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Archives: May 18, 2021

Abbott is blocking the extra $300/week for unemployed Texans.

On this day, May 17, 1999, Henry Jones died.

State board requests information from group that claimed involvement in Iowa elections bill

Taxpayers Are Still Paying for Jared Kushner to Pretend to Be Important

'Alarm Bells Ringing': Supreme Ct. Takes Up Case That Could Reverse Roe v. Wade

Husband gets his brain MRI tomorrow........I am so nervous for him, and me really.

The Voting Rights Act Now Has Bipartisan Support As Lisa Murkowski Calls For Reauthorization

Speaker Gunn supports special session to fix ballot initiative process

Wow! Local news tonight began with Biden


Our 250-Year Fight for Multiracial Democracy

Let's talk about asking the right question and debating the wrong one....

Supreme Court could reverse Roe v. Wade with Mississippi abortion case

Black Lives Matter activists said a man tried to hit them with his car. The suspect is a judge.

Here are my beloveds

No, the media can't "move on" from Trump's Big Lie -- not until Republicans end their war on voting

The Trump Justice Department tried forcing Twitter to reveal the identity of a Devin Nunes parody ac

Mother Died in Madison County Jail After Pot Arrest, Family Sues for Negligence

'They've turned into raging monsters': Noam Chomsky links GOP lies to Nazi propaganda

Discovery About Naked Giant Carved Into English Hillside Arouses Scientists

OAN Guest Says White People Should Get Free Guns To Protect Them From BLM

How much do you wanna bet he paid more than $750 in taxes????

Kaavan is changing.

Mississippi could help long-neglected poor with Rescue Plan payments

Beshear: Ending extra jobless aid now would hurt economy

Mask policies at Seattle businesses are all over the map

a picture's worth a thousand words. trump pick up truck ... boat ... truck ... boat

'The president is committed to codifying Roe': White House backs abortion rights as Supreme Court

Jeopardy Tournaments of Champions... love or hate or... meh?

California will stay masked for another month

Israeli nightshow host's final monologue to his audience: Wake up and smell the Apartheid

How Culture Wars and White Supremacy Go Together Like "Green Eggs and Ham"

My new crayons came today.....

How can you tell the difference between a fully vaccinated person and a non-vaccinated person?

(Jewish Group) Jewish American History: Harvey Milk

Comment by Senator Hirono

Americans are more content with the federal government than at any point since 2004, survey finds

Anyone notice how so many people are on drugs now?

With No More Masks Required, What Do You Think Final America Vaccinated % Will Be

Arizona Republicans want to expand the controversial vote recount to all elections held in 2020

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Good Evening Osprey!

Cat and Kiffness make music together

Antarctica is headed for a climate tipping point by 2060, with catastrophic melting if carbon

Seriously? Barr's Justice Department subpoenaed Twitter over Rep. Nunes parody account

Congressional Moderates Call For Smaller Numbers

Lurkers*: Can you please show us trump's tax returns?

Lawsuit seeks to block Lubbock's ordinance aimed at outlawing abortions

Senate advances a rare bipartisan deal on countering China

Rep. Bill Pascrell Slams McCarthy Over Biden Attack: 'Kim Jong Un's Flunkies' Are Cringing

Lauren Boebert dialing up the CRAZY on Newsmax

Senators Manchin and Murkowski call for reauthorization of Voting Rights Act

19-Year Veteran Cop Busted for Allegedly Running Meth Lab in Home

Rachel is warming up for the Trump grifters and the Secret Service

How concerned should we be about the "shedding vaccine" conspiracy?

Wash. businesses can offer one alcoholic drink to vaccinated customers for a limited time

Herbie Hancock - Vein Melter

A Big Raise For Texas Teachers: New Plan Will Give Top Educators $100,000 to Fight COVID Learning

Sly & The Family Stone - Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)

How white planters usurped Hawaii's last queen

How can you tell if a person not wearing a mask is vaccinated or unvaccinated?

Tweet of the night:

Doris Day - At Last

Just now (Rachel Maddow) 🚨 Secret Service Agents who supported Jan 6!

Tiffany Trump, Vanessa Trump, had affairs with Secret Service agents

Judge who blocked release of brown jr police shooting video liked aquittal of george zimmerman

Etta James - Fools Rush In

LOL!! Should this be in the Lounge???

Rick Nelson - Georgia On My Mind

George P. Bush wants to challenge beleaguered Texas AG Ken Paxton. But can he keep Trump out of it?

More Global Protests

Democrats will at least have a net gain of 0 seats in the US Senate in 2022. Here is why.

Greenberg Pleads Guilty: We'll Soon Learn Identity of his Co-conspirators, Beyond Just Matt Gaetz

By the numbers: U.S. loses more tax revenue than any nation

Ray Charles - Just A Little Lovin'

Creating a Pandemic Memory box.

Keilar: Trump's cybersecurity suggestion like hiring a burglar to guard your house

Interviews like Ayman Mohyeldin and Israeli ambassador show the importance of diversity.

Eddy Arnold - Misty Blue

Digital ad targets Beth Van Duyne for helping inspire Capitol attack

Bragging rights: My A1C went down 5 points in two years with diet.

Shontel Brown OH-11 "Today's recent news from SCOTUS regarding Roe v. Wade .."

Teen busted for allegedly kidnapping sleeping boy later found dead on Texas street

I'm back and I bet nobody missed me. I can explain.

Wow! Chuck Todd neuters Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw, 'There is nothing lazier than that excuse.'

Joel Osteen's 'Today Show' appearance to promote his new book did not go over well

Yep! Republican Gov: Trump's TOXIC. GOP showing insanity & signals BIG LIE deniers not wanted.

Democrats will have a net gain of 0 to 4 US Senate seats in 2022.

Pika call

Bakari Sellers on What Greenberg Guilty Plea Means for Matt Gaetz - The Meidas Touch Podcast

Judge to Durst jurors after delay: 'Where did we leave off?'

THE POLICE - Masoko Tanga

The end of the pandemic is coming - just don't set a date for the party

Focus - Hocus Pocus

'Our democracy is imperiled': Maricopa County officials decry 2020 recount as a sham and call on

Franklin Graham is vaccinated and encourages his flock to do so too (from CNN, blitzer)

Likud Blinding Journalists

Exclusive: Inside the Military's Secret Undercover Army

Betty Bowers on Republican's Coy Euphemisms...

Yoga with your dog. The leg lift !!!

Just seen on Twitter

Please, be my guide!

The Employee Shortage Is So Bad ...

What The New Monthly Child Tax Credits Mean (NPR)

Is there any chance you're responsible for this?

The Doors - The End

Hey! Let's tell Trump and his moronic Trumpers........

Dead, Frankfort.GM, 1972.......Going Down the Road....

'F*cking Monster': Mom of Dead Kids Rages as Nebraska Dad Is Charged

Mary McCaslin - Things We Said Today

It does sort of boggle the mind at some point

"Equality in Bathrooms" ...

Bald Eagles Are Back. And They Want to Eat Your Pets.

Do You Feel Like We Do - Peter Frampton

This Looks Handy...

I hope somebody will point this out to Joe Manchin.

The Rude Pundit: I'm Losing My Capacity for Empathy Thanks to People Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated

GOP leaders look to curtail ballot initiatives after red state voters opt for legal weed, expanded M

KushaiaDaora: Goddess of the Wind.. vs Monster Hunters..

Effing secret service

O.K., a photo sequence, without comment: Liza

The Daily Show: CDC Says Vaccinated People Can Stop Wearing Masks & Why The Honor System Won't Work

How Trump's Steel Tariffs Failed - WSJ Editorial

2nd District 6 Republican rejects Trump as a 'false prophet,' won't back Susan Wright

Democrats will have between 50 to 54 US Senate seats after the 2022 US Senate Elections.

Trump officials used secret terrorism unit to question lawyers at border, report claims

Trump officials used secret terrorism unit to question lawyers at border, report claims

Gay Professor Shot Dead, Left In Burning Car In Heinous Killing In Brazil

Chinese businessman with links to Steve Bannon is driving force for a sprawling disinformation netwo

Come And Get Your Love - Redbone

'Walls Closing In On Donald's Little Buddy': Joy Reid on Matt Gaetz - MSNBC

Former Smithville Mayor Scott Saunders charged with sexual assault, indecency with child

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven live at MSG in NYC

Heavy-duty short film about PTSD

HBO's John Oliver Roasts 'Rap Genius' Ari For His Music References - The Beat - MSNBC

BTC: Fed up Liz Cheney finally throws Kevin McCarthy under the bus ON FOX NEWS

Former Williamson County deputy, a 'Live PD' star, faces charges for his response to domestic

Macri faces friendly fire from ally after Covid-19 vaccination in Miami

R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts

Is our children learning? Republicans hope the answer is 'no.'

Duque Orders Full Deployment of Police Forces, More Violence

First nuclear detonation created 'impossible' quasicrystals

MI Rep. Maddock, who peddled lies about election fraud and COVID-19, wants to fine fact-checkers

Not Just Bikes: Suburbs that don't Suck - Streetcar Suburbs (Riverdale, Toronto)

Kimmel Live: Biden's Venmo Revealed, UFOs Definitely Exist & Exclusive Look at The Bachelorette Men

ICE removes Guatemalan citizen for alleged human rights violations in connection with 1982 Dos Erres

Seth Meyers - Matt Gaetz Wingman Pleads Guilty and Says He'll Cooperate with Feds: A Closer Look

(Jewish Group) CNN Drops Freelancer Adeel Raja Over Pro-Hitler, Anti-Semitic Tweets

George Clinton - Atomic Dog (Special Atomic Mix)

Strauss's 'Oboe Concerto'

Transportation officials have plan to repair bridge (I-40)

3 things I'll never understand about my country

Secret Service Questioned After 'Astonishing Litany' Of Screw-Ups

I-40 bridge closure forces more trucks onto streets

My birthday today (5/17) is also International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

The GOP plans for 2022 and 2024.

Um .. anybody seen

Funeral board warns consulates against unlicensed Tennessee funeral director as more bodies go

Funeral board warns consulates against unlicensed Tennessee funeral director as more bodies go

Fauci Confirms 'Extremely Low' Risk Of Transmission For Fully Vaccinated - All In - MSNBC

An emergency room physician weighs in on CDC's relaxed masking, distancing guidelines

Bibi Just Started A War Because Of Politics - Just Say It

Another sequence - Greek art (not what you think)

Dark money group brags about suppressing the vote - CNN

Couldn't vote for HRC? So where are we now?

GOP Rep Who Compared Jan. 6 To 'Tourist Visit' Barricaded House Doors - All In - MSNBC

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Various Selections (Dint have the steam to list titles.😴)

he Illegal Sea Cucumber Trade in Kaukira, Honduras

Obama is doing the entire Late Show w/James Corden promoting his new book.

Is there a US Navy guy?

El Salvador's millennial president is a man with one vision: Power

Gov. Lee's Idea of Leadership

Fuego volcano news & eruption updates:

U.S. names El Salvador president's aide on "corrupt officials" list

Sorry to bitch 'n' moan. Really making an effort to quit the murmur & complain.

Sean Cahil (Cahill), USN, Retired Master-at-Arms

Dozens more men sue Ohio State over doc's sexual misconduct

Long Working Hours Increasing Deaths From Heart Disease & Stroke: WHO, ILO Study

2 females were just seasoning a big piece of meat with rub on PBS.

There's a lovely, upscale hotel downtown here in these parts.

New law makes inmates choose electric chair or firing squad

Gov. Bill Lee Says Masks, Vaccines Shouldn't Be Required For Tennessee Schoolchildren

Long Working Hours Increasing Deaths From Heart Disease & Stroke: WHO, ILO Study

It's lonely

'Honey from the Jar' 1979 - Herbie Hancock

State Republicans Pass Unconstitutional Abortion Bans To Tempt SCOTUS - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Bucknell University condemns 'horrific incident' against LGBTQ student community / orders investigan

Arizona Republican Official Calls Latest Election Conspiracy 'Unhinged' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Mama takes her kittens to the food dishes

China's Mars Rover Nails Landing

The World's First Floating 3D Printed House

Earth's oldest crystals reveal age of plate tectonics

Clinic Helps Long-Haul Patients In London's "COVID Triangle"

Where do black holes lead?

Earth-like molecules detected for first time ever in atmosphere of an exoplanet

James Corden: How Has (Guest) President Obama Found Post-White House Life?

Scientists figured out all of the animals that laugh

Cancer patients without health insurance had significantly worse survival than Medicare beneficiarie


Sorry, Mitch, History Doesn't Work Like That. Be Assured Your Sins Will Find You Out.

NASA launches rocket in search of aurora answers

Deep Water On Neptune And Uranus May Be Magnesium-rich

Securing a swift return: how a simple brick can help migratory birds

Sharks use Earth's magnetic field as 'GPS' guidance system, study says

Crowd rallies against Beshear, masks and vaccines on Capitol steps

Yanomami beset by violent land-grabs, hunger and disease in Brazil

An 'Impossible' Quasicrystal Was Forged in The World's First Nuclear Bomb Test

Neuroscientists Have Followed a Thought as It Moves Through The Human Brain

Man accused of running multistate escort service facing federal charges in Lexington

Political Corruption Of Secret Service Made Biden Safety A Concern - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/17/21

Farmers, business owner admit guilt in 'pervasive and severe' crop fraud scheme in KY

Key words and phrases used by pedophiles:

Long-awaited report on Kentucky pension system investments is in. You just can't see it

Amid threats to members, House to vote on new security

DOJ Says Capitol Rioter Carried Semi-Auto Handgun After Republicans Claim They Weren't Armed

Black Lives Matter activists said a man tried to hit them with his car. The suspect turned out to be

COVID-19 outbreak at Smithfield plant in Missouri likely larger than originally known

Conservative group wants to send gas tax hike to Missouri voters

As Batshit Crazy as the Republican Party Is, I'm Still Shocked By The Idea That Georgia's 14th...

Flooding in Southwest Louisiana prompts Gov. Edwards to issue emergency declaration

Stephen Colbert: "We Have Lost Our Way" - Guest Cindy McCain On The State Of The Republican Party

Bill to allow environmental self-audits by industries passes House

Fraud victims who lost millions to a Ponzi scheme {A. Stanford} can't sue financial firm, court says

Corporate, personal income tax cuts included in $8.3 billion state budget

James Corden: How Has (Guest) President Obama Found Post-White House Life?

What is it that we are supposed to be moving on from regarding January 6th?


It's Not My Cross To Bear

Breakfast Tuesday 18 May 2021

Nebraska Has A Right Wing Internet Troll Problem

Gian Francesco Malipiero's 'Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra'

Save Nebraska School Libraries

Are Republicans Courting Disaster with Trumpist Loyalty Tests?

Tuesday TOONs - By GQD, Moonbat! I'll Make An Internet Detective Of You Yet!

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Montana's new voting laws violate Native Americans' rights, a lawsuit argues.

Val Demings Plotting Florida Senate Run to Take Down Marco Rubio, Says Report

Study finds that Trump Voters tend to be more narrcissist and antagonistic

Joe Rogan Suggests That "Actual Microchips Are Being Implanted Into Your Arm To See If You Have

Gov Newsom Declares Drought Emergency In 41 Counties; 65K Residents In Central Valley Could Run Dry

Vistra Corp Owns 36 Gas-Fired Power Plants; It Has No Plans To Buy Any More

[Religious right ray cray] on SCOTUS takes up Mississippi abortion case that could limit Roe v. Wade

Andrew Giuliani, son of former New York City mayor, announces 2022 bid for governor

Morrison Gov Pushing Possibly Illegal Move For "Renewable" Hydrogen From Coal & Gas, "Renewable" CCS

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 19: TCM Spotlight: Order in the Court

Twenty firms produce 55% of world's plastic waste, report reveals

The tourists are coming!

BC Glacial Outburst Flood In November Drove Sediment 70 KM Into Ocean, Wiped Out Salmon Runs

"1000 Joe's, in front of 1000 teleprompters, for 1000 years, and you would never get one gaff or

Germany struggles to contain anti-Semitism slurs at Israel protests

How does one tell the difference between a fully vaccinated person & a not vaccinated person?

"Happy Together" A love song but not the way you may believe!

A Handy Demolition Of Steve Koonin's Latest Climate Excrescence From Climate Denier Roundup (Kos)

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 5/12/21

Ghosts of Comics' Past - 1951

The Rundown: May 18, 2021

Amazon in Talks to Buy MGM For $9 Billion

Val Demings to run for Senate against Rubio

Has Anyone Been Watching CNN This Morning?

Israeli police: 2 killed in strike launched from Gaza

N.M. 14-year-old accused of kidnapping woman, slashing her throat

Plastic World or Plastic-Free World?

PA man was discovered 'skulking about'

I updated my sig file

Man dead following skydiving accident

Former inmate, exonerated of rape and released from prison May 3, dies

India says 'minuscule' clotting cases after AstraZeneca vaccine

Darwin's Arch, a Famed Rock Formation in the Galpagos, Collapses

The GOP Governors Kicking People Off Unemployment Are Doing a Crap Job Vaccinating Their States

The only thing I've found that explains their insanity.

The biggest and maybe the most important news

McCarthy will vote against Jan 6 Commission. LOL

A Love Bizarre

Woman stole $100,000 from Beaver Soccer Association

Trump DOJ tried to unmask a Twitter account behind 'mean tweets and bad memes' that teased nunes

On this day, May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted.

Matching funds for a democratic cause

A 'Community for All'? Not So Fast, This Wisconsin County Says

Can somebody please explain this to me? Anybody?

Separated at birth? Eric Trump and Andrew Giuliani.

This tweet is so true

Inventive budget meals your mom used to make?

Wow, Q-Anon Shaman's Attorney is a Real Piece of Work!! OMG!!!

McCarthy opposes January 6 commission

GOP Leader McCarthy opposes Jan. 6 commission ahead of vote

Can U I.D. this young girl model from a few decades back?

Do you wait "on line" or "in line" and where (regionally) are you from?

BTRTN: Trumpal Infallibility--Republicans Are Better Understood as a Religion Than a Political Party

Cyber Ninja frauditors are using R-Studio recovery

These UFO revelations are spooky and disturbing

Audioslave - Like a Stone

The Colonial Pipeline Was Fine, But It Was Shutdown To Make Sure Its Owner Could Still Get Paid

The curious case of Stephen Miller and Andrew Yang

BTRTN: Trumpal Infallibility--Republicans Are Better Understood as a Religion Than a Political Party

Pic Of The Moment: Translating Kevin McCarthy's Opposition To A Jan. 6 Investigation

Boston Terrier is absolutely ecstatic for pool time

Blues shouter Big Joe Turner was born on this date.

Opinion: There are no Marjorie Taylor Greenes in the Democratic Party

Indian mosque bulldozed in defiance of high court order

Indian mosque bulldozed in defiance of high court order

Composer Meredith Willson was born on this date.

In case you're interested in back yard bird photography . . .

US reaches out to Arab leaders on Israel, Gaza fighting

Frank Capra was born on this date.

Good Day DU (May 18, 2021)

Belarus raids top news site in widening crackdown

Harry and Meghan. Any thoughts on this?

Biden moving to improve legal services for poor, minorities

A majority of Americans say policing should be reformed. But most white people still don't think...

BLM, GLAAD Join 40 Progressive Groups Calling for Fox News Ad Boycott (Exclusive)

When is the McGahn hearing?

Outage hampers Poland's main power plant, felt across Europe

UK: Sales of peat compost to gardeners to be banned from 2024

Matt Gaetz Should Be Weeping, Rocking Back and Forth in Fetal Position Right Now

Giuliani Defends His Call For 'Trial By Combat' on Jan 6 as 'Clearly Hyperbolic' in Response to...

District Attorney says deputies who fatally shot Andrew Brown Jr. were justified

Dan Crenshaw's (R-TX) district is what we mean when we say gerrymandering is a problem.

Bank of America announced a plan to raise the minimum wage for employees to $25 per hour

District Attorney says deputies who fatally shot Andrew Brown Jr. were justified

Federal government seizes $3.6 million from company that sold Maine counterfeit N95 masks

The last four years of winning has taken its toll.

Marjorie Taylor Greene gives bonkers floor speech defending Jan. 6 rioters while attacking BLM

Changed by pandemic, many workers won't return to old jobs

Franklin Graham pummeled on CNN as he refuses to say whether 2020 election was legitimate

619 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 14 deaths

Rick Wilson: Of *course* Qevin McCarthy opposes a bipartisan January 6th Commission.

Republican C-SPAN caller: 'Any woman who has an abortion has to have her uterus removed or be killed

Anti-masker arrested after he refuses to stop ranting about the Earth being flat...

Biden's aid programs help buttress McCarthy's district despite GOP leader's ...

Elena Kagan Has Had Enough of Brett Kavanaugh's Judicial "Scorekeeping"

Nurse who cared for Boris Johnson resigns over 'lack of respect' for NHS workers

Nurse who cared for Boris Johnson resigns over 'lack of respect' for NHS workers

Andrew Womble NC district attorney

Tourist Appreciation Day

Unvaccinated TikTok Users Believe They Will Be 'Lone Survivors'

He seems nice.

Perseverance Rover New Update images May.18-2021

Lawyers! Them guys talk funny!

Florida man arrested for speeding claims he was trying to go back to Cuba

Leonardo DiCaprio pledges $43m to restore the Galpagos Islands

Stop Voter Fraud

Galpagos rock formation Darwin's Arch collapses from erosion

Windows 10 has a built-in ransomware block, you just need to enable it

BLS Article: TED: The Economics Daily. U-3 was 6.1 percent, U-6 was 10.4 percent, in April 2021

Yesterday was TAX

Kevin McCarthy rejects proposed commission to investigate Jan 6. Capitol assault

Silence of the Heart (didn't now where to post this)

Fauci: 'Perfectly reasonable' for businesses to keep mask mandates

A Black council member protested Andrew Brown Jr. shooting. Police urinated on his property to retal

Biden Team Heads to Congress for (continued) Infrastructure Talks With GOP

This is how Trump plans to win the next election. Trump is pushing this scheme.

If you are watching Andrea on MSNBC with the Israeli spokesman

China Planning 'Unprecedented' Tiananmen Memorial Crackdown: Report

Israeli airstrikes wrecked the only coronavirus testing lab in Gaza

Democrats needs to form the 1/6 panel on their own.

Why Did These Republicans Vote Against Helping Sex Trafficking Victims?

Gregory Meeks to delay sale of arms to Israel.

Spain, Morocco square off after 7,000 migrants arrive by sea

Retail Workers are Pissed Off About the End of Masks In Stores

McCarthy is involved, and a racist,

'He's a well-known racist': Judge accused of trying to hit Black Lives Matter protesters with SUV

The science of cats and boxes...

What is your oldest still active friendship?

Businesses will now be forced to post signs announcing they serve transgender customers in Tennessee

Not too sure about the Qanon shaman's attorney....

Caitlyn Jenner gleefully shares ugly transphobic insult about a trans Biden appointee

Not granting DC and Puerto Rico statehood would be anti-democratic

The Tax Loophole You've Probably Never Heard of Is Making the Rich Even Richer

Hundreds of PPP Loans Went to Fake Farms in Absurd Places

#BREAKING: Marshall men's soccer team WINS national championship 1-0 in overtime!

Why do Trump's foreign golf resorts lose millions of dollars every year?

Amazon Publishing, DPLA Ink Deal to Lend E-books in Libraries

Arpaio's Legacy Costs Taxpayers More than $200 Million

House Republicans throw another tantrum

Is it any wonder why Palestinians are upset with Israel?

Arizona sheriff Arpaio's immigration patrols targeting Latinos to cost public $200M

Progress of wall to block lava in Iceland

Keep Wearing Masks Indoors, King County Health Officer Urges

"Stranger Fruit": Black Mothers and the Fear of Police Brutality

Rick Scott continues to plead with Donald Trump to stay out of Senate primaries

Kyrsten Sinema: The Senate's Bisexual Contrarian

Speaker Pelosi Shreds Kevin McCarthy For Opposing 1/6 Commission

Why does any investigation into 1/6 have to start with Congress?

Ice breakup on the Skunk River at Augusta, Iowa, February 17, 2011

If Kevin McCarthy were Speaker of the House,

Marjorie Traitor Greene: "The people who breached the Capitol on January 6 are being abused."

Biden's aid programs help buttress McCarthy's district despite GOP leader's complaints about...

Regarding: Spaghetti al Limone with Shrimp from the NYT:

I'm really impressed by Stringz EMB.

Darwin's Arch, a famed rock formation in the Galapagos, collapses

Armstrong Flooring model 5352, the best-selling flooring product ever made.

Charles Grodin, Familiar Face From TV and Film, Dies at 86

Darwin's Arch, a famed rock formation in the Galapagos, collapses

This Week in Republican Insurrection Erasure - The Bulwark

In Arizona, Republicans accidentally created a robust demonstration of the shoddiness of their fraud

Monster Hunting can sometimes be a headache... but we are still out there!

Joe Biden is waxing eloquent in a Mich.Ford Plant, loving on all the Democratic pols including Tlaib

Google representative attended meeting with GOP group pushing voting restrictions

I took a quiz/survey on Buzzfeed this morning about mask wearing

Obama says UFO sightings appear real

Help with cutting the cable?

A 'Community for All'? Not So Fast, This Wisconsin County Says

Study: Climate change added $8 billion to Sandy's damages

Schumer will put January 6 Commission legislation up for floor vote

Charles Grodin, Familiar Face From TV and Film, Dies at 86

Cartoons 5/18/2021

Closing Ranks: State Legislators Deepen Assaults on the Right to Protest

Rudy Is Throwing Everything Against Biden's DOJ To See What Sticks

Abbott bans government entities from requiring or mandating mask wearing.(Including schools)

Rick Wilson Warns Democrats: Seize Your Power Or Republicans Will Make The Next Election The Last

Dozens rescued after heavy rain hits Lake Charles, Louisiana

Pro-Trump OAN reporters are blatantly raising money for a bogus election "audit" in Arizona

State vaccine rates fall along red, blue divide

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 18, 2021

My neighbor Andi, "There's always room for somebody," she said. "There's enough love to go around."

Automakers Shift Their Political Giving

Her name is Shuhada Sadaqat, but perhaps you may know her as ...

Kevin McCarthy says he opposes January 6 commission

In Biden White House, the Celebrity Staff Is a Thing of the Past

Yellen pushes higher taxes, stronger unions, more global competition to U.S. Chamber

The Colonial Pipeline Was Fine, But It Was Shutdown To Make Sure Its Owner Could Still Get Paid

Tennessee Businesses will now be forced to post signs announcing they serve transgender

Lauren Boebert Clowned for Saying She'll Be Speaker of the House One Day

Just now on CNN:

Vanishing Point (We're Not in Kansas, Anymore)

Rep. Katie Porter & her whiteboard take on Big Pharma

Tech job postings remained steady in Seattle during pandemic; other sectors lag in recovery

SEG Plaza evacuation: Shaking China skyscraper sends shoppers fleeing

For first time in 50 years, wild fishers born in Washington's North Cascades

5/19 Mike Luckovich: Evolving

First Semi final of Eurovision 2021 on stream

Former Child Star Ricky Schroder Roasted On Twitter For Harassing Costco Workers about masks

Pretty picture:

Which one offers more protection from COVID-19? Masks or the Vaccines?

Democrats Compile List Of Over 20 Potential Republican Candidates To Attack

Twitter Video - Someone is going to lose his mind when he sees this

The Bikes Of Wrath

Judge rules AGAINST Arizona-style audit in Michigan

Trump-fueled election lies must be ground to dust. It will take everyone's voice to do it.

Either Ted Cruz is a dumbass, or he employs one.

Trumper On FBI Capitol Wanted List Attends Giuliani Event For GOPer Who Pushed Big Lie

Charles Grodin, deadpan comic actor known for 'Midnight Run' and 'Beethoven,' dies at 86

Tennessee bridge inspector and team fail to notice big ass crack...fired, might be prosecuted

Retired US Navy Chief explains tech witnessed in UFO aircraft sighting

Biden drives Ford's new electric F-150 Lightning - "This sucker's quick"


Consider this parable about the current situation in the Middle East.

Fifty Indian doctors die from Covid in a day

Rudy Giuliani's son announces bid for New York governor

I am minutes away from getting my J&J covid shot ...

Everytown has now decided it *likes* state preemption laws, hopes you won't notice their 180

caption Andrew Giuliani, candidate for Governor of N.Y.

Wonkette: Rep. Val Demings Ready To Beat Marco Rubio With His Own Water Bottle

Taxpayers, your money is going to this shit: Missouri Edition

Push Off - The Palms

"Friends with benefits" can have Fourth Amendment standing in another's apartment, and the defendant

There's just one reason to oppose a bipartisan commission to investigate the 1/6 insurgency

A rapper posed on a SWAT truck during the Capitol riot. He's facing federal charges.

Compare and Contrast: The Fool and The Cool

Here's a picture of the sign that businesses will now be required to post in Tennessee.

Can You Tell The Difference Between The Jan. 6 Riot And A Normal Day On Capitol Hill?

Nevada GOP candidate for governor who hadn't been vaccinated tests positive for coronavirus

What, ME worry???!!!

I'm with him, I've had it!

Dates and time on M$NBComcast

Woman Gives Toys to a Wild Magpie -- and He Invites His Friends Over to Play

In Arizona, Republicans accidentally created a robust demonstration of the shoddiness of their fraud

Pence is blaming the Israeli Palestinian fighting on President Biden

When the Big Lie *is* the agenda. Take Ted Cruz, for example.

CNN's Brianna Keilar interview with Franklin Graham

Somehow, I'd feel right at home on this flight

Crystal Mason Asks State's Highest Criminal Appeals Court to Overturn Conviction for Voting on Super

House OverSight Committee with Rep Katie Porter and her whiteboard

Biden reverses Trump changes to bank antidiscrimination law

My Department is being called back to the office...

Complaint alleges discrimination in woman's home appraisals

May 19 - Bernie Sanders will join striking McDonald's workers demanding higher wages

Bloom County is back.....

At least 81 pro-Trump rioters have now been charged with assaulting police on January 6

Even with 7M more votes in 2022, democrats may still lose the House due to redistricting

Oh, this is rich. The terrified individual off to the far left is Rep. Clyde

I just saw the video of Andrew Brown on CNN. From what I saw it appeared that Brown's shooting was

Where Did The $8 Trillion Tr... Borrowed Go?

Ted Lieu: 'What is McCarthy hiding from the American people?' He backed 10 Benghazi investigations

House passes bill to combat hate crimes against Asian Americans

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 19 May 2021

MTG is really bad at talking points.

Got an alternate theory why the Republicant governors are opting out of the federal assistance

Chatty Capitol rioter gets busted after bragging about his crimes to his dentist

Republican Virginia Foxx -- who brought motion to remove Liz Cheney from leadership last week -- has

Rep. Foxx is fined $5,000 for bypassing House security screening

Trumper On FBI Capitol Wanted List Attends Giuliani Event For GOPer Who Pushed Big Lie

Is there a single institution that the Insurrectionist in Chief did not politicize?

Susan Collins: Feds investigating alleged scheme to illegally finance Collins' re-election bid

I signed up for the $1 million vacinne lottery

Hippies wanted

Galapagos rock formation Darwin's Arch has collapsed

FBI investigating massive scheme to illegally finance Sen. Susan Collins' 2020 re-election bid

Ret. Rear Adm. Jack Meehoff -- Fooled a Bunch of REAL Retired Generals and Admirals to Sign Letter

The Rude Pundit: I'm Losing My Capacity for Empathy Thanks to People Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated

Rennie Stennet passed away today

Gnat's ass is...

Judge Finds Probable Cause to Charge Former Officer Kim Porter With 2nd Degree Murder (Wright)

Katie Porter does it again tweet:

If you like the British drama mysteries...

Tesla in Autopilot mode crashes into parked police car

Arizona Election Results "Audit" Fundraising By OAN Reporters

Tweet of the evening:

5 Ways a Dark Money Group Is Trying to Rig Our Elections

Greg Abbott issues order prohibiting agencies from mandating masks

Greg Abbott has issued order prohibiting Texas agencies from mandating use of masks

Breaking on M$NBComcast - ReTHUGs will now vote NO tomorrow

FBI investigating whether defense contractor gave illegal contributions to Susan Collins: report

Virginia Beach teen who died in Outer Banks bridge accident identified

What Republicans want us to forget.......

Jacob Chansley's attorney is offensive

Holy $#!+ Graham: 'I accept the results of the election'

Groups ask judge to block Indiana 'abortion reversal' law

Mets' Pillar has multiple nasal fractures after hit by pitch

Giuliani lawyers: Feds treat him like drug boss or terrorist

Barack Obama Was Heartened By How Trolls Responded To The Death of His Dog Bo

Look at this little kid GO!!

Winter weather warning, up to 6" snow...

Juror removed from Durst murder trial as pandemic delay ends

Reich Wing Response.

Radical Left vs. Conservative Tourists.

Speaking Of Mike Pence...

Model 3D Character without modeling skills

Biden plans to waive sanctions on the Russian-owned company in charge of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline

At Least 7 Senate Republicans Open to Jan. 6 Panel

Do you want Andrew Cuomo to run for a 4th term?

Self-Described Billionaire Donald Trump Wasted No Time Claiming Presidential Pension

File this under "bad-assed cat," one and wiley coyote zero!

Nations Must Drop Fossil Fuels, Fast, World Energy Body Warns

So my quiet neighbors just had it out with no vaccine daughter.


Andrew Giuliani has two chances of being the next governor of New York

62 House Republicans voted No on COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act including @MTG.......

Europe Calls for Immediate Cease-Fire in Israel-Palestinian Fighting

I didn't see any signs requiring masks at our Trader Joe's

Pelosi said McCarthy made 3 requests to 1/6 Commission-all were granted! Yet Mccarthy refuses

FYI: MOVEON is giving away free "Pro-Science, Pro-Health, Pro-Vaccine" stickers

charged! man whose gender reveal explosion was felt across two states

Tlaib confronts Biden on Israel, saying U.S. support is enabling Netanyahu to commit crimes against

Cicadas suffered because of cool weather over the past week.

When are Democrats going to learn

The Point Chris Cillizza - Voting? That's for suckers.

The idea of Working on an "Attitude of Gratitude" for a....." Very Long Time......"

Homeowners' Insurance Companies in Florida Are Raising Rates by Unprecedented Amounts,

Jamie Harrison tweet: Re spineless

Tenn-Businesses to post signs *warning* other customers if trans people like me are welcome

Businesses to post signs *warning* other customers if trans people like me are welcome

"Best by" or "Use by" date?

Mark McCloskey - infamous for waving assault rifle at BLM protesters - is running for Senate

Meet the Four Kinds of People Holding Us Back From Full Vaccination

Why Justice Breyer May Resist Calls for His Retirement

Is Austin David "Buzzy" Cohen the Jeopardy replacement dark horse?


QAnon Shaman's Attorney Makes Wildly Ignorant Claims

GOP solons are right!