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Archives: May 26, 2021

Democrats will easily end up with at least 49 US Senate seats after 2022.

CBP to build new 'central processing' facility in El Paso to hold migrant families, children

Don Jr., Ivanka, And Eric Trump Told To Get Criminal Defense Lawyers

Canadian soldier faces mutiny charges for trying to block vaccine distribution

Canadian soldier faces mutiny charges for trying to block vaccine distribution

I for one welcome our new bee overlords

My guess is that they're cancellingthat upcoming

Federal government gives OK for states to offer lotteries, cash incentives for vaccinations

Manchin and Sinema Implore GOP to Back Jan. 6 Probe

Manchin wants more time for a bipartisan infrastructure deal

Well, rudy can forget about trump paying for his legal defense.

The Case: Julian Castro for Governor

Now That This Tr**p Grand Jury Has Been Convened - Is The Big Lie About To Get Bigger?.....

Georgia park with giant Confederate carving approves changes

Marjorie Taylor Greene doubles down on Holocaust comparisons

What ever happened to Mike Pence?

Clouds at sunset tonight

Pompeo-led effort to hunt down Covid lab theory shut down by Biden administration over concerns abou

Mysterious air base being built on volcanic island off Yemen

Mysterious air base being built on volcanic island off Yemen

Failure to Redact Court Docs Reveals Prosecutors Who Are Investigating Giuliani Accessed Emails of


California and US agree to allow big offshore wind farms

Democrats consider the possibility of AOC seeking a restraining order against MTG

Arizona budget that slashes taxes advancing amid opposition

What happened to Shrill? I'm a few episodes from finishing the series,

Former Montana Police Chief Charged With Distributing Child Por

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Real Time this week:

The drumph family after today's news. Don Jr. is going to need some serious ya yo so he can

Anyone else feel as if they need to puke when dump's slimy mug (hopefully soon to be mugshot)

Flat tax! FLAT TAX!!! Governor Ice Cream Man wants to turn Arizona into Kansas

I wonder if any of this grand jury activity is having any effect on the other guy's nervous system.

Biden travels to Delaware to pay respects to family of longtime staffer

DARN, SORRY what DoJ has done/is doing (re: past behavior.)

I was bent over and my brat cat decided to jump on me and dig his claws

Democrats can retain majority control of the US Senate in 2022 without NH and GA.

*Senator Whitehouse on Rachel show now.

Biden administration reins in street-level enforcement by ICE as officials try to refocus agency

First bicycle ride in 15 months today.


Does anyone else find Sheldon Whitehouse... Trumanesque?

Presidential decree on ice cream and cheetos

Nevada GOP thrown into turmoil after avowed Proud Boys member said he participated in censure vote


Alleged QAnon Supporter Refuses To Resign From Michigan School Board Amid Protests

Republicans could expel Marjorie Taylor Greene. They won't.

Ana Navarro gets in the game!

Chinook and Cayuse passes through Mount Rainier National Park to reopen this week

1.8 million commercial flights a year in USA, any UFO sightings??

Who will be first?

"I suggest we also do a medication ban on men who seek viagra."

I work as a librarian in a large middle school-- re: Covid

New Hampshire auditors see no sign of fraud -- as Trump claims otherwise

Menopause Rhapsody

Senators try to salvage legislation on Jan. 6 commission

Rep. Katie Porter Grills Big Pharma CEO For Putting Profits Before Patients - Full Questioning

New study turns our understanding of ice upside down

Happy Birthday to Bob, here's a fabulous cover

Dear Trump, Nixon had Ford to keep him out of jail. Joe Biden is no Gerald Ford.

A dozen ultra-high-energy particle accelerators discovered in the Milky Way

Charlie Sykes on Realizing the Conservative Movement is a LIE - Meidas Touch

Last Night in Soho - Official Teaser Trailer

Genes from algae helped a blind man recover some of his vision

Oldest spiral galaxy in the universe captured in fuzzy photo

'Prime for abuse': Lack of oversight lets Phoenix police add protesters to gang database

May full moon 2021: How to see the 'Super Flower Blood Moon' lunar eclipse

World's first graphene-enhanced concrete slab poured in England

Food scraps recycled into materials stronger than concrete, yet edible

EPA Admits to Altering Science Under Trump, Pledges New Course

Biden opens California coast to offshore wind turbines

Republicans came to discussions about establishing a January 6 commission with a list of

Trump's Tax Returns And The Level Of Data Uncovered - Deadline - MSNBC

Legend Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On,' Soulful Protest LP, 50th Anniv., Relevant As Ever: New Video

Wednesday Digit: 4/10 - High heat, humidity, and scattered p.m. storms

Marjorie Taylor Greene's most disgusting statement yet surfaces In STUNNING video-Brian Tyler Cohen

'Shaking In His Boots': Former Trump Org Exec Speaks On Grand Jury In Criminal Probe- The Beat MSNBC

Gamma rays 10 times more energetic than thought possible detected

Boom in ships that fly 'fake' flags and trash the environment

Dog Can't Stop Smiling When He Gets A Bunny Sister

Dog is very impatient for his pup cup.

Tissues, not blood, are where immune cells function

Alien stars found in our Milky Way (

So, I'm binging "Peaky Blinders", and it's a good thing that scenery is sugar free....

I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!! wooT!

Equalizer season finale

Joe: As of today, 50% of American adults are fully vaccinated.

Orkney is a prehistoric phenomenon, where Neolithic remains continue to surface

Cliches in film you are sick of?


*Carville has a writing coming out tomorrow, in a 'major publication,'


Simone Biles Battles the World's Biggest Beauty Troll in this SK-II Studio Animated Film

A question about simultaneous indictments?

Ron DeSantis' Big Tech "censorship" law is meant to create a safe space for conservatives online

Man Arrested and Charged for 2000 Killing After DA Disavows Previous Conviction

Richard Marx for the win

Deeply racist question asked of Dem candidate for VA Lt. Governor

The complicated truth about a cat's purr (BBC)

Should Biden commute Trump's sentence to life in prison for the good of the nation?

The Daily Show - The Fight to Overturn the 2020 Election: Somehow Still Going

California loves Joe

AZ Senate President Defends Widely-Denounced 'Audit' in Bonkers CNN Interview

The Untold Truth Of Cheech & Chong

Seth Meyers - Biden Bans Justice Department from Seizing Journalist Phone Records - 5/24/21

Lost 8 pounds. I can do this healthy protein no carb diet. Plus I've found some

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Human Boil Ted Cruz Starts Trouble with Jimmy Kimmel Again

Senator Whitehouse: Madame President, there is a scheme afoot . . .

'So there's no eclipse visible from the East Coast or other parts of the United States?

Charles Pierce: Millions of Our Fellow Citizens Are Lost in Rebellion Against Reality

"Yes, COVID-19 Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction"

Ottawa Catholic School Board to fly Pride flag at schools:

Tomas Breton's 'Piano Trio'

The barrier of fear is breaking in Belarus

Don Winslow Films - #DogCatDomesticTerroristAttack

Chad and Lori Daybell indicted for murders of JJ Vallow, Tylee Ryan and Tammy Daybell


Question for parents of 12-15 year-olds.

Trump's NY Criminal Probe Isn't The Only Investigation To Look Out For - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Grand jury convened in NY criminal Trump probe, WaPo reports

Former Prosecutor Under Giuliani On Grand Jury Convening In Trump Probe

Tweet of the Day

NY DA Vance Impanels a Special "Trump" Grand Jury; DOJ Appeals Judge Jackson's Memo Release Order

Interesting site about the White House

Rep. Castro: GOP Voter Suppression Efforts Are A 'Naked Power Grab' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Trump lashes out after grand jury seated for New York criminal probe

Mom Teaches Daughter How To Make Bao

Di Benedetto Re, Myslivecek, Al. & Ben. Marcello

Poet Reads Darnella Frazier's Powerful Statement On George Floyd - The Last Word - MSNBC

It's in the Clippers' dna. They can't help losing in the playoff...

Small octopus won't let go of diver's hand

Who Will Replace Cy Vance As Manhattan District Attorney?

Palm oil plantations change the social behavior of macaques

Wheaton Rewords Plaque Calling Indigenous People 'Savage'

Kana Chan gets her covid 19 shot!

Biden administration decided to keep Cuba in the "bad boys" list

Chile: Senate Committee Readies Harsher Sex Crimes Bill

Democrats outpacing others in CD-1 special election voting

Amid raging pandemic, Peruvian police evict thousands of working class families

❤️Update on my Husband KT's Prostatectomy❤️

Good night/morning!

Tweet of the early morning:

Texas Mulls a Delta-8 Ban That Smoke Shops Say Would Crush Business

If Republicans in Congress are exposed being involved in the Jan 6th attack,

For the Union Du community, Taking care of young Union members

Good Morning!

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/25/21

Smile Time DU

Sugar Land church wipes out medical bills for residents

The Speech or Debate Clause is a clause in the United States Constitution (Article I, Section 6,

Blinken arrives in Egypt to shore up Gaza cease-fire efforts

Breakfast Wednesday 26 May 2021

Dammit boog you are supposed to be mans best friend.

How immigration can power the future of America's heartland

Deshaun Watson Won't Be Deposed In Civil Lawsuits Until After the 2021 Football Season

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, May 26, 2021

2 Years After Disastrous Deer Park Chemical Fire, TX Close To Creating New Safety Rules For Industry

On May 25, 1921, Hal David was born.

MyPillow's Mike Lindell is turned away from Republican governors event

From The Guardian: May's super flower moon lights up the night skies - in pictures

Arizona audit loses tech company that was leading hand recount

Former Sen. JOHN WARNER (R-Va.) died

Group shames San Antonio's Whataburger and USAA for silence on controversial Texas voting bill

Come early for good seats! No proof of vaccination required!

Something that has been bothering me a long time, how much, if any, mathematical training

Calls Grow In NY To Fully Outlaw Tobacco, As Federal Menthol Ban Looms

Former Boris Johnson aide gives scathing testimony on U.K.'s early COVID response

Is Wokeness 'Kryponite for Democrats'?

Cortez Masto helped Dems flip the Senate. Now she needs to defend her turf.

So, if Rudy and the big liar are found to be committing criminal acts together,

John Prine celebration coming in October

John W. Warner, senator from Virginia and force on military affairs, dies at 94

Wednesday TOONs - Investigate!

trump biographer David Kaye Johnston Chris Hayes 5-25-21

Activists with ties to Proud Boys may seek leadership of Clark County GOP

The Overstock.Com Guy Is Giving the MyPillow Gremlin a Run for His 'Election Fraud' Grift Money

After Years Of Spills Toxins And Stench, Gosh, NE Leg Out Of Time To Investigate Mead Ethanol Site

Why the Grand Jury at this time?

Arctic Council Confirms Region Not Warming At Twice Global Rate; It's Warming 3X Faster

On this day, May 26, 1969, the Little Old Lady from Pasadena died.

Clog in kitchen sink drain

UK On Track For Nothing On Climate Front; Ground Transportation Emissions Stuck In The 1990s

For the Union Du community, Taking care of young Union members (X POST from Duncanpup)

"I can't 'belive' this idiot went to Oxford."

School apologizes for stating falsely in yearbook Trump was not impeached

Mike Lindell, "the My Pillow Guy", is simply a parasite who realizes that his host is expiring

Barry White - Whatever We Had, We Had

Progress!! If Wildlife Escapes Burning Forests, It Can Now Be Flattened On Brazil's Highways

Plants Sure Are Smart

Biogas plant at Toronto Zoo turning zoo manure and food waste into power

'They got the mother lode': Former prosecutor says new grand jury has everything on Trump

Rallies, moments of silence honor George Floyd a year later

PNAS - Fires In Western US Not Just Burning Longer; "Unprecedented" Growth At Higher Altitudes

@DanRShafer That gavel-out just cost the state of Wisconsin $1,600,000,000.

A "Commission" I would like to see.

Miles was born on this date.

Janet Jackson - Love and My Best Friend

ESPN:Arlen Specter's Son says FG Offered Campaign Cash to stop Patriots Spygate probe in 2008

Socialism!!! Biden Doubles FEMA Preparation Funding, Announces New Climate Satellite Mission

Salvation Army faces lawsuit over labor violations

Amazon agrees to buy MGM in move to widen its entertainment offerings

Levon Helm was born on this date.

Rene & Angela - Come My Way

Smaller population states are too powerful in the senate

Eric Boehlert: The press shrugs -- how Biden made beating Covid look easy

WHO overthrew the Capitol?

Canada's top pension funds boost investments in high-carbon oil sands

Got my 40" TV 2 days early!

About to have my wisdom teeth removed

Moontide Theory

Kevin McCarthy has called Majorie Taylor Greene's comments "appalling"

Stephen Colbert Shows How Jeff Bezos Could Be About To Expose Trump's Racist Past

Divided Highway. As a freeway comes down, Syracuse, New York, faces its legacy of segregation

Woman accused of stealing Pelosi's computer has her home detention hours reduced

I wish the visual media would stop broadcasting photos of the Slobfather

New website for my original music

Zambian president bans campaign rallies to stem COVID-19 spread

Pa. Sen. Doug Mastriano lashes out at 'keyboard warriors' questioning his actions during Capitol rio

Having continuing problems with internet/WiFi shutting down or dropping below 1Mbps.

Oh, Yay. Saved By Green Capitalism. Nigel Farage Hired By Dutch Carbon Offset Company

Kansas GOP Lawmaker Kicked Student in the Testicles on 'Instructions From God': Police

Amazing WH photos - Lots on this little girls shoulders.

Chiquis y Dolly Parton cantan un Cumbia-beat "Jolene"

What crimes has Donald Trump committed?

On this day, May 26, 1967, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was released.

Fun factoid: a loaf of bread was 5 cents in 1915

First lady Jill Biden will travel to Kansas City on Thursday, visit community college

John Mayall - Counting The Days

On this day, May 26, 1896, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was first calculated.

A Trump indictment/conviction could be repub dream come true

World's oldest astronomical Observatory Predates Stonehenge and Pyramids

St. Stephen's Food Bank (Phx) reminder

A year of marriage equality in Costa Rica

Southern man shows off authentic Confederate Flag

Just 160 new Covid cases reported in Maryland yesterday

Senator John Warner passed.

AP-NORC poll: More Americans believe anti-Asian hate rising

Hey happy world red hair day to any reds on DU......

9 Legal Scholars Describe How Trump Could Run and Govern from Prison.

Is this a proper forum

'Effective 6:00 PM Tonight': Biden White House Shows FOUR Trump Appointees the Door

I bet if Biden and Schumer accept the Republican counter proposal

Son, ghostwriter of late senator say Trump intervened to stop probe of Patriots' Spygate scandal

Arab Woman Receives Kidney from Jewish Man Killed in Violence

Conspiracy: TLP

Joe: It's never been a good idea to bet against the American people.

Legislative Assaults on State Courts -- 2021

Dana Milbank's WAPO column really does the Republicans justice

Farmworker organizing in Washington is undoing discriminatory labor policies

Elections have consequences - June 1, 2020: Trump directs tear gas....

Sculpted Supercell with intense lightning near Spearman, TX - 5/25/2021

Anti-vaccine movements shift their target to the vaccinated

Pic Of The Moment: What It's Like Negotiating With Republicans

Remember, Republicans like to project

This morning Amazon bought MGM Studios

The Republican Party's Partisanship Projection Problem

"Are you saying that OAN is not a credible news source?"

A colony on Mars won't make sense until we're finished colonizing Antartica.

The wackaloon's* traveling road show


Trump Blasts 'Witch Hunt' After News Of Criminal Grand Jury - MSNBC

Cartoon: Brute of Belarus By Clay Jones -May 26, 2021 9:00 AM

Multiple people dead in mass shooting near San Jose VTA light rail yard: sources

At Least 6-7 Dead In Shooting At San Jose, CA Transit Yard Union Meeting

Court orders Shell to slash CO2 emissions in landmark climate ruling

Woman arrested after allegedly driving recklessly through vaccine site as protest

Me-me-McCAIN stormed out on ABC prez meeting when The View was told to cool the personal attacks

'Can I shoot them?' Local, state, federal officials address Live Oak County concerns

Montana superintendent, AG enter national controversy on critical race theory

Good Day DU (May 26, 2021)

Black Bears Drop by for a Pool Party

***LIVE NEWSCAST regarding active shooter in San Jose NEWSUPDATE Explosive DEVICES found

An interesting societal note:

Bikers stop for lemonade.

GOP Worried Blind Worship Of Trump Overriding Traditional Values Like Blind Worship Of Reagan

property tax question

So why am I reluctant to share this video with...

Coming soon...

Daffy: "What do you want to do today?" Donald: "I don't know..let's clog traffic on De Anza Blvd."

A slightly soggy Moggy just arrived for brunch

ESPN: Trump Allegedly Intervened With Arlen Specter To Stop Patriots Spygate Probe

this may be off topic and may be and or locked , but here goes .

to soothsayer . thank you for sedition watch. keep this in the public eye .

Positive Marijuana Tests Are Up Among U.S. Workers

LIVE FROM SAN JOSE : active Shooting info KGO TV

656 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today; 7 deaths

My fav John Warner story: John Warner met Liz Taylor at dinner -- with Queen Elizabeth AP NEWS

Mass shooting in San Jose CA live UPDATED: 8 dead, including the shooter.

Looking on eBay for a new wristwatch

Ford Expects 40% of Global Vehicle Volume to Be Fully Electric By 2030

Antisemitism comes in many forms, Kevin:

My SF Giants have the third highest winning percentage in the entire MLB

A New Crop in Pennsylvania: Warehouses

Pitties Know The Secrets To Life

to revoke tax breaks and subsidies to sports teams who fail to play the 'Star Spangled Banner' befor

Galapagos tortoise found alive is from species thought extinct

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

White male minority rule pervades politics across the US, research shows

Pupper dental hygiene:

Fox News guests blames mass shooting on vaccinations.

Brilliant parrot vocalist (2nd tweet):

Carolina gold rice

Democrats grow restless with Biden's infrastructure talks as Republicans float next counteroffer

Kicked Off the Land: Between 1910 and 1997, African-Americans lost 90 per cent of their farmland.

Evan Low Tweet regarding Shooter event in San Jose...

The View: McCain doubts TFG** is eyeing another presidential run

Sand Dunes Preserved These Roman Baths in Spain for Thousands of Years

Peter Navarro Says 'Sociopath' Anthony Fauci Will Be 'Gone Within 90 Days'

Pennsylvania the Mississippi of the north , abortion repigs Old Testament thinking

Press Conference re today's slaughter just started on CNN

Belarusian plane turns back after warning about French airspace

Sanders drops bid to block Biden's Israel arms sale

Exxon Mobil Faces Off Against Activist Investors on Climate Change

Gavin Newsom Recall Campaign Fails to Gain Traction Among Democrats, New Poll Shows

Biden says that when George Floyd's daughter Gianna visited the White House on Tuesday, she said to

Wonkette: No Kink-Shaming, But Does Peter Doocy LIKE Getting Daily-Dick-Punched By Jen Psaki?

Poor single moms are damned if they do and damned if they don't

Democrats start putting GOP on notice as patience runs thin

Can we have some more thoughts and prayers for the shooting victims,

Baby snow leopard:

Holocaust survivor blasts Marjorie Taylor Greene for comparing masks to Nazis forcing Jews to wear a

School apologizes for stating falsely in yearbook "Trump was NOT impeached"

Cleveland Meredith, charged with threatening to kill Pelosi and bringing guns + ammo to DC (but arri


Mountain climber with no rope plunges 1,000 feet in Alaska national park, officials say

CNN confronts woman behind bogus Arizona election audit

Marjorie the Idiot lost in historical context...

Will Trump back Marjorie Taylor Greene for House Speaker in 2022?


Divided US Catholic bishops will debate Communion policy

Of Course There Is A Mass Shooting Today - It's Wednesday

Trump Aide Says Mierda-a-Lago Proprietor is 'Missing Being President Terribly'

Kyle Rittenhouse's straw purchaser facing 12 years in prison

AZ Senate president says the Maricopa County recount is transparent because it's broadcast on OAN

on Russian state TV, propagandists and "experts" tonight compared opposition activists to "roaches"

Cargo handlers arrested for stealing gold bars at Los Angeles International Airport

Key Democrats aim to craft a health-care public option bill as Biden excludes it from recovery plans

Ran into my first renovation-related disaster

Krazies in AZ Senate propose switching some election supervision duties

In Feb 2020, BorisJohnson wanted to be injected with covid-19 on live TV to show everyone it was no

Pride LEGO set 2021, available 1 June 2021

Interesting tweet of the moment

I think its time for an Active Shooter network.

Just want to clear something up about the recent spate of mass shootings

States that do not require background checks could be looking into the abyss..

Resistance to vaccine mandates is building. A powerful network is helping

Pride LEGOs set 2021 will be available 1 June 2021

Biden asks intelligence community to redouble efforts to determine definitive origin of coronavirus

Anybody have experience - good or bad - with memory foam mattress toppers?

Pride LEGO set 2021, available 1 June 2021 Your kiddos have Legos?

'I have done nothing wrong': MTG says anti-Semitic remarks are 'how real Americans talk'

Woman charged with assaulting SOUTHWEST attendant, knocking out her teeth

Now reporting 7 dead in San Jose (update: now 8)

I am really enjoying this sense of freedom that the Covid vaccine has given me.

Another Trump scandal

Immunity to the Coronavirus May Persist for Years, Scientists Find

What is Faux "news" talking about?

OK the suspect was a VTA employee

Seeking Classic ASP coder

ExxonMobil rebel shareholders win board seats

American democracy could be nearing its end

Bonus while I was taking a pic of a rainbow yesterday....

I feel like a damn hypocrite.

Police Gather at San Jose Home Linked to VTA Shooting

Biden orders closer review of Covid origins as U.S. intel weighs Wuhan lab leak theory

Critics Warn $15 Wage Will Force McDonald's To Replace Burger Patties With Robots

Number Of Weapons & 100's Of Rounds Found At Shooter's Home

Cartoons 5/26/2021

Masks optional for vaccinated workers in N.J. offices, businesses as Murphy lifts remote work order

AquaSox to host vaccination clinic next week at Funko Field

Orphaned bobcats get a second chance at life in the wild

Even Rasmussen can't make the numbers bad

Russia is still the biggest player in disinformation, Facebook says

Joe: We can tackle the climate crisis head-on with a new Civilian Climate Corps. The American Jobs P

US, Egypt working closely to reinforce Gaza ceasefire, Blinken says

Oh, Great... "Spoofing Scam Aimed at Licensees Purports to be Law Enforcement" (Colorado)

Woman who falsely accused Black bird watcher in Central Park sues ex-employer

Trump's advisers reportedly in 'cloud of nerves' over Manhattan grand jury

Arizona's Secretary of State 'stripped' of duties after criticizing election audit

Texans lead the nation in the number of arrests for storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Where is it safe anymore?

Biden Nominates Union Lawyer To Labor Board, Could Soon Flip Control To Democrats

Remember and Honor

Look who's famous.

Putin Invites Belarus Plane Hijacker for Tea

new study... suicide rates by race

ActBlue is now active for "Katz for AZ House"

Union-Made Memorial Day

Texas trans athlete ban died last night

Read the full statement by President Joe Biden on the investigation into the origins of COVID-19:

I thought this was a Twitter parody account...👀 possibly NSFW

If you can't understand math as it applies

So -- this teacher taught "Thriller" to her students. They killed it.

On Netflex: High on the Hog, How African American Cuisine Transformed America.

Janine Brookner, Punished C.I.A. Officer Who Got Revenge, Dies at 80

The Kids in the Hall are coming back with new episodes.

I made a very poor prediction 3 or 4 years ago

Remember that infographic about people who thought they could win a fight with a bear?

A GQP friend is losing his/her community activity club to anti-vaxxers. Karma.

2022 is not a policy battle. It's a battle of Volume plain and simple.

The May Flower Moon Rises over National Airport (DCA) with a Landing Airplane

Andrew Yang Loses NYC Poll Lead as Rivals Stress Experience Gap

The May Flower Moon Rises over National Airport (DCA) with a Landing Airplane

Empty Wheel terrific analysis of Barr's declinations of prosecutions of crimes in progress!

Swiss Put Crucial EU Ties at Risk By Scrapping Deal With Bloc

Kansas Republican charged with battery allegedly kicked high school student in the crotch

Richard Marx wrote a brilliant song for Rand Paul : "It's not my fault that people hate you

Yeah! Our library is open for browsing again!!!

Marches, riot mark anniversary of George Floyd's death in Portland

Former Penn State president Graham Spanier has jail sentence upheld

Mother of deceased Capitol Police officer presses GOP senators to back Jan. 6 commission

MomBrella with partner, 90 degrees here now.

Colombia turns on media amid barrage of lies and propaganda

South Carolina county OKs $10 million jail death settlement

More Americans died in less than one year to C-19 than in all of WW II*. Joe Biden** has crushed...

Deputy KJP's Debut Presser

Oh, Great... "Spoofing Scam Aimed at Licensees Purports to be Law Enforcement" (Colorado)

Why Roma migrants from Europe are taking rafts from Mexico to enter the U.S.

DU legal experts: Many of the news reports mention that...

Why Roma migrants from Europe are taking rafts from Mexico to enter the U.S.

Humans Could Live Up to 150 Years, New Research Suggests

Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds... Rage style😂

I am just curious. How many people here really enjoy

Georgia Democrats offer blueprint for other Sun Belt states

New cryptocurrency Chia blamed for hard drive shortages

Biden budget to seek boost to the military's cyber force

This is pretty amusing - Davie 504 playing famous guitar solos on bass

US: Interim Bolivia official took bribes in tear gas deal

US: Interim Bolivia official took bribes in tear gas deal

Italy cable car fall: Three arrested over fatal accident

Mother Of Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick Seeks Meeting With GOP Over Jan. 6 Commission

Does Mitch McConnell think the movie Minority Report was real?

Lifestyle of Amazonian Tribe May Hold Key to Slowing Down Aging

Chlorine Shortage Could Impact Millions of Pools This Summer--Here's What You Should Know

How many spoons do you have?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 27 May 2021

*JUST IN: Severe t'storm watch for DC area until 10p Wednesday.

Posted in the Arizona Room. Reposted here. Candidate for AZ House has ActBlue Account

America's a sick nation.

Climate Activists Win Seats on ExxonMobil's Board

Chinese state media is turning on Fauci amid Wuhan lab controversy

My story on John Warner who died today...

Collins races to save Jan. 6 commission from filibuster

Coronavirus booster shots are a strong possibility, Fauci says

"We Are Bellingcat" - excellent book for those who care about how to search for truth

Former Sen. Heller preps comeback run for Nevada governor

Kelly Clarkson to Take Over Ellen DeGeneres' Daytime Slot

Goofy tweet of the moment

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 26, 2021

Guatemala to Extradite Son of Panama's Ex-President to the US

Baby Chimp Falls Asleep In Pilot's Lap While They Fly To Safety

Deadly mass shooting at public transit rail yard in California

Mexican police chief killed in hail of bullets in Sinaloa

Osprey caring for (and awaiting dinner?)

Another sad day for all of us.

Jeff Bezos will step down as Amazon CEO on July 5

5:05p Wednesday: How have storms been for you?

Teotihuacn: Alarm over construction near ancient site

Bobcat hugging his house cat friend!

Top Wisconsin Republican Robin Vos hires former cops to investigate November election

Trump Investigation possibly nearing "advanced stage"

American's infrastructure for handling mass shootings on full display TODAY

Jimmy Page: The Tour For A.R.M.S. USA 1983 (A.R.M.S.-Action into Research for Multiple Sclerosis)

Such a funny TikTok about vaccine

A Pirate Looks At 40, Margaritaville: Jimmy Buffett Live

So, yeah...anyways...Not a cult.

'No Way To Prevent This,' Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

Matthew Dowd on Nicolle Wallace's hour today made a lot of sense regarding gun issues

If trump and his offsprings agreed to stay out of public office and

I've been binge-watching Bogey and Bacall movies. Since it's not unusual for me to waste some

'This is a Republican backed recall': Gov. Gavin Newsom

Who has heard of an inverted road?

Cohen is on Ari now n/t

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part 40

Karine Jean-Pierre makes history giving White House briefing

San Jose Shooting Leaves at Least Nine Dead, Including Gunman

How will we ever compete with the Republicans' amazingly deep bench?

Republicans love to exploit

Here's a giant sledgehammer. Please don't hit me over the head with it

Aaaand we've switched from "they were tourists" back to "it was a leftist plot" yet again

Garcetti to Be Ambassador to India

Woman arrested after driving through East Tennessee vaccination site

So a few weeks ago I ordered some Asiatic lily bulbs, which I've never grown before.

The Texas Winter Storm And Power Outages Killed Hundreds More People Than The State Says

Eric Carle, Creator Of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar,' Has Died

Hibiscus blooms here. Cute bug photobombed. Find him?

Serves 3 Men

53% of Republicans view Trump as true U.S. president -Reuters/Ipsos

Former Palm Beach County GOP leader charged in Capitol insurrection

Candidates in crosshairs: 1 killed in Guanajuato, another kidnapped in Michoacn

Tweet of the night:

How do you know when you need a new Router ? nt

Amy Cooper Sues Former Employer for Racial Discrimination, Claims She Was 'Frightened to Death' of '

Kitten Dumped in Woods becomes Supurr Clingy!

Exquisite fossils unearthed in Inner Mongolia reveal how peas got their hard coat

Eric Carle, writer and illustrator who gave life to 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar,' dies at 91

My yearly sermon on this subject.

The Rude Pundit: Republicans Are the Extremists, and They Want to Blow Up the Joint

Oklahoma AG resigns following news of divorce, alleged affair


An Elementary School Teacher's Secret Life As A White Nationalist Writer

'Frustrated and concerned': Haberman reveals Trump's view of NY probe (CNN)

Just to be clear, the people who attacked our nation's capital attempting to execute politicians and

Partly cloudy with a chance of cicada pee

GOP senators set summer deadline on Congress' policing bill

Rhythm Heritage - Last Night On Earth

Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick's mother urges Congress to approve Capitol riot commission

Iraq militia chief arrested over attacks on base hosting U.S. forces - security sources

Manic Depression

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