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DNC Chair: Dems Fight While GOP Tries To 'Gum Up The Works' On The Sidelines - Deadline - MSNBC

Thursday Good Mood Bossa Nova & Jazz Livestreamimg

Following the absolutely crazy church cult killing in Jamaica

Seriously, come dance to The Knocks. You gotta trust me on this one.

MAGA In Sheep's Clothing? Trumped-Up Virginia Candidate Exposed While Eluding Trump On Trail - MSNBC

'She was just doing her job': Homeless vet loses service dog during arrest for panhandling

Fux Noise food fight

Go Pack. This is a biggie!💚💛💚💛❤️

Bridge collapse kills father of 5 children

"Chiquito Malo," Colombia's alleged new paramilitary chief

The shortlist of names for Washington's new hybrid electric ferry is out. Here are the finalists

Snoqualmie River at flood phase 2 as heavy rain drenches Western Washington

Bellingham hospital reports treating near-record number of COVID-related patients again

Don't quote me on this but....the VA-GOV race will be close.

Who should I trust: President Biden or you?

There is a Fox News poll going around showing a significant lead for Youngkin among likely voters

I am getting so very weary. We have the WH, the Senate and Reps. It is GD time

I chatted with my political funding friends in NYC today...

the legislature approved redistricting maps #2

The Defamation Suits That Could Help Put an End to Trump's Big Lie

Violence against Brazil's indigenous people rose last year, report finds

Tweet with 45-second video of all of Biden's confirmed judges through October 28 2021:

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread

Climate Prioritized In Build Back Better - Zerlina. - MSNBC

What apps wont work with Windows 11?

Okay, I'm weird for noticing... But, Rachel Maddow is askew...

Mexico to give papers to children, pregnant women in migrant caravan

Question for criminal defense attorney...can ANYONE claim self defense as their defense?

There is an age old term for what Facebook did. It's called 'putting lipstick on a pig'

Climate Change Became the Largest Part of Biden Spending Bill

That's about right. Unfortunately.

Mark McCloskey is for forced birth for young rape victims.

Rachel is on aisle Biden clean up

10-day application period for L.A.'s guaranteed income program begins Friday

Okay, Duer's I have a problem that I need someone's input on. The problem is with the "THING"

Just so we are clear. The chief executive of ExxonMobil, Darren Woods, was accused of lying to

Elon Musk to Congress: Drop the billionaire tax. It will only mess with 'my plan to get to Mars'

Rising U.S Oil Stockpiles Send Oil Prices Tumbling

Pennsylvania AG Warns 'We've Got A Lot To Do To Protect Our Democracy' - Deadline - MSNBC

Denver airport security officers to go on strike Nov. 2

Sanders says the White House's $1.75 trillion Build Back Better framework is 'by far the most signif

TFG criticized Mark Zuckerberg, saying the $400 million he donated to help local election offices

New environment minister faces questions about past activism, scaling Toronto's CN Tower in 2001

AOC Gets Exxon CEO To Admit Sabotaging Climate Change Provisions In Build Back Better

Republicans Are Losing Their Minds Because the DOJ Wants to Help Protect Threatened School Officials

Everyday I hate them a little more. They are passing bills to limit the authority of public health

Jayapal implies that House WILL vote on BIF and BBB BEFORE the Senate votes on BBB

Airline Union Leaders Applaud Illinois Legislature for Supporting Aviation, Worker Sick Leave

Tweet of the Night:

Richard Ojeda SLAMS Josh Hawley For TREASON

U.S. lawmaker to issue subpoenas to oil firms for documents on climate

Seth Meyers - Biden Attacks Trump at Rally in Virginia - Monologue 10/27/21

Critical Race Card

Dems punt House infrastructure vote in blow to Biden agenda

Ted Cruz Gets HUMILATED By Justice Department

Well! It is a great night after all and the GOPers can eat sh_t!

Tweet of the Late Night:

Seth Meyers: Guest Norman Lear on Being Called the No. 1 Enemy of the American Family


Part 3 of the "Eastman is a traitor" videos

Oil executive patronizes Katie Porter at hearing. He INSTANTLY regrets it - Brian Tyler Cohen

A Texas lawmaker is targeting 850 books that he says could make students feel uneasy

Chris Hayes: We Have A Build Back Better Deal. Now Let's Remember How We Got Here - All In - MSNBC

Manchin and Sinema are loyal Democrats. Time to make them prove it.

DA Not Taking Criminal Charges Off the Table in Alec Baldwin Shooting Incident; A Review of NM Law

tom cotton and teddy cancun cruz are the new Beavis and Buttheadcheck this out

Rep. Swalwell: New Tucker Carlson Documentary On Jan. 6 'A Tribute Video For The Terrorists' ReidOut

Chicago passes budget with one of country's largest universal basic income programs

Tucker Carlson Just Took His Propaganda To New DANGEROUS Levels - The Damage Report

Report: Charlottesville Defendant Watched Tucker Carlson To Prep For Trial - All In - MSNBC

Okay.....this is my new favorite Room Rater Tweet

* Annapolis and Old Town forecast to have most severe coastal flooding

Donald Trump is Planning to FLEE the United States

If the Earth were the Titanic and the Iceberg was CO2 levels...

It isn't possible to be more anti death penalty than me . . . . . until now.

Will Progressives TANK Corporate Democratic Plot? - (John Iadarola and Trae Crowder)

De Blasio & Romney's Halloween Fails, Trump's Election Fraud Grumbles & Last Minute Costume Ideas!

'Dinosaur invades UN climate change campaign'

This new delay is not on the progressives or Biden at all, it is all on Manchin and Sinema.

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, October 29, 2021

Critical race card (The Lincoln Project)

WOOHOOO Packers!

Predictit is bullish on McCauliffe.

Run To You - Bryan Adams - Somebody

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - USA 2003

Olay, what's with the Uber Eats commercial with Elton John

Creative Halloween Yard Display

Rupert's culpability

Voting machine missing after Michigan clerk stripped of election power

Gun Guy Mark McCloskey Wants to Ban Abortions Even in Cases of Incestuous Rape

tRump team selling "Let's go Brandon" tshirts for 45$

Fossil Fuel companies are sitting on 13.9 million acres of our federal land they aren't even using

Why I am the cynic I am today

AG's office: Former Hazel Park treasurer charged with embezzlement, misconduct in office

Misinformed horse uses COVID-19 vaccine to treat worm infestation

Came across a Cosplayer's videos on youtube. Yvonne Williams.

I had a house full of tradesmen today.

Texas School Censors All Of 'Huck Finn' Except The N-Words

and Oh my, Arizona is no longer undefeated.......😂 🤣 😂. The GREEN BAY PACKERS just kicked their arse

ADA complaint: Detroit voters with disabilities barred from accessing election info on city website

If I believed all the gloom and doom of the pleas for money

Virginia Republican impersonated a federal judge to harass and intimidate his own employees.

Rep. Cuellar urges Biden administration to prepare for next caravan to cross into US

Rep. Cuellar urges Biden administration to prepare for next caravan to cross into US

The Last of The Mohicans TURNS METAL

Torpedo Factory plans could include cafe, maker-space, and 'gloryholes'

Bernie Sanders riles up Rutgers crowd as he stumps for Murphy in N.J. governor's race

from Calvert County

Duane Allman

Before Ring

You're not going to amount to jack squat becuase you are going to be living in a van down by the...

For First Time in Public, a Detainee Describes Torture at C.I.A. Black Sites

Mike Luckovich-Handmaiden and Handmister

A former professor files free speech lawsuit against Collin College over tweets about Mike Pence

The president's plan is imperfect, but a big step forward for the country

Texas A&M students sue fraternity for hazing after experiencing alleged severe burns

Around 5 percent of unvaccinated adults quit their jobs over Covid vaccine mandates, survey shows

Anti-Defamation League head writes to Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch about Tucker Carlson

I only coined the name "Cessbook" this past week, and now the company is changing its name.

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Psalm 145, ESV

50-year-old female character was described as having a 'wizened face' in script

Illinois redistricting puts incumbents Chuy Garcia and Marie Newman in the same district.

Secretaries Of State Among Officials Getting Threats From Crazed Trump Cultists

Seth Meyers - Biden Says His Presidency Is At Stake As Democrats Scramble For A Deal: A Closer Look

Democrats Say They Have Votes To Pass Biden Bills Despite Vote Delay

Remember when ...

Austin man killed by police after city's attempt to cut his grass leads to standoff, house fire

They're Coming to take me away

Facebook Joins List Of Infamous Companies Hiding Behind A Name Change - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

If low-info, low IQ voters ...

Addams Family auditions - Carolyn Jones (image 4) got the job

Cosmopolitan: Thousands of People Are Trying to Leave QAnon, but Getting Out Is Almost Impossible

J Balvin apologizes after music video depicted him walking Black women on leashes

Get to work Manchin and get your state vaccinated!! ONLY 41% of WV is covid vaccinated!!

Teen admits killing girl and her parents after he was caught in her bedroom

Rep. Jayapal Sees Finish Line In Tandem Infrastructure Bill Process - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Republican Senator In Hot Water Over Sketchy Trades Despite Free Pass From Trump DOJ - TRMS

Biden announces framework for Build Back Better Act. Now lawmakers have to finalize the details. CBS

Saw a very interesting film on Netflix earlier in the evening:

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/28/21

Wife brought to the hospital in ambulance. No beds available so she was released to my care

Texas GOP Belongs to Donald Trump

Ex-USBP agent guilty of sexually assaulting migrant while on duty

Buc-ee's sues Houston-area man for opening 'Buky's' convenience stores

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 22 - 29 October (2021)

From The BBC: Africa's week in pictures: 22-28 October 2021

Well, this is some good news...

538's average now shows VA governor race tied

Breakfast Friday 29 October 2021

Metastatic cancer worried people will start associating it with Facebook

CBC*: Your North: Best reader photos for the week of Oct. 17 (2021)

Biden's Schedule for Friday, October 29, 2021

NAACP Urges Pro Athletes to Avoid Deals With Texas Teams Over New State Laws

Joyce Vance: Democracy is dying a slow death in America. At least we have the filibuster!

How Both the Company and Employee Benefit From Higher Pay

Friday TOONs - Letter To The Editor

Feds bail out Texas after years of insolvent-level unemployment taxing

Global Chip Shortage 'Is Far From Over' as Wait Times Get Longer

Here's what's in the $1.75 trillion economic plan

'Let It Be Special Edition' by the Beatles Review: Burnishing an Album's Tarnished Image

Hospital Prices Are Arbitrary. Just Look at the Kingsburys' $100,000 Bill.

The Senate is broken plain and simple

Madoc is a big fan of the Djuma Dam Cam live feed, out of South Africa

You're all invited!

Any heating and cooling experrs out there

NOAA - 57th Straight Week With At Least 40% Of Lower 48 States In Drought

I heard on CNN we lost Virginia

Third Point Hedge Fund Has Big Shell Stake, Urges Energy Giant to Break Up

SERIOUS flooding on the Northern neck and middle peninsula today.

Covid-19 Cases in Meat Plants Were Much Higher Than Previously Known, Report Says

Today in history: Stock Market Crash

None So Blind - Middle East Temps Rising At 2X Global Rate, But No Matter What, The Oil Must Flow

Fully vaccinated rates for ages 65 and over: Florida at 92%; RI, ME and VT at 99.9%; WV 74.8%

Shocking! China's Plans For "Net-Zero" By 2060 Have Left Scientists And Analysts Unimpressed

Steel Companies See Hot Market Extending Into 2022

American Airlines employees protest vaccine mandate outside company headquarters

American Airlines employees protest vaccine mandate outside company headquarters

Canada's Official Figures Underestimate Carbon Impact Of Boreal Forest Logging By 80 Megatons

White House Communications Director, Kate Bedingfield is awesome.

Two most powerful Catholics meet

If You Live In Virginia, And Haven't Voted Yet, Please Do!!!

This morning, Scooter allowed some prolonged petting and even a few scritches!

Early vote today and Saturday in Virginia

Boris Johnson Calls Australia's Climate Proposal "Heroic", Which Is All You Need To Know

Peace Train

Alone Again - Gilbert O'Sullivan

A White House official says the engagement between the two was very warm when the delegation arrived

Angus King

'We watched our house get destroyed': One story of life with extreme weather

FedCt consent order in which USPS agrees to prioritize processing&delivering of ALL absentee ballots

Yay, the Covid pandemic is over.

The Rundown: October 29, 2021

October 29, 1966

The origin of Super Villians: Grayven

What we know about new criminal complaint against Andrew Cuomo (CNN)

After 30 Years of Breeding Condors, a Secret Comes Out

Someone looks very relaxed

Dozens of Traumatized Afghan Kids Struggle Inside a Shelter That's Ill-Equipped to Care for Them

Meatloaf in a silicone loaf pan - Advice?

Revealed: The real reason the supply chain is interrupted.

Virginia AG presses GOP senator for proof of claims of fraud in statewide elections

230 guns stolen in St Pete FL this year


Good morning. Don't confuse legislative sausage-making with substantive impact.

Bauhaus Bela Lugosi's Dead

Sooner is better than later, but best is better than sooner. I can wait a couple of weeks if need be

Neal Hefti was born on this date.

Ex-Fox News Reporter Warns Tucker Carlson's Jan. 6 Series Is Intended To Do 1 Thing

Linwood Holton Jr., 1st GOP Va. governor of 20th century, dies

Pope Urges "Radical" Action On Climate Change

John "Zoot" Sims was born on this date.

So, if Hannah Gutierrez Reed did not put the bullet in the prop gun, how

Biden's Hidden Win

Peter Green was born on this date.

We can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good

Woman Rescues Feral Kittens From An Abandoned Mansion

Omar Williams appointed as a federal judge!

San Diego Padres hire Bob Melvin as new manager

I would like a large pizza with mushrooms.

What will emerge from the prison cells of the insurrectionist??

Meta: Facebook's new name ridiculed by Hebrew speakers

The most brilliant bookshops in the world

Pic Of The Moment: Meet Four Top Republican Candidates For 2022!

When did Dems last use the filibuster to block a Republican bill or nomination?

New York pension fund joins exit from Unilever over Israel restrictions

rigggghhhhhhhttttt !

Anyone from a highly vaccinated place have local efficacy #s?

President Biden joins federal, state and local officials to break ground on Portal North Bridge

New Mexico police chief investigated for hidden camera in office vent

Bolivia: fate of 11-year-old girl raped by family member sparks abortion debate

Bolivia: fate of 11-year-old girl raped by family member sparks abortion debate

I hope this doesn't mean Madoc has a gambling problem

See what happened inside the Vatican during Biden meeting (CNN)

(Toon) Never Forget

A PSA on extinction told by an expert on it

An On-Brand Biden Moment

Totally On Brand: President Biden to Pope Francis as he departed their meeting: "God love ya!"

Call me when Manchin & Sinema PUBLICLY support ANY form of the Build Back Better bill

GOTV In Virginia!

Glacier National Park web cam.

Adam Kinzinger, outspoken GOP Trump critic, won't seek reelection for US House seat

Kinzinger to retire - breaking

I'm having a crazy thought here on the Senate vote

In Virginia, USPS agrees to prioritize election mail

The Lincoln Project- The Southern Strategy has come to Virginia.

Saudi Arabia: Is the US finally turning on Mohammed bin Salman?

The Lincoln Project- The Southern Strategy has come to Virginia.

Cat practicing for Halloween scare...

As Progressives fight to get the BBB plan passed one of the obstacles

A proposal for a GOP nickname

Nazi flag along Nickel Plate Trail draws anger from riders, officials

House progressives endorse Biden's pared-back spending framework, likely making passage 'when, not i

Boise mall shooter was a far-right gun-rights extremist who stalked local antifascists at rally

NYC employees vaccination rates

All dog costumes should have fake arms...

Virginia governor's race a toss-up as Election Day nears, Post-Schar School poll finds

Patriotic Millionaires Blast Elon Musk for Billionaires Income Tax Comments

Contempt of Congress!

In Virginia, USPS agrees to prioritize election mail

Jumaane Williams Runs for One Office With an Eye on Another (NY-GOV)

If there was a vaccine mandate to get into heaven,

Judge Says GOP Congressman Can't Be Left Alone With Evidence

Wages jump by the most on records dating back 20 years

Kyle Griffin: Neil Cavuto is now facing death threats after he urged Fox viewers to get vaccinated

Sultan: When history is banned from schools

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- October 29 2021

There will be huge news today

OMG - This is priceless.

So, Some Say the DOJ Isn't Prosecuting Any of the January 6 Capitol Breach Cases.

At Least 8 Republicans Who Participated In Jan. 6 Are Running For Office Next Week

SpaceX Under Fire After Autonomous Rocket Hits Pedestrian

Rep. Steve Cohen shares his history of having polio as a child.

Commentary: California should create more water -- much more

Trump set to make new bundle of cash from Saudi-backed pro golf league

Steve Bannon publicly bragged about his behind-the-scenes efforts organizing the insurrection

48 hours since my Pfizer booster

Planning a move

Dems dropping 199A reform is a continuation of multi-hundred million dollar windfall for Michael

All I hear or see on TV, the news, and even this site is how Manchin

In Orange County, Another Asian American Public Official Fends Off Xenophobia, Racism

Democrats Consider Tax Cuts for Many High Earners in New York, New Jersey and California

Biden says pope called him a good Catholic and said he should keep receiving Communion

Good Day DU (October 29, 2021)

3691 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 63 deaths

Biden: Pope told him he should 'keep receiving Communion'

Longer term it should work

Good Neigbor? Not So Much

Macron looks more relaxed and enthusiastic than when he met trump.

North Dakota Human Rights Film Festival Celebrates the Women of Standing Rock

'Wildcat' Review: Go West, Young Lady

"We are Americans Just Like you!"

"We are Americans Just Like you!"

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger Announces He Won't Seek Re-Election In 2022 (CNN)

Judge Beryl Howell Gives Voice to Our Frustration Regarding DOJ's Handling of Insurrection Cases

Welcoming Kinna's Second Baby, Kaia

Trump's Truth App Gets Demand To Stop Violating Software License

The Lincoln Project- The Southern Strategy has come to Virginia.

Trump's real-estate empire pays the price for poisonous politics: Yahoo finance

UC Santa Barbara planned a dorm for 4,500 students with few windows and only 2 exits

Meta: Facebook's new name ridiculed by Hebrew speakers

Florida is short 5,000 teachers. Who knew that paying them poorly, blaming them for everything,

Neo-Nazism Is On The Rise In Texas And Greg Abbott's Silence Speaks Volumes

Neo-Nazism Is On The Rise In Texas And Greg Abbott's Silence Speaks Volumes

An Ex-Staffer to Georgia's Lt. Gov. Just Got Charged With Impersonating Him

Polio-free in the Americas for 30 Years

Brazil's Supreme Court Decides that Racial Insult Is A Crime that Is Equivalent to Racism

On this day in 1952, this was the number one country song in the US of A:

U.S. in Talks to Pay Hundreds of Millions to Families Separated at Border

Bryan Adams - Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? Spain

The 'Crying Nazi' Dropped the N-Word During a White Nationalist Trial

!2 California condor chicks have hatched from unfertilized eggs!

Two more reasons to shop on Amazon.

Biden meets Pope, tells him he's the "most significant warrior of peace" he's ever met

Biden administration issues new memo ending Trump 'Remain in Mexico' policy

tylenol or ibuprofin after covid booster?

Peru defends 'paper park' that allows industrial fishing

Today is National Cat Day.

Biden calls handling of defense deal that upset France 'clumsy'

Jenny O'Connor, Playing The Gael, "The Last of the Mohicans" - Amazing

Report: COVID-19 Infections and Deaths Among Meatpacking Workers Nearly Three Times Higher Than Prev

Virginia AG presses GOP senator for proof of claims of fraud in statewide elections

Bipartisan Group of Former Lawmakers Files Brief Against Trump's Claim of Executive Privilege

Sanding belts

The S.F. Bay Area is about to enter a La Nina winter. Here's what to expect

Grin and bear 'em for halloween

Biden again rescinds Remain in Mexico amid legal battle

Garland rule on Bannon yet?

The scene in Annapolis as high tide approaches (noon Friday)

How does Biden's latest plan to tax the super-rich work? 'It's more straight forward'

Heard Today. LOL.

I am in a discussion w my brother and need help

Puppy pandas!

TFG media deal partner advisers were reprimanded by the SEC

Guatemalan Police Raids Human Rights Defenders' Places

Mark Zuckerberg Changes Name to Mother Teresa

Prince Turned Down President Barack Obama's Party - The Graham Norton Show

Gull in flight

Xiomara Castro Leads Polls in Honduran Presidential Election

American Airlines' CEO says unruly behavior on planes 'has to stop' after a man was accused of

Israel's oral COVID vaccine gets greenlight for trial in South Africa

Georgia's Fulton County Heading Back to Polls as Election Officials Face State Takeover

Sea foam and clouds

Reason #346 why I hate politcs (and not a word about Sinema)...

Medicare punishes nearly 2,500 hospitals for high patient readmission rates

Getting dental coverage added to Medicare faces pushback from some dentists

How do I talk to a human???? SS just sent me a letter - to my address to tell

southern MD. Chance of rain 100%!!!

'Chance' of rain 100%!!!

Down by the old mill stream ....

Inslee could appoint Democrat to replace Washington Secretary of State

Dealing with non-stop talkers?

Whistleblower Rebekah Jones officially files to run for Congress

teacher rapping Dr. Seuss while a student is beat-boxing

Reputed Honduran drug lord extradited to Miami on cocaine smuggling charges

Letitia James Declares Her Candidacy for N.Y. Governor

Woman Changes The Life Of Every Dog She Meets

Being vaccinated offers better protection than being infected: CDC study

Whistleblower Rebekah Jones officially files to run for Congress

I'm shocked that one of the main proponents of the bullshit anti-choice law in TX is a

Today at 2:30: DNC briefing on Build Back Better framework w VP Harris

City launches 16M Seattle Relief Fund: Who qualifies, and how to apply

Prisoner gives a Guantanamo court the first account of CIA abuse

Indigenous Leaders in Nicaragua Speak Out Against Western Media and NGOs

Biden, Macron meet ahead of G-20 in Rome: What to watch for at the summit

Are these ancient ruins in Honduras the legendary 'White City'?

Are these ancient ruins in Honduras the legendary 'White City'?

Need still high for rental assistance in South King County as eviction moratorium bridge expires

Animal Cruelty

Mexican Journalist Is Shot To Death In Chiapas

Jovita Moore lost her battle with brain cancer

They were turning a publicly owned bridge in WA into shingles. Until they got busted

U.S. in Talks to Pay Hundreds of Millions to Families Separated at Border

"America's Food Safety System Failed to Stop a Salmonella Epidemic. It's Still Making People Sick."

Pope sends Deepavali greetings to Hindus

Notice the difference?

the GOP are OPENLY nazis and yet Dems are LOSING the messaging war! This is one of the reasons:

Queen Elizabeth Urged by Doctors to Rest at Least 2 Weeks.

COVID's endgame: Scientists have a clue about where SARS-CoV-2 is headed

Judge applies 'terrorism enhancement,' sentences two Neo-Nazi group members to 9 years

Officer accused of obstructing Jan. 6 investigation resigns from Capitol Police force

Storm causes roads to flood as Seattle breaks rain record

Officer accused of obstructing Jan. 6 investigation resigns from Capitol Police force

Getting dental coverage added to Medicare faces pushback from some dentists

German Shepherd dogs are busy arguing over a ball, and the puppy comes in a steals it...

Iowa passes bill allowing unemployment for workers fired over vaccine mandates

'Witches are icons': Americans embrace their family ties to Salem trial victims

Iowa passes bill allowing unemployment for workers fired over vaccine mandates

Influencer Allegedly Broke Mum Out Of Prison Using A Rope And Motorcycle

Harris Aides See Messy Primary If Biden Steps Aside

First responder unions resist COVID-19 mandates for front line workers

The Calvert County Department of Public Safety announces an evacuation center

New Orleans shoeshine man wins legal battle over $30K seized by DEA agents

Kim Jong Un, 37, is noticeably thinner. A South Korean spy agency says he's healthy.

She Tried To Report Sexual Harassment in Jail. After Her Suicide, the Guard Was Convicted of ...

Letitia James campaign announcement (NY-GOV)

Hoosier Democrats reaching out to small town voters on statewide tour

Judge orders Fortenberry (R-NE) not to be left alone with evidence

Safe on my little peninsula, southern MD.

Mitt Romney dresses up as Ted Lasso, has 'biscuits with the boss' with Kyrsten Sinema

Italian translator: Trump vs. Biden

Watched "Four Hours at the Capitol" this morning

Iowa lawmakers pass vaccine mandate exemption bill

DeSantis blasts corporate 'wokeness' in talk with business leaders

Hey Minneapolitans! Curious about your votes on the ballot questions.

'I fear we are failing': Some young people question adults' behavior during pandemic

The Pandemic Is Still Going On--And Immunocompromised People Need You to Keep Caring

Cartoons 10/29/2021

After this storm passes, it will be a good time for leaf peeping in the DMV!

Embroidery Detail

Anti-vax/mask NY real estate agent harasses kids and parents

I really hate the media

A Possible "Functional Cure" for HIV Will Soon Begin Human Trials

For First Time in Public, a Detainee Describes Torture at C.I.A. Black Sites

No virtue among those who would overthrow government

On this day, October 29, 1945, Mick Gallagher, of Ian Dury & The Blockheads, was born.

FDA authorizes Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for children 5 to 11

Nearly 90% of Washington public school employees got the jab

American flags set afire outside homes in Arlington, Va

In close vote, Lynnwood council plans to end $40 car-tab fee

Want to hear something really radical?

New Capitol Police document shows how unprepared they were for Jan. 6 riots

Nobody remembers Beethoven for his piano skill.

attack one of "worst in airline's history". she bumped his seat, he punched her face

EXPLAINER: What is the metaverse and how will it work?

Mark Levin: 'McAuliffe Is Preparing To Try And Steal The Election'

Tampa Bay Young Republicans celebrate 'intoxicating' masculinity

She was fired over speaking up on Covid-19. Now, she's coming for Matt Gaetz's job 392,867 viewsOct

Medicaid issues, not Medicare's, get fixes in Biden budget

Glenn Youngkin - Wolf in Fleece Clothing

G20 leaders to confront energy prices, other economic woes

GOP senators erupt at Garland in heated hearing. Cooper says they misrepresent the facts

Brad Raffensperger Says GOP Lawmakers Lack 'Moral Courage' On The Big Lie

Heavy rain and coastal flooding continues Friday afternoon.

QAnon influencer who accused Democrats of being pedophiles turns out to be a convicted child moleste

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 29, 2021

Separated at border: negotiations to pay out minimum $900,000 per family. Repubs weighing in

Remains found in desert identified as missing 30-year-old

White Supremacists Used Racist Slurs & Cursed In Bizarre Opening Statements For The Charlottesville

GOP Efforts to Ban Toni Morrison's "Beloved" Now at Center of Virginia Governor's Race

GOP Cowards Are the Real Problem

With latest payout, Joe Arpaio has cost taxpayers $100M

Republicans Ready Trump Playbook for Virginia

Had my booster two days ago. Yesterday I felt like I'd been run over by a

Spicey Sean Rips Joe Biden For Something Donald Trump Did Many, Many Times

Harris Aides See Messy Primary If Biden Steps Aside

MTG bought Trump SPAC shares

Asian spider takes hold in Georgia, sends humans scurrying

An On-Brand Biden Moment

'Coup Memo' Attorney Now Blames Mike Pence For Not Tossing Out Election

Senate confirmed Matthew Graves as new US Attorney for District of Columbia

Come Out Ye' Black and Tans - Irish Descendants

Mom banned as Orange elementary school volunteer after anonymous letter reveals OnlyFans page

It truly made me tear up today

So, if this Tucker Carlson "documentary" goes forward on Monday November 1st...

Joanne - Michael Nesmith

Trump Empire Taken Down By Golf?!

Now, from the conjunto capital of the world, the Netherlands, here are Dwayne and Geert Verheyden:

I qualify for a booster shot because I'm FAT.

Can I get schools to ban Othello?

California virus cases stop falling, governor urges caution

Citizens beware

Cat Cosmo

Long-time roadie for KISS has died of Covid-19; crew blames lax safety protocols

Queen Elizabeth II, 95, is advised to rest for 2 weeks

The weirdest thing just happened to me.

If anyone asks, i was here the whole time (Twitter)

Mayorkas issues memo repealing Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' policy

Albany sheriff promises 'overwhelming amount of evidence' against Cuomo

U.S. hits Iran with sanctions ahead of key nuke talks meeting

Blow up the moon

US Intelligence community releases full declassified report that does not determine origin of Covid

How Much Elon Musk & Jeff Bezos Saved After Joe Manchin Scuttled Democrats' Billionaire Proposal

The skies are giving us a Halloween treat- an aurora borealis may spread

Sheriff Says He Charged Cuomo Without Coordinating With Albany D.A.

atmospheric rivers .

As the world prepares for #COP26, we're demanding real action from our leaders

Boise mall shooter was a far-right gun rights extremist who stalked local antifascists at rally

U.S. Marine Corps reserve officer has been arrested in connection with the Capitol attack.

Firefighters Suspended for Threatening Sen. Myrie Staff Over Vaccine Mandate, FDNY Says

Supreme Court Will Consider Curbing EPA Climate Change Power

The puppy is surprised by the thunder

Elk Freed From Tire Stuck Around Its Neck for Years

The Hypocrisy of Bailouts The Problem With The Economy The Problem With Jon Stewart Apple TV+

neighbor shot kid because he was angry about bikes left on sidewalk in front of home.

Supreme Court Won't Block Maine's Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

The Lincoln Project has confirmed it was behind the image with tiki torches at today's rally for You

Driving home,

The constitutional argument for unseating lawmakers accused of working with January 6th planners-CBS

No couch will be safe in EL tomorrow!

No couch will be safe in EL tomorrow!

A Flowchart for Choosing Your Religion 😆😄

Virginia official apologizes for posting blackface photo

10-25-2021 Donner Pass, Ca feet of snow lead to travel nightmares on I-80- power outages

If you have indoor cats, you need this!

Have you heard of any areas in the United States where

Frau & Mann

Showers on my head when shooting; 'showers' forecast to end by 8 p.m.

Today I taught at a school that became a Hot Zone as the day progressed.

This Guy Can't Comprehend What A Global Pandemic Is - Rebel HQ

Part 4 (last part) of John Eastman talking to Lauren Windsor

For Natioinal Cat Day: A History of Felines, as Narrated and Illustrated by a Cat

Lawmaker doc fined for videoconferencing from operating room

No more 'bullpens?' PETA urges MLB to change name, suggests new moniker for warm-up area

This guy said his body was magnetic after being around vaccinated people.

ADL CEO Urges Fox To Cancel 'Inflammatory' Jan. 6 Special - Deadline - MSNBC

Poor lying TFG, now angry that WSJ fact checked him

The Supreme Court will hear arguments over Texas' near-total abortion ban Monday. Here's what you

Edward Gorey's Wonderfully Illustrated Envelopes And Letters

Opinion: The Right's Big Lie About a Sexual Assault in Virginia

So, you, the Facebook user.

Canada to appeal decision to compensate indigenous children harmed by discrimination

Canada to appeal decision to compensate indigenous children harmed by discrimination

Virginia's governor's race remains a dead heat in polls, but Democrats lead in early voting

The Fact That Tr**p & Company & The Repugs & Insurrectionists Are Not Being Held Accountable......

Jim Bob Duggar Announces He's Running for Arkansas State Senate (NOT Borowitz!)

James O'Brien clashes with a pastor who prays for gay people

Made My Booster Appointment For Tomorrow - UPDATE

Antibalas - Gold Rush

ISIS TERROR THREAT: Security is being beefed up at malls and shopping centers across NoVA

Friday night rock and roll for the DU MA peeps

How Covid Vaccine Mandates Could Impact Cases Nationwide - NBC News

To all of the sponsors that go to FOX News for this so called documentary about 1/6

Forests In At Least 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Are Now Carbon Sources, Not Sinks

2 men arrested for using chainsaw to cut wood from bridge, Washington officials say

The Poisonous 'Citizens United' Decision Gave Corporations the Power to Slash and Burn (BBB)

6 excuses for anti-vaxx mentality...

Who Else is Totally Psyched to See The French Dispatch?

Bent Brains Not Penises

Court rules Alabama judge accused of racist, sexist remarks must be removed from office

dire straits - wild west end (studio-1978) one of the most perfect songs ever

Barbed wire songs

"Cynical And Grotesque" Oz Coal Firms Paid To "Restore" Coal Pits After Destroying Rare Habitats

SCOTUS lets State vaccine mandate stand

10-27-2021 Scituate, Ma drone video of massive waves slamming seawall

Former Congress members file brief opposing TFG's attempt to shield Jan. 6 records

A gay student talking about bullying at a Massachusetts school board meeting was shouted over by a w

The Italian Job 1969 720p intro

Firefighters threaten state senator's staff over vaccine mandate while on duty

Joy's Absolute Scariest