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Archives: October 31, 2021

Toronto: Community-engaged art project transforms Wilson subway station in North York

A new court filing reveals the documents Trump is trying to withold

Bloomberg: 'Alarmingly Big' U.S. Wages Gain Undermines Argument That Inflation Is Transitory

Tweet of the Night:

Turkey moves to deport Syrian migrants for eating bananas in a 'provocative' way on TikTok

Happy Birthday, Grace Slick, 1939.

Southern Strategy 2.0

Happy Birthday, Henry Winkler, 1945.

US city to ban police from stopping drivers for low-level traffic violations

Rolling Stone Cover, October 30, 1980: The Cars

Happy Halloween from Four Paws Sanctuaries

Biden Meets With European Allies in Rome To Discuss Iran Nuclear Deal - MSNBC

So did the Orange Asshole make it to the World Series?

University of Florida Chair of Board of Trustees is MAJOR DeathSatan donor

This Woman's Life Will Never Be The Same After Adopting This Senior Dog

Real Time With Bill Maher 582 S19E32 10/29/2021 HBO October 29, 2021 FULL NEW

Ice Cube Reportedly Walks Away from $9 Million Movie Project Due to Its Vaccine Mandate

In 'chilling' decision, UF professors have been barred from testifying against Florida

Former Poet Laureate Rita Dove-- "Parsley" (about Gen. Rafael Trujillo's massacre of Haitians)

It's a shame that when Trump showed himself at tonight's Series game, someone didn't start

Jayzus...found this Twitter thread about lack of anesthesia

House Democrats Eye Tuesday Votes on Biden Plan, Infrastructure

Secretive Polygamous Sect Ordered to Pay Nearly $1M Over Alleged Child Labor Violations

Connie Schultz, Sherrod Brown's wife, just posted a threat she received

Are there really more of us than them?

Flash flood like incident closes road in Mount Vernon

Donie O'Sullivan: Not the Dublin accent I'm used to.

Jury: GEO Group owes immigrant detainees $17M in back pay

Protestors march for climate action in Rome amid G-20 summit

Judge Told to LOCK TRUMP UP - Christo Aivalis

My response to the "lets go Brandon" crowd?

Diablo Dam powerhouse damaged after rockslide, Seattle City Light says

Inside the last-ditch effort by Democratic women to pressure Manchin and salvage paid family and med

911 transcripts filed in updated "Trump Train" lawsuit reveal San Marcos police refused to send esco

Wingnuts are anti-democracy. U of FL denying professors to testify against the State

More NYC workers get jabs amid mandate; 1 in 6 still refuse

The Daily Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 10/25/21

Dave Ross: We're already paying wealth taxes -- why not one more?

President Donald Trump [and Melanie] does the Tomahawk Chop while at the World Series in Atlanta.

Friend of my wife walked off their retail job.....

Mitch McConnell Is FURIOUS About Biden's Plan To Tax The Rich

Joe Buck (announcing) World Series annoucnced that Trump was in attendence

American Airlines Cancels Hundreds of Flights Due to Weather, Staffing Shortages

Facebook's Meta Moment - Ayman - MSNBC

Has the Isis Attack on Virginia started yet?

The Gray Ghost - 1980 Porsche 911SC

"2 Days in the Valley" (1996) on HBO Max

if it is clear where you are and you are in the northern half of the country - look for the aurora!

Trump Rioter's White Privilege Meltdown BACKFIRES - Rebel HQ

On-duty NYC firefighters harass state senator over NYC COVID vaccine mandate

CBS is producing a TV series about Dr. Phil.....

Has President Biden shoved anyone out of his way on his overseas trip?

I am so sick and tired of this fake outrage BS in our country !

Roanoke College Poll: McAuliffe 47% Youngkin 46%

Olive and Mabel Halloween.

Invesion of the body snatchers.......forgot how really scary this movie was....

2020 Census shows a dramatic drop in American Samoa's population

NYPD reaches 84% vaccination rate

John Carpenter - Halloween 1978 (main Theme)


Go ahead, offer me a cocktail.

Closeted Republican candidate Bobby Valentine calls his Democratic opponent a "35 year old girl".

Closeted Republican candidate Bobby Valentine calls his Democratic opponent a "35 year old girl".

Someone bought a spider costume for his dog...

Update on status of new hospital and Medicaid funding for American Samoa

Narrowly escaped getting scammed on FB Marketplace today.

Melania havin' a great time at the game.

The GOP is using CRT in every state.

VA Democratic voters- Vote with some thought and do not sit out please

Tweet of the Day

Really hate playing Notre Dame

IPI: Value of Saipan assets down $574M on suspension of license

No mention of Biden's drop in the polls? Not even a

It's the self-loathing

Last pay phone in downtown DC to be removed

Forecasters hint at snow possibility as big pattern change looms.

Don't waste energy correcting them that CRT is a college-level theory that isn't taught in k-12

What's the WORST, crappiest job you've ever had?

Time to announce the winner of the 15th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

What to expect from Donald Trump's deposition

Fun factoid: Germany 1933 to 1945 actually relaxed vaccine requirements....

XUAN ZANG: Chinese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film|Huang Xiaoming, Xu Zheng 大唐玄奘【Huashi TV】

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Moondog - Witch of Endor (1969)

Trump's $300 Million SPAC Deal May Have Skirted Securities Laws

ever been to a fundie haunted house?

Guam Freedom Coalition holds 'March Against Mandates' protest

Racist 'white replacement theory' goes mainstream with Republicans

Killed in seconds: why did the FBI shoot Jonathan Cortez in an Oakland corner store?

The New York Times' 'Nazi Correspondent'

On Ayman show: Justice Dept. won't charge Burr over stock sales.

When will leaders in the white community do something about the lawlessness among white gangs?

Just turn on a football game it's 49 to 45 in the third quarter

Latest census data for Guam released; population down by 3.5 percent

I am not a Ohio native ...

XUAN ZANG: Chinese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film|Huang Xiaoming, Xu Zheng 大唐玄奘【Huashi T

Eiza Wolfe - Hate You Too...

Medina County child contracts rabies after being bit by a bat, Texas DSHS says

CNMI Governor orders closure of all schools

Santana - Black Magic Woman

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet:

Stacey Abrams group donates more than $1 million to erase medical debts of people in five states

Sunday Morning & Sunny Day Off ☀️ Autumn 🍂 Bossa Nova Jazz Streaming

3 former governors urge plans for new Aloha Stadium to be cancelled

Northern Lights thread.

Hawaiʻi DOH fines Navy $325K for Red Hill fuel storage facility violations

This is Halloween -- The Nightmare Before Christmas

Lessons In Love (extended version) -- Level 42

Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett side with liberal justices, decline to

Kaiser pharmacists, therapists in Hawaii vote in favor of strike

Evangelical reality star Jim Bob Duggar announces run for office in Arkansas

I mailed a 2 day priority letter pak to its destination and it arrived timely.

Bolivia: Fate of 11-year-old girl raped by family member sparks abortion debate

'Dishonest competition': Putin lashes out at G20 over vaccines - Al Jazeera

Kilauea still spurting lava, 1 month into latest eruption

Jason Momoa says he has contracted COVID, is quarantining at home

Climate activists from across Europe gather in Glasgow - Reuters

Trump NOT banned from facebook - spending $100K per week on ads there

In a setback for Black Lives Matter, mayoral campaigns shift to 'law and order'

Hawaii man charged with punching flight attendant on Christmas Eve flight to Seattle

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Love Your Costume Edition

Army Holds Large-Scale Readiness Exercise In Hawaii For The First Time

'We've Had Enough Thoughts And Prayers': Steve Cohen Calls For Gun Control Reform - Forbes News

Richard Henzel Reads "The Craven" - Rocky Mountain Mike

If your running as a Democrat

Florida education chairman's dirty dredging case represents a failure to communicate

DeSantis announces five-day special session to deal with COVID mandates

If Herring(D-VA) had ran for Governor in 2021, would he have won the Democratic nomination?

The cruelty (and racism) is the point

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis warns companies against being too 'woke' at Orlando conference

Breakfast Sunday 31 October 2021

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, October 31, 2021

Federal government files complaint against Florida for withholding school board pay

Funny and sad at the same time: Cops catch sovereign-citizen literally drunk asleep at the wheel.

Puerto Rico Outfoxed the Pandemic

This is Gold

A fatal night in Kenosha

Looking for recs on fully mechanical keyed doorknobs

Freedman descendents hope for increased federal care.

American B-1B bomber flies over Mideast amid Iran tensions

The next normal: The future of medication abortion is at home

How a Board Game Helped Win a War

So a Russian spy a klan member and televangelists walk into a bar

Buffalo Soldiers at Vancouver Barracks

So Trump did the the Tomahawk Chop with Melania during last night.....

This week's major U.S. economic reports (November 1 - November 5)

So was TFG there cheering Atlanta????

China's Manufacturing Activity Contracts for Second Straight Month

Even Paint Makers Are Feeling the Chip Shortage

Mask Mandates, Critical Race Theory Heat Up School-Board Elections

Today in history: First Black NBA Player

Bucks to celebrate NBA title at White House Nov. 8

Halloween Is Back On This Year: 'We Are Going All Out'

The Loch Ness Monster

Review: How did the Beatles do it? Paul McCartney is finally telling us.

Biden Adm Reportedly Considering $450,000 Payments To Families Separated At Southern Border

When dumb meets smart. Ron Johnson vs Mary Anne Franks.

CNN's Jim Acosta Righteously Renames the Tucker Carlson, Fox News False Flag Flick: 'PROUD BOY PORN'

Halloween sunrise

3 deaths now linked to hepatitis A outbreak at Famous Anthony's restaurants

Pope: May 'cry of the Earth' be heard at UN climate summit

My Girl Friend is going to Katmandu,

Melania wasn't very happy at the World Series last night. Like the inauguration all over again:

"Seditious" tRump?

G20 make commitments on climate neutrality, coal financing

The reality of the Jan 6 Committee is...

USGS - Groundwater Flow Into Upper Colorado Basin Could Fall By 1/3 In Next 30 Years

"Saint Maud". Perfect creepfest for Halloween!

"Saint Maud". One creepy film. Perfect for Halloween!

It isn't Halloween until we've heard this song:

Halloween Kitten Tale!!

Better-Than-Expected Monsoon Boosts NM's Elephant Butte Reservoir To . . . 4% Of Capacity

Season Of The Witch

Alabama College Disinvites Historian Jon Meacham After Anti-Abortion Protest

Treating Evangelicals to the Golden Rule

Happy Halloween 2021

As UK Government Pushes Tree-Planting Panacea, Nurseries Running Out, Labor In Short Supply (Brexit)

Marie Antoinette's Adultery Unmasked by Modern Science

1/3 Of Britain's Flood Defenses Are Private; Owners Cannot Be Compelled To Fix Or Maintain Them

Glenn Kirschner .....MSNBC 10/31/2021

Addam's Family Original Opening

Tonight's baseball game in Atlanta may be last time pitchers are at bat.

Small school asswhoopings 🎃 and odd scores

Halloween: An Occasional Poem

The networks should ask and get permission from HBO to show Four Hours At The Capitol:

This sweetheart is growing bigger, and becoming more delightful and handsome by the day

"It's hard to have hope".....

WARNING! Don't eat hot dogs today!

After Shitstain Deliberately Broke The BLM, Biden Faces Task Of Trying to Rebuild The Agency

Bernie's trying to get prescription drug pricing into social safety net bill before House vote

Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb - Guilty - Live 1986

Woman Visits A Chained Up Dog For Over A Year

One in six New York City workers remain unvaccinated after Friday deadline

Losing weight is easy, just move your book collection around.

Dear DU, if you find a pic of this, please post it:

Halloween is Screamin' Jay Hawkins Day.

Player "Baby Come Back" 1977

World's Most Expensive Home Listed for 547 million!

Ramones - Pet Sematary

Ba dum dum! "I heard David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler planned to attend the World Series tonight....

Nurse Ken Films Himself Getting Fired - The Damage Report

Ghost - Cirice

Utah's finest! No Lauren Boebert you rep Colorado. 🤓🤪 whoopsie

Braves fan's reaction to Trump attending game cracks up CNN reporter (CNN)

Shooting at Gilroy council member's home leaves 1 dead, 3 hurt

Year old Halloween candy

G20 pledge climate action but make few commitments

G20 pledge climate action but make few commitments

Josh Marshall: The Most Damning Jan 6th Revelation Yet

In one month the house will be sold.

Good Day DU (October 31, 2021)

So, um, is Bannon in jail yet?

Hindu-Muslim violence crosses border from Bangladesh to India

The Pharmacies Giving Ivermectin To People Bamboozled By Right-Wing Misinformation

Daylight Savings Time ends NEXT Sunday

Joe Manchin wanted to have work requirements for people to have paid leave from work.

Saudi Arabia expels Lebanese ambassador over minister's criticism of Yemen war

The anchor-outs: San Francisco's bohemian boat dwellers fight for their way of life

When a Witness Recants

Seriously, the food here is really expensive. The soup is_______ $8

A Southwest Airlines pilot reportedly used an anti-Joe Biden chant during an announcement to passeng

The new Twix Halloween ad featuring a gender nonconforming child in a positive light has the maga...

Jerry Remy, Red Sox icon on the field and in the broadcast booth, dies at 68

Why Many Police Traffic Stops Turn Deadly

2840 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 1 death

The truth about Glenn Youngkin's closing ad

When Will January 6th Be Over?

I Really Can't Comment on the Virginia Gubernatorial Election

Philly becomes 1st major US city to ban police from stopping drivers for low-level traffic violation

"Owning" Trump and his imitators

An old Battenburg lace tablecloth from the 1950s

I see no forum for this so I am posting in the lounge.

Bash presses Buttigieg on paid family leave (CNN)

Feds say "not going to jail because I'm white" Jenna Ryan needs to go to jail

I am just tired to the bone.. tired of it all..

That was weird! I just logged in and received a message that my posting privileges has been revoked.

Florida man arrested after leaving a pizza trail of clues for deputies

Conservative students embrace "cancel culture"

German lumpers and splitters

What's your new porn name? Color of your underwear plus the last thing you ate.

Jerry Remy, Red Sox icon on the field and in the broadcast booth, dies at 68

Across the Desk - S4:E16 (Stitt Fit - More Tantrums from Oklahoma's Governor)

CDC says unvaccinated young foreign travelers do not need to quarantine

Eyes on Roberts, Kavanaugh and Barrett as SCOTUS considers Texas' abortion ban

Biden Agenda's Vote Timeline in Question as Sanders Weighs In

Author Clock: A Novel Way To Tell Time

The Demand for Money Behind Many Police Traffic Stops

Kinzinger speaks out on leaving Congress, 'cancer' in the Republican Party

Mark Zuckerberg Changes Name to Mother Teresa

Thank you, DU!

Cartoons 10/31/2021

Body cameras are coming to the Mukilteo Police Department

Over the last four decades, HIV/AIDS has killed at least 700,000 Americans. COVID-19 has killed more

Note about wingnuts in their game of Gotcha. They don't deserve our Lib Bleeding Hearts.

Can anyone here tell me what is wrong with me?

What Fiction are you reading this week, October 31, 2021?

Say, whatever happened to Project Veritas' defamation suit against the New York Times?

It's a beautiful October day here in Little Egypt and jeans, flannel shirts and boots are

The little-known hiking trail that built Canada

CNN Panel Sides With Bernie Over Gutted Budget Bill

See the newest RW painting of how they view TFG.

2021 Virginia Statewide Elections prediction?

Timely 2021 Halloween display

Biden's job rating sinks to 42 percent in NBC News poll a year from midterms

Happy Halloween!

The best advice I have ever received. Seriously.

Cross post from the lounge because I didn't know of this group.


2021 Election Record 93,257 Votes Cast Saturday in Virginia, Up to 1,139,503 Early Votes Cast

Philadelphia to become first major US city to ban minor traffic stops to promote equity

Happy Halloween! Creature Feature Buried Alive

11:15a: Skies brightening out there across the DMV. We'll still see clouds at times,

How to get friends

Man dies in Spain after being gored during bull run

Anti mandate protesters cheer in support of SDNY as garbage trucks roll by their protest in Staten I

Arrested For Wearing a Helmet in Public - $250,000 Settlement Rejected

My least favorite, horror, on TCM tonight:

'It was a classless move': High school football team blows out opponent 106-0

Al Franken for New York Senate?

This Guy Stopped Traffic To Save A Kitten In The Road

'Against the Wind'...Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - 1980

A SAN FRANCISCO Chinatown Legend: Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Why is the press rooting for a Democratic loss in Virginia?

Wishing all of our Wiccan friends a blessed Samhain.

At least 17 injured in knife attack and fire on Tokyo subway crowded with Halloween revelers


Student's Karen-Like Rant Is A GRIM Reminder - Rebel HQ

Talk about an anti-Halloween buzzkill: "If you want candy get a job" lol

Sanders working to get prescription drug price provision in social spending bill

More weird MAGA "art"

Top Authentic Food in San Francisco Chinatown

Southwest Airlines to investigate pilot's purported anti-Biden chant


Tweet of the Day

I don't usually delve in salaciousness.

FOR JUJU: 5 MUST TRY Spots on CONVOY STREET - Best Asian Food in San Diego

Roger Stone threatens to run against DeSantis if there is no 2020 election audit

Working on a baby blanket for a shower on Nov 13.

The Washington Post has published a long analysis of 1/6.

The next Governor of VA after McAuliffe-D or Youngkin-R will be Ayala-D.

Hey Robert Reich,. FYI..Supreme Court justices don't appoint and confirm themselves.

For Juju Chen, (AND everyone else!) San Diego's ASIAN food tour!!

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Biden, Democrats failing to sell agenda to American people: POLL

Cori Bush Roasts Oil Executives Over Impact On Black Community

VA-GOV: Those who've had at least one dose of a covid vaccine support Terry McAuliffe by 14%

MALAYSIAN FOOD! - Fung Bros Food

Walking Around Japantown in San Francisco California Peace Pagoda the largest Japantown In USA

Matt Gaetz talks about blowing up the metal detectors in the House with Tannerite or C4

Please pray for wisdom in the electorate on Tuesday,

walking about the largest Japantown in the USA in San Francisco!! (my home!)

3,500-Year-Old Babylonian Tablet May Contain Earliest Known Depiction of a Ghost

What might've helped our Senate majority number? Manchin NOT

American Airlines cancels over 740 flights Sunday

Our Halloween sky

Funny Halloween prank--wait for the end:

The suburban Virginia block that explains how Democrats might be about to blow it

Judge grants request by Limetree Bay to delay auction to next month

Eastern Orthodox Patriarch: Young people can save democracy and the planet

Best group costume I've seen this year

This is so awesome:

The one & only time the late great VINCENT PRICE performed his 'Rap' from "Thriller"

Warming relations between Israel and Arab countries creates new application for Aravrit,....

(Jewish Group) Warming relations between Israel & Arab countries creates new application for Aravrit

U.S. judge sentences Manitoban ex-reservist Patrik Mathews to 9 years in prison for role in neo-Nazi

Hidden Brain: We Broke the Planet. Now What?

The booster knocked us on our asses

Virgin Islands exodus can be traced to high cost of living, subpar services

Antimasker Who Used Gay Slur at Lawmaker Is Now Dead of COVID

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 31, 2021

Massive amount of info available for Capitol riot legal cases

Trick or Treat? Puerto Rico PD to get 'blue flu' on Halloween over retirement benefits


One woman "anti-faxxer" protest: "Fax machines kill (my spirit), My papers my choice"


Tiniest Abandoned Puppy Makes Unreal Transformation

I think it hilarious they don't trust a vaccine from the people who make Viagra.

U.N. deep-sea mining rules unlikely to be completed by 2023 deadline, Latin American countries say.

Dive bombing the eagle

Happy Birthday, Dan Rather!

WALKING tour of San Francisco's Chinatown!

Woman runs retirement home for unwanted pet alligators

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will win to remain in the majority.

Halloween Means Trick, Not Treat, for Child Slaves

Stray Kitten Chooses Policewoman As His New Mother

V.I. Senator Kenneth Gittens Hospitalized at Juan F. Luis Hospital, Said to be in Stable But Serious

Is the ISIS attack on Virginia over?

a bit of good news,

Damn it, the WSOP is not on ESPN this's on CBS Sports or streaming on Paramount plus.

Not defending Gruden in any way but why is the info on him...

S.F.'s Castro Safeway closing early because of 'out of control' shoplifting

Scotsman calls the dentist....

New Evidence of Ongoing Domestic Terror Threat Links to General Michael T. Flynn

Maybe make everyday Halloween

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 1 November 2021

Here's a depressing article from John Harwood....

Happy Holloween Everyone

an array, down-creek

Nice sky southern MD, 'partly cloudy', 7 mph WNW

San Francisco, California Walking Tour - Fisherman's Wharf (4K Ultra HD 60fps) - With Captions

Dog scoots under furniture and successfully retrieves toy then other dog steals it!

Hozier - In The Woods Somewhere

How about this on a T-shirt or bumper sticker:

Nina Turner just sent a fundraising request for her Federal campaign committee....

Jerry Remy, Boston Red Sox player and broadcaster, dies

Repeal of Parental Notice of Abortion will head to Pritzker

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Biden says US 'continuing to suffer' from Trump's decision to pull out of Iran nuclear deal


US Supreme Court Live Audio of Texas Abortion Case.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki Tests Positive for Covid - Mild Symptoms

Got my Moderna booster

Alex Witt this afternoon after Chairwoman Maxine Waters ran down a list of what House Democratic....

Just heard Gillibrand on the radio talking family leave. She...

Don't lock me!

Detail from a French postcard, 1905....

How extremist Christian theology is driving the right-wing assault on democracy

for those who plan to VISIT San Francisco AND want the city's best Japanese Cusine may I suggest my

0thello on this halloween evening

Girl with Death Mask, 1938 by Frida Kahlo

SB 1169 on Pritzker's desk supports firing people who don't comply with COVID-19 mandates

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite (1888-1960) Australian illustrator #WomensArt #Samhain

How science is helping unearth an 80-year-old Holocaust mystery

How extremist Christian theology is driving the right-wing assault on democracy (and repro rights)

Braves fan's reaction to Trump attending game cracks up CNN reporter

I Put A Spell On You -- Marilyn Manson

Queen released 'Bohemian Rhapsody' 46 years ago, October 31, 1975

War Pigs (Live Video) -- Black Sabbath

Almost exactly 40 years ago, Guy Clark was featured on Austin City Limits

Huh- Didn't know this - Men 18 to 25 must notify Sel. Service System if they move

Sunset, southern MD

White House press secretary Psaki says she has COVID-19

Manchin said paid-leave programs could entice fraud, inquired about work requirements: report

Finally, a newspaper that's not afraid to print the truth.

Press Sec Psaki & her family test Positive for Covid.

One of Disney's scariest cartoons...

Snowiest October in the Twin Cities? No, not 1991 the Halloween Blizzard,

One dead, dozens detained after group of migrants tries to swim around U.S.-Mexico border fence

Democrats Back Off Plans for Tuesday Vote

Spoiler alert request for DUers. Olympic trials curling is on tonight.

Rubio Urges GOP-Big Business Divorce

Joe Biden dismisses bad polling and says domestic agenda set to pass

Republican Senate Candidate Alleges "Domestic Terrorism" and Extortion Threats From Michael Flynn

N.E. Ohio's GOP Headquarters

I have to ask: is anyone else being BESIEGED with email begging

Ok, So I know we have low vax numbers, but why are vaxxed ppl getting sick?

"The Most Damning Jan 6th Revelation Yet"

We're not the only ones calling out garland

"A Pivotal Change": Economist Darrick Hamilton on What the Build Back Better Act Could Accomplish

Doing 'The Lambeth Walk' Nazi Style- The Gestapo Hep-Cats: British WW2 Parody

Happy Birthday to Eric Gales

Live shot of Donald Trump and Melania, leaving the Braves game.

SHOCKING!! Trump commits ANOTHER crime!!

Brady with a pick 6 with 1:24 left

The life-or-death stakes of the Rittenhouse trial

GOP candidate: Michael Flynn trying to run extortion plot on U.S. officials to reinstall Trump

So if we can't tax unrealized gains can't we ban federally insured banks from issuing loans with

Some more data from Virginia early vote(updated for Saturday)

For those who asked to see it.....

Jewish fraternity house on GW campus broken into and vandalized, sacred texts desecrated

Reese's peanut butter cups (pumpkins) are the best candy. I'll die on this hill.

Here's what 'Let's Go, Brandon' actually means and how it made its way to Congress

My new ride!

So I rarely watch 60 Minutes anymore, but tonight....