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Pizza place owner went on spending spree with $600K in ppp $: upgrade farm, vehicles, spa, alpacas

A Black Father's POWERFUL RESPONSE To Tim Scott's America Is Not A Racist Country

GOP Sen. Mitt Romney defends Rep. Liz Cheney amid Republican blowback: 'Liz Cheney refuses to lie'

Trump's Scottish Golf Resorts Took $800,000 In Taxpayer Funds To Save Jobs, But Cut Workers

Judge Rebukes Barr's Justice Dept. as Misleading on Decision Not to Charge Trump

Ohio GOP will discuss possible censure of Rep. Anthony Gonzalez for impeaching Trump

Teen charged as adult after police say she rigged homecoming queen election with her mom

NY Senate to pass bill barring sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores

Sun set, storm ended.

Safeway, Albertsons across Washington won't require appointments for COVID-19 vaccines

Fences removed from Capitol Campus in Olympia after 4 months

Fox News has aired 126 segments on trans student-athletes. They could only find nine nationwide.

Cheney Says She Won't Rule Out Future Presidential Run: 'Ever Is a Long Time'

Trump Launches Sad Twitter Just for Him

Republicans request documents on Kerry's security clearance process

Pro-Trump Pastor Mario Murillo Says God Wants Christians to 'Terrify National Democrat Leaders'

Armistead Maupin pays tribute to iconic actress Olympia Dukakis

Republican anti-vaxxers are spoiling everything for everyone else.

Affluent Americans Rush to Retire in New 'Life-Is-Short' Mindset

Armistead Maupin pays tribute to iconic actress Olympia Dukakis

The Ivy League will have football this coming season!

Trump was so embarrassed by the video of him looking ridiculous while ranting at Mar A Lago...

PM Update: Quieter and muggy tonight, with another chance of storms Wednesday.

Fox "attacks" Stacey Abrams

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Why Not Turn Airports Into Giant Solar Farms?

Florida Man, ATMs and Mary Jane

NYPD Oversight Board Overturned Hundreds of Its Own Police Misconduct Findings

US report: Taliban will likely curtail Afghan women's rights

Turn on Rachel RFN re Barr's lies about the Mueller investigation

"I've had it with her": McCarthy caught on hot mic trashing Liz Cheney

Republican agenda

Judge Amy Berman Jackson IS and has been one of the BEST!

I have a number of colleagues born in India. In the last month, two had their mothers die...

It's time to take a second look at the original herd strategy

Alleged Boogaloo Bois member pleads guilty in Minnesota

Biden says hopes to meet Putin during June trip to Europe

'Deep sh**': Giuliani Criminal Raid Has Trump Worried - The Beat With Ari Melber (MSNBC)

GrASSley wants more information about John Kerry's finances, potential conflicts of interest

Paul Ryan, It's Time for You to Stand Up to Fox

So who gets custody of the data from the vaccine microchips in the divorce?

The case for President Uncle Joe's political genius: Merrick Garland, USAG.

U.S. Commerce Dept. pressing Taiwan to supply more chips to U.S. automakers

Derek Chauvin's defense attorney files motions to throw out guilty verdict, seeks new trial Attorney

Fiona Hill kept a box under her desk while working in the Trump White House in case she had to leave

'A lot of confusion': Virginia Republicans stumble over their own voter ID requirement

Trump Lawyers Demand Enemies Pay for 'Weaponizing Courts'

Facebook alternative???

Five former IRS commissioners: Biden's proposal would create a fairer tax system

Why Doesn't Ice Cream Come In Boxes Anymore?

National Guard soldier is fourth service member charged in Capitol riot

is online ordering turning us into monsters? Starbucks order w 13 modifications enrages the internet

Trump's Big Lie Devoured the G.O.P. and Now Eyes Our Democracy

They're here DC, you cannot escape!

My Absence from the Artist and poetry group

Americans Can't Get Enough of the Stock Market

Are the Bidens giants? Are the Carters tiny? Or are our eyes failing us?

Will Liz Cheney leave the republican party?

The President's Speech - Andy Kessler

Judge AB Jackson Slams Bill Barr for Misleading Representations to Congress re: the Mueller Report

Will Liz Cheney...

Amazing that with people still dying we are worried about Liz Cheney

Latest Q Annon Weirdos

a FAVORITE, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Rondo alla Turca

Idaho legislative intern reports rape, is ID'd by lawmaker

Looks like Trump is trying to get around Twitter ban

Alabama House nears vote on medical marijuana bill

"CIA mocked from all sides over new 'woke' recruitment video"

Venezuelan lawmakers OK opposition members to election board

Anyone can use this powerful facial-recognition tool -- and that's a problem

What do you get when you mix Star Wars, the Osmonds, Kris Kristofferson...

Thousands Hospitalized for Gun Shot Wounds Each Year

Bolsonaro has insulted much of the world. Now Brazil needs its help.

Pentagon tracking out-of-control Chinese rocket that could reenter Earth's atmosphere

50 Companies Oppose Texas Voting Restrictions

Trump Launches New Communications Tool After Social Media Ban

*Harry Reid coming up, on MSNBC.

J. Kimmel: May the 4th Be With You, Melinda & Bill Gates Split and Vaccine Advice from Real Doctors

Hooo boy.

Giuliani Presses Trump to Pay Him

Democrats have an excellent chance of getting over 50 seats in the US Senate in 2022.

The Daily Show - Ted Cruz: The Booger on the Lip of Democracy

Chauvin Desperately Trying To Get New Trial - Rebel HQ

Tennessee Lawmaker Is Criticized for Remarks on Three-Fifths Compromise


Sheldon Silver, Disgraced Assembly Speaker, Is Furloughed From Prison

Wouldn't it be great if Kevin McCarthy's Congressional District gets eliminated?

'They Call It Social Cleansing': Court May Force Honduras to Better Protect Trans People

Ted Cruz: The Booger on the Lip of Democracy

Within Temptation - Memories (2005)

Germany: Right- Wing Criminality At Record High

Texas legislation seeks to sanitize and take control of the history students learn.

Seth Meyers - Trump Calls for Recount of 2 Million Arizona Ballots - Monologue 5/3/21

"Ohio"--performed by Kent State University Chorale...

(PA) A Bucks County man shot his dog and then barbecued it, police say

Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow -- Facebook's Ruling On Trump's Suspension

Rep. Katie Porter Fights for Accountability in Organ Recovery, Grills Lobbyist

To The Facebook Oversight Board

Office Depot/Office Max will laminate your Covid vaccination card free.

Three from Jennifer Higdon - Oboe Concerto, Viola Concerto, Bowling Green Philharmonia

Preparing for a World of Holocaust Deepfakes

(Jewish Group) Jewish American History: Emma Lazarus

Hey! Hey! The Monkees to bring farewell tour to The Paramount in October

'I feel like we all failed her': Grade 6 Saanich girl dies of suspected drug overdose

I, a woman, often feel like my body doesn't belong to me.

GOP Efforts To Punish Liz Cheney Means Parroting The 'Big Lie' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

The DNC is Digging Up Dirt on 20 Potential 2024 Candidates Like Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley and Mike

Marjorie Taylor Greene Officially Demands That Republicans Be Loyal To Trump

2nd Update on my Side-Yard Kittens

I'm having a terrifying experience, as my husband is on the phone fighting w our anti-vax daughter

NY lawmakers target understaffing at hospitals, nursing homes. What to know

Airlines are battling a scourge of passengers traveling with falsified Covid-19 health certificates,

cat and wooly sheep

Anna Clyne's 'The Seamstress', Jennifer Koh on Violin

Question, re: 'ancestry' etc.

Why did the pronunciation of caramel change over the years?

Biden Lays Out Plan For When FDA Green Lights Covid Vaccines For Children - MSNBC

Why do Americans die earlier than Europeans?

I just won overall winner at a Vancouver BC film festival with my psychological thriller

A CNN reporter went to interview voters in McCarthy's district

Want to learn my mother's birth, marriage and death dates; she died when I was 7 or 8,

On Lincoln Project livestream earlier, Rick Wilson says GOP will pick Jordan or Greene as Speaker

Mazzy Star - Fade into you

Thousands lose power, damage across DMV region amid Tuesday storms.

Stacey Abrams: Voting rights not a question of partisanship, but of 'peopleship' - PBS NewsHour

Entire steering wheels are being stolen by airbag thieves in these cars

'Schitt's Creek' sign turning heads in Columbia County

Giuliani evidence should be reviewed by an outside lawyer, Justice Dept. says

Protesters take to the streets again Tuesday evening in Elizabeth City

Changing Face of N.C.: Wine production booms in the Tar Heel State

Fauci's Message To Those Hesitant To Get The Vaccine: The Common Enemy Is The virus, Not Each Other

I'm too sexy for this street...

Dream Chaser space plane preps for ISS supply missions in 2022

Capitol Police Inspector General's Testimony Highlights Glaring Failures

power mad judge threatens man with jail for wearing work clothes during virtual hearing

Montana tribe gifts vaccines to neighbors across the border

60 years ago: Mercury-Redstone 3

Jill Biden to visit Utah school as US moves toward reopening

Ok, DU. I have a question? Should we throw some/lots of support to Liz Cheney?

Sen. Warren: 'Americans Have Had It With Republicans On Taxes' - The Last Word - MSNBC

American's Not In The T...p Death Cult Need To Figure Out How To Deal With The People

'They know it's un-American': Sen. Brown takes aim at GOP lawmakers over voting rights bill

Louisville health officials expect post-Derby COVID-19 spike

Reporter gives VIRAL clapback to Republican complaining on livestream - Brian Tyler Cohen

State lawmaker responds to ongoing anti-Asian hate, calls for action

Josh Hawley Defends Pre-Capitol Riot Raised Fist Moment - The 11th Hour (MSNBC)

'Orwellian': Chris Hayes On GOP Move To Purge Cheney--And Truth From Their Party - All In - MSNBC

Human Rights, Bolivia, and the Best of Harvard Law

Florida will spend $100 million to clean up, close Piney Point

Federal Judge Calls Out Bill Barr For Lying - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Vice President Kamala Harris focuses on jobs, research in Milwaukee visit

Biden considering Mayor Eric Garcetti as ambassador to India

Actor indicted in $227M Ponzi scheme involving film rights

Liz Cheney May Lose GOP Leadership Role For Refusing To Lie - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Supermarkets threaten Brazilian boycott over Amazon destruction

Even 'Turning Texas Blue' Won't Fix Us If We Don't Face Some Hard Truths

Former federal ethics chief blasts Ted Cruz's message to 'woke' corporations as 'openly corrupt'

Caught On Hot Mic, McCarthy Reportedly Throws Cheney Entirely Under The Bus

Tennessee House lawmakers approve bill that would make the state a Second Amendment Sanctuary

US gov't praised for joining conservation efforts in Antarctica's Southern Ocean

Texas City Lifts Shelter-In-Place Order After Marathon Oil Chemical Leak

Is Antarctica the new Eldorado? The sixth continent between claims and international law

Storm Ridden Coral System Restored by a Radical 10-Year Restoration Project

Why The Bidens Look Much Larger Than The Carters In This Photo - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Storm Ridden Coral System Restored by a Radical 10-Year Restoration Project

Senate bill targeting trans kids in sports dies in committee

Castillo and Fujimori hold first presidential debate leading to Peru's runoff

TRMS: Let's re-examine that DOJ ruling since it's clear it was falsified

Dr. Fauci on People Not Getting Vaccinated, Conspiracies & Misinformation and Last Talk with Trump

Kushner Companies Violated Multiple Laws in Massive Tenant Dispute, Judge Rules

Jimmy Kimmel Live: A Message for People Who Don't Want the COVID Vaccine


AT&T Stadium to host anti-LGBTQ group

Local Texas Dem. party declines to accept resignation of chair who called U.S. Sen Tim Scott an oreo

How teamster conversation has changed over the years

Breakfast 5 May 2021

'This was a ruse to get police to the house.' Metro Officer shot in 'setup' at South Nashville home

D.C.-area forecast: Scattered showers and a few storms today; mostly sunny and cooler tomorrow

Hanging rhinos upside down is 'vital' for their conservation

J.C. Penney's new owners cut 650 jobs as the retailer looks for a permanent Texas headquarters

Migrant Teen Reunites With Mother More Than Three Years After Separation Under Trump - Rachel Maddow

Neo-Nazi who played role in 'swatting' plot that targeted Arlington mosque gets prison time

The Facebook Ban Hurt Trump in Surprising Ways

Netanyahu misses deadline to form government in Israel

How long does it take to "fix" a vote? AZ is still counting ballots.

Sid Miller urges judge to void Texas Senate's required COVID-19 tests

Williamson County, former Sheriff Robert Chody face new excessive use of force lawsuits

If the Insurrectionist in Chief were a Muslim who had attempted a coup

You got your calm types, and then you got your not-so-calm types...

I predict Facebook will reinstate Trump.

Sen. Sherrod Brown Calls Rand Paul 'Kind of a Lunatic'

How do you hide money from a republican

It's the best time ever to sell a used car -- as long as you don't need to buy one

Wolf to lift all covid restrictions, except masks, on Memorial Day

We are learning that no lie is too big cause Brexit and the far right capture of the 'working class

Arkansas, Tennessee Move To Limit Education About Racism, Sexism

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Flood threats persist as storms continue to drench South

N.J. town fires officer, suspends another over post calling Black Lives Matter protesters 'terrorist

If they allow trump back on FB I will delete my profile.

BTRTN: Joe Biden, The Six Trillion Dollar Man

BTRTN: Joe Biden, The Six Trillion Dollar Man

NYT Video: Takes From People From Around The World On US & The Environment. It Doesn't Go Well.

Wednesday TOONs - Truth Issues

GOP give rise to another big lie that people aren't working because Biden is giving them too much

Let's be clear what he's trying to do to our election process,

New Developed Nations' Climate Targets Announced During Earth Week Summit - 2.4C Warming By 2100

President Biden you have 99 problems but Manchin should not be one of them!

UK Banks' Investments In Coal Sector Up From $21 Billion To $30 Billion Since Paris

No. 2 House Republican backs Elise Stefanik to replace Liz Cheney

U.S. fertility dips to its lowest rate since the 1970s

I think my mom is in denial 8-(

"Oooh! Obama Science Advisor Slams Climate Action!" Yes, It's Another Lomborg Piece Of Shit

If Facebook reinstates Trump

The Largest Coal Plants Will Last Longest - 8 Of America's Top 10 By Size Have No Retirement Date

Private-sector employment increased by 742,000 from March to April, on a seasonally adjusted basis.

Explosives and weaponry found at US far-right protests, documents reveal

The Stowaway (Netflix) ... just read "The Cold Equations"

Cinco de Mayo - May 5th

Can't Make This Shit Up: Exxon Now Attacking Rockefeller Family For Climate Activism, Donations

The Weekly Pull: Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters, Batman, The Good Asian, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (5/5/21)

The Webcomics Weekly #135: In a Spooky Dungeon Far, Far Away (5/4/2021 Edition)

This Month in Comics: April 2021

Art of the Week: May the Fourth Edition

"Drastic times call for drastic measures."

The Rundown: May 5, 2021

MN GOP Pissed About State's Clean Car Rules; Now Ready To Close Parks, Slash Environment Budget

'My fellow American': Biden sends letter to stimulus check recipients, echoing mailer sent by Trump

RCP Trots Out Embalmed Corpse Of Climate Solutions Caucus As "Proof" We Need "Bipartisanship"

From Al Jazeera: Bill Gates' company transfers $1.8bn of equities to Melinda Gates

Secret William Barr memo saying not to charge Trump must be released, judge says

CA Snowpack At 15% Of Water Content For May 4th; Cutbacks Coming All Along The Colorado

Exclusive: Boeing faces new hurdle in 737 MAX electrical grounding issue - sources

'We're terrorized': LA sheriffs frequently harass families of people they kill, says report

USFS - "Significant" Dieoff Of Junipers From Drought In Central And Northern AZ

Facebook oversight board upholds Trump account's suspension

Well, I'll be damned. Board ruled FB ban will stay in place for now.

FB board punts back to Zuckerberg on traitor ban.

You will be given $25,000. and an airline ticket to anywhere if you leave today.

Trump's Facebook suspension upheld by "independent" panel

I am both embarrassed and disheartened about how many posts I type and then scrap

Governor Northam will make an important rail announcement in Christiansburg today at 2:00 p.m.

Giuliani Raid, Judge Berman Ordering Release of DOJ Memo...A Picture Is Beginning to Emerge

Why does the Media Keep Predicting

i have a friend who is a faa part 107 licensed drone captain.

Quick question, Do I have a right to ask or demand that my picture not be put on facebook ?

Beau of the Fifth Column - SPOT ON!

New pandemic emerging - "Irrationalitis-21"

Kevin McCarthy has 'lost confidence' in Cheney's willingness to LlE.

Talk about your doppelgangers: Greta Thunberg seemingly has one from 120 years ago

Got my first Moderna COVID shot yesterday.

Americans for Prosperity launches campaign targeting six Democrats to ...

Cheater Stro has long night in the Bronx

i feel that this post should be in the computer room , but most topics are on a singular iteom

MF45 ban on FB stands - For Now!

No Facebook here!

One simple reason why not reinstating the former guy was the right call...

GM profit surges to $2.98B on sales of higher-margin trucks

The gravitas of 2 largest social media platforms

Yesterday, my wife texted me in my basement office.

Maybe a dumb question here on Arizona recount fiasco

Hi, DUers, this is Cavin' McCarthy---(can you prove I'm not?)---with an explanation of why

Dr. Francis Collins, GMA interview on getting the vaccine

Kiewit, Mass Electric finalize Texas Central (high-speed rail) contract

Would you walk across this bridge?


This isn't going to help

What happened to the Insurrectionist identified among those "re-counting" ballots

Casually hoovering over an active volcano crater can be so soothing to watch...until it explodes.

Bidens tower over Carters in viral photo: 'How is this real'

Fecebook logo. Credit to Blue Owl and Steve Jobs.

Resolution to remove slavery from state constitution headed to Governor's desk.

Liz Cheney chooses truth over power -- a lonely path in Trump's GOP

If you've heard the song "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist"... what do you think of it?

The sad truth starring @GovAbbott , @DanPatrick , and @TexasGOP #JimCrow

The sad truth starring @GovAbbott , @DanPatrick , and @TexasGOP #JimCrow

Is the vote to oust Cheney public or private?

Why McConnell Is About to Destroy the GOP

Flight 505

Only the 'lucky few' will pay higher taxes under Biden's plan, analysis finds

Canada authorizes Pfizer vaccine for age 12 and older

Jon Stewart bashing TucKKKer

Many police officers spurn coronavirus vaccines as departments hold off on mandates.

BREAKING NEWS: Trump somehow ends up getting banned from his own social media platform.

Seychelles imposes COVID-19 curbs despite being world's most vaccinated nation

After 17 years of hiding, large swarm of Brood X cicadas expected to emerge

Dammit - Tucker has jumped the shark on this rant

DOOM Eternal soundtrack - Mick Gordon

Federal judge vacates the CDC's temporary nationwide ban on evictions, tens of thousands targeted

Virginia officer who shot man in car indicted on murder charge

This Message - The Lincoln Project

Asian American Teen Called Racial Slur, Punched In Face During Tournament Basketball Game in Oakland

"while this report does not conclude that [Trump] committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him"

Why'd the Chicken Cross the Road? (Luckovich)

Asian American Teen Called Racial Slur, Punched During Tournament Basketball Game in Oakland

742 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed; 5 deaths

Seattle police investigating after man makes anti-semitic gestures, threats outside Jewish woman's h

Here's a great example of how right wing media outlets radicalize their consumers.

Florida Republican challenges trans woman to public arm wrestling match when confronted over vote

Early Morning Jamming

Life's a bitch -

Joe Biden is reuniting families that the former asshole tore apart

Good Day DU (May 5, 2021)

Pic Of The Moment: Kevin McCarthy Takes Liz Cheney To Republican Leadership Couples Counseling

Here's a two-day old, baby giraffe...for no other reason than to make you smile....

How GOP rage at Liz Cheney makes a future stolen election more likely

Brood Q is about to emerge!

Bud's the world's happiest dog. He's missing half of his jaw.

Devo's Jerry Casale Looks Back at Kent State 50 Years Later: 'Time Stood Still' - Rolling Stone

Here Comes the May Wave (B.1.1.7 Variant)

Why Liz Cheney angers Republicans: The GOP must keep Trump's Big Lie alive for the next election

Tiniest Pittie Puppy Heals A Stray Dog's Heart

Hey, everyone at DU (Star Wars day today)

Jared Kushner is founding a nonprofit focused on the Middle East, report says

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says a 'shocking' $7 trillion in taxes is going uncollected

The board of the Trump PAC's new voter suppression project is full of idiots and crooks

It is really unfortunate that the media outlets don't seem to understand free speech,

Peloton treadmills recalled, CEO apologizes for fighting U.S. regulators

Jonathan Swan says Trump & his inner circle consider Facebook reinstatement crucial to 2024 run

Elie Mystal: Nothing to Fear But...

Dozens of Companies Sign Letters Opposing Texas Voting Bills

Trump, Republicans Vow Facebook Will Pay A Price For Upholding His Ban

Firing of Atlanta officer who shot Rayshard Brooks reversed

Brutal Attacks on Asians continue in San Francisco. Man with Stroller brutally beaten

Dozens of Companies Sign Letters Opposing Texas Voting Bills

The politicians who tried to overturn an election -- and the local news team that won't let ...

2nd shot is done!!

Former GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock Warns Female Republicans About Being Party's 'Handmaiden'

Chinese Rocket Reportedly Rained Metal on Ivory Coast Last Time One Fell to Earth

Bend police officer under investigation after accusations of extremist speech

No. 2 House Republican calls for ousting Cheney as conference chair

I went to Dollar Tree for the first time in over a year.

trump allowed

Joe Biden- "I don't understand the Republicans."

Facebook Oversight Board upholds Donald Trump's suspension (CNN)

Go Yankees!! (and the Mets too, I guess)

Bill Barr Always Wanted To Go To Prison

This Capitol rioter didn't leave a trail of evidence - but his proud wife did

'The Single Dumbest 'Legal Take' of All Time': Charlie Kirk Calls for Supreme Court to Get Trump

racist are here to stay they say

Biden administration blocks Trump-era rule affecting gig workers

Hey Liz Cheney, are you tired of all of these threats to remove you from the Leadership?

Idiot Lauren Boebart -- Allows Trademarks to Expire. South Park Contributor Creates Parody Website

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid gains chance to form government, oust Netanyahu

Pre-dawn, southern MD

SEE IT: Fox News host snaps at 6th-grader who defended Biden in live interview

GQP response to FB ban of MF45: Take it to the SCOTUS!

So what is the source of Tucker Carlson's attack on cat cafes?

Blue Origin to auction off first New Shepard seat to the highest bidder

Idiot Lauren Boebart -- Threatens Facebook with "Mark My Words" then Deletes Those Very Words

Republicans declare war on Facebook for upholding Trump ban...

What Is BolaWrap, the High-Tech Lasso All Cops Seem to Want

Former Colorado cop sentenced to probation for holding roofing salesmen at gunpoint

Otter clapping; another otter playing basketball:

What's that about bipartisanship?

Cops Trashed Attorney's Home In Retaliation For Successfully Defending Suspect Against Murder Charge

Wait for it!

Georgia governor's job approval rating ticks up to 45 percent: poll

Stray Cat With a Stern Appearance Turned Out to be Cute Inside

i think we should make liberal democracy a religion. so we can have all of the benefits, perks and

Middle Age Riot tweet:

What's really going on down in Georgia

Broadway To Reopen Sept. 14, Says Gov. Andrew Cuomo; Broadway League "Cautiously Optimistic"

Conservatives have one remaining redoubt of power. And they're going to use it.

Another Middle Age Riot tweet:

The Big Lie

"A shot and a beer"

Ted Cruz must agree with Trump's assesement of his wife's appearance...

US warplanes help Afghan forces fend off Taliban offensive

Kitteh talks charmingly in his sleep:

Federal judge vacates CDC's nationwide eviction moratorium

Shooting highlights lack of body cams among Portland police

Fox News has aired 126 segments on trans student-athletes. They could only find nine nationwide.

The Real Obstacle to a New Normal? Anti-Vaxxer Parents.

Washington's scenic North Cascades Highway reopens today

Most voters support Biden's American Families Plan, poll finds

ALL YOUR LOVE: Penguin Prison's 90s Flashback 💫

One More Pit Monster...

has liz cheney been sacrificed to the mar a lago volcano god yet?

I still freak out over this:

How I've Convinced Some People To Get The Vaccination......

Trumps current life:

? Vets If I send my wife a range card , do you think she will understand the dogs dug up lilac bush

All politics are local. QAnon candidate running for local school board in SE PA, hiding extremism

QAnon convention has been kicked out of its Dallas venue.

Here's what Stefanik wrote on 1/6 in her hometown paper, explaining her vote to upend the election

Dogecoin continues it's scarcely believable surge

Atlanta police officer fired after fatally shooting Rayshard Brooks has been reinstated

I love the BeeGees, but OMG! They were terrible when they started out.

Firing of Atlanta officer who shot Rayshard Brooks reversed

Cartoons 5/5/2021

Rep. Ruben Gallego isn't taking Marjorie Taylor Greene's slurs quietly

Petri: Here's what I think happens in Orwell's books based on how I've heard 'Orwellian' used

New laws will tax the rich, offer aid to low-income workers

Broncos to aggressively pursue Aaron Rodgers trade

Tacoma Rainiers plan separate seating for vaccinated and non-vaccinated fans

RNC Spokesperson Dodges Same Question About Election Result Over And Over Again

Tampa mayor blindsided by DeSantis order ending Florida safety measures

New York Gov. Cuomo signs bill that automatically restores felons right to vote after release

Joe: This Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Day, we honor the memory of the Indigenous people

Trump's 'Scared!': Michael Cohen Says Rudy 'Knows He's In Trouble' And Will Flip On Trump

Joe is live! Tune in as I give an update on the Restaurant Revitalization Fund and the American Res

Ted Cruz's Awkward Mar-A-Lago Photo Op With Trump Gets The Treatment On Twitter

Fugitive QAnon Fan Runs Up $10,000 Diner Tab--and Bails

Secretary of Defense Austin rolls back Trump-era policy on special ops

The latest conspiracy theory on AZ fraudit: they're searching for Bamboo

Maryland woman set home on fire with person inside, then sat in lawn chair to watch: cops

So Bibi is history - well he should really be in prison

Spiritual Warfare: A Battle Is Raging in the 'Prophetic Community' Over the 2020 Election

Happy Beltane!

Facebook's former public policy director weighs in on Oversight Board's Trump decision (CNN)

Scoop: Biden weighs posting LA Mayor Garcetti to India

Brian Kilmeade can't let a positive thing said about Biden--from a 6th grader--go unchallenged.

Former Ukraine Advisor To Zelensky Says Giuliani Wanted A Smear Campaign Against Biden MSNBC

EU negotiator Barnier spills Brexit secrets in new book

Malian woman gives birth to nine babies

538: Liz Cheney voted with trump 93% of the time, Elise Stefanik only 70%. nt

Doctors investigate mystery brain disease in Canada

Arkansas police tackle naked woman after leading them on chase

About curbside pickup

John Hiatt & The Jerry Douglas Band - "I'm In Asheville"

Why can't Biden cut a deal?

The state of today's GOP:

Making it Official

U.S. backs Covid vaccine intellectual property waivers to expand access to shots worldwide

Joe: Today, on Cinco de Mayo, we celebrate the legacy of Mexican courage and resiliency. I am thank

Joe: On this anniversary of the Freedom Rides, we honor those who courageously took a stand against

I hope our party "nationalizes" the 2022 midterms.

Rep. Justin Lafferty, republican from Tennessee defending the 3/5 compromise, saying it

The Biden administration says it will support lifting patent protections

Parenthood, the responsibility that never ends.

Pant-exploring cadaver and motor oil squirter, Rudy Giuliani, wants the Former Guy to pay his legal

Trump family travel cost $140,000+ in just the first month post-presidency

A sure sign the gods are not on your side


BREAKING NEWS: Panda bears brought in to assist with Arizona vote audit.

He thinks he's still President - ROFL

@SecDef: So far, we've sent 4 gray tails to India, containing 1m Rapid Diagnostic Tests, 545 Oxyge

A Colorado state representative referred to one of his colleagues as "Buckwheat" today.

Yesterday some with 80k wanted advice on how to get $400 monthly...

Every once in a while something shows up in my gardens that truly leaves me baffled

Twitter begins to show prompts before people send 'mean' replies

Today's bit of good news: Vimeo banned Mike Lindell

Lamar County TX Dem Party refuses resignation of Chairman who apologized to Tim SCOTT

Maricopa County Senate audit observers forced to sign non-disclosure agreements

To the MAGAs complaining about Trump getting banned from social media:

In Covid Investigation Testimony, Former Health Minister Points to Bolsonaro's Contempt for Science

Yair Lapid receives mandate to form Israeli government, oust Netanyahu

U.S. Vice President Harris says she will go to Guatemala, Mexico June 7-8

FAA announces NEW fines against unruly airline passengers.

Biden touts $28.6B restaurant relief program, orders tacos

Tweet of the moment

'Fascist' Russia bill could bar up to 200,000 Alexei Navalny supporters from running for parliament

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 5, 2021

Burning Down The House, Bonnie Raitt

U.S. could fill "vaccine diplomacy" void as other powers struggle

You ever talk evangelical about sin , ill informed morons their response just hate

It's not good when "you have to help people die less quickly" is bad news for the markets

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 6 May 2021

A "Modest Proposal" for the Right Wing:

Bear Stunt By GOP California Gov Hopeful Slammed By Animal Rights Groups

Bernie Sanders launches blistering attack on Mitch McConnell in Kentucky

Seattle fine dining institution Canlis hires first female executive chef Aisha Ibrahim

Giving 2 Doses Of Different COVID-19 Vaccine Could Boost Immune Response

Deputy Mayor Casey Sixkiller launches bid for Seattle mayor

Belize: This Guy's Been Rescuing Manatees Since He Was 11

Kent, Auburn vaccination sites in King County to offer walk-in appointments, expanded hours

National Guard soldier charged for storming the US Capitol

Another tweet of the moment

AZ SoS Katie Hobbs: "Either do it right, or don't do it at all." (Letter laying out audit problems)

So Apple has released air tags to find lost keys and other things, however it only utilizes

In 2017, she was one of the first parents to be deliberately separated from her children at the bord

"Death of free speech" party has introduced 81 anti-protest bills in 34 states (Robert Reich tweet)

Mesa (AZ) PD: Retired Border Patrol agent arrested for series of decades-old rapes in East Valley

What happens a Kansas Republican state representative is a substitute teacher for the day?

Miami Black leaders launch vaccine campaign to counter hesitancy after J&J pause

Police officer is begging congressional Republicans to stop downplaying the Jan 6 attack,

Skittish Kitty sat, patiently waiting for me to refill the food bowls and giving me slow blinks.

Miracle covid cure sold in church turns out to be commercial bleach

The future of liberal democracies: In conversation with William Hague and Hillary Clinton

This is Shitleg.

Does anybody know what this CDC classification means?

"Nobody has been killed by a breast"

Celebrating Cinco with Garcia Handpicked

Hey Wally Let's Go Attack Liz Cheney For Telling The Truth

Charles Pierce: They're Hunting Satan Amongst the Ballots in the Election 'Audit' Out in Arizona

Teatime traitors: yer daily Insurrectionist Roundup

Alabama state trooper charged in child rape hid checkered FBI past

The Rude Pundit: Liz Cheney Demonstrates the Least You Can Do to Preserve Democracy

There's a bag in the White House break room refrigerator that's been stapled shut four times and ...

Piedmont schools apologize for offering support circle for white students after Chauvin verdict

🚨ALERT: AZ Democratic Party reaches settlement in Arizona audit lawsuit.

**Liz Cheney is not going quietly.** Her just-posted op ed in WAPO:

North Korea faces economic ruin amid food and medicine shortages Justin McCurry in Tokyo 21 hrs ago

If the Republicans win a majority in either the House or Senate in 2022, be prepared for....

This brought it home to me - the bizarro would we are living in.

Genesis - Mama

It's not Trump's Hate, Greed, Corruption, Arrogance, Lawlessness or Incompetence...

Another Karen and a teacher yet on top of it?

OAN's shady involvement with a conspiracy theory-based Arizona election "audit"

As a loyal Democrat, shouldn't I welcome the self-destruction of the Republican Party?

No one who does not support the "Big Lie" has any business calling themselves a Republican.

In one small way I'm now a Yankees fan, and still a Mets fan of course. They're vaccinating people..

Marjorie Traitor Greene making friends

Alberta Health Services explores legal options after hundreds attend rodeo

Patience. Justice Is Coming..

Liz Cheney Failed the Only Republican Purity Test That Matters

Go ahead. Joke all you want, BUT...

AP: Trooper charged in child rape hid checkered FBI past

Nov '69 Up on Cripple Creek on the Ed Sullivan show

My "WTF?" story of the day...

the distance in your eyes

Ukraine's Former Prosecutor General Said He Was Fired For Not Opening The Biden Probe That Trump...

According to posts on DU

Big congrats to all the loathsome toads who pushed his case on Fox to get the attention of ...

Club for Growth: Elise Stefanik is NOT a good spokesperson for the House Republican Conference.

A question about the "Special Master", who has been appointed to peruse Giuliani's phone info?

'Clash of 2 pandemics': Doctors find that COVID-19 spurs diabetes

Whose following the Josh Duggar CP/CSA case?

This is the caliber of the typical Trump supporter

Largo Resources taps Brazil in vanadium battery push

I Don't Know Mark

Soul Sacrifice, Santana- Tanglewood

It is time for any republican who still belives in the rule of law and democracy to switch parties

so in rural white Georgia the vaccination rate is like 4%

When, where is Trump's rally being held ?

2 Americans Found Guilty of Murder of Italian Police Officer

Harley & Lara Pair the McDonald's Big Mac with Wine -- Wine and Cheeseburger

Enrique Tarrio raised $100k for his legal defense so he could *check notes* represent himself

The different sects of the future Republican Party

*Nancy Pelosi coming up on PBS NewsHour.

So have Manchin and Sinema seen this

If a Schumer or Pelosi would have said this regarding Trump

Trump Has Been Remarkably Quiet! KEEP IT UP DONALD👏👏👏

'Infinitely harder': Trumpland fears Facebook's impact on 2024

A reminder from Walter Shaub: Stay engaged

Texas senate just passed a permitless open carry bill

FAA hits maskless, unruly passengers with hefty fines

International Repudiation of Judicial Coup in El Salvador

Biden blinks, Progressive's fight to #FreeTheVaccine may yet save the world and the rest of us.

Moderna says its Covid vaccine booster works well against variants

Trump told Facebook his supporters were "law-abiding" when they stormed the Capitol

South Carolina House adds firing squad to execution methods

SecBlinken: Wheels down in Kyiv as we look to strengthen the #USUkrainePartnership.

His Test Came Back Positive. He Boarded the Plane Anyway ... had flown to US to be vaxxed

Biden dismisses McConnell's pledge that he's '100 percent' focused on stopping the administration

Honduran National Is Sentenced To 30 Years For Producing Child Pornography

Donald Trump Jr. Succeeds His Father As ...

'Police opened fire' on protesters in Colombia; UN, NGOs pressure Ivn Duque

Trump Launches His New "Social Media" Platform And it's Hilarious

Judge strikes down federal moratorium on evictions; Biden administration says it will appeal

Please make this go viral, share share share it (link)

The Republican Plot To Demonize Biden's Infrastructure Plan Has Flopped

Blinken heads to Ukraine in show of support after Russia troop standoff

U.K. Sending Navy Ships to Counter French Threat of Island Blockade Over Fishing Rights

Yee haw !!!! Gawd damn Texas...f*ck this state... sideways with a pine cone.

Nomadland Exposes US Middle Class Rip-Off

Bird on the Beach...

What would Cinco de Mayo be without a salute from El Supremo?

Iowa Senate gives final passage to 'vaccine passport' ban, sending it to Gov. Kim Reynolds

Washington state GOP secretary of state slams fellow Republicans for attempting Arizona "recount"

Reporter murdered in northwestern Mexico's Sonora state

"Oligarch" is today's Fox News word of the day

SpaceX successfully landed a Starship prototype for the first time

The Taxman comes for Crypto: Federal court has authorized the IRS to serve on Kraken exchange

President says the GOP going through a 'mini revolution' as party moves to oust Liz Cheney

Here Comes the Covid-19 Community Corps and They Want You

Ask a trivia question about a fictional person, place, thing, TV show, or movie - Part 12

Biden backs waiving international patent protections for COVID-19 vaccines

Between games of the Mets/Cards double header, chasing ARS songs around the web. This is a beast

A little light "blue" music

Cinqo De Mayo

Marin (CA) classmates found guilty in murder of Italian police officer, given life sentences