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These Glass-Domed Cabins Let You Watch the Northern Lights in Bed

Maine rocket company wants to use a Down East island for its next launch

Does anyone have current info on the Senate vote to raise

Perseverance rover confirms existence of ancient Mars lake and river delta

Biden to expand Bears Ears and other national monuments, reversing Trump cuts, White House says

Eleven ReTHUGs voted with 50 Dems to move forward with debt ceiling

GOP Lawmaker Steps Down After Sending Misinformation

Mussolini's granddaughter tops polls in Rome council vote

Biden Approval Rating @ All-Time Low?.....

Biden DOJ shields ex-Trump officials from testifying about election fraud cases

North Carolina Lt. Governor Calls Gays 'Filth'

I Love Hearing Conservative Christians Talk ...

What is your critter doing? I ordered a cardboard cutting board for sewing.

Senate passes bill to raise debt ceiling into early December

VA: Republican LG nominee Winsome Sears declined to say whether she was vaccinated

The plot thickens...

Justice Pat DeWine: Recuse yourself now from the redistricting cases involving your dad

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Global beat box champion Show-Go:

From Maya Angelou to Anna May Wong, these pioneering women will appear on US quarters next year

"We can't verify if that's true, but it sounds right"

If Jeopardy! Matt's streak continues...

Please don't stop!

MAGA GA Gov candidate Vernon Jones loses his mind tonight, cuts his feed, and leaves the interview..

The Beatles - I Feel Fine

*Foliage interfering with DirecTV dish, so please inform about interesting things

Anti-Karen Security Guard Tells Karen Off

BREAKING: Senate Votes To Extend Debt Limit After Mitch McConnell Caves (MSNBC)

New Senate Report Details The Depth Of Trump's Pressure Campaign At DOJ - Deadline - MSNBC

'It's amazing that person is a sitting congressman': Cooper reacts to Sen. Biggs (CNN)

Wild flowers

Willie Nile - the Justice Bell (for John Lewis)

The Current DOJ Can 'Insulate Us From Efforts Like Trump's In The Future' - Deadline - MSNBC

A few of my favorite phrases:

Christian Conservative Had Secretive Role in Bid to Block Election Result

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

So how about this.

Orange Slug at it again!

New Details On 'Democratic Near-Death Experience' Of Trump Election Plot - All In - MSNBC

Tweet of the night:

Texas Temporarily Forced to Recognize Women as Humans

Multiple GOP 2022 candidates haunted by domestic violence allegations

Oh Ohio, trying so hard to out 'Duh' other states. 🤦‍♀️

Aunt Crabby Has A Point About Conservative Christians

Are the Straights Ok?

Virginia AG files complaint against DeJoy's USPS "overhaul"

Sinema is getting worse

Ducey: Biden admin will have to go to court to get education funding back

Senate Report Reveals More Trump Election Crimes; What Congress Should Do About Witness in Contempt

Massive Montana Field Fire!!!!!!!! 2021 Wheat Harvest

After one big failed coup, the GOP has regrouped to launch countless mini-insurrections

WTH??? Sand hill cranes are gonna be hunted in Wisconsin is repubs get a say.......😡 😡 😡

Day One of the conference is over. Now just relaxing a little.

Have you seen the "Welcome to my vagina" commercial?

Republican lawmaker claims Trump didn't lose. Top Democrat destroys him - Brian Tyler Cohen

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, October 8, 2021

Listening to a treat tonight on CFZM 740 am, rebroadcasting The War Of The Worlds

Fox Enjoys Listening To Musician Playing Banjo on Hill - 1258693

U.S., Mexico prepare new security deal to replace Merida Initiative

Argentine judge dismisses case against ex-President Fernandez

U.S., Mexico prepare new security deal to replace Merida Initiative

MAGA Art 😂😂😂

We get a "snow day" tomorrow---actually our city has a main water break and we are under a boil wate

Dueling Saturn Aspects

Trump: Haitian immigrants 'probably have AIDS'.

Do the majority of Americans want to live under fascism?

Can you see my avatar?

This is how I wish I could center my life in these days ...

The Daily Show: Happy 25th Anniversary Fox News!

VA Republican Party campaign flyers depicting Black male candidates tied in ropes

Trump's Attempt to Overturn the Election & Everything is Terrible So We Make it Better!

Cleaning crud from non stick skillets

Dad! It's Time to eat. Get in here and watch me!

Is there any hope that Congress will try to tackle the Post Office?

DOJ Should Investigate Jeff Clark and Mark Meadows for Political Coercion Act and Hatch Act...

Get this off me. Remember, I know which one is your pillow...

Seth Meyers - Trump Gets Booted Off of Forbes Magazine's List of Richest Americans - Monologue 10/6

I painted a dog! It's been all cats but I've branched out...

Arsonist heroically agrees not to light deadly fire? Let me rewrite that for you.

The Cornfield Resistance Ep 619: Arrest Trump

"For eight years, a man without a memory lived among strangers at a hospital in Mississippi..."

Bat brain being infiltrated by corona virus (Microscopic video):

The Cornfield Resistance Ep 619: Arrest Trump

Kurt Bardella Urges Democrats To 'Use Our Authority Now' To Get To Bottom Of Jan. 6 - The ReidOut

Here's a video I can Imagine so many of us in DUMA enjoying

Former Australian PM calls for solidarity with Taiwan

Proud daddy cat. Little daughter will stand up to all comers.

This is a North Carolina State representative, Jeff McNeely at a news conference on Thurs

"only time in the past 17 years that this ... socio-pathetic Zod was not running a Doomsday Machine"

Seth Meyers - Damning New Details of Trump's Coup Attempt Revealed in Senate Report: A Closer Look

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 10, 2021 - TCM Classic Horror (with Mario Cantone): Creepy Kids

Abbott Fails Texas Rape Victims

TCM Schedule for Monday October 11, 2021 - Big Country

Americas Families get remains of El Salvador 'House of Horrors' victims

Dea Matrona - a young Irish band

Extreme drought in Brazil triggers fatal sand storms

NFL Coach Urban Meyer's Wife Addresses His Bar Dancing Controversy: "We Are All Sinners"

I Am Sick Of Hearing "How We Can Make Sure This Doesn't Happen Again"

Please Come to Boston / Dave Loggins

Rep. Jeffries: 'Trump's Behavior Continues To Make Richard Nixon Look Like A Choir Boy' The Last Word

New report shows Texas is far more vulnerable to extreme weather due to climate change

Call Me Crazy ...

Tonight it's 2 lullabies. Two of my newest favorite women vocalists

Magnitude 5.9 quake halts trains in Tokyo area; 30 injured

Sorry if it's been posted but are Trump's goons going

"What do I look like?"

Question for medical professionals

Oldest pharmacy in Texas stands the test of time

The filibuster isn't just absent from the Constitution--it's blatantly unconstitutional. Here's why:

I downloaded a copy of "It Can't Happen Here" and am...

20 attorneys general file a complaint to block the Postal Service's strategic plan

Ohio redistricting commission can be questioned in gerrymandering.

DOJ reviewing decision to not charge agents involved in investigating Larry Nassar

Under new law, state will stop regulating small career schools

Move over, ivermectin

NEW VIDEO: #DeleteZuckerberg How many young women have to die Mark Zuckerberg?

NEW VIDEO: #DeleteZuckerberg How many young women have to die Mark Zuckerberg?

James Carville: 'Trump's In Legal Trouble. Don't Kid Yourself' - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Waller County bicyclists crash: Special prosecutor considering serious charges

'It's like a time of war': Public meetings throughout the state marked by anger and harassment

US House Select Jan 6 Committee subpoenas Ali Alexander.. "related to the "Stop the Steal" rally

Daniel Goldman: Donald Trump Committed Obstruction Of Justice - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Two Black Houston members of Congress decry redistricting map that pits them against each other

Two Black Houston members of Congress decry redistricting map that pits them against each other

Claws! You're gonna need a bigger boat.

Florida trying to block money Biden sent to school districts fined for mask mandates

Florida trying to block money Biden sent to school districts fined for mask mandates

REVEALED: Cops knew Trump supporters planned to 'kill public officials and carry out a coup'

Saluting The Founding Fathers - From Brent Terhune

Destined to be a horror host, Elvira purges her secrets in new book

Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust

Home confinement suggested for NH man in Capitol riot; defense cites 'too much Fox News'

NC Lt.Gov: gays are 'filth'. Jeff Jackson calls for him to resign.

North Carolina teacher resigned - told Black students w/o constitution,they would B her field slaves

Suboptimal COVID-19 vaccination coverage in Florida and Texas

Dayton police investigate after video shows disabled man pulled from car by officers

Accused war criminal's foundation forced to refund MAGA donors angered by anti-Trump posts

Horns (2013)

Political Hijacking Of DOJ By Trump Raises Cleanup Questions For Garland - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Musk proves, yet again, that he is more focused on profits than people. And yes, we always knew that

Mayor Bill de Blasio Used Security Detail as 'Concierge Service,' Report Finds

Several buyers interested in forfeited Vermont ski resort (Jay Peak)

Reaching the point where a black protagonist is enough to have a book called "critical race theory"

Rare split-color lobster goes on display at Seacoast Science Center in Rye

Pfizer Requests Vaccine Approval For Kids Ages 5-11 - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/7/21

Stephen Colbert: Guest Dr. Sanjay Gupta On Breakthrough Cases And Vaccine Hesitancy

Journalists Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Sununu says Rep. Ken Weyler should lose his role as House Finance Chair over COVID-19 misinformation

Journalists Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov win 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for press freedom

Another public review on why we need the FCC to do its job

Leahy introduces new voting rights legislation with support from Vermont leaders

Leahy introduces new voting rights legislation with support from Vermont leaders

Gov. Scott faces backlash after saying other states' Covid masking orders 'haven't worked'

A mountain gorilla who once went viral for cheeky selfie dies in the arms of caretaker

When will the FDA approve the Moderna booster vaccine for people 65 and older?

Vermont extends contract to house inmates in Mississippi

I Just Wasn't Made For These Times - The Beach Boys

It's time for the thermal undies and socks again. I stay nice and cozy and save money on my heat

The AP Interview: Jayapal pushes Biden for $3T spending bill

Biden's Schedule for Friday, October 8, 2021

Breakfast Friday 8 October 2021

Cold snap this weekend could assist firefighters in SE Montana

AT&T Bankrolls OAN?

Trump Nods: Backs Republican Diehl For Governor, Attacks Baker

Jeff Van Gundy on "Doing my own research"

The press has been exploiting the Quinnipiac diminishing approval poll numbers of Biden the last

Brockton standoff between police and man wearing Nazi armband ends with officer shot, suspect dead

Will Republicans try to impeach Biden?

Ali Alexander subpoenaed by Congress

Bill aims to make Massachusetts college campuses 'hunger-free'

Student arrested in Texas school shooting released from jail

I woke up this morning after a refreshing sleep to find that our electric power

Massachusetts House passes bill aimed at avoiding disruptions to egg supply in 2022

Typical Millennial bank statement

About 1,600 UMass Memorial Health employees are unvaccinated

Apparently the outdoors is a very scary place, to Madoc

Palm Beach Police Ball

Perhaps-if you can afford to lose $7 billion in one day-you can afford to pay your taxes

2021 Nobel Peace Prize Winners announced, Maria Ressa and Smitty Muratov

Trump finally fired back at Fiona Hill

'Hundreds' of Massachusetts State Police face being fired over vaccine mandate

The Clutches of the Cult.

Too early? 🎄

A peaceful moment for you today

So, Mitch is a good person?

"The Breakaways" Banned in Texas School District Over Trans Representation

The Rundown: October 8, 2021

TFG's lawyer tells former aides not to cooperate with Jan. 6 committee


The origin of Super Heroes: Ben Tennyson

Who were the 11 Rethug Senators who voted with the Dems yesterday?

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 1-8 October (2021)

Yahoo Finance September jobs report: Economy adds back disappointing 194,000 jobs, unemployment rate

The latest from whackworld: the gov't took down facebook and removed all the

From The BBC: Africa's week in pictures: 1-7 October 2021

Dick Burnett, author of Man of Constant Sorrow, was born on this date.

Why is the Florida Board of Education populated with low-life child-murdering scumbags?

September BLS jobs report, Unemployment falls to 4.8%, 194,000 jobs added

It's All Too Much

Since Chico Mendes' Murder Brought Amazon Crisis To World's Attention, Area Of TX + NM Destroyed

How a Mi'kmaw song ended up on an album by world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma

Tesla moves headquarters from California to Texas

FYI & GTK Facebook has already paid a $5 billion fine* for rat fucking America by their use of ...

Taliban official: At least 100 dead, wounded in Afghan blast

This Little Dog Peeking Over A Fence Is Making People Uncomfortable (cute)

Why are young people moving to The Villages?

Humor for the morning.

Tennessee doctors who spread COVID-19 vaccine misinformation could lose their licenses

shut up...?


Biden To Restore National Monuments That Trump Trashed

Feminize Your Canon: Alice Dunbar-Nelson

My thoughts about Stephanie Grisham's book. (I'll Take Your Questions Now)

Dark Money Behind the Coup,

Manchin says Schumer needs to work with the GOPers!

Joe: Dems Need To Grow A Backbone And Stand Up To GOP Leadership

Why the Senate blinked and moved back from the brink of a federal default crisis

iPhone 11 ...... Kid set up an alarm that turns off incoming texts and phone calls. Then starts a

Romney is an economic terrorist. So fuck his "gracious" bullshit.

When you know you have True Believers who will accept any claim that the 2020 election was stolen...

Nobel Peace Prize: Journalists Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov share award Published1 hour ago

How dumb can a nation get and still survive? By Eugene Robinson

Friday TOONs - Nothing To See Here, Folks


College Student Decides To Foster A Pregnant Dog Right Before Midterms

It's about fucking time

Cautionary Tales from the 'Kraken' Litigation Sanctions Ruling

FBI Press Release Page Link:

#ArrestTrumpNow is one of Top Tweet Trends in US right now!

"What if Guns N' Roses went Bluegrass?" Walk off the Earth

Bannon to defy subpoena from January 6 committee as Trump urges defiance, sources say

What an eye opener. I bought a new vacuum cleaner. My old one has been proven very ineffective!

I Study Pathogens and Pregnancy. Here's What I Know About Covid-19.

Women's soccer players protested sexual harassment and were cheered -- great... but that rarely happens

Trump to his cronies: "Don't be rat finks or squealers youse guys!"

Trump's coup plot was worse than anyone knew

( One of my favorite people ) Jose Andres @chefjoseandres: Right Mask mandates and vaccinations

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- October 8, 2021

I discovered something very sweet about a certain Madoc behavior

(Harry Enten) Independents have turned on Joe Biden

Imagine if Texas did this to stop abortions...

Russia's Wildfires Dwarfed All Other Fires Across the World in 2021

People wonder why I call chiropractors quacks?

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (Friday Roundup)

Mommy, I'm tired!

Where the Suburbs End

Figure skater Tarah Kayne details abuse allegations against sanctioned Olympic coach

Joe Manchin told @SenSchumer his speech on the floor after the debt limit was "fucking stupid."

What's the deadline on the Bannon, etc. traitor subpeonas?

Internal review shows Trump's DHS concocted bogus intelligence blaming antifa for violence

House ages well.

Michael Flynn to QAnon Believers: I'm Not a Satanist!

Arlington school shooter PARTIES at home after being freed while his victims remain in hosp.

today marks the 150th anniversary of Peshtigo: America's Deadliest Fire

Bannon defying a subpoena, and the power he has to stir the shit.

A pregnancy at term and we are waiting for news

Weedeating, and other poetry

Top Trump aides set to defy subpoenas in Capitol... - yesterdays news, todays reality

I support Chuck Schumer in his speech to the Senate yesterday! Period! Unapologetically!

Biden approval rating falls to low of 38 percent: Quinnipiac poll

Hey.... did you notice that?

Inside an Ultra-Right Festival: Guns, a Doomsday Church & Steve Bannon

A bit of dis n' dat

Good read - shared with me by a friend "Do Americans Know What a Massive Ripoff American Life Really

David Shor is telling Democrats what they don't want to hear.

I try not to post about IT....I don't want to hear his name until it's on a blue plaque, BUT...

My godchild is surprised that her mothers & I have been to drag shows

Rep. Betty McCollum @BettyMcCollum04: It is a monumental day!Today @POTUS will restore protections

Tell Ted Cruz we ain't playing a game of chicken, this is demolition derby.

2702 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 37 deaths

I sure hope I'm wrong. Walking past the TV I think I just heard Jeffrey Toobin say on CNN

Bohemian Catsody

If Congress will not enforce subpoenas

How Fox News Has Made Every Single Moment of the Last 25 Years Worse

Norway to hit 100 per cent electric vehicle sales early next year

Domestic Terrorist Are Using TikTok As Recruitment Tool, Organizing Shock Troops

Am I the only person

MSNBC Host slams Republican Senator: I hear you acknowledge the hypocrisy of your party.

Good Day DU (October 8, 2021)

Rick Wilson claims "As of now 1/6 commission is dead already, and will not enforce the subpoenas"

Solidarity or We Lose

Proof that aliens are colonizing in the midwest!

Can I rant before I explode?

Bannon just gave the finger to the 1/6 investigation.

2021 Tesla Shareholder Meeting

Belarus forces shoot at Polish Border Guards--what could go wrong

Black Children Were Jailed for a Crime That Doesn't Exist.

Say something positive about politics these days

( I totally agree. ) Melinda Beatty: The fact that two people described being LITERALLY lost at sea

Global Deal to End Tax Havens Moves Ahead as Nations Back 15% Rate

100-year-old denies being accessory to murder at Nazi camp

Does Speaker Pelosi consult with the Select Committee members she nominated?

Sen. Schumer blasted Republicans after the debt-ceiling reprieve. He was criticized for it -- by Sen.

Anger in U.S. Customs and Border Protection as Biden administration's vaccine mandate looms

Perhaps It's Time For A Strongly Worded Letter

Idaho GOP official says he is sending Mike Lindell bill for election audit

Auditor Suzanne Bump chronicles dire state of infrastructure in Western Mass

Hilarious review of Brach's Turkey Dinner Candy Corn

Republicans complain Schumer hurt their feelings in debt-ceiling fight

Majority of Republicans Say Party Shouldn't Accept Elected Officials Who Won't Kiss TFG's Ass

Claim Child Tax Credit and Missing Economic Impact Payments

this .

So I hear on my tv that Democrats are fighting among themselves. I didn't know.

Elon Musk is moving Tesla from California to Texas

Texas appeals judge's temporary injunction barring enforcement of abortion law

Right-Wing Christians Must Indoctrinate Other People's Children Into a Biblical Worldview, Says FRC

How much should I pay my grand kids?

Matthew McConaughey says politics is 'a bag of rats' in interview weighing run for Texas governor

Afghanistan blast kills worshippers in Kunduz mosque

Trump hid over $70 million in losses on his D.C. hotel, House committee report alleges

There is something seriously wrong with out legal system

Trump's four goons defied Congress and the subpoenas?

Despite preparation, California pipeline operator may have taken hours to stop leak

Where do you store your mask when you're not wearing it?

On the importance of moral clarity in the news

Here is the TV ad that Abbott primary challenger @DonHuffines is airing during the Texas-Oklahoma

Mike Lindell Claims 850-year-old Person Voted in 2020 Election

The mental health toll of survivors in Sierra Leone

Trump: My D.C. Hotel Made $150M. House Panel: It Lost--Bigly.

The lagging economy shows that we need to invest more, not less, in the Build Back Better agenda.

Is this what awaits Steve Bannon?

Ostrich & girl imitating each other:

To those who've decided to rant about people refusing Congressional subpoenas...

Thinking outside the box:

Backlash against Rick Wilson

Washington State Fire Marshall says he's unable to get vaccinated

Our dream legally came true today.

Mr. L's Best of The Replacements (Spotify Mix) - A seminal band with a ton of great songs

Rittenhouse's lawyers are arguing he was engaging in "legal hunting" on the streets of Kenosha.

Johnny Lee Hooker +Boom Boom Boom

Debt for TFG's business estimated at $1.3 billion

One of these White House proclamations is bound to make you happy.


Missouri Newspaper Blasts Josh Hawley, Suggests Punk Ass Aims to 'Incite More' Violence

Oversight Dems release new evidence that Trump concealed millions of dollars in losses...

Is Mike Pence dumber than we thought?

Just found out

TFG to invoke executive privilege in Jan. 6 House probe

Biden is first president to mark Indigenous Peoples' Day

Empire State Building to illuminate in red, white and blue for Fox's 25th anniversary

Congo's $6 billion China mining deal 'unconscionable', says draft report

Chile president investigated after Pandora Papers leak

Los Angeles County sheriff won't enforce vaccine mandate

Staffing shortages force cancellations on several Kitsap ferry routes

Wanda may not be a fish storm after all - pay attention folks in the Carolinas

China warns U.S. over reports that American forces are stationed in Taiwan

Legal eagles, can Kyle Rittenhouse be sued by the surviving family members of his victims?

"We will enforce supboenas"

Well lookie lookie - Meadows, Patel 'engaging with' Jan. 6 committee as Bannon faces possible

JFC. The Senate is adjourned now and all next week.

Jan. 6 committee will "swiftly consider" whether to advance a criminal referral for Bannon

Biden declines Trump request to withhold White House records from Jan. 6 committee

Biden declines Trump request to withhold White House records from Jan. 6 committee

Twitter is moving to transfer RFG's bogus lawsuit to California

Manchin's GASLIGHTING Laughably False claim of Schumer's speech as "uncivil" means only 1 thing

Take a second and think -- have you ever in your life met an American who has said to you

Joe Biden discusses vaccine mandates on trip to Chicago Area..Yesterday..

Backlit Wildflowers

The Battle of January 6th Has Just Begun

The emotion in Secretary Haaland's voice as she...

Cartoons 10/8/2021

Do the games the Republicans are playing with the debt

The three biggest and least accountable power centers in America

At Gold Basin, a river is moved to save endangered salmon

I hear rumors the MD Governor Larry Hogan is

S. F. Giants fans will love this - sports books just couldn't fathom them winning

Parade of outrages, lies and more from a Pandora's Box

CHRIS HEDGES: The Anonymous Executioners of the Corporate State

80 years and several failed projects, Ukraine inaugurates historic memorial to Babyn Yar victims

Community Transit issues vaccine requirement for employees

Americans Want The Government To Act On Climate Change. What's The Hold-Up?

Can former guys under investigation for criminal activity run for president in this country?

Biden Says Vaccine Mandates Are the Only Way to Defeat Covid

Murdaugh Again:'Best Friend' Accused of Helping Alex Murdaugh Steal Millions Now Suspended From Prac

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 8, 2021

Tech giants overtook Boeing during pandemic as state's largest employers

California fires may have killed hundreds of giant sequoias

Federal suit alleges Kaiser Foundation ignored racist treatment at Tacoma Medical Center

Inslee expected to expand Biden's vaccine mandate for employers, trade group says

How tree planters turned a bare valley into a wooded glen (UK)

Statement from the 1/6 Commission Re: Subpoenas

TFG Whined to Acting Attorney General: You'll Do Nothing to Help Me 'Overturn' Election?

2022 US Senate Election Prediction, Democrats will end up with 50 to 51 seats.

N.Korea's food situation appears perilous, experts say

Biden is moving to cancel $4.5B in student loan debt. Who gets the new relief?

Great stuff. So proud of PM P. E. Trudeau

World Migratory Bird Day Oct 9, 2021 - Sing, Fly, Soar - Like a Bird with Sara Wolman

What a bunch of peacocks. Glad they lost the last two elections since this

World Migratory Bird Day Oct 9, 2021 - Sing, Fly, Soar - Like a Bird with Sara Wolman

California is the 1st state to ban 'stealthing,'

California is the 1st state to ban 'stealthing,'

Biden rejects Trump's request to withhold records related to Jan. 6 attack

Eric Boehlert: Flashback: When D.C. media attacked Obama for calling out Fox News

Would Soviet Communism be considered a religion?

Examining the Carefully Crafted Images of Billionaires - Corporate Casket

I didn't exactly make new friends today.

I bought, and ASSEMBLED a cat tree, today

re: outgoing immigration

is "House MD" a good show?

sonora ca had rain last nite . dont know the totals but it was mostly sprinkles .

Foliage season underway in Mid-Atlantic as colorful scenes blanket mountains.

Elie Mystal: This Is How You Smack Down Texas's Abortion Ban

My little "conspiracy" theory

The January 6 Committee begs to differ...

Capitol Police whistleblower delivers scathing rebuke to two of its senior leaders on Jan. 6

was this man the nortorious zodiac killer ?

time for a little Janis Joplin today. Half Moon

Liz Cheney wrote Rick Wilson is wrong -- subpoena enforcement coming.

Shadows in the gazebo

Liz Cheney Squashes Rick Wilson Rumor That 1/6 Committee Subpoenas Won't Be Enforced

The Man Who Organized a "Freedom Fest" (trump Humper) Rally in Kentucky on 9/11 is suing Facebook

Medicare supplement experts here?

I am afraid that my patience has worn awfully thin. The outrage---the no-holds-barred "pissed

Bobby Flay and Food Network to Part Ways After 27 Years

2 parents convicted in 1st trial of college bribery scandal

An Andover man tried to scam the government out of $543,000 in coronavirus relief funds. He faked

The difference between a $3.5 trillion and $1.5 trillion reconciliation package?

And that's the reason why people don't take cats golfing

Progressives may hate it, but Manchin just saved the financial health of every American and showed

Trump Plans To Avoid Subpoenas By Invoking A Privilege He Doesn't Have

More boo hoos from an insurrectionist. (Robert Reeder)

Bannon, Meadows, Patel and Scavino all ignored subpoenas , why haven't they been arrested?

White House orders release of Trump records to Jan. 6 committee

A demonstration a cut and snip above all the rest

Avlon: GOP is using the most pathetic kind of legalese (CNN)

17 equations that changed the world ( Well, I understand the first)

Joe Biden restores sacred Bears Ears

Reallocation Effects of the Minimum Wage

Black panther ripping up a log

Uh, oh! Disagreement in the VP household.

Biden personally called Pennsylvania hospital to see why friend could not be admitted

Bannon is in Criminal Contempt of Congress. The Legal Remedy? Inherent Contempt - Glenn Kirschner

I want to see 45 destroyed.

How to get your dog to lose all love for you

Anti-Vaxx demonstration in Portland set for Oct 9 at 2 p.m. at City Hall

Trump says something to Justice Kennedy that shocks him. Something's up. (No sound)

It looks like ex-president has the right to claim executive privilege for conversations they had

Angry Cats- Super Pets Reaction - MEOW

America's unemployed are sending a message: They'll go back to work when they feel safe - and well-c

Biden's popularity rises slightly as coronavirus cases fall: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Joyce Vance, Eugene Robinson On Former Trump Aides Refusal To Comply With subpoena - MSNBC

Bernie Sanders isn't holding back anymore, accusing Sinema and Manchin of selling out Biden's agenda

There are some great movies coming up on teevee tonight.

Opinion: Let's get real about Nikki Haley

No federal storm help for Berkshires, despite extensive damage

Biden Rejects Trump Request To Withhold White House Records From Jan. 6 Committee - MSNBC

Michigan's fall colors are visible from space

Joe Manchin's criticism of Joe Biden's reconciliation bill is misguided

Judge: Sentence in Capitol riot case should send message

Giuliani Worked on Baseless Election Fraud Lawsuits For Free: Trump 'Ordered Me to Do It'

National Democrats seek to intervene in GOP-backed challenge to mail voting in Pennsylvania

Italian sailors knew of America 150 years before Christopher Columbus, new analysis of ...

Opinion: The bombshell Jan. 6 report

It had been nice not having a cold for two plus years..

Need a good strategy for dealing with a bumper crop of tomatos.

Biden's popularity rises slightly as coronavirus cases fall: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Georgia Prosecutor Was Forced Out After Refusing TFG's Demands to Probe Voter Fraud

Why is Trump allowed to litigate EVERY SINGLE THING!?

US to sell 12 attack helicopters to Australia

Officer who shot Jacob Blake won't face civil rights charges, DOJ says

King County's Delta Surge Is On The Decline

Jagger Visits Phipps Botanical Gardens

Biden raises refugee cap to 125,000 for fiscal year 2022