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For those of you who don't know, it was illegal to eat banded gecko king snake under the Taliban.

Median price for home in Missoula rises from 2020 to 2021

How the Trump Administration Twisted Coronavirus Intelligence

Activists: Charge Louisiana troopers in Black man's death

earthquake! tiny one. 2.7 centered in Placentia california

When the republicans vote the Jan 6th commission down, and the House Democrats go it alone, only

Biden in Ohio visit touts his economic plans

CNN just reported that McTurtle is so desperate about the...

Biden mocks Republicans for promoting recovery plan they voted against

Explain these cousins to me, please

5/28 Mike Luckovich- Don't tread on me (ever again)

Country Joe MacDonald - the girl next door (army combat nurse)

Although the human feces which they smeared onto walls of the Capitol was scrubbed away by the next

ESA - Atlantification Moving Quickly In Arctic Ocean; Heat Overwhelming Rapid Ice Regrowth

Swiss Bank Admits to Laundering $36 Million in Bribes to Soccer Officials

Republicans Are United on Power

Rep. Matt Gaetz, fiance claim money for St. Pete yacht deal 'went missing'

From what I understood only the 1st stimulus check could be claimed for back child support.

Paul Ryan to enter GOP's civil war by criticizing Trump's hold on party

Oh, Yay. New Russian Arctic Oil Port Will Ship 25 Million Tons in 2024, 100 Million Tons By 2030

Detroit school leaders, pastors call for students to return to in-person learning

"He Died Like an Animal": Some Police Departments Hogtie People Despite Knowing The Risks

North Korea 'Bans Skinny Jeans, Piercings' in 'War on Capitalistic Lifestyle'

Let's see what important story Fox is covering....

Oh, Yay 2. Gazprom Also Working On Gigantic NG To Plastics Plant - 3 Million Tons/Year

What if the Senate Dems decided to elect Joe Manchin as majority leader and he was responsible for

Wow! The People's Party has a LIVE National Call underway as I type (8:35 PM)!

The Lincoln Project-MoscowMitch wants no vote on 16 Commission as favor

U.S. Decision Not to Rejoin Open Skies Leaves Just 1 Treaty Agreement with Russia

Xingu Basin, Among Most Biodiverse Areas In Brazil, Staggering Under Wholesale Destruction

Unexamined Intelligence to Pore Over on Virus Origins

Top Wisconsin GOP lawmaker hires retired police to probe 2020 election

King County Approves $631 Million Emergency COVID Budget

Commemorations of Tulsa race massacre could be target for White supremacists

New coral reef restoration technology aims to reverse climate change damage

King County health officer: No summer surge of COVID expected, but unvaccinated remain at high risk

Seattle outlines plans to spend $128 million in federal COVID relief money

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that are likely going to switch political parties.

Trudeau's own MPs demand plan for Canada-U.S. border

Fluffy ball of darkinos could be lurking at the center of the Milky Way

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Chilean Coasts Devastated By Salmon Farming: Five Marine Reserves Have Salmon Farms Inside Of Them

'Clearly hyperbolic': Rudy Giuliani denies he urged attack on Capitol in 'trial by combat' speech

Biden's Icecream moment today

Why can't we say....if you are unvaccinated as of xx/xx/xx,

Biden White House Tells Fired Trump Appointees to Deal With It: 'Elections Have Consequences'

Elton John sings the intro page from an oven manual

United Cacao Leveled 5,000 Acres Of Peru's Rainforest So It Could Grow "Sustainable" Chocolate

HRC 2016 on her Supreme Court goals. Oct 19, 2016

Joe Biden scorches Republicans taking credit for Dem's bill: Don't get in the way of what we need to

Angus King - I - Maine

Beto O'Rourke: without HR1, we could lose our democracy "forever".

Tragically Hip - Reformed Baptist Blues

Sitting here watching my wife put apple butter on slices of Granny Smith apples

Lin Wood gives a preview of what every election will look like...

Report: Almost 80% of Seattle-area home offers face a bidding war

Poll: 73% of Republicans blame 'left-wing protesters' for Jan. 6 attack. Just 23% blame Trump.

Pew Research: Understanding QAnon's Connection to American Politics, Religion, and Media Consumption

The 1/6 Filibuster are the Republican's way of avoiding a vote.

Poll: Majority of Americans believe Jan. 6 Capitol riot was an attack on democracy

Trump Org. Witness: I'm Facing Threats Over My 'Beat' Interview - The Beat - MSNBC

Well, my 3 year old Dell laptop seems on the way out - recommendation for a good Windows

Baton Rouge police strip-search teen and enter home without warrant

Sheriff deputy who mocked Covid vaccines dies of Covid

Brazil aerial photos show miners' devastation of indigenous people's land

Brazil aerial photos show miners' devastation of indigenous people's land

U.S. judge says Trump's election falsehoods still pose security risk

U.S. amping up dispute with Canada over allowed exports of American dairy products

U.S. amping up dispute with Canada over allowed exports of American dairy products

Bipartisanship is overrated, especially with these Republicans

Funny Newlywed Game Moments

London Beat - I've Been Thinking About You

'They Had One Chance': Chris Hayes On GOP Opposing 1/6 Commission - All In - MSNBC

Bill Cosby's petition for parole denied after he refuses therapy

Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities

Jay - Headlines (2008) Pt 02

Sheldon Whitehouse - Majority Leader?

Danny Glover joins crowd at rally against anti-Asian bias

The Cowards Are Going To Vote Under Cover Of Late Night

Paul Revere & The Raiders - Kicks

Happy 86th Birthday to the great Ramsey Lewis -

In 2019, Trump asked Ukranian President Zelensky for a "favor": assistance in smearing Joe

Zombies - Time Of The Season

*Re: Voting rights, on Lawrence Show now

Jason Miller speaks on those of faith in the Left actively promoting their values loudly

Republicans will never do what's right by following McConnell, McCarthy, and Trump...

Michigan lawmakers finally take up police reform bills a year after George Floyd's death

GOP Throws Out MyPillow Mike, Trump's Crazy Memorial Day Message & Governor Gavin Newsom Sneaks In

'Monsoon Wedding,' Chunari, Chunari Dance Scene

Family of Fallen Officer Pressures GOP for Jan 6 Commission - NowThis News

Prediction: There Won't Be A "Song & Dance" Vote Tonight

Did Biden's 3rd Nominee For USPS Board Of Gov.

Elevating doubt is the point

This is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Sort of computer. It's my damn phone. How in bloody hell do...

Trump Tells Court he has "Absolute Immunity" for Insurrection; Republicans Try to Prevent 1/6 Probe

Just a lowkey announcement

There's a whole lot of people walking around right now

NYC Mayor: Dianne Morales Tries to Calm a Sudden Crisis in Her Campaign

can't seem to get this tweet video to play, is it just me?

What happens when you leave a tetherball in the forest

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 30, 2021 - Memorial Day Marathon

TCM Schedule for Monday May 31, 2021 - Memorial Day Marathon

Anti mask, anti vaccine, Denver Sheriff dies of covid at 33.

Former Trump exec says Trump told him to fix the books

Divisive COVID 'lab leak' debate prompts dire warnings from researchers

McConnell isn't upset about the Jan. 6 investigation because it will hurt the next elections...

Prosecutors Investigating Whether Ukrainians Meddled in 2020 Election

New survey shows small businesses support Biden's jobs plan

Patrick Sky, Singer-Songwriter Popular in the '60s, Dead at 77

The first CDC-approved fully vaccinated cruise will sail June 26 from Florida, but the state says it

58% of voters support passing Biden's $4 trillion infrastructure plan without any Republican votes,

U.S. Is Said to Have Unexamined Intelligence to Pore Over on Virus Origins

Rep. Tlaib calls out social media companies for censoring Palestinian speech

God on Facebook posted this in my newsfeed

Seth Meyers: Marjorie Taylor Greene Compares Vaccination Passports & Mask Mandates to the Holocaust

Tweet of the late night:

Oh, you folks are going to LOVE what Janice McGeachin did this time

Metro Detroit man charged with breaking into Capitol

Joe Manchin comes out with jaw-dropping response to Republican obstruction - Brian Tyler Cohen

Do we need to rethink 5G?

It really is time for us to ask:

*Inside the Met, Friday, PBS.

Seth Meyers - Arizona Republicans Push Forward with Insane 2020 Election "Audit": A Closer Look

What is up w the Senate Republicans right now?

Well, it looks like Moscow Mitch

Chris Bassitt of the A's throws a complete game shut out his first

Rep. Ted Lieu: 'It Can Only Get Worse' For Trump With A 1/6 Commission - The Last Word - MSNBC

Just watched the 60 Minutes segment on UFO disclosure. Wow.

I met an absolutely beautiful dog today.

Paul Mooney On The Queen

Biden directs US flags to be flown at half-staff after mass shooting in San Jose, CA.


Carville urges Democrats to blame Trump for rising crime rates

Beto O'Rourke On GOP Voting Rules: 'We Might Lose This Democracy Forever' - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Black Panther: Danai Gurira's Okoye Returning for Disney+ Spinoff Series

He opened his door to protesters in need of shelter. They changed his life forever

To share with those of you who have someone in their life who does not want

Arkansas man who joined '14 Brownsville militia arrested at Capitol insurrection with guns, ammo

TWU is the newest university system in Texas

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's criminal case to be heard in Collin County, appeals court rules

pardon me but what the hell is going on in the senate with this all night debate?

Gov. Greg Abbott signs Javier Ambler Law banning reality TV partnering with police

100 days ago we lost:

Biden chides Rep. Beth Van Duyne for touting COVID relief she voted against: 'Some people have no

IDEA Public Schools Part Ways With CEO, COO After Review Of Charter's Finances

Tweet of the early morning:

Violence Interrupter Charged with Threatening Violence

'Major Problems' With Senate GOP $928 Billion Infrastructure Plan - The Last Word - MSNBC

2 from Imogen Heap // "Let Go" and "Say Goodnight and Go"

All State Workers to return by July 6

No gubernatorial bid for Angela Alsobrooks, who will seek 2nd term leading Prince George's.

Indiana veterans struggle to find jobs as state reopens to full capacity

Heather Cox Richardson on how the GOP Senate block of the Jan 6 Commission

Evansville Democrat who sent illegal ballot applications pleads guilty to felony charge

GOP's Trump Loyalists Are Trying To Memory Hole Capitol Riot - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Pressure mounts on Indiana University as more lawmakers criticize COVID-19 vaccine requirement

Karine Jean-Pierre makes history as 1st openly gay, 2nd Black woman to give White House briefing

Madagascar may be a secret stronghold for 'living fossil' fish

Senate Democrats urge Indiana businesses to raise pay to attract workers

Former chief of staff to House Speaker Michael Madigan charged with lying to federal grand jury

Lawmakers send Juneteenth bill to Gov. Pritzker, marking day as annual state holiday

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/27/21

Bill banning 'hairstyle discrimination' in schools passes House

Proposed Supreme Court remap evokes previous failed GOP attempt

Germany officially recognises colonial-era Namibia genocide

Illinois House passes right-to-unionize amendment

Illinois House passes right-to-unionize amendment

Got vaccinated? A major retail chain is offering a $1 million prize

Oil Company Reaps, Sows Effects Of Climate Crisis - All In - MSNBC

Watchdog Group Claims Ethics Violation After Would-Be Rival Said Rep. Marie Newman Scuttled Deal To

Kicking and Treating Workers Like They're Disposable Is Bad Business

The blocking by Republicans, for trump, the Jan 6th commission will expose them even more,

Ex-Tennessee DA admits to trading sex for dismissing charges

Conservative media outlet sues Lightfoot over interviews to reporters of color

North Carolina sheriff sued for requiring deputies to be vaccinated

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland 21 - 28 May (2021)

Laurel Woman Defrauds DC Medicaid Of $373K, Heads To Prison: DOJ

BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Stepping Down From Foundation

Tweet of the Day

Bowser's budget, flush with federal dollars, boosts spending on housing, mental health, violence

Hillary Clinton takes on conspiracy theorists in new 'Borat' series

In Fox News' America Yesterday, "Tennessee woman drives into vaccination tent to protest."

Stephen Colbert: Guest Bradley Whitford On Protecting Voting Rights

1/6 commission vote delayed

Biden's Schedule for Friday, May 28, 2021

Bidens to be in Alexandria briefly this morning

What Time Did The Vote Go Down On The 1/6 Commission And....

Biden to GOP: 'Don't get in the way' of infrastructure plan

I am taking issue with this headline

Maryland men's lacrosse focused on beating Duke in NCAA tournament semifinals

Pete Droge - Two Steppin' Monkey

northern Cali cafe owner charging $5 for wearing mask, $5 for "bragging" about being vaccinated.

Women's Lacrosse: Weekend Watch: No. 1 North Carolina vs. No. 4 Boston College

Canadian lawmaker apologizes for 2nd zoom exposure of his willy. will "seek assistance"

Friday TOONs - Whatever It Is, We're Against It

The Thorns - I Can't Remember

Daughter of author Michael Lewis among 2 dead in crash near Truckee

The US Funded Universal Childcare For Working Women During World War II- Then Stopped

Why is Putin escalating attacks on the U.S. now?

70% of January 6 terrorists released before trial compared with 25% of federal defendants

The US Funded Universal Childcare For Working Women During World War II- Then Stopped

I no longer want to hear about the GQP embracing 'Back the Blue'

Facebook will not give money to any members of Congress who voted against certifying the 2020 US el

Matt Gaetz Tells Fans to Carry Out 'Armed Rebellion' Against Government if Neccessary

There's never been a better time for US college athletes to unionize

Judge sets trial date for lawsuit over Missouri Medicaid expansion

Oh Matt Gaetz! Just go away, plezzzzzzzzzz!

Breakfast Friday 28 May 2021

As Russia tensions simmer, NATO conducts massive war games

On this day fifty years ago, May 28, 1971, Audie Murphy died in a plane crash outside Roanoke.

Bugged 'cocaine' nabs Colombian brothers

A Jan. 6th Commission would rescue the G.O.P. from Trump.

Joe: We have created more jobs in our first three months in office than have ever been created in th

And yet ...

What Could Go Wrong? Scottish Gov Preparing To Allow Neonicotinoid Pesticides In Salmon Farms

A man sucker-punched an elderly Asian woman carting groceries down a Queens street

Bolivia's Ex Minister Charged in Bribery and Money Laundering Scheme

Only Christians could apply for jail chaplain job in Prince George's County, federal lawsuit says

The Bar-Kays - Son of Shaft (Live at WATTSTAX)

Forever chemicals found in home fertilizer made from sewage sludge

New species of screech owl in Amazon named after American nun

Dozens Of Homes Destroyed In Arizona's Spur Fire; Town Of Bagdad Evacuated

2 Suspects in Custody After Springfield Killing of Highly Decorated Military Couple

American West Bracing For Unprecedented Wildfire Season: "Nothing Looks Good"

Interesting tid bit......a repub running for NYC Mayor......Curtis Sliwa!!!!!!

Infrastructure bridge scare, Jacksonville, Florida....Desantis territory

GQP Senators Display Ideological Hatred Of EVs, Including Imhotep Of IA, Sen. Not That Kennedy

The Webcomics Weekly #138: Within and Along the Equator (5/25/2021 Edition)

Art of the Week: Week of 5/26/21

The Rundown: May 26, 2021

The Rundown: May 27, 2021

The Rundown: May 28, 2021


Remove DeSantis' Green Concrete Veneer And There's Nothing There For America's Most Vulnerable State

Matt Gaetz Tells Fans to Carry Out 'Armed Rebellion' Against Government if Necessary

The enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend

"Food Network says it's dedicated to teaching. But it never let me say 'slavery' on air."

NYC Mayor: Ballot counting and RCV re-allocations will all be done by hand

Judge says L.A.'s response to homelessness crisis is moving too slowly

Matt Gaetz To Run For President In 2024 In Bid To Avoid Prison

DISABILITY round 1 (SSI)goes to me.

It's time to send the Texas Legislature home.

Republicans have chosen to live the lie and to deny the truth.

Revealed: majority of people charged in Capitol attack aren't in jail

Sheriff's Deputy Who Posted Anti-Vaccine Content Dies of COVID

A fallen Marine's medals were lost for years..until they appeared on an online auction site.

86-year-old pedophile priest loses Australian court appeal

Vocal Cat Hops Through Grassy Field

Really???? Some security questions

Dog wants to go to mom's work and pouts until she gets her way.

Not a cat person? One-eyed Willie converts everyone into a cat-craving human

SolarWinds hackers are at it again, Microsoft says

Toronto: Scarborough subway starts 'major' work in June, tunnelling next year, province says

In case you had trouble reading that

"Keep away from them."

Pupper and panther play together and share food:

Canadian Lawmaker Caught Naked On Video Call Has Another Mortifying Virtual Moment

Parrots: "Good morning." --"Can I have a kiss?"--"Mwuh! "

Most Dairy Cows Are Kissing Cousins, and Scientists Are Worried

QAnon's Antisemitism Is Finally Being Displayed in Full

Live: VP Harris Delivers the Keynote Address for the United States Naval Academy Class of 2021

What'd I Say

US Soldiers Expose Nuclear Weapons Secrets Via Flashcard Apps

Underrated point

"doggo.exe has stopped responding":

'No Way To Prevent This,' Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

This is not food...

"Cat.exe has stopped working" :

In general I know who not to vote for, but I have a new, useful criterion...

Witnesses are being called before the Special Grand Jury.

Deer door:

What does it mean that Republicans keep blaming the left for Jan. 6?

Cartoon: Tower of bribes By Clay Jones -May 28, 2021 9:00 AM

Baby elephant gives serious attitude:

Brood X cicadas have begun emerging in Michigan. But the big show is yet to come.

T-Bone Walker was born on this date.

Senate's Capitol commission fail highlights Manchin's filibuster ignorance

Pic Of The Moment: This Is Your Brain On Trumpism

!2 year old breaks the scoreboard ...

Gladys has a birthday today.

John has a birthday today.

I won't even pretend that I can follow economic stimulus plans in relation to GDP.

"Central Park Karen" Amy Cooper Is Suing Her Ex-Employer For Racial Discrimination

Blocking the Jan. 6 commission is treasonous, but it won't stop Congress from investigating

Not altogether tongue-in-cheek

Oklahoma teacher says summer class canceled due to bill that bans teaching critical race theory

The Gaetz-Greene Traveling Freak Show Is the Future of the GOP

CNN: January 6 Insurrection Bill Being Voted For Cloture Right Now!

Photojournalist, gay rights pioneer Kay Lahusen dies at 91

Photojournalist, gay rights pioneer Kay Lahusen dies at 91

It's supposed to start tonight and the website intinerary for the QAnonapolloza in Dallas...

Good Day DU (May 28, 2021)

Sen. Tester: "We've got to get to the bottom of this shit. Jesus. It's a nonpartisan investigation o

The Rise of Italy's Far Right - Decade of Hate (Vice)

US consumers boosted spending in April as inflation surged

Woman called "dumb Democrat" and thrown out of hotel

807 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today; 15 deaths

The Republican play on the Jan 6 Commission is so obvious, it shouldn't be hard to counter

Something is very wrong with a political system where the party responsible

Cloture Vote: January 6 Investigation Bill

Is It Too Late For Democracy?

Why are they bothering with 101 Dalmatians origin stories when there's a sequel to adapt?

May is Neurofibromatosis Awareness month

Texas GOP Voter suppression bill is out of committee

Mitch McConnell Must Have Dementia

Sensitive data of 520 patients put online by Russian based hackers, HSE of Ireland reveals.

R Governor of WV makes his dog "Babydog" mascot of state vaccine lottery 😂

President Biden speaking now

Party of 4? Your trail is ready.

Erasing January 6th

Chilly East, stormy Plains, hot West: where weather could impact Memorial Day Weekend

54 - 35

Poor Matty

GOP senators block Jan. 6 Commission, likely ending bid for independent probe of Capitol riot

The Party of White Grievance Has Never Cared About Democracy

Bolsonaro visits indigenous reservations in Amazon for first time

A depressingly evergreen tweet from January 6th.

Message to Republican members of Congress: If you won't stand up to a bully, you are


Is Schumer just ramming through stalled nominees and bills by himself? nt

The fascism is already here, but we can't see it through the lens of exceptionalism

Paging Joe Manchin

11-year-old boy faces arson charges linked to brush fire

When the republicans blocked a non-partisan investigation into the January 6th insurrection, which

From my campaign website: Arizonans deserve top notch health care

Another Hacking? Time To Shut Off Russia's Internet Access - Just Do It If They Don't Follow Rules

Special prosecutor time, AG Garland!

set up a house jan 6th comittee

Sinema skipped the vote on the 1/6 commission.

The Filibuster Discourages Bipartisanship. The GOP Filibuster Of A Jan. 6 Commission Just Proved it.

The FBI will feed hacked passwords directly into Have I Been Pwned

Brazil Let 70 Million Shots Get Away and Sealed Its Covid Fate

3 little heads???

Trump supporter screams racist & antigay slurs at Joe Biden at ice cream shop

Is it possible data will be lost if the Jan 6 investigation is delayed

'Person Three': Feds concentrating on North Carolina close in on Oath Keepers 'quick reaction force'

Romper Stomper (1992)

McConaughey: Face masks a 'short-term inconvenience for long-term freedom'

It took quite a while for me to notice that some posters here not only never rec an OP,

Why can't we all just get along?

Russian government hackers target civil society groups after compromising USAID email marketing acco

'The truth is hard': Senate Republicans block commission to study Capitol riot of Jan. 6

Paul Ryan: Voters won't be impressed by 'yes-men and flatterers flocking to Mar-a-Lago'

It is not possible to appeal to their shame or their patriotism...

Face it, Spain, racism and tone deafness about it are everywhere.

G.O.P. Hates the U.S.A. because:"The G.O.P.Thinks IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE U.S.A."

RIP Rusty Warren

DHS secretary: 'We're taking a very close look at' vaccine passports

According to "Captain Obvious", Republicans couldn't "vote their conscience" because

This is, um, quite the take.


I'm shocked, Shocked!!, more members of the Capone Party didn't support Ness's Crime Commission plan

John Fugelsang tweet:

Court to name special master to examine materials seized from Giuliani

At Naval Academy Graduation, Harris Focuses on Strengthening a 'Fragile' World

It Ain't Over Till It is "OVER".....IT AIN'T OVER.!!!!

UFO whistleblower says Pentagon tried to silence him

Microsoft says SolarWinds hackers have struck again at the US and other countries

New York City is sending vaccination buses to beaches and parks this Memorial Day weekend

Biden taps former deputy campaign manager for ambassador post

Tulsa Race Massacre events could be targeted by white supremacist groups, DHS warns

Re: The Hacking Going On And The Breaching Of Computer Networks/Infrastructure......

Lisa Murkowski Says GOP Should Not Block 1/6 Commission for 'Short-Term' Gain

The Belmont Stakes logo is very New York 😳

Dog Caught On Hidden Camera Doing The Sweetest Thing For Foster Brother

Anyone believe Portman?

Flags ordered to be half-staff for Memorial Day [Wisconsin]

I believe the GOP has admitted guilt in the jan 6 riots to overthrow the government

cold war kids - first (2014) a classic banger to get your friday afternoon rolling

As Russia tensions simmer, NATO conducts massive war games

"The students who did not return have come to be known as the Missing Children."

Russia Blocks Flights That BYPASS Belarus Following Journalist's Arrest

What do the January 6 commission, covid deaths and gun massacres have in common? God's chosen

Why did 2 Dem Senators not vote on the Commission bill and who were they?

Cop hired to probe Wisconsin election has partisan ties

Biden starts holiday weekend by marking progress on virus

Nancy Pelosi @TeamPelosi: Republicans are scared of the truth. What are they hiding?

Why Christians Should be Troubled by the New "God Bless the USA Bible"

Let me get this straight: Republicans voted down the 1/6 Commission? Why are they protecting Antifa?

I guess Sinema had a date with a sangria that's why she missed the vote?

Biden Economist Defends Budget in Shot at Trump 2017 Tax Cuts

A few photos to share

GOP senators block bill to create Capitol riot commission (CNN)

Republicans Decided To Have Democrats Do Investigation So They Can Cry Like Babies On Fox

the black keys - crawling kingsnake (studio-2021) back to their swamp rock roots

Google Is Facing A Class-Action Lawsuit Over Claims It Paid Female Employees Nearly $17,000 Less Per

GOP Betrayed America - Meidas Touch

GOP Blocks Independent Commission To Investigate Attack On US Capitol (MSNBC)

Canadian politician apologizes after urinating during video call

I'm feeling ambivalent about the truth. If more people know the truth than the people who don't,

President Biden gave an address at a military facility in Hampton, VA, and now he'd going around....

K-9 dies after deputy leaves him in hot car

Veteran of peleliu passed Bobby a fine American

Let's make one thing perfectly clear.

So, FBI...maybe talk to this guy? THX!

Howard University Announces Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts

Have Republicans fucked us beyond repair?

10 mind-boggling things you should know about quantum physics

San Jose shooter faced disciplinary hearing the day

Republican Rep. Paul GOSAR honors insurrectionist Ashli Babbitt (He tweeted this TODAY!)

Senate Finance Committee advances Clean Energy for America Act with $12,500 electric vehicle credit

Couldn't hit the broad side of a barn door..

Rand Paul accuses Richard Marx of trying to have him assassinated

We have a real dandy here in Wisconsin...

Cartoons 5/28/2021

Alleged racist remarks at basketball game to be investigated

Putin praises closer ties with Belarus in Lukashenko talks

COVID-19 kills 32 members of Congo's parliament

It's 41 degrees and raining....

What vehicle did you learn to drive in?

Sen Manchin, your eternal legacy will be that of a do-nothing obstructionist.

Surviving an In-Flight Anomaly: What Happened on Ingenuity's Sixth Flight

Cindy McCain Cringes At Daughter Meghan McCain's 'View' Behaviour

Russia-linked SolarWinds hackers target email accounts used by State Department aid agency

Bill Cosby refuses sex offender program, so is denied parole

Elie Mystal: The GOP Can't Be Saved--And Neither Can Paul Ryan

What's Happening In Arizona Is Not Really An Audit Or A Recount. It's A Partisan Inquisition.

Yeah right! There are like 10 Arby's in Columbus Ohio


German Scientists Say Figured Out Why AstraZeneca & J&J COVID Vaccines Can Cause Rare Blood Clots

Bard timing: Argentinian TV reports death of Shakespeare after Covid jab

Pelosi on GOP blocking Jan. 6 commission bill. "Honoring our responsibility to the Congress in which

There at least needs to be filibuster reform

What's the Senate filibuster and why change it?

In Iraq's iconic marshlands, a quest for endangered otters

It's the Fox News, stupid.

QAnon Now as Popular in U.S. as Some Major Religions, Poll Suggests

Milky Way photographer of the year 2021 - in pictures

Here's GOP Rep. Paul Gosar honoring the woman who was shot breaking into the Speakers Lobby to take

The Retrumplicans just fired the first salvo in a Civil War

U.S. says $11.6 billion NYC-area tunnel project reaches milestones

USPS raises stamp price to 58 cents as part of DeJoy's 10-year plan

USPS raises stamp price to 58 cents as part of DeJoy's 10-year plan

Modi Never Bought Enough COVID-19 Vaccines for India. Now the Whole World Is Paying

Fagradalsfjall volcano is still a thing:

Someone Unfurled A Huuuuge 'Trump Won' Banner At Yankee Stadium. It Didn't Last Long.

So it could have been 54 ayes and 0 nays

CNN's Manu Raju has cicada crawling up his lapel. CNN's Chief Cicada Correspondent. LOL

So are we still going to call them "The Republican Party?"


Jamaicans are outraged that the promoters of a

QAnon Shaman's lawyer argues that his shirtlessness on Jan. 6 is evidence of his 'mental vulnerabili

When talking about the 1/6 Commission Nicole Wallace just said " the Dog caught the car"

Schumer to force vote on sweeping election overhaul next month

Pittsburgh Ice Cream Shop Couldn't Find Staff, Then Doubled Wage to $15, Flooded w 1K Applicants

Pete Carroll has Seahawks goal of 100% player vaccinations by the start of training camp

rep ted lieu points out the bright side -- pelosi could have select committee w/ "full subpoena ...

Anxious Golden Pup Rappels Down Canyons Now

Anti-Vaccine Sheriff's Deputy Dies of Covid 19. . .

Bennett Agrees to Form 'Change Government' In Israel

Opinion: Russia prepares to test its new censorship tool on Google. Tech giants should not give in

Prosecutors May Use a Mafia Law Against Donald Trump that Comes With Up To 25 Years in Prison

NASHVILLE -- Hatworks is literally selling Jewish stars that say "Not Vaccinated"

Genetically engineered salmon headed to your tables

A big FU... Patti Smith, Julian Casablancas among 600 musicians to urge boycott of Israel

Another One?! Arizona GOPers Could Re-Audit Maricopa County's 2020 Results

Senate Democrats Prepare to Go It Alone on Infrastructure

11 Senators didn't vote today on the January 6th commission. Cowards

11 Senators who did not vote on Commission Bill. (they left town, or weren't around)CNN:

JOHNNY MARR & EDDIE VEDDER : "There is a Light That Never Goes Out" : OHANA FESTIVAL (Sept 29, 2018


Tweet of the Day

Minnesota candidate backs move to block COVID shots for kids

No, the president of the United States does not influence gas price increases

What is the "truth" they are so frightened of?

Egyptian Spice mix - Dukkah

August 18, 2023

The Kominsy Method is back on Netflix without Allan Arkin.

1/6 vote today. Needs to be a serious wake up call

caption Meghan McCain

Tulsa commemorative event CANCALLED due to white supremacist threat

Sheriff's deputy who was fond of posting anti-vaccine videos dies of COVID-19

How close are we to a cataclysmic event in this country?

Pelosi And The Dems Need To Strike Back Fast/Immediately.....

This cannot be overstated.

A Look at What's Inside Biden's $6 Trillion Budget Request

The reins on hate have been unleashed. Moral compasses, if they existed, have been buried.

Did Manchin already forget his miserable time in the senate minority?

Officer Joshua Clark Arrested for Child Solicitation After Citizen-Led Sting Operation

USPS says stamps will rise to 58 cents as part of Postal Service's 10-year overhaul

PM Update: Periods of rain tonight ahead of a damp and chilly weekend

Any Phish people out there? This about killed me!

Ancient Civilizations of the Americas

Anti-vaxxer diner owner will charge customers an extra $5 if they wear masks

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 28, 2021

***SPOTSYLVANIA, tornado warning; take cover.

Key West Boat Accident: 2 Dead, 10 Possibly Missing After Boat From Cuba Overturns In FL.: CNN

American Democracy Isn't Dead Yet, but It's Getting There

We must protect Democracy now.

"QAnon Now as Popular in U.S. as Some Major Religions"

Clandestine, let's re-examine that word.

FBI Arrests Capitol Riot Suspect For Spraying Multiple Officers - MSNBC

Trump GOES OFF On Paul Ryan

Israel: Bennett agrees to form 'change government' with Lapid

McGahn can decline to answer any questions to his own liking

New Bible that includes Constitution creates controversy before it even hits market

A question about something I've observed in the corporate world

Sen. Bennet: 'No One Hates Donald Trump More Than Mitch McConnell' - MSNBC

Idaho governor nixes lieutenant governor's mask-mandate ban

Grand jury finds no wrongdoing by officers in Lincoln shooting that killed Wyoming couple

QAnon Shaman's defence lawyer says he tried to stop someone stealing muffin during Jan 6 insurrectio

Rep. Torres On Receiving Threats, Including From El Salvador President

Carol Leonnig on the January 6th Commission: If We Don't Investigate, "It's Going to Happen Again"

Suspects' Volkswagen identified in road rage shooting that killed 6-year-old boy; reward tops $320k

Spain's postal service accused of racism over flesh-toned stamps

DOJ asks judge to toss lawsuit against Trump, Barr for violent clearing of Lafayette Square

Ex-Speaker Ryan to GOP: Reject Trump, '2nd-rate imitations'

I'll take you on a trip down memory lane where the most interesting part is what I found out

US blocks seafood from Chinese fleet over crew mistreatment

US blocks seafood from Chinese fleet over crew mistreatment

*UPDATE*: So, I asked for FMLA at work...

*UPDATE* I asked for the FMLA at work last Monday

Eugene Clemons May Be Ineligible for the Death Penalty. A Rigid Clinton-Era Law Could Force Him to..

Call out Sen McConnell for covering up the crimes of 1/6.

Arizona Senate calls off budget vote, adjourns amid rancor

Kim Jong-Un brutally shoots a orchestra conductor 90 times in front of every artist in Pyongyang

Abortion should come with a free gun.

Idaho Governor Nixes Lieutenant Governor's Mask-Mandate Ban

Donna Brazil's is also gone from the crap network.....

Russia Appears to Carry Out Hack Through System Used by U.S. Aid Agency

Senate Republicans block probe of Capitol riot - Reuters

The Marjorie Taylor Green effect:

woman who fed hot cheetos to the monkeys.. gets new job, new boss blasts "cancel culture"

Keith Olbermann: Get a Special Prosecutor for 1/6

New Olbermann: Get a Special Prosecutor

Another Ohio Man Arrested For Capitol Attack

Jonathan Pie's latest rant: A Political Nightmare

Subpoenaing Records From January 6th 'Can Start Today' - Deadline - MSNBC

Former health department employee, Rebekah Jones, granted official whistleblower status

'Mind your own business': Florida men assault Hawaii resident after reminder to wear masks

Renewed focus on Wuhan lab scrambles the politics of the pandemic

Friday Night Album Rock - Sonic Youth - Dirty (PYF Edition)

Poll: Covid-19 came from a lab leak in Wuhan or from bats like Mers and Sars did?

When two men in a business always agree, one is unnecessary.

Sen Ron Johnson, Repug, WI joins Republicans in blocking commission to study Capitol riot

Chill and rain coming; will see what's up for ospreys in the morning.

President Joe is nailing this shit...

My explanation for the epidemic of spinelessness in the GOP.

more than 100 BB shootings at cars on southern California freeways...someone finally caught

Posted Without Comment

From slavery to segregation, the Senate filibuster is very much racist

Not everyone in Florida is buying what Rhonda Santis is selling-

Men displaying 'Trump won' banner removed from Yankee Stadium

Watch: Massive Shark Swims by Ship off New England coast

I'm happy. Up north on a lake