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Do Texans not sue all the interstate commerce for $10,000? You know

1.5 Billion Facebook Users' Personal Information Allegedly Posted for Sale (previous leak)

The role of political devotion in sharing partisan misinformation

A few

I Could Write A Book - Dinah Washington

Billionaire Star Trek - SNL

There are some franchises that just don't mix!

Thunder and lightning in L.A.

Democratic Voters Drive Decline in Sinema's Popularity in Arizona

Trump is never going to get past the "might run" stage

Florida man pleads guilty to assaulting police at U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6

Sen. Susan Collins floats GOP support for a debt limit hike in exchange for Democrats abandoning Bid

Turtle McConnell is counting on

Ex-White House press secretary warns TFG 'will be about revenge' if reelected

Charges filed against two former Christian Youth Theatre workers for alleged sexual abuse

Factbox-How could U.S. Senate Democrats raise the debt limit on their own?

Ron Johnson is the dumbest motherfucker

Oklahoma judge blocks 2 abortion laws, allows 3 others

Glory hallelujah... praise Jesus! Facebook is BACK ONLINE! Now I can...

Battling Delta, New Zealand Abandons Its Zero-Covid Ambitions

One of the men accused of murdering Ahmaud Arbery is fighting to ban photos of his Confederate Flag

Garland defends DOJ from criticisms about charging decisions in Capitol riot cases

Democratic super PAC launches campaign blasting AT&T for donating to lawmakers who sponsored Texas a

Jeopardy has become "The Matt Amodio Asks the Questions Show"

Know any good Chuck Norris jokes?

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! I'm sorry about last Friday! & Thanks Judi Lynn

Homer and Jethro - Daddy Played First Base

Why does every "in depth" NPR report sound like

TFG Could Be Deposed About Zervos Assault Claims by Christmas

Pro-Trump lawyer admitted to Pence he had no power to pull off his proposed coup: Maggie Haberman

Chicken Pot Pie! I'll say no more.

Please, check in if you're okay!

Let's just leave this here about Ms. Sinema.

Fiona Hill is on Rachel with Ali n/t

Anyone else finding this site unstable?

Alan Kalter, David Letterman's 'Late Show' Announcer, Dies at 78

Report shows Tacoma saw fastest rent growth among metro cities in Puget Sound

So, I just posted to Mr. Elliot's thread that was self deleted.

Linda Ronstadt with Eagles - Silver Threads & Golden Needles

Now We Know Why Facebook Went Down

Schumer sets up Wednesday vote to suspend debt ceiling

Powell faces Nov 4 hearing in Texas to determine if misconduct charges from MI go forward

Linda Ronstadt - Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me

The USA was never broken. So how did Trump get away with the motto, "Making America

The Orange Blob Legal Defense Strategy

Is Facebook good or bad?

If every fertilized egg is life, why don't Republicans legislate IVF

Puerto Rico has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build a clean energy grid - but FEMA plans to spend

2022 US Senate Elections that Democrats will win by a landslide to a narrow margin.

Wynton Marsallis - 15 minutes to being a legend.

The Forgotten City Hall Riot

People outside Sarasota Sch Bd (FL) member Shirley Brown's house tonight

I think we were robbed

They are so desperate

Almost $8 trillion in debt under Trump. $676 billion under Biden. (Psaki brought a chart)

Does anyone remember the days when TV shows would go to commercials,

Best instructional video on how to get out of a ticket

See how Instagram promoted pages glorifying eating disorders to teen accounts (CNN)

How China's Queer Youth Built an Underground Ballroom Scene

Remember the guy whose wife sued the hospital to force them to administer Ivermectin to him ???

Malaysia protests presence of Chinese vessels in its waters

Cooper: The fact our lead story centers on a whistleblower says something about transparency (CNN)

Wow! This ad is truly powerful:

Riot Reckoning?: Trump Aides Face Possible 'Criminal Referrals' (MSNBC)

Homeownership less affordable than any point in last 13 years

A United States Senator, ladies and gentlemen

a debt default idea

How 'Big Funeral' Made the Afterlife So Expensive

Facebook Apologizes for January 6th: "We Put the Lives of Politicians We Own at Risk"

The Biden administration takes aim at Big Chicken. But its goose might not yet be cooked

Washington Football Team facility reportedly raided by feds, head trainer placed on leave

On this date in 1966, I was on my way to basic training at Fort Campbell, KY....

Yes, your mail is getting slower, America. The postmaster general's changes at the US Postal Service

Every Sperm Is Sacred

TFG wife III wanted to send full-length mirrors to African children so they could 'see that they are

So, you're angry. What are you going to DO about it?

U.S. Chamber No Longer Backs Infrastructure Bill

Sort of listening to Dowd on CNN.

Trump White House staffers ordered room service on the Saudi government's dime because they didn't k

TFG rolled his eyes and complained that Prince Charles focused on climate change during tea

TFG boy's families cut other kids in line at the White House Easter Egg Roll, book says

The Moon Is Leaving Us

Rep. Swalwell Calls For A Digital Convention When It Comes To Social Media - Deadline - MSNBC

Relax Cafe Music (Each day of the week if you access their site.)

Boy, I don't know what's come of me.


Weird ponder for the night.

Garland taps FBI in response to 'disturbing spike' in threats against educators

Symphony, Hangar 18, Conquer - Rehearsals

Miles Taylor: 'Mark Zuckerberg Should Be Sweating' - Deadline - MSNBC

they can, due to an 1806 albatross rule that authoritarians are using to kill democracy

Anti-vax protesters knock down COVID testing site in Union Square, NYC

Anti-vax protesters knock down COVID testing site in Union Square, NYC

Facebook & Instagram DOWN, Trump Battles Twitter & Brady Battles Belichick

NYC Teacher's Union members held a disruptive protest against COVID vaccination mandates today...

Power window rolls up on and kills girl playing in parked car in Arizona

Growing Politicization Inside SCOTUS Following Recent Abortion Rulings - Deadline - MSNBC

Brazil's tragic ivermectin frenzy

One Man Shouldn't Control the Nuclear Button - William Perry WSJ oped

Who ya gonna call?

Up Above My Head - Sister Rosetta Tharpe - The Godmother of Rock & Roll

Where Are The Consequences For The Trump Enablers? - All In - MSNBC

Backfield in Motion

Detroit post office officially named after Aretha Franklin

Trump wanted the press at a hospital visit, not to

Ron Johnson spewing talking point ripped straight from the Ivermectin Facebook groups.

Man shoots self in leg in Times Square while urinating

I've been watching

It's Not The Democrats Being Bad On Messaging It Is The MSM Driving The Narrative Regardless

Republican Party Is Becoming Armed Insurgency In U.S. Says Malcolm Nance

Cuban baseball players defect during World Cup tournament in Mexico

Cuban baseball players defect during World Cup tournament in Mexico

Just heard this for the first time this evening.

This evening's sky

Seth Meyers - Christie Says 2020 Biden Is "Dead," Rubio Calls Biden Agenda "Marxism": A Closer Look

New York's largest health care provider fires 1,400 unvaccinated employees.


Kyrsten Sinema 'Enjoying The Attention, Without Putting Out Any Policy' Expert Asserts - The ReidOut

Manchin Gets BLASTED By West Virginian

Large fleet of Chinese fishing vessels encroaches on South American waters at Galapagos Islands

(Jewish Group) The 'Spanish Schindler' saved 5,200 Jews during the Holocaust.

(Jewish Group) Amid antisemitism, 101 local Jewish federations to spend $54M on improving security

(Jewish Group)Scientist David Julius, grandparents fled Czarist Russia, wins Nobel Prize in medicine

Severe flooding overwhelms Oman following historic landfall by Cyclone Shaheen

With Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram down all day, my wife and I had our first conversation...

'Bridgerton' hair and makeup designer Marc Pilcher dead at 53

Bonus Tweet of the Day

IATSE Members Overwhelmingly Approve Strike Authorization; AMPTP Says It "Remains Committed To Reach

Texas board recommends posthumous pardon for George Floyd in 2004 case

Please stop using "conservative" to reference the Republican Party

AG Merrick Garland ordered the FBI to meet with U.S. Attorneys re threats to school boards, admins

Facebook Whistleblower: They Put Profits Over Safety - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Group files complaint with California bar association against John Eastman, TFG's coup attorney

Two vases and their leaves...

Witnessed a neighbor's cat in full predation

☦ Orthodox Christian Prayer to St. Panteleimon for Healing, Great Martyr and Unmercenary

(Yet another) Memo to the GOP

Panama police shoot targets in Arab clothing in Israel-run training course

House committee issues subpoenas to organizers of January 6 Stop the Steal rally - CBS News

Former Slaves In Alabama In 1936-1937 With Slave Song "Waitin On You"

Gov. Parson won't stop execution of intellectually disabled Missouri man

Sinema's approval rating crashes -- and she's hurting herself with independents as well as Democrats

Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine awarded for research of receptors for temperature and touch

School Board Meeting - SNL

Woody Guthrie Museum, Tulsa, Oklahoma

After Blocking Debt Ceiling Vote, Mitch McConnell Blames Democrats - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

favorite historical Kdramas

Hidden Mangrove Forest In Yucatan Peninsula Reveals Ancient Sea Levels

Amber Alert

Alaska allowing hospitals to ration care

Hidden Mangrove Forest In Yucatan Peninsula Reveals Ancient Sea Levels

Fiona Hill says Trump's presidency was a 'mistake,' warning populist politicians like him 'short-cir

Alberto Fujimori, ex-president of Peru, in 'delicate' health after hospitalization

Virginia GOP Funds Anti-Semitic Ad Targeting Democratic Incumbent - The Last Word - MSNBC

Hospitalized Alabama COVID patients largely unvaccinated

Bill would charge Idaho public officials for aiding vaccine mandate

'Christian Taliban Leader' Madison Cawthorn Accused of Calling for 'Holy War' Against Democrats

Nursing shortage a crisis in St. Louis

Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall more than a year late reporting stock trades by his children

Labor shortage getting serious

Novak, Foulds, Mendelssohn, Paine, Ravel

al franken has it right on msnbc. dems need to be like mitch not manchin and

Someone In Morro Bay, CA Is Feeling Damn Good Right About Now

David Letterman's 'Late Show' Announcer Alan Kalter Dies At 78 - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

France's Sarkozy likely to avoid jail despite new conviction

Scandal-hit Ozy Media says it has re-launched

Biden lifts abortion referral ban on family planning clinics

Ex-president Saakashvili jailed in Georgia

Another Major Oil Spill Exposes Big Oil's Poor Preparedness - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Defund The Billionaires

USPS Begins Postal Banking Pilot Program

Russia's Eroded Democracy Seen As Cautionary Tale For U.S. After Trump - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Beatles - Blue Jay Way

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/4/21

Oregon Attorney General going after "Second Amendment sanctuaries."

Oregon congressional candidate Alek Skarlatos' use of funds questioned

384 pounds of meth seized in Eugene, largest bust in Oregon history

breaking: French priests abused 216,000 victims since 1950

Breakfast Tuesday 5 October 2021

County clerks in Oregon inundated with calls for audit of 2020 presidential election

no one attempts to stop fights anymore? two people fighting... just point the camera and cheer?

More than 400 McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center workers to strike this week

NOTE: My malware protection app has identified

Jury awards $6.3M to Shannen Doherty in State Farm fire suit

Legacy Health puts nearly 800 employees on unpaid leave for failing to comply with vaccination polic

update on former NASCAR drive John Townley... he was attacking ex-wife with hatchet when shot dead

Fully vaccinated for COVID-19, by state: Florida is at 57.4%; VT wins this at 69.6%; WV last at 40.5

Bill Kristol tweets a winner...

Morgan doesn't seem to have an appetite, this morning

Iditarod announces new principal partners for 50th anniversary race

RE: the various opinions about FB...

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2021

Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded for Study of Humanity's Role in Changing Climate

GOP Megadonor Won't Back Trump In 2024

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, October 5, 2021

A peaceful moment for you today

Inside the Right's Plan to Rebrand Sex Ed as 'Child Porn'

Time for the timelines and theme for the October Photography contest!

Subject Still On The Run, Amber Alert Cancelled.

Clip on CNN: Mike Pence is a disingenuous weasel.

Racist 'Landlord From Hell' Tortured Tenants During Pandemic, Lawsuit Says

Jan 6 Committee Vs. Team Trump: Committee Is Loaded For Bear

Bubba Wallace wins at Talladega, becomes second Black driver to win NASCAR Cup race

On CNN now: Stephanie Grisham

14% Of All The Corals On Earth Died In Less Than 10 Years; At Same Time, Reef Algae Grew 20%

Morrison Wants To Explain His Climate "Plan" To Coal Region Residents, "Not To People Overseas"

Oh, Brah-Fucking-Vo: 3rd New Coal Mine In 1 Month Approved in Australia; 52 Million Tons' Worth

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Want $35 Million to Say 'Bye, Bye, Bye' to Their L.A. Mansion

So, TFG isn't announcing for 2024 because he was told it would blow things for the GOP in

On this day, October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs died.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Dirty Old Town - Chad and Jeremy

2021 Saw Driest Summer In Yellowstone Since The Dust Bowl; Rain In Some Areas Down 75% For June

Middle Age Riot tweet:

New Comic Releases for October 6, 2021

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 9/29/21

Ghosts of Comics' Past: October in Comic History - Origin of the CCA

The Rundown: October 5, 2021

The Colorado River Is in Crisis. The Walton Family Is Pushing a Solution.

The Latest: J&J seeks FDA OK for vaccine booster doses

3-word review of Oats Studios season 1 on Netflix

Today in History: PBS is Founded

Why supply chain bottlenecks could be a threat to Biden's climate efforts

Hey DU! We need to start planning the 🎄 War on Christmas 🎄

U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services, August 2021

Interesting- Francis Collins stepping down as NIH director

Clinton High School students stage walk-out; officer's confrontation with Black student was a breaki

She Comes In Colors

The Case Against Temporary, Half-Assed Reforms

BREAKING: Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) Under Investigation

Black woman in rural Texas unable to vote, advocates say system is unfair

Group asks DC court panel to investigate DOJ official who peddled false Trump election claims

Steve Miller has a birthday today.

On Climate Policy, Very Different Conditions For Dems Compared To 2009 Cap-And-Trade Failure

BW Stevenson was born on this date.

The ladies are suddenly more affectionate---connection?

Statement from Facebook

was there any legal fallout from the panama papers?

Tuesday TOONs - Facebook: Blue Is The New Yellow

This is a great way to ridicule the crazy anti-vaxxers! 🤣😂😜

After Denialist BS Slips Through Peer Review & Gets Yanked, Authors Whine About "Climate Activists"

Donald Trump Falls Off The Forbes 400 For First Time In 25 Years

Speaking of funerals

U.S. Trade Deficit Widens to Record in August as Imports Rebound

Attorney General Garland Should Join DU!

Coming Up - 10:00 AM EST: Facebook Whistleblower testifies before Senate

Best Flannel Sheets

Satellite Images Show Massive Armada Of Idle Cargo Ships Waiting To Dock In Long Beach

How the Cyber Ninjas ended up delivering what Republicans really wanted in Arizona

Oil Spill in California threatens wildlife.

Empty DesksEmpty Desks at the State Department, Courte at the State Department, Courtesy of Ted Cruz

nice morning interlude with u. albotross and music.

Fire At D.C. Homeless Encampment Leaves One Person Dead

Washington National Cathedral will toll its funeral bell 700 times today at 5 p.m.

TLP today launched the first in a series of ads targeting Virginia gubernatorial candidate Youngkins

TLP today launched the first in a series of ads targeting Virginia gubernatorial candidate Youngkins

Facebook Knew Its Algorithm Fed QAnon Content to Users Within a Week

TLP today launched the first in a series of ads targeting Virginia gubernatorial candidate Youngkins

Across the Desk - S4:E12 (OK A.G. 'I have no clue about any of this' O'Connor)

This is Charles Graham and he's a Democratic candidate running for Congress in North Carolina

This is Charles Graham and he's a Democratic candidate running for Congress in North Carolina

This Man Lost 20% of His Brain Tissue. Missouri Still Wants to Execute Him.

Trump Falls Off List of Wealthiest Americans

Francis Collins to step down as NIH director by year's end

Koch-Funded Group: Provides Pointers For Harassing Your Local School Board

FBI raids NYPD sergeants union Manhattan headquarters

Marcia Blackburn looks like she had a rough night.... n/t

Safari can't open page...

The Kiss By Gustav Klimt: Great Art Explained

A whole lotta historical pixs

Man, woman arrested after toddler shot in leg in Ramona, CA

Lonely Baby Rhino Starts Wrestling With A Goat

There's a big disconnect between the corporate media and working people.

Group asks DC court panel to investigate DOJ official who peddled false Trump election claims

This continues to be the greatest squirrel feeder ever

Boo hoo. Man who assaulted cops on Jan 6 bawls at his sentencing hearing.

Eric Burdon Band - Letter From The Country Farm

Wapost doing a great job on Pandora Papers!! [10 articles in the series so far]

FBI raids NYPD sergeants union Manhattan headquarters

San Diego Hourly Minimum Wage Will Increase to $15 Effective Jan. 1

Fortenberry got $30,000 from illegal foreign donor; spokesman points out he wasn't charged

Opinion: Closing Rikers Island is a matter of life and death

Anti-vax Dr. escorted out of UCLA Medical Center

Will the mainstream media ever face its failure to tell the truth about Jan. 6?

Radical megachurch preacher warns that New York Gov. Kathy Hochul "may be a man"

So Bannon apparently has a coup plan for 2024. Might be good news.

Capitol Police investigating suspicious vehicle outside Supreme Court

Letter template distributed by Koch group to fight against public health regulations

Can I share something that I think helped advance our tribal environment?

Bodeans - Fadeaway

Seattle: Sound Transit opens light-rail extension to Northgate

CNN Wins Chyron of the Year

Florida Man Caught With Enough Fentanyl to Kill Over 2,000 People: Deputies

Washington Spirit CEO resigns amid reckoning in National Women's Soccer League

On this day, October 5, 1961, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" was released.

Washington Spirit CEO resigns amid reckoning in National Women's Soccer League

Dang it.......put both flannel sheets on the bed TO EARLY 😡

TFG proves Size DOES Matter.

On this day, October 5, 1961, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" was released.

Of the ten 2021 playoff teams, only two spend below the league average on payroll

What's Wrong With Kyrsten Sinema?

Argentina ranks third for offshore bank accounts in 'Pandora Papers' leak

Argentina ranks third for offshore bank accounts in 'Pandora Papers' leak

Pick a suspect

Bodycam shows Minneapolis officers 'hunting' civilians during Floyd protests

sinema's "Statement Following Events at ASU on Sunday." finally she talks?

Must See TV. Charles Graham (NC 09 Challenger) Best AD of the Year!

Pic Of The Moment: Funny How That Works

Good Day DU (October 5, 2021)

My Tax Plan - Tax Net Worth Growth Over $10 Million As Income - Give Workers Tax Cuts

Sinema is really pissing me off!

2254 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 74 deaths

Thank you thread for Judge Chutkans

One person in California wins Monday's $699.8 million Powerball jackpot after 40 drawings without...

Couldn't get to sleep last night. Brain was filled with "Manchin, Sinema, Jayapal."

A word to the wise

Chile's Pinera impacted by Pandora Papers

Trump's new Super PAC is named Make America Great Again, Again.

Here's what keeps me awake at night concerning January 6th.

Biden Tells Progressives He's Open to Means-Testing Programs

Failure in Afghanistan Was Trump's Doing...And I'll keep saying it

U.S. Army investigating after Confederate flag is raised at barracks in Germany

Senator Joe Manchin Wants Fewer Households Getting Child Tax Credit Payments

Ex-Facebook employee says products hurt kids, fuel division

High School Cancels Football Season After Players Sodomize Teammate With Object, Post Video

Anti- Maskers At School Board Meetings- Brent Terhune

Rich DEM Donor: 'Tax Rich People Like Me' or He's Done With the Party

Hourlong standoff following reports of a suspicious vehicle outside the Supreme Court

U.S. appeals court rejects challenge by 4 states to state and local tax cap

Confederate Flag Raised at 2nd Cavalry Regiment Headquarters in Germany

Lindsey Graham booed for asking Republicans to consider Covid vaccine

I heard that if a subscriber uses blockers, filters and only trusted friends let in,

President Joe Biden knows where the center of gravity of the Democratic Party is

Stephanie Grisham recounts another time she kissed TFG's huge ass.

TFG's former top Russia advisor says he has a bad case of 'autocrat envy'

Lin Wood claims 'no plane fragments found' at 9/11 target sites

San Antonio idiot sentenced to federal prison for perpetrating COVID-19 hoax

Democrats begin to narrow their differences on Biden's agenda bill

@PressSec: chart. "Almost $8 trillion in debt under Trump; 676 billion under Biden

Barry White - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe (SPare Mix)

Pfizer COVID vaccine 90% effective at preventing hospitalization despite delta

Discipline for unvaccinated federal employees can start on Nov. 9, OPM says

TFG spent most national security meetings acting like a big baby

GOT: House of the Dragon official "teaser"

Group urges California bar to open investigation into John Eastman

Second update on Snowflake.

Who is Haugen and why should we listen to her?

Here we go again: New Trump super PAC formed after accusations of misconduct

Debt-Ceiling Extortion is Domestic Terrorism - Change my mind.

FBI Agents Descend on Headquarters of NYPD Sergeants Union

Criminal inquiry into Trump's Georgia election interference gathers steam

Evan McMullin will challenge Republican Sen. Mike Lee as an independent candidate for Utah's Senate

U.S. Justice Department renews inquiry into FBI's failures in Larry Nassar probe


Yellen: Urgent action needed on debt limit, rejects $1T coin

Maryland Gov. Hogan's former chief of staff is indicted on federal wire fraud charges

Maryland Gov. Hogan's former chief of staff is indicted on federal wire fraud charges

AOC loves President Biden

Biggest tax haven in U.S.? South Dakota, says Pandora Papers investigation

After having his life threatened Mike Pence wants to get back in TFG's good graces.

Have you seen this ad by Charles Graham ( D-NC) candidate for Congress?

Kyrsten Sinema's bathroom protest was a long time coming

COVID testing tent flipped by NY anti-vaccine protesters

Biden plots debt ceiling blitz to focus the blame on McConnell

Caught these @ home, as returned yesterday. Some kind of red bird:

A wingnut letter to the editor pissed me off. My answer.

An interesting article concerning the Capitol windows broken during insurrection.

NYC's COVID Test & Trace Corps just called...

FBI Tapped to Deal with Anti-Mask Parents

What is Merrick Garland doing to help save our country?

Italian Techno Master - Mixed by Mauro Picotto (2002)

Watching YouTube videos. I'm going to start calling this: "Doing my own research."

Did an anchor strike the pipeline? Cause of California oil spill catastrophe could be determined

What Does Mitch McConnell Want?

Fall on hold: Forecasters predict long-lasting warm temperatures in eastern U.S.

Here's what you need to know about King County's COVID vaccine or test requirement starting Oct. 25

Powerful early fall storm threatening coastal Whatcom County today. Here's what to know

How Tesla managed to deliver a record amount of cars inspite of computer chip shortage.

FB whistleblower...

DNC tells unvaccinated workers they could face termination

Manchin Opens Door to Bigger Reconciliation Bill

Greene challenger raises $1.3M in latest quarter

Given the level of voting obstructions, did we really not win some of the races that went GQP?

parsing the title of Newton's opus magnum

Apocalypse Now: On vaccination, Revelation, and the mark of the beast

Pandora Papers in Latin America: Three active heads of state and 11 former presidents named

Pandora Papers in Latin America: Three active heads of state and 11 former presidents named

Breaking: Arizona can't use COVID money for anti-mask grants, feds say

There we go again (re: Russia's supersonic 3M22 tests yesterday from "quiet" sub)... sigh

sinema, messed up.

Bee orchid

The takeaway from the bathroom incident should be that

Now This: seal of approval--

DEEP down the rabbit hole - reaction videos

for Soprano fans - we finally discovered the "Talking Sopranos" podcast

Jan 17 video via Leslie Jones twitter. "A wakeup call for Republicans"

Russian crew blasts off to film movie in space

8-year-old gets prosthetic arm made of Legos:

Rural Alaska at risk as COVID surge swamps faraway hospitals

First grader's viral photo raises over $30K for his college fund

Judge Voids Flathead Valley Bottling Plant's Water Permit

Excellent Blue Jay tutorial video:

Alaska's fourth special session begins with legislators unable to agree on when to meet

FBI raids headquarters of NYPD sergeants union and home of its president

And the Oscar goes to....

Auschwitz museum hit with antisemitic graffiti

Solution everyone can agree on:

The Charleston - James P. Johnson

June: Alabama removes toddler from Michigan family found with marijuana

June: Alabama removes toddler from Michigan family found with marijuana

June: Alabama removes toddler from Michigan family found with marijuana

The Fight We Cannot Afford To Lose

Kellogg workers strike at Battle Creek, three other plants

Kellogg workers strike at Battle Creek, three other plants


Tesla Ordered to Pay $137 Million Over Racism in Rare Verdict

Patriotic Billionaire Only Invests In American-Made Tax Havens

We have the real possibility of creating unprecedented public policy

Who Created the Cooperative Business Model?

Cartoons 10/5/2021

Critics Say Facebook 'Must Be Investigated, Audited, Regulated, and Stopped'

(Jewish Group)EU to Fund Efforts to Help Jews Feel Safer as Polls Show 1 in 3 Considering Emigration

Matt Gaetz's Wingman Asks for Another Sentencing Delay While Cooperating With Feds

Grocers at odds with workers over Black Lives Matter buttons

Anchorage mayor's proposed budget cuts over 50 city jobs

(Jewish Group) Jewish character actor Nehemia Persoff looks back at ups and downs of his first 102 y

Snohomish grads document 'What Happened on First Street'

Hundreds of three-eyed 'dinosaur shrimp' emerge after Arizona monsoon

(Jewish Group) The Scene of the Crime

Cartoon: Zuck face Fox hate By Clay Jones -October 5, 2021 2:07 PM

Republicans gird for battle and businesses brace for details of Biden's new vaccine rule

Positive news on the Polio front

French child kidnap plot shows global sway of QAnon style

Update: Morgan the kitten is finally EATING!! I am so relieved!

(Jewish Group) 9 Jewish Pumpkin Spice Mash-Up Recipes

'Pandora papers' show London is a key hub for tax avoidance

The Birth of the Blues - Johnny Carson and Friends

(Jewish Group) This Blintz Recipe Survived the Holocaust

Biden eager to get out of DC, push benefits of spending plan

October 5, 1956: Sonny Rollins, Kenny Dorham and Max Roach record "Rollins Plays for Bird"

And now a word from an absolute idiot...the headline says it all..... the catch word....MIGHT

Drug distributors persuaded a judge to exclude a key report from WV trial

French report: 330,000 children victims of church sex abuse

Omar Sharif Jr. bravely opens up about sexual assault: "I felt trapped in a body I couldn't control"

Will you need to dial your area code soon? 988 for suicide prevention is why

Elvis Costello plays "Penny Lane " for Sir Paul at Barack Obama's White House

Asbestos is Still with Us

And now a word from a "guy" that should be expelled from office....

Facebook Global Head Of Safety On Outage, Whistleblower Claims (MSNBC)

President Joe Is Killin' It

Not sure if this is the right forum, but I just watched the first 3 episodes of the HBO

Has anyone taken flu & pneumonia vax together?

Idaho Officials Could Be Jailed for Vaccine Mandates

The Lincoln Project - Last Week In The Republican Party

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Judge refuses to toss weapons charge against Rittenhouse

A U.S. Military First: The War in Afghanistan Ended With Zero MIAs

Not sure if this is true so I'll just put it in the lounge

Ex-Tesla Worker Speaks After Winning $137M Racism Verdict

How do I safely sell my van?

A whistleblower detective in China describes the torture methods used to get Uyghurs to 'confess'

Chamber of Commerce withdraws support of $1.2T infrastructure deal after GOP freeze out

The GOP has become the stupid party -- and proud of it

Biden pushes plans as key to keep US from 'losing our edge'

Teen fertility rate in U.S. halved from 2010-2019. Still higher in the south.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 6: 20th Century Fox (Scott Eyman TCM book)

In Time (2011)

J&J seeks US clearance for COVID-19 vaccine booster doses

Oxfam Reaction to new Expos of Secretive Tax Havens: This is where our missing hospitals are".

on TCM tomorrow a.m., Thurs.

Powerful video from Charles Graham running for Congress/ NC-09

First game in NFL history in which both coaches were at least 69 years old

PM Update: Cooler into Wednesday, with a couple showers and some overnight fog possible

Inside the Right's Plan to Rebrand Sex Ed as 'Child Porn'

Is it wrong that I smiled when I read that Sage Steele has COVID?

MSNBC & CNN Turn Against 'Corporate Democrats' While Daily Beast Posts ABSURD Sinema Fluff Piece

LAPD officers disguise themselves as women to catch a bag snatcher in the 1960s

Karma. But the good kind.

A world first: Ocean drone captures video from inside a hurricane

It is not over yet stupid!


If DOJ/Garland Fails To Prosecute Trump, Here's The Dangerous Precedent That Will Be Set - Kirschner

As Many As Half A Million Shipping Containers Could Be Waiting Off Ports Of LA, Long Beach

Once upon a time The Beatles almost replaced George Harrison with Eric Clapton

Pipeline developer charged over systematic contamination

Proud Boy Swinney Found GUILTY of 11 out of 12 Counts

What's for Dinner, Tues., Oct. 5, 2021

This may not be lighthearted enough for the Lounge.

Dylan's 60 Minutes interview with Ed Bradley

Captured, Killed or Compromised: CIA Admits to Losing Dozens of Informants

It kills COVID in a test tube! So you should try it!

As Battle Heats Up at Dallas College, Faculty Vote 'No Confidence' in School Chancellor

Snapchat introduces tool to help young people run for office

My dad died a year ago, my mother two years ago

MI: Ann Arbor renter seeking seat on all-homeowner City Council

Ann Arbor renter seeking seat on all-homeowner City Council

The media will portray a $2 trillion+ bill as a loss for the President. Fuck 'em.

Hawaii reports only 91 new cases yesterday. wow! hasn't been that low in months

A Second Giant Chinese Real Estate Developer Has Defaulted.

Are they going after TFG for conspiracy? Georgia D.A. is now working with the House 1/6/21 Committee

I'm watching 'Law and Order' episode 'Patient Zero'. It's about a Corona Virus!

What's next on my "bucket list?"

My idea of Heaven on Earth is (________________).

Are the Gaete of hell about to open for Matty

Iliza Schlesinger Cries Happy Tears Meeting New Rescue Dog

Video: Black family in Virginia Beach terrorized by white neighbor

Just got a new picture of Cinder (Squeaky) and Smokey (Gwenllian)

Sinema is making up for lost support among Democrats with Republicans and independents

PA-SEN: Senate candidate seeks gag order on wife from discussing protection-from-abuse orders

Just heard on our local news that the North Dakota NG. are heading to the southern border?

Michigan Solicitor General becomes first Arab American Muslim woman to argue before US Supreme Court

Facebook isn't the only platform that helps to spread misinformation and hate

Should the Select Committee subpoena Donald Trump?

Ferndale, WA Police officer on leave after allegedly contacting far-right extremist group

Dallas Voice banned by Irving ISD

What is this man on?

cut the red states off

Southern Rock

The crazy never ends w/ Lindell

Almost 5,000 Kaiser Permanente Health Care Employees Suspended for Refusing Vaccine

New Oregon laws tackle affordable housing, rebuilding from fire

Lauren J. King will be the third Native American federal judge currently serving in federal court

Ernest Johnson has been executed

Labor pains: Delivery rooms closed at a Gallup hospital as employees resign

The Karate Kid (!-2-3)

Texas Abortion Law

MI: Republican Macomb County clerk pursues forensic audit of county election server

Texas prosecutor drops charges after migrants claim they were marched to private property, then

Man who gunned down Ahmaud Arbery asks court to ban evidence of his support for Confederacy

MALC Chair @RafaelAnchia responds to advancing discriminatory elections map

Prosecutors defend Jan 6 felony charge filed against former Marine helicopter pilot

Supporters of Georgia's Kemp counterattack after Trump rally

Why Republicans Are Still Recounting Votes

EU too: Brussels gets mad at Ted Cruz

Lauren J. King will be the third Native American federal judge currently serving in federal judiciar

Black ex-Tesla worker awarded almost $137 million for racial abuse

United Arab Emirates to launch bold asteroid mission in 2028

Senate Dems Considering Nixing Filibuster To Raise Debt Limit

Biden's economic agenda is a tiny fraction of what the US government will spend over the next decade