman Sues 3 OKC Police Officers, City After She Was Assaulted and Injured

As Florida's DeSantis descends into anti-vaxx Crazyville, Miami-Dade Schools follows the data

Alec Baldwin is credited as a producer on 'Rust.' What does that really mean?

I was just invited to an MTG online town hall..... anyone want to join me?

Republicans DEMAND DOJ Stop Investigating Right Wing Threats Against School Boards

AOC tweet

Shivaree / Goodnight Moon

Jan. 6 committee expected to subpoena lawyer who advised Trump, Pence on how to overturn election

Japanese princess marries college sweetheart amid controversy

DEMOCRATS vote for Democrats in every election. "Democrats" vote in presidential

Cops Owned On Traffic Stop - I Don't Answer Questions

Beach House - 10 Mile Stereo ("2001: A Space Odyssey")

Election Officials Are Under Attack -- The Brennan Center for Justice

Clever take on Kyrsten Cinema's inappropriate denim vest in Senate:

Krysten Sinema a fashion "trendsetter" while presiding over the Senate

Water Discovered In Space! Planet Explorers BBC Earth

Sen Klobuchar just said what I've been thinking. Make intimidating election workers a federal crime

Not horror but ghostly - The Time of Their Lives w Abbott & Costello

Power of Storms Observed in the Solar System

Joe Biden Reminds Trump He's a Has-Been Who Lost the Election

Birx: 130,000 Americans Would Be Alive Today If Trump Hadn't Been "Distracted" by the Election

How many people need to die, how many people need to get unnecessarily sicker,

Lawrence O'Donnell on that concerned mother in the Younkin ad who wanted Toni Morrison's book banned

The evil main characters of the next Stephen King horror novel.

Democrats got a breakthrough on tax negotiations. Both Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin agreed to a mi

Sinema IGNORES Another Concerned Constituent

Another travesty involving qualified immunity for killer cop


Brazil Senators Back Criminal Charges Against Bolsonaro

Meanwhile, on FOX...

Pandummies Spread Misinformation, Marjorie Taylor Greene Maskless Again & Facebook Amplifies Lies

January 5th Footage Turned Over To Authorities - Zerlina.

Dori Monson wanted to coach Shorewood High girls basketball. His tweets did him in

Wisconsin Republican governor's candidate calls for "hiring mercenaries" and "ballot harvesting"....

Tweet of the Late Night:

How One GOP Congressman Went From Barricading The Doors To Jan. 6 Apologist - All In - MSNBC

Did you just hear that on Brian Williams?

What is up with Dave Chapelle? Is he sabotaging his own career...

Florida Man Arrested for Pleasuring Himself With Ice Pack in Front of First Responders: Police


Winter Branches

dog mauls 7 year old boy to death 3 weeks after rescue: corgi / shetland sheep dog mix

It gets worse the longer you watch...

'Cult-like': Riot Suspect Released Over 'Toxic' Environment Of Jail's Jan. 6 Wing - All In - MSNBC

'It's absolutely getting worse': Secretaries of state targeted by Trump election lies live in fear

Brazil senators back criminal charges against Bolsonaro over Covid handling

Manchin Waffles on Billionaire Tax

Biden nominates FCC chair, new commissioner to give Democrats majority.

Activist and actress Alyssa Milano speaks out on fatal movie shooting (CNN)

Rep. Lieu: Marjorie Taylor Greene Should Not Be In Congress If She's Disputing Election (MSNBC)

Spanx founder celebrates $1.2 billion valuation by buying employees first-class tickets to anywhere,

Should the US have followed the Geneva conventions

On this date, 2001, USA PATRIOT act signed, accelerating the reichward shift.

Houston road rager arrested. was on probation for ANOTHER road rage incident

Pres Biden's Legislative Miracle. $500billion for Climate

Now That Subpoenas Are Flying, Lauren Boebert Is Denying Everything (Boebert has lawyered up)

Hunters have more fun

Rittenhouse judge is not only unfit to preside over this case--he must be removed from the court.

Jan. 6 committee expected to subpoena lawyer who advised Trump, Pence on how to overturn election

After a Year of 'Rampant' Cheating, Elite Bridge Tries to Clean Up

Follow-up: Dallas District Attorney Drops Charges Against Mentally Ill Man Kicked Repeatedly by

Senate Democrats unveil corporate tax for Biden agenda

identified.. the mother and boyfriend who lived away from her underage kids

My Ricki kittie is 23 years old. He is a regal dude.

The 2nd Circuit of Appeals now has an equal number of Dem and GOP appointees 👍Biden/Schumer

Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin describes sexual assault by US senator

Seth Meyers - Members of Congress May Have Helped Plan Attack on the Capitol - Monologue 10/25/21

After Multiple Jailers Died Of Covid, Dallas County Forced Others To Keep Working Overtime

Federal judge rejects Southwest Airlines pilots' request to block vaccine mandate

Don Lemon reacts to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's attempt to minimize the events of Jan. 6

Arizona Secretary Of State Details Threats Made Against Her - The Last Word - MSNBC

House Panel to Subpoena John Eastman

After crying fraud, Republicans go silent when Nevada ally is charged with voting twice

(Jewish Group) After Facebook Papers, ADL CEO condemns Facebook for hate speech and violence

Toon is true

You can talk, bargain, reason, with a bully

(Jewish Group) Inspired by a 2011 movie, Ukrainian researchers have found the sewer...

Seth Meyers - Bombshell Report Ties January 6 Organizers to GOP Congress Members: A Closer Look

Love Nature's documentary, Osprey: Sea Raptor, narrated by Emmy Award winning actor, Sean Bean

(Jewish Group) With a new score and new ideas, 'The Golem' is a must for your Jewish Halloween

(Jewish Group) For Sephardic Jews, Portuguese citizenship keys to tradition, heritage and pride

VA GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Wants To Ban Toni Morrison's 'Beloved'

(Jewish Group) The Alfred Dreyfus affair shocked Jews in France. Now there's a museum devoted to it.

Toni Morrison's 'Beloved' Used As Political Pawn In Virginia Gubernatorial Race

hoarse whisperer on sinema: an emotionally stunted teenager (& the cspan clip)

Florida State Senator: Dr. Ladapo Is 'Completely Unfit' To Be Florida's Surgeon General The Last Word

Lt. Gov. Candidate and Lone Star Separatist Daniel Miller Says Texas Has 'Electile Dysfunction'

Report: Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert Among Lawmakers Who Met with Jan. 6 Rally Planners


Around the time of sundown

Around the time of sundown

1/6 Committee Awaits Decision From DOJ On Whether Or Not To Prosecute Bannon - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

No one seems to notice: seven new federal judges confirmed in the last 10 days

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Ecological Vision of the 'Green' Patriarch, Bartholomeo

16 Texas colleges make LGBTQ worst list

Former President Roh Tae-woo dies at 88 (South Korea)

NYC 'Needle Towers' Super Rich Buyers of Mega- Mill Condos -Midtown, 432 Park Ave: Our Great Divide

State Rep. James White asks Paxton for 'clarification' on Obergefell ruling

Just because

I'm less than 4 hr from Morrow, GA. Why does it take a package 7 days to get here from there ?


Trump 'Coup Lawyer' Caught On Video Boasting About Quasi-Legal Memo; Trashing Pence - TRMS

In 1939, Hershey's Miniatures were introduced. The original assortment comprised of ....

Criminal Charges Possible in Shooting on Alec Baldwin Set, D.A. Says

Houston man said he was 'invincible' before being arrested for his alleged role in the U.S. Capitol

CBD retailer sues state of Texas over recent rule change that put Delta-8 on list of illegal

Ted Cruz's Joke Bill Finds Rare Cross-Aisle Buy-in

Court is allowing discovery as to who is paying for Nunes' bogus lawsuits

Court Weighs Opening Trump Money Laundering Investigation In Scotland

NJ Home's Confederate Halloween Display Draws Outrage

President Biden daring Trump to come to Virginia is brilliant on so many levels

Texas House committee to investigate school districts' books on race and sexuality

Five firms being considered for design and construction of Texas-Mexico border wall that Gov. Greg

'Shockingly Damning': Hayes On America's Exceptional Lack Of Paid Family Leave - All In - MSNBC

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller undergoes heart procedure in Fort Worth hospital

Sandy Hook parents seek more court-ordered sanctions against Alex Jones

FDA Panel Recommends Pfizer Vaccine For Kids Aged 5-11 - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Former Smithville police chief arrested, indicted on engaging in organized criminal activity charges

Many of Ohio's local school board candidates getting large contributions

Senate Highlights Threats To Election Workers; Emphasizes Protections In Voting Bill - Rachel Maddow

Ohio's school boards quit national group over letter about threats, violence at board meetings

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/26/21

A Sprig of Rosemary

cat lies in the middle of great pyrenees dog's bed one too many times

GOP ducks questions, objects to document requests in redistricting lawsuits

Aetna, an Ohio Medicaid contractor, accused of denying kids care in Pennsylvania

Immunocompromised may need a fourth Covid-19 shot, CDC says

Maybe I'm just overstaying my welcome.

The "Cyber Ninjas"--the real story

Brazil senators recommend President Jair Bolsonaro face charges over COVID handing

Thank Dog for DU as a news source to get my day.started... CNN is leading with the

SpaceX needs to tame toilet trouble before weekend launch

GOTV Event with Vice President Kamala Harris, Pharrell Williams, and Terry McAuliffe

Ohio Senate bill cracks down on robocalls, spoofing

Sinema's response: "Don't touch me." [at the airport with Sen. Tim Scott]....

Breakfast Wednesday 27 October 2021


Ecuador sailing ship captures a narco sub

a dude seriously eaten up by racism

US asks UK court to permit extradition of WikiLeaks' Assange

Nelsonville off the hook for nearly $400k in IRS penalties from former deputy auditor fraud

Wednesday TOONs - Two Different Approaches

Happy Birthday to actor and writer John Cleese who turns 82 years old today...

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, October 27, 2021

New Oz Climate Plan"A Steaming Pile Of Nothingness" - No, You CAN'T See Our Modeling, It's SECRET!!

City of Mason, Ohio passes abortion ban

Allan Lazard joins Adams on Packer's Covid list ahead of Thu night game

When I'm cooking/baking, there are two parts of the process

Moderna booster experience

Putin Pimps 2060 Net-Zero Plan Which Depends On Russia's Forests Absorbing More Carbon Then They Can

Carli Lloyd ends USWNT career with thumping win over South Korea

tRump for Idiots

Imagine Harry Belafonte commenting on the Cyber Ninjas in Arizona.....

Russia Spending $9 Million Refrigerating Ground Beneath Apartment Buildings In Norilsk As Soil Melts

Los Angeles, Long Beach ports to fine shipping companies over backlog

Not that I want to awaken a sleeping whatever... where is the Queen of 'Be Best'?

Sen. Wyden Unveils Plan to Raise Billions by Taxing 700 Most Ridiculously Wealthy Americans

Ports of L.A., Long Beach to fine shipping companies over container backlog

Who Messed Up Devin Nunes' Campaign Records This Bad? His Mom.

The Weekly Pull: DC vs. Vampires, Moon Knight, House of Slaughter, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (10/27/21)

Escape Plans, Anxiety, Death Threats: Trans Kids in Texas Are Under Attack

Soliciting Multiversity: Image's Top 10 for January 2022

The Webcomics Weekly #160: This is Not a (Web)Comic Column (10/26/2021 Edition)

Good 60 Minutes Report On Western Drought

I know this isn't a comic...but DUNE!!!

The Rundown: October 27, 2021

Hey! It's Mr. Scorpio's 60th Birthday. Play a good song for that young-'in

Official in Nuevo Len linked to company that owns 90 luxury cars

Merck agrees to let other drug makers make its COVID pill

What are you hiding Roger?? I think we know.

New report details how Biden won 2 key states -- and what Dems can learn from it

This morning I saw Madoc staring out the window, and Mittens the Kitten was staring back in at him.

FL Judge: Terms of Service apply to the leader of the free world (Twitter)

Garlands Justice Department trying to keep the main parts of the muller rerport redacted


A thought about Huma Abedin

Who saw the Halloween Baking Championship?

2fer MANCHIN: Climate villain, and, says his life would be "much easier" as a Repuke

Tree of Life Massacre, Three Years On: How Pittsburgh's Jews Overcame the Tragedy

2% of Elon Musk's wealth could solve world hunger

"The Patriarchy will rise again. Merry f***ing Christmas."

I propose a simple 1% tax on wealth...

Nor'easter Brings Hurricane-Force Winds to Massachusetts

Is every fourth amphibian a

OM Digital Solutions has made the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

'Sovereign citizen' who stormed Capitol tells judge she only blew up in court because she was under

Brazil senators back criminal charges against Bolsonaro over Covid handling

What's Going On

Republican leaders blame stimulus for rising US inflation

Author who inspired 'The Social Network': Facebook may not be our friend (CNN)

Assistant director of Baldwin film fired from Northwest Arkansas movie set after gun went off

The Lincoln Project - Ungrateful

TFG forced to move another lawsuit from Florida to California

Men shot by Rittenhouse can't be called 'victims' at trial, judge rules

Mother and Son dance-off for charity. Who did it better?

Too little, too late from Dr. Birx?

'Weird' new ruling could undermine Kyle Rittenhouse's prosecution: CNN's Jeffrey Toobin

America wouldn't have a racist past if folks simply didn't talk about it!

Are you fucking kidding me? Kyrsten Sinema's look at me moment.

Right-wing commentator will give 'Pray the Gay Away' speech at Penn State

Pic Of The Moment: Proposed Revision To Don Jr.'s T-Shirt

Manchin warns that Biden's agenda would create an 'entitlement society.' But his state leads the way

Right-wing commentator will give 'Pray the Gay Away' speech at Penn State

Somebody needs to tell him

Merrick Garland - live now

Jailed central Pa. nurse must pay patient $90K

Florida manatees dying in record numbers amid food scarcity

Fastest Slap on the Wild West

How to Map a Fly Brain in 20 Million Easy Steps

An Excerpt from The Long Red Thread

Liberty U president says on tape that 'getting people elected' is his goal

How Much $10,000 Invested In Tesla Stock 10 Years Ago Is Worth Now

Dawn's Early Light

St. Stephen's Food Bank (Phx) reminder Delivery Day

CDC: Some immunocompromised people can get fourth vaccine dose

Trump-Backed QAnon Candidates Launch Group to 'Control the Election System'

Part 2 of the Eastman undercover video

The owners of the Democrats' big data firm have a side gig: working to elect far-right Republicans

What Arizona Voters Really Think About Kyrsten Sinema

I love the adventure of eating exotic cuisine, but I think I'll pass on this---

They don't want kids to learn about racism because it proves how racist their parents are

Redesigned flag with stars representing population to scale

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

forget shock and awe, if Trump wins in 2024 he will never leave and we will lose Democracy Forever

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Stacey Abrams group donates $1.34M to wipe out medical debts

"Political Speech For Human Dingleberries Has Never Been More Robust"

The billionaire-tax loophole hunt is on

Zoomies are exhausting

Fascists, backed by the Bundy clan, took over a Portland schoolboard meeting

Why rhe new awful attacks on Fauci?

Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk says Netflix didn't give him bonus despite show making $900m

I learned a new word today..........."flibberdigibbets" ........from a fellow DU poster....

Manchin denounces the Democrats' plan to tax billionaires as divisive.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- October 27 2021

🌌You're spaced out on sensation. Like you're under sedation!🌅

Senate parliamentarian rules that opening riff of "Bad to the Bone" must play when Sinema presides

I liked Dexter, so why am I having trouble getting into "You?"

She seems nice.........(We just want you to put a mask on. That's all.)

6299 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today,; 81 deaths

Interesting that we call ours billionaires instead of oligarchs....

Solution to the School Board madness going on now

Good Day DU (October 27, 2021)

50 min. video on those dreaded, dangerous hippies

Those of you who liked the thread on shipping/ports/blockages may like this:

Why is the press rooting for a Democratic loss in Virginia? Thumbs on the scale.

2 cops caught on video stealing bicycles, N.J. authorities say

#CNN #News GOP candidate's new ad targets iconic book. Hear what he left out

29 Reasons Tony Tinderholt Needs To Be Voted Out In 2022

Acosta: If Republicans really want to shock us, then do this

Manchin raises concern over billionaire tax

Watching the New Mexico Press Conference

Pres. Biden marks three years since Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.

Ghostbusters Projection Show

'Daily Show's' Klepper reveals what happened at Trump rally

The reason for such high rise in prices is partly because....

3rd Moderna shot, day two. Just some sensitivity at the shot location.

Why Rust Batteries May Be the Future of Energy - Iron Air Battery Technology

How Fox News gave birth to a false narrative

Most Popular Song Each Month in the 60s

rump Rioter MELTDOWN: "I'm A Piece Of S**t"

Manchin's latest ludicrous defense of billionaire wealth

Texas Gov. and Horses Ass Abbott signs law restricting transgender students in school sports

Hunger Striker Out of Hospital Demands Biden Keep All Climate Provisions in Build Back Better Plan

Caught before setting @ 1:48 p.m.

Elie Mystal explains how the Constitution protects a woman's right to choose

Elie Mystal explains how the Constitution protects a woman's right to choose

Biden mocks Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin for not campaigning with Trump: 'Is

Bernie: Split a contribution between the John Deere and Kellogg's worker strike funds

Dear republican Jesus thank you.

She asked to bring oxygen to work -- they fired her instead

Australia's Climate "Plan" - Treasury, Health Confirm They Didn't Even Model Econ/Health Impacts

The News Cycle Has Not Changed In 5 Years with Trump...

After Joe Manchin tanked a major clean energy plan, Biden will reportedly unveil a massive

Sheriff: Projectile recovered from movie director's shoulder

Are the polls "herding" in the Virginia Governors race?

Biden Amps Up Pressure on Democrats for Deal on Economic Plan

Chris Evans goes to infinity and beyond in Pixar's first Lightyear teaser trailer

Health and Human Services headquarters in DC evacuated after bomb threat

Youngkin goes all-in on 'critical race theory' in campaign's final week

A parody of Krysten Sinema choosing her denim vest:

Gen. Milley calls Chinese weapon test 'very concerning'

United States issues its 1st passport with 'X' gender marker

Something is seriously missing in the public discourse.

Dems unveil corporate minimum tax plan to pay for Biden's agenda--and it has Sen. Sinema's backing

Jeffrey Clark to testify Friday? Get the popcorn ready

Caught before setting @ 1:48 p.m, over river in southern MD.

Here we go again?

The crowds were out for the 34th annual 17th Street High Heel Race in D.C.

So, I have my entire business data/history file on my PC - about 25GB

Researchers worry about Census' gap in 2020 survey data

Garland defends $700K McCabe settlement

Federal judge in Florida says TFG Twitter case must be heard in California

"Critical race theory" is 21st-century McCarthyism.

Facebook as a democracy killer, fomenting anger around the world

Accomplished kitteh:

Carli Lloyd walks off the field for the last time in a USWNT jersey:

TRUMP EFFECT: Whopping 60 Percent of Republicans have their heads up their asses.

Fox News's Neil Cavuto Comes Back From COVID To Viewers Wishing Him Dead

intersting op-ed article in The Week: If bosses want workers, they have to actually try

Wyden fills in details for 'Billionaires Income Tax'

Manchin says tax on uber-wealthy is "divisive"

HHS building evacuated after reported bomb threat

Former Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best details racism and sexism she endured on duty in a new book

Permafrost: A Ticking Carbon Time Bomb

Global Climate Wall

McConnell backs Herschel Walker in Georgia Senate race

I understand why goods are costing us more -- but gasoline???

So, where do you think Donald should build his "Presidential Library", friends?

570,000 without power in New England as nor'easter batters East Coast

Remembering the children of the mica mines

ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients -- but many don't even have COVID

2022 US Senate Election Prediction

"By the way, most people agree that the country has gone to the left over the past several years"

WATCH: Merrick Garland bursts into laughter at GOP senator's question

Tiniest, Calmest Pittie Puppy Grows Up To Be A Wild Man

The Lincoln Project-Donald, you're being played.

The Lincoln Project-Donald, you're being played.

Study: Average U.S. 3rd-Grader Reading At Level Of Crow

Watch This Guy Help A Baby Penguin Overcome Her Fear Of Water

South Korea- End of an Era?

Um, I'm new to google docs and trying to write in it. Can anybody help with this question I have?

(Jewish Group) Greece's top court rules against ritual slaughter...

(Jewish Group) Sunrise NYC rejects decision by DC affiliate to shun 'Zionist' partners

(Jewish Group)A far-right Jew could make political history in France. French Jews say he's dangerous

(Jewish Group) In Amsterdam, a Jewish merchant channels spirit of fabled pre-Holocaust flea market

The Monster of Memphis - A real life horror story

Statement by UAW Leadership on the Death of Member While Reporting to Picket at John Deere

The season of the Jewitch: Meet the occultists who blend witchcraft and Jewish folklore

(Jewish Group) The season of the Jewitch: Meet occultists who blend witchcraft and Jewish folklore

Why the extreme right wants to destroy Dr. Fauci.

Students of the world UNITE! You have nothing to lose but your diplomas!


'My god!' Merrick Garland shocked when GOP's Marsha Blackburn asks if angry parents are like Timothy

When Not Making Violent Threats To Politicians Election Workers And School Board Members

Cybercriminals claim to have hacked NRA

Ronny Jordan- After Hours

Anti-trans hysteria is the 21st-century version of the Satanic panic

Cartoons 10/27/2021

Budget and homelessness at center of Everett mayor's race

FCC kicks China Telecom Americas out of US, cites Chinese government control

Thanksgiving prep - if you hear anything about "M&M Sex Parties"

Sudan strongman is seen as an insider with powerful allies

"That Musk is a self-made man is a total myth"

CA man arrested for death threats at Matt Gaetz.

Gulf Arab states, squeezed by climate change, still tout oil

Democratic Lawmaker Tells 'Cheap Mistress' Trump What Republicans Say Behind His Back

Tom Cotton Yells Random Questions at Garland, Leaves Senate Hearing in a Huff

Eight presidential candidates and 1,000 cupcakes

New, troubling questions about Madison Cawthorn and Jan. 6

A short while ago the House passed the "Confidentiality Opportunities for Peer Support....

Detectives Find Loose, Boxed Ammo In Fanny Pack On 'Rust' Set

Slavery-era Georgia law is key defense argument in trial over Ahmaud Arbery's killing

Fox News's 'Craziest Trump Lie Yet' Revealed In 'Late Show' Segment

Blame GOP elites, not the grass roots, for the party's descent into madness and sedition

AFSCMEMaryland and @AFSCME67 endorse Tom Perez/Maryland Govenor

Just a reminder about that time Donald Trump Jr. dressed up like his dad for Halloween...

The latest from the Hartmann Report:

What we have here is a failure to communicate...

When the Go Gos were Punk pt 2

To the media, yes the Alec Baldwin situation is very tragic....

Wyden fills in details for 'Billionaires Income Tax'

Christopher Steele interview on the ongoing Russia threat and his infamous Trump

Halloween treat. The fabulous Poodles-Vampire Rock

Are more expensive canvases worth the money?

US ends immigration arrests at schools, 'protected' areas

Corporations had to stop Americans from finding out the government could make their lives better

Neo-Nazi group hangs 'Vax the Jews' banner in Austin, Texas just a few blocks from JCC and synagogue

The significance? youngkin - in direct mail, for the 1st time I've noticed

Union walkout at Baldwin's movie before shooting

It's time for a general strike.

Josh Cavallo is the first male top-level footballer to come out as gay

Josh Cavallo is the first male top-level footballer to come out as gay

Charles Co. Bus Drivers continue to strike for 4th straight school day.

Host of Trump social media platform expecting more than 75M users

Twitter Aaron Carr: Re Louisiana & Mississippi

Jury has been selected in the civil trial against the organizers of the 'Unite the Right' rally

an open letter to Dave Chapelle

NJ district suspends teacher that told Muslim student that he doesn't 'negotiate with terrorists'

What's for Dinner, Wed., Oct. 27, 2021

Tip: Search DU with DuckDuckGo instead of Google

The new reason DeSantis' Florida has been labeled 'Crazyville'

Remembering those murdered at the Tree of Life synagogue

new danger to passage of legislation - report of dropping family leave

Ted Cruz defends Nazi salutes at school board meetings

Politico begins downplaying reports of domestic violence by Senate candidate Herschel Walker

Boys jump into action to save bus driver who experienced medical emergency

Roger Stone went after Steve Bannon today, called him a "drama queen"

2022 Maryland Democratic Ticket

Fox has undermined vaccination efforts in nearly 60% of all vaccination segments in a 2-week period

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 28 October 2021

Mittens the Kitten was accepting abundant pets and scritches, this afternoon

Lawyer Who Sued Chevron over "Amazon Chernobyl" Ordered to Prison After 800+ Days of House Arrest

Lauren Windsor will appear on Joy Reid's show tonight with new Eastman footage

Tweet of the Day

Gay Teacher Fired After School Notified of Wedding to Partner

The Mueller Report???

A tip for those who use refrigeration to slow photo subjects like

Anyone know if the Biden's are on way to Rehoboth Beach?

Democrats Hit Tax Snag As They Finalize Build Back Better Deal

U.S. Works to Keep Russia Mission Running With Staff Down 90%

Activist hedge fund Third Point has taken a large stake in Shell and is urging the oil giant to ...

McConnell's biggest ally in the Senate - Joe Manchin - kills paid family leave

Trashed by Trump, habitat protections for endangered species get new life

Joke: How many Karens does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

I'm now in my 70s and driving makes me more anxious than it used to.

What does the pharmaceutical industry do with the record-breaking profits they make year after year?

The Wall Street Journal. is going all in on the Virginia gubernatorial election.

The GOP likes a nice angry base, but they don't want the consequences

Capitol rioter who stabbed officer with flagpole seeks pretrial release

Yale School of Public Health @YaleSPH: "We spend $12-20 billion a year on global public health

Trump to attend game 4 of the World Series in Atlanta.

Is there a point where speech like we hear from the likes of Hannity a Tucker Carlson . . . . .

Jimi Hendrix opened for Monkees seven times during their 1967 tour:

Apple cider vinegar??? Anyone use it for medical purposes??

Paid leave falls out of Democratic package in urgent scramble to secure Manchin's support

Top Democrat Spikes Billionaire Tax

Dispatch from the Roman neighborhood hosting the G-20, near-perfect pentagon conceived by Mussolini

Federal jury: Immigrant detainees are owed minimum wage

Can someone explain the "Medicare Insolvency" argument

Kitty cat calls out Republicans

Mandates for school kids?

Who wore it better?

EXCLUSIVE: Part 2 of Lauren Windsor's John Eastman undercover video:

So, I'm at the local meat mart...

Claremont Institute's descent into Trumpian extremism illustrated in law enforcement strategy

8:00 p.m., on MPT, "Season of the Osprey" NT

Does the prosecution have any recourse in the Rittenhouse case after the judge

"Omg. The women of the Senate got Manchin to back down on the paid leave stand-off???!!"

Trump-Backed Candidates Seek to 'Control the Elections'

How decades of disinformation about fossil fuels halted U.S. climate policy

Got my booster last night and..

Institutional racism? What institutional racism?

Paid leave falls out of Democratic package in urgent scramble to secure Manchin's support

Sanders Not as Hopeful on Spending Deal Today

Florida manatee deaths soar as polluted water kills seagrass

The Democrats need to add into the bills a 500 million dollar grant to coal mine operators to help

Hey Politicians... OPTICS!!

OMG this is amazing... Chinese thread book.... ya gotta watch this. Origami on steroids

Overhaul planned for two Anacostia River streams.

Overhaul planned for two Anacostia River streams.

Verrrry interesting.... vaccinated people die less of OTHER causes, too....

'Disgraceful': Italy's senate votes down anti-homophobic violence bill

'Disgraceful': Italy's senate votes down anti-homophobic violence bill

Well the piano part is interesting anyway.

Report: At least 59,000 meat workers caught COVID, 269 died

AG Letitia James has made a decision regarding the governor's race. She will be...

Chris Hayes: Youngkin is former CEO of the CARLYLE GROUP !

Maybe someone can enlighten me re: Manchin and his demands.

Sinema thrown MASSIVE shade by...Aaron Neville?

Which COVID Vaccine Booster is Best? Pfizer vs. Moderna vs. J. Johnson (Update 133)

Flouting White House, Florida penalizes school districts

A Gifted Senior Citizen Plays The Piano...Then Magic Happens, with Dr K

Who is funding the Claremont Institute

Trump Is Now Accusing William Barr Of Rigging The Election For Biden

Sen. Krysten Sinema's Build Back Better Obstruction Backfires And Enrages Arizona

Hey Atlanta officials

Lieberman is an infuriating man

Anyone here know something about malfunctioning laptops?

(Pre) COVID Organizing Pneumonia - hadn't head of this. Elder friend diagnosed last week.

Old cartoons you still remember, that were kind of weird?

My eyes. Dear gawd my eyes. What fresh hell? Lap dances at a HS...

Dizzy Gillespie with the Muppets

Just put on a happy face . . .

Elie Mystal @ElieNYC just has a way with words

I know this isn't the TV forum but you must watch Dopesick

Iran agrees to resume Vienna nuclear talks in November

I have a bird feeder over my back patio...mice now

Biden likely to head to COP26 without a final U.S. climate deal

If a liberal went to a MAGA rally and did what Rittenhouse did...

The law allows the RICH to "lock away" money...

Iran says it will resume nuclear negotiations by end of November

U.S. Marshal, Georgia Police Officer Indicted In Death Of Man Shot 76 Times

Extremism Goes Mainstream In The GOP Post 1/6 - Deadline - MSNBC