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1/6 defendant Brandon Straka to plead guilty.

British officials kept putting off Trump's UK visit and would 'pretend not to understand' when he br

Opinion: Lawyers at last look ready to step up and defend the rule of law

How Mike Pence Is 'Demeaning The Jan. 6 Insurrection' - MSNBC

GOP Hopeful Sues Ex-Girlfriend Stephanie Grisham Amid Tell-All Book Tour

Playoff games should not start at 8:00 pm

53 Seconds of critical race theory (Actual History) explained

People have long claimed to hear the northern lights. Are the reports true?

Whatever you call it...

Democrats explore new options to raise debt ceiling amid deepening standoff with GOP

If I wanted to watch fox I would turn the channel

ICYMI: Abortion Attacks Are Tanking Texas GOP Approval Ratings

After Today's Testimony, Regulating Facebook 'Is In Congress' Hands' - Deadline - MSNBC

Message In A Bottle: Sending Out An SOS - The Police

A Week in the World's Most Chaotic City

Idaho Lt. Governor tried to send state National Guard to Mexican border.

Fan of Venom? Fan of Fortnight? Check this out!

Girl Who Died of COVID Had Risky 'Classroom Job' - 10 yr old walked sick kids to the nurse

Court: McCrory backers can be sued for defaming 2016 voters

Why don't the good folk of the US of A know the debt is TFG's. not Dems?

Third-party conservative challenges Utah GOP Sen. Mike Lee

OMG! More developments on Snowflake! I can't believe it's moving this fast!

The West Virginian kayaktivists got their meeting with Sen. Manchin!

Convalescent plasma 'futile' in treating severe COVID-19 cases: research

After seeing Lindsey Graham and Mike Pence kiss TFG's hiney Nikki Haley says, "Gimme some of that."

Clint Watts Believes Extremism 'Has Gone From National To Local' - Deadline - MSNBC

Why the Senate doesn't work anymore

How to Be Correct About Everything All the Time

Washington woman died from rare blood clotting syndrome after receiving Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 v

We need to have an honest discussion about the obesity epidemic in the US--especially kids

Sox 2 - Yanks - 0

Trump running in 2024? Let's get real.

Alachua, Broward schools face $500K state funding cut equal to federal grants awarded

Another Article Of Faith Among Climate Liars Evaporates - The "Iris Effect" On Cloud Cover

New: Biden Vaccine Mandate Is Working - The Beat - MSNBC

'It's Bad News': MAGA's Gaetz Sex Crime Probe Takes New Turn (MSNBC)

Jen Psaki smacks down McConnell with brilliant tactic - Brian Tyler Cohen

CCS Will Be A Great Way For Energy Companies To Harvest Tax Breaks, Uh, Protect The Climate

I switched to ESPN2.

Finally? Some Movement?

Feds: Florida missed deadline to receive $2.3B in school aid

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!


Gov. Greg Abbott, 10 GOP governors to talk in South Texas about immigration policies

Breaking! NY Police Union President resigns after FBI raid

A woman that works in my cubicle called in yesterday but at work today. Boss said this morning at

Flight Facilities - Clair De Lune feat. Christine Hoberg (w/ one of the top 25 all-time videos)

Biggest tax haven in U.S.? South Dakota, says Pandora Papers investigation

ESPN suspends Sage Steele

Stevie Nicks Bob Welch Gold Dust Woman Mick Fleetwood Christine McVie 1981

Anderson Cooper: Facebook likes to say it brings people together (CNN)

Whistleblower Accuses Facebook Of Putting 'Profits Before People' At Senate Hearing - NBC News


Pence Suffers SERIOUS Memory Loss

Mike Collier Thinks Republican Legislators Would Be Relieved If He Beat Dan Patrick

Tweet of the hour from Gavin Newsom

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will at least have after 2022 is 50.

Fox News Hosts Deride Vaccine Mandates While Complying With Strict Covid Policy - All In - MSNBC

Fox News Attacks Disabled Veteran Lawmaker For Using Veteran Benefits

FB Makes $50 a Quarter off Your Personal Information

Mr. L's Steve Earle Spotify Playlist - 70 greats in one place (1985-2010)

If Gabby Giffords is mentally and physically capable to get back into elected office politics,

Nathan Evaldi is pitching the game of his life.

This is a song that can bring a smile to any one

Anyone else notice this? Firm believer in watching what animals do

The Number of "Rare" Breakthrough COVID Cases, Now Includes Me

15 years after 'demobilization,' Colombia's paramilitaries doing well

Final Colorado redistricting map seems to have bolstered Boebert's chances

Kaiser Permanente suspends 2,200 employees who have not yet gotten the COVID-19 vaccine - less than

If US Senators up for re-election in 2024 that are above 80 years old decide to retire.

Wish I hadn't learned that a smell was actually particulates

Expert: Why Facebook's Business Model Is 'Incommensurable With Democracy - All In - MSNBC

Is it so wrong????

Every moment in your life, every second in your existence...

This video of an antivaxxer getting humiliated is a thing of beauty.

Building a Large Format Camera

Biden Says Democrats Could Change Filibuster Rules

Found out about Homesick James by chasing Harmonica player Snooky Pryor around the net

U.S. risks losing its 'edge' without big infrastructure spending, Biden says

White House to tap business leaders to push Republicans on debt ceiling

Re: The discussion between Lawrence O'Donnell and Daniel Goldman

Who the fuck is Kristen Sinema..?

Seth Meyers -Trump Reportedly Said He'll Run for President in 2024 - Monologue 10/4/21

As redistricting gets under way, Democrats' prospects looking brighter

"If climate change threatens us all, shouldn't everyone be talking

Am I the only one who wasn't "shocked & appalled" to hear Facebook put profits ahead of safety?

The plan to replace Dejoy....Merry Christmas

Operator in California oil spill didn't shut down for hours after leak alert, regulators say

Biden and Sinema convo must have been less than nothing. nt

The Daily Show - The Pandora Papers: How the Mega-Rich Have Been Getting Out of Paying Taxes

Gonna be livin in a van under a bridge down by the river.....

Where's my daddy....?

Tunak Tunak Tun: Daler Mehndi

Al Franken on Republicans: We have to be as ruthless. We have to be stone-cold killers.

Climate change research takes center stage in Nobel Prize for physics

Marty Robbins - The Streets Of Laredo

Pitiful Pence

Neil Young & Paul McCartney A Day In The Life

Here's How Democrats Can Win Back West Virginia

Gee....wonder what Meadows has to hide?

Gov. of Idaho says Lt. Gov. wrongfully took power while he was out of town

Why our top government isn't talking about this EVERY single day

Facebook Whistleblower Gives Blistering Testimony For Platform, Zuckerberg, To Senate - Forbes

New Mexico Dems ready to shut GOP out in redistricting

Big Pharma Makes More Off of US Sales Than Rest of the World Combined

ANTI-VAXX PROTESTER: Do you see all of these homeless people around. Are they dead in the street...?

Anti-Semitic graffiti discovered by staff at Auschwitz death camp

Big tobacco to Facebook, "Welcome to the club! You ain't gonna like it."

Brazil environment minister aims to boost image at UN climate conference

Tanita Tikaram - Twist In My Sobriety

GOP lawmaker says COVID deaths are a Vatican plot & vaccines contain 'living organisms with tentacle

Apparently, a group of traitor45** supporters has petitioned the vatican to have

Suzanne Vega - Luka

Jerry Garcia and Dave Grisman - Sittin Here in Limbo

Michigan mayor pocketed campaign cash, lottery tickets in bribery scandal, feds say

Biden says changing filibuster rules to raise debt ceiling is a possibility

Taylor mayor pocketed campaign cash, lottery tickets in bribery scandal, feds say

Old and In the Way - Muleskinner Blues....

The Cocooning of Kyrsten Sinema

The Mystery at the Bottom of Physics

Former Senate Staffer: Mitch McConnell Is 'Daring Democrats To Reform The Filibuster' - The Last Word

Taylor Swift fans are getting caught up in the Virginia gubernatorial race

The Daily Show: Why Is Everyone Asking for Religious Vaccine Exemptions?

Grateful Dead - St. Louis, Mo - 1971 " Big Railroad Blues"

Trump Dragged by Former Staffers & Facebook Outage Sends QAnon Crazies Into Conspiracy Meltdown

Proposal to allow Chileans to draw down pensions would hurt business climate, group says

Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon play four songs

Return Of Beachfront Property To Black Family Rights 'A Horrible Injustice' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Some schools ban Pride flags, LGBTQ symbols in classrooms

Crossposting Well, ..

Special prosecutor assigned to case of 6 cyclists who were hit by teen driver, lawyers say

Senator Joan Huffman Knew Maps Were Racist, GOP Passed Anyway

Northwest Carpenters union reaches tentative agreement with contractors

Trump Claims He Fell Off Forbes's Richest List Because They Failed to Count Rubles

Officials want $64M to fix Hawaii Convention Center deck

Kilauea eruption persists: Lava lake continues to grow; emissions still elevated

Jan 6 committee can't locate Scavino to serve him supoena

Former Trump Aide Stephanie Grisham Slams Trump For Covid Deaths - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Gov. Ige looking at allowing fans to attend next UH football game

New York City police union leader resigns after FBI raid on headquarters

Once shunned, people convicted of felonies find more employers open to hiring them

Biden Vs. McConnell: Senate Veterans Faceoff On Debt Ceiling - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

In California, some buy machines that make water out of air

How about just putting a bounty on any who refuse to comply with the committee's subpoena?

Hicks: Chinese Military Expansion Poses Threats to Guam, Hawaii

Whistleblower Testifies To Senate As Patience With Facebook Wears Thin In Washington - Velshi MSNBC

Honolulu To Pay $10 Million To Family Of Man Killed By Driver Fleeing Police

Former MMA star, Hilo native BJ Penn announces run for governor of Hawaii

What Does Mitch McConnell Want in the Debt Ceiling Standoff?

Tweet- this is part of Biden's plan:

I find it curious that the name "Cessbook" hasn't found wider use.

Future USS Daniel Inouye en route to new home in Hawaii

Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco paid for a year-long membership with the Oath Keepers, an anti-

How to shore up rail project's budget? HART wants visitors to foot some of the bill.

Republicans Give Away The Game On Debt Ceiling Obstruction - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Despite his Alzheimer's, Tony Bennett prepares to perform with Lady Gaga

Northern Marianas Condemns Japan (Fukushima) Wastewater Plans

State Rep who had his guns stolen from his underwear drawer running for SOS

NYPD Surveillance Footage Shows Suspect Pushing Woman into Oncoming Subway Train

Crossroads - Cream, Live

Progressives Focus On Key Priorities To Narrow BBB Bill For Manchin, Sinema - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Turkuaz: If I Ever Fall Asleep

Biden rips GOP for not voting to raise debt limit

Turkuaz: The Shape I'm In

Breakfast Wednesday 5 October 2021

Activists Keen To Keep Voting Rights Bill In Spotlight Of Biden's Attention - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

China slashes its aid to the Pacific

Century-old racist US Supreme Court cases still rule over millions of Americans in the territories

Gautier Capucon plays cello/Giovanni Mossi, Smetana and Carbonelli selections

Bad Boy Billionaires 4- Part Series: Vijay Mallya, India, Promo, Netflix

While Idaho's governor was away, the state's lieutenant governor -- a political rival -- tried to depl

USDOL updates American Samoa's minimum wage poster

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/5/21

How a simple tummy-rub can change babies' lives

Stream It Or Skip It: 'A Sinister Sect: Colonia Dignidad' On Netflix,A Chilling Docuseries About An

Two stranded humpback whales rescued in Argentina

Guatemala: Anti-vaccine villagers attack and hold nurses with Covid jabs

Rage-Fueled Politics Threaten Latin America's Business Haven

ESPN anchor Sage Steele is taken off air after controversial comments

AstraZeneca seeks FDA approval for COVID-19 antibody treatment

Mitt Romney was humiliated and made to kowtow before Trump

Rapid at-home Covid tests are about to become much more widely available, the F.D.A. says.

Northern Marianas senator: 'It will be a struggle next year'

Paraguay's indigenous people invoke human rights to save their forest

A Morning Funny

Marcos Jr. to run for Philippine president

"his widow says he changed his stance on the vaccine after he got sick"

Twitter is amused, I am not

Meretz ministers meet with PA's Abbas to 'keep the two-state solution alive'

Damnit, cannot reach a person at Amazon's

Morgan ate, this morning. Definitely not her usual amount, but at least she ate something

Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded to Scientists for Creating a Tool to Build Molecules

What keeps this Israeli leftist in a pro-occupation government?

National Audubon Society calls for 'Lights Out' after 'mass mortality' event of migratory birds

"Illegal...Inhumane" Immigration Policy Prompts Another Big Resignation at the State Department

Biden administration temporarily expands student loan forgiveness program for public servants

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, October 6, 2021

A peaceful moment for you today

European markets tumble on inflation fears and soaring oil and gas prices

Britain's latest troubles hold some lessons for countries focused on decarbonization

Do you have a sleep schedule?

The BBC: Evacuated Afghan girl's pet bird finds sanctuary with French envoy

To Infect and Serve

I was able to give Mittens the Kitten another quick scritch, this morning

Rep Adam Schiff: "They. Tried. To. Kill. You. Mister. Vice. President."

House committee investigating January 6 can't find Trump aide to serve subpoena

Why Budget Appliances, TVs Are in Short Supply, but Premium Models Are in Stock

Top Trump aides set to defy subpoenas in Capitol attack investigation

IMF Study: Globally The Fossil Fuel Industry Receives $11 Million Every Minute In Subsidies

WHY would the GOP back Trump in 2024?

Asian Development Bank Urges Australia To Support End To Fossil Energy Financing (Oz #5 Shareholder)

6 Of Top 10 Historic Carbon Emitters Have Yet To Make Any New COP 26 Commitments

Another mandate that they will likely object to and be wrong on, again

Ana Kasparian Debates Ben Shapiro: Highlights

Oh Goody! Lifting US Ban On Brazilian Beef Will Boost Output In Most Heavily Deforested States

Laurie Anderson Has a Message for Us Humans

In court filing seeking leniency, Jan 6 defendant Dona Bissey references Trump and "Trump's son" ...

Deutsche Welle - Are US Republicans Finally Waking Up To The Climate Crisis?

BlackRock Is Adding Annuities to 401(k)s

Where are the leaders in the Republican Party that will defend democracy?

Its Halloween Season at the House! (Video by request)

Cute puppy snacking on strawberries--the eyes will finish you.

GM building giant battery development lab in Detroit suburb

September private payrolls rose by 568,000, topping estimates: ADP

Student Loan overhauls coming this week (listen live now)

Eric Boehlert: America isn't guaranteed a happy ending

'On October 6, 1956 Albert Sabin announced that his oral polio vaccine was ready

The Weekly Pull: Amazing Spider-Man Beyond, Arkham City, Star Trek: Year Five, and More

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Comics Should Be Cheap (10/6/21)

This Month in Comics: September 2021

The Webcomics Weekly #157: High Class Helix (10/5/2021 Edition)

The Rundown: October 6, 2021

How AT&T helped build far-right One America News

The kids understand resistance. Their school just banned backpacks:

Yankees play by play John Sterling - greatest home run call on a single EVER

Puppy and chick cuddle up as they conk out:

Can You Imagine Bill de Blasio as Governor? He Can.

Fossil Fuels have Failed the Navajo Economy -- Hydrogen Projects are False Green Solution

WMO - By 2050, About 5 Billion People Will Lack Adequate Water Access At Least 1 Month/Year

Navy, Guam, reviewing land license for new hospital in Mangilao

Morgan and Madoc are home from their visit to the veterinarian

29.2 Inches Of Rain In NW Italy In 12 Hours; New All-Time European Record, 50% + Annual Rainfall Avg

Little Wing

Biden summons bank CEOs, other business leaders as debt ceiling showdown with GOP escalates

GQP demands an audit

Is Windows 11 Free?

2 Guam species now considered extinct

The Truth About Those Dollar Stores

I'm back to wondering if Joe and Chuck...

Funny squirrel feeder

Ruptured pipeline was shut down more than 3 hours after low pressure alert, officials say

OUCH! *THIS* is the way to beat Trump's candidates. VERY effective.

David Hidalgo of Los Lobos has a birthday today.

Santa Clara County employees to receive millions of dollars in 'hero pay' COVID pandemic checks

In cities, dangerous heat exposure has tripled since the 1980s, with the poor most at risk

no vaccine,no transplant

"The future of the Republican Party is like the life cycle of a star. It's going to become older..."

Across the Desk - S4:E12 (OK A.G. 'I have no clue about any of this' O'Connor)

No TOONs post today. Schedule conflict.

Repubs are trying to force the Dems to kill the filibuster...

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Here's an Example of Why it's Needed

mcConnell is no better than TFG

"Trump True Believers Have Their Reasons" - !!! - Actual NYT Op Ed headline from today

House committee investigating January 6 can't find Trump aide to serve subpoena

L.A. takes a step toward launching a city-owned bank

Pic Of The Moment: If Mike Pence Were In The Zombie Apocalypse

McConnell: Debt Ceiling Needs To Be Raised But I'm Just Not Doing It

Catholic Church abused over 200,000 minors in France, damning report says

Sweden suspends Moderna vaccine for those 30 and under

Riverside County sheriff acknowledges he was dues-paying member of Oath Keepers

So, I was so tired of watching and hearing the MSM bash Biden and anything Dem while praising

Has anyone read Stephanie Grisham's book "I'll Take Your Questions Now"?

Bear discovers lost GoPro, turns it on, starts recording himself

State health department blasted over nursing home oversight

Hospital system says it will deny transplants to the unvaccinated in 'almost all situations'

"Confidant says Trump's health might be too poor to run for (Former) president again"

Pronouns: he, him, his or she, her, hers

Cats-Showing us they want cheap things

NL Wildcard game tonight

Booka Shade - Movements (FULL ALBUM) [2006 Electronic, Tech House, Downtempo, Minimal]

Wyoming GOP official sends obscene email to state lawmaker over vaccine requirements

Just something nice - Saying Goodbye

Abandoned Pittie Finally Relaxes When Her Dad Sings Her Favorite Song

Hey, Everybody

Two men fined over Coast Guard search

Man's Funny Beluga Song Attracts Beluga Whales Who Sing Back

Squid Games on Netflix - World's most watched series

1 in 3 Americans say they're open to abolishing or limiting the Supreme Court

Gallup: Party Favorable Ratings Near Parity; Both Viewed Negatively

"Big Shots" Vaccination Center reopening in Charlottesville

Arlington: School at W-L cancelled today as police continue to investigate the "shooter" claim

It is past time to stop being jerked around by the republicans. Everyday Schumer needs to bring

Trump Claims He Fell Off Forbes's Richest List Because They Failed to Count Rubles

Why so many of us are casual spider-murderers

True government meets today with President

Tuition-free college offered to young women at Hollins University

Pipeline company paid Minnesota police for arresting and surveilling protesters

Arlington TX high school has an active shooter// update: appears under control, students exiting now

Culpeper County board declines support of anti-vax mandate resolutions

How AT&T helped build far-right One America News

Anyone Watching 'LaBrea"? & A Comment On 'New Amsterdam'....

Manchin just used false equivalency in placing responsibility for the debt ceiling impasse

The problem with the media

How many US Senators got elected to the US Senate after

Zelda has left the building

Big changes are in the works for visiting Virginia's Old Rag, one of the premier hikes in the U.S.

Good Day DU (October 6, 2021)

I'd like to open a few packs of Wacky Packages right now, who the hell is with me on this?

Makes you wonder- "Did the guy writing this Bible goodie, experience it?"

Three Shot by Shooter at Timberview High School in Arlington (Texas)

2041 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed; 39 deaths

538 says we are worrying too much about McAuliffe's winning VA gov

Oh no! Vaccine for malaria approved!!

From June: As home prices soar in unlikely places, the most vulnerable residents pay the price

Who knew? The right-wing is fighting people who "hate America": Nicki Haley

Because I'm vaccinated you dumb fuck...

My Latest Model Railroad Video

Jaguar cosch apologizes for "inexcusable" video

Thank you TLP. Every candidate going against a Trump guy should use this line:

Manchin signals he won't support filibuster carve-out for debt hike

'Dear Abby' - "Oh what shall we do?"

"Because I'm vaccinated, you dumb fuck."

Texas man sentenced to 15 months in prison for posting Covid-19 hoax on social media

From AP -Sweden suspends Moderna vaxx for those under 30

Shooting at a school in Arlington Texas this am

Loudoun County School Board: Special prosecutor to be appointed in Barts recall

We Call It Skweee - Full Documentary

Just finished mowing the lawn, and it was more like an early Spring mow than an October one

Zodiac Killer identified?

Don't rule out an energy crisis: Goldman Sachs

Here we go again.

German elections: 'Kingmaker' parties back centre-left coalition talks

Every Member Of Police Department Excitedly Volunteers To Go Undercover In White Supremacist Group

A Capitol riot suspect is being 'shunned' by people in her small Indiana town and 'chastised on the


Deodato - Also Sprach Zarathustra

How TFG's health department fell in love with charter jets

Bernie Sanders Explains Why Most Media Coverage of Reconciliation Fight Is Corporate Con Job

Abolish the debt ceiling before it commits austerity again

Cal Cunningham

Ted Cruz is a POS (October 6th Edition)

Whose music is most suited to torture?

Guy Sleeps With Hundreds Of Dogs In -20 Degree Weather

Pig Poop Lagoons Are Huge Polluters. A 'Green' Solution Might Make Them Dirtier.

Live Now: President Biden Hosts a Meeting with Business Leaders & CEOs on Addressing the Debt Limit

GOP voters breaking with corporate America's politics: poll

White House proposes restoring key parts of landmark environmental law, reversing Trump

Malaria Vaccine That Could Save Tens of Thousands of Lives Every Year Backed by WHO

One Bad Apple spoils the whole bunch is the saying.

Republicans accuse Biden administration of 'abuse' for forgiving student loans

Dang, has anyone had problems with Shipt deliveries?

St. Paul considering $10 minimum price for cigarette packs

Unvaccinated Canadian government workers to be placed on unpaid leave

Street honoring Confederate president renamed in Alabama capital

40,000-year-old sealed cavern in Gibraltar gives new insight into Neanderthal life

Two more cool images for Mr.Scorpio's "Halloween is coming" series:

Panthers acquire cornerback Stephon Gilmore

Ban on negotiating Medicare drug prices under pressure

Idaho's MAGA Lt. Governor Just Tried to Seize Power, Again

Has Trump said anything scathing about Fiona Hill's

TFG Supporters Sue Dominion, Say Cease and Desist Letters 'Clearly Damaged' Them

Sabotage Obama Done Sabotage Biden In Progress

Terrifying prank based on "The Ring" (2nd tweet):

TFG Praises Pence's Jan. 6 Comments. Says kiss my ass some more.

Republicans prepare to filibuster debt limit -- again

Perseverance rover on Mars spotted from space in striking new satellite image

Mike Pence's Towering Hypocrisy

Any classic car enthusiasts here?

Defense Sec. Austin warns debt ceiling lapse could mean no paychecks for troops

Across the Desk - S4:E12 (OK A.G. 'I have no clue about any of this' O'Connor)

How AT&T helped build far-right One America News

Seattleites cite homelessness, public safety as top concerns in new survey

Comirnaty recommended over Moderna for young adults in Sweden, Denmark

Seattle restaurant to offer COVID-19 vaccines, booster shots

Wonder Woman

Big money special interests are spending hundreds of millions of dollars trying to prevent Congress

Pupper and exercise video:

Come on DU and other internet sleuths

There are lots of Nobel Prizes floating around this area.

Brilliant squirrel feeder:

Special Report: How AT&T helped build far-right One America News

Is it time to just say fuck it and make our own vote rules in the Senate?

This little otter!

"Obstruction of Justice" in plain sight.

Seattle Times Today - 1/3 Of Seattle Police Have Not Provided Proof Of Vaccination

How AT&T helped build far-right One America News

Antisemitic Troll Tries to Infiltrate Idaho School Board

(Jewish Group) Antisemitic Troll Tries to Infiltrate Idaho School Board

"Man in the Middle": Semion Mogilevich, The Brainy Don has enormous reach

Things that make you go "hmmmm"

The only reason McConnell is offering any kind of a deal on debt limit right now

McConnell offers extension on debt limit into December

(Jewish Group) Bahrain signed a treaty with Israel. Now it wants to make friends with American Jews.

Chuck Grassley Congratulates Korean American Judicial Nominee: 'Your People' Have A Good Work Ethic

Hospital system says it will deny transplants to the unvaccinated in 'almost all situations'

Aquafaba as an egg replacement for baking

Researchers set up permafrost thaw alert system on major highway connecting Yukon and Alaska

(Jewish Group) Hundreds protest German hotel after Jewish celebrity says he was denied room...

Republicans Blast Facebook for Endangering Democracy: "That's Our Job"

How a coast crowded with ships, port gridlock and an anchor may have caused Orange County oil spill

Pfizer-study-vaccinate-whole Brazilian town against covid

Four injured in Texas school shooting; suspect sought

(Jewish Group) Los Gatos JCC tagged with swastika over High Holidays

Opinion: Will you fall into the conspiracy theory rabbit hole? Take our quiz and find out.

Matt Gaetz's Wingman Buddy Got A Whole Lot More Cooperatin' To Do

Los Angeles implements vaccine passport on 11/6/2021!!

(Jewish Group) Stop comparing everything you hate to the Holocaust

Walmart apologizes

Dave Chappelle just "punched down" the LGBTQ community...hard

Guess which openly gay actor is set to play Bayard Rustin for producer Barack Obama

POLITIFACT: Republican claims that Dems are responsible for most of the debt are 'mostly false'

NAACP calls for meeting with Zuckerberg after hate speech revelations on Facebook

Glenn Youngkin reminds Virginians: The GOP is out to delegitimize elections

At this point, I'm struggling to find a reason not to just say; "eff it"

Austin's homeless residents left with nowhere to go amid camping crackdown

Texts between mom and son during the school shooting in Texas today

One of the heroes of the Capitol riot tweets about soft sentences for rioters:

How Trump's health department fell in love with charter jets

Rep. Madison Cawthorn posts clip calling for holy war, Twitter mocks him

Head of GOP election review in WI says he does not understand how elections work

Texas has raised $54 million in private donations for its border wall plan. Almost all of it came

Juvenile bald eagle

More U.S. Airlines Are Requiring Vaccines for Their Employees

Cartoons 10/6/2021

Trudeau says he regrets travelling to Tofino, B.C., on 1st National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Could another winter COVID-19 wave be on the way?

Jury awards nearly $50 million after Fresno County man injured in ambulance ride

Conservative comedy always sucks.

Religious Exemptions for Vaccine Mandates Shouldn't Exist

ESPN anchor Sage Steele is off the air after her comments on vaccines and Obama

The truth about crime in America

Supreme Court takes up secret CIA black sites in 9/11 detainee's case

2,700-year-old toilet found in Jerusalem was a rare luxury

As Lebanese got poorer, politicians stowed wealth abroad

Question for the carpenters amongst us

Dead because she was Indigenous': Qubec coroner says Atikemekw woman a victim of systemic racism

MSNBC Goes To Town On GOP Sen. Josh Hawley With A Stinging Supercut

A Controversial Autism Treatment Is About to Become a Very Big Business

PSA: Keep your cart behind you in line to maintain distance at checkout. It also helps out

Tiedrich: "know who isn't hiding from a subpoena?"

Black construction workers called out racism in team meeting -- and got fired, feds say

PA-SEN: Parnell seeks gag order against wife as dispute spills into campaign

Los Angeles poised to enact strict vaccination mandate

NY-GOV: De Blasio Plans to Run for Governor

VoteVets - #PayOurPatriots Ad Featured On 'The 11th Hour With Brian Williams' on MSNBC

'Election Was The 'Real Insurrection', Donald Trump Announces

Constitutional Originalism: What Is It and How Does It Impact the Supreme Court

Megaconstellations could destroy astronomy and there's no easy fix

Brown, Desi, South Asian: Diaspora reflects on the terms that represent, erase them

Need advice re: Retention offices on my mail-in ballot

Nine barracks at Auschwitz death camp were vandalized with antisemitic, Holocaust-denying phrases

Brazil police find 3 mln euro Nazi haul at home of suspected pedophile

Serial killer lured on social media by a friend of a victim gets 160 years

What's for Dinner, Wed., Oct. 6, 2021

wind propelled moving kinetic structures that resemble walking animals

A Chilean tree holds hope for new vaccines - if supplies last

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are going to call for an apology...

New Senate District Map Couples Diverse Areas Of Arlington With Sundown Town

Senator Sanders News Conference on Budget Reconciliation

Medical professionals fear consequences if ivermectin order upheld

Silent Sinema

Loaded gun was inside kindergartner's backpack at North Carolina school, district says

Ex-Leechburg, Pa, police chief sentenced to jail for sex crime

Jake Tapper And Monica Lewinsky Revisit Their 1997 Dinner Date

Opposition leader leaves Colombia citing death threats, political persecution

AT&T helped create OAN

4 US, UK, Japanese carriers patrolled north of Taiwan over weekend

Sheldon Whitehouse

From my Campaign Website: Video redacted due to YouTube censorship Re: Police Reform

LA City Council passes vaccine mandate for indoor restaurants, bars, gyms, shopping centers

Biden, China's Xi expected to meet virtually by year's end

Climate protesters join Louis Vuitton catwalk

House committee can't find ex-Trump aide to serve him subpoena

Swimming lessons for a reluctant otter pup

Mitch McConnell isn't playing a game of chicken!

2-foot-long alligator caught on Detroit-area street

Special prosecutor assigned to case of 6 cyclists who were hit by teen driver, lawyers say

Breaking: Debt limit will be raised until December

Padres fire manger Jayce Tingler after second-half collapse

Steve Schmidt statement to Trump & Republicans

Hospital system will deny transplants to unvaccinated "in almost all situations"

LA actor pleads guilty to running a $650 million Ponzi scheme

What they do.

Is there anyone else who watches "The Resident?"

@SenDuckworth : "I think it's great that (McConnell's) folded and we're gonna move our agenda and we

Student taken into custody hours after Texas school shooting

Anybody answer this? I have a niece (30 i think) that got the covid,(no vaccination) works atdaycare

Sen. Whitehouse on MSNBC: "McConnell Caved"

Minnesota GOP's lone secretary of state candidate leaves party

Fed up by pandemic, US food workers launch rare strikes

Guy who was blasting monkey noises at a neighbor has been doxxed...

Fraudit leader Doug Logan (Cyber Ninjas) refuses to testify to congressional committee

Ex-Chief of Staff to Larry Hogan Indicted

Newcastle takeover: Saudi Arabian-backed deal is close

Where the Crazy Things Are

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 7 October 2021

Pennsylvania Candidate Seeks Gag Order Against His Wife

Old enough to remember

DNC says unvaccinated workers could be fired

Nebraska state senator calls for 50-state audit of presidential election

We desperately need to put some points on the board.

We are still feeling the effects of the 2010 election

Unfortunately, SineManchin hold the key to our democracy.

Meme needing to be debunked seen on social media: Scientists who post a letter have ulterior motives

Trump & Bannon's Ongoing Conspiracy: Trump Tells Bannon to Defy Congressional Subpoenas - Kirschner

GoPro Heist POV

oh lookiea man brags about firing his VAXXED employees and gets IDed as a J6 terrorist LOVE IT

Ex-Trump Russia adviser: Facebook is a bigger threat than Putin (CNN)

Florida missed deadline to receive $2.3B in school aid

Threats of violence against health care workers?

Texas High School On Lockdown Amid Active Shooter Investigation (MSNBC)

Stop Asking Joe Manchin What Numbers He Likes. Start Asking Which Programs He Wants to Cut.

Update on my painting Sotheby's is going to auction

The Politico-ization of The NY Times

Derek Chauvin Has to Pay for His Own Lawyer, Minnesota Supreme Court Rules

NFL Players Association asks league about search of Washington facility

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with the perfect response to the vaccine-hesitant

Fox News, Like Any Cartoon Villain, Threatened By Pastel Ponies And Friendship

Is this meant to intimidate?

LA to require proof of Covid vaccination to enter businesses

LA to require proof of Covid vaccination to enter businesses

The wackadoodle assholes were protesting at an elementary school again:

Across the Desk - S4:E6 (OK House Rep. Colin Walke (D) - Right Speech

Minnesota Supreme Court denies Chauvin's request for public defender

Where is Michael Steele?

World's 1st malaria vaccine recommended by WHO

Henry Ford Health says 400 of its workers quit after refusing COVID-19 vaccine

Historic go-ahead for malaria vaccine to protect African children

Tweet of the Day

1st trial in college admissions bribe scheme to head to jury

Please do not click on any story from 'Washington Examiner'.

Paul Simon turns 80 next Wednesday (Oct. 13). What is your favorite Paul Simon song?

"Don't you think you've had enough time to move on?"

The Cocooning of Kyrsten Sinema

Cyndi Lauper performs True Colors with Jean Baptiste at NYC Central Park Sept 25 2021

Quinnipiac has President Biden at 38% approval. 2.7% MOE.

California Man Sentenced to Three Centuries Behind Bars, Plus Multiple Life Terms

California Man Sentenced to Three Centuries Behind Bars, Plus Multiple Life Terms

Virginia Office of Civil Rights is in touch with the victims of this harassment by racist neighbor

"Zombie Skin"

MD man who killed pharmacist brother thought he was 'killing people' by giving COVID vaccine

Far-Right One America News Network Gets 90% of Revenue From AT&T

Cop lies on 16 yr old who was incarcerated for 17 months to protect her informant

GAGGLE in my front 'yard!' (southern MD)

Rachel Maddow: Senator Bernie Sanders joins me live tonight at 9pm ET on MSNBC...

Stairway To Gilligan's Island - Led Zeppelin - Classic TV theme

Judge: Missouri must collect union dues from prison workers

Judge: Missouri must collect union dues from prison workers

Damn, that was one fine meal

Starting a Stanley Steamer

UCHealth denies kidney transplant to unvaccinated woman in stage 5 renal failure

Bill Barr corrupted the Justice Department.

tweet on zodiac & cruz

Johnny Thunders - You Can't Put Your Arms Round A Memory

Maryland man shot pharmacist brother for 'killing' people by giving them COVID vaccine, police say

Baby rhino thinks it's a lamb..

The Buckinghams - You Are Gone

Did Trump conspire with his four aides to defy the subpoenas?

The Beach on an early winter's day...

Creepshow blows! (SPOILERS)

Seattle City Council votes to decriminalize psychedelics

Federal Court just ruled that TFG is not above the law and is bound by YouTube forum selection claus

Sen. Ed Markey endorses Michelle Wu for Boston Mayor

Wes Montgomery - Caravan

The Feds Have Made 625+ Capitol Riot Arrests. They Still Have A Long Way To Go.

Sanders, exasperated with Manchin's demands, presses senator for specifics on Biden's domestic agend

REO Speedwagon - Five Men Were Killed Today

Ex-NYPD sergeants union President Ed Mullins stripped of shield and gun amid FBI probe

Help; I need a list of examples of voter supression to show a repub.

Boston - Foreplay/Long Time

Adam Schiff personally asked Mueller to testify before Congress but thought it was 'heartbreaking'

Ten GOP governors gather at U.S.-Mexico border and call for building of Trump's wall

Lit Up -- Buckcherry

Hot Stuff

Dems take GOP's short-term debt fix offer, kicking deadline to December

Fleetwood Mac - Oh Daddy

Body cam footage shows Minneapolis police 'hunting' anti-police brutality protesters

Adam Schiff: Screaming Matches, Oxygen Masks, and Wild Stampedes:...