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Why McCarthy and McConnell want you to forget about the Jan. 6 riot

January 6, 2025 could be the date American democracy dies. Mark it on your calendar.

MTG Doubles Down on Stupid, Says 'Any Rational Jewish Person' Would Oppose Masks

Researchers Establish the First Entanglement-Based Quantum Network

Dinner for osprey (from the river)

National Guard mission to provide security ending at Capitol

Republican Obstruction Backfires As Pelosi Might Investigate I/6 Attack Until 2024

I guess I was not clear enough in my previous post.

America needs accountability....

White supremacy in Colombia Part 4: Racist Cali's 'genocide risk'

(Jewish Group) 'Not good for my mental health': Jewish Instagrammers struggle...

Long Slide Looms for World Population, With Sweeping Ramifications

(Jewish Group) Multiple antisemitic incidents reported over the weekend across US

If the value of Bitcoin varies widely, what is the value based on? Dollars? nt

(Jewish Group) Some American Jews are taking off their kippahs and Stars of David amid antisemitism

(Jewish Group) This blintz recipe survived the Holocaust

This blintz recipe survived the Holocaust

Candidate for Arizona House District 4: Reaction to Mass Shootings this weekend

Susan Collins: Infrastructure negotiations 'the test' that 'will determine' whether Biden, GOP can

Candidate posting about Mass Shootings on my campaign website. Please circulate if you agree

Liz Cheney refusing to admit that the raft of voter suppression bills across the US is the result of

Booker: Police reform talks see 'meaningful progress'

Thanks Marie Callender!

Excellent quote from Margaret Sanger. And so true today.

NSF funding choice: Move forward or fall behind

**FINALE of PBS Atlantic Crossing on Masterpiece

**FINALE of PBS Atlantic Crossing on Masterpiece

How to be a cicada whisperer

'I Want Qualified Immunity Out!' Rep. Waters On George Floyd Justice in Policing Act - MSNBC

Ammon Bundy is running for governor of the New Idahoregon White homeland...

New US cases fall to numbers not seen in almost a year

A great matter of perspective from Dan Price

Seattle Sounders open fully vaccinated sections

George Floyd's family holds rally, march in brother's memory

This Belarusian Currency Trader Is Buying Up Tiny Vermont

Seattle cruises to Alaska resume this July with Carnival, Holland America, Princess

Whatcom law enforcement used these neck restraints, now reviewing policies

Anti-government activist Ammon Bundy runs for Idaho governor

Sharon Stone discusses standing up to predatory behavior in Hollywood

Al Franken: Amy Klobuchar & Al Discuss Anti-Trust & The Ted "Carnival" Cruz Joke (May 23, 2021)

OK, is this really necessary? Police seem rather overfunded...

Boston Bruins eliminate Capitals 4 games to 1

The mob made me do it: Rioters claim Jan. 6 crowd at fault

Dropping this one here : 'Hope ur ok'

At least 15 dead, thousands forced to flee as volcano erupts in Congo

Colombia trying to cover up attempted indigenous massacre

Don Winslow Films - #GeorgeFloydRewind

Democrats will be ending up with 52 US Senate seats after 2022.

Give 'em hell, Nancy. You rock. lady,

Quincy College Graduates Get $1,000 Cash From Commencement Speaker

Growing mystery of suspected energy attacks draws US concern

The Man in the Moon tonight

Avicii - Levels (featuring Beer Bong Brett Kavanaugh)

AP FACT CHECK: Senate GOP misrepresents Jan. 6 riot panel

I believe this is actually going to happen.

Trump Supporters Push For More Ballot Audits Across The Country

Analysis: Bloody Mexican election campaign exposes chronic security woes

WaPo Editorial Board: The U.S. needs a nonpartisan commission to evaluate pandemic failures

Deepwater Horizon - The Untold Story: Greg Palast

Atlantic Crossing - the finale

Meanwhile in Alabama

Approaching Full.

You can't be a warrior without any scars.

Florida State Representative Loves Gaza Casualties

old china

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

The Hu Band- Sad But True

by sean ono lennon (on racism)

Texas-Mexico border closure extended to June 21; visa holders must shop locally

Siri, show me "white arrogance."

Erie Canal opens to boaters for 2021 season

Distressed New York hotels could be turned into housing

Allison Mack to be sentenced on June 30 for crimes in NXIVM

Hear rabbi's message to Marjorie Taylor Greene after Holocaust comments

States with Republican governors had highest Covid incidence and death rates, study finds

You again Uragaan???

How Hernan Cortes Conquered the Aztec Empire

Matewan Massacre: Landmark Struggle For Miner & Worker Rights 101 Years Ago, May 19, 1920

The Daily Show: This Week's Coronavirus Updates - Week of 5/17/21

The Status Coup video is THE single most important video to truly show the venom within trumpists

Statement from Governor Murphy on Mass Shooting in Cumberland County

South Jersey residents sue chemical companies over 'public health catastrophe'

New York Criminal Investigations Terrible Sign For Trump - Legal AF - Meidas Touch

What's the secret behind NJ's good fiscal condition during COVID-19 pandemic?

How Billionaire Foundations Fund NGOs to Advance US Foreign Policy Goals

This optical illusion tricks you into seeing different colors. How does it work?

Fauci 'not convinced' COVID-19 developed naturally

Republicans seem to be on a ratchet.

Whitmer apologizes after violating social distancing rules at East Lansing bar

NSFW: If women can't have abortions...

Elgar, Delius

Moments after delivering his Battle of Pichincha address in Loja in 1981, President Jaime Rolds die

Government Defends Seizure of $90k from Capitol Siege Defendant Who Sold Video to CNN, NBC

Opioid trial: Why did six requests for a pharmacy investigation in WV go ignored?

Climax: 'Precious and Few'

UNCW researcher finds sponge that 'eats' toxic compounds

UNCW researcher finds sponge that 'eats' toxic compounds

Came upon this looking for something on the YouTube. Didn't listen to all of it yet. Interesting?

Since cicadas are on everyone's mind now,here is a good tool to predict your area

Gayle Manchin: 'The Stars Have Just Lined Up' for West Virginia, Appalachia

The world's problems are all belong to Ian Fleming.

Lack Of LGBTQ Protections Has Some Young West Virginians Ready To Leave

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Sponsored Content

Republican embarrasses himself ON FOX when confronted by Chris Wallace - Brian Tyler Cohen


Scientists spot the most energetic light ever seen

Curiosity rover on Mars spotted from space as it climbs 'Mont Mercou' (video)

Clyde's Spot on Jupiter has changed significantly since last year

West Virginia utilities say they can help fix the state's internet -- but you could end up paying for

West Virginia Gov. Justice still looking to eliminate state's personal income tax

Union coalition sues to stop West Virginia law that threatens their funding

If the GOP in the Senate obstructs a Jan. 6th commission,

Biden's Infrastructure Plan Makes Another Attempt At 3C+D Rail

New Daniel Ellsberg leak: Risk of nuclear war in 1958 greater than known.

"Esther's Law" Allowing Cameras In Nursing Home Rooms Passes Ohio Senate

missouri teens lose control of car

Democrats are going to be ending up with 52 to 53 US Senate seats after 2022.

Why "Social Justice" Triggers Conservatives

Hearing For Bill To Change Laws On Early Voting, Drop Boxes Gets Contentious

Tsang/Pan/Paradzik Play Cello

Ohio House Leader Ducks Questions About Indicted Rep. Larry Householder Keeping Seat

A Real New Yorker (Smile)

Is Moscow Mitch really going to be resigning because of...

FirstEnergy tells shareholders it is focused on ethics, integrity

Ted Cruz knocks MSNBC's Brian Williams over 'Kremlin Cruz' label

Democrats: Roe v. Wade blow would fuel expanding Supreme Court

Biden's Schedule for Monday, May 24, 2021

I can think of only one motive ...

Historian: MAGA's 'culture of resentment' has a lot in common with Nazi Germany

Anthony Bouchard's comparing his sexual past to 'Romeo and Juliet' is beyond absurd.

Let the games begin

San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo to donate $9 million to education for 2021

Um, Joe Scar, leadership matters

Here's a link to a good news outlet named The Good News Network. I've had this link in my

Iran agrees to extend deal on cameras at its nuclear sites

"Penguin Bloom". Wow! Best movie I've seen in ages!

How Hacking Became a Professional Service in Russia (The New Yorker)

It Might Be Time to Break Up Your Pandemic Pod (Yes, you really need to start seeing other people)

What Joe Scum won't acknowledge

N.Y.C. will eliminate remote learning for the fall, in a major step toward reopening

Who Are your favorite characters from Star Wars?

The Rings of Saturn

NE Ethanol Plant So Bad Seed Companies Trying to Extract Themselves; Bonus! Huge Manure Spill

Lake Charles, LA: Two Hurricanes, A Lethal Cold Snap And Now 15" Of Rain In 12 Hours

Anyone know what is the Havana Syndrome Joe clueless is discussing with Adam clueless?

Biden Moves to Make Remote Work Permanent for Many

These Sisters With Sickle Cell Had Devastating, and Preventable, Strokes

Are election fraud claims being used to put corrupt or corruptible voting machines of Ivankas i

Golden Retriever Wakes up with Glorious Smile

Breakfast Monday 24 May 2021

Role models!

Drugs continued to flow into Virginia prisons amid pandemic, raising concerns about corrupt staff

Eric Boehlert: Incoming Washington Post editor leaves behind an AP debacle

End Of Generation At Glen Canyon Possible w/i 2 Yrs. UT Gov: Drought One Of The Worst We've Seen

Twitter made me delete a tweet saying that the Republican Party is a sick joke that needs to die.

Happy 80th birthday Bob Dylan

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 26: TCM Spotlight: Order in the Court

Joe has accomplished way more in 4 months, than Deity Donnie* did in 4 years

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 5/19/21


David A. Kraft, Comic Book Journalist and Writer, Dead at 68

Lemire County: Black Hammer's August 2021 Solicitations

The Rundown: May 24, 2021

No TOONs post today

An adult sci-fi lover's dream Carnival ride.

Complete this sentence: As long as I live, I never ever want to go back to

Key impeachment witness Gordon Sondland sues Mike Pompeo and U.S. for $1.8 million in legal fees

Emails show Minneapolis police chief coordinated with PR pros to fight council, protect budget

Beautiful foals play an adorable game of tag

Happy Birthday Bob!

the rethugs are going to do ANOTHER 'audit' in georgia.

Marvel Studios' Eternals Official Teaser Trailer

Washer Brothers Dept. Store at Christmas time in Fort Worth circa 1941. A sensational image!


How Privilege and Capital Warped a Movement

Andrew Giuliani's first ad in his campaign for Ny Governor looks like to cost $5 and was designed an

Skittish Kitty and I seem to have developed a morning routine

TCM Schedule for Wednesday **

Royal Southern Brotherhood - Where There's Smoke

Texas on the brink of allowing permitless handgun carry

The Heritage Foundation's role in states' vote suppression

Japan planning to extend COVID-19 state of emergency

Hello there, looking to change my password, after so many years...

Cheney Declines To Link GOP Restrictive Voting Bills To Big Lie

Urban Walkability Gains a Foothold in the U.S.

Hacker who sold UPMC employee data on the dark web pleads guilty

Pic Of The Moment: Killing Democracy

China ultramarathon: inquiry launched after 21 runners die in cold weather

Demolition of 90 wind turbines in New Mexico

The Obama library is coming to Chicago. Will local residents be displaced?

Red-Winged Blackbird

Bob has a birthday today.


Michigan bars and restaurants mixed on 11 p.m. indoor curfew being lifted

Here's Todd Snider covering Bob

The biggest vaccination gap isn't based on race or partisanship. It's based on class.

Norfolk Southern discusses dangers of walking along railroad property after man falls from trestle

Top MAGA ally under fire for 'squishiness' on Trump

"Did a 'Smooth and Secure' 2020 Election Cost the Texas Secretary of State Her Job?"

Lame Duck: The End of the Most Gerrymandered District in Ohio

The latest Trump/GOP lies about the origins of Covid

Secret Service agents could be called to testify against Donald Trump: report

State board urges Patrick Henry Community College and others to change names

Jared Yates Sexton: The Intentional Dismantling of Democracy

Blinken off to Mideast to push peace talks after Gaza truce

one of these is not like the other

Body of missing man found in Spanish dinosaur statue

Faster than a PCR test: dogs detect Covid in under a second

Gordon Sondland sues Mike Pompeo & U.S. for $1.8 million in legal fees.

Did You know googly eyes on cat's butts look like elephants?

Samoa's first female PM locked out of parliament by losing opponent

Brat cat

They tried to overturn the 2020 election. Now they want to run the next one.

Historian: MAGA's 'culture of resentment' has a lot in common with Nazi Germany

'I have to clear chats': Feds detail how Oath Keeper tried to wipe online evidence after attacking..

Fauci not convinced Covid didn't escape the lab.

Tennessee taxpayers are on the hook for judges who don't follow bail rules

Commerce Department security unit evolved into counterintelligence-like operation

Stephen Colbert is bringing back his live audience

UK suspends Belavia's operating permit and instructs its airlines to avoid airspace of Belarus

It's Bob Dylan's 80th birthday today, major artists tell their favorite Dylan song

Scenes From The Culture War: Yoga, the 1619 project, and Critical Race Theory

Grassroots or Astroturf? Congressional candidate says he was tricked into running by RNC strategist

In 1958 US considered nuclear strike on China over Taiwan: documents

M.T. (headed) Greene calls Nancy Pelosi "mentally ill" & equates the mask mandate with the Holocaust

UDATED: New competition for self-published sci-fi authors starts 7/1/21

Racist woman found guilty in horrific shooting into neighbors' homes: 'She fired six shots and then

What if you need a roll-off dumpster? Do you want to use a local company?

GOP Maine lawmaker sued for cutting 4,344 trees on neighbors' land

How an African Island Became the World's COVID Conspiracy Capital

450 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon; 0 deaths

"Because I can."

Texas Senate bill #SB7 would drastically close polling places in large urban Dem counties.

John Oliver Nails The Most Terrifying Part Of Donald Trump's Legacy

Reminds me of me waiting for the doctor telling me to lose some weight

AZ Secretary of State: 'This is everything but an audit'

Apparently the next date of Trump's return to office is August 15th

Toni Fisher - The Big Hurt (1959)

Flu cases down from 38 million in 2019-20 to 2038!

We need another Jeffords....

The campaign for D.C. statehood just got a big boost

Looks like it's just gonna have to be fascist

Good Day DU (May 24, 2021)

Dammit- how many times I gotta tell you - NO MAYO

from Science American 2014 -"Bio-Unsafety Level 3: Could the Next Lab Accident Result in a Pandemic?

Bob Dylan - Ballad Of A Thin Man

"Fixed up": Rudy Giuliani pressured Arizona official to find "a nice way to resolve this" election

Mississippi's last abortion clinic at center of US debate

If Democracy Is Dying, Why Are Democrats So Complacent?

DeathSentence passes bill to allow people to sue tech companies

List some things that--in your personal opinion--you find are okay, but still overrated.

Biden condemns attacks on U.S. Jewish community as 'despicable'

New York City Will End Remote Learning in the Fall

Rescued Baby Cow Starts Wrestling With A Dog Just His Size

Why I may not

This California Republican voted to impeach Trump. Now he's helping others who voted same way

UK's Raab says: difficult to believe Russia not involved in Belarus jet incident

Othello drinks

Cooler day

Is the Barr memo being released today?

AP Staffers Blast Reporter's Firing for Old Social Media Posts in Open Letter

A mobster's online confessions are shaking Erdogan's government. Turkey is enthralled.

Algae proteins partially restore man's sight.

Inside Moscow Mitch's personal push to defeat Democrats' voting reforms

Biden increases funding to prepare for extreme weather events ahead of hurricane season

Was Jan 6th Worse Than 9/11?

BREAKING NEWS:When asked for her vaccination card Lauren Boebert said she put it.....

GOP fears taking 'eye off the ball' for next election, as Trump keeps focus on 2020

Supreme Court Justices Again Unanimous Twice in the Same Day

What would it take for Republicans to walk away from Marjorie Taylor Greene?

In the early hours of May 26, 2021 a total lunar eclipse

CNN anchor: Marjorie Taylor Greene comments 'make me sick'

Matt Gaetz's Ex Girlfriend Agrees To Flip On Him To The Feds

Scottish government facing new pressure to investigate Trump golf course purchases: report

"Free vaccinations were offered Friday at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, a strip joint."

A Famed Anti-Sex Trafficking Group Has a Problem With the Truth

'Undercover' Texas Deputies to Accuse Superiors of Sexual Assault in Prostitution Stings

More stupidity from MTG: "HIPPA" prohibits asking about a person's vaccine status

Venezuela receives 1.3 million COVID-19 vaccines from China: Maduro

Jackson boys lax shocks Timberline in playoffs

What Role Did Airplanes Play in the Tulsa Race Massacre?

Skateboarding Dog Skillfully Slaloms through Cones

Could Beto be back? O'Rourke mulling bid for Texas governor

Jackson boys lax shocks Timberline in playoffs

Wonkette: Republicans Fight For Sacred Prerogative Of Rich To Commit Tax Fraud

149 arrested at Huntington Beach birthday party that drew thousands

You know what pisses me off? Movies that constantly

When you read about the trouble in Samoa, the scariest part is how close we are to the same thing.

Ryanair statement on FR4978 diversion to Minsk

That inconvenient insurrection -by Tom Tomorrow

The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Hackers Had a Secret Weapon: Self-Promoting Cybersecurity Firms

Small Businesses Have Surged in Black Communities. Was It the Stimulus?

Is there anything that would be "too far" for the Republicans?

John McLaughlin & Friends: "Straight No Chaser" (Benefit performance for India COVID relief)

Billy Boy Arnold - Whiskey Beer and Reefer

Trump Hotel raised prices to deter QAnon conspiracists, police files show

If Belarus Gets Away With It, Other Dictators Will Follow

'Bloodless coup': Samoa's first female leader locked out of her own swearing-in ceremony

Bannon and the 'Spears of Fear'

Have I really "gone green" with my e-bicycle?

No American Member of Congress should ever endorse secession.

***Finals Round-May Photo Contest***

Finals posted in GD

Minneapolis police chief coordinated with PR pros to fight council, protect budget, emails show

McConnell's escape hatch has opened before him. Will he leap through?

Are all jump suits orange


For those who wonder what all the fuss is about re: the coming cicadas

Republicans Want to Overturn Roe v. Wade, and They May Soon Be Able To

Trump support unleashes barrage of F bombs at Michael Cohen

WTF is wrong with .......

Outcry after 21 people arrested in Ghana for 'advocating LGBTQ activities'

"I'm not pro-murdering babies."

UK Black activist critical in hospital after shooting

Meghan McCain Lashes Out at Whoopi Goldberg on 'The View': "Why Are You Cutting Me Off?"

Funny heard on Steph Miller this morning: MTG looks like Barney Rubble

You know, I haven't heard this sentiment pushed by Democrats to the extent it should be IMHO.

What It Actually Means To Win A Car On 'The Price Is Right'

Cartoons 5/24/2021

Spain PM decries domestic violence surge after five women killed in a week

Burke: We're so smart, why do some deny what they've seen?

Two doses of Covid vaccines provide effective protection against variant found in India: Study

How long do LED TV's last, usually?

Japan opens mass vaccine centers 2 months before Olympics

Belarus president signs tough new law on media restrictions

Poland defies EU court ruling to close major lignite mine

The Republicans know

Colombia's government collapse: officials turn on Duque

On a cue from her Father, Liz Cheney invites Trump on private quail hunt.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

SC woman sentenced in shooting that 'shows the need for a hate crime law,' sheriff says

Anybody watch The Criterion Channel?

India virus death toll passes 300,000, 3rd highest in world

Just a reminder that she is STILL a piece of SHIT.

When you lose the Washington Times...

Court action seeks probe of Trump's Scottish golf course buys

Fifty years ago Peanuts had something to say about Bob Dylan's birthday:

Colombian government in turmoil after resignation of key negotiator

US reaches out to Palestinian leaders many angrily reject

Liz Cheney Sides With Trump, GOP In Stunning Comments On Voter Suppression

U.S. sends Mexico information for probe into 2014 disappearances

MT (empty) Greene Is Talking Herself into Losing in 2022.

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Missouri inmate's firing squad request

Trump polling data was also combined with Trump mega-donor's data-mining group Cambridge Analytica

Brazil military could punish general for attending Bolsonaro rally - vice president

Florida law seeks to rein in large social media companies

Ronald Greene death: Top cop in Black man's deadly arrest withheld cam video

Ethical consumerism meets 'eco-awakening'

U.S. Supreme Court rebuffs case over city liability in police shootings

Watchdog: US forced deported parents to leave kids behind

How top Biden adviser Gina McCarthy reads the climate landscape

Blood moon, total lunar eclipse to dazzle western U.S. on Wednesday morning.

Mrs. Betty Bowers: Live from Antifa Corporate Headquarters

Russia gives Google 24 hours to delete banned content

Aung San Suu Kyi defiant as she appears in court for first time since coup

Jesus Visits Tim Tebow and The Denver Broncos - SNL

Daily Show Joke

Tennessee moves to the forefront with anti-transgender laws

Oh, hi

Russia warns Turkey over ties with Ukraine

Cult-45, y'all

The Trump-inspired battles over new voting laws will shape the 2022 governors' races

Rehabilitation work begins on southbound lanes of I-5 in Seattle this week

GOP Just Can't Find Perfect Way To Ignore An Insurrection

58% of voters support passing Biden's $4 trillion infrastructure plan without any Republican votes

Alabama governor refuses to be outstupided by other states

How a love of Stilton cheese caught a drug dealer.

Autonomous Saildrones are the newest weapon in fighting climate change

I heard my wife say I love you

Last day of matching contributions! $ goes towards stopping Republican gerrymandering.

Tony Hawk is still a pro skateboarder at age 53

U.S. Warns Against Japan Travel, Sowing New Doubt About Olympics

Florida Republicans are trampling on the wishes of locals in a rush to consolidate power

Ricketts ending $300 pandemic unemployment benefits in Nebraska

Terunofuji wins the May Grand Sumo Tournament

Came up with a temporary 'support' for my mystery Vetch plant

I heard this on Thom Hartmann. You put

The Bible was written entirely by the greatest American who ever lived: JESUS

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 24, 2021

Why are certain WPost articles blocked

As covid-19 devastates rural India, Modi and his ministers focus on covering up their incompetence

Once again- Proving cats have no bones

Old Bridge to Rattlesnake Creek Road

MAGA thought process...

Unprecedented saguaro 'side blooms' could be a bad sign

Mugshot from Johnny Cash's drug bust in El Paso, October, 1965.

Shock, horror and grief: relegated Werder Bremen get what they deserve

I hate when the media says Republicans object to the "pay fors" of Biden's infrastructure plan...

South Dakota governor sues Biden over fireworks as she looks to build national profile

trump fundraising committee asks: "Who would you like to see as guest speaker at a Trump rally? "

Why Did These Republicans Vote Against Helping Cancer Patients?

Restaurant owner wants unemployment benefits cut -- and complains

Morocco triggers migrant surge into Spain

TODAY'S haul -- I'll take questions

Bird in the surf...

Simone Biles becomes first woman to land Yurchenko double pike vault in competition

Ohio man candidate for Darwin Award

My microwave is spotless!...

May 24, 1883, 138 years ago, the Brooklyn Bridge opened to the public

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 25 May 2021

This is too much

Prosecutor assigned to Kim Potter case resigns, notes 'partisan politics' as reason for departure

Rep. Stephanie Murphy drops challenge against Marco Rubio for Senate

Small Businesses Have Surged In Black Communities

Apropos of nothing in particular, who is more likely to change to R: Manchin or Sinema?

DeSantis invited James O'Keefe and Project Veritas to signing of anti-tech bill

After taking pfizer vax, a family member has had stomach problems.

White Ignorance Is Bliss--and Power

Marvel Studios' Eternals - Official Teaser Trailer (2021)

UFOs Are Back - And They Are Still Nothing

Out of Touch - Hall and Oates

Republicans caught pulling disgusting stunt - No Lie podcast

BIG job interview tomorrow...and I have to borrow money for gas!

Famous Last Words

A friend thinks she sees a 'bobble-head' being fed,

Republican Attorneys General Association in Turmoil (UPDATE)

Tucker Carlson mocked Tim Ryan. His response is SPOT ON - Interview with Brian Tyler Cohen

Last Week In The Republican Party - The Lincoln Project

Liberal Redneck - The Many Crimes of Joe Biden

Question About Central Air Conditioner Outside Compressor Units.....

Pentagon's UFO footage -- and Obama's curiosity -- ratchet up expectations for a big reveal

Peace, Salaam, Shalom. A radical, fundamentalist perspective - Matthew Cooke

David and Romany Gilmour cover If It Be Your Will

Here is what has been bothering me about these audits

Anyone else have trouble connecting on DU right now?

When Your Dog Befriends the Local Butcher

'Don't you dare speak for me': Berman fires back at Taylor Greene (CNN)

Biden's job approval ticks upward to 62 percent, poll finds

Turn on Ari RFN re the Trump Organization

Lava Eruption in Congo (May 24, 2021) Nyiragongo Volcano Eruption

A rational Jewish Space Laser would have smited Koo Koo mayonnaise

Is Garland releasing

Sen Ron Johnson: Wages Rising Too Quickly

Elliot Page beams in shirtless poolside shot: 'Trans BB's first swim trunks'


puke alert: tonite on hannity .............. rick santorum

AP: Top cop in Black man's deadly arrest withheld cam video

One comparison: John Dean- Micheal Cohen.. Do you know who John Dean was/is?

Muhlbauer first Democrat to jump into Iowa's U.S. Senate campaign

IMO 1 great way to motivate the Democratic party for the 2022 midterms that I didn't seen in ads yet

Magical Gift Arrives For Rescue Dog Obsessed With Unicorns

They're Coming For Us (Luckovich)

Upon the 80th birthday of Bob Dylan

Just saw the vaccination numbers for Connecticut: 52% fully vaccinated, 62% first shot!

Keith Olbermann: "Too soon" for a 1/6 Commission?

New video, "Too soon" for a 1/6 Commission?

Some Israeli officials regret leveling of Gaza media tower -- NY Times

110 Black Men And Boys Killed By Police

The Best Books of 2021 (So Far)

Upon the 80th birthday of Bob Dylan post a favorite song

Rescue Cat Alerts Mom to Breast Cancer by "Aggressively" Cuddling Her Left Breast

Breaking, U.S. Customs find $1.8Million of

I had a horrible experience today.

Kato The Aussie having her first puppichino!

Senate Democrats introduce legislation to ban political committees from using prechecked donation bo

Senate Democrats introduce legislation to ban political committees from using prechecked donation bo

What are Tim Ryan(D-OH) and Val Demings(D-FL) chances of winning the 2022 US Senate Election?

"What Makes This Song Stink Ep. 3: Beverly Hills" This guy is good.

In traveling Hwy 69 thru North Texas I saw several trump flags

Peru: Shining Path splinter group kills 14 in pre-election jungle massacre

Judge in Cleveland declares mistrial in murder trial of Simone Biles' brother after jury mistakenly

Belarus Faces EU Flight Ban for Grounding Ryanair Plane With Dissident

Biden Doubles FEMA Program to Prepare for Extreme Weather

Biden signs bill opening door for Alaska cruises to resume

U.S. Senate Republicans to meet on White House infrastructure talks

5/25 Mike Lockovich -They're coming for us

Romney first GOP senator to say he would vote for Jan. 6 commission bill

LAPD Sued For Shooting BLM Protester In Groin

Biden signs bill to help Alaska cruise industry

Cnn: Pentagon faces June deadline to issue unclassified report on UFO sightings

PAY FOR CRAY - Overstock Founder Will Sell You Election Fraud for $5 Per Month

Arizona and Georgia audits move forward as Republicans continue to push election fraud lies

Nevada County GOP Cancels Meeting Amid Fear of Proud Boy Insurgency

Woman gets back $1M lottery ticket she had thrown away

Obama suggested Trump rename the Iran Nuclear Deal the 'Trump Anti-Nuclear Deal' when they met