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GOP's-A-Cult-For-Scammers-Liars-Thugs-And-Traitors - A MeidasTouch & Bette Midler Production

Stefanik - The Lincoln Project

Capitol Police observed 200 Proud Boys well before the Capitol was breached, lawmaker says

Guest calls out Newsmax on their OWN network for their election lies - Brian Tyler Cohen

Texas's population boom should be a boon to Democrats. But Republicans are reaping the gains (WP)

Sitting DEEP in the nest, she seems interested that I caught her!

Putin is looking abroad for an enemy as he feels the heat at home

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger Says Kevin McCarthy's Leadership Position Should Be Challenged

Who are you comfortable with cooking in 'your' kitchen? Putting away the washed dishes?

RI Governor Cancels Event Connected With Trump Ally

WMD's, Jewish Space Lasers, Stanic Sacrifices.

Barry White - You're My Baby

from a friend: Tibetan Flatbread (Skillet Bread)

Chris Hayes misspoke.

White Sands National Park Sunset

Wallis Simpson (wife of Edward the 8th) with a Pit Bull or similar?

CNN is interviewing Caitlyn Jenner, she just said she's not a republican

Can someone explain to me why the media is giving Caitlyn Jenner the time of day?

Sometimes I think about the words of a Republican President.

Jalen Rose pays a tearful tribute to his late mom on Mother's Day

NASA spacecraft Osiris-Rex begins 2-year trip home with asteroid rubble

A sunset surprise: Saturday's storm chase in Kansas was simple, yet elegant.

Jane Mayers

Colombia Has Lost its Fear: The Strike Lives

January 6, Narrated by Liz Cheney - The Republican Accountability Project

India COVID cases hold close to record highs as calls widen for national lockdown

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Gavin Newsom declares drought emergency for most of California, announces relief plans

Myanmar's Suu Kyi expected to appear in court soon - lawyer


The hackers that attacked a major US oil pipeline say it was only for money - here's what to know

Facebook Was Right To Ban Trump For 'Egging On' Violent Capitol Mob, Says Board Member

Historic turnout by voters of color in 2020 battleground states still has huge room for growth

New York Times: Kathryn Garcia for Mayor

what the heck is .heic format?

Democratic US Senators up for re-election in 2024 that might retire and their likely successor.

Billionaires increased their wealth by 50% during the pandemic.

Guest on Newsmax brings up their lies about 2020 election.

Younger voters propelled Biden to victory over Trump in 2020, new study finds

Capitol Police turned attention from '200' Proud Boys gathered on Jan. 6, lawmaker says

Trump super PAC to hold first fundraiser at Bedminster

Wenatchee fire, 'crewing challenges' prompt cuts to summer state ferry service

Law partner to SC house speaker, judge Cody Mitchell released on bond after DUI charge

In Colombia the people scream: "They are killing us"

An amazing revelation about the GOP's willful blindness on Donald Trump

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell stumps for Lin Wood at SC Bikers For Trump Mother's Day event

Colombia trying to cover up attempted indigenous massacre

Editorial: Unity and progress: Mitch McConnell leaves no doubt they're fundamentally incompatible

Kevin McCarthy tells GOP colleagues to 'anticipate' Wednesday vote on ousting Cheney

Bad Hombres @MeidasTouch have teamed up with Nasty @BetteMidler on another very mean song!

Personal/meaningless boycott: Just declared another one. (Anti-Repuke/Drumpf)

McMaster's federal jobless benefits cutoff condemned by Jesse Jackson, Upstate coalition

Joe Manchin or former NFL QB Joe Theismann

NASA spacecraft begins 2-year trip home with asteroid rubble

Florida clears officials in treatment of Jeffrey Epstein

Colombia state terror campaign broadcast live on Twitter

USC President Caslen's grad speech has wording nearly identical to another speaker's

Hard rock Supertramp? Kinda?

Did anyone see Chris Cuomo and the Capitol rioter who claims he had "Foxitis" ?

The Big Lie and the Big Liar: Justice Must Come For Donald Trump

Democrat Joe Cunningham wants SC Gov. McMaster to enact $1,200 return-to-work bonus

Democrats have an easier time than Republicans in reaching 50 US Senate seats.

Complaints of indecency in downtown Greenville sculptures could cost local Hispanic group

whale hug

McDonald's Workers Will Strike for $15 an Hour in 15 Cities

IHME is Now Graphing Projected Total Deaths (Not Just Confirmed Deaths)

Spartanburg Democratic Party chair Angela Geter launches bid for U.S. Senate

Cali is the cockpit of chaos as Colombia protests threaten to spiral out of control

Kevin McCarthy hits the bottom of the barrel

Jenner says she's 'kind of' a Republican

When did the "Big Lie" become the official strategy for the Republican Party?

Heat On MAGA Rep. Gaetz In Sex Crime Probe As Plea Deadline Approaches The Beat With Ari Melber

'They can't take it any more': pandemic and poverty brew violent storm in Colombia

Sen. Ossoff shines spotlight on new funding for HBCUs

Tuesday Digit: 6/10 - Continuing with a cooler lean, but variable skies are sunny, cloudy,

Marjorie taylor green should be a stand up comedian

Arbery's legacy to live on through citizen's arrest repeal, mother says

Colombia: Valle Del Cauca Closes Borders After Violent Incident

After pipeline cyberattack, Ben Sasse and others say nation not adequately prepared

Motel sign blasting cops ignites fury and debate in North Carolina tourist town

Usage of the term "cancel culture" has officially jumped the shark, er, horse

Caitlyn Jenner is lying

Amid outcry, NBC says it will not air Golden Globes in 2022

The Daily Show: The Kentucky Derby Winner Fails A Drug Test & How Bees Can Smell Coronavirus

Argentina: Severe COVID-19 patients treated with CoviFab horse serum show 90% less ICU need

Argentina: Severe COVID-19 patients treated with CoviFab horse serum show 90% less ICU need

Air pollution from farms leads to 17,900 U.S. deaths per year, study finds

Earthly Delights: Religious Groups and Money Laundering in Dominican Republic

Woof!! Smack! POW!


Former Georgia Regent indicted on racketeering, forgery charges

Buttigieg: 'Having Excellent, Modern Infrastructure Has Always Been National Security Issue' - MSNBC

Democrats guide to retaining control of the US Senate in 2022 is to win-

The GOP's suicide pact with Trump.

Beto O'Rourke Warns 'Democracy Is Still Under Attack' - Deadline: White House - MSNBC

Georgia bar says mental health exam isn't key to Lin Wood's fate

Rachel Maddow -- News on Covid, DarkSide, AZ's Fraudit, Schumer & McConnell Bigfooting S1 Rules,

GBI investigation sheds new light on Rayshard Brooks shooting

New rule: This isn't a portable bathtub. It's a human sous vide.

Joy Calls Tucker Carlson, Ron Johnson The Absolute Worst For Spreading COVID Disinformation - MSNBC

'I was disgusted': Ga. mother shocked when insurance suggested she abandon her son to get him

A look at what has prompted thousands to protest across Colombia

The biggest threat to America is the Republican break with reality

Kimmel: Trump Lashes Out at "Junky" Derby Horse, Gaetz & Greene Join Forces and Elon Musk's New

First time in nearly a year people can enjoy Lafayette Square and get the head-on view of the White

With $76B surplus, California proposes rebates for millions

California has a staggering $75.7B budget surplus

1961 - Coca-Cola's first commercial (it'll keep you thin)

Drought: Newsom expands drought emergency to most of California, including parts of Bay Area

I AM the dancing queen!

With Scant Evidence, Colombia Says Criminal Groups Are Behind Protests

"I CAN'T LIVE (If Living is Without You)"

Texas governor's emergency powers during pandemics would be curbed under bill advanced in House

Senators, observers visit militarized city in Colombia

Art Gensler, architect who built a tiny S.F. shop into the largest design firm in the world, dies

The bloody history of anti-Asian violence in the West

Seth Meyers - Republicans Are Purging Anyone Who Won't Embrace Trump's Election Lies: A Closer Look

Republican former state Sen. Don Huffines launches primary challenge to Gov. Greg Abbott

Tweet of the Late Night:

Violence in Colombia protests escalates amid allegations of police excess

West Virginia's Capito emerges as central figure as Democrats, Republicans seek infrastructure deal

How Texas Republicans are using the pandemic to fortify their power

Judge grants preliminary injunction limiting LAPD projectile weapons at protests

Trouble falling asleep

UT Arlington renames building after discovering former dean's racist past

Watch Jen Psaki used reporter's question to throw shade on a Republican Party in complete disarray.

Virginia Republicans nominate Glenn Younkin for governor

Human Rights Watch warns Colombian police uses high-tech projectile launcher against demonstrators

US Senators up for re-election in 2022 that are retiring or likely to retire.

Planet-forming disks around stars may come preloaded with ingredients for life

Fort Worth's use of 'sewage sludge' on farmland is still causing a stink in rural areas

115 Austin firefighters potentially exposed to asbestos at warehouse blaze

The politics of spite cannot abide a smoothly run, no-drama democracy.

More proof that republicans are trash - John Oliver discusses black hair

Vatican warns U.S bishops about rebuking Biden, other Catholic pols

Paris 1940- Nazi Occupation: Lambeth Walk Nazi Parody Film

Saturn has a fuzzy core, spread over more than half the planet's diameter

Just watched Part I of HBO's "Crime of the Century"

An off-duty cop 'terrorized' a family displaying a BLM flag. Police drove him home without arrest.

Republican anger with Fauci reaches new heights - AOL via Yahoo News

Mary Lattimore's 'Pine Trees' and 'Baltic Birch'

At Capitol rally, nurses raise their voices for union rights

St. Paul 'sovereign citizen' records himself stealing vaccines from workers

Oboe Lovers 💕 ALBINONI 💕 So much oboe, so little time..

'If we don't do it now ... this is never going to happen': Senators advance mental health tax cut

Malibu Deck Collapses Onto Jagged Rocks at House Party

An off-duty officer 'terrorized' a family displaying a BLM flag. Police drove him home without arres

drunk off duty cop pounds on house displaying BLM flag, challenging for fight. cop drives him home

TVA, Eyeing Coal Phaseout by 2035, Will Rely on Nuclear

Katherine Jones, Lady Ranelagh, an incomparable intellectual who fell through the cracks of history

Sanders Announces Senate Budget Committee Hearing on Wasteful Pentagon Spending

Jeff Bezos Buys $500M Superyacht As Americans Sink Into Poverty - All In - MSNBC

'Nazi Hunters' Beate & Serge Klarsfeld- New Book, How A Face Slap Brought Justice In Germany

'If a thief robs a jewelry store, the diamonds must be returned': crazy Donald Trump

Real Purpose Of Pro-Trump AZ Ballot Circus Seen In Plans To Take It On The Road - Rachel Maddow

Can a 'Stop-and-Frisk' Candidate Win New York's Democratic Mayoral Primary?

USC's Song Girls project a glamorous ideal; 10 women describe a different, toxic reality

Democrats Add State-Level Republican Feedback To New Voting Rights Bill - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/10/21

The Republican Rebrand, Exposed

Stephen Colbert - "A Big Gamble" - Guest Jake Tapper On The GOP's Continued Support Of No. 45

$15 an Hour for Federal Contractors Is Great. A Union Is Better.

Will trump and his gang ever face justice for their crimes ?

DarkSide is behind Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, FBI says. What to know about group

NYC Mayor: Andrew Yang racks up supporters.....

20-year-old gay Iranian man beheaded by his own family after being outed

Private Christian school Whitefield Academy demands faculty condemn gay students

Private Christian school Whitefield Academy demands faculty condemn gay students


I received my first(Pfizer) covid vaccination this past Friday..

An evolutionary portrait of the progenitor SARS-CoV-2 and its dominant offshoots...

Russian officials say 8 killed, 21 wounded in school shooting in Kazan

Late in posting this, but it's very useful: How a tax reform and state terrorism triggered Colombia'

German Catholic Priests Bless LGBTQ Unions in Face of Vatican Ban; 'We're going to have the whole

Biden's AP approval rating 63%

GOP readies blitz against Democrats' voting rights bill

Boycott Putins Oil Till He Hands Over The Cyber Crooks

The big liar ,

Palm Beach County's handling of Jeffrey Epstein wasn't corrupt, Florida investigation finds

Labour takes Witney and Chipping Norton seats from the Conservatives

Georgia Repeals 1863 Citizen's Arrest Law After Vigilante Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

USW, ExxonMobil: Little progress 1 week into lockout at Beaumont plant

USW, ExxonMobil: Little progress 1 week into lockout at Beaumont plant

To investigate and indict Trump, appoint a team of special prosecutors.

Gas shortages

Morning Du it's another day in the war against republicans fascism

TVA, Eyeing Coal Phaseout by 2035, Will Rely on Nuclear

I apologise in advance but the Emperor really has no clothes

Amazon employee dies at Bessemer, Alabama, warehouse, site of unionization drive

Whataburger opens location in Decatur (WAAY)

@KeithOlbermann: RT if you'd like @RandPaul to fuck himself.

Tuesday TOONs - Big. Bigly. The BigLIEst.

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, May 11, 2021

What was your low point of the pandemic?

Shooting in Russia kills 7 kids, 1 teacher; suspect arrested

Missouri GQP is one step away from making every January 12 'Rush Limbaugh Day'

NYC Mayor: Most of Stringer's Supporters Have Fled. Not the Teachers' Union.

Breakfast Tuesday 11 Monday 2021

NYC Mayor: NY TIMES endorses Kathryn Garcia

NYC Mayor: Scott Stinger's Accuser Addresses Allegations That Upended The NYC Mayor's Race

NYC Mayor: NYC mayoral hopeful Maya Wiley launches coalition of male Black supporters

Boeing's 737 Max aircraft under scrutiny again

Bonnie Raitt- 'That's Just Love Sneaking Up On You,' Live

Quintin Jones Is Not Innocent. But He Doesn't Deserve to Die.

NYC Mayor: Eric Adams Says He Has Something to Prove. Becoming Mayor Might Help.

WHO says India Covid variant of 'global concern'

Joni Ernst leaving the cult? Accuses party of "cancel culture" over Liz Cheney ouster

Is It Covid or the Flu? New Combo Tests Can Find Out.

Even within their own elections... they make up the "irregularities" stories...

Veterans, spouses can now get walk-in appointments for coronavirus vaccines at VA medical centers

On this day, May 11, 1968, Richard Harris's version of MacArthur Park entered the Billboard Hot 100.

Where is Bill Barr lately?

Migrant children held in mass shelters with little oversight

Cannibalized parts, systems that sailors can't fix: LCS maintenance woes could get worse, watchdog w

I've seen more sunrises because I was up late than because I was up early!

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 5/5/21

The Rundown: May 11, 2021

Trump's Ex-Pentagon Chief Chris Miller Expected to Turn On Him At Capitol Riot Hearing

I struggle to understand why there isn't a manual override in place for the gas pipeline.

Skipping Stones by Keeghan Fountain :: Performed by Scott Christian of the NSO

The Darkest 48-Hours In Texas House History

Independent Election Observer Busts GOP Arizona Ballot Audit

Bob Marley died on this day 40 years ago

Prosecutors looking to flip former Gaetz girlfriend who worked as Capitol Hill intern

Second officer arrested after being triggered by Black Lives Matter flag outside stranger's home

Dr. Fauci and CDC Director Walensky Testify on Efforts to Combat COVID-19 10AM ET

Conservatism Is.Dead: Killed Off By Fascism

First It's Liz Cheney,

100 days in power, Myanmar junta holds pretense of control

Best of the week from America's Funniest Home Videos

Gasoline is way too cheap.

I had an appointment with a banker yesterday. We were both vaccinated.

Youngkin wins GOP nomination for VA gov. "Trump in Heels" Chase loses.

Sally Buzbee of the Associated Press named executive editor of The Washington Post, the first woman

BLS Report: March job openings reach a series high; hires and total separations little changed

I hope they are ready to SHUT OFF

Does anyone want to point out to the traitors and morons in the repug party

Traitor trump generally does what he accuses other people of doing

Friend or Foe on Game Show Network.... how can anybody like to watch?

I feel as though we're somehow living through the Niemoller poem but in reverse, and yet still...

Woman finds rat on the street. Now she can't live without him.

Sophie Stinky Toes had quite a tale to tell me, this morning

Cartoon: Tucker abuse By Clay Jones -May 11, 2021 9:00 AM

Had our first feeding hummer yesterday!!!! So happy they're back.....had to laugh

Capitol rioters say they can't be guilty because police didn't do enough to stop them

Irving Berlin, born on this date, was a great songwriter

Virginia sheriff's office joins search for missing DC infant

This is my regular route

Barn fire in Montgomery Co. causes $2 million in damage

Eric Burdon has a birthday today.

Comin' through --🐕🐕🐕👴 on a 🚲!

Salvador Dali was born on this date.

Baffert: Otomax Could Be Source Of Betamethasone Positive In Medina Spirit

Great hits of the past thread

Anything reported on Manchin's meeting with President Biden yesterday?

The Democrats' "Killer App" Against Voter Suppression Unveiled

NYC Mayor: Ray McGuire and Shaun Donovan screw up their endorsement interviews...

Rahm Emanuel to be appointed US ambassador to Japan

Insurrectionist Roundup for yer elevenses!

GlitchTVBot: Matt Damon Live on Today

Another "name appropriate" story

John Thune speaking

2 sheriff's deputies killed in Concho County, suspect arrested by Texas Rangers

Trump's blog isn't lighting up the internet

and he's OFF!

Tom Cotton wants to tax 'liberal' universities for teaching history accurately

683 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 19 deaths

Our old generation is dying fast

Good Day DU (May 11, 2021)

Textbooks of the Senators who opposed The1619 Project

Pic Of The Moment: Having Fun, Kevin?

Kathryn Garcia for Mayor (NYT endorsement)

Wooo hoooo and boooo hoooo: The House Wrens left the nest in a group ...

Need Legal Eagle Feedback: Can the POTUS declare

Question: What is a blackberry winter?

2 Trump family members had affairs and got 'inappropriately close' to Secret Service agents...

"Pardon the sarcasm" Australian style.

Unusual looking grain silo/complex I recently painted

White farmers seeking loan forgiveness sue U.S. government

Some US states ending extra unemployment benefits

D.C.-area forecast: Comfortably cool through Wednesday, then warming a bit into the weekend

Asa Hutchinson Explains Why He Has To Force These Lazy People Back To Work

The Pipeline Hack Demonstrates How Utterly Dependent We All Are

I'm a doctor and Alabama could arrest me for doing my job

Senate Panel to Weigh Democrats' Election Overhaul

Hindu Sect Is Accused of Using Forced Labor to Build N.J. Temple

Most unvaccinated US adults don't want the shot

Feds Seeking Cooperation of Matt Gaetz's Former Girlfriend in Sex Trafficking Probe

Poll: Opposition to Newsom recall grows and Jenner fails to break through

Attention, GOP Rep. Kinzinger: No, the GOP isn't like the Titanic, it's like the Bismarck.

2 men accused of using chemical on officer Brian Sicknick at the Capitol riot to stay in jail, judge

Am considering the J&J vaccine........

McConnell leads GOP in attack on Dems' voting rights bill

Capitol riot suspect was arrested after feds saw a Facebook post where he said, 'I was there'

Numerous GOP House Members Reportedly 'Pissed Off' at McCarthy Over Cheney Fiasco: 'Weak Leadership.

Officer convicted of murder still gets paid in Alabama

Closer Than We Think!

Some Mike Lindell fans reportedly stood in line for 7 hours to watch his rally at the Corn Palace -

On Being Prepared in Advance and Not Obstructing Others

Does anybody here know anything about an app called "black hole". I am guessing it is not

*TCM tonight

Interior Department approves first large-scale offshore wind farm in the U.S.

SBC President JD Greear calls Saddleback Church's decision to ordain women 'disappointing'

The latest from Mars

Police officer "likes to point his gun at Black people to see their reactions."

Canceling the anti-insurrectionists in the GOP proves Republicans never cared about "free speech"

Trump family members got 'inappropriately close' to Secret Service agents, book claims

Colonial Pipeline Hack Shows Ransomware Emergence as Industrial-Scale Threat

Tucker Carlson destroyed in brutal Jim Acosta segment - Brian Tyler Cohen

House Democrats eye vote next week to form Jan. 6 commission

Caitlyn Jenner Slammed for Claiming She's Qualified to Be Governor Because She's 'Sold $1 Billion of

Chef Jos Andrs Is Giving Vaccinated D.C. Residents Gift Cards To His Restaurants

Seattle rent prices down significantly compared to 2020

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Why Republicans won't stop pushing the 'Big Lie' (CNN)

Trump is cheerleading a long-shot lawsuit to audit votes in a Michigan county he already won in the

Why Rand Paul is still picking fights with Dr. Fauci (CNN)

Jeff Merkley (D-OR) taking Ted Cruz down in "For the People Act" Senate voting rights deliberations

LIVE: Senate committee considers Democrats' voting and elections bill

I've got to hand it to Gov. DeWine (R-OH) he's really on board with the vaccination push

Did you know...

Toliet Paper says, " I can drive people crazy by even hinting at a shortage."

Kentucky Derby...Baffert

NY Summer Camp Bans Anyone Who Has Been Vaccinated -- and Pushes COVID Vaccine 'Biological Weapon'

Caitlyn Jenner: "I didn't even vote." (she went golfing instead):

Wisconsin has it's priorities...

Our "Institutions" won't save us. Our "Courts" won't save us. The "Law" won't save us.

Walkin' on the moon.

Does anyone know yet if we have to keep

Architect (of Viet Nam Memorial Wall) Maya Lin's "Ghost Forest"

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds is cutting federal unemployment insurance benefits

"I want these fat guys off my detail."

So, essentially, Rand Paul accused Dr. Fauci of "sending money to China", but the Dr. says

British elections send a message to Trump, GOP and Biden's Democrats

Crazy little Pfizer vaccine side affect

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 11, 2021

*Psaki brief ongoing here,

Had Trump not been president:

Wilderness Nights (Off-Grid)

Cannabis Goes Corporate: Lobbyists, Unions Seek to Shape Marijuana Industry

Texas Republicans Are Bragging About Running Our State Into The Ground

New Evidence Finds God Destroyed Sodom And Gomorrah As Part Of Luxury Condominium Development Deal

The US Mint wants you to help choose the pioneering women that will appear on its new quarters

Kevin McCarthy Forced to Fly to Mar-a-Lago and Listen to Things Trump Would Have Posted on Facebook

Tom Tomorrow: We're just fooling ourselves when we take comfort in how history will judge the GOP.

Cartoons 5/11/2021

Seattle ranks among top 10 metros for tech job postings

"" Brian Taylor Cohen on a way to defund Fox

WATCH: British Royal Marines gear up to test the jet suit developed by Gravity Industries

The Cesspool That Gave Rise to Stephen Miller

Baffert agrees to testing at Pimlico with MJC...

Dogs, bruh!

The Aqueduct of Constantinople: Managing the longest water channel of the ancient world

The cicadas are coming! Surprisingly little is known about which birds eat periodical cicadas,

Stacey Abrams Contains Multitudes

Kitteh daintily slurps a strand of spaghetti:

What happened to Van Morrison? The fall from eccentric genius to conspiracy theorist

Making the most of the rain (watch to the end):

The cicadas are coming! Surprisingly little is known about which birds eat periodical cicadas,

Rand Paul: "Do you support sending money to the Wuhan Virology Institute?"

Biden sees Trump rematch as real possibility

Advice: If you like blue cheese (or "bleu cheese"), DON'T look up how it's made!

Gas Shortages, Long Lines Across Southeast After Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack

Atlanta Spa Shootings Were Hate Crimes, Prosecutor Says

Charles Pierce on TN's Hagerty: Senate's "Insufferable Rookie of the Year"

House Democrats Announce Vote Next Week to Form Capitol Riot Commission

With Liz Cheney vote, is the Republican Party going to kiss Trump's huge ass again?

Army of fake fans boosts China's messaging on Twitter

How to pick up dead spider without looking at it

Cicadas. do they taste like shrimp or not? [warning: pictures]

What "favorite book" would be a first-date deal breaker?

Smooth move:

Some Mike Lindell fans reportedly stood in line for 7 hours to watch his rally at the Corn Palace --

Daddy Cheney stepping in. ..(link)

Gas lines in Eastern NC.


When you hear Mitch McConnell warning about power grabs -- remember when he said this:

Federal judge denies NRA attempt to declare bankruptcy in win for New York state attorney general

D.C.'s Recent Drop In COVID-19 Case Counts Was Due To A Reporting Error, Say Health Officials

Seen at Occupy Democrats - Covid is no Joke - one former patient was so brain damaged afterwards he

Can someone help explain this to me please?

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Mitch McConnell Is Personally Going to Bat for Voter Suppression

Another Middle Age Riot tweet:

We celebrate the two-year anniversary of this headline on Friday


A Chinese PhD Thesis Sheds Important New Light On The Origin of the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Watch This Kitty Fall Asleep On Top Of Her Brother

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

John Fugelsang tweet:

Scumbag Tucker twists Fauci's comments...

Skittish Kitty did something totally unexpected, this afternoon

Another view of osprey take off.

Well, we got our second shots. It was NOT a piece of cake, but it's done

Author Thinks He's Found the Voice of Alexa, Book identifies her as Nina Rolle of Colorado

An oldie but adorable goodie:

"Sit down, son, you're making me nervous!"

2 California Cops Shot While Serving Search Warrant, 1 Dead Officers shot and killed the gunman

Hamas rockets vs Iron Dome

Public corruption charges federal indictment for 3 NYPD cops from Queens precinct

I just signed up for two shifts at a pop-up COVID vaccine hub (J&J) at Penn Station...

PM Update: It's chilly tonight ahead of a sun-filled Wednesday.

'Unabashedly Racist' NYPD Cop Boasted of Terrorizing Black People: Feds


Not that I need it but: What happened to my 'junk' folder in Outlook?(Hotmail)

Pierce: I Am Asking Republicans to Stop Electing Insufferable Dickheads

Alert! Phishing that required a little examination.

The leading cause of misery in the U.S. is the Republican Party

**Colorado Springs mass shooter opened fire because he wasn't invited to birthday party, police say*

Why is Steve Schmidt no longer on MSNBC?

Sorry closed due to no staff 😆😳🤪

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Joe Biden's Cabinet is full of dog lovers. Meet the dogs of Biden's Cabinet

The Stench of Voter Suppression is All Over Arizona

Representative Steve Toth Pushes Bill To Push White Supremacy In Texas Schools

Release the un-redacted Mueller report on Trump. A shout-out to a fellow DUer..

The Questions that should be asked at Jan 6 OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE tomorrow - outstanding!

Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 update

Oakland Athletics to start looking at relocating elsewhere

We will probably never know but I suspect

She's being paid $230,500 a year to recruit teachers.

Some silliness - google eyes and cut peppers

Students, faculty, alumni and parents voice opinions on free speech at U.Va. at community listening

Ricketts, 19 other governors ramp up pressure on Biden administration to act on southern border

I am no friend of Joe Walsh *shudder at the horror* but he is not wrong

If Democrats don't pass voting rights protection bill.........

Norman Lloyd Dies: 'St. Elsewhere' Actor Who Worked With Welles, Hitchcock & Chaplin Was 106

Biden should withhold all pandemic funding to states that reduce or eliminate UI insurance

Trump official defends lack of military response during Capitol riot

A New Study Shows Us the Single Biggest Motivation for the Jan. 6 Rioters Amanpour and Company


Stephanie Ruhle gets it right. If businesses want workers, pay them more.

I-40 bridge over Mississippi River closed until further notice, officials say

My bucket list includes..

Strategist: GOP Civil War is over & Conservatives have lost. Two parties left, traitors & patriots

Ransomware gang releases personnel records of 20 DC police officers

Why all the tears for those left with lower SALT deductions?

Queen's Speech unveils total ban on online junk food ads

McDonald's is changing its coffee cups to promote the Covid-19 vaccine

Famed Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan dead at age 37 (detox released him w/o telling family)

Got my second Moderna shot today

Who here on DU think that the disruption of pipeline on the east coast has someone else involved?

Waiting for the IRS to make an adjustment to my taxes (unemployment related)

WHO says India Covid variant of 'global concern'

Man Accused of Spa Murders of Asian Women Charged With Domestic Terrorism - Jury Could Add Hate

Rice & Beans Orchestra - Coconut Groove

Three Fort Campbell soldiers charged after guns in pipeline traced to Chicago mass shooting

CNN reported that Liz Cheney will be Chairing the committee that's ousting her tomorrow.

Federal judge kills NRA bankruptcy filing and calls it out for what it really is: A 'scheme'

British soldiers killed innocent people in Northern Ireland in 1971, inquiry finds

Hall & Oates - Out Of Touch (Full Version)

What Mitt Romney nails about the removal of Liz Cheney

Ransomware Group Leaks Info on Some D.C. Cops as Retribution for Demands Going Unmet

Judge sentences co-founder of 'Students for Trump' to prison

Roger Whittaker - New World In the Morning

Anybody having problems getting gasoline?

Mo. Man Jailed 42 Years After 1978 Triple-Murder Is Innocent, Prosecutor Says

Haitians protest their president in English as well as Creole, indicting US for its role in country'

Three Current and Former NYPD Officers Charged with Tow-Truck Bribery Scheme. One of Them Is Accused

Hey Joe Manchin! You DO realize that if you don't support and vote for

Republican 2022 Hopes Run Through Districts Scarred by Covid

This genius attempts to deal with the run on gas.

In Exclusive Jailhouse Letter, Capitol Riot Defendant Explains Motives, Remains Boastful

Dianne Morales scoops up more NYC mayoral endorsements as Scott Stringer's allies ditch him