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I'm told the $1 trillion infrastructure bill is a give away to the rich

should people living on unfenced corner lots just accept / expect that young people will cut cross?

Biden says he'll 'work like hell' to get infrastructure agenda across finish line

Biden urges public to get vaccinated after acknowledging 700K COVID-19 deaths

Wasserman: Republicans likely to lose at least one California House seat to redistricting

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd holds his typical slow briefing on triple killing in Davenport

Russ Davies ft Inge Beckmann - Zero (The Watch Original Sound Track)

Pelosi Sets Revised Oct. 31 Target to Pass Infrastructure Bill

Senate Democrats dial down the Manchin tension

So I go out on this beautiful day to feed the critters and find a Mt. Lion killed 5 ewes

MAGAt Attorney Lin Wood Tells Silent Crowd That 9/11 Was a Cover-Up Involving CGI and Missiles

Justice family companies offer $300 million, half of Bluestone value to repay Swiss loans

TFG Claims Nobody Has Done More 'for Religion Itself' Than Him

Florida Police Officers taunt handcuffed Bloodied Man, Drinking His Gatorade cuz he filmed them

Nearly 80% of Norway's new car sales are electric

Surprising Murdaugh Murder Development

Honest Government Ad - AUKUS

A lot of the fields around here seem to be growing grain sorghum. Any Ag types know why?

I posted this elsewhere but it needs more exposure

Saturday at the Stately Polack MSgt Manor

'Marvel's Eternals' Star Says the MCU Film Humanizes LGBTQ+ Families

'Marvel's Eternals' Star Says the MCU Film Humanizes LGBTQ+ Families

Senator Yacht & Senator 'Spa Weekend' ... BWAAHAHAHA. Tristan Snell FTW

'Marvel's Eternals' Star Says the MCU Film Humanizes LGBTQ+ Families

Manchin said he would not accept more than 1.5 trillion. Will that be acceptable to pass the bills?

Marching thunder

Ted Cruz Spitefully Delaying Biden Ambassador Nominees Over Russia Pipeline

driver makes up her own reality. rear ends Lambo then "you did that to the front of my car!"

Mayor Lightfoot wants to crack down on moonlighting cops

Amazon Astro Wants To Haunt Your Dog's Dreams

one of the most flawless pop songs ever put on wax ... this remaster sounds incredible

The Other Babyn Yars: Remembering Where Else Ukraine's Jews Were Massacred

First pitcher in MLB to win consecutive Cy Young awards in his first two full seasons.

Question: What draws conservatives to school boards and city council meetings?

Thousands gather at Women's March rallies in D.C., across U.S. to protect Roe v. Wade

Best feature about DU?

Times have changed. Cell phone /cameras makes everyone a reporter/ viewer of crimes by Cops

Mainstream media ex-reporter acknowledged being used by Right-Wing: GOP is a criminal enterprise.

Whistle-Blower to Accuse Facebook of Contributing to Jan. 6 Riot, Memo Says

My man Bobby Weir

Singer/Writer. of ...The Times They Are A Changing...Bob Dylan

More photos from the Pacific Air Show.

Netflix: Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Senate passes short-term highway funding extension

Trump asks judge to force Twitter to restore his account

DOJ Lays Out Cruelty Of Texas Abortion Law In Federal Court Hearing - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Olive and Mabel - co-authors

Just gonna lay this out here...Cam Cole

Bear cub seems to think he's just another pupper:

Girl, 15, dies of Covid on day she was due to get vaccine

Remains of migrant found hanging from a tree 80 miles from border in Texas

Well, for sure I was sure praying we'd survive

We can all take comfort in: "He (TFG) will never have another good day."

Hannity (Parody of "Angie" by The Rolling Stones) - Rocky Mountain Mike

Interesting, Law & Order does GOOD work,


This MNSBC Host, Tiffany Cross dissed Stephanie Grisham's Trump tell-all book. Failing up.

Magpie adds rocks to bottle so he can drink from it:

Streisand - 'Papa Can You Hear Me?'

How many of you had yer young minds destroyed by Eddie Driscoll?

The untold, cute, furry hero of Infinity War and Endgame! OwlKitty

hella precious (partywithray remix)-back to you(zey)(studio-2020) gender non-binary friendly track

Sunday Sundae Baroque: Janitsch, Telemann (mb?), Anna Bon

UPDATE to: "Here's my latest Cell Phone Saga!"

Connecticut Gov. Lamont is preparing the National Guard to replace unvaccinated state workers ahead

Republicans Are Perfectly Fine With Letting Their Voters Die From COVID - Ring of Fire

Looking Back And Pointing Ahead At The Future of Coal Mining in Appalachia

Michael Jackson & backup dancers rehearsing "Thriller" choreography:

So ... my dear Auntie didn't make it, and now it's time to divide up her 6 kittehs ...

This SNL cold opening hits pretty hard to home

Django Unchained (2012) Great Film

My friend's Night-Blooming Cereus bloomed!

Hampton Roads Black congressional caucus endorses Glenn Youngkin for Governor

another saturday night rally by the disease spreaders, every week fewer of them tho

"Lewandowski casually confesses to murder in a private room at a Benihana"

Rep. Gonzalez mulls switching districts as possible uphill battle looms

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will win by a solid to tilt margin.

David Lee Roth is retiring...

Great poster:

Texas man who refused mask arrested for restaurant stabbing

It Goes Around, and Comes Around, and Goes Around Again...

UT Students join Women's March at State Capitol

UT Students join Women's March at State Capitol

Gotye - Someone I Used to Know

Hot Tuna - True Religion

SNL: Biden Unites Democrats Cold Open what are the BEST lines in movie history?

Participants in Tyler march push against new Texas abortion law

Participants in Tyler march push against new Texas abortion law

Disturbed - Sound of Silence

Eddie Van Halen's First Day of School in America

If you enjoy sovereign citizen "traveling" videos, you MUST see this one

Game 162 - Red Sox, Yankees, Blue Jays and Mariners

DIY sparkplug-gasket wedding ring

SNL: School Board Meeting

Michael Cohen Tweet

Rolling Stones - Midnight Rambler - Let it Bleed - 1969

Rick James - Jefferson Ball

New Riders of the Purple Sage - Hello Mary Lou - 1969

Martha & The Vandellas - Keep It Up

Future headline ...

Ohio State tallies over 2,800 instances of abuse by team doc

Chinese Warplanes Fly Toward Taiwan For 2nd Straight Day

Fear of posting: Is this a new thing, toilet paper wound in sections?

The case for All (or mostly all) or nothing

Chic - My Forbidden Lover

Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction HD (Live in Argentina) Subtitulado

I have a bit of an odd affinity for Leo Sayer, I gotta say ...

GOP endorses local far-right candidate who said Pete & Chasten want to be human traffickers

GOP endorses local far-right candidate who said Pete & Chasten want to be human traffickers

Legislature Misses Deadline For New Congressional Map

(Jewish Group) GOP endorses far-right candidate who said Pete & Chasten want to be human traffickers

SNL: Weekend Update

Ohio Supreme Court: Presence of drugs in body doesn't equal possession

'Their tank is empty': Local public health officials combat staff burnout, low pay, harassment

Ever wonder if Zuckerberg is a secret Trumpy?

Rally draws more than 1,000 reproductive rights supporters to Ohio Statehouse

Rally draws more than 1,000 reproductive rights supporters to Ohio Statehouse

Ohio's minimum wage to increase to $9.30 an hour in 2022

SNL: Billionaire Star Trek

More Sundae Baroque by Valentini, Torelli, Locatelli

Ohio University trustees to discuss sale of "surplus" properties

SNL: Funeral Song

Samhain: Spark within the darkness

Bibb and Kelley to Go Head to Head in General Election Debate on October 11

Mandel Foundation Drops $50 Million on Cleveland Orchestra, Severance Hall to be Renamed

People Who've Done Their Own Research Warn of Microchips Found in Ivermectin

SNL: Women's Talk Show

If You Thought Rudy Giuliani Doing CAMEO Birthday Videos For $410 a Pop Is Pathetic, Try...

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Meowna Lisa Edition

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Pat DeWine says he won't recuse himself from redistricting lawsuits

In solidarity with Women's March, NYC activists rail against Texas abortion law

In solidarity with Women's March, NYC activists rail against Texas abortion law

Ohio Hospital Invites Lawmakers to Tour ICU as They Consider COVID Vaccine Mandate Ban Legislation

Federal judge reaffirms his decision upholding St. Elizabeth's COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Chinese warplanes fly toward Taiwan for 2nd straight day

Far-right cryptocurrency follows ideology across borders

Experts predict a paint shortage in the U.S.

Too soon?

The bobcat is back

Steve Bannon Calls For 'Shock Troops' To 'Deconstruct' State As GOP Takes Oval Office

How Michigan State University helped 77 Afghans escape the Taliban

Doonesbury Student Survey: Do you believe in The Big Lie?

The Gen Z Girls Repping the 'Tradwife' Life. A Lifestyle Used to Justify Misogyny & White Supremacy

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, October 3, 2021

From The BBC: The pioneering Scots photographer who captured China

BBC had excellent coverage of the women's marches across the US yesterday

CBC*: Pfizer submits preliminary data to Health Canada for kids' COVID-19 vaccine

The Secret Footage of the N.R.A. Chief's Botched Elephant Hunt

TCU student section spends the entire game chanting F Joe Biden, F UT, and screaming F you to ...

📺 Sunday ThisWeekABC - Senator Sanders

📺 Sunday Meet the Press - Senator Sanders

Facebook warns whistleblower will allege on "60 Minutes" it contributed to Capitol riot

It takes a special kinda special...

A Cold And Dark Place

Just got a text about my vaccination booster appointment, tomorrow

No US media covered the women's march?


09/20: University Of Wyoming Football Attendees Chant "F-- Joe Biden" During Saturday Game

Breakfast Sunday 3 October 2021

Oceanic Feeling

So Cute! "Young Republicans Want GOP To Focus More On Climate, Race And COVID"

So, the folks who tried to prevent a black girl from going to school in 1957 are opposed to...

Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA1, LCV Lifetime Score 4%) Says GOP Want Climate Change Addressed

just out of surgery thursday

Doonesbury - A Letter From The Guvnor

It is all about patriarchal power and control..

Sinema Still Silent As The Doors Swing Shut On Last Opportunity For Large-Scale US Climate Action

Today in history: The NFL Takes Root

Afghans arrived near a small Virginia town, exposing two different versions of America

When Anthony Bourdain Invited Obama to Dinner... in Hanoi

Let me off this planet, there are too many Covidiots acting like spoiled children!

YOu may have missed this very important ruling-A court just confirmed: To be Dutch is to be white

Singing Heads

On this day, October 3, 1951, there was a shot heard 'round the world.

Short vid of the woman's march. Can't seem to embed it but the link works.

🏈 Small school ass whoopins 10/2

A major oil spill off the California coast has caused dead birds, fish and oil to wash up on Hunting

Colombia Has 128 Murders of Social Leaders So Far This Year

Had a really rough time last night.

"Mind Reader" -- Review of Richard Powers' Latest Book

In photos: Mass protests in Brazil demand Bolsonaro's impeachment

Reunited Los Bukis, 'the Beatles of Mexico,' thrill fans in Oakland

Stevie Ray Vaughn was born on this date.

'They don't include Native voices': tribes fight to ensure their votes count

Lindsey Buckingham has a birthday today.


Across the Desk - S4:E12 (OK A.G. 'I have no clue about any of this' O'Connor)

Eddie Cochran was born on this date.

The perfect metaphor to Florida living!

Keb Mo has a birthday today.

Treason Evidence Grows As Trump Plotted Pressure Campaign Against Pence

Sinema portrays herself back home as bipartisan

Former Special Forces soldier and onetime congressional candidate arrested in Capitol riot case

What Does "The Media" Cover and Not Cover, and When? More Than You Think.

Shocking 1966 - Critical Race Theory in Little Orphan Annie

'This whole thing has become politicized': inside Missouri's Covid culture wars

Proud mama

Hillary Clinton Warns US AGAIN: "It's like the frog dropped into the water. It's boiling."

Trial begins for man, 60, accused of raping 12-year-old girl

How Corporations Crush the Working Class Robert Reich

Good Day DU (October 3, 2021)


"My Zoe". A riveting drama starring Julie Delpy

Across the Desk - S4:E12 (OK A.G. 'I have no clue about any of this' O'Connor)

Bomb targets mosque in Kabul, 'a number of civilians' dead

US Concerned By 'Provocative' Chinese Military Action Near Taiwan

It's Delovely - Lester Lanin and his Orchestra

2255 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 3 deaths

Well if this ain't the cutest darn thing ... even the Kitteh likes her!

Kaitlin Bennet - Always the victim and cannot see the irony of her posts

Here's a weird kitten related poop issue

In political spotlight, Supreme Court embarks on extraordinarily controversial term

Abrahm Lustgarten @AbrahmL: As a climate reporter, it's been frustrating to watch the legislative

There's always one goat......

George Bernard Shaw quote:

I wonder if there is an unwritten agreement or professional courtesy that

Noam Chomsky Urges US, India to Engage With Taliban for Afghans' Human Rights

This week's major U.S. economic reports (October 4 - October 8)

Hey- I barely touched the kid

Moose are fast, even in deep snow..

"Adult babies take over a restaurant chanting "We're not leaving." over mask and vaccine mandates."

Fox News showing their great reverence for disabled vets...

Wait for it.

Seriously, What's The Deal With 'Manifest Destiny Jesus'?

Yes, there IS an "i" in TEAM:

Elie Mystal: This Supreme Court Term, Conservatives Have One Aim: Stop Progress

Dear lord

Major pharmacies face first federal trial over role in nation's opioid crisis

"I will NOT get bifocals because they make me look old"

I pushed the limits with the flea coming so the kittens are boycotting my lap

GOP senators wrote Schumer a letter claiming reconciliation bill will 'discourage marriage'

Pivot! From daily coverage of the red state COVID disaster to, no coverage.

Aurora, FedEx team up on driverless tech to address trucker shortage

Hospital workers to get personal panic buttons amid spike in assaults

"They want government control of your kids," and infrastructure bills will close churches.

Bernie Sanders says spending bill's $3.5 trillion price tag likely to be lowered

What Fiction are you reading this week, October 3, 2021?

Dead birds and fish wash ashore as 126,000-gallon oil spill reaches Southern California coast

Noon tweet from Michele Obama. Happy anniversary, guys!

Arizona's Tuzigoot National Monument: Ancient Legacy of the Sinagua People

Biden Signs U.S. Highway Programs Extension Act Into Law

2021 Horse Racing - 2021 Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe

West Virginia governor: 'No chance' of vaccine mandate for students

This is How Many People Are Refusing the COVID-19 Vaccine in Washington

TFG went all-out to win farmer support. Now they're all in on Biden's infrastructure plan

Sarah Huckabee Sanders raises $9.1m for Arkansas governor's race

Trump Republicans Have Found A New Authoritarian To Love In Hungary's Orban

TFG's candidate for Arizona governor says she would not have certified the 2020 election results

Bannon fires up 'shock troops' for next GOP White House

For those who doubted for a moment... Laurence Tribe on TFG's suit to restore Twitter "rights"

Booker 'more than confident' work toward police reform will continue

Reproductive rights marches, rallies held across western Washington

Russia hits record number of daily COVID-19 deaths

Pres. Commission on SCOTUS' power & proposals to add seats due to report to Pres. Biden next month

Bellingham changes limits for tiny home shelter encampments

Journalism has 'comforted the comfortable' for too long now

I just sent off a foster kitten

Is the Coronavirus Getting Better at Airborne Transmission?

Just watched a youtube video about smallpox How can any older person not take covid seriously?

"Slept in my [insert band or solo artist] T-shirt and woke up...

"Thank Your for Wearing Your Mask."

False Prophet (Bob Dylan)

'Every Day Is Frightening': Working For Walmart Amid Covid

Pandora papers: biggest ever leak of offshore data exposes financial secrets of rich and powerful

Cartoons 10/3/2021

Viewpoints: Why are school board meetings now war zones?

CDC Releases School Mask Mandate Study

The Detroit Lions were looking better this season. Today they're back to the hapless Lions so far...

Can you imagine if Trump gets his Twitter account re-instated?

How to disrupt America's history of rebranding misinformation as 'science'

Tom Brady posts video ahead of highly-anticipated game against Belichick and the Pats tonight

Susan Collins called the Texas abortion ban 'inhumane' and said she's working on a bipartisan bill

Steve Bannon is fomenting a far-right power grab

Man arrested in Utah football player's shooting death

UAW, John Deere announce tentative six-year labor agreement, subject to worker vote

It's been two months since I took in the kittens. How they have grown

$2 trillion social spending bill price tag is 'not enough': Senator Sanders - ABC News

Democrats see political peril in replacing Minneapolis PD

$2 trillion social spending bill price tag is 'not enough': Senator Sanders - ABC News

Auto Workers to Vote on Direct Elections for Officers

I am ripshit mad.

MTP Sanders: Resolution of Democratic Negotiations 'Not Going To Happen Overnight'

MTP Sanders: Resolution of Democratic Negotiations 'Not Going To Happen Overnight'

Michigan redistricting panel getting closer on maps; they still favor GOP

With unemployment benefits cut off in many states, Americans returned to work. Right?

Pressure is growing on Biden to lift Trump's tariffs as supply chain problems worsen

Demonstrators in Mexico City clash with police

Australian nurse begging people to get vaccinated before it's too late

Velshi: We Can't Ignore Latino History Simply Because It Makes America Look Bad

Virus surge hits New England despite high vaccination rates

Note to the patriarchy: pissing off cranky old women is not wise. Some of us have

Plane crashes into building near Milan; all 8 aboard die

Wanna know who the people are in the Pandora Papers?

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 3, 2021

The Pandora Papers: biggest leak of offshore data exposes financial secrets of rich & powerful

Washington Post Reporter Cruelly Mocks Biden Visit To Son's Grave

Which Side Are You On

Harvard Professor to Discuss American Democracy in Online UW Program Oct. 5

Weekly Ludi #26

Police, prisoners wounded in fresh clash at riot-hit Ecuador prison

(Jewish Group) 'That's just insane': Tucker Carlson resents ADL's response to 'Replacement' theory

Fox News Host Offended By Kids Eating Free Food - The Rational National

Tylenol could be risky for pregnant women - a new review finds acetaminophen may contribute to ADHD

(Jewish Group) Thanks for Sharing My Antisemitism Tweet. Now Do Something About It.

Senator Sinema provides us a glimpse into her unique political identity

Louisiana Hospital Chain Hikes Insurance Premiums For Employees With Unvaccinated Spouses

How climate change is making winters colder

(Jewish Group) Ridley Road is a drama about Jewish people, so where are the Jewish actors?

Halloween Is Coming! #15

Halloween Is Coming! #14

Halloween Is Coming! #13

Halloween Is Coming! #12

Halloween Is Coming! #11

(Jewish Group) Opinion: Why I hope my kids never read Roald Dahl

Infowars owner Alex Jones just lost a THIRD defamation suit

9 NYC firefighters suspended over racist messages

Pandemic making nursing shortage a crisis in St. Louis

I want to create a video tutorial showing screens as I move through the program. S/w ideas?

(VIP OP) What's in the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 4 October 2021

It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels

I'm Done With Walmart!

Best decade for music -- the 1960s, the 1970s or the 1980s?

Altered DNA ...?

Happy anniversary to the former 1st couple, Michelle and Barack Obama, 29 years of marriage!

Jim Acosta: Far-right is behind its own 'great replacement' theory (CNN)

Let's twist again. Chubby Cheecker is 80!

Major oil spill off California's coast could become an 'ecological disaster' (CNN)

Reverend Al Sharpton, born 1954.

Pupper does the happy dance:

'Free entrance with first dose' (NC)

New Zealand: foreign nationals must have coronavirus vaccination to enter

Dodgers may have lost Max Muncy for a while

Just spoke to my cousin at my late aunt's house, and Jean Luc will be here Saturday :)

Young woman loses both legs in farm accident

I see the Trumplidites have started a new fad

Steve Bannon predicts "sweeping" GOP wins in 2022 and 2024, urges quick government takeover

'Every one of those deaths is unnecessary'

Anti-Vaxxers DUNKED ON By Reality - Rebel HQ

Additional Rules of this Group: Please read before posting:

The demographics of COVID-19 deaths has changed

woman started blood drive from unvaxxed only

'Utterly trash': Fox News faces backlash after attacking Tammy Duckworth for using veteran benefits

Glenn Kirschner - Recap of Legal Stories for September, 2021

The 7 Stages of Covid

Orange County is still 'mother ship' for GOP money, but shift from red to purple accelerates

Republican candidates all over the country in closely contested districts are cursing Greg Abbott

'It is like drink-driving': Jrgen Klopp says anti-vaxxers endanger others

Spooky halloween lawn.

A new approach to PEACE

Marvel's Kevin Feige & Co. Share Thanks to Moon Knight Crew as Disney+ Show Wraps

A Pill For COVID? A Doctor Explains Molnupiravir

Dramatic Husky throws a fit at the groomers

Herschel Walker joined the board of 9/11 truther Lin Wood's "Fight Back Foundation" a few months ago

New online tool can help report anti-Asian incidents better, allows reporting in 29 languages

Wisconsin surpassed 8,000 COVID-19 deaths on Friday. 524 people died in the last two months.

Happy 29th wedding anniversary to President @BarackObama and @MichelleObama

Any Dem who doesn't support Biden's agenda

This woman's keeping a beaver in her house for 2 years

We're going to need a republican.

Here's how NOT to convince Senator Sinema to change her mind...

Not only private company's but private individuals are pushing aerospace research

Should the Democratic Party be using Facebook as an organizing tool?

Crisis standards active for 20 Alaska health care facilities

Bannon is my number One Bingo pick for

Giants leading 11-1 in the bottom of the 7th.

A Koch-backed group is fueling opposition to school mask mandates:

Sanders sees battle for America's soul playing out in Congress

RIP USA -- Poll: Half of Trump voters, 41% of Biden voters support splitting up the U.S.

Sinema being confronted by her constituents

Fox's Chris Wallace CORNERS Republican with the perfect question - Brian Tyler Cohen

Alabama Abortion Law, Redneck Commentary

Anti-Mask Alaska Mayor Mocks Jews - The Damage Report

Well, I just joined the club nobody wants to be in.

Big Business Is Bankrolling an Effort to Kill the Democratic Climate Bill

Fox News' Chris Wallace Nails GOP Senator: Wouldn't Your State 'Benefit From' Biden's Spending Bill?

David Axelrod on Sinema: Kind of takes some brass to blow out of DC for fundraisers back home in

We've all heard Republican voters say ...

Kinda cool - Blue Dragon River in Portugal

shaming a covidiot

Trump Humiliated Melania In Front Of White House Staff Over Her 'I Don't Really Care' Jacket

Oman braces for historic landfall from Tropical Cyclone Shaheen

Oil company says pipeline shut down after California leak

In case you ever wondered --- it takes 364 licks

Jewelry Rip-Off. Got any advice?

Still working at 65? Avoid this Medicare mistake

Manchin OUTED By Damning Money Trail

I had both my Pfizer booster and a flu shot yesterday (same arm).

Red Sox will host the Yankees in Wild Card game

Royal couple introduces their new

Coppertone recalls 5 sunscreens after detecting cancer-causing benzene

Facebook Failed To Respond to Dire Emails Ahead of Capitol Riot

A Long Ago New Year's Day

Don't touch sissy! Don't touch me!.... later

Patriots vs Buccaneers

First official EgyptAir flight lands at Israel airport

First official EgyptAir flight lands at Israel airport

Sex abuse probe: French church had 3,000 child abusers

Samuel L Jackson really shouldn't read bedtime stories.

Koch Industries Is Top Corporate Donor to Reps Who Will Try to Overturn Democracy

Almost Famous (2000) Great Film

"Q" update ....

Mom and me, a few years back

"---you tried to set them free

Syria's Assad calls Jordan's king amid thaw in relations

Lars Vilks: Muhammad cartoonist reportedly killed in car accident

Algeria blasts French leader, bans flights, recalls diplomat

Empty Desks at the State Department, Courtesy of Ted Cruz