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It's Hard Work to Restore Rio's Christ the Redeemer, but the Views Are Amazing

The guards watching Epstein just cut a deal to avoid prison.

Buoyed by Federal Covid Aid, Big Hospital Chains Buy Up Competitors

Brazil court orders illegal miners booted from Yanomami Indigenous Reserve

Just matched $665! I'll keep matching through Monday: hope everyone has a great weekend!

What I'm reading this week.

OK, what do I do?

Giant, Now Sunken Islands Could Explain Ancient Migration in The Americas

Giant, Now Sunken Islands Could Explain Ancient Migration in The Americas

Kelly vetoes plan reserving federal COVID-19 relief funds for Kansas businesses

Epstein guards to skirt jail time in deal with prosecutors

Infrastructure talks hit snag as Republicans reject Biden's reduced $1.7 trillion counteroffer

Timeline cleanser.✨

Democrats are favored to win 13 US Senate seats in 2022.

Biden, Moon Vow Unity on North Korea as U.S. Names New Envoy

Random cat jumps in woman's car and makes himself at home

Republicans lose patience with Arizona election audit

U.S. seizes $90,000 from man who sold footage of U.S. Capitol riot

Matewan Massacre: Landmark Struggle For Miner & Worker Rights 101 Years Ago, May 19, 1920

Pentagon chief unable to talk to Chinese military leaders despite repeated attempts

Friday Talking Points -- Just Not A Good Bad Guy

Trump Is Still Squeezing Money Out of Taxpayers

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF!

Biden Sends A Message To N. Korea That He Isn't A Sucker Like T----

Mitch salutes the Capital Police with honor and respect.

The Oldest Known Spiral Galaxy Was Just Detected, And It Has Some Surprises For Us

Trump craps himself over the Arizona audit

'I'd Love To Change The World'

U.S. to pull El Salvador funds on 'deep concerns' over recent dismissals

Subtle tweet about republicans' girlfriends!

Dave Rubin: Wearing a Mask Is Basically Nazi Germany

In the right place at the right time

Brazil senator says Bolsonaro never wanted COVID-19 vaccines, preferred herd immunity

Why is Rachel giving these fools airplay

GOP Pushing Bill To Ban Teaching History Of Slavery

What year is it?

Anybody watching Rachel just now? Lin Woods. Q. Oh my gods.

Jill Biden delivers commencement speech to undocumented immigrant grads: 'Never stop dreaming'

Boko Haram leader behind kidnapping of 300 girls seriously injured after trying to blow himself up

Biden to host George Floyd's family at White House

Kirstie Alley tells Tucker Carlson it was 'stupid' to tweet support for Trump:

Tim Tebow apparel No. 1 seller in all major NFL Shop categories one day after signing

Teachers 'Don't Want To Be The Mask Police' - Deadline - MSNBC

Friday Night Gin and Tonic Buzz. Ask me anything.

Capitol Hill Pride banning police at Seattle march, rally in June

Buoyed by Federal Covid Aid, Big Hospital Chains Buy Up Competitors

'Because there's beer': Sleeves go up for COVID-19 vaccine clinic at E. Bremerton brewery

Republican rep. who voted to impeach Trump, warns of a GOP 'recipe for disaster'

How did I miss this important story....

President says he won't let DOJ seize phone records or emails from reporters:

US Ends ICE Contracts With 2 Detention Facilities Accused of Mistreating Immigrants

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 23, 2021 - Directed by James Whale

Scrambling Trump Torches GOP For Not Backing His Election Lies - The Beat - MSNBC

Rachel Maddow was just discussing DeJoy's 10 yr plan for the mail.

Ted Cruz's Musings on Masculinity In the Military? Oh, My Wish Came True. (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Comments on DeJoys plan for USPS open now for public

Could Trump know important state secrets that he's using as leverage to not get imprisoned?

The move by the AZ SOS is the absolute right thing: do not certify the equipment.

TCM Schedule for Monday May 24, 2021 - Star of the Month: Movie Roberts

Friday Night Album Rock - Pearl Jam - Riot act

Any Samsung Galaxy A51 troubleshooters here in the lounge?

Things no one said in the 70's. Add your own.

Just published my campaign website for Arizona LD4 House run against Odious Joel John

The former National Security Adviser. Normal stuff.

Morelos, Mexico: Sicarios for El Senoron Execute a Captive

Pence and Pompeo Headlined an Event Mounted by a Group That Says the "Christian Era Has Ended"

Violence against Indigenous, local groups deplored amid Colombia protests by Nicols Bustamante Hern

0.03% chance: Getting coronavirus after being vaccinated.

Secret Subsidies: Payments to farms allowed to stretch far beyond rural America

Canned Heat - On The Road Again

Jeffrey Epstein guards won't get jail time, make deal with prosecutors

"The Big Lie Show" opens at an additional venue -- Georgia

Long-lost van Gogh masterpiece 'discovered' by NYC collector

The Daily Show: How Social Media Filters Are Destroying Our Mental Health

Matewan Massacre: Landmark Struggle For Miner & Worker Rights 101 Years Ago, May 19, 1920

Hey, this Breaking Bad show is pretty good

Chile Is Reborn By A (Political) Earthquake That Emerged From The Streets - OpEd

Mortiis - Parasite God

Tulsa computer system hacks stopped by security shutdown

The Daily Show: Roy Wood Jr. Opens Up About His Mental Health & Advice for His Younger Self

THIS 👇 is yet another reason we must have 1/6 investigations

COVID-19 deaths in Latin America surpass 1 million as outbreak worsens

Georgia Judge Allows Inspection of 2020 Ballots

Someone remind me again, why we warned them not to drink bleach?

Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia preserve the Inca Qhapaq am trail by promoting local tourism

Key Decision Point Coming for the Panama Canal

trump's biggest crime against humanity, why isn't it a big deal?

Which Side Are You On? UMW Song (1941)

Daily Shade / Speaker Pelosi Edition haaaahaa! 😅

Package delivery horror stories...

Judge agrees to unseal 2020 ballots in Georgia county for audit

Saturday's digit: 3/10: We always seem to get a lot of summer.

Body-camera footage released showing incident in which police mistook daughter's ashes for drugs

George Floyd's family to visit White House on Tuesday

Georgia To Audit Election, Confirm Biden Win For Fourth Time All In

New Colombian Foreign Minister's Trip to the US Questioned

Seth Meyers - Michael Cohen Says Trump Would Betray His Own Children - Monologue 5/20/21

Borgen, Borgen, Borgen! Absolutely the best drama I have

Finally, the real NBA season is here!

The Great Hawaii Rental Car Crisis: Is It Ever Going To End?

A Simple Observation

Sykap Family Sues Honolulu Police, Alleging Wrongful Death Of Teen

WaPo: Trump's Big Lie Get Off My Lawn Rant Blog apparently hasn't "blown away" all Social Media

Candace Owens SAVAGELY Mocked On Twitter

Bad day went to a good day

'Just keep moving. There's nothing to see here, nothing at all. No, really'

5/23 Mike Luckovich- Up the sleeve

Is America still in danger of losing her democracy?

Caitlyn Jenner flakes out on popular conservative podcast, hosts ruthlessly mock her 'scam' campaign

Show this video to your friends who need a career that isn't going away

What very famous product in 1957 was promoted with a Drag queen?

Party Of Benghazi Probe To Filibuster Investigation Into Attack On America

GOP Rep Anthony Sabatini Schooled After Saying Socrates Would Be 'Cancelled' Today

Postal Workers Rally Support To Block DeJoy's Plan To Weaken USPS - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Biden digs at Trump for giving Kim Jong Un 'all that he's looking for'

Well that didn't take long...

HOUSE GUEST (Pupsitting Part 1)

Amber Alert Greensboro


Why The GOP Rejecting Biden's Infrastructure Offer Is Good For Dems - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Hondurans Denounce 'Model Cities' as Tax Havens

Apparently, the last time the GOP showed moral courage was in 1861

California Lawmakers Just Killed 200 Bills, From Police Background Checks to Rape Kits

Amazing zoetrope

Schools Are Dropping Mask Requirements, But A New CDC Study Suggests They Shouldn't

Irrelevant Dottard Rats out Children to Save Skin. Shouts "BUT HER EMAILS" to Passing Cloud.

Divisive 2016 US election linked to higher risk of heart trouble

New York Librarian Accused of Robbing Bank

PA Attorney General: Lawyers Like Rudy Giuliani Need To Be Held Accountable - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

***Inside the Met PBS

This is their new defense strategy?

'It's Very Exciting': DC Rolls Back Restrictions

Man's Best Friend Is Also Really Good At Fighting Covid - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Anyone else feeling newly stressed in social situations, Post Quarantine?

California won't create a vaccine passport, large events may require proof of vaccination or

Liz Cheney primary challenger trips over his own feet trying to get ahead of opposition research

Lori Loughlin's privilege shows as judge OKs luxe Mexico trip while she's on supervised release

California GOP settles $11M lawsuit involving motorcyclist injured in crash with campaign worker

The police killed an unarmed, prone woman. Lied. And now they're taking a damn POLL. We can help.

Oiling a Fascist Coup -- Chevron's aid to Myanmar junta protested

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, May 22, 2021

California changes its mind on Highway 41 widening, 'saving lives,' Fresno advocates say

Breakfast Saturday 22 May 2021

Actor Danny Masterson must stand trial on 3 rape charges

Tattoo removal booming as people pay to make old ink go away

? Does anyone else have family reunions in using the bathroom

On this day, May 22, 1915, Britain's deadliest rail accident happened.

'Like hell:' As Olympics loom, Japan health care in turmoil

Activists blockade McDonald's distribution centers in UK

USC healthcare workers vote this week on strike authorization

State Theater -- Portland, Maine for the win...

Police release all body-cam footage related to Black man's deadly arrest in Louisiana

Their first filibuster will be to prevent the establishment of a Commission

Marco Rubio Says 1/6 Commission Requests for Subpoenas Will Be Tool to 'Damage Republicans'

Climbing guide says at least 100 virus cases on Everest

Abbott (F-TX) Knew 5 Days In Advance Of Cold Crash That NG Would Fall Short, Blamed Wind Anyway

Trump Hotel raised prices to deter QAnon conspiracists, police files show

Could an Indicted Ex-President Lead the GOP?

World expert in scientific misconduct faces legal action for challenging integrity of hydroxychloroq

World expert in scientific misconduct faces legal action for challenging integrity of hydroxychloroq

Thanks to these red bath crayons my child can now spell "Helter Skelter."

Michael Flynn said today that covid was a conspiracy to control the American people and divert atten

US journalist Barrett Brown arrested in the UK on incitement offences

US journalist Barrett Brown arrested in the UK on incitement offences

Has anyone tried the plug-in Feliway gizmo for cats?

First storm of 2021 season has formed in the Atlantic

CNN takes down GOP lie that Capitol attackers weren't armed.

Ted Cruz turns up the trolling to fill the Trump Twitter void

Recent information from L.A. states that, in their county population, the 2.3 or 3.3 million

I can't cope with constantly watching unarmed black men being murdered by police.

We took a quick overnight trip to St. Augustine.

A poem for Matt Gaetz

The Name Game

When someone tells us we must "respect the views of others", that sounds like a rather

Joe Biden Wants to Fire Right-Wing Radio Host Michael Savage From Board of National Park

1.07% of the people who have died from Covid in IL since Jan 1 were fully vaxxed

Was the Dept of Justice waiting on the Congress to finish their Commission Report?

In Sweden, the season of the midnight sun is here again

Need some help logging into an account:

GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn missed 15 House votes bc he was fulfilling his 'service as a husband'

A Predictive Biomarker Is Found to Measure the Effectiveness of SARS-Cov-2 Vaccines.

Timing is everything.

Select all squares with tourists-

COVID-19 deaths in Latin America surpass 1 mln as outbreak worsens

Stop negotiating down president Biden, negotiate up.

Ammon Bundy files paperwork to run for Idaho governor as Republican

Who wants to play the Free Association* game today? I'll start.

Did Kubrick Base His Scene,

Asking for FMLA this coming week. Scared to death

Some funny signs

Here's a report on my latest encounter with a dog. Actually the encounter began with me

At store earlier saw a cult member trump hat shirt I told my boys

600,000 Americans are dead, and Republicans are still telling people that the pandemic is a hoax

Who doesn't love a lemon dessert?

Support for Black Lives Matter Surged Last Year. Did It Last?

Asking for FMLA this coming week. Scared to death

Fire On The Mountain

"You Save as Long as You Have To" (Dr. became DNA archivist to help rape victims)

Richard Wagner was born on this date.

What do DUers think of Officer Sicknick's death being from "natural causes"?

WP - Investors Engaged In "Fight For The Soul (*Snort*) Of Exxon Mobil"

Sun Ra (Herbert Blount) was born on this date.

China's Mars rover touches ground on red planet

Bernie Taupin has a birthday today.

BAUHAUS -She's In Parties

Covid: India tells social media firms to remove 'India variant' from content

Covid: India tells social media firms to remove 'India variant' from content

Arizona May Face Colorado River Tier 2 Shortage Declaration As Soon As 2023

Words of Wonder / Get Up Stand Up

"Yeah That Hurts Doesn't It" All You Need To Know About Ronald Green's Murder

How deep is the corruption?

Charley Pride - Burgers & Fries

Jay Huff FINALLY graduated from UVa

Remember when school boys went to 'wood shop' and built stuff ?

Michael Flynn said today that covid was a conspiracy to control the American people and divert atten

Alabama Will Now Allow Yoga In Its Public Schools (But Students Can't Say 'Namaste')

Texas GOP Passes Bill To Stop Teachers From Talking About Racism

Playboy After Dark

Just planted the Sweet Alyssum. Despite some rain, the ground is almost like concrete! (Michigan)

When parallel universes collide 😆😁😳

About that new book

645 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat; 16 deaths

This is the first band I will be RUNNING to see once I get my second shot:

Pic of the moment

This dog was used for making babies. Now he gets to act like one.

Good Day DU (May 22, 2021)

For Colleges, Vaccine Mandates Often Depend on Which Party Is in Power

What is preventing the State of Georgia from charging Trump with campaign fraud?

Nursing homes invoke Trump-era protections to fight lawsuits over Covid deaths

Biden Swipes at Trump, Says He Won't Give Kim Jong Un 'International Recognition'

Arizona fails to pass ban on 'vaccine passports'

Defense Dept commission to visit 10 sites with Confederate names

Pakistan's top diplomat makes anti-Semitic remark during CNN interview about Gaza conflict

'QAnon Shaman' attorney is 'advocate' with 'big mouth'

More than 3M ballots were cast in Wisconsin -- officials have flagged just 27 as possible frauds

Question about Army Col. Ralph Puckett Jr who was awarded the Medal of Honor yesterday

Teacher Framed by Joel Greenberg in Scheme That Triggered Matt Gaetz Investigation Speaks

The Latest: Gaza official: 2k housing units destroyed in war

Good thread on why prescription drugs are so high in US

Trump's insurrection arrives in Georgia.

say goodbye to most viral video, last day to watch. auction as NFT (non-fungible token) starts today

I'm a tourist on vacation, so I erected a gallows in front of the Magic Kingdom

Varoom, varoom - SMACKDOWN

If we can't agree on basic facts, is there hope?

Why is Ezra still on the Presidentially-appointed PIDB ("Public Interest Declassification Board"?)

Cartoons 5/22/2021

When businesses break COVID rules, many warnings, few fines

This day still affects me.

Great walk today.

GOP Group Busts A Big Republican Talking Point Using Donald Trump's Own Words

Los Angeles Lakers' LeBron James violated protocol by attending event, NBA says

Why 'world's pharmacy' India is short on shots

Do you use cryptocurrency?

First Storm of the Atlantic Season - Subtropical Storm Ana forms northeast of Bermuda

Made my first tincture.

Ex-Bush Aide Gives Chilling Reality Check About Continued GOP Capitulation To Trump

Greta Thunberg calls out Chinese state-run media for 'fat-shaming' her in a scathing article that qu

There's just something about those eyes

U.S. judge orders mental evaluation of Capitol riot's 'QAnon Shaman'

"Pet therapy" works two ways

Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene rally in Maricopa County to keep 'big lie' going

Parler is back on Apple's App Store

High power Croatian drummer

Excuse me,

Tucker Carlson Hosted A 'Chicken Enthusiast' To Bash The CDC And It Was A Bit Weird

True this.

Joe Manchin calls increasingly likely GOP filibuster of Jan. 6 commission 'so disheartening'

Anybody use 'telegram' ?

Ospreys, Geese, Goslings, and lunch beside new car, southern MD

It's safe to say one of the biggest changes in my life, since January 20, 2021, has been this:

I have always tried my best to avoid referring to Trump as---you know "P--------" Trump. I have

Dems should very publicly offer a compromise with RePuQs ... 1/6 for Election Theft

Mexican president pressures US to stop aid for NGO

Risk of Nuclear War Over Taiwan in 1958 Said to Be Greater Than Publicly Known

Are There Current Phrases You Are Tired of Hearing?

If Only There Were a Viral Video of Our Jim Crow Education System

I truly hate this day.

Please help me understand what I just watched. 'Cause I'm speechless.

Security clearances

Taiwan presses the U.S. for COVID vaccine help

Ana, first named Atlantic storm of 2021, forms near Bermuda

What is the penalty for bigamy

What if, the Senate Republicans are really wanting the Senate Democrats to go it alone on Jan 6th

CNN Drops Rick Santorum After Racist Comments About Native Americans

CNN Drops Rick Santorum After Racist Comments About Native Americans

Going to my son's LIVE graduation on Monday!!!!

Right-wing talk show host Michael Savage is furious today after Biden told him to resign or be fired

Wapo: A seismic standoff over remote work is building

2 FOOD RECALLS: S&W and O Organic Canned Beans ALSO Randall Beans Are Recalled

Are you a forgiving person?

So I asked my wife if she wanted to hear a joke about my penis

Tweet of the Day

Woman saves lives of baby groundhogs. Now they won't stop eating.

Yorkie Lets Mom Know he is Mad About no Extra Treats

Army Leaders Praise Corporal After Cruz's Criticism

Sneaky Dog Tries to Scare Owner

Fox reporter tries to drum up 'scandal.' Jen Psaki shuts him down instantly - Brian Tyler Cohen

More Than 70 Capitol Police Officers Have Left

acquisitions coming to the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History include the blue gown f

Here is why I like Joe Biden-he cares about people

If you need or want to carry your COVID vax card, these lanyards work well

Why Conservatives Want to Cancel the 1619 Project

LUNTZ poll/focus groups nailed as "schtick & scam" by former employees, CARLSON calls him a Lib tool

What happened on Jan. 6 was the result of years of planning--by the Republican Party

2021 Litter season finds ( so far)

"I want to remember, He wants to forget" . Tracing the Macedonia Jews

Does Trickle-Down Economics Actually Work? Robt. Reich

New COVID-19 cases plummet to lowest levels since last June

Republicans find new weapon to lock in power for generations

What's for Dinner, Sat., May 22, 2021

HEY! Shut up about "him" already!!!



Two Photos: Before and After Post Processing.

War Zero

strand of oaks - shut in (studio-2014) one for all us shut-ins and loners

How long has Nielsen been bribing people to participate in one of their surveys?

Wanted! A few good readers! Help keep my home library from ending up in a dumper or pulped!!!!

Jared Kushner's May 2021 Stay at the Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi Cost U.S. Taxpayers Thousands

Republican support and the role of declining church attendance

Hawktail - "Big Sciota"

New York and Maryland follow Ohio in creating Covid vaccine lottery

How about redrawing the state lines to create states with equal population?

Two More Coronaviruses Can Infect People, Studies Suggest: Science Magazine

Mother Cat And Her Kittens Take In A New Family Member


Acosta: "Mitch Please" (3 second clip)

The Irish in Newfoundland, 1981

Cat Enjoys Being Lifted by Owner Using Makeshift Dumbwaiter

For your viewing and disseminating pleasure

Federal judge hands down 6-year sentence for ex-St. Paul officer who beat man while dog mauled him

"if a Democrat wins it must be fraud" Republicans, and the state certifies that the Republican won

I may have asked this before, but bear with me, please. Does Matt Gaetz bear a startling

Tonight on Svengoolie, it's "King Kong Escapes."

Mrs. Betty Bowers nails Madison Cawthorn, who claimed he missed votes because he was....

Watched a documentary on Netflix last night

Question about senior cat and food

Anyone else having problems with Postimages?

Biden Will Allow Haitian Immigrants In The US To Obtain Temporary Protected Status/May 22, 2021

Parisian woman with her cat in her cannabis garden, 1910.

never a mushroom forager...

I had a strange and upsetting experience yesterday

RHCP - This Velvet Glove

Ivanka Trump CAUGHT LYING Under Oath to cover up Daddy's CRIMES

Pfizer and AstraZeneca 'highly effective' against India Covid variant

No 10 'tried to block' data on spread of new Covid variant in English schools

No 10 'tried to block' data on spread of new Covid variant in English schools

Nature takes care of its own

Any Ex-vangelicals?

We can't run the obvious Arizona attack ad in next year's election...

Virgin Galactic completes first spaceflight in over two years, in step toward finishing development

It so ironic.... The bigger the anti vac idiot...

OAN, after brushing off Fox News as anti-Trump, makes the case that Newsmax is run secretly by left-

Why service members charged in the Capitol riot are staying in uniform -- for now

Why service members charged in the Capitol riot are staying in uniform -- for now

Bipartisan Senate surface transportation draft proposes $304B for highways

Reuters: U.S. seizes $90,000 from man who sold footage of U.S. Capitol riot

Hamas defiant with military parade, appearance of top leader

Rick Santorum axed by CNN over racist remarks on Native Americans

As COVID restrictions ease, "vaccine passport" debate intensifies

Horace Silver Quintet - Nica's Dream

Hands Up

Queens of this-and-that

AOC reveals she's attending therapy and learning to 'slow down' after Capitol riot

Junior Mance - Tin Tin Deo

Democrats and Republicans are both going to win 16-18 US Senate seats in 2022.

U.S. again extending temporary protected status for Haitians

Reluctant defense of keeping the filibuster

Village People - Macho Man

Conductors of 'Embarrassing' Arizona Audit Told to Preserve All Documents in Hint at Lawsuit

Joy Division - The Eternal

Formation of a black hole: On the spectacular implosion of the Republican Party