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Woman, 18, Shot by School Officer Removed From Life Support

Outrage in MAGA World as McConnell Blinks on Debt Ceiling

Col. Alexander Vindman on Why Right Matters in America: Must-Watch Interview - iGen Politics Podcast

A Nervous Lindsey Graham Doesn't Deny Freeloading Off TFG.

No One In This Photo ...

Schedule for upcoming subpoenaed depositions for January 6 Committee

I own the domain

Federal judge orders FEC to investigate allegations NRA illegally gave to Republican campaigns

TV anchor, meteorologists quit over vaccine mandate

Estimated Climate Costs For Australia By 2060: $73 Billion/Yr; w/o Climate Action, $94 Billion/Yr

Alaska man faces charges over threatening Murkowski's life

A House Democrat on Wednesday called for a "long-term solution" to the impasse over avoiding a debt

Buckingham Nicks - Long Distance Winner

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse: 'It Looks Like Mitch Just Folded' - Deadline - MSNBC

Into The Mystic - Van Morrison - Lyrics

Justices Gorsuch and Sotomayor Demand 'Straight Answer' About Whether Guantnamo Prisoner Can Testif

Flynn Allegedly Received $200K in Undisclosed Payments

Stevie Nicks - Lady (Demo)

Donald Trump Knows Full Well That He Was "Formenting Violence"

If you could only listen to one musical artist who would you choose?

Stevie Nicks - Rhiannon (Live In Chicago)

Federal judge deals huge blow to Trump's lawsuit against tech companies for banning him

'Staggering' New Developments From The Jan 6th Select Committee - Deadline - MSNBC

Dhafer Youssef - Blending Souls & Shades (To Shiraz)

Because I'm Vaccinated You Dumb ...

Gary Moore - Shapes of Things to Come

A Sunday in 1900 Paris (Colorized)

Migrants marched to private property in TX, then arrested for trespassing. Charges dropped.

London Philharmonia Orchestra (Eddie Daniels, clarinet) - Sofeggietto/Metamorphosis

A Black Couple's California Beachfront Land Was Stolen in the 1920s. Now Worth $75 Million, It's Bei

S.B. 8 ENJOINED! "This Court will not sanction one more day of this offensive deprivation..."

Tom Waits - Putnam County

White House announces $1 billion purchase of rapid, at-home coronavirus tests

OMG. McConnell's approach has something to do w/ a favor to China that helps his wife's family..

Biden Just Reversed a Trump-Era Domestic Gag Rule on Abortion

Man Slays Pharmacist Brother for 'Killing People' With COVID Vax: Cops

U.S. judge blocks enforcement of near-total abortion ban in Texas

Melissa Manchester - Easy

Afghans reportedly escaped Kabul through a CIA gate so secret not even the Taliban knew it existed

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

*Susan told Rachel, 'that mole has changed.'

Dog the Bounty Hunter's daughter rips his search for Brian Laundrie as 'publicity stunt'

Grassley Congratulates Korean American Judicial Nominee: 'Your People' Have A Good Work Ethic

Orangutans and others, oh my!

Romania plans to double nuclear capacity.

Louisiana: Restored nesting island wildly popular with birds

Bernie Sanders RIPS Into Manchin & Sinema - Rebel HQ

Subpoena Eve!

NY Gov. Hochul announces $25 million in security funding to prevent hate crimes

Wild beluga whale seen in Tacoma waters for first time since 1940

COVID-19 infection rates grew by triple digits in two Whatcom County regions last week

The effort to change the name of "Negro" Creek in Bureau County, IL

'The Greatest Heist In History': How Haiti Was Forced To Pay Reparations For Freedom

This Is Not a Game

Wish I could vote for Senator Sanders.

Traffic reporter has had ENOUGH live on TV 😆

Trump's most enduring legacy could be the historic rise in the national debt: WashPost Jan, 2021

Chicago Tribune: What's in it for you? Illinois' sweeping new clean energy law includes...

McConnell insists Democrats "name a number" as the limit for spending before they will "allow"

*Sen. Sanders on Rachel show NOW.

Ted Cruz issues single most DISGUSTING statement of his political career - Brian Tyler Cohen

Adam Schiff Warns Steve Bannon And Mark Meadows They'll Face Criminal Charges If They Don't Testify

Los Angeles approves COVID vaccine mandate

Aretha Franklin - I Say A Little Prayer

Let's just say I "beat" Matt Amodio tonight on spoilers

Under Fire: McConnell Backs Off From Recent Threats Over Biden's Spending Plan - The Beat - MSNBC

5 new quarters featuring women will be released starting 2022... thru 2025

God, I love Bernie!

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 7, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month Lucille Ball

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 8, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: A Night With Nancy Sinatra

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are strongly and slightly favored to win.

Just arrived at my hotel in Spokane for the PA Continuing Ed conference.

The Dramatics - Just Shopping (Not Buying Anything)

Fawk McAuliffe.......says Biden is a drag on his winning the governorship......🤬

The MSM ... "The Democrats This, The Democrats That ..."

Carmichael residents find bags with printed swastikas and 'Aryan Nation' outside homes

Carmichael residents find bags with printed swastikas and 'Aryan Nation' outside homes

Federal Judge Halts Enforcement of Texas Abortion Law.

Ivermectin: How false science created a Covid miracle drug

How much

The Fuhrer and the Prince

Tweet of the night:

Homeless camp cleared in midtown Sacramento. Most campers move just one block away

Remember Susan McDougal?

Is Tracy too liberal? Republicans try to cut city out of tossup California district

Netflix will edit phone numbers out of Squid Game following prank calls

Watching X-Files reruns tonight

NYT - A New Vaccine Strategy for Children: Just One Dose, for Now

Leave it alone. It's MINE!

John Heilemann: Abbott's Texas 'Has Become A One Party State' - Deadline - MSNBC

Monica Lewinsky ;)

Where could one advertise baby goats for sale other than

What Happened When Facebook Became Boomerbook

When it's on the most unhitable pitch in baseball.

Slimy Republican Has Oh S*** Moment

(Here we go: ) - Do cockroaches like peanut butter?

OK-GOV: Republican Supt. of Instruction becomes a Democrat, announces run for Governor.

Party Of 'Nihilism': How The GOP Evolved From Limited Government To No Government - The Beat - MSNBC

Unvaccinated Destroying Everyone Else's Life

Where's the Holy Hand grenade?

Hypocrites at Fox News Undermine COVID Vaccine & Zuckerberg Fires Back at Facebook Whistleblower

OK-GOV: State's last Democratic governor endorses former Republican Joy Hofmeister

Will increased pressure on Sinema/Manchin make a difference?

Maryland man allegedly fatally shot his pharmacist brother for 'killing people' with the COVID ...

The Daily Show: Trevor & His Brothers Debate Government Spending

Regarding the Twitter ban on trump: wasn't trump going to have some "huge" social media app or site?

Scoop: Manchin demands progressives prioritize

Senator Bernie Sanders' Press Conference :

Amazon has raked in a record $4.1 billion in government subsidies -- and counting

VA-GOV: Youngkin is a hypocrite on school masks mandates.

Former Sen. Al Franken: This Was A Game Of Chicken And Mitch Blinked - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Oklahoma's Republican state superintendent of public instruction switches parties, will run for gov.

Ralph Nader, Jill Stein, Kristen Sinema

Our country is only as strong as our Justice System.

Former chief of staff to Maryland governor indicted

About Climate Change ... To convince those who don't believe, copy this article..This has NEVER

Election fraud lies still being pushed.

Here Are the Favorites To Win the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize

AT&T Renewed With OAN 'Knowing Full Well Everything They'd Done' Expert Says - The ReidOut - MSNBC

CO-03: Boebert challenger Kerry Donovan pauses fundraising, blasts Colorado redistricting commission

I never had any interest at all in pickup trucks until yesterday when...

Children are being bullied by the Texas Legislature.

DLCC: Insurrectionist VA Republican House Candidate Warns of Coming "Civil War"

DeJoy's new plan to make the Post Office "profitable".

Big Arthur Crudup in 1946 (Elvis did the same song on his first record in 1954.

Seth Meyers - Facebook Blames "Faulty Configuration Change" for Six-Hour Outage - Monologue 10/5/21

Electric Prunes: Mass in F Minor (1968)

Seth Meyers: Facebook's Disastrous Week, from Whistleblower Bombshell to Global Outage: A Closer Look

The Hollies Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) Midnight Special

2 men set off flares near friends wedding for social media, triggered hours long coast guard search

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 9, 2021 -- Fleischer Animation 100th Anniversary, Part II

More Americans died of COVID this year than all of 2020


Donovan - Season of the Witch

Any DU night owls up?

Three horses at sunset

(Jewish Group) American Girl releases Hanukkah outfit and gift set for dolls...

BREAKING: Judge Temporarily Blocks Texas Anti-Abortion Law - The Last Word - MSNBC


Right-wing merger aims to form Brazil's largest political party

Love me some Dodgers!!!!!

The Daily Show: Tristan Harris - Facebook & Rethinking Big Tech

Chris Hayes Has A Feeling Tucker Carlson Might Be About To Quit Fox News - All In - MSNBC

The White House weighs in on tonight's SB 8 ruling

Man accused of killing 3 wanted to confront pharmacist brother over Covid vaccine, documents say

Viral Marine who criticized Afghanistan withdrawal charged with 6 violations

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Psalm 34, New Living Translation

Opinion Thanks to McConnell, even Biden is losing faith in the filibuster - The Washington Post

Products That Make You Say "I Need It"

Local Democrats targeting like-minded Port Arthurans

The people 2 v republicans 0. McTurtle blinks and judge...

Tim Miller: Trump's GOP Is A 'Pro-Insurrection' Party

Astros fan's dream come true when he meets Jose Altuve

Smerconish On Cuomo "No One Has Addressed The Debt Since Simpson Bowles" Right Buddy

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green Invokes Nazis... Yet Again - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

An Autocrat, a Tyrant and a Fool walk into a bar

Opinion: Republicans are siding with the angry mob

ExxonMobil employees appear to move toward union vote

ExxonMobil employees appear to move toward union vote

Since we've been talking about's one person's take on it:

We don't hear 24/7 about the Pandora Papers, do we? I wonder why?

Trial starts in Rio Grande Supreme Court water lawsuit between New Mexico and Texas

Trial starts in Rio Grande Supreme Court water lawsuit between New Mexico and Texas


Bernie Sanders Critical Of Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema Obstructing Popular Will- Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Trump supporter on video wants to shoot Biden

Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff says he won't run for reelection in 2022

2 Versions from Castello/Uccellini/East

Ex-CEO who oversaw doomed nuclear project to be sentenced

Brazil police find 3 mln euro Nazi haul at home of suspected pedophile

'Think About Democracy As Something Which Has A Future': Snyder On Hope In Troubled Times - TRMS

Word of the Day "ultracrepidarian" one who gives opinions and judgements on matters.....

Bonus Tweet of the Day

'Not Playing Fair': Sanders Calls Out Moderates For Being 'Vague' On Build Back Better

Do you use Facebook?

Trump spending Vs. President Biden Spending... Pass this along The GOP are the big spenders

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/6/21

'Staggering' New Developments From The Jan 6th Select Committee

Bates College staff launch union drive in response to low pay, high turnover

Stephen Colbert - Guest Fox News Host Bret Baier

Stephen Colbert: Guest Actress/Comedienne Susie Essman ("Curb Your Enthusiasm")

The Universal Notebook: All signs point to the GOP as DOA

Rachel Maddow: Get Your Skin Checked! Schedule An Appointment. It Very Well Might Save Your Life

Marijuana in Maine: A year older, a year higher

They're 'running the state into the ground': 'Lifelong' Republican switches parties to run for gover

Congressman Jared Golden is non-committal on Democrats' spending package

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, October 7, 2021

So, Pence doesn't think that "January 6th riot was no big deal"?

Alabama swamped, child died in floods from slow-moving front

Anti-vaxxer kills brother and SIL over Covid vaccine.

Inside Soon-To-Be-Demolished Arlington, Virginia's, Inner Ear Studios

Until further notice consider everywhere under a 🚨 FLASH FLOOD WARNING ⚠️

Body camera footage reveals Minneapolis police officers talking about 'hunting' civilians

Mike Flynn and the I AM cult

Abdulrazak Gurnah Is Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature

Evangelicals...or the Taliban? YOU DECIDE!

Thoughts on 2nd Amendment issues aside...

Thank You Judge Robert Lee Pitman

MSNBC - Bernie Sanders Critical Of Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema

Morgan is sort of grazing, this morning

Debbie Davis played guitar for Albert Collins' band The Ice Breakers

Legal Petition Demands Biden Stop Unlawful Fossil Fuel Projects and U.S. Army Corps Halt Approvals

Criminal Charges Filed Against Energy Transfer for Environmental Crimes in Pennsylvania

Trickle Down

Remember Susan McDougal?

America needs a crash civics course.

Trump pushed so-called 'murder-suicide pact' to 'shred Constitution' in Oval Office meeting

Breakfast Thursday 7 October 2021

Biden Administration Defends Wildlife Services' Killing of Eight Wolf Pups in Idaho

It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing

Mass Death For Birds As 60% Of Turkey's Natural Lakes Dry Up From Drought, Overdevelopment

LATimes: Jan. 6 rioters exploited little-known Capitol weak spots: A handful of unreinforced windows

Annual Survey Reveals New Low Counts Of UK Butterflies; 76% Of Species In Decline Since 1976

Dallas Morning News rejects ad hammering AT&T for backing sponsors of Texas abortion bill, Democrati

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 10/6/2021

Art of the Week: 10/06/21

Yay, Technology! New Google Car Map App Could Cut 1/40,000th Of Annual Carbon Output - We're Saved!

Jerry Craft's Books Pulled in Katy, Texas, School District

The Rundown: October 7, 2021

A peaceful moment for you today

Pfizer Asks F.D.A. to Authorize Its Covid-19 Vaccine for Children 5 to 11

Quicksilver Girl

Cassandra Peterson Celebrates 40 Fearsome and Foxy Years as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Q&A)

Jobless claims: Another 326,000 individuals filed new claims last week

Bankers' "Net-Zero Alliance" Stuffed W. Companies Busily Financing Coal, Gas And Oil Industries

Biden's signature bill isn't that expensive. It's a drop in the bucket.

'The intelligence was there': Law enforcement warnings abounded in the runup to Jan. 6

Angry Dad in Claifornia explains his anger @ Gov. Newsom ... A must see.

Saw this on Twitter

New Report that Democrats are Losing Midwest Factory Towns

Fact Check

Virtually everyone a Fort Bend police officer stopped was Hispanic. His bosses shrugged.

A couple forgotten facts by Dems, re: vaccines and the economy

The Time Has Come Today

Interesting Article "The Corporate State of Delaware"

beethoven 'cello piano sonata #1

How the once-feared mu variant all but disappeared

barbara streisand "stoney end"

Jason Isbell to speak on Addiction and Sobriety at Vanderbilt, Oct. 12

The Lincoln Project - Trump or Virginia

My second hand connection to the Holocaust ...

Harsh public justice and private despair reign in Taliban-ruled Herat

Alex Rodriguez Was a Disaster in the Booth During Yankees-Red Sox

barbara streisand "sweet zoo"

The Trump threat may soon get worse. Here's the Under-the-radar reason for it.

Senate Committee Releases Report On Trump's Attempts To Stay In Office - MSNBC

From reports, you'd swear that masses of healthcare workers quit over vax requirements. The reality:

US Hydro Projected For 4th-Lowest Output In 20 Yrs For 2021; Geography May Blunt Poss. Megadrought

Senate report gives new details of Trump efforts to use Justice Dept. to overturn election

Judge orders Texas to suspend new law banning most abortions

Drought Monitor 10/5/21 - Contiguous Drought Now Reaches From Pacific To UP Michigan, Il, WI

Thursday TOONs 1 - A Giant Zucking Sound

Thursday TOONs 2 - Mitchcraftian Horror

Snowflake and I had a setback yesterday.

Manager posts video saying he fired 46 vaccinated workers to get under 100 employees

Putin Will Send Bold Climate Proposal To Glascow To . . . Improve Measurements Of CO2 Output

Maine has the FUNNIEST CDC director!

Godzilla vs. OwlKitty

Re debt ceiling, Dems hold firm and McConnell blinks, and blinks again.

New jobless claims come in lower than expected

How important is the Select Committee in the course of American history?

With the Woodward/Costa book, Peril, and the Senate report that documented trump's attempt

I start my new job today. If I sat home one more day, I was going to burn a computer and a TV ...

DJIA up over 900 points on yesterday's 'debt put off' move to today's 10:15a edt.

I am so sick of Liberty Mutual commercials

GOP operative claims helping children of color feel like they belong hurts white children

Four people charged in central Pa. school bus vandalism tied to TikTok challenges

A Very Funny Comedy Movie with a strong pro-choice message.

A group of anti-vaccine/anti-vaccine mandate activists protested at Walk to School Day ...

Insurance prices bring climate costs to kitchen table, and boardrooms

EXPLAINER: What's behind the looming Hollywood strike?

Clarence Thomas's Wife Hired Ex-TPUSA Staffer Known For Saying 'I Hate Blacks'

Across the Desk - S4:E12 (OK A.G. 'I have no clue about any of this' O'Connor)

"Trudeau mandates all trains & planes travellers be vaccinated." retweet from Rep Swalwell

'Containergeddon': Supply crisis drives Walmart and rivals to hire their own ships

Andrew Yang's motivation for founding the Forward Party

New details of Brian Laundrie's movements emerge as officials find recent campsite in FL reserve

Trump allies did little to investigate election fraud claims, court documents show

Trump does MA governor "wicked huge favor" by endorsing rival! 😃

More looney insanity - Those aren't birds, they're gov. drones

Has your enjoyment of an entire movie ever been ruined by a single line of dialogue?

My choral group just voted last night - we're vaxxed only now

Senate Judiciary probe of Trump's 2020 machinations zeroes in on Pennsylvania House Republican

Just how probable is that probably

What's the difference between advertisements and commercials???

Bok Choy Tofu Doenjang Soup (Cheonggyeongchae dubu-doenjangguk: 청경채 두부된장국) 611,28

Subverting Justice - New Senate Judiciary Report on Coup attempt released today

Intuition tells me

I was on the Politicalwire site and found out that

Rescued Baby Zebra Can't Wait To Reunite With Mom and Dad

Arizona - The Basque Connection

What's Garland's DOJ up To? Well, Blocking the Texas Vigilante Anti-Abortion Law...

Hundreds of judges are breaking the law -- and we're doing nothing to stop it

Rep. Barbara Lee CA D interview with Jake Tapper CNN

2529 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 32 deaths

Morgan is doing MUCH better. She ate some baby food and now she's playing with Madoc

Tampa Oath Keeper stays jailed after judge finds he threatened cops

Boston Cop Who Bragged About Running Down Protesters Back On Full Duty

Just saw an ad where big pharma linked covid vaccines to not having

18 former NBA players arrested by federal authorities in alleged health care scam

"Friday will be my last day as a KCS student" Knox County Schools mask mandate sparks emotion

Chair Maloney plays a voicemail from Rudy Giuliani to Jack Sellers in Maricopa

Let the punishment fit the crime(s)

The Comey Rule - Netflix

Good Day DU (October 7, 2021)

Lemon: Democracy still at risk nine months after insurrection

18 ex-NBA players charged in $4M health care fraud scheme

Robert Lowery, missing TX dad found in same forest as Gabby Petito, died by suicide, coroner finds

See How Deep Oceans Really Go

Robert Lowery, missing TX dad found in same forest as Gabby Petito, died by suicide, coroner finds

Sheriff Joe running for Mayor of Fountain Hills

Senate probe zeroes in on Rep Scott Perry

Pfizer seeks FDA approval to vaccinate kids age 5-11

Why McConnell Backed Down

Sheriff Joe of AZ back in the saddle?

The Supreme Court's Pain -- and Our Anger by Linda Greenhouse

Way to Win, new PAC

When those streets in NYC get destroyed in action movies, look at that damage

Way to Win, new AZ PAC

Why nuke the filibuster now?

Mama otter is insistent about baby otter's swimming lesson:

Another charming otter video:

Prosecutors reject charges against 5 suspects in deadly gang-related gunfight in Austin.

TFG should be banned from running/holding any office in the USA.

Insanity. Pure, absolute insanity.

LA Sheriff Villanueva says that he will not enforce a vaccine mandate

This doggie brought home a cow:

I had my annual check-up today

Lewandowski Demanded Cash After MAGA-Land Kicked Him to the Curb

A Message To MSNBC And CNN.....

Republicans' Sisyphean 2020 recount rumbles on despite lack of evidence

U.S. Troops Train Taiwan Forces Amid Worries Over China

Remnants of Black church uncovered in Colonial Williamsburg

Historical pixs

Lawyers are prepping an attempt to force the Scottish government to start an investigation of TFG's

Biden admin. orders Ducey to stop abusing Fed Funding

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

AP: Flush with COVID-19 aid, schools steer funding to sports

East Texas boy dies in rodeo accident in Louisiana

SJCommittee issues sweeping report detailing how Trump and a top DOJ lawyer attempted to overturn

Middle Age Riot tweet:

18 ex-NBA players charged and arrested in $4 million healthcare scam

Damian Williams Is the First Black U.S. Attorney to Lead the Southern District of New York

Legal MJ in Maine.. Do other states copy your ID when entering a shop?

Thank you President Biden (standing up to Ducey)


Massachusetts Hockey Says 'Severe' Ref Shortage Is Due To Abuse From Parents, Coaches And Players

(JEWISH GROUP) Dave Chappelle jokes about world-conquering 'Space Jews' in new Netflix special

Massachusetts Hockey Says 'Severe' Ref Shortage Is Due To Abuse From Parents, Coaches And Players

I started collecting my pension this month.

Mike Luckovich - School board meetings.

Surprise! AT&T Funds OANN

Ivermectin: How false science created a Covid 'miracle' drug

Huey Lewis talks about hearing loss, music,

HBO Comedy you'll enjoy

Life at 50C: Keeping cool in India's heatwaves

Active-Duty Suicide Rate Hit Record High in 2020

Meet the Moultons, the worst family in Sarasota history

Their strategy is obvious, keep creating crisis

Cartoons 10/7/2021

Bill Barr needs to come clean

These Thom H vs Julio debates - what's the point?

Africatown buys full block in Central District for men's shelter

White House analysis touts gains from COVID-19 vaccine requirements

Saudi court upholds 20-year term for critic, draws US rebuke

Alzheimer's: The heretical and hopeful role of infection

Biden, China's Xi expected to meet virtually by year's end

More than 120,000 US kids had caregivers die during pandemic

Meadows and those three other goons

Now in power Taliban sets sights on Afghan drug underworld

Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life 🧡

Don't you gaslight me, Trending Topics robot

No BS allowed.

Stephanie Grisham says when TFG 'needed his ass kissed he'd call Matt Gaetz

Missouri & Spain comparison of vaccination rates & death tolls:

Gunfight between vehicles ends with crash that kills woman on scooter in downtown Minneapolis

Anderson Cooper Mocks The Way Mike Pence Lies

Thank the wildcard for this historic Giants/Dodgers series

Rachel Maddow undergoes surgery for skin cancer: 'You should get checked'

Something is going on in East Tennessee

A 'strike wave' is coming to save America's working class the old-fashioned way

King County restaurants, businesses prepare for proof of vaccination requirement

Mexico's deadly coca cola ( sugary drink) addiction

Microsoft report finds Russia dominant force behind cyberattacks in past year

Golden Retriever Meets Puppies for the First Time

The US has never defaulted on its debt -- except the four times it did

Top Trump aides set to defy subpoenas in Capitol attack investigation

We're Losing Our Humanity, and the Pandemic Is to Blame

Rachel Maddow undergoes surgery for skin cancer: 'You should get checked'

Local leaders announce new partnership to replace Seattle's Memorial Stadium, build new school

Michael Burns Pres. Blue Haze ‎- Into Nothing (Hamel's Last Time For 9 Vox Mix) 💙

"South Dakota's Government Accountability Board to review meeting involving Gov. Kristi Noem and her

Maricopa Supervisor Bill Gates talking about the threats they received during the "audit" (AZ)

So cool.

A Massive Fail on Crime Reporting by "The New York Times," NPR

March 2021: Donors gave a House candidate more than $8 million. Single firm took nearly half of it.


Invisible Studio installs waterside bee house at Somerset hotel

Their interracial romance ended painfully after college. They reunited 42 years later

LA cop fired after having sex in squad car with open mike at Bates Motel set.

Matted Dog Who Lived On The Street For Years Gets Her First Haircut

How the right wing uses the Constitution and the Supreme Court to squeeze liberty out of Americans..

Brother Kills Pharmacist Brother For "Poisoning" People With COVID-19 Vaccine

Subverting Justice - Full Report - one part of the Slobfather's attempt to remain President

Farmer Born in 1842 Talks About Life and Change: Filmed in 1929

A Secret CIA Gate at Kabul Airport Became an Escape Path for Afghans

Waiting for the Amtrak Auto Train in Sanford, FL.

Congressman Paul Gosar promotes Holocaust denial website

Winter Forecast Is Cold Comfort for Natural-Gas Consumers

"Manchin demands progressives pick only 1 of 3 family policy priorities"

I have the feeling that mankind is developing some kind of "malevolent religion" right now...

Partially relieved

Somewhat seasonal proof that paying attention to science is a GOOD thing

Seattle-area lawmakers say colleague's campaign flyer is racist, 'horrifying'

"Melania's team" response to Grisham (one of few who stayed 4 years) says it all 😆

Poor monkey hurts itself, starts crying

The Latest: US health experts urge flu shots ahead of season

Loaded question about talking with Republicans

Impossible to watch this TicToc without laughing

How one NASA image tells dozens of stories

Matt Dunlap leaving state auditor job after failing two accounting tests

McConnell Doesn't Have the Votes for Debt Limit Hike

Sen. Durbin "...5.7 million spent on ninja turtles" 😆😆

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 7, 2021

Jan. 6 committee issues latest round of subpoenas for rally organizers

The President is speaking live on CNN....

David Pakman Show - This Woman Could Be YOUR CHILD'S Teacher

A teen was beaten for carrying the pride flag at school. His classmates support the bully.

Suddenly Sunlight is Shining and I think Change is in the Air! Names are being named!

Ana Navarro!!

LGBT History Month: Meet the Dutch gay man who defied the Nazis & saved thousands of lives

(Jewish Group) Meet the Dutch gay man who defied the Nazis & saved thousands of lives

Our History: Meet the Dutch gay man who defied the Nazis & saved thousands of lives

Arlington school shooting suspect released on bond

The 116 images NASA wants aliens to see

Totally Non-Traditional Cuban Sandwich Recipe

"Joe Manchin Doesn't Want an 'Entitlement Society.' "

The new Senate Report; Discussed

Trump lawyer tells former aides not to cooperate with Jan. 6 committee

BREAKING: The Jan 6 Committee has subpoenaed ALI ALEXANDER and the Stop the Steal LLC.

Over the years, I have heard my Republican colleagues talk about "family values."

How AT&T helped build far-right One America News

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #11-11: Wheel Of Corruption: No Time To Die Edition

Tweet of the Day

Woman Rescues Baby Dolphin

Delete Zuckerberg - Don Winslow Films

Liberal Redneck - School Board Terrorists

I don't know how long we can survive under minority rule

Men At Work - Down Under

I've begin to notice that when

USB Devise not supported

Will Trump ever be charged with ANYTHING?

"People just don't want to work anymore"

My view of Congressional subpoenas: Overly cynical, or overly true?

Brunswick fires football coach, cancels rest of season in wake of hazing investigation

Cucker Tarlson: There are no organized white supremacist forces in this country

Trump BFF Mike Lindell Gets Laughed At - Rebel HQ

Wealthy white republicans ARE above the law.

Bernie Takes A Steel Chair To Joe Manchin's Obstruction - The Rational National

She testified for 11 hours before the Benghazi Committee

North Carolina Republicans Threaten to Use Police Force to Inspect Voting Machines

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 8 October 2021

Natural-Gas Shortage Sets Off Scramble Ahead of Winter

So, Seriously: What can the House SubCommittee

2 Hurricanes, Deadly Freeze & 1,000-Year Flood Later, Lake Charles Still Doesn't "Believe" Warming

This has been an up/down day

Puerto Rico's Power Authority Set to Declare State of Emergency

Andrew Yang builds his Party.....

Mehdi Hasan tells us what is in the Build Back Better bill in 60 seconds

Proposed California Ballot Measure Could Spark Court Challenges to Teacher Protections

Man threatened to have Sen. Murkowski killed, authorities say

Pope Francis launches academic program for ecological conversion

Toxic Culture': Prominent Law School Dean Quits After Students Stage Walkout

Which Gallego would be a perfect candidate to challenge Sinema?

Biden DOJ shields ex-Trump officials from testifying about election fraud cases

School Cop Who Shot Teen Is Fired as Police Open Homicide Probe

'WandaVision' Spinoff Starring Kathryn Hahn in the Works at Disney Plus


Select Committee Issues More Subpoenas

More Murdaugh: Alex Murdaugh's Old Law Firm Alleges He Stole From Clients for Years

Dear White People Showrunner Quits Netflix Over Dave Chappelle's Transphobic Special

Anti-vaxxer: "Why aren't these homeless sick ? Homeless person: "Because I'm vaccinated, you dumb...

A mega-drought is hammering the U.S. In North Dakota, it's worse than the Dust Bowl

What Wyoming Really Thinks of Liz Cheney

'The intelligence was there': Law enforcement warnings abounded in the runup to Jan. 6

Va. Democrats on defense as their new House majority faces its first electoral test

Portland invasion by Trump's DHS goons was an incompetent shambles, internal review finds

Debt Ceiling Vote Tonight.

God I hope they dont forget to indict Bill Barr for obstruction of justice

10.07.2021 - what do you think is the biggest news today of these three stories?

As a stunning new report reveals Trump's threat to democracy, Republicans shrug

Worth reading every word. We're Losing Our Humanity, and the Pandemic Is to Blame

Holy crap.....Kim Clijesters is playing tennis.......

Dame Vera Lynn - 1990 Royal Variety Performance

Another truck to drool over if you're into drooling over trucks...

Handy website which converts audio to other audio, video to audio, other formats:

Feel good story: Quick-thinking Folsom inmates rescue prison staffer

Civil Rights Icon James Meredith marches with the Peabody ducks as honorary Duckmaster

Today the Senate Committee on the Judiciary reported...

School board terrorists

Developing story: 2 Sevier County deputy clerks charged after FBI raids Sevier County Courthouse

Bonus Tweet of the Day

How Corporate America exercises its immense political power - Narain Batra

The last eggplant.

World peace, perfect harmony, and an end to all predjudice can be acheived in only 120 years

Burrito Brothers - Don't Let Your Deal Go Down......seriously.

Caught a few ??? and some sky today.

So, Don Winslow's big reveal regarding Lindsey Graham was nothing but hot air.

Netflix - Lost in Space Season 3 Teaser

Levon Helm - Tennessee Jed - on Dave Letterman....

Nice skies today,

Hundreds of capybaras overrun neighborhood in Argentina

Abortions resume in some Texas clinics after judge halts law

House Of The Dragon 🐉 Official Teaser HBO Max (GoT Prequel)

Real Family Values

Former Maine US Senate candidate accused of pointing gun at man over crypto dispute

Nice skies in southern MD today.

Could you drink nothing but water for a month

NRPS - Glendale Train.....see a pattern here?

WI: Attorney overseeing election review cancels interviews, relinquishes on subpoenas for now

Hot Rod Lincoln....who was the Dude from Maine that wrote this?

OAITW - The Hobo Song

Sunset in Calvert County

Moon rocks brought to Earth by Chinese mission fill key gaps in solar system history

Senators R Us

Word Association?