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Amateur sleuths traced stolen Cortes papers to U.S. auctions. Mexico wants them back

White House discussing tweaks to D.C. statehood bill to 'allay concerns' in Senate

Joe: As the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end, Jill and I send our warmest greetings to all tho

So I Email back and forth

I need a xanax if we're getting a trifecta!

Maryland mortgage swindler found guilty in Prince George's County case

CNN Says Federal Judge Should Not Allow Devin Nunes's Defamation Attorney to Represent Michael Flynn

The For the People Act: Separating Fact from Fiction

Zach Wilson's MAGA Mom RANTING About Masks

Project Ferret Ass planned on hiring woman to go undercover to lure H.R. McMaster and FBI agents

The military has always supported the Republican Party

5/14 Mike Luckovich - Hope you understand

The subtext of "three of my kids applied to UVA and two of them were smart enough to get in" is too

Liz Cheney says the Capitol riot investigation 'threatens' GOP lawmakers because they 'played a role

Amid opioid epidemic, drug executives made fun of West Virginians, called them "pillbillies"

I lost my oldest friend.

So you are vaccinated but many, many are not

One of my favorite "TV doctors" said this on CNN

'Sweden will get much tougher on immigration': Sweden Democrat leader on end of pariah status

On The Money: Biden, Senate GOP take step toward infrastructure deal as other plans hit speed bumps

Ex-staffer suing GOP lawmaker for 'reckless' COVID-19 approach

Important message from the Washington, D.C. Office of T̶o̶u̶r̶i̶s̶m̶ Terrorism:

A Republican Party Enthralled By Lies': Joy On The GOP & Insurrection - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Democrats will end up with 51 to 55 US Senate seats after the 2022 Elections.

Army secretary nominee concerned about 'unreasonable or unhelpful demands' on National Guard

So tonight my Sonny and I ventured out for our first dining-in experience in a year and

NYC Mayor: Andrew Yang didn't vote in City elections for the past two decades... a total insult to their person on the right!!

UVa Law School's red-hot faculty hiring streak, and how they are bringing so much talent to Cville:

Immigration experts say GOP senators questioned DHS secretary with misleading chart

2 Trump Stories: Tells Sec Def "Protect My Supporters"; Will DeSantis Block Trump's NY Extradition?

Liz Cheney says she's not running for president

Gee, maybe dealing with the infrastructure is kinda important.

NYC Mayor: Garcia picks up steam in New York City mayoral race after snagging Times endorsement

My humble opinion. CDC is lifting Mask and social distancing too soon.

Chip Roy announces challenge to Stefanik


Prosecutors Seek Cooperation of Trump Confidant, Subpoena Manhattan Private School

Democratic held US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that can potentially go Republican.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

The Daily Show: Someone Got SIX Pfizer Doses & Trump's Secret Service Has Secret Relations

I was wrong, votes weren't flipped or prevented from being counted in 2016.

NYC Mayor: Yang announces banking proposal, defends spotty voting record during campaign blitz

What's the point, Kirsten?? WHAT'S THE POINT?????

Rep. Schiff on CNN: The Republican Party No Longer Has a Commitment to Truth

Amazon offers bonuses and incentives as it looks to add 75K logistics jobs

Late-breaking meat news:

Gov. Inslee: Washington state on track for full reopening by June 30

An hour ago I was in a zoom meeting with a friend who works at the local ER

Where Republicans Have Made It Harder To Vote (So Far)

I'm sure I late with this and maybe I did miss it......the 5 million ransom WAS PAID???

I learned a new German word today that's relatively new even to Germans, "Dunkelflaute"

How it started 😷 How it's going😁

"Ohio's $1 million vaccine lottery and college scholarship giveaway: How it works"

The pipeline hack was Biden's Katrina

Florida Officials Reportedly Steeling For A Trump Extradition Block By Gov. Ron DeSantis

My NYC Mayor Primary Ballot

Ukraine opposition leader and Putin ally under house arrest

Biscuits Basket short bike trail video.

So Rachel is talking about a hard drive containing trump's taxes by Cyrus Vance jr

The Daily Show - Insurrectigone: Instant Relief For Republican Guilt

Arizona Senate Republicans sign lease to continue vote audit

As suspected re Trump's move to FL:

For Florida to be preparing to shield Trump one thing is certain

Biden to Use $7.4 Billion in Rescue Funds to Hire More Public Health Workers

The Republican theory of unemployment is classic Marx

'It can't be that easy': US conservative group brags about role in making voting harder

Army bases offering vaccine incentives but no military-wide policy for now

Who's on first?

Munich (2005)

McConnell dark money group thanks Sinema for her filibuster help, which is a big problem

Requesting a spoiler for FINALE (forever) for "Mom" - saw last 5 minutes, something missing

Pink Floyd - The Great Gig In The Sky

This is going to throw the anti-maskers for a loop.

Queens Of The Stone Age - Go With The Flow

Texas Passes Bill That Would Create Anti-Abortion Vigilantes

Do not be this person (gas hoarders)

Which was worse for America?

4 or 5 times.

"WATCH: Cat makes death-defying jump from 5th floor of burning building - and survives"

This is the most terrifying photo I have ever taken .. and the story behind it.

Mike Pillow Says Supreme Court Is About To Reinstate Trump As President

The next big conspiracy theory from the Crazy Train?

3 Justices, 10 House Members, and 10 Senators will change this country

Leaked Video: Right-Wing Group Brags About Drafting GOP Anti-Voter Bills - All In - MSNBC

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 16, 2021 - East Side Stories

TCM Schedule for Monday May 17, 2021 - Star of the Month: Movie Roberts

I am not sure I want to stop wearing a mask...

This Week's Real Time Canceled After Host Bill Maher Tests Positive for COVID-19

Jelly Roll Morton and the Red Hot Peppers - Smoke House Blues

Pelosi Rips Into GOP Rep Who Said Jan 6 Was 'Normal' - NowThis News

Metric - Gold Guns Girls

Reusable toilet paper! Seriously.

Dave Bromberg and the Band - 1975 - Jelly Jaw Joe

Rick Wilson Eviscerates the GQP "Pieces of Sh**" - The MeidasTouch Podcast

Wilko Johnson - Low Down

Strong U.S. Economy, Stimulus Spurs Migrants to Send Billions of Dollars Home

We Demand A Jan. 6 Commission - The Republican Accountability Project

Lou Reed

I have a porcedural questsion, re: TRump indicted...

In Donald Trump's Purgatory - WSJ Editorial

The network that brought you stories about burger rationing and the canceling of Mr. Potato Head

Preventing the Next Pandemic: Scientists Say We Must Regulate Air Like Food and Water

New Gary Numan. Yeah, I had to stop and re-read that sentence too.

Suggestions for a laptop under $400

Suggestions for a laptop under $400

Let the miserable mouth-breathing MAGA-morons put all their rotten eggs in tRump's gilded basket

Dave Bromberg - 2019?

Anyone here?

fiona the hippo catches raindrops in her mouth video

Poco - Heart of the Night

Fayetteville police investigate vehicle's near-miss of pedestrian during protest (Judge driving)

Greyhound Canada shutting down all bus service permanently

Leaked Video: Right-Wing Group Brags About Drafting GOP Anti-Voter Bills

At some point soon, free hospital treatment of COVID-19 for the unvaccinated should end.

Ransomware Hackers Claim To Leak 250GB Of Washington, D.C., Police Data After Cops Don't Pay $4 Mill

So strange. In the last year i could not send political info or neat ideas

Desperate for workers, US restaurants and stores raise pay

The average number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after the 2022 Elections is 52.

Religious-Right Group My Faith Votes Backs GOP Voter Suppression Campaign

NY Yankees say 8 vaccinated members tested positive for Covid-19. Here's how that could happen

Influencer Paints Mask Onto Her Face To Go Into Bali Store--And Ends Up Getting Deported

Bill Maher tested positive for Covid, cancels Fri show.

Anti-Maskers Ready to Start Masking--to Protect Themselves From the Vaccinated

Glam's road music

Alex: Historic River Farm, Horticulture Ctr, Public Gardens on Potomac, Up For Sale, Controversy

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Crazy Vaccine Misinformation Keeping Americans Unvaccinated

How a Comedian Turned Fox News Headquarters Into 'Safe Space' for Pigeons

Seth Meyers - Trump Mocks Liz Cheney After House Republicans Oust Her - Monologue 5/12/21

BODY CAM Video of the attack on Metro DC Officer Michael Fanone (CNN)

Talking Heads: This Must Be the Place

"Do you stand by your statement when you said yesterday it was like a Capitol tour?"

Which US Senate Special Election was easy to predict? The 2010 MA or the 2017 AL Special Election?

Seth Meyers - Republicans Refuse to Move On from Donald Trump: A Closer Look

Reduced neutralization of SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.7 variant by convalescent and vaccine sera

Acting Defense Sec. Miller reveals that Trump delayed National Guard for hours on 1/6

Former Rep. On No Longer Affiliating With GOP: 'I'm About There'

Satellite Of Love - 9/25/1984 - Capitol Theatre (Official)

The Covid-19 Vaccines The Cheapest Insurance In The History Of Mankind

(State) Sen. John McCollister among Republicans threatening to create new party

Liz Cheney RIPS into Fox News ON FOX NEWS

Republicans are setting a tax trap for Biden

T...p Is The Definition Of A Flight Risk

Lou Reed - Sweet Jane - 1984

Any WNBA fans here?

Legal Jeopardy Intensifies For Trump And Ally Matt Gaetz - The Last Word - MSNBC

2014 was the year AR Democrats lost control of every statewide office and Congressional district.

Family - Burning Bridges

Dead - 1972 - Europe, Frankfort, WG - Going Down the Road....

VIDEO: Car catches fire after driver uses hand sanitizer while smoking a cigarette.

Trouble For Gaetz As 'Wing-Man' Goldberg Is Set To Plead Guilty

Mo' Cello

Lin Wood recent topic? Link(s)?

Suicide - Ghost Rider - 1977 Remaster

The Ferengi Rules of Aquisition : Star Trek Trivia

Vasks, Lyapunov

Merle Saunders - Jerry Garcia - Live at the Keystone - Positively 4th Street. 1972

Black Brazilians protest racism, police violence

Stephen Colbert with his cat

Indian Variant: Next Steps Considered Amid India Variant Concern

Nebraska, Bruce and the story of Alan Vega and Suicide's influence on the Boss.

New species of crested dinosaur identified in Mexico

New species of crested dinosaur identified in Mexico

US Senate Elections that the Democrats will be winning in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Target halts sale of sports and pokeman cards over violence

What insurrection? Growing number in GOP downplay Jan. 6

Love 사랑 노사연 Nosayoun

Help with emails. When i send an email with a link to my brother he cannot

It's been 3 months since you have been gone....

COVID EU: Over 25% of European Union Adults Unlikely To Take Vaccine

Pope Francis receives Argentina's president

Nurse convicted of spreading hepatitis C in hospitals tries again for compassionate release

Shielding Trump From Extradition If Indicted Is A Thing People Are Working On - Rachel Maddow MSNBC

It's been 3 months since you have been gone....

Police: 9 wounded in Providence, Rhode Island, shooting

The Whispers- 'It's A Love Thing'

Another Dallas DU meet-up

Land grab or fighting climate change? Illinois senator wants more Utah land as wilderness

An Ex-Cop Allegedly Killed for the Honduran President. Now the US Wants Him in Prison

R.E.M. - 'Love Is All Around'

I'm going to make a bold prediction about Congresswoman Greene

After gold miners shoot Yanomani people, Brazil cuts environmental regulation further

After gold miners shoot Yanomani people, Brazil cuts environmental regulation further

Sen. Mike Lee says continued federal COVID-19 aid is 'throwing gasoline on the fire' of inflation

Trump Plans to Resume His Trademark Rallies in June

Lionel Richie - 'Love Will Find A Way'

Could a tiny Utah town's expansion dreams get snuffed out by its own residents?

Lee compares election reform proposal to Sedition Act

Zimbabwe wasn't on Google Street View until this man volunteered to map it himself

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/13/21

GOP Sen. Inhofe tells female EPA nominee to 'behave' or he'd tell 'her daddy,' who was in the room

Opposed by landlord groups, tenant protections bill stalls out in Assembly

Haven't a clue why this popped into my noggin. Soupy Sales used it in his shows.

Nevada Supreme Court to Democrats: The Constitution says what it says

Looks like it has been a very bad year for those tRump flags.

Giuliani's son tells Russian state TV people don't want to live in America

Charter school teacher license bill advances, but nobody seems happy with it

Sisolak, Democrats spike efforts to repeal the death penalty in Nevada

Breakfast Friday 14 May 2021

(Jewish Group) German police block 200 protesters chanting antisemitic slur from reaching synagogue

(Jewish Group) Pakistani movie star Veena Malik tweets Hitler quote about killing Jews in response t

Boy pens heartbreaking letter to neighbors begging them to save him from his homophobic dad

Montana man convicted of consensual gay sex in 1994 won't have to register as a sex offender

State approves first of four state worker collective bargaining agreements, though many hurdles

Former circus elephants just arrived at a new sanctuary. They are swimming and grazing on fruit buff

Shohei Ohtani Unleashed

Tribal casinos in Las Vegas seen reaching a milestone moment

Nevada bill aims to protect the chronically ill from this insurer practice

This Las Vegas street could be renamed after Obama

Regular Customer of home garden

Biden's Schedule for Friday, May 14, 2021

The origin of Super Villains: Midnight Sun

Major Spoilers Staff Picks for May 12, 2021 #NCBD

Anyone can animate

Should the Democrats have gone for the $11 minimum wage option?

U.S. Dept. of Labor looking into Va. unemployment benefits issues

Friday TOONs - Republicans Hit Bottom

Another cat thread and a feel-good story about the humans that take care of them

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland 7 - 14 May

Idaho overpaid road builders millions for shoddy work. State says it won't happen anymore.

COVID-19 pet boom has veterinarians backlogged, burned out

Enough with the defamation. Enough with the unfounded allegations. ...

Disagreement over adjourning legislative session leaves Idaho in uncertain territory

CNN says a federal judge should not allow Steven Biss - the lawyer who came to some notoriety ...

MF45's extradition.

Sixty years ago today, Freedom Riders were beaten after their bus was set aflame in Anniston, Ala.

CVS Health quietly donated a staggering amount to a dark money group advocating against health care

Kroger CEO Cut Workers' COVID-19 Hazard Pay, Grabbed Record $22.4 Million Package Himself

Pelosi Won't Lift Mask Requirement for House

Only 45% of House GOP are vaccinated

Florida Driver Panic-Buys Four Cans of Gasoline, Then Hummer Bursts Into Flames

Palestinians flee as Israeli artillery pounds northern Gaza

Let's discuss second-guessing the CDC...

Eric Boehlert: The media have no idea how to cover increasingly deranged GOP

Longest time you've had a cat in your lap.

The Harvard University admissions rate is now 3%.....

Chinese Fish Meal Ops Stripping W. African Oceans; 1 Factory's Ouput - 40% Of Gambia's Annual Catch

Wrestling Squirrel Body Slams Toy Opponent

After AZ GQP Insists On Removing Teeth From Clean Power Plan, Legislation Fails Because Freedumb

AI-Based Study: 80% Of Decades Of Exxon Research Showed Warming; 80% Of Its PR Showed Lies & Denial

Nuclear companies discuss future of Idaho power

Proud Boy leader Ethan Nordean lashed out at Trump on Jan. 20, when it dawned on him that he'd likel

Amazon hiring 75,000 new workers at $17 an hour, with $1000 signing bonus

The CDC's announcement will not immediately change my personal habits. I will

Inquiry Finds BC Timber Sales Ignored Most Everything In Logging Old-Growth On Vancouver Island

Sierra Ferrell has a story for you

Company: Ex-Trump lawyer - Company: Ex-Trump lawyer raiding raiding nonprofit for personal use

Post-Colonial Hack, American Petroleum Institute Still Opposes Any Fed Cybersecurity Regulations

Hey Hey Hey.....let's be safe out there 😁

The Rundown: May 14, 2021

Guilty dog hilariously freaks out when interrogated

China accuses US of 'coercive diplomacy' after trade remarks

'You left us bloody and alone!' Feds reveal MAGA rioter's anguished message to Trump

Just 12 People Are Behind Most Vaccine Hoaxes On Social Media, Research Show

Cities are getting a windfall from Biden's COVID relief bill. Now how are they going to spend it?

Democrats open to user fees for infrastructure deal

Just got back from shopping at Meijer. Pretty much everyone was wearing masks

I'm interested in getting satellite radio for my home, any advice

Giuliani's Son Takes His Father's Case to Russian TV

Military Joke

HUD Secretary violated the Hatch Act, Office of Special Counsel concludes

Not My Party Episode 213: Liz Cheney Unchained

Riot revisionism, hallway aggression, squashed alliances: The House nears a Cold War

My Brooklyn political club has decided to endorse "nobody" for Mayor.....

Stefanik voted into House GOP leadership, replacing Cheney

The Biden 'crisis' crisis isn't yet a crisis

I've shared Bombino here before. He's a badass African guitarist from Western Sahara

Public Health Law vs. Individual Advice: Why Discarding Indoor Mask Mandates Is a Mistake

Calls For Menendez Brothers, Convicted of Killing Parents, to Be Freed From Prison

I don't trust that only the vaccinated will shed their masks

Excellent post and comments from Heather Cox Richardson today

Scalise is worse than I thought. That is all.

On gaslighting hate speech and supporting violent insurrection

Cousin gets word back home from Israel.

Lawmakers reach deal for bipartisan Jan. 6 commission

The GOP's New Heroes Are All Killers, Kooks, and Creeps

Lawmakers reach deal on bipartisan commission to investigate Jan. 6

Haven't had a cold or sinus infection or any kind of allergy since Jan of 2020. I will keep my mask

Will the Former Guy End up Being Forgotten and Ignored?

Sidney Bechet was born on this date.

Bobby Darin was born on this date.

New Superman trailer

My home town newspaper

Jack Bruce was born on this date.

Isn't the entire world at risk from ransomware?

David Byrne was born on this date.

Pic Of The Moment: Republican Jesus Teaches Future CEOs

Thank god Mary went to all those Tupperware parties

Couldn't Stefanik actually lose in 2022

The hearing earlier this week in the House on the reasons for the national guard delays

Just think what kind of "herd immunity" we could build up if everyone just wore a mask for one year.

This Company Wants to Give You $1,000 to Start an Organic Home Garden

I Think This New 'No Mask Needed If Vaccinated' Decision Is Too Premature.....

U.S. Shoppers Continued Stimulus-Fueled Spending in April

St James infirmary

Per Bloomberg: New Delta Airline employees will be required to be vaccinated as a

Chinese nationals victims in labor trafficking pot bust

Wild boar surround woman near Rome and steal food shopping

Stefanik : "We are unified in working with President Trump.""purposefully disrespectful"

Repuke Logic

FAUX News announces a new product!

The Atlantic: Put Anthony Fauci in a Dunk Tank

Extremely Trumpy Florida Man Announces That He Will Hold Back The Sea

Republicans have been framing the concept of capitalism since, forever.

Bipartisan 6 January 2021 Commission agreed to.

The 2024 Treasonous Plot to Steal the Presidency Exposed, Yet Still Working

CNN: Since-deleted video from 2019 shows MTG harassing AOC 's office through a locked door.

Saying Liz Cheney is respectable because she opposes the Big Lie is like saying...

I'm getting my first new car today

The Far Right Used the War In Ukraine as Training - Decade of Hate (Vice)

854 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 9 deaths

Stefanik Replaces Cheney In GOP House Leadership (MSNBC)

The Repubs boot Cheney for Stefanik yet I

Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation.

Rick Wilson Says Republicans Will Impeach Biden - The MeidasTouch Podcast

Forget Backstage Passes or V.I.P. Bracelets. Vaccination Cards Are the New Ticket. (NYT)

Gov. DeWine announces million dollar lottery chance for getting vaccinated in Ohio

Biden wants to focus on Asia. The Mideast has other ideas.

"You don't tell me what to f**king do!"

any math or engineering folks around?

Good Day DU (May 14, 2021)

Gas crunch from cyberattack intensifies in nation's capital

Batshit crazy MTG harasses AOC in newly surfaced video. Arrest them!

Something for the English teachers :-)

The newest NYT scandal is essentially a rehash of the Obama NYT scandal.

'Really been a struggle' Bill to protect pregnant workers to get House vote. Female lawmakers say...

Erik Prince recruited spy to run honeypot traps against Trump enemies

I love Randi Rhodes intelligence and research, but...

Went to the bank, the post office, an auto repair shop, and the liquor store

Club For Growth gives Elise Stefanik a lower lifetime rating (35%) than ... Ilhan Omar (38%).

Pebble art

Found on FB

Is it really a matter of faith vs physical?

Petition to leading medical officials to officially rename the term "headache" to...

5 People Attacked in an Hour During Violent Morning Subway Commute

University of South Carolina president quits after speech controversies (Michael Harriot thread)

Doesn't this prove the GQP is now just a cult and doesn't represent 'conservatives' ?

woman moved into long-stay hotel with three rabbits...

Kid Says The Sweetest Goodbye To His Foster Puppy

Talladega is offering free laps (in your minivan, lambo, tesla, what have you) if you get vaccinated

Officer Fanone: Those are lies and peddling that bullshit is an assault on every officer that fought

'Doesn't matter': Democrats reject GOP's debt limit demands


Once on display, this ceremonial head is returning to the Amazon

What Kind Of $hithole Party ...

Many Christians have been expecting "The AntiChrist"

Watch Marjorie Taylor Greene Harass AOC Through Office Door in Unearthed Video: 'Stop Being a Baby...

He sounds nice.....Deputy US Marshall Charged with Cyberstalking and Perjury

Joel Greenberg to plead guilty to 6 counts, cooperate with federal investigators in plea agreement

Proud Boy leader Ethan Nordean lashed out at Trump on Jan. 20, when it dawned on him that he'd likel

Trump fan murdered his wife then submitted an absentee ballot for her voting for him.

D.C.-area forecast: Comfortable springtime temperatures through the weekend

Trump All But Begs for Props on the Vaccines: 'Just a Mention Please!'

Let's call it what it is:

What the hell is going on with these stimulus payment notices??????

"I hope y'all end up like Pulse."

I'm seriously beginning to think that MTG is on a downward cycle that will lead to her committing

Get a one month Halfwits for Trump membership, absolutely free

Dad Accused of Killing 5-Week-Old Found Dead in Woods, Hours After Pleading for Boy's Safe Return

Feds say Swiss company to pay $77M over US tax evaders

SC proposes monument for "Africa American Confederate Veterans"

How unjust police killings damage the mental health of Black Americans

Padres Fan Swings at Rockies Fan and Knocks Him Out

About the latest incident with Green chasing down and screaming at AOC...

Oh no! The US Marshals are after me.


Doggo & deer playing together:

On the possibility of DeSantis blocking a Trump extradition: Two Constitutional Scholars weigh in:

Fill in the blank. You can post anything except "jelly". Peanut butter goes great with ___________.

Some Crazy S#it

John Fugelsang tweet:

Darkside ransomware gang says it lost control of its servers & money a day after Biden threat

Inslee not ruling out more robust incentives for people to get COVID-19 vaccines

Documents Show Trump Officials Used Secret Terrorism Unit to Question Lawyers at the Border


Congressional Democrats have a 100% vaccination rate

Baby pygmy hippo:

Biden senior Covid advisor Andy Slavitt says he will leave White House in early June

GOP Congressman Allegedly Let His Son Sleep in U.S. Capitol Storage Room for Weeks

Deal Reached for Bipartisan Commission on Jan. 6 Riot

115 Top U.S. Wolf Experts, Scientists Urge Biden Admin to Restore Federal Protections for Gray Wolve

Now I understand Republicans with their heads up Trumps ass ...

Alien.......yikes is Sigourney Weaver a baby in this movie.....😳 😳 😳

Guy's grandma sends him "genie" pants 😂

Lachlan Murdoch: Center-left viewers helping fuel Fox News ratings

Pelosi statement: "House Republicans Elevate Another Conspiracy Theorist to Leadership."

Rudy Giuliani's Son Attacks U.S. Media, Justice Dept. on Russian State TV: 'It's a Game'

Gov. Whitmer lifts mask requirements for fully vaccinated residents starting Saturday

Golden Retriever hides behind couch from vacuum

The states are not friends of voting rights in America

Their voters don't care because they are their voters

California has its own $600-$1200 stimulus. Democrats at work.

If you want to send feedback to the vote-stealing Koch-addict Heritage Foundation

'I just felt so embarrassed.' Durham student says she was forced to cut her braids during softball..

Facebook faces prospect of 'devastating' data transfer ban after Irish ruling

Injured animal in the water is rescued - an X-ray reveals something we have never seen before!

Cat leaps from window of burning building in Chicago -- and sticks the landing

Columbus, Ohio will pay a $10 million settlement for the family of Andre Hill

Facebook's Top 10 Posts

You left us': Proud Boys leader Ethan Nordean slams Trump in expletive-laden message

The GOP must be voted out at the molecular level.

Former Gaetz Confidant Pleads Guilty and Agrees to Cooperate

Republican claims Capitol rioters are 'political prisoners' in rambling speech on the House floor

The Lost Cause 2.0 Coming Soon To A Texas School Near You

EPA orders accident-plagued St. Croix refinery shut, citing 'imminent' health threat

Why Do Cicadas Only Come Out Every 17 Years? (The periodical cicada remains an intriguing mystery)

Parents have decision to make on vaccinating kids

California will eliminate debt owed for traffic fees and fines for low-income Californians.

US House Dems are planning a resolution to CENSURE House Members who defended Capitol Insurrection..

Cartoons 5/14/2021

11 days of glee: Evergreen State Fair 'Back in the Saddle'

I would ask Liz Cheney who she voted for in 2016 and 2020.

Baby sausage roll taking a bath.

AOC: "... I'm concerned about her perceptions of reality."

A man from Colorado murdered his wife, so he could help.....(wait for it)

City of Columbus is paying $10M for the death of Andre Hill

Democrats say it's up to GOP to stop Trump 2024

YOU raised $345 for fair Texas Redistricting on 5-13-21

City of Columbus is paying $10M for the death of Andre Hill

Speaker Pelosi statement on Stefanik appointment

Texas Mulls Psychedelic Treatments to Combat Veteran Suicide Epidemic

Video Dump - Little People 2

Eric Swalwell vs. Madley Traitor Greene's spokesperson. Swalwell by a TKO!

Yahoo News: 'I Wanted Trump to Win': Husband Charged in Wife's Murder Also Used Her Name to Vote

Man accused of storming the Capitol with a Confederate flag will get to go on a family road trip

Louie Gohmert has set the new (low) bar for downplaying the Jan. 6 riot

Cotton Introduces Bill to Tax Private University Endowments

Russian bailiffs show up at US broadcaster's office

"The problem is nobody wants to work anymore..."

Gaetz Buddy's Plea Agreement Reveals New Sex Trafficking Details

Op-Ed: Are the Immunosuppressed Responding to Two Doses?

John Podesta's got a message for Joe Biden: Drop the Republicans

Trekkies will get this......

Congressional Democrats have a 100% vaccination rate

Leaked Video: Right-Wing Group Brags About Drafting GOP Anti-Voter Bills

M. Taylor Grifter is a disgrace to our political system as are most other GOPers. nt

GOP Rep. Paul Gosar said police 'executed' Ashli Babbitt during the Capitol riot and that the feds

No Headstone On My Grave

This music video will brighten your day

Don't mess with this cat

Capitol Police Officer Condemns GOP Gaslighting On Insurrection

Horrible conditions in India

CA will be investing a record $2 billion to combat wildfires.

Ron DeSantis' Newsmax town hall was filled with signs he's eyeing 2024

Black Lives Matterhorn

Greene searched Capitol office building for Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, 2019 video shows


Big promises, few doses: why Russia's struggling to make Sputnik V doses

Irish health system targeted in 'serious' ransomware attack

Driver catches fire after hoarded gas in vehicle explodes during chase, SC cops say

Marjorie Taylor Greene Stalked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez In February 2019

Brazil Should Take The Lead in Solution to The Climate Crisis, John Kerry Tells Folha

George P. Bush applauds Liz Cheney's ouster, claims she doesn't 'stand up for conservative

Activists, politicians and TV hosts jostle to rewrite Chile's constitution

Trump and Kushner - the Middle East Peace Gods

Any crypto traders around

'U.S. Welcome Patrol': how some border agents are struggling with Biden's policy shift

Newsmax host off air after calling Israel the 'home country' of Jewish Americans

Insurrectionist spotlight: Brandon Fellows

Peru election race tightens again as conservatives gain ground

Know anything about MacGuys?

☦ Orthodox Christian: 'The Nicene Creed' explained by Orthodox priest in Australia.

Can DeSantis really block Trump's Extradiction?

MAGA fan accused of murdering his wife and using her ballot to vote for Trump

Elon Musk's 73 year old mom part of diverse fashion shoot

Your TGIF Insurrectionist Roundup!

AOC says Marjorie Taylor Greene is 'deeply unwell' after 2019 video surfaces

Chileans Know Little About This Weekend's Elections, Polls Say

Brazil's Attitude Towards the Pandemic Poses a Serious Threat to the Region

Neera Tanden joins White House as a senior adviser after withdrawing Cabinet nomination

Some of the honeyberries I ordered have arrived.

WAPO: House members announce bipartisan deal for Jan. 6 commission

So Paulo Protest against Racism Highlights Victims of Police Violence

New constitution for Chile could set 'game-changing' standard for women's equality


Colombia to denounce police violence against women

Sign up for ADA/Obamacare extended to Aug. 15th

Dog BFFs Get Their Parents To Start Dating

I smelled honeysuckle, tho didn't see flowers; will check back.

What's happening with youth protest and police in Colombia

'Dad' is sitting and warming egg(s), while 'Mom' supervises!

Retired Black players say NFL brain-injury payouts show bias

Biden revokes several Trump EOs, including Trump's proposed "National Garden of American Heroes"

Beagle Dog Takes Her Chance With Spin The Bottle And Hits The Treats Jackpot

Air plant blooming - Part 2

Why More Cities Are Handing People Cash w/o Strings- Poverty, Inequality, Welfare Reform

Cyber Ninjas, UV lights and far-right funding: inside the strange Arizona 2020 election 'audit'

Proud Boys leader received Covid-19 stimulus loans worth $15,500

Filling tanks in Calvert County; regular @ $2.99.

Democrats Volunteer Kickoff Event w/ Chairman Jaime Harrison Saturday, May 15

NPR: Just 12 People Are Behind Most Vaccine Hoaxes On Social Media, Research Shows

"Netanyahu: The big winner in Gaza, Jewish-Arab violence - analysis"

Neera Tanden Joins White House as Adviser

List a Pop music moment worse than when Seals and Crofts went Disco.

Is it impossible for the Justice Dept of one political Party to prosecute the President ...?

Trader Joes will no longer require masks for fully vaccinated people!!

Natalie Biden's cat

Former OMB pick Neera Tanden to serve as senior adviser to Biden

Former OMB pick Neera Tanden to serve as senior adviser to Biden

Former Conservative Republican Bill Kristol: Biden must succeed. I haven't voted GOP since Trump.

Jen Psaki rebuked reporter: Less worried about press conferences & political games being played.

USPS fills leadership ranks with new deputy postmaster general, 2 board members

Data Suggests 40 Percent of Cops Abuse Family

Which states are still requiring masks after the CDC's updated guidance?

Ex-Fall River mayor Jasiel Correia guilty of 21 of 24 counts of fraud, extortion, conspiracy

Best one-liner I've seen all year!

Serious question - isn't Mike Pence working for the said Heritage Foundation

Tiedrich tweet:

Stefanik Solemnly Swears to Defend Trump from Constitution

Mississippi justices toss voter-backed marijuana initiative

List of the top most-retweeted tweets in the #StopTheSteal conversation between 10/3/20 & 1/6/21

Distancing from the vaccinated: Viral anti-vaccine infertility misinfo reaches new extremes

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 14, 2021

I just read the entire Joel Greenberg plea agreement.

For the GOP, terrorism is an option

In a surprisingly strong move,

Today, Hunting for Bones, and Stones...trying to avoid getting eaten!

Blue states should gerrymander the hell out of "our" states starting with McCarthy.

Liz Cheney is the latest casualty of conservatism's epistemic collapse

Spring is showing its true colors....

Pure Joy!

Just donated to ACLU

Costco, Walmart, Sam's Club drop mask mandates for fully vaccinated customers and staff

A Breath of Fresh Air! Hogan ends Maryland Mask Mandate.

Jim Jordan endorsed Marjorie T. Greene, calling her "the kind of fighter needed in Washington."

Marjorie Traitor Greene filed homestead exemptions on 2 homes, violating state law

Has CDC burned its bridges? If there's a surge can they persuade people to put their masks back on?

FBI releases it's long awaited required strategic assessment of domestic extremism.

Had my second Moderna vaccine

I don't know what "Woke Disney" is...

Woman says $26M California lottery ticket destroyed in wash

See what CNN reporter spotted at bizarre election 'audit'

Kamala Harris blasts how workers lose $200 billion a year from the anti-union trend in the US econom

Oops...Trump endorses Drew McKissick over Lin Wood for Chairman of the SC GOP.

Michelle Goldberg: How Republicans could steal the 2024 election

Grey Whale: The Knuckle Back Whale

Matt Gaetz was in a hotel room snorting cocaine with an escort, according to two sources.

and when does the advertising world TURN THEIR FAWKING ADVERTISEMENTS DOWN???

Lawmakers Announce Deal For Bipartisan Commission To Investigate Capitol

Remember "Jared Kushner's Vision for Peace"? Netanyahu used it for toilet paper

Younger voters propelled Biden to victory over Trump in 2020, new study finds

Guns n Roses and Stevie Wonder - "Living for the Paradise City"

US House has just released its emergency spending plan to increase Capitol security

Cheney: Kevin Should Testify

Surprise! CDC reversal on masks leaves states, businesses scrambling

You may be owed hundreds on your 2017 taxes, but you only have until Monday to collect

Just saw something amazingly bad about COVID death numbers in India...

Unarmed Black Man gets...De-escalation

Another deplorable.

Investigation: Marjorie Taylor Greene filed homestead exemptions on 2 homes, violating state law

Unconfirmed, DarkSide hackers were HACKED!! Updated

Impact and effectiveness of mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 infections

Internal memo reveals Trump admin strategies to omit undocumented immigrants from census

Governor gives in, signs deeply flawed property tax bill ramrodded through Idaho Legislature

MUSHROOMHEAD - Seen It All (Official Video) Napalm Records

Liz Cheney says she regrets voting for Trump in 2020

MUSHROOMHEAD - Madness Within (Official Video) Napalm Records

How you you all make grilled cheese?

Not sure if this goes here or a "live" phone call....."is Lisa's there?"

President Joe Biden revokes Trump orders on heroes garden' and other issues

Millions of children are unable to be vaccinated

Marjorie Taylor Greene vandalized Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's guest book and taunted her in a deleted

For anyone wondering why people get shot needlessly...

Gaetz associate admits to sex trafficking of a minor, agrees in writing to cooperate fully with pros

"Catty cake"?

Trump Tells Followers Not to Give Money to Karl Rove

How many unvaccinated people will stop wearing masks now?

Slipknot - The Devil In I [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Deleted video shows Greene taunting Ocasio-Cortez's office in 2019

It was my daughter's birthday today

Biden charts mask-free future while GOP brawls