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VA GOP State Sen Amanda Chase says the Democrats in VA are committing voter fraud already

Arizona Is the Viral Breeding Ground of Republican Sickness

Billy Preston - Will It Go Round In Circles

Is Joe Manchin serious?

on PBS NOW, Ospreys Nature! with ####pics!!!

Has Biden reached a 'break-glass moment' on Supreme Court expansion after Texas abortion case?

Guitar Players - Nifty Lick I Found

Jim Caviezel's QAnon Guru Wants to Control Elections

Starbucks raising US workers' pay as union effort looms

Starbucks raising US workers' pay as union effort looms

Rep. Adam Schiff's Statement on Senate For the People Act Vote

Judge Not Sure If Men Kyle Rittenhouse Shot Are Victims Or Satisfied Bullet Recipients

Do you think any of our billionaires would consider giving $500m towards reducing rents?

Ocasio-Cortez Would Vote Against Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Over Climate Change

Kentucky high school event under investigation

Florida Republicans close voter registration gap with Democrats

Twitter is actually doing a (relatively) good job limiting right-wing misinformation, study finds

Kentucky is second only to Tennessee in the daily rate of new COVID-19 cases

Santa Fe Sheriff Outlines Details Of 'Rust' Shooting, Suspects Other Live Rounds On Set - MSNBC

Steny Hoyer: Letting the Filibuster Stand Will Break American Democracy

I've watched quite a bit of the Merrick Garland hearings, and I can honestly say...

A Paulogia episode I have found interesting. It's 19:22 long.

Costco raised its minimum wage to $17 an hour

Virginia Republicans Dig In On An 'Anti-Critical Race Theory' Movement - Deadline - MSNBC

Fuck you Houston. That's all

Feds accuse Kansas 'cult' of running unpaid child labor network

Ted Cruz defended an anti-mask parent who did a Nazi salute at a school board meeting

North Cascades Highway closing for the season Nov. 15

Liberty University Head Says Goal Is Influencing Elections

Yooooooo remember when DC and Puerto Rico were gonna be states?

How is it Democracy when 2 people can decide they will kill human kind

'It's an honor': Seattle SuperSonics great Lenny Wilkens to have road named after him

A Mother of Crystallography, Helen Megaw (1907-2002).

White House prepares to roll out climate actions to help meet Biden's goals

WSJ publishes letter from Trump continuing to allege voter fraud in PA

My opinion why a national response to the threats at school board meetings is best

Newsom targets oil drilling over union objections

Has this happened to anyone here?

A potential cautionary tale for Senator Sinema

Here's a question

Dump Leaves For Free In Kirkland This November

'Atmospheric river' to bring up to 2 inches of rain to Western Washington before Halloween cold fron

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread

Oops. Cleveland Guardians lawsuit.

'He's A Liar': Tucker Carlson Makes False Vax Claim As Fox News Colleague Reveals Viewer Death Wish

TFG Says He's Going to Virginia 'Soon' After Biden Stumped for Terry McAuliffe

I'm sorry to report that I have diagnosed myself with a newly discovered form of stupidity.

Australian officials: Unvaccinated tennis players will not be allowed in Australian Open

A short about Cats, Witchcraft and the Black Plague.

Really cool app if you like listening to music or listening to the radio

let's play "which fashion statement will sinema make next?"

I understand Garland came to the hill to testify or offer reports or something

🎵 Anything can happen on Halloween🎶🌌

Oh boy, here we go again. Rachel reporting Dejoy slowing down mail again and it is affecting VA mail

"Amazing Grace" in Greenlandic - video

Trump Supporter: When do we get to use the guns?


On the hiking path today

Seattle mayoral candidates attract major donors as Election Day nears

Using the wrong mod podge for a halloween decoration.

'Wing-Nut Racism': Howard Dean Crushes Ted Cruz - The Beat - MSNBC

TFG to judge "Please block the IRS from giving my tax returns to Congress!!!!!!!"

Boogie Woogie Piano

TFG bashes Democrats' new billionaire-tax plan and suggests he might flee the US, but he'll 'stick

Boise shooter was open carry nutjob parading around state Capitol. This could be interesting.

Unjust Ruling in Rittenhouse Case; Can't Say "Victims" But Can Say "Looters, Rioters & Arsonists"

The January 6 Committee Is Finally Getting Trump Allies to Spill

'Completely damning' video of Trump ally emerges (CNN)

Marjorie Taylor Greene Hit With TWO Ethics Complaints In One Day

US Senate Seats that the Democrats are likely to win in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Brett Favre repays $600K in Mississippi welfare case; state still seeks $228K in interest

Blink-182 - Quarantine

Army of poll watchers -- many driven by GOP's 'election integrity' push -- turns out across Virginia

Steve Schmidt Warns of 'Total Chaos,' Biden Impeachment if GOP Wins - MeidasTouch

Seth Meyers - Elon Musk's Net Worth Increases by $36 Billion Overnight - Monologue 10/26/21

Ronchetti (R) announces candidacy for governor of New Mexico

How are all of you? I hope you folks all have a nice calm restorative evening

Master Of Puppets in the 1960's

I got my Pfizer Covid Booster Shot Monday and I'm glad.

For some a dystopian state is already a reality

Seth Meyers: Guest Anderson Cooper

Judge Helps Kyle Rittenhouse's Defense AGAIN - The Rational National

The Silver Bridge

The Story Of This Anti-Vaxx Physician Is SHOCKING - Rebel HQ

Favre repays $600K in Mississippi welfare case, auditor says

Chris Hayes: How The Second Amendment Is Threatening The First - All In - MSNBC

qanon, conspiracy theorists and witchhunters. Watching a short film posted by

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 29

If only Terry McAuliffe were as good as Stacey Abrams at spelling out

'Rust' armorer once caused Nicolas Cage to storm off a film set after she repeatedly fired a gun ...

About the billionaire tax.

Rep. Jamie Raskin: We Won't Play 'Hide And Seek' With Targets Of Jan. 6 Subpoenas - All In - MSNBC

Joe Manchin's Surefire Strategy to Ensure That Democrats Lose in 2022

MSNBC Host exposes the obscene legal tax theft by corporations and a complicit congressman.

I had no idea just how far away districts can be from 1 to 1

Eddie Glaude slams 'Woke Racism' author for his misleading interview: I don't know what you're up to

REALLY? Joe Manchin on switching Parties: "I don't know where the hell I belong." We know where!

David Perdue is considering a primary challenge against Brian Kemp

Manchin(WV) and Sinema(AZ)2024 primary and general election opponents.

Rep. Adam Schiff: GOP Is Now An Anti-Truth, Anti-Democratic Cult Of Former President - The ReidOut

Liberty U president says on tape that 'getting people elected' is his goal

So what's the status with Bannon and the contempt of Congress ?

'Rust' armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed once gave unchecked gun to 11-year-old actor.

AP Sources: Letitia James will run for New York governor

Paid leave falls out of Democratic package in urgent scramble to secure Manchin's support

I'll allow it

**Season Of The Osprey PBS Nature

Asks judge to block IRS from handing tax returns to Congress

'Rust' Armorer Said the 'Best Part' of Her Job Was Showing People 'How Safe' Guns Can Be'

Dem. Virginia Governor Candidate Terry McAuliffe Calls GOP Opponent Youngkin 'Dangerous' (MSNBC)

so the other side is asking when can they use them gunz? How about ours?????

Ted Cruz sinks himself with most HORRIFIC statement possible - Brian Tyler Cohen

Seth Meyers - Greene, Gosar and Brooks Face Growing Scrutiny for Jan. 6 Insurrection: A Closer Look

Honest Government Ad - COP26 Climate Summit (thejuicemedia)

The Jan 6 Committee has the cult members...

Tuba Skinny,,,,

Completely damning' video of Trump ally emerges

something has to break. WE can't keep getting pushed around

Can anyone recommend social media other than FB, Twitter, Instagram?

GOP's Execution System Halted In Oklahoma - The Beat - MSNBC

Soppy Bag of Phlegm Tucker Carlson Mocks Biden, Trump Botched COVID Response & Coffin Photoshoots!

#CNN #News #CNNi Putin's army of hackers are targeting the US with new wave of cyberattacks

Foggy Mountain Breakdown - the Next Generation

Can the Joker explain the Dark Knight to Bat Man?

Facebook is struggling to stop vaccine misinformation, leaks suggest

Ohio Senate passes bill requiring more medical care for infants who survive abortions

"'When do we get to use the guns?' against democrats: asks Attendee at rightwing event

Halloween Parade


I dunno whats wrong

Nancy Pelosi is a grandma again...

Ohio lawmakers pass bill to legalize consumer use of fireworks, DeWine expected to sign it

Assange could serve his time in Australia

Texas lawmaker says 850 books ranging from race to sexuality could cause 'discomfort'

Texas lawmaker says 850 books ranging from race to sexuality could cause 'discomfort'

Rebekah Jones will run for Matt Gaetz' Job

Paid family leave could be dropped from reconciliation bill due to Manchin's objection

Goal of the Year in MLS?

Fox is is letting Tucker Carlson do a special on his conspiracy theory that 1/6 was a false flag op

Stacey Abrams On Her Fight To Erase Medical Debt - The Last Word - MSNBC

Tom Brady

Middle Age Riot tweet:

At the doctor's today had a conversation with the nurse

I gotta say a 12 gig OS upgrade from Apple to take place in less then an hour blows my mind.

Another Middle Age Riot tweet:

Trump Threatened Protesters, Facebook Did Nothing - Zerlina. - MSNBC

Texas Lawmaker Wants to Invalidate Gay Marriages

exactly. i mean, why *wasn't* he taken to a secure location?

FL Surgeon General: endometriosis caused by demon sperm....

US Marshals Come to Wrong Apartment, Leave Terrified Mom and Baby Without Apology

The Arizona Redistricting commission is proposing a lot of maps that

Bonus Tweet of the Day

UGH! Seth Abramson reveals in tonight's new column that diGenova is a pal of....

Just need to vent for a moment

With the horrible ruling by the judge in the Rittenberg pre trail hearing.....

Some valuable vinyl you might have sitting in the cabinet

New York trooper charged with murder after ramming family's car, causing it to flip, killing girl

Candy Apple Hocus Pocus

How many fingers am I holding up? Who is the President?

Elk walking around for three days with baby swing on its antlers... caught and tranquilized,released

Tweet of the Late Night:

the amount of damage a dog can do!!!! guy comes home to demolished door

The Root: The Little Know Story of Bill Taylor, one of America's

The Root: The Little Known Story of Bill Traylor, One of America's Most

Ted Cruz MELTDOWN: "Let Nazis Be Nazis"

Something I do like about this season...

Season of the Osprey

Something Different for Halloween: Dead Places (Sundance Channel)

The Five Stairsteps - Dear Prudence - Beatles cover...

Wiccans in the US military are mourning the dead in Afghanistan this year as they mark Samhain

3 Maryland Counties Have Asked To Join West Virginia. Here's How They Could Do It

Waning Gibbous, 62% visible

Feds Seize $441K Worth of Counterfeit Sports Championship Rings

Feds Seize $441K Worth of Counterfeit Sports Championship Rings

Former Political Rivals Unite To Defend American Democracy - The Last Word - MSNBC

Merck Will Share Formula For Antiviral Covid Pill - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Felony charges have been dropped against a homeless man who shortchanged a convenience store 43 cen

New Study: Ohio's Vax-a-Million Lottery Did Nothing to Increase COVID-19 Vaccinations

Biden Heads To G20 Bereft Of Ambassadors As Republicans Hold Up Nearly All Nominees - TRMS

In Odd Shortcoming For A Major, Modern Nation, USPS Suspends Deliveries To Australia - Rachel Maddow

Hear former CNN reporter's plea to Facebook after winning Nobel Prize

SO FUNNY. i hope trump sues all the lawyers who wouldn't take his case

Wisconsin Republicans Add Mysterious 'Carol' To Election Review Circus - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Samaria Rice and Supporters Rally Outside White House, Call on Biden to Re-Open Tamir Investigation

Six rotors. 200mph. Joby's electric helicopter may be the future of transportation

Progressives Patient With Negotiations As Manchin, Sinema Sabotage Build Back Better Bill - TRMS

Breakfast Thursday 28 October 2021

New report reveals why Ohio's unemployment benefits system saw fraud amid COVID-19


Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/27/21

Federal jury acquits Moreland Hills doctors of more than 40 charges of medical fraud

Anyone wild about watercress?

KGNS reporter posts video after being fired for refusing COVID vaccine

Newton, Orange counties again devastated by tornado

Tech entrepreneur stirs debate after calling men who take 6 months paternity leave 'losers'

USW, ExxonMobil meet for first time since 'No' vote

USW, ExxonMobil meet for first time since 'No' vote

Conservative caller thought she had a 'gotcha' question on abortion for Elie Mystal. She was wrong

Texas Democratic lawmakers again urge Senate to act on federal voting legislation

Jewish communities in Austin and San Antonio targeted by neo-Nazi group

Please explain, GOP

Ronald Koeman sacked by Barcelona after defeat at Rayo Vallecano

Follow-up: Former East Texas nurse sentenced to death for killing 4 patients at Tyler hospital

Paid family leave falls out of Biden's bill as tempers rise

Stacey Abrams group donates $1.34M to wipe out medical debts

A California county cuts off water to Asian (Hmong) pot growers. Is it racism or crime crackdown?

Rare butterfly makes appearance at National Butterfly Center (with photo)

Cheap antidepressant shows promise treating early COVID-19

🌞 a morning funny from Facebook - see it's not totally useless.

WaPo: Biden to announce new social spending framework expected to win support of all Democrats

Biden to announce new social spending framework expected to win support of all Democrats

Thursday TOONs - The Call Was Coming From Inside The House!

Joe Manchin has made millions from coal.

Time for a monument to labor activist Emma Tenayuca? A St. Mary's University grad student thinks so.

Wall Street Journal publishes letter from Trump claiming 'rigged' election

Arkansas sues medical supplier for failed supplies delivery

Meatpacker Tyson: Mandate led 96% of workers to get vaccine

Dallas mayor tests positive for COVID-19, has mild symptoms

Imagine being so stupid...

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, October 28, 2021

So I came clean to my wife thirty years ago I tried phone sex

Trump hints at potential Arlington visit for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin

Water pollution kills seagrass--causing manatees to starve to death. Scientists warned Ron DeSantis

I hope Family Leave has been saved in this new bill

Amid coverup claims, Loudoun Supt. Ziegler says he's never received notice of juvenile arrests

Who was the asshole Repub whose campaign ad showed him shooting Obamacare?

Why are so many Michigan water systems finding lead? They're looking harder

Michigan redistricting panel, which pledged openness, meets in secret


Woke up to the sight of Madoc sitting next to me with a zip tie in his paws

At the end of the day politics is about the art of what is possible given the realities of ....

GOP, Democrats agree: Time to end Michigan's $7 million tampon tax

How Four-Year Colleges Helped Kill Free Community College Tuition

Laughing, chuckling, snickering at this will send you to hell! 🚨Some will find this offensive!🚨

Morning sunrise in Northern Michigan...

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Ransomware gang claims attack on NRA

For this press conference alone he and his goons

Whitmer blows past donor limits, raises more than 9 GOP candidates combined

"Phone sex" is the phrase for today. Modify a DU thread to include "phone sex".


Judge orders Devin Nunes' family to disclose who's paying for Iowa defamation lawsuit

The only way forward is to expand our Majority

Former NYT columnist Kristof launches Oregon governor run

Mackinac Island tourism 'absolutely crazy,' sets revenue record in 2021

Installed a mini split heat pump yesterday

"Progressive" Gestures By Corporations On Climate, Race, Health Not Just Useless, But Dangerous

A peaceful moment for you today

Rep. Jim Clyburn sounds alarm about midterms amid Democratic Party divisions

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 10/27/2021

Q3 GDP: Economic activity decelerated to 2.0% annualized rate amid Delta variant, supply concerns

Art of the Week: Week of 10/27/21

The Rundown: October 28, 2021

UK To Substantially Cut CO2 By . . . Cutting Taxes On Already-Cheap Domestic Airfares

FDA Recalls Chili Peppers, Citing That If You Chop Them And Touch Your Junk, Your Junk Will Burn

Jim Caviezel's Q Guru Wants to Control Elections

Jobless claims hit new pandemic-era low at 281,000 filings

'Even Half Retarded, I'm A Jew With My Money,' Michigan GOP Lawmaker Texts

Let me make this pellucidly clear

Australia's Efforts To Boost Prescribed Burns Collide With An Ever-Shortening Season To Do So

email I found in my junk account: Save America President Donald J. Trump

I had my Moderna booster shot yesterday at 1:30. At 6:00 I started to feel very tired.

Build Back Better Bill

Bay Area couple takes hilarious engagement photos at Berkeley Bowl

Feds seek Romulus mayor's campaign records

Party store owner pleads guilty in Taylor mayor bribery scandal

The source of Republican "facts" has been discovered: MSU

As Kellogg strike stretches past 3 weeks, workers say they've noted lack of GOP lawmaker support

Starkman: America Should Import Hospital CEOs, Not Nurses

TNF: Green Bay Packers vs Arizona Cardinals

Documentary about Detroit's bankruptcy saga wins $200,000 film prize

Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli

Has Kate McKinnon Been On The New SNL....

Buffalo Mayoral Debate between Mayor Byron Brown and India Walton, Oct 26 - video

8 super soups to try this fall in Nashville


I ordered Thanksgiving dinner from Whole Foods Holiday Meals.

EXCLUSIVE: Byron Brown expands lead on India Walton in latest Buffalo mayoral poll

Biden, Dems get low marks on spending talks: AP-NORC poll

'Joyously subversive sex goddesses': the artists who gave witches a spellbinding makeover

Post-Surfside, Florida engineers say all large buildings need to be inspected

Thanks to Covid, I voted for a dead man

I've got a question for all of ya' guys . . .

Covid is surging in Russia

TN State Senator steps down from committee role after being indicted for campaign finance conspiracy

Why is TFG going to a World Series game in Atlanta??

Former Saudi official says MBS wants him dead because of what he knows

Steve Schmidt issues DIRE warning: "The bad guys are winning" - MeidasTouch

Kyle Beach comes forward as former Chicago Blackhawks player at center of sex assault probe

JFK-Orange County flight Diverts To Denver After Flight Attendant Attacked By Passenger

Haberman on Trump's letter: He doesn't care if he seems desperate (CNN)

AA flight diverted after passenger roughs up flight attendant

The Good Part About 'Waning' Immunity - The Atlantic

Scientists skeptical about a physical cause of "Havana syndrome"

New -- WH releases framework proposal, detailing what's in the $1.75T plan

Ted Hawkins was born on this date.

Some of dis and some of dat

Fox News LYING About Supply Chain Shortages - Rebel HQ

It's opening statements day in the Charlottesville trial

Costco raised its minimum wage to $17 an hour

New airstrike in Ethiopia's Tigray capital; kids among dead

Frankie the Dinosaur tells world not to 'choose extinction' in U.N. video urging climate action

Frankie talks to the UN

Old Power Gear Is Slowing Use of Clean Energy and Electric Cars

Another record that will never be broken

Beware of People Pretending to Be on Our Side

'All You Have to Do Is Follow the Money': Ilhan Omar Rebukes Corporate Democrats

Can Trump supporters have an epiphany? And someday realize it is all a lie a con.

Civil Suit against the Unite the Right organizers opening arguments begin today

Energy assistance in **SOME** states

GOP State Sen Amanda Chase says Democrats are committing voter fraud already during early voting

Possible source of energy assistance this winter

China limits construction of 'super high-rise buildings'

Sloped walls form Canyon Drive housing complex by LOHA in Los Angeles

Should young workers still have to 'pay their dues'?

Norristown, PA, School Prez Sent Suggestive Messages to Teen Girl, Images Show

QAnon Is 4 Years Old and Believers Are Still Waiting for Hillary Clinton's Arrest

I was on Mars for the last five years. When I landed, I was stunned to find the entire country

Bourgeois Lechasseur completes pair of prefabricated glamping cabins in Quebec

Nice try Tucker Carlson!

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Judge has sparked controversy before, insists the case is not 'political'

The Climate is the Clincher for me


Jury Awards $17M to Family of Man Shot and Killed by Off-Duty LAPD Officer in Corona Costco

Vatican cancels live broadcast of Biden greeting pope

Facebook announces its new name: Maximum Zuckage

Intelligence Agencies Produced Extensive Reports on Afghanistan, but All Failed to Predict Collapse

Chicago PBS Station Evacuated After Threat

Florida strips schools of federal aid for mask mandates

"Peace Train" featuring Yusuf / Cat Stevens Playing For Change Song Around The World

Props! Merck is making its COVID-19 antiviral pill more affordable to low-income countries

The Biggest Problem In American Politics

Bluewater's advice to fellow progressives

A man gave a Nazi salute at a school board meeting to oppose mask rules. Ted Cruz defended it as a f

Twice as big as the New Deal!

This may be the most disturbing thing Fox News has ever done.

Democrats' latest congressional map boosts Rep. Lauren Underwood's reelection odds

reidout w eastman undercover reporter- new footage.

4 Caldwell High, TX, volleyball players forcibly stripped teammate on school bus

Biden urges fractious Dems to unite around $1.75T megabill

Biden made it clear to House Democrats that Congressional Majorities and the Presidency

Went to a match last night, and somebody got on their bike!

2795 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; -11 deaths

Emiliano Sala: Fatal flight organiser David Henderson convicted

Jared Yates Sexton: Control Through Implied and Actual Violence

Kasie Hunt is a piece of shit

United States issues its 1st passport with 'X' gender marker

Free Female Labor Is The Plan

MAGAt is for Biden 2024 😂

A growing number of Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate have ugly pasts

The GOP Is Freaking Out Over Merrick Garland. So What's Up with All That?

President Biden is speaking on all networks now n/t

Good Day DU (October 28, 2021)

Instagram Hacker Forces Victim to Make Hostage-Style Video

Neither progressives, moderates or Biden are to blame here.

NOW: Biden speaks about fate of his economic agenda before trip to Europe

Two Florida women ...

Pelosi tells Democratic caucus: Don't "embarrass" the President

Tucker Carlson made a movie to prove he's not a white nationalist

A few photos from my hike last week.

China limits construction of 'super high-rise buildings'

TAKE YES FOR AN ANSWER. Build Back Better Is Here, And It's F*CKING BETTER.

Justice Department reaches settlement with families of 2015 Charleston church massacre

DOJ Announces Multi-Million Dollar Civil Settlement in Principle in Mother Emanuel Church Mass Shoot

Boyfriend Broke Kid's Jaw Before House of Horrors Discovery

Vaccine reluctance in Eastern Europe brings high COVID cost

Rude One: Note to Anxious Progressive Democrats in Congress: Take the Deal...

Australia rules out committing to methane reduction target

Watching a Route 66 episode on YouTube, a Trump like character is on it.

VDH now has a Cases Among Children dashboard

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- October 28 2021

Excellent thread that burns the DC media to the ground

UK boat detained by France amid fishing rights row

UK boat detained by France amid fishing rights row

So, what happens when Manchin and Sinema don't vote for

Join me in putting a dollar in an envelope and mailing it to Joe Manchin with this message

I like the way this vote is being laid out

Committee to Protect Journalists@pressfreedom:During the last 10 years--a period that included

The Secret Behind Trump's January 2 Phone Call Revealed

KIMMEL's name for male-Karens: Carlsons

Our lives are just a reality show to the millionaires club at the Capitol

Kyle Beach reveals he is the player suing the Chicago Blackhawks over sex assault

Moderate. Media. Progressives. Democrats. Administration. Yada. Yada. Yada.


Deep-fried turkey

Sanders signals House should hold off on infrastructure vote

The startling truth about America's biggest national security problem.

I think the whole thing with Manchin and Sinema

Antisemitism on the left is subtler than on the right. But it's getting worse.

I supported McGovern and Bobbie and Teddy and I'm still proud of my Bernie button.

A recap of the first Republican Governors Debate in Texas. 😁

Washington orders Chinese phone carrier China Telecom (Americas) out of US market

Company challenges seizure of marijuana proceeds in Kansas

Company challenges seizure of marijuana proceeds in Kansas

'They are protecting the club not girls': More abuse claims hit North American soccer

3 Maryland Counties Have Asked To Join West Virginia. Here's How They Could Do It.

Long Beach school safety officer who shot teenager charged with murder

Police aided illegal marijuana operation in Maine, feds say

I stand with the CPC

David Perdue is considering a primary challenge against Brian Kemp

Talking Heads - Burning Down The House (Live)

Burr Called His Brother-in-Law Before Stock Dump

Is it me or are we going to see the Build Back Better bill stuck by a few who want more?

Halloween ride

Sounds like the Progressive Caucus is on board

This Mitt Romney tweet (featuring Kyrsten Sinema)... WTF?!

City's attempt to cut Texas man's grass ends with his death, police say

Pelosi speaks @ 2: EST on the alleged deal. CNN reports

Tucker Carlson: "Jan. 6th was a false-flag attack by people who were mad about the stolen election."

Burr's Brother-in-Law Called Stock Broker, One Minute After Getting Off Phone With Senator

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Witch Scene

Antidepressant Drug Shows Promise In Treating Covid-19, Study Finds

It only took 87 days...... 87 days....if they had been fascist republicans.....well....

Former Pres. Barack Obama on Pres. Joe Biden's newly revised economic framework

Richly Adorned Egyptian Tomb Could Rewrite the History of Mummification

NC Legislature passes anti-critical race theory bill. Here's what comes next

Hungary: anti-Orban alliance leads ruling party in 2022 election poll

Sen. Sherrod Brown tells reporters "there's excitement" on the zoom call w Senate dems and WH...

👻 jail 😯😆👀😳

Democrats backed a commission to draw fair House lines in Colorado. Now they worry they gave up

Venezuela sought to swap Americans for Maduro ally

Venezuela sought to swap Americans for Maduro ally

Evangelical churches and denominations have been hijacked by Trumpism

Virginia AG nominee took $2.6 million from group that promoted Jan. 6 rally

Specter of problematic crown prince looms over Biden's Saudi Arabia policy

Joe Manchin tanked Biden's major clean-energy plan, the president still wants to spend $555 billion

Senate confirms President Biden's nomination of Sarala Nagala, Omar Williams for U.S. judgeships

It's so nice to interact with good people

It's all of a piece - election security without Biden's economic package

Vaccine eligibility for mood disorders underscores elevated covid risk

DNA from Sitting Bull's hair confirms US man is his great-grandson

People Rescue A Mama Osprey After She Gets Attacked

These people are terrifying.

Antidepressant Drug Shows Promise In Treating Covid-19, Study Finds

Lincoln Project-TFG is too much of a coward to campaign in Virgnia

The DeJoy plan is working

Manchin Will Agree to Halloween Only if Candy Is Completely Removed

'Crying Nazi' Reportedly Watched Tucker Carlson in Prison to Prep for Charlottesville Trial

Guy Visits Dog And Her Friends In The Desert For Over A Year

Sinema reached prescription drug negotiation deal with Biden

Cockatoo seems convinced she's a dinosaur

Voting machine missing after Michigan clerk stripped of election power

Creating progressives voters

Gun Nut Nation - Tweet from Dear Maga


Manfred misses the mark with Braves

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 28, 2021

5 Tips for a Woman

Welcome to "skimpflation"

Nancy Pelosi's Press Conference Today

Texas School Censors All Of 'Huck Finn' Except The N-Words

Facebook changes its company name to Meta

Wall Street Journal criticized for Trump letter pushing election lie

Waller County Coal Rolling Teen To Face Charging Decision

Facebook Renames Itself Meta

For Black and Latino gun owners, being armed "evens the playing field"

Antonia Juhasz @AntoniaJuhasz: Exxon Mobil Darren Woods admits to contacting members of congress

Vaccine Eligibility For Mood Disorders/ Mental Health Conditions Underscores Elevated Covid Risk

(Wisconsin) Kleefisch downplays threats targeting school board members

Tucker Carlson Is Now Explicitly Pushing 'False Flag' Paranoia About Jan. 6

Remember how close to the chest President Obama kept the UBL raid

Israel OKs some 3,000 new settler homes, despite U.S. rebuke

(Jewish Group) Austin leaders rally behind Jewish community after 3 anti-Semitic weekend incidents

Vaccine Eligibility For Mood Disorders/ Mental Health Conditions Underscores Elevated Covid Risk

New York City Has Outpaced the Nation in Vaccinations, Offering a Foundation for Economic Recovery

Poblano Quinoa Side Dish Recipe

For elleng- People rescue Mama osprey

Thanks Everyone For Helping Us Build Out Our Military With Your Dollars - China

Antidepressant Drug Shows Promise In Treating Covid-19, Study Finds

Why do some people prefer yellow grits to white grits?

I'm paying an annual and monthly fee for Norton protection. Does anyone else have it on their PC?

Experts name new species of human ancestor (Homo bodoensis)

"Misfire: Inside the Downfall of the NRA" by Tim Mak.

KARE 11 Investigates: Jailed, innocent, in labor - and shackled (illegally, in MN)

Town of Culpeper Councilman resigns following alleged inappropriate comment

Texas National Guard sent to border for Abbott's stunt as state slashes their tuition assistance

Yay for Dane County!

Florida sues Biden over contractor vaccine mandate

January 6 committee is losing patience with Trump's former chief of staff Mark Meadows as it seeks h

Youngkin flyer promoting the Trump endorsement

Cartoons 10/28/2021

Making of "Season of the Osprey"

Rittenhouse judge has a history of jackassery that goes back over 30 years

Coons Says Manchin and Sinema Back Biden's Plan

Finally! Surgery tomorrow!

Rep. Nunes' family ordered by a federal judge to show who's really bankrolling $20 million lawsuit

do any of you get these telephone calls that hang up and no anser ?

. @RepDebDingell : Gauntlet thrown down.

Summons charges Cuomo with forcible touching

Yale educated surgeon..left to Cambodia with zipties the day after attempt to buy girls in US

Amazing point - Monfils vs. Schwartzman

For those considering a vaccine booster shot, here is the CDC list of underlying medical conditions

Covid: Double Vaccinated Can Still Spread Virus At Home (BBC)

Ha! Now we can pick on... Meta!!!

Two things about cats

Katie Porter obliterates oil & gas execs during House committee hearing

Native Americans: DNA From Sitting Bull's Hair Confirms US Man Is His Great-Grandson

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

Trump's trade fuckery with China will take years to recover from.

OK, the Nikon Z9 is here for real, no more teases and

A pair, down creek

The Republicans have dug up Jim Crow's corpse -- and now they've married it

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 29 October 2021

The Build Back Better Bill Is Not a Consolation Prize to the People It Will Help

woman faces attempted murder charges. Cut rope of painters 26 floors up

The C.D.C. adds mental health conditions to its high-risk Covid list.

(Jewish Group) The 10 most terrifying (Jewish) songs for Halloween

(Jewish Group) Was 'Blazing Saddles' better than 'Young Frankenstein?' -- Mel Brooks' films ranked

Major storm to bring heavy rain, high winds and serious tidal flooding to D.C. area Friday.

Chief federal judge in D.C. assails 'almost schizophrenic' Jan. 6 prosecutions

Jack Ciatterelli - Trump Doctrine Devotee Gubernatorial Candidate

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #11-13: The Insurrection Family Edition (Halloween Special!)

so, do I have this right? The corporations win again, and rub our noses in it

The Beatles: Get Back A Sneak Peek

Attacks on Meghan Markle were coordinated

'It's shocking': Racist rant roils Texas school as district faces pressure from right-wing group

A once-quiet battle to replace the space station suddenly is red hot

Here's what is in the $1.75 trillion Biden budget plan

Neo-Nazi duo handed nine-year US prison terms over apparent attack plot

World War Two: Lying About the Jews in Film

Mark Zuckerberg on why Facebook is rebranding to Meta

Ex-Silvertip revealed to be alleged victim in sex assault probe

Trump Plans Monday Tele-Rally for Youngkin in Virginia Race

Exxon CEO accused of lying about climate science to congressional panel

Editorial: Keep covid politics out of city's plea for police

Defending Trump's Letter to the Editor (WSJ)

Lauren Underwood delivers for the people!

Maker of electric airplane engines gets $74M NASA grant

Snohomish mayoral race shaping up to be a close one

Jetty Island, a seal paradise, becomes new home for 2 pups

Starbucks, Costco bump up wages amid national labor shortage

Florida strips federal funding from schools as further punishment for masking

And so it goes,....

Virginia's vote-counters are ready for a tight race that could take days to resolve

Judge denies NYPD union's bid to halt COVID vaccine mandate

Meeting Between Pope Francis and Biden Will Highlight Their Rift With American Bishops

Type O Negative - Wolf Moon

Families of Charleston church massacre victims reach an $88M settlement with the Justice Department

The January 6 Committee Is Finally Getting Trump Allies to Spill

Why does new "Development "cause stormwater problems?

Poll: 5% of unvaccinated adults have left a job because of a vaccination requirement

Turkey's Lake Tuz dries up due to climate change, farming

Burr's brother-in-law called stock broker one minute after phone call with senator

A brief history of whining.

A couple questions for parents concerned getting vaccinated may make their kid infertile:

Why Dragons Dominated the Landscape of Medieval Monsters

Long Twitter thread on telecoms data to snare January 6th defendants

Why hasn't Richard Burr resigned?

MSNBC's Mehdi Hasan Hammers Joe Lieberman Over 'Centrism'

National Congress of American Indians blasts Rob Manfred's tomahawk chop defense

Could anyone explain what all these Medicare Hotline etc. ads talking about

Rubin's Vase, 2021

Judge orders Devin Nunes' family to disclose who's paying for Iowa defamation lawsuit

US Postal Service is slowing mail to save money ahead of the holiday season

Doritos 'Day of the Dead' Commercial With Gay Couple Goes Viral

Doritos 'Day of the Dead' Commercial With Gay Couple Goes Viral

Cruz Defends Nazi Salutes on Tree Of Life Anniversary

"He dressed as press to storm the capital"--- A white nationalist scum.

Billionaire Buying Sandwich Unfairly Targeted With 5% Sales Tax

Why hasn't Bannon been arrested yet? It's been a week.

Booster me up too!

Wendy's twitter changes name to Meat

Nuclear profits sustain Bulgaria in gas crisis

Trump Plans Monday Tele-Rally for Youngkin

Louie Gohmert LASHES OUT After Bombshell Report

The state of Oklahoma just killed a man for the first time in seven years -- and it was ugly.

Inequality of the Economy: Interviewing Secretary Yellen The Problem With Jon Stewart

Wall Street Journal criticized for Trump letter pushing election lie

David Perdue is considering a primary challenge against Brian Kemp

Background check reports and public records on property taxes / benefits question

We've known about climate change longer than you think

No charges for Wyoming librarians over sex ed, LGBTQ books

Author responds to woman ranting about "Anal Sex" in front of a school board:

Republicans Suddenly Worried That Embracing Conspiracy Theories Could Cost Them - Ring of Fire

Metamucil changes its name to Facebookmucil

Oil giants deny spreading climate disinformation as they face Dem heat on Capitol Hill - PBS NewsHour

Rep. Katie Porter Grills Big Oil Execs

I am sick of this

Exxon CEO says he had calls with lawmakers on reconciliation bill

Rashida Tlaib TEARS Into Chevron Oil CEO Over Money Owed & Steve Donziger

A look at the environment in near earth orbit

Resolving the "muddle in the middle": The case for Homo bodoensis, a new species name

I was just browsing a web site...

Democrats Abandon Infrastructure Vote Again

Got my new computer built and running!

Rep. Schiff on CNN: The Select Committee Remains Determined To Get Answers

I am sorry DU, but G'damned both Sinema and Manchin!!

Secret: Drive to You

I will eschew early voting, and vote on November 2nd in Virginia.

It started raining but I still had a bunch of trick or treaters

Why Not A Different 50th Senate Vote?

The new US travel rules exclude recipients of two popular vaccines

Biden admin may pay millions to migrant families separated at border under Trump

Federal Judge Blasts Prosecutors for Going Easy on Capitol Rioters

House select committee considers holding Trump chief of staff Meadows in contempt

Imagine If There Were Two Moderate Republicans

Unions, school bus company, trade blame in Las Cruces strike

Unions, school bus company, trade blame in Las Cruces strike

Incredible Places to See in the U.S.A. ( short list,) Please Add Your Own..(as many as you like)

You know how they tell you to climb a tree if a bear is coming at you-----

NAACP calls on athletes not to sign with Texas teams due to recent legislation

Low-Income Americans to Congress: 'I Am the Cost of Cutting Build Back Better'