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The Taliban are begging for Afghanistan's frozen money to be released as the country's economy

Halloween Is Coming! #64

Halloween Is Coming! #63

Halloween Is Coming! #62

Halloween Is Coming! #61

Halloween Is Coming! #60

Picture of Trump family with the Pope! 😂

Administration asks judge to order Florida to release funding to school districts with mask mandates

That Moment When Mom Is Gone and You Think You Can Bark All You Want, Then THIS Happens

Embrace Of Extremism Grows Stronger In GOP - Deadline - MSNBC

msnbc heavily promoting some sort of fox 1/6 program, advertising it heavily in

Democrats' Drug Pricing Reform Plans Not Dead Yet

Q: What do you get when you take the middle out of a hot dog?

The World's Smallest Plant Aquarium #1

The Abominable Dr. Phibes

Harris makes a final pitch for McAuliffe

Letitia James Does Not Want New York to Be 'Defined By the Failings of a Few Men.' Now She's Running

Florida Bars State Professors From Testifying in Voting Rights Case

NYC mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa breaks arm in Manhattan cab crash

The Inside Story of the Life or Death Race for a COVID-19 Vaccine - Amanpour and Company

seen this ad on msnbc? don't let congress import price restrictions from canada...

There needs to be a major public pressure campaign against Carlson's sponsors!

Ohio state Board of Education president is resigning after refusing to vote against an anti-racism r

Mein Kampf, racial slurs and Antifa conspiracies lead wild first week at Charlottesville trial

Please tell me I'm wrong: is it true that you have a "grocery tax"?

Here are Pierce County's COVID totals for Friday. More than 90K cases recorded since 2020

US Marshall & cop indicted in Jamarion Robinson's murder. He was shot 59 times in 2016.Trump DOJ

Christine......another Stephen King epic....and pretty well done.

Western Washington could get a rare glimpse of the aurora borealis this weekend

Is Halloween coming?

Well, great, still no stove/oven

"Let's go Brandon" chant during color guard

Metaverse, Mars, Meditation Retreats: Billionaires Want To Escape The World They Ruined

Salmon cross flooded road in Washington state

Fox News hates vaccine mandates (except its own) - mediamatters4america

Texas sues the Biden administration over federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Texas sues the Biden administration over federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Joe Kennedy

Texas sues the Biden administration over federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Florida Bars State Professors From Testifying in Voting Rights Case

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Pretty accurate

Hey, Facebook, I Made a Metaverse 27 Years Ago. It was terrible then, and it's terrible now.

PLEASE excuse me,

'Bullpen' is offensive to cows and should be renamed 'arm barn': PETA

'Bullpen' is offensive to cows and should be renamed 'arm barn': PETA


Air Force is first to face troops' rejection of vaccine mandate as thousands avoid shots

Share a couple goodies from my week?

'Tis (almost) the Season!

You know one of the things I love about being an old woman..a elder...a crone?

Mass. student heckled by woman during meeting after saying she has been 'personally attacked in

Irvine CA vice-mayor confronted with xenophobic questioning at council meeting

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

Mastodon issues 30-day ultimatum to TFG's social network over misuse of its code

my woods

In the Old West, civilians were instructed by signs to turn their guns in at the Sheriff's office.

Florida Bars State Professors From Testifying in Voting Rights Case

Trump's Truth App Gets Formal Demand To Stop Violating Software License

Hey Southern Md, The Tiki Bar will be closed today.

U.S. Supreme Court to consider allowing Republican bid to defend Trump-era immigration rule

Only One Party Threatens the Country

This Robot Eats Trash #TeamSeas

So the Alfa Bank/Spectrum/Trump link up was real

Michelle Obama to guest star on final season of 'Black-ish'

Dear malaise on DU 17 years!! 🥳🎶🥂

Texas AG Paxton steps in it on 2020 election, employee lawsuit. Had enough yet, GOP?

6 Wildly Popular Proposals Senator Manchin Killed (Satire)

Liberal Redneck - January 6th Was Not a False Flag

Fox, Facebook, and Other Monsters Under America's Bed (Th'Ferret!)

Saw my first *RUMP 2024 SIGN. 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 on my way to Winona MN.......

Has The World Finally Had A Glimpse of Jeff Bezos's $500 Million Mega- Yacht?

Driving is just great.

Basin Street Blues

since 2pm this afternoon, I have received 4 emails from Terry McAuliffe and one from James Carville

I hope Dems learn to create a nation-grabbing PR stunt out of nothing the way the

US Senate seats that Democrats are likely to win in 2022.

Behind The GOP Plot To Overturn MLK's Free-Speech Ruling - The Beat - MSNBC

Tuba Skinny....

Polling in America Is Still Broken. So Who Is Really Winning in Virginia?

"Eat at a local restaurant tonight. Get the cream sauce. Have a cold pint at 4 o'clock

Blue Oyster Cult Astronomy

Family Guy nailed how police abuse black people in 1998.

Tuba Skinny - Mean Blue Spirits.....

MeidasTouch - Youngkin Chaos

George Carlin called it almost 20 years ago - The own this place! And they'll get what they want

Civil War Documentary is on now! Very good

Texas sues the Biden administration over federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates

The best Grateful Dead tune I've ever far

Seth Meyers - Seth Reveals What's Left in Biden's Build Back Better Bill - Monologue 10/28/21

Calvert Bus Drivers Reach An Agreement, Bus Routes Back To Normal Starting Monday.

Seth Meyers - Guest Roy Wood Jr. Explains Why He Refused to Ride in His Cousin's Police Car

BREAKING: Terrorism threat in Northern Virginia linked to ISIS

Great kid rockers' anthem for environment.

Chicago's vaccine mandate survives two challenges Friday

Why Multi-Billion Dollar Nuclear Submarines Still Run Into Things Underwater

Van Morrison - Cleaning Windows (Live)

Ice Cube Loses $9 Million Film Gig After Refusing to Get Vaccinated

Funky Nassau (Full Length Edit)

'The Coup Is Ongoing': Rep. Gallego On GOP Whitewashing Of Jan. 6th - All In - MSNBC

Wearing my first-ever prescription glasses I just picked up ...

Illinois Dems carve up liberal giant-slayer's district in new congressional map

NRPS - Willie and the Hand Jive

Ratt and Marvin Gaye - "I Heard it Round and Round the Grapevine"

If anyone wonders where my signature line comes from,

🦇🍫It's Halloween weekend!🥂👻

Sean Spicer was on Real Time with Bill Maher. When Maher

Trump Republican Embarrassed By Epic Legal Order - Rebel HQ

Real Time With Bill Maher (10-29-2021)

Keep on Trucking...Hot Tuna

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 10/29/21

President Joe Biden endorses Shontel Brown

Lincoln Project says its behind group with tiki torches by Youngkin campaign bus during Charlottesvi

During Jan. 6 riot, Trump attorney told Pence team the vice president's inaction caused attack

Welcome to the 15th Annual The Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

I just uploaded the post for the 15th Annual The Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

Tweet of the Late Night:

Virginia malls and shopping centers increase security amid ISIS threat

Mike Louckovich-I @@@@ hate Ted Cruz

Maddow: Letter Alleges Durham Ignores Evidence

Supreme Court to hear case on state efforts to revive a Trump immigration policy

Don't be that way-Stompin' at the Savoy - Benny Goodman 1980

30 came and went a long time ago!

Inglewood (CA) Police Officer John Baca was arrested on federal narcotics charges.

Skiing down Everest (1970)

TFG is evidently not paying his attorneys again- The DOJ cannot contact these attonreys

Italian translator: Trump vs. Biden

New California redistricting maps would make tough elections for Devin Nunes, Josh Harder

Republican Lawmakers Admit They Protected Steve Bannon To Appease 'Wacko Birds' In Their Party

Newsom cancels plans to travel to U.N. climate conference in Glasgow

Watchdog: State Dept. and Pentagon withholding critical information about Afghanistan

Police trainer: "Be polite, be professional, have a plan to kill everyone you meet."

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 28, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month Lucille Ball

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 29, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Happy Halloween

California oil spill: Surfing, swimming OK but fishing out

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 30, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Halloween Marathon

The Very Thought of You - Al Bowlly - Lyrics; Blue Moon

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Isaiah 41:17 and 41:13, New International Version

In New Letter, Tech Expert's Lawyer Insists Alfa-Bank, Trump Server Data Is No Hoax - Rachel Maddow

Granada Hills Charter school fires 7 employees for refusing COVID vaccine

Dignitaries that meet with the Pope are typically given a blessing and a small gift,

Cops Break The Law, To Tell You That You Broke The Law

Dignitaries that meet with the Pope are typically given a blessing and a small gift,

Barely half of Fresno County is vaccinated for COVID. Is a holiday surge on the way?

*NOW, Great Performances 1 HR

* Great Performances 1 HR NOW

when does the booster reaction start kicking in?

In-N-Out closes all Contra Costa County restaurants for indoor dining after vaccine mandate debate

Biden, Second Catholic U.S. President, Enjoys Lengthy Visit With Pope Francis - Rachel Maddow

details of WH material Trump requested privileged are out tonight!

Unforgettable - Nat King Cole

The fast-food model lets corporations escape liability. California might chart a new course

Season Four of Netflix's 'You' looks like a dud


Second state worker pleads guilty in California Office of AIDS fraud scandal

Climate Activists Heartened By Incentives In Build Back Better bill - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Reminding people how rude trumpists are

Florida judge sends Trump suit against Twitter to San Francisco

Endangered birds experience 'virgin birth,' a first for the species (NatGeo)

New Orleans man gets nearly $30,000 returned to him after it was seized by DEA agents at the airport

Millennium Tower: Expert Says Repair Work on SF High-Rise Should Stop

Ultrahot, ultrafast explosion called 'the Camel' has astronomers puzzled

Fresno teachers 'at the brink,' union says. They'll file labor grievances amid COVID

LICORICE PIZZA Official Trailer

Italian translator's reaction to Biden vs. Trump

This Valley drywall company stiffed its workers. California slaps it with $7.2M in fines

This Valley drywall company stiffed its workers. California slaps it with $7.2M in fines

Riverside 'fortune teller' arrested for grand theft; police confiscate snake, cash, voodoo doll

Rare, ancient Maya canoe found in Mexico's Yucatan

The Burnout Factor

Manchin singlehandedly denied families paid leave. Why would a Democrat oppose such a basic measure?

Judge allows ex-La Habra police chief Alan Hostetter to be his own lawyer at Capitol riot trial

Five Movies for Halloween 2021

Fresno pool technician kills family dog

Former '19 Kids and Counting' Star Jim Bob Duggar Announces Run for Arkansas State Senate

No more obstacles to Argentine ex-president testifying in wiretapping case

Billionaire Marc Andreessen buys Malibu mansion for $177 million, a California record

File this under lock 'em up

Guantanamo Bay: For the first time, a prisoner publicly details the torture in US's facilities

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/29/21

The Man Defending the Texas Abortion Law at the Supreme Court Is Truly Awful

Real estate agent accused of running $14 million house-flipping Ponzi scheme

Fat Fiction

Stephen Colbert: Guest Trevor Noah

New Research Reveals Surprising Origins of Millennia-Old Mummies Found in China

Thousands of Pre-Hispanic Structures Found Along Route of Controversial Railway in Mexico

Arizona Nuclear Plant to Produce Hydrogen to Power Dangerous Natural Gas Plants.

PG&E to challenge criminal charges filed in deadly 2020 Northern California wildfire

Couple gets prison in insurance scam targeting Mexican pregnant women

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, October 30, 2021

Man arrested for murder of Dallas woman who may have been stalked

"Incredible" Roman statues unearthed in England's HS2 rail excavation

Maga evangelicals republican jaysus

Biden, other G-20 world leaders formally endorse groundbreaking global corporate minimum tax

Not Breaking News, needs more updating

A observation, So it's treasure of Sierra madre this morning boog Duncan and bones

Anti-capitalist think tank 'Meta' says Facebook stole its new name

A very good read on that cult murder in Jamaica

Come on now, wake up and lets go...

NC Lt. Gov. Robinson Declares That 'Christian Patriots' Will 'Own This Nation and Rule This Nation'

Somebody asked me if I thought the Pope would enjoy meeting Biden more than trumpolini

Breakfast Saturday 30 October 2021

From The BBC: The 17-year-old making films fun for deaf children

Only 50% wash clothes in cold water? COVID & Laundry - Malcolm Gladwell

A billionaire's vision for California university's 'destructive' 'mega-dorm' ignites firestorm

The Linda Ronstadt Experience. Anyone been to their show?

Let's Give DeSantis the Bolsonaro Treatment

The GOP and Christian values

Why a Changing Richmond and Its Suburbs Are Key to Virginia's Vote

October 30, 1941, President Roosevelt funded the Allied efforts to win World War II.

UN, US to Sudan military: Show restraint during protests

LA police union sues LA over vaccination mandate labor negotiations

Sean Penn's CORE group faces labor charges over impassioned internal email

Supreme Court rejects challenge to Maine's religious exemption to COVID vaccine. 😆 hilarious tweet 😂

Accounts of African American service during the War of 1812

Accounts of African American service during the War of 1812

Florida Bars State Professors From Testifying in Voting Rights Case

Colonial Williamsburg acquires rare Paul Revere tankard

A Message to the NYPD from the NYPD and Fox News - The Daily Show

Italian translator: Trump vs. Biden

On this date in 1974



More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Pumpkin Spice Hypocrisy Edition

October 30, 1959

Dunleavy, Republicans, decry lack of special session action

You raised $25.00 on October 29, 2021 ($750 total)

Texas cops refused to send escort to Biden bus

Where the Heck Are We Going to Charge All of the Electric Cars?

Chief UK Climate Advisor Shreds Australia's Proposal: "No Indication" They Can Deliver

Where the Heck Are We Going to Charge All of the Electric Cars?


Electric blue: bioluminescence on Sydney's northern beaches - in pictures

George Monbiot Nails It: "This Is The Way The World Ends, Not With A Bang But With Banter"

What's going on with the folks served subpoenas? Bannon still on the lam?

Weekend TOONs - So, Two Catholic Guys Walk Into A Church...

Trump seeking to block call logs and notes from Capitol attack panel

VA early vote estimate: Dem voters: 54.7% Repub voters: 30.4%

Last day to early vote in Virginia

Karen The Feral Cat Demands Snuggles From Her Mom

Greatest ventriloquist ever!

MacArthur (1977) comes to Blu-Ray limit of 3,000

DeSantis announces 5-day special session to deal with COVID mandates

'My students never knew': the lecturer who lived in a tent

Right wing idiots cancel teacher for "Bringing children to a gay bar."

Missed it - belated post on National Cat Day (Oct. 29)

Still no charges in prison beating death of Whitey Bulger 3 years later

'A great joy': Cuba's National Zoo sees surge in pandemic baby animals

Good Morning everyone

Rightwing Chilean newspaper accused of 'apology for Nazism' over Goring article

Tonight is Goosey Night

NC lawmakers file their official redistricting plans (spoiler - they suck)

A random thought about the dreaded PERMANENT RECORD, a threatening feature

Anyone else find it amazing that 10,000 Americans dying weekly from Covid is now an afterthought??

@Potus Biden and First Lady Jill Biden greet Pope Francis--contrast with........

Antivaxxers support 'Big Pharma' ...


Caravans on the way to Virginia?

Florida man found with live grenade, clown mannequin inside truck: video

The Sun Blasted Out a Huge Flare and CME; We Could See Auroras on Halloween


Interesting history of when American last had a more passionate and engaged and violent politics.

The 5 key groups fueling Youngkin's rise

Biden, trio of European allies discuss Iran nuclear program

On this day, Sunday, October 30, 1938, The Mercury Theatre on the Air aired The War of the Worlds.

My right ie folks


Minneapolis Cops Accused of Delaying Backup for Liberal Officer

Aurora borealis could be visible in wide swaths of continental US, Europe on Saturday because of lar

San Francisco's Iconic Fog on the Decline Due to Climate Change: Report

Spit, racial slurs fly at worker who points out customer wasn't properly wearing COVID-10 mask

Sinema and Manchin Flush With Lobbyist Contributions as They Hold Up Biden Agenda

For a guitar junkie like me, Bill Nelson is quite the headrush

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education statement on the University of Florida decision

COP26: Arnold Schwarzenegger angered by world leaders' climate policies

Let's Give DeSantis the Bolsonaro Treatment

Good Day DU (October 30, 2021)

Evangelical preacher: God picked Trump to be champion of his people. Pastor: Bible belt unbuckling.

City officials threw me in jail to silence me. Years later, I'm still seeking justice.

March 1986 ...

Its the simple things in life I enjoy

This looks like some serious weather for The Northeast

Lincoln Project Claims Credit For Tiki Torch Stunt By Glenn Youngkin's Bus

If Glenn Youngkin is elected no one is safe! This is Glenn Youngkin's Virginia. #YoungkinChaos

If Glenn Youngkin is elected no one is safe! This is Glenn Youngkin's Virginia. #YoungkinChaos

Squid Game....

If Glenn Youngkin is elected no one is safe! This is Glenn Youngkin's Virginia. #YoungkinChaos

The Doors - Riders on the Storm

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Any Republican Who Votes For Infrastructure Is A 'Traitor'

Cheapest New EVs Available in the US Market - Would you buy one?

The National Archives has publicly identified the records Trump is trying to withhold from 1/6 commi

Blue yster Cult - Joan Crawford

FB Community Standards??!!

Bees are smarter than MAGAts - Honeybees Use Social Distancing When Mites Threaten Hives

G20 leaders back Global Minimum Tax to close off corporate tax havens

The latest from whackworld: SpaceForce now controls facebook, so no more

Elizabeth Warren claps back at Elon Musk over taxing the rich (CNN)

Brace yourselves: Politicians begin remap of a changing Georgia

Free Halloween costume idea for anyone with more friends than me

Some of dis and some of dat

Bannon Indictment Watch Day 8: DOJ Has Yet to Indict Bannon for his Crime of Contempt of Congress

2843 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat; 57 deaths

'The View' Goes Full Progressive On Biden's Gutted Budget Bill

In Virginia's Culture Wars, One Battle Has Already Been Lost

The Cramps - Garbageman

Chip makers are threatening to scrap future US factories without generous tax breaks

People don't seem to get

Pro-Democratic Lawyer P. Andrew Torres: Judge's instructions in Rittenhouse case are reasonable.

Best girl dad Halloween costume ever

Remy Daillet: Conspiracist charged over alleged French coup plot

The Republicans' racial culture war is reaching new heights in Virginia

Weed Is the Jock's Best Bud. Don't Believe It? Ask a Jock.

WHO's on FIRST??!!!

Renters get left behind after disasters as displaced homeowners duel for places to live

Today's ChumpHumper joke

We can argue over who deserves the label, but does anyone still deny there are Corporate Democrats?

Interesting (to me) article in THE ATLANTIC on FACEBOOK.

Judge accused of racist, sexist remarks is ordered removed

My BIL just told me that Florida is last in Covid infections

Syrian refugees deported from Turkey for 'provocative' banana-eating

Rick Steves on the Return of Travel and Why It Matters

I'd wanted a Moderna booster for my J&J, but they gave me Pfizer. That's

Brooklyn's first supertall skyscraper officially reaches its full height

Southwest pilot signs off his comments to passengers with, "Let's Go Brandon."

Kegger Kavanaugh & the Handmaiden side w/ liberal justices, decline to block Maine's vaccine mandate

I don't see a good resolution...

Ron DeSantis Sues Joe Biden for Trying to Keep Americans Alive

It's clear capitalism isn't working when US politicians try to bring back child labor

A new court filing reveals the documents TFG is trying to withhold.

This headline tells you all you need to know:

Texas' New Abortion Regime Sends Shockwaves Through Neighboring States

ACA ("Obamacare") open enrollment for 2022 starts Nov.1

People here are asking so ... Let's talk about when Steve Bannon will get arrested

Why Japan Prays To A Potato God

From the most desperate comes the most kindness.

TFG to campaign for Glenn Youngkin on election

Erdogan Will Get His Biden Meeting in Rome So May Now Skip COP26

I have this gnawing bad feeling that Manchin and Sinema are totally in the R's pocket...

Whip Up the Delicious Pumpkin Appetizer Kaddo Bourani

Sanity Prevails -- Outcomes in Fairbanks elections show some hope for rationality in even the most

House eyes Tuesday vote on both economic bills

"There are classrooms in the US that are teaching cannibalism."

Delta Plus, AY.4.2: US Watches Spread In UK: At Least 5 Cases In US- WDC, CA, NC, Wash., Mass, NY?

Snoqualmie Valley fields flooded

Virus continues its rampage; some hospitals 50-60 percent full with COVID-19 patients

Biden receives Communion in Rome amid debate in US

Michigan v Michigan State half time...23-14

CRT and how the GOP plays the #MachoWimp card

It's a big shame we don't seem to use a common word for "non-breakthrough" infections.

Anchorage's homelessness director resigns. No clear path for unhoused families this winter

History of Jack-o-lanterns: the Irish myth of Stingy Jack

Artnet: We Got the First Look Inside Hunter Biden's Hush-Hush Gallery Show

Think about this:

I'm excited to invite you to join me for a special livestream with @TEDTalks !

Halloween at the Kennedy White House, post-missile crisis

We just finished with our first Medicare open enrollment

Cartoons 10/30/2021

Wesleyan 14-0 over Amherst at the half!

Pro-ivermectin, anti-mask rally host runs for health board

Gym Jordan's 'Disfunction' Whine Gets Flipped Back On Him

Elon Musk has man's best interest at heart...

I ran for office as a Republican in Virginia, but now I'm voting for the Dem. candidate for governor

Patagonia CEO: Companies should join us in boycotting Facebook

911 transcripts reveal San Marcos police refused to send escort to Biden bus

A gun church that glorifies the AR-15 and is led by the son of the 'Moonies' church founder has been

Leaders Endorse Minimum Global Corporate Tax

Republican 'Cowards' Are Empowering The 'Crazies,' Rages Paul Krugman

Mr. Youngkin, sir, tell us please---how does it feel to be endorsed and supported by

Mike Pence endorses a fringe dissident group to lead Iran, calling the leader of the group that

I'm A Twenty Year Truck Driver, I Will Tell You Why America's "Shipping Crisis" Will Not End

Washington officials: If you see this bug, report it immediately

Trump SEETHING At Biden For Telling Him "No"

Court filings reveal what Trump is trying to keep secret from Congress

My wife is no longer working on the Billionaire's Tax....

Girl Helps Chipmunk Who Almost Drowned Get Strong Again

Hadn't seen a JP Sears video in a few years. When did he become a right wing conspiracy kook?

House aims to pass infrastructure and social spending bills on Tuesday

Saturday Morning Lazy Day Autumn Jazz & Bossa Nova Streaming

Tennessee targets virus measures, stop at mask mandate bans

Millions of baby boomers retired early during the pandemic

(Video) Halloween 2021 Special - BTS - The Victims Game

U.S. announces deal with European Union to ease steel and aluminum tariffs enacted under Trump

Taiwan's President says the threat from China is increasing 'every day'

Blue print for winning the mid-terms

Wooing Newcomers to 'NASCAR Nation'

Anybody noticing the newest commercial they're blaming Washington and asking for protection?

I'm guessing next he's gonna threaten to hold his breath.......

What are your Election Day predictions?

Alaska Legislature breaks record for days in session, with frustration rising to the surface

Should children ages 5 to 11 be vaccinated? Hear from Dr. Fauci

I'm the luckiest person in the world.

Call logs, speech drafts among records Trump is trying to block from Jan. 6 investigators

Ha! The Phishing is good in Vegas this weekend!

Anti-vaxxers have stolen an anti-Nazi group's identity (White Rose Society)

Alabama College Disinvites Historian Jon Meacham After Anti-Abortion Protest

(Jewish Group) Anti-vaxxers have stolen an anti-Nazi group's identity (White Rose Society)

Bonhoeffer's Theory of Stupidity

Central Pa. police officers fired for turning in fake COVID-19 vaccination cards

India Walton: Buffalo, NY Possible First Female Mayor, Delivers DoorDash When Not Campaigning

vegetarian chicken sweet and sour

Dr. 'Demon Sperm' Warns Our Leaders Have Been Replaced With Blood-Drinking Clones

Surgeon missed emergency surgery because he had to eat first -- then fell asleep

MAGAts are so mind-bogglingly dumb

The Garden, by Franta Bass

sweet and sour Chicken Restaurant Style

Cancel Halloween??? WE DON'T THANK SO w/ Blaire Erskine

a bee or a cat?

Ghostbusters car being towed !

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 31, 2021 - TCM Classic Horror: Slashers

TCM Schedule for Monday November 1, 2021 - Dance Numbers

Room Rater?

Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon

Why is Ed Ogeron of LSU getting forced out while Dabo Swinney...

Partly Cloudy in southern MD

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 30, 2021

Spider dogs for Halloween

TCM Monday 'night,' dancing:

Hundreds of Mysterious Ancient Ceremonial Sites Discovered Hidden Underneath Mexico

1month oldie:Brian WILLIAMS zings Newsmax: "challenge to program entire network for 1 single viewer"

Grandpa humor - slightly twisted

Early Puebloans impacted ecosystem around Chaco Canyon earlier than previously thought

Anchorage business owner agrees to pay $400K over fraudulent CARES Act loans, federal prosecutors

Sarmizegetusa Regia - The Mountain Capital of the Dacians

Noushabad - The Hidden Underground City

Was just grocery shopping inside was a 55yr old

A Russian Pipeline Changes Direction, and Energy Politics Come to the Fore.

Tens of thousands protest Sudan's coup, 3 protesters killed

Found on FB

Frank Zappa nailed their MAGAt asses in the 1980s

Virginia Statewide Election Predictions from 2021 to 2025.

Anti-Mask Man Shitcanned After Harassing School Kids

Coming up @ 9, Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy!!!

Youngkin to Snub Trump's Tele-Rally

My brother is in ICU

Voting Machine Part Goes Missing In Michigan After QAnon Clerk Barred From Running Election

The Chernobyl Forest Fires and Levels of Radioactive Elements Spread Through Europe by the Smoke.

'She was my friend': Alec Baldwin speaks out about Halyna Hutchins

Democrats could pass infrastructure, spending bills by Tuesday

Fight Song Medley - Harvard Glee Club and Radcliffe Choral Society

Rather incredible video of police pursuit of possible shoplifting suspect

katie porter (no white board, just m&ms & rice) kicks some ass!

Sorry, gators... Don't play tugawar with a bulldog!

Why Monster Hunter World's Combat is so Satisfying 11,209 viewsFeb 2, 2018 271 11

Interesting.......tfg is at game 4 of the World Series.......and OMG the game is on faux. 🤮 🤮 🤮

'Texas has not done enough':GOP leadership slammed by experts predicting another deep freeze debacle

The University of Florida digs its hole deeper to defend Ron DeSantis

Trump's Deal May Have Skirted Securities Laws

Obama and Biden meeting with the Pope v. trump meeting with the Pope.

Gunmen kill at least three at Afghan wedding to stop music being played

Northern Lights Possible Saturday Night Over NoVA, DC.

Northern Lights Possible Saturday Night Over NoVA, DC.

Four Hours at the Capitol starting HBO

Voting Machine Part Goes Missing In Michigan After QAnon Clerk Barred From Running Election

Rise of far right puts Dreyfus affair into spotlight in French election race

Acosta poses question to Fox News owners: Why are you doing this to us? 49,775 viewsOct 30, 2021 2.

Michelle Wu Leads Annissa Essaibi George By 30 Points In Boston Mayoral Race Before Election Day

Why Aren't More People Comparison Shopping For Health Plans?

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer VETOES three GOP voter suppression bills.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer VETOES three GOP voter suppression bills.

All eyes on Buffalo mayoral race while NYC's contenders square off

Behind The GOP Plot To Overturn MLK's Free-Speech Ruling

Schumer endorses Democratic Socialist in Buffalo mayoral race

Absentee ballots could help set record turnout in Detroit area's Tuesday elections

ProPublica's Chicken Checker

Help! I upgraded to macOS Monterey now I can't read my emails

Spending in Pennsylvania's Supreme Court race already exceeds $5M

Costume might disrupt global maritime trade (bonus snack shelf)

Haberman on Trump's letter: He doesn't care if he seems desperate

What a glorious Fall day in Denver. The past couple actually.

NJ-GOV: Murphy heads into Election Day with double-digit lead over Ciattarelli in N.J. governor race

Marc E. Elias @marceelias: If this is enacted, North Carolina will be sued.

Great thread of pet costumes

Some things I really do not want to hear from anyone:

House select committee targets 134-year-old law in effort to prevent another January 6

TFG says he expects to receive a 'great reception' at World Series Game 4 because of his massive ego

Trump tries claiming MLB invited him to World Series. They correct him.

'Freedom' to refuse COVID vaccine violates rights of others (LTTE)

Got eggnog today..didn't know it was sold this early