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House Approves Jan. 6 Commission, Heads To Senate

The ONLY proof you need...

An 11-year-old girl fought off a knife-wielding man who tried to kidnap her at FL school bus stop

Venezuelans tied to anti-Maduro plot sentenced to 6 years

German electric car maker plans production plant in Mexico

Black Erasure

Bodycam Footage Captured Louisiana State Troopers Punching, Dragging Black Man Before His Death in 2

 When the next attack comes, the blood will be on the GOP's hands

Would you drive this?

Biden's warning to Israel shakes up diplomacy -- and politics

Brink of a fertility crisis: Scientist says plummeting sperm counts caused by everyday products

George W. Bush Warns of 'Aggressive' Iran, Says Arab World Must Decide on Peace With Israel to Solve

Election official: GOP ballots mislabeled as Democratic on screens in Luzerne County

Guatemala arrests outspoken opponent

It's the mocking.

Ford F-150 production will halt again as chip shortage worsens

Attorney for 'QAnon Shaman' questions mental abilities of his client, others in Jan. 6 riot

5/20 Mike Luckovich -Hanging a portrait

Sen. Sanders: I Am Calling For An Immediate Cease-Fire In Gaza

2 renditions of Andrew York's 'Sunburst'

Vice President Harris denounces efforts to restrict Asian American, Pacific Islander voter rights

2024 Democratic US Senate nominees in FL, and OH(if Brown-D retires).

Can prosecuting Trump save democracy?

GOP Cop Killers - Meidas Touch

Joe: I was honored to speak at the Coast Guard Academy's Commencement today.

Donald Trump's Big Lie explained

Van Morrison- 1984 - Cleaning Windows.

Bolivia Adds Charges Against the Leader of the 2019 Coup

Trump legal risks mount with New York moves

Not just toll rates: Washington's ferry fares could be increasing

Health officials in Pierce County hope vaccinations increase with return to Phase 3

Kevin McCarthy Proposes Removing January 6th from Month of January

Rumor : Ford F150 electric to start at $40k

Lakewood Police Warn Of Scam 'Fallen Officer Food Drive'

Covid-19 booster shot will likely be needed "within a year or so" of vaccination

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Boiled peanuts, Boon or Boondoggle?

New FBI Video Released In Search For Capitol Rioters - MSNBC

Here are the 35 House Republicans who voted for the January 6 commission

Warning: Do not click on this unless you want to see a Major Spoiler

So, did the 175 Republicans who voted against the 1/6 Commission also vote not

Philadelphia has dimmed its skyline after a 'mass collision' killed thousands of migrating birds

King County launches $145M rent assistance program

About Trump, he's not going away...

Boeing lifts outdoor mask requirements for some fully vaccinated staff

Urgency To Pass January 6 Commission Bill To 'Heal The Nation' - Deadline - MSNBC

Biden's Climate Chops Face A Big Test On Old-Growth Forests

Explainer: JFK Jr & QAnon

Texas executes inmate without media witnesses present

Caps- Bruins - they are so evenly matched......

What is the name of this TV show?

Inspired by Arizona recount, Trump loyalists push to revisit election results in communities around

Trump's CFO Is Subject of Criminal Probe

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a solid to slight margin.

Florida Lawmakers Clear Path for Trump Casino

Rear Admiral Jack Meehoff Appointed Head of New Democratic Underground Rat Fcukers Task Force

Trump Faces Criminal Probe By An AG With More Powers Than DA - The Beat - MSNBC

And now, the latest from Duran Duran

and I saw first tRump 2024 flag flying.......

NY attorney general has been looking into the taxes of Trump Organization CFO for months, sources sa

Who gets paid more in your state, cops or teachers?

Welp.....good enough reason to shy away from doing MRI's on fetuses

Please list all "Republicans in Disarray"

When you find yourself in an art museum....

Happy Birthday Pete Townshend

Nice young couple moving into neighborhood. Well don't know how young/nice. Spoiler: Woodpeckers.

The Daily Show: The January 6th Insurrection: What *Really* Happened?

Pic of Shelley Duvall from the movie "Nashville" (1975)

1,200 graves are missing in Tampa. How did they disappear?

Rachel Maddow said they couldn't get 10 republicans to vote Wednesday comes before Thursday

The GOP's Plan to Move On From Jan. 6? Flood the Zone With Shit.

A prosecutor says no to a rape charge, so a college student calls her own grand jury

Speaker Pelosi Calls Jan. 6 Commission Bill A 'Remarkable Achievement' - MSNBC

Just 100 Companies Create 90% of Plastic Waste

Watching Judgement at Nuremberg

NY AG Tish James Announces Criminal Investigation of Trump Organization: What's It All Mean?

Governor Abbot signed a "heartbeat bill" on the very same day his state executed Quinton Jones

Corey Kluber throws a no-hitter against Texas Rangers

Katie Porter coming up on MSNBC nt

Seth Meyers - Biden Calls for Ceasefire Between Israel and Hamas - Monologue 5/18/21

Corey Kluber throws a no-hitter against Texas Rangers

his answer to small businesses' objection to an increased minimum wage must be at your tongue's tip

Florida GOP eases path for Trump to pursue casino license

Incoming US Senators from the 2022 US Senate Election cycle.

Rep. Katie Porter On GOP Calls For Narrow Infrastructure Plan - MSNBC

Chris Cornell & Layne Staley - Right Turn

Spacehog - In the Meantime

On MSNBC, Brian Williams: Thune sez "...1/6 commission counter productive

Velvet Revolver - Slither

U.S. attorney partnering with D.C., Maryland county officials to prosecute carjackings

Why your masks may not be as protective as you think

David Bromberg - Jelly Jaw Joe - 1976

10cc - I'm Not In Love

The past was erased.

I just watched an interesting "Nova" program," about the Hindenberg.

Most chilling sad thing I've heard in a long time: "I'm 107 years old and I haven't seen justice."

Seth Meyers - Republicans Try to Rewrite the History of the January 6th Insurrection: A Closer Look

State Campaigns to Outlaw Abortion Barely Mentioned by Major Outlets

All that Glitters Britain's Next Jewellery star. Episode 1

Idaho teacher disarmed school shooter and hugged her until help arrived

Defense says dismemberment is evidence of Durst's innocence

Al Franken Explains Former Trump Fanatic Liz Cheney's New Role in the Republican Party: May 19, 2021

(Jewish Group) Erica Mena on Twitter: There's 'special place in hell' for 'These Jewish people'

Linda Ronstadt - Willin'.....

Michael Cohen On Trump: 'I Think Donald Trump Is Going To Flip On All Of Them' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Chile and Colombia to Move Money Out of Militaries

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 20, 2021 -- Dream State - California in the Movies Part II

Texas executed a man tonight without a single media witness present...

GOP Arizona official: Why I had to speak the truth after Trump's falsehoods

Brazilian police raid environment ministry over 'illegal' timber sales

Brazilian police raid environment ministry over 'illegal' timber sales

What If We Bulldozed Tel Aviv And Built An American Settlement There?

Tim Ryan gives MUST-SEE speech demolishing Republicans over January 6 commission - Brian Tyler Cohen

Rep. Jim McGovern Slams McCarthy For 'Hiding' From Floor Jan. 6 Commission Vote - All In - MSNBC

Calling all political cartoonists: PLEASE depict Moscow Mitch as TFG's puppet.

A DUer posted this in reply to an OP of mine. I been saying this a lot lately.🤔😆

Hackers targeted SolarWinds earlier than previously known

2 former Colorado officers charged in arrest that injured woman with dementia

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Under Criminal Investigation & Republicans Fight to Forget the Insurrection

Rep. Katie Porter Crushes An Ill-Prepared CEO In Hearing - The Last Word - MSNBC

Baking a Margherita pizza at midnight!

Humanoid Robot Artist Challenges Our Definition of Art: Aida

President Biden, USCG Academy Commencement

'Bombshell': Why The Criminal Probe Into The Trump Organization Is A 'Big Deal' - All In - MSNBC

Michael Cohen On Trump: 'I Think Donald Trump Is Going To Flip On All Of Them'

AOC Explains U.S. Role in Palestinian Crisis - NowThis News

For the cello lover in you, and you, and... Alexander Baillie plays Stanford compositions.

Three congressional Republicans from Texas reprimanded for violating U.S. House's mask mandate

Post from the jerk's desk tonight.

Demonstrators take sides across Far North Dallas street to make their voices heard on Middle East

President Joe Biden

Edwards refuses request to end federal jobless aid for now

Trump will never be charged with obstruction of Justice.

I watched "Nightline" tonight.

Negotiations With GOP Might Be Waste Of Time After Commission Vote (MSNBC)

What We Know So Far About NY's Investigation Of Donald Trump - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Defense says dismemberment is evidence of Durst's innocence

When you find yourself in an art museum....

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/19/21

Inspired by Arizona recount, Trump loyalists push to revisit election results in communities around

7 rural counties in Oregon that voted for Trump have voted to secede from the blue state and join Id

I think we have a bobcat as a neighbor , first time ever hearing the cry

Extremely Rare Rock Dating Back to Ice Age Discovered in Oregon

Texas' New Anti-Abortion Law Could Be Tough For Providers To Challenge In Court

Eric Whitacre's 'When David Heard'

State Campaigns to Outlaw Abortion Barely Mentioned by Major Outlets

If you want to be heard, whisper.

When Do I Still Need To Wear A Mask? Why Masks May Not Be As Protective As You Think, Video

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a high double to a low single digit margin.

My dawg vied for attention moreso than usual tonite.

Police Officer- 'I beat the ever-living f--- out of' him 'all of a sudden he just went limp.'

My wife is looking great in her nightgown we're alone she gave me a gift

Remember when we heard that he was really disappointed

'See ya later': 8-foot alligator captured at taco restaurant in Henderson

'People lose everything': T-storms force migrants out of local detention sites

'People lose everything': T-storms force migrants out of local detention sites

New book from Trinity University Press offers first-person account of 1921 Tulsa massacre

Record-setting sprinter, Olympic activist Lee Evans dies

Dear Democratic Party...

A Day In Germany 1945, World War II. In Color, Sound Added, Spectacular Footage

Desperate by the water insecurity, Peru's leaders did something radical ...

Details on local council finances filed in Boy Scouts bankruptcy

Seth Meyers - Guest Sen. Bernie Sanders Says the Republican Party Has Become a Trump Cult

Breakfast Thursday 19 May 2021

Of course McConnell is opposing the January 6th Commission!

Out for a morning walk in the neighborhood

Look, a transgender person *might* have touched the money I use to pay for things

These 4 States Could Be the Next Toss-up Senate Races

Mitch McConnell has lost the legitimacy to lead.

My repig rep voted no for 1/6 commission Scott perry pa 10th.

Colorado officers violently arrested woman, 73, with dementia, and then mocked her. Now they face ch

Arizona vote 'audit' sinks deeper into insanity as state GOP chair threatens her own officials with

Ted Cruz Is In Trouble As Corporate Donors Abandon Him


World's largest iceberg breaks off Antarctica: European Space Agency

Two Americas

The Franklin Project

Study: Overwintering "Zombie Fires" Likely To Become More Common Across World's Northern Forests

In Arctic, Populations Of Shorebirds, Key Pollinators And Caribou All In Rapid Decline

Trump's Li'l Mitch (NY Daily News cover)

Thursday TOONs - They Were Just looking For The Gift Shop

New COVID case numbers on Alaska's Panhandle lead state and country

And here I thought the "Bamboo in the ballots" was the most insane theory to come out of Arizona

The Golden Age Of Exceptionalism And The Culture Of Uncare

Letitia James joins up with Cy Vance

Star Trek: The Last Voyage - SNL

27C (81F) Today's High In Naryan Mar In W. Russian Arctic; Regional Temps 36-43F Above Normal

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/19/2021

Art of the Week: Week of 05/19/21

Deal Island In Chesapeake Bay Disappearing From The Inside Out As Sea Level Rise Accelerates

The Rundown: May 20, 2021

My words of the day are "Desi Girl". I came across this in an article on the CBC* News

Israel unleashes strikes as expectations for truce rise

There are two kinds of people

Repuke Party Peanuts

From The Guardian: Naturalist Jane Goodall wins 2021 Templeton prize for life's work

America's right-wing political monsters are real -- and they are coming for you

"Tastes Like Chicken!"

2000 article on abortion is still true- The Only Moral Abortion Is My Abortion

Renewed violence over Gaza despite ceasefire moves gaining speed

Another FIVE Bites the Dust......This is listed under sucks to be them.

The GOP's Big Lie is not a means to an end - it is the Destination - it is Totalitarianism.

I was pleasantly surprised to see and extra $1,000 (aprox.) in my checking account

The Lincoln Project: "Allegiance"


Just did my weekly grocery run to Kroger and Aldi. Two different mask requirements

1619 Project's Hannah-Jones denied tenure despite faculty and tenure committee approval

Nancy has made up her mind.

Amtrak leaders pitch new Cleveland-Columbus-Dayton-Cincinnati route: 'It's our goal to get this done

Mitch McConnell introduces the new Capitol tour guide. Because those insurrectionists on Jan 6th wer

Mayor Lovely Warren's husband to be arraigned on drug and weapons charges (Rochester)

Gillibrand climbs back after a tough 2020

On this date-

Hanging a Portrait (Luckovich)

GOP co-chair Maddock suggests Michigan should secede from U.S.

Defense Attorney on Shep Smith show says trumps in deep shit

BROKEN: Trump Supporters Rush to Get COVID-19 Vaccine!

On this date-

Rep. Glenn Grothman, Repug, WI: Again Wants To Legalize Racism

$- Who makes more: teachers or cops??

Some of my current blooms

Grand jury subpoena lists previously unknown person in Gaetz probe

ICE to stop detaining immigrants at two county jails under federal investigation

Scientific American: One Root Cause of Pandemics is Insatiable Desire to Eat Meat

All these men filling a room celebrating a bill that has absolutely nothing to do with their bodies.

2000 article on abortion is still true- The Only Moral Abortion Is My Abortion

a 20 yr old article is true, history of feminism in front of our eyes

CNN HEADLINE: GOP poised to torpedo insurrection commission

Biden Would Crush Trump In a Rematch

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signs law banning mask mandates in schools, cities and counties

Into My Arms (2011 Remastered Version) Music in 2019 series War of the Worlds


Mexican-style Confit Pork - Carnitas Recipe

Walking Blues

Rare 17th-Century Coin Featuring Charles I's Likeness Found in Maryland

Rep Gallagher (R-WI) "Donald Trump, you need to call this off." ...NEVER MIND.

As usual, Alexandra Petri has the best take on Republicans killing off a January 6 commission.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump officials feel 'betrayed' after getting slapped with thousands in unexpected back t

Mayor Lightfoot only granting interviews to reporters of color ahead of 2nd anniversary

Runes Found on Seventh-Century Cow Bone Could Change Slavic History

My team is testing our clinic's portable cardiac defibrillator.

New Mexico addresses report that says it overpaid $250 million in unemployment

Tim Ryan: GOP getting 'twisted up in knots, trying to figure out how to spin' Jan. 6

Anyone Notice All The White People Standing Behind Abbot When He Signed The Heartbeat Bill In Texas?

Good Day DU (May 20, 2021)

Lawmakers in shock after learning state overpaid millions in unemployment benefits

Cyber Ninjas scammed Arizona's Senate. Hard.

Montana State Prison dairy loses $1.5M after Darigold cuts contract

Trump allies seek to import Arizona's election audit to Georgia

Montana State Prison dairy loses $1.5M after Darigold cuts contract

Here are the 63 Republicans who voted against the anti-Asian hate crimes bill

590 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 12 deaths

How corporations buy--and sell--food made with prison labor

Belgian manhunt for heavily armed far-right soldier

The Banker Wore No Mask

Sen. Durbin: Republicans Voting Against Commission Are Afraid Of The Truth

Inside the post office's covert internet operations program

UNC denies tenure to Nikole Hannah-Jones after conservative outcry

Brightline extension to Orlando is halfway complete

Republicans offer a vile new excuse for opposing a Jan. 6 commission

Go Dane! Almost 30% of 12-15 yo citizens have 1st dose

One Thing is Certain in Israel:

Ford Says Electric F-150 Will Start Under $40,000. It Can Also Power Your Home

Roly Poly Battle Cats

Facial recognition is sinister. Why does it exist?

The Two Capitol Police Officers That Committed Suicide After The 1/6/21 Insurrection.....

Kevin McCarthy press conference: "IT'S ALL NANCY PELOSI'S FAULT!!!"

Here's a clip of Chewbacca, feeding Harrison Ford with lines (in English)....

McCarthy won't answer question about whether GOP members communicated w/ insurrectionists

The Republican Party is a clear and present danger to our freedoms

Netanyahu says Israel intercepted drone sent by Iran

Tim Tebow!

The F-35's Painful Lessons Must Inform Future Programs

U.S., Russia at odds over military activity in the Arctic

The trend among Republican senators: they say they haven't read the 19-page January 6 bill

Sick Stray Cat Meowed Plaintively And Asked For Help


Trump supporters caused even more damage to the Capitol than was previously known

House passes $1.9 billion Capitol security bill that faces Senate roadblocks

Neo-Nazi Group Is Recruiting Again, Despite FBI Takedown

Lauren Boebert Falsely Claims Texas Hasn't Had a Single COVID-19 Death Since Lifting All Restriction

House passes $1.9 billion Capitol security bill that faces Senate roadblocks

USS Curtis Wilbur sails near South China Sea islands after Biden speech

How do you hold bipartisan hearings if one political party is part of the

The Real Reason Workers Aren't Running Back to Restaurant Jobs The Daily Show

Video shows Black man being tased, kicked and dragged by troopers (CNN)

At long last, a radio telescope on the moon's far side (

Ron Johnson?

Daniel Gray, Floriduh Man Posted About Riot on Instagram, Allegedly Pushed Female Officer Down Steps

One Claim About January 6 That Just Doesn't Add Up

A member of our extended family is not doing well in the hospital

GQP senators are worried the Capitol riot commission will distract them from the midterm campaign

New Poll Shows 61 Percent of Republicans Say Dr. Anthony Fauci 'Hurt America'

Fauci said the US can prevent another COVID surge if 70% get at least one vaccine shot by July 4

The GOP's 'Pro-Life' Ghouls Are About to Roll Back 50 Years of Women's Rights

Chicago mayor only grants one-on-one interviews to POC on 2-year anniversary

A little Godwin type history.

Corporations donated millions of dollars to Republicans who voted to overturn presidential election

Semiconductor Shortage Explained


Salty puzzle piece.🧂@NASA has found that organic salts are likely present on Mars & I may be able to

dOUT: Sakura

The Pope wearing a social distancing collar?

PA-SEN preference poll

I am sure there is a good reason for this vote -

Unnamed Likud officials: Netanyahu drawing out Gaza conflict to stop Lapid forming gov't

Tennis Channel just announced that the BNP Paribas (Indian Wells) Open will be played in October 21.

Oh, frabjous day! A patient of mine, addicted to methamphetamine, has agreed to undergo treatment!

Just a reminder for all about the Republicans.

Big gaps in vaccine rates across the US worry health experts

Democrats brace for momentous decision: Will Pelosi run again?

Justin Amash warns of painting Liz Cheney as a 'hero' and questions why she spoke out about Trump

Vax and scratch: NY offers $5M lottery for newly vaccinated

Republicans are sleeping on the jobs bill. Democrats need to move on before it's too late

Senate panel advances Biden pick as WH science adviser

Repukes in Congress still pitching a fit over masks.

Electic Cars: Charging will determine speed and cost of adaptation.

Clarence Thomas awaits his chance to drive the conservative majority on abortion and guns

US to ramp up tracking of domestic extremism on social media

Google picks NYC for first retail store

Why Republican opposition to a Jan. 6 commission could be a blessing in disguise

'Breached the Door, Baby': Feds Charge Oath Keeper Who Allegedly Plotted With Group Ahead of Riots

CC Sabathia sounds off on Tony La Russa (LANGUAGE WARNING!)

U.S. will keep Covid travel restrictions at Canada, Mexico land borders through June 21

Bigmouth Strikes Again: Eric Clapton Rips Pro-Covid Vaccine 'Propaganda'

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, May 20, 2021

Anyone ever tried (and succeeded) in getting a Trumpet Vine under control?

best video home tour ever

Want to become (legally) wealthy?

Biden proposes doubling IRS workforce as part of plan to snag tax cheats

New York AG criminally investigating Trump Organization CFO Weisselberg

Republicans do not want to talk about the insurrrection and the attack on our Capitol because...

When it's available later online at C-Span, you just HAVE to watch Traitor Greene on the floor....

US deaths from Covid have passed 600,000.

Five Facts About Police Deception and Youth You Should Know

Even the terrorist threat to the United States is now partisan

RonJohn Claims He's Doing His Own Investigation To 'Accurately Recreate' Capitol Attack


Trump Takes Aim at '35 Wayward Republicans'

U.S. weekly jobless claims decline further; mid-Atlantic factory activity cools

AZ Secretary of State will not re-certify election equipment that was handed over to frauditors

Who makes more, teachers or cops? Dr. Brian Keegan post, chart from Bureau of Stastics.

Kim Jong-un Doesn't Like Skinny Jeans

Cartoons 5/20/2021

Just when you think it's going to be another boring sound bite, President Biden speaks!

Put Rep. Carlos Gimenez on the witness list for 1/6 hearings RFN

Alaska Airlines to double Everett flight schedule this fall

Fire up the grill, Alaska Airlines delivers first of Copper River salmon cargo of 2021

Nordstrom joins other retailers in allowing vaccinated shoppers to go maskless

Aviation groups urge Congress to finance sustainable jet fuel

The Mega Power Frunk

'Grassroots' bot campaigns are coming. Governments don't have a plan to stop them.

Vaccine boosters could be necessary as soon as September

@GeorgeTakei May 17 Incredibly concerning. With the stacked Trump court, reproductive rights are u

A United States senator is spreading Russian propaganda bashing the US armed forces. (Cruz)

Iran president gives his most upbeat view yet of nuke talks

Supreme Court Case Throws Abortion Into 2022 Election Picture

Udderly true...

Cop thought he got away with beating up a domestic violence victim. Now he is in jail

The Jan 6 insurrection's purpose was to scare Congress

Would Republicans "legalize" sex trafficking?

Told you so: Netanyahu's prospects bolstered amid Israel-Hamas fighting

Maryland COVID Jackpot!

I heard a rumor that Lauren Bobblehead, Marjorie Traitor Greene, and Louie Gohmert

Chinese authorities order video denials by Uyghurs of abuses

Carters greet Cher (born 75 years ago today) and then-husband Gregg Allman on their first full day.

Republicans are morons for opposing the January 6 commission.

Boebert falsely claims that Texas has not reported a single COVID-19 death since lifting restrctions

WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki throws shade on Trump as she answers Fox News Reporter's silly question

Illegal pot farms causing big problems

Trump Acquitter Marco Rubio Likely To Face Trump Prosecutor Val Demings In Senate Race

Want to see some MAJOR ovaries AND a badass song reference?

MTGreene nails it!

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

World's largest iceberg forms off coast of Antartica

Biden White House Reinstalls Top Climate Scientist Removed By Trump

Nicolas Sarkozy on trial charged with spending twice legal limit on election bid

Israel's cabinet just approved a ceasefire in Gaza.

New York Daily News Taunts Mitch McConnell's Devotion To Donald Trump With Lap Dog Cover

Trump Takes Aim at '35 Wayward Republicans'

Pres. Biden: "Every time we're silent, every time we let hate flourish..."

Picture and video of Angelina Jolie with Bees all over her for World Bee Day

NBC News: Lawyers find the parents of 54 more migrant children from families separated under Trump.

Confed flag guy allowed to take road trip to North Carolina

"Random Objects. Or are they?"

'Holy cow': See Rep. Ryan's stunned reaction to House vote (CNN)

Israel announces ceasefire after 11 days of fierce battle with Hamas in Gaza

Is anyone else perturbed by all the wind?

Backyard Squirrel Maze 2.0- The Walnut Heist

Official who oversaw Philadelphia's Mummers parade and marathon sentenced for embezzlement

Tammy Duckworth: This is what the so-called "tourist visit" did to my office

House Democrats had their best April on record in fundraising, topping Repubs

Catholic priest admits to stealing $516K from N.J. church

Bette Midler announces 'Hocus Pocus 2' is coming -- but you'll have to wait

Arizona's absurd election "AUDIT" could be just the beginning for Trump dead-enders

Texas family out for revenge over vandalism, kill the wrong man - he drove the same type of car

Fair Redistricting - Texas...DU has now raised over $1,000 including the match

What are the other options on the Capitol insurrection commission?

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 20, 2021

2022 Pennsylvania Senate Race Fetterman (Democrat ) 48% Parnell (Trumplican) 40%

Trump orders Kevin McCarthy to go to prison in his place.

Aurora Police Officer: 'I Am Leaving Colorado For ... Less Communism'

Why Texas Republicans' new abortion ban is different than most

100% THIS 👇

Liberty Counsel Alarmism Contributes to White Evangelical Vaccine Resistance

CNA Financial Paid $40 Million in Ransom After March Cyberattack

We Ranked Every Drink on the Starbucks Menu

Fed will launch a broad discussion of a digital dollar this sunmer

M.I.A - Paper Planes (Phibes Remix)

Only one pitcher in MLB History threw no-hitters in 4 consecutive seasons.

Today is a two-fer for me and my son. We're going to go do our early voting in our

Mom Secretly Adopts A Shelter Dog Her Daughters Fell In Love With

Prosecutors took 18 electronic devices from Rudy Giuliani's home and office in April raid

Judge Dismisses Charges Mid-Trial Against Cops Accused of Killing Black Man

If, and when, the traitorous riot gets a public hearing

Israel Announces Cease Fire After 11 Days of Violence

Feds seize 68 big cats from 'Tiger King Park' in Oklahoma

Elecric Light Orchestra!!!!!!!

Chemtrail Kelli Ward Gonna Arrest Maricopa County Board, That's What She's Gonna Do

Sorry for a negative but this is really alarming

Keys, Wallet, Pepper Spray: The New Reality for Asian Americans

This from NPR wins Twitter today: The cicadas are catching fungus that makes their d*cks fall off.

EJ Dionne: McCarthy, McConnell and the illusion of bipartisanship

Move over Florida Man,

Seagull on glass roof

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 21 May 2021

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #10-15: The Gang Creates The Gas Crisis Edition

Move It - Cliff Richard and Hank Marvin

I have a challenge for someone here

We can't make Republicans act normal

*Random Rant* I was stuck on the phone with a conspiracy theorist for 20 minutes.....

Ted Cruz disparages U.S. Army, exalts Russian propaganda

"I hate that stupid bird" Sound on!

I am retired and 73 years old, where can you park

You Can Call Me Al

Bigger than Trump - the New Republican Party

Mysterious fast radio bursts traced to spiral galaxy arms

Michael Rosen condemns 'loathsome and antisemitic' manipulated image

Capitol rioters are arguing to judges that they shouldn't be tried in DC because of "cancel culture"

US ends use of 2 immigration jails accused of mistreatment

Music from another dimension

The state of the GOP these days. . .

First ever passport arrived in 21 days. No rush payment. Happy it was so fast.

McCarthy and McConnell Might Have Badly Miscalculated.

"Breakthrough infections in people who have gotten their COVID-19 shots are very rare. But here's

Yes, it is time again to discuss, "The Incredible Beauty of the Geography of..the U.S.A."

Second Pfizer shot tomorrow - Is there any pain reliever you are NOT supposed to take?

Trump administration secretly obtained CNN reporter's phone and email records

Two arrested after guns, ammo, drugs, & cash found at southeast Shelby County home

Trump administration secretly obtained CNN reporter's phone and email records

Ha-ha!! Betsy has to talk!!!!!!

Is it within the jurisdiction of the DOJ

"Michelle Obama's former Secret Service agent says she 'could do nothing' when witnessing racist

Trump Is Marching Down the Road to Political Violence

Memphis Police officer working as Lyft driver accused of kidnapping, raping passenger

"Friends" - Is anyone planning on watching the reunion show next week?

Trump administration secretly obtained CNN reporter's phone and email records (Barbara Starr)

What Happens When Americans Can Finally Exhale

***May contest is now accepting second entries***

VoteVets - Hate Crime Hawley

Arizona Secretary of State may not let Maricopa County reuse voting machines after audit

No Man's Sky - PS4 - Revisited

Poll/Trivia question about the Age of Consent in US States - NO GOOGLE!

Happy Birthday, Cher.

Court names the 20 people who wanted to toss Arizona elections, put themselves in office

Brennan: Republicans 'Understand That The Truth Is Going To Hurt Them' - Deadline - MSNBC

How can the Republicans avoid relitigating the 2020 election when their future depends on relitig...

'The Squad' narrows the Dem bill to a 1 vote margin.

"What Part Of No Don't You Understand?" is a song that could be performed by

Did you say we're going to the VET'S?

Proud Boy Dan 'Milkshake' Scott arrested after assaulting police at Capitol


5/21 Mike Luckovich- No backup

McCarthy Won't Say If GOP Lawmakers Spoke to Rioters

Queen & Annie Lennox & David Bowie - Under Pressure - HD

Mysterious fast radio bursts traced to spiral galaxy arms

I might just change her name to Camouflage Kitty

A little postprandial Insurrectionist Roundup

Phil Collins - I Cannot Believe It's True

While you're worried about Roe v Wade please remember

need a laugh?

No Backup (Luckovich)

El Salvador clandestine cemetery investigated as possible femicide mass grave

Mars Weather Report from Perseverance

that $50 off internet

Democrats debate whether to go it alone on Jan. 6 investigation

Ospreys close this afternoon

Lumber Prices To Retreat?

@TedCruz, #Republican, makes a bigly FOOL of himself AGAIN tweeting about Mewseum DC

Former police officer accused of killing man while on duty indicted for murder

Appeals court considers new charge against 3 ex-cops accused in George Floyd's death

Canadian court finds Iran liable for downed Ukrainian plane

ISRAELI Rights Group: Likud Committed War Crimes

Ask a trivia question about a fictional person, place, thing, TV show, or movie - Part 13

Watching Remote Chagos Reef Die: A Final Explosion Of Color Before Final Bleaching Takes Hold

Nancy Pelosi calls out AIPAC over 'deeply cynical' and 'inflammatory' ad attacking Ilhan Omar

Your favorite sports star of all time? I'll start. Pistol Pete Maravich.

Pillar Coral Was Proposed For ESA Listing In 2013; It's Now Functionally Extinct On Florida Reefs