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No Stealthy Escape For Cyber Ninjas, Says Judge - MSNBC

Sproing! Sproing! Happy sheep:

Dems Protest Pitt As '24 RNC Convention

Jim Jordan Refuses to Testify/Incriminate Trump: Here's How it Will Come Back to Bite Him - GK

A contradictory encounter today: I was headed back home after going to the grocery

So my 91-year-old Mom has COVID.

Betty White Had a Stroke 6 Days Before She Died, Death Certificate Says

Russia says it doesn't plan to invade Ukraine. US tells Russia to prove it by sending troops back to

Rob Thomas & Daryl Hall - I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Biden to push Senate rule change in bid to pass voting-rights law

McCarthy vows to remove Democrats from committees if Republicans win House

UN slams Kazakhstan after soldiers seen wearing UN helmets amid unrest

Fed vice chair to resign over stock trading controversy

Crimson Tide or Bulldogs?

The Bears Fired Matt Nagy Today - Now Looking For New Coach - A New Candidate Should....

Bob Marley and the Wailers - Running Away

Mo Brooks urged a Jan. 6 crowd to 'fight.' Now his actions long before the insurrection face new scr

2021 Tax Year -- 3rd Stimulus Check Tax & Child Tax Credit Advisory from My Accountant.

PA Senate Candidate Dr. Oz Has History of Promoting Debunked 'Cure' Colloidal Silver

Hell just froze over. Got the final Jeopardy question right

TFG's lawyer says his speech at Jan. 6 rally is protected by immunity, asks judge to dismiss lawsuit

Another atmospheric river is headed to Western Washington

New York Democrats get serious about redistricting.

Sarah Palin delivers a speech about liberals want to "pound" sex into people's heads(goes after AOC)

Don Maynard, Hall of Fame wide receiver who won Super Bowl with Jets, dies at 86

3 Of 4 Cascade Passes Reopen After Lengthy Snow Closures

Washington lawmakers set to kick off mostly remote session

NC-06: Ex-'American Idol' star Clay Aiken (D) announces bid for Congress

Boebert, Clyde fined for defying House floor mask mandate

Joseph Stiglitz: Argentina's COVID Miracle

underestimating, overestimating or estimating...

Joseph Stiglitz: Argentina's COVID Miracle

New Jersey Passes Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act as Future of Abortion Remains Uncertain

Biden seeks to reverse Trump on Arctic drilling

House Republicans call for oversight into Biden's 'failed' COVID-19 response

I didn't get the Final Jeopardy question tonight! (spoiler alert!)

National Guard sending 20 to Leavenworth to help after snow storms

Fraudit coming to Pennsylvania

Rob Thomas - 3 AM, live with Daryl Hall

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Sounded A LOT Like Trump While Brushing Off COVID Criticism

'Patriot Boys' charged in Capitol riot also hosted a political rally in Fort Worth

Cats Are Using Elon Musk's Internet Satellite Dish As a Butt Warmer and the Photos Are Hilarious


Slumlord who owns NY apt. building that burned on Adams' transition team for HOUSING ISSUES

Romney defends Biden's 2020 win after Trump attacks GOP's Rounds

Scientists watched a star explode in real time for the first time ever

Contractor Gets Jail After Defrauding Government Out of $346 Million in Contracts Meant for Vets and

Harris County raises COVID-19 threat level to 'Red' as Omicron cases, hospitalizations surge

UPDATE: BNSF Railway to Reacquire Montana Rail Link Lines.

House GOP candidate calls for Texas-wide ban on Chinese students


Ben Carson Echoes Trump, Says Covid Test Shortage Isn't 'Such a Bad Thing' Because It Means Fewer 'P

I just wonder if Joe Biden can enact prison reform...

Police Flee After Setting Hand Sanitizer-Covered Man On Fire With Their Tasers

Spain: Badger Thought To Have Found Roman Treasure

Marina Zimmerman looks to oust Lauren Boebert in CO-3 Republican primary

Tweet of the Day

After Trump Org Indictment, New D.A. On 'Open' Trump Probe And Justice In NY (MSNBC)

Depressed today;scrubbed the floor

A Trump Golf Course's Tax Scheme Is Costing a Local School District

Trump Republican Party.

*Are we going to 'save' Afghanistan again?

Texas sheriff under investigation for routinely seizing cash from undocumented immigrants

Pence Undecided Over Testimony on January 6

NFL Wild Card match-ups. Who are your picks?

Maya Angelou becomes first Black woman to appear on US quarter as Treasury begins distribution

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread

I've come to the realization that we are "expendables" to the PTB.

For your amusement:

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats are likely to win in 2022.

Federal judge goes there, questions why Trump didn't move sooner to tell insurrectionists to go home

They'll go after democracy next

GOP steps up bid to persuade Hogan to run for Senate in Md.

The American Women Quarters Program - all 2022 honorees:

See Stephen Colbert Roast Trump Aide For Outlining 'Criminal' Coup On Live TV - The Beat - MSNBC

Charlottesville - the 14th street bridge ate another truck


Outrage! MAGA Riot Convicts Get Less Jail Than Non-Violent Drug Users - The Beat - MSNBC

WaPo on history of members of Congress who were slaveholders

Sidney Poitier movies on Peacock.

Russia Airs Bizarre Jan. 6 Spectacle Featuring Ashli Babbitt's Mom

Hearing all the news about the evidence that the J-6 Committee has? Reminds me of the show......

Former judge Guy Williams found guilty of trespassing at Nueces County Courthouse in 2020

ICT school board new board members refused to wear mask so board pres cancelled meeting

Rescue Dogs Pick Out Their Own Christmas Present 2021 - Dogs Trust Ireland

Chicago Public Schools students to return to classrooms Wednesday after CTU suspends work action

The 1/6 Committee Needs To 'Use Every Tool At Their Disposal' Says Peter Strzok - Deadline - MSNBC

Chicago Teachers to return to in-person work tomorrow, classes back on for Wednesday

Tuesday Digit: 1/10 - Winter bites down a bit harder with morning wind chills in the single digits

Common thread?

Tfg attorneys meet with GA DA

So the Republicans/Trump tried to use forged documents to show they won the states that they lost?

Another cover. Leo Nocentelli doing justice to Elton's classic

President Biden Heads To Georgia Tomorrow For Voting Rights Speech - Deadline - MSNBC

180 million years ago...

Are politicians off limits?

Fetal remains law challenged again by Ohio groups

Rep. Jim Clyburn On Voting Rights Push - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Fetal remains law challenged again by Ohio groups

ABSOLUTELY positively RIGHT ON....In another word, NOSHIT...

The DOJ should not wait for the Courts to act...

Dude at physical therapy today complaining his kids school bus route was shut down for COVID and

Georgia deputy faces firing over social media comment on Ahmaud Arbery murder case

Can I turn an essay into text by scanning it?

WaPo on Biden: It's not even labeled opinion

Adam Schiff On Jim Jordan Stonewalling 1/6 Probe: He Decided He Has 'A Lot To Hide' - All In - MSNBC

How January 6 Is Being Used to Crush Dissent on the Left

Pope Suggests Getting COVID Vaccine Is A 'Moral Obligation'

Ohio foodbanks starting to go hungry

Crumbleys withdrew cash, sold horses and bought burner phones after discovering son was mass-shootin


Donald Trump dialled Fox hosts into Oval Office meetings, report says

Just had the biggest laugh!

Thank you...

Dems' filibuster conundrum: It's not just Manchin and Sinema

The Maya Angelou quarter is now available...

Remember when it gets to be too much:

If Far-Right Groups Are Bankrupted By Jan. 6 Lawsuit, 'So Be It,' Says D.C. AG - All In - MSNBC

Sitting Here in Limbo - JGB - Capitol Theater - 1980


This pup does not like squirrels...

Hot Rod Lincoln

Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water

The Daily Show: Ronny Chieng's Response to Jesse Watters's Anti-Asian Racism

Billy Strings & Molly Tuttle, Grateful Dead's "To Lay Me Down"

Enbridge seeks to dismiss expert testimony warning of explosion risk for Line 5 tunnel

Bonnie Raitt & Jackson Browne - My Opening Farewell

Thin Lizzy - Whiskey in the Jar - 1972 (?)

Chris Hayes: Millions Of Afghans Are In 'Imminent' Danger. The U.S. Must Help - All In - MSNBC

Stay In Metro Detroit, Federal Judge Tells Capitol Riot Defendant Who Wants To Visit Jamaica

#FailedCoupGuy's lawyers have met with the Fulton County DA's Office

Warren Zevon & Jackson Browne - Carmelita

Georgia looking good to beat Alabama

Dead - Playboy Mansion - 1969(?)

One in seven Scots find energy bills unaffordable amid warnings over cost of living crisis.

Permitless handgun bill moves to third reading in the House

Bob Weir Solo Acoustic "KC Moan"

NO THANKS! Snow potential index: 3/10 (↑) Watching a winter storm system this weekend

Ted Cruz Humiliates Himself by Groveling to Tucker Carlson on Fox News: A Closer Look

Cartoon: Patriotic cuddle bear By Clay Jones -January 10, 2022 10:20 AM

Stephen Miller warns that racism directed at white people will destroy America

Georgia vs. Alabama, national championship 2022: Dawgs stem Tide, win first college football title s

UGA National Champions!!!!! For all the underdogs in the world, Stetson Bennett, a walk on!!!!

Why can't Joe get this guy to vote for Voter's Rights?

Taj Mahal & Keb' Mo' - Diving Duck Blues - 8/14/2017

Indiana General Assembly convenes Tuesday amid COVID-19 surge

Seth Meyers - Ted Cruz Humiliates Himself by Groveling to Tucker Carlson on Fox News: A Closer Look

Fantastic side effect of UGA's #1 victory tonight. Herschel Walker fades to the past.

Why the US photographed its own WWII concentration camps

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a wide to slim margin.

Archeologists Find Rare 4,000-Year-Old Board Game

Wyoming's brain drain, youth exodus slowed during pandemic

(Jewish Group) Bob Saget, comedian and actor who played Danny Tanner on 'Full House,' dies at 65

Just took the garbage out. Was out twice for 6 seconds each. My hair

Is there a tenor in the house?

Trump Lawyers Met In Person With Georgia Prosecutor's Office - The Last Word - MSNBC

Walk-on UGA quarterback Stetson Bennett defeats Heisman winner, AL quarterback Bryce Young

Mj Rodriguez reacts to becoming first trans actress to win a Golden Globe

Bonus Tweet of the Day

#Boosted. And GA beat AL! Wooo

AZ GOP House bill HB1080 would prohibit using machines to count ballots.

Democrats True Defenders Of Military

A co-worker told us in breakroom how he not-romantically proposed (now married 40+ yrs)

Wisconsin Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes Vies For Ron Johnson's U.S. Senate Seat - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Colbert roasts former Trump aide Peter Navarro after he admitted to plotting a coup

Jimmy Kimmel's thoughts on Bob Saget...

Trump Lawyers Met With Georgia Prosecutors; Days Later, Trump Rants About Law Enforcement - TRMS

Relative vs Absolute risks: Why Relative Risks Are Misleading, and How To Communicate Absolute Risks

Man gets genetically-modified pig heart in world-first transplant

Pope Francis calls anti-vaccine sentiment 'baseless' in his annual state-of-the-world speech

Setting (Too cold + windy to go OUT, these thru windows.)

Well, Joe Scarborough won't be so happy now!

Remember how in 2020 Trump was going big on the "Abraham Accords" between Israel and Arab dictators?


Steely Dan

Racists Attack Iowa Democrats Meeting - The Last Word - MSNBC


from Jamie Raskin:

See Stephen Colbert Roast Trump Aide For Outlining 'Criminal' Coup On Live TV (MSNBC)

Jamie Raskin: "Give my regards to Putin."

Wyoming GOP Says Straw Poll Will Hold Bad News For Cheney

US Coronavirus: Covid-19 Hospitalizations In The US Reach Levels Not Seen Since Last Winter's Surge

"If You Want Weed or Wine in Quebec, You'd Better Get Jabbed"

Republicans In At Least Three States Filed Forged Elector Letters - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Remembering Sidney Poitier, Bob Saget And Other Greats We Lost - The Last Word - MSNBC

Va. Gov. Northam Issues State Of Emergency Following Recent COVID-19 Surge

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/10/22

Prosecutors willing to drop Ghislaine Maxwell perjury charge if no retrial

US hit by 20 separate billion-dollar climate disasters in 2021, NOAA report says

New Wyoming Gubernatorial Candidate Says God Told Him To Run

China locks down third city, raising affected to 20 million

Chinese developer Shimao plans fire sale after downgrade and missed payment

Introducing; Deltacron!! Ta Daaa!!! Because, why not..

Opinion: Why is the U.S. trying to export its flawed health-care policies around the world?

Fox guest says to treat COVID with Transgender Transition Care Drugs

Green-Energy Race Draws an American Underdog to Bolivia's Lithium

Deltacron: New COVID variant or lab mistake?

Gillette Mayor resigns after disparaging text messages leaked

Bill would build power plant on Montana's Gibson Reservoir

Seth Meyers - Scientists Dispute "Deltacron" Strain of the Coronavirus - Monologue 1/10/22

Why was Pavlov's hair so soft?

State to increase firefighter pay for 2022 fire season

Who likes to fly drones ?

The Doors, vaccine song....

Same-sex marriage is officially N.J. law after Murphy signs bill

Sen. Bernie Sanders Breaks Down Why Working-Class Voters Flock to Republicans in Red States

Sen. Bernie Sanders Breaks Down Why Working-Class Voters Flock to Republicans in Red States

Sen. Bernie Sanders Doesn't Think Sen. Joe Manchin Understands What His Voters Want

Sen. Bernie Sanders Doesn't Think Sen. Joe Manchin Understands What His Voters Want

Seth Meyers: Guest Senator Bernie Sanders

Did I miss the flow of urine jokes

Florida shipped scarce antibody drug to private clinic.

My new favorite meme to send to those anti-vaxxer Covid patients begging for 'prayer warriors'

A pension reform proposal has been released. Labor leaders and top lawmakers are behind it.

Tuesday TOONs - Radical Takeover For Me But Not For Thee

Drug makers working on Omicron-specific vaccines to fight Covid

Covid-struck hospital staffs getting help from National Guard

What you need to know about COVID-19 booster shots

Moderna CEO: We can supply up to 3 billion Covid vaccine booster doses this year

Pfizer CEO Bourla: Omicron-specific Covid vaccine will be ready by March

Maximum number of US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a wide to slim margin.

Indiana state senator apologizes for saying educators need to be impartial when teaching about Nazis

Springfield Hospital Emergency Department Temporarily Closing Due To COVID Staff Shortages

And you believed it all

RealClearPolitics Releases Their 2022 Senate Ratings

A peaceful moment for you today

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Breakfast Tuesday 11 January 2022

China locks down 3rd city, raising affected to 20 million

Advice from an old guy with white hair

So apparently saying, "fuck off" on Facebook is bullying!

Just a thought ...

Photo: Two of the greatest qualities of Life are ...

One has to wonder about those pig heart transplants.

Best online news subscriptions

Guardian: 'He was a handful' - Hunter S Thompson's PA* and photographer relives her wild job

I got a FireHD10 for X-mas!


Snow Leopard cub 'Shen' takes FIRST STEPS Outside!

The Next Big January 6 Conspiracy? It Was the FBI

Guardian: Japan's coming of age ceremony - in pictures

I just read this on Daily Kos, and now I can't unsee it...

L'Arc en Ciel New World (HD)

Safety doors failed in NYC high-rise fire that killed 17

PNAS - Since European Colonization, Midwest's Corn Belt Has Lost 35% Of Its Topsoil; Losses Continue

On January 10, 1939, Sal Mineo was born.

And young novelist Stephen King would go on to do quite well for himself...

Soliciting Multiversity: DC's Top 10 for March 2022

Ghosts of Comics' Past: January in comic history - a dead hero, fake news, inflation, and discrimina

The Rundown: January 11, 2022

Hottest Ocean Temperatures On Record In 2021; Sixth Straight Year Of New Record Highs

Drink up anti-vaxxers: Self-proclaimed head of 'Vaccine Police' says 'urine therapy' cures COVID

I feel like screaming !

Google ordered to turn over documents related to anti-union efforts in NLRB case

January 11, 1964 📻

Teachers are NOT overpaid.

Argentina Bracing For Death Valley Temps; 40C In BA, 45C For Cordoba By Friday

Oh no, Mr. Pillow is on my TV

COVID testing location in Bonita Springs providing negative results before people get tested

U.S. small business sentiment rises modestly in December - NFIB

Woman pours scalding water on young girl as punishment, disfiguring her for life, cops say

My Girl

On this day, January 11, 2011, David Nelson died.

Cyber risks add to climate threat, World Economic Forum warns

How did everyone do over the Holidays?

Port of Mobile Posts Record Container Growth

White House announces $308M in humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan

Report: Venezuela to Export Diluted Crude after 9-month Pause

Michelle Obama is working with Stacey Abrams and the NAACP to register new voters

Indonesia Considers Coal Levy as Easing of Export Ban Calms Markets

Nebraska's Jeff Fortenberry announces reelection bid

The insurrection pits moderates against the far-right. Democrats should not hesitate to use it

Sanctions on Nord Stream 2 Could Harm Relations with Germany, U.S. Senators Say

Royal Caribbean Pauses Some Cruises Due to Omicron Concerns

Unsraw: Guilty

Contractor Gets Jail After Defrauding Government Out of $346 Million in Contracts Meant for Vets and

Biden to back filibuster changes to push voting rights bill

Asked the guys if they wanted to go on cyber school field trip

Laurens Hammond, inventor of the B-3, was born on this date.

Slim Harpo (James Moore) was born on this date.

Katie Webster was born on this date.

Ted Koppel's interview with Scientology's David Miscavige resurfaced.

yesterday I got a messaging app spam alert on my Pixel 6 phone...

U.S. Reports Record 1.3M Covid Cases In A Day As Hospitalizations Soar

Clarence Clemons was born on this date.

Faulty Fire Doors Were Flagged Six Times Before Deadly Bronx Blaze, Report Says

Medicare won't cover home c-19 kits or reimburse them

Robert Earl Keen has a birthday today.

Trump's troops: The far-right has a tight grip on too many in uniform

Burke Shelley passed away.

JFK in Capitol elevator pre-State of the Union sixty years ago today:

PA(OPEN Toomey-R) is the most vulnerable OPEN US Senate seat up for re-election in 2022.

"In pivoting so fully to voting rights from his recent efforts to pass a major social spending..."

Covid-19 Surge Could Peak Later This Month, Expert Says, But The Next Few Weeks Are Critical

I told my guys once they move out

The Democrats' Hispanic Voter Problem: It's Not As Bad As You Think--It's Worse

Sometimes our individual efforts to combat climate change feel so futile

A Day in a Dying Town in Japan

HHS Secretary Becerra Pushes Back On Criticism of CDC Director Walensky, Re Guidance

Maj.Gen. Paul Eaton (Ret.) Vote Vets Speaks To CNN On January 6 Insurrection

Since we "discovered" Pluto, how many times has it orbited the sun?

Pic Of The Moment: Right On Cue, Republicans Blame Biden For Covid

NyQuil isn't a cure-all for omicron variant

Christopher Nolan is making a movie about Dr. Robert Oppenheimer .

2022 should be about "America's Agenda" embraced by (virtually) all Democrats

Why will Stacey Abrams be absent and GA activists boycotting Biden's speech in GA today?

Rome church condemns swastika-draped casket at funeral

Item about Georgia's victory that will likely be overlooked:

Vulnerable US Senate seats in 2022 from both political parties.

Former DeSantis official declares Florida is 'now essentially an autocracy'

Dog Is The World's Bravest Mom

C-Span radio has a CV hearing

I use the nextdoor app for my neighborhood...

New Republican Symbol

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win.

14,160 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 213 deaths

Mike Lindell Started a New Election 'Hub,' and It's Run by Two Jan. 6 Riot Attendees

It's anti-vax Barbie!

Disturbing details surface of Michigan Republican's alleged sexual abuse of sister-in-law

Trump's war on efficient dishwashers, dryers and lightbulbs that made him 'look orange'

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 11, 2022

One great thing that I learned in high school....I am using now...I learned to type..

Two Los Angeles officers fired for ignoring robbery to play Pokmon Go

Some of dis and Some of dat

Justice Department Forms Domestic Terrorism Unit

Baby squirrel enjoying a strawberry:

Rant Paul is at it again...

EPA moves to crack down on dangerous coal ash storage ponds

No, Republicans aren't hammering Democrats in redistricting. They're doing something worse.

Good Day DU (January 11, 2022)

Will Well-Intended Farm Bill Be Detrimental to Growers?

Rand Paul is despicably distorting Dr. Fauci in this Senate hearing.

Georgia's coach catching some air:

Sheep greet the new intern:

Supreme Court dismisses appeal by Mitsubishi over forced labor compensation

Trump on GOP senator: 'I will never endorse this jerk again' (CNN)

A new plan to 'Trump-proof' the 2024 election quietly comes together

A single district attorney in Georgia has the best case against Trump

MANCHIN reiterated to reporters today that Senate rules changes should be done with a 67 vote...

Remember when conservatives had no problem wearing masks?

Dr. Fauci, CDC Director Dr. Walensky and other health leaders testify before Senate

I made the tourtiere finally, first time making

A Day in a Dying Town in Japan

Nearly 2 in 3 Californian adults have had at least indirect exposure to [gun]violence.

Conservative Activist Dies of COVID Complications After Attending Anti-Vax 'Symposium'

Cambodia's landmine-sniffing rat hero dies

The Lincoln Project-Rand Paul fundraises off the death and sickness of his own supporters

The Lincoln Project-Rand Paul fundraises off the death and sickness of his own supporters

"Reduced Sugar" on the label - Pet peeve

On this day, January 11, 1755 or 1757, Alexander Hamilton was born.

Fallon Paiute Shoshone: Judge Halts Geothermal Project Days Before Bulldozers Start Destroying Sacre

I am so sick of all the media whores throwing shade at Biden

Shade or no shade? Leader SCHUMER on The View said & repeated Robt BYRD was MANCHIN's mentor

United CEO says 3,000 positive for COVID but no deaths among the vaccinated

In an explosive exchange, Dr. Fauci destroys a Rand Paul pointing out he is a profiteering danger.

Boeing wins annual jet order race on adjusted basis

The Divine Miss M. "In My Life"

Yoon cites preemptive strike as option to deal with N.K. threat

Three ethical issues around pig heart transplants

This man raised an opossum. Now he thinks they are smarter than dogs.

Anti-Vaxx Nutjob Drinks Pee To Own The Libs - Rebel HQ

Curt Schilling loses support in Baseball Hall of Fame voting

Park City ski patrol union raises over $50,000

Salting the roads

Ted Cruz's act of cowardice (CNN)

It Gets Real For Trump In Georgia As His Lawyers Meet With Prosecutors About Criminal Election Inter

Prairie du Sac dam repairs continue through 2026

Prairie du Sac dam repairs continue through 2026

No Vax? No Booze, No Buzz!

Mourners Pay Last Respects To Rohn Lawrence At First-Ever Toad's Place Funeral

Congress Is Providing KN95 Masks To Lawmakers For Covid Protection. What About The Rest of Us?

How did I allow this to happen?


Fauci Says Rand Paul 'Kindles the Crazies'

The Early 60s were not the so called, .."Good Old Days"

WHO director makes bleak prediction for Omicron surge (CNN)

Houston hospitals mandating COVID boosters for employees, amid omicron surge

What you can do with red Solo cups

Ted Cruz's Former Speechwriter Sounds Alarm About How Radicalized He Has Become - Farron Balanced

N95 Respirator Cleaning and Reuse Methods

How a pig heart was transplanted into a human for the first time

It Gets Real For Trump In Georgia As His Lawyers Meet With Prosecutors About Criminal

Michigan Hospitals At Breaking Point Amid COVID Surge (MSNBC)

Why is so little known about the 1930s coup attempt against FDR?

Justice Dept. forms new domestic terrorism unit to address growing threat

Roll It

Big Mother Dog Adopts Stray Kitten Found Behind Garage

Fauci says Sen. Paul 's attacks 'kindle the crazies' who have threatened his life

McCarthy says he will kick Dems off committees if GOP takes House (CNN)

Two Texas Republicans and a Pennsylvania Democrat have violated a federal conflicts-of-interest law.

WHO says omicron may infect half of Europe within two months, if current coronavirus trends hold

Kazakhstan's president says Russian troops to start leaving this week

Biden must make clear what Republicans know: The fight for democracy is a struggle over racism

Supreme Court denies appeal of regretful Islamic State bride Hoda Muthana

"criminal solicitation to commit election fraud; interference w/ performance of election duties..."

Ha!! Project Veritas' head of comms was just banned from Twitter.

The Slobfather is going to lose in a few minutes

Half of Europe to be infected with Omicron within weeks - WHO

Donald Trump voter heckles comedian, gets owned - Steve Hofstetter

Vaccine Mandate in effect

Putin moving military helicopters to Ukrainian border as talks with U.S. stagnate

She seems nice (WI Republican candidate)

Does anyone know how I can get

Omicron, Supply-Chain Troubles to Slow Growth, World Bank Says

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon suggests New York staff could lose their jobs if they're not vaccinated

Texas sheriff under investigation for routinely seizing cash from undocumented immigrants

A giant asteroid that's 3,500 feet wide is hurtling toward Earth right now

Scuzzy Gaetz pimp Greenberg: American Greed podcast

Moscow Mitch blocks simple majority votes on Dems' voting rights bills


Leon Lush: Exploiting Racism on Youtube Has Hit New Lows (WTF?)

Fauci: There Are Threats Against My Life 'Because People Are Lying About Me' (MSNBC)

Gorsuch again doesn't wear mask on bench, Sotomayor and Breyer log in remotely for hearing

Violence in Colombia Near Venezuelan Border Raises Military Alert

62,000 students, school staff in Los Angeles test positive for COVID-19

Zulu royal succession battle goes before S.African court

Bank of America to Cut Overdraft Fees to $10 From $35

TFG claims Twitter 'damaged the integrity' of the 2020 election by banning him

Fauci was caught muttering, "what a moron," followed by "Jesus Christ." (Re: Sen. Marshall)

It's Hard to Prove that the Anti-Vaxxer Position is "sincerely held religious belief"

Police searching for arsonist who set fires at 3 Fred Meyer stores

Kanye wants to move to Russia and meet Pooty

Ivermectin Fans Are Back With Even Weirder Drugs for Your COVID

Judge asks why Trump was silent during riot (CNN)

Fauci accuses Rand Paul of playing politics with pandemic, fomenting violence

Senate Judiciary Committee to debate key antitrust bill

Fox Host Brian Kilmeade Basically Tells Trump To Suck It Up And Admit He Lost 2020 Election

Andrew Yang has launched his "Forward Party"

Sherrod Brown US Senate Election results in 2006,2012,and 2018,

Dr. Fauci to Sen. Paul: You personally attack me without a shred of evidence (CNN)

I guess people are not "getting busy" during the pandemic. Condom sales

Argentina: Labor, Environmentalists, and Indigenous Unite to Defeat Mining (Canada Mining Corporatio

Dershowitz's Role In Epstein-Maxwell Case REVEALED - Rebel HQ

Ow-meow-cron variant is here:

Manchin doubles down on filibuster ahead of Biden's speech (attacking rule changes w/o 2/3rds vote)

Central American bank funds Cuban COVID-19 vaccine drive

Spotsylvania School Board Appoints Chair Who Backed Burning Books, Fires Superintendent

***Thread 1 of the Preliminary January Photo Contest***

***Thread 2 of the Preliminary January Photo Contest***

***Thread 3 of the Preliminary January Photo Contest***

The preliminary polls for the January photo contest are up in GD!

I fear if DeSantis or some other Trumpian wins in 2024

The Whisky a GoGo, with the Byrds and the Doors on the bill. 1967 (Los Angeles Photo)

Madison Cawthorn KICKED OFF Ballot?! - Rebel HQ

Australian Open: Bernard Tomic heavily critical of Covid-19 testing at qualifying

Judge upholds firing of 2 cops who played Pokemon go rather than respond to robbery in progress

Hoyer: White House to ask for more pandemic relief funds

Cold weather pattern for D.C. boosts snow chances, starting Sunday.

Top House Democrat pushes for 'isolation boxes' for maskless lawmakers

Hundreds of kids walked out of Brooklyn Tech today to protest the continuation of in person school

U.S. issues 'Do Not Travel' warning for Canada

HeadsUp for President Biden's speech from Atlanta

Seattle's cost of living increase is largest in the country, study finds

Cartoons 1/11/2022

Schumer calls out McConnell for gaslighting on voting rights protections.

Vaccinated left to cope with impacts of unvaxxed

Conservative Activist Dies of COVID Complications After Attending Anti-Vax 'Symposium'

They're off and legislating, and doing it remotely again

💙👍 Joining POTUS & VP in GA are Legislators, civil rights and voting rights leaders

Schools in Marysville and elsewhere pivot as COVID spreads

County's reported infections surpass earlier grim estimates

Hungry Labrador loses his mind over dinner

Heavy Snow [大雪/Taisetsu] / The 24 Solar Terms - The Seasons of Yamato


Omicron wave expected to trigger large-scale absenteeism, delays and cancellations

You know who's having a good guffaw?

Karl and Tina: Embracing Village Life in Japan - NHK WORLD PRIME

The Expanse phone

Boeing KC-46 tanker display systems hit snag in design review

Book bans in schools are catching fire. Black authors say uproar isn't about students

Ammon Bundy said charges were unconstitutional. Judge denies dismissal, moves trial date

Quebec to impose health tax on unvaccinated Canadians

10 Debut Novels That Are Masterpieces

Tweet of the Day

Italian Catholic, Jewish leaders condemn use of Nazi flag at church funeral

TFG to elevate election deniers at Arizona rally

"I've watched this 19 times this morning."

Wisconsin's 1-party rule is what the GOP wants everywhere

Mary Trump's Lawyers Tell Judge Ex-President and His Sister Covered Up 'Fraud'

US Voting Rights Under Threat, The Filibuster; Biden, Dems Pushing Back After GOP's New Restrictions

House committee calls for changes to Trump-cited electoral act

Black hole eats a star

Eric Trump Burned After Clueless Rant About His Father And The Constitution

Pa. teenager goes to jail on Jan. 6 riot charges, despite lawyer praising his 'interest in politics'

Owning is cheaper than renting in much of the U.S.

How New Mexico just became the Saudi Arabia of Wind, with Largest Green Facility in Western Hemisph

Man killed longtime boyfriend after argument over video game, police in Michigan say

Democratic leader predicts Suozzi drops gubernatorial bid

Boric Urges Chilean Senate To Pardon 2019 Protests Prisoners

U.K. PM Boris Johnson under fire over 'bring your own booze' lockdown party

PBS: Biden, Harris deliver remarks in Georgia on protecting voting rights, election integrity

"For our next act....."

With voting rights on the line, some senators flub history test

Rainy Nights, Summer Mysteries - Journeys in Japan NHK

Kitten Comforts Pit Bull Who's Scared Of Baths

N.J. high school students charged with hazing, sex crimes over locker room attacks

Elvis Costello asks radio stations not to play Oliver's Army

CDC Weighs Recommending Better Masks For Omicron Variant; *Masks, Health Supplies, Info. Sources

Journeys in Japan 〜Murayama, Yamagata: Local delicacies, local pride〜 NHK WORLD

Journeys in Japan 〜Mount Daisen: Mystical Rites, Local Life〜

Michelle Obama, awesome as usual.

U.Va. researchers discover previously unknown factor in triggering seizures

JOSEPH S. NYE, JR. - Whatever Happened to Soft Power?

Otter Carrying Snow into the House

Damn good speech President Biden! On MSNBC now /Nicole wallace

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Medicare Proposes to Cover Aduhelm Only for Patients in Clinical Trials

Manchin doubles down on filibuster ahead of Biden's speech

JAMES K. GALBRAITH - America's Democratic Future

Biden goes BOOM to the naysayers on the John Lewis Voting Rights Act

Train crashing into plane: a local pilot's visual analysis

Meet the Bernie vet and comet hunter behind 'Don't Look Up'

16 top colleges sued for alleged violation of federal antitrust laws

Hold we go!

Should Mike Pence be offered full immunity for his testimony?

So Kasie Hunt is claiming that Biden's changed filibuster position will have a negative affect! WTF?

Youngkin names advisory team to help with COVID-19 management; its leader is critical of most...

Mayor Lightfoot says she has COVID-19

Joe Manchin partial support thread:

What a speech by the real President!

Virginia Democrats have one last chance to hold onto a blue seat in the General Assembly before ...

Cult expert REVEALS the secret SECRET CULTS of Mike Pence and Bill Barr!! - The MeidasTouch

I just received an email from a professional sports organization

Rand Paul tries to attack Dr. Fauci, but gets shuts down with EPIC SURPRISE - Brian Tyler Cohen

if you are any fan of history, I ask you one question. roy cohn worked for two similar people.

South African Authorities Charge Man in Parliament Fire

Congratulations to Starbucks workers who are now organizing union shops across the country in NY,

I just wander who "the defeated president" was?

If you aren't for the John Lewis voting rights shouldn't be allowed to vote either.

Top Republicans stand up for Rounds after Trump's attack: He 'told the truth'

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan 11, 2021

Sunset in DC on January 11: 5:07 p.m.

Fresh off of forcing teachers to go to work in person, Mayor Lightfoot gets COVID, works from home

There Was A Time When Conservatives Had No Problem Wearing Masks

#1776, supplement to photo contest,

The Filibuster Is Made-Up and Stupid, and So Is the Made-Up, Stupid History to Justify It

Another trumper goes to prison

Dr Fauchi says "What a moran-Jesus Christ. From a Kansan yes marshall IS a moran

Starting my renovation research today... this is the year!

Chicago Amazon Workers Lead First-Ever Multi-Warehouse Walkouts

Ayyy Macarena! (Fun fact: The partner & song were chosen on the spot!)

So is Fauci ready to become a Democrat yet?

Jan. 6 Committee Wants To Speak With Rudy Giuliani - MSNBC

Election today

AFTERnoon catches, over the river

Just stopping in to say "Hello"

desantis is a joke ... he's actually proud of his accomplishments in killing his fellow citizens ...

Waxing Gibbous, 62% visible

I gotta ask this one question here (I do not get it)

While Cleaning Gun, Mom Shoots 4-Year-Old--Twice

So much for Stacy Abrams "snubbing" President Biden and Vice President Harris today....

Merrick Garland is no Bobby Kennedy

Biden issues urgent new call to protect the right to vote - PBS NewsHour

Sunday! Sunday! 8 inches of snow for DC.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but put a fork in it. This Republic is done.

McCormick MAGA-proofs his Senate campaign after dissing Trump

Comedian GAFFIGAN skewers ROGAN's Drumpf-love & leaves him defenseless

Bill Maher warns January 2025 will be 'a good time to leave the country' as he predicts Trump

Omicron may be headed for a rapid drop in US and Britain

Maersk Expects Cargo Delays to Persist

Canadian Coast Guard Begins Great Lakes Icebreaking

Netflix Sets WWII Series with Mark Ruffalo and Hugh Laurie Based on Acclaimed Novel

Now *that's* a good tease. (TFG hangs up on NPR host... airs tomorrow)