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The Defeated President

Trump Supporters Forged Election Certification Letters To Overturn 2020 Election - Ring of Fire

Is anyone here running a betting pool for when Dr Fauci jumps over the table

Glass shower doors - clear or frosted/textured?

Which Side Are You On?

PM Update: After the coldest day in three years, a slight thaw expected for Wednesday.

Crystallized Heart- Stay away from the vax

Trump to Elevate Election Deniers at Arizona Rally

North Carolina court declines to toss out GOP-drawn House map

Opinions Texas's new attempt to circumvent the Constitution resurrects an old tactic

VT election officials launch effort to counter Trump's election lies

September 15, 2007---that's the date when my eyes were belatedly opened to the

Mama Grizzly crawls out of hibernation early and takes aim at AOC

Mike Bone - the rapper duo from Reservation Dogs

Quebec to force unvaccinated to pay financial penalty

Pundit on the Reidout thinks the orange anus is about to be indicted in Georgia

Democrat Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick will replace the late Rep. Alcee Hastings D-FL

😄 Fauci caught on hot mic

TFG asks judge to halt civil investigation into his sleazy business practices

So CNN Tries To Stay Relevant By Attacking Biden With Garbage - It Is Getting Old

FAA ordered 'full ground stop' at ALL west coast airports

Anti-Vax Leader Pushes Drinking Urine for COVID, Guillermo's Deer Antler Spray & Anti-Vax Barbie!

Private equity firm, Vista Equity, controls companies that amass huge troves of data on children.

Another Jan. 6 conspiracy theory suffers a reality-inflicted blow

NEWS: Sanders Statement on Medicare Limiting Coverage for Alzheimer's Drug

Imagine how the last four years would have been so much better with Hillary

Rollups: The Emerging Magic Mushroom Monopoly

The Case Of The Mysteriously Changing Transcript (Gorsuch & the mandate arguments)

New forecasts show Nooksack rising higher as atmospheric river nears Whatcom

Imagine ..Someone tells the truth, & other Republicans rally around him against Trump lies..

Texas Sheriff Accused of Seizing Cash from Migrants

Dr Fauci coming up on Chris Hayes n/t

How do you spell Rand Paul's real name?

Misinformation spreads way faster than the corrections

Biden tries shaming senators as a last resort

NATO set to meet with Russia as world powers seek to ease tensions over Ukraine

B.B. King with Slash and others - The Thrill Is Gone (Royal Albert Hall, 2011)

Neo-Nazi group leader sentenced to 7 years in prison

Jan. 6 committee on Capitol attack wants to talk to Rudy Giuliani

Democrat Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick wins Florida special election to succeed Alcee Hastings

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Incredibly Offensive 'Close The Door' Comments About Tragic Bronx Fire

CO-07: State Sen. Brittany Pettersen wants to claim Ed Perlmutter's congressional seat

What's the first record album or single that you ever owned?

Inslee urges action on housing, climate in State of the State speech

The Skatalites - Ska Aunthentic (1964)

Capitol attack panel closes in on Trump inner circle with three new subpoenas

Biden Urges Voting Reform To Prevent 'New Laws Designed To Suppress Your Vote' - Deadline - MSNBC

Bartender's tip leads to arrest in Key West buoy burning

David Bowie - All The Young Dudes (Live at the Isle of Wight, 2004)

Moonbikes... Now THESE look like fun!

Jan. 6 Panel Seeks to Debunk Unfounded Theory About F.B.I. Role in Riot

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Florida senator files 15-week abortion ban law at start of legislative session

Florida senator files 15-week abortion ban law at start of legislative session

Last Week in the Republican Party - January 11, 2022

Michigan group tried to overturn 2020 election with false documents

DNC Chair On Voting Rights: 'The Fear Is Real' - Deadline - MSNBC

Michigan group tried to overturn 2020 election with false documents

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Biden Is A "Murderer" Because She Can't Buy Dewormer Medicine

sandwich shop owner tells customer that he will ask God to take her life

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will end up winning.

New sage grouse data 'alarming,' state biologist says

If you missed Rachel, catch the repeat.

Trivia for later from TCM:

Tweet of the Night:

Rachel, talking about the fake and forged documents from 5 States certifying the 2020 election for

Tweet of the Night#2:

Journeys in Japan 〜Mount Daisen: Mystical Rites, Local Life〜

To Stop Trumpism, Biden Must Pass This Test - The Beat - MSNBC

Clyde Bellecourt, American Indian Movement co-founder and longtime civil rights leader, dies

My #1 bitch with D.C. lawmakers is...

Clyde Bellecourt, American Indian Movement co-founder and longtime civil rights leader, dies

Jezus. Watch Rachel A block. The fake electoral votes all were the same and

Tucker Carlson sinks lower than Infowars

Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis Seems Poised to be the First to Indict Donald Trump

Spineless Ted Cruz HUMILIATES himself live on Tucker Carlson's show (Parody) - MeidasTouch

Relationships are a lot like algebra

Mehdi Hasan talks about the business plot of 1933

Conservative Activist Dies of COVID Complications After Attending Anti-Vax 'Symposium'

Dem. Jackie Glass wins VA general assembly special election

What Trevor Misses About South Africa's Racism The Daily Show

Justice Department to form new domestic terrorism unit - CBS News

Elizabeth Holmes Can't Be the American Dream

Did anyone hear mcconnell's threat,

David Bowie's performance of Simon & Garfunkel's America (The Concert for New York City, 2001)

Judge rejects Facebook's request to dismiss FTC antitrust complaint

Senator Elizabeth Warren grills Federal Reserve Chairman (CNN)

Dr. Fauci On Why He 'Called Out' GOP Sen. Rand Paul: 'Pure Ad Hominem' - All In - MSNBC

Kool Aid - Sack Cartoon

Bartender's tip leads to arrest in Key West buoy burning

A rural school board election manifests far-right strategy to spread their politics of intimidation

Should disseminating COVID disinformation on public venues be illegal?

Anyone on ssi disability notice this?

Biden calls Jan. 6 riot an attempted 'coup'

Climate change destroying homes across the Arctic

Hungary sets election for April 3 in big challenge to Orban

Does anyone else hope SNL calls Brad Pitt back for a Fauci slap down of Rand Paul?

the missing "war on covid" rhetoric

Florida officials tried to steer education contract to former lawmaker's company

Opinion: Where was Justice Neil Gorsuch's mask? - Marcus

The Luxury Fashion Industry Is Designed To Keep You Poor

Every time I drive past these mile long lines of cars waiting for testing I think

Cool paper on the preparation of nickel doped carbon electrocatalysts from CO2.

Cong. Clyburn is SOMETHING!

'A great triumph for us': California law giving farmworkers overtime time pay fully kicks in

Florida man ...

Constance Warren's 'Heather Hill' for string orchestra.

O'Toole is such a communist.

I'm sitting here on one of those donut pillows...

Is AOC doing ok?

Voting Rights Is A Democracy Issue, Not A Niche Issue For Black People Says Sherrilyn Ifill - ReidOut

Bette Midler - From A Distance (Official Music Video)

I Got My Booster Shot Today :)

Noticing it feels like literally everybody and their mom's are getting covid right now.

The True Origins Of The WW1 War Machine War Factories Timeline

Tweet of the Late Night:

Anti-trans bills introduced in at least 7 states in the first week of 2022

Who the fuck set up the audio system at the speech today, feedback and whine marked

What the FBI hid in key fobs during Whitmer kidnap investigation

Trump Talks to NPR

OSU study: Compounds in hemp block COVID-19 from entering human cells

You never know when it will be the last time you say you love them.

Fauci Defends Calling G.O.P. Senator a Moron: "I'm Just Following the Science"

Women among the Jan. 6 attackers are the new normal of right-wing extremism

Joy Reid: Guantanamo Still Open After 20 Years Is A National Embarrassment - The ReidOut - MSNBC

California Assembly Health committee moves forward with single payer, universal health care system

Omicron. It's the mild Trojan horse. Meh, let it in. We can handle it.

Snow potential index: 4/10 (↑) Increasing chance of storm MLK weekend,

Planned utility-scaled electric generating capacity additions for 2022

July 25, 1975

Magic mangroves a 'blue carbon' buffer for Great Barrier Reef

Tomorrow's vote in the Senate on voting rights will come down to "Whose Side are you on"

Carl Bernstein on Reporting the Truth During Watergate and the Trump Era - Amanpour and Company

Teachers are the only ones left that appear to care about stopping the spread.

Jan. 6 committee dismisses Ray Epps conspiracy theory, issues new subpoenas

Republicans In At Least Three States Filed Forged Elector Letters

Trump Trashes Republican Senator As 'Crazy Or Stupid' For Saying He Lost 2020 Election

80 Ostriches race down street after escaping from farm in China

Eric Swalwell taking friendly fire from a fellow Democrat

Wisconsin Supreme Court smacks down GOP official's ploy to get out of deposition over election audit

Lawrence: Biden's Putting The Pressure Of History On Manchin And Sinema - The Last Word - MSNBC

The Amendment That Could Prevent Trump from Office Again

COVID school policies set me adrift from my tribe.

Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests it's time to use 'Second Amendment' on Democrats

Dental implant

Lawrence O'Donnell: Biden And Schumer Giving Senators 'Nowhere To Hide' On Voting Rights - MSNBC

Eric Trump Seems Upset

Bonus Tweet of the Day

I had to Google it.

Lots of people who are vaccinated are getting sick

the modern filibuster is an effective tool for classic tyranny

Cousin Micki's Amazing Parallel Parking Tips, U.S. Has Most COVID Cases & Our New Announcer Lou!

Fauci to Paul: 'You're distorting everything about me' - Full Remarks - Washington Post

Almost too cold to click, @ 27 degrees f.

Art Institute employees win vote to form Chicago's first major museum union

Old timers sometimes give the rookies a break

With voting rights on the line, some senators flub history test

Here's how to stay safe while using space heaters this winter.

I am thrilled with Biden's tone and commitment

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Lawsuit says elite schools schemed to reduce financial aid for students.

COVID-19 was the leading cause of death among police officers in 2021, report says

Covid: Quebec To Impose Health Tax On Unvaccinated Canadians

The Red Green Show

8 in 10 cotton gin employers investigated in Southeast violated labor laws

Ancient Andean leaders may have mixed hallucinogen with their beer

Ancient Andean leaders may have mixed hallucinogen with their beer

Dr. Fauci calls Kansas Senator Roger Marshall a 'moron' after tense exchange

ROM at Home / Ask ROM Anything

PA Dem Senate candidates, by the number of unions endorsing them:

There are now 7 states where TFG supporters submitted fake/forged "electoral certificates"

Lyme-carrying ticks live longer--and could spread farther--thanks to warmer winters

Archaeologists' discover 2,400-year-old town in Northamptonshire

What drink are you going to quaff when Trump finally gets arrested?

Novak Djokovic - lying scumbag

I need the help of a knowledgeable DU member.

You might find this interesting: The desert chefs who cook with the sun

U.S. Sets Fresh Record For Daily Covid Cases - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Far East Movement - Don't Speak ft. Tiffany & King Chain (Official Music Video)

Kelly Canon, Texas GOP Activist Dies of Covid, "Doing what she loved"

2 more from Steely Dan

Similarities Suggest Coordination In Fake Elector Letters From Republicans In Five States - TRMS

Remember all those Republican politicians and conservatives who denounced Trump in 2015-2016?

Fung Brothers -BOBA LIFE

In McKinney, Concerns Over Concrete Batch Plant Near Wildlife Sanctuary, Special Needs Facility and

China gets to negotiate drug prices why not BBB in the USA?

Call these people:

Cuba Slams 20 Years of U.S. 'Occupation,' 'Abuses' at Guantanamo Bay, U.N. Calls for Closure

Toaster, 1929 (Universal model E9410, also called The Sweetheart)

Dallas Is Holding Panhandlers' Criminal Trials in the Streets, Literally

Texas Legislators on Both Sides of Aisle Slam Shelley Luther's Anti-Asian Comments

'Don't Look Up' Director Adam McKay On Turning Up 'Emotional Bandwidth' On Climate - All In - MSNBC

How Democrats Can Win the Information War

Breakfast Wednesday 12 January 2022

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/11/22

Japan takes superconducting power transmission leap

street musician spent years building a one-of-a-kind drum kit on wheels. 1 morning, it was gone

Anti-LGBT+ bill that could devastate a generation lands in Poland's parliament

State Rep. Celia Israel announces run for Austin mayor

Kazakhstan detains nearly 1,700 more after violent unrest

KFC makes new 'Beyond' Fried Chicken available nationwide

'The Maid' by Nita Prose is 'GMA's' January Book Club pick

The Thin Yellow Line

*See 'The forever prisoner,' HBO.

Polar bear cubs photo

Neo-Nazi Group group's leader sentenced over threats against journalists, activists

Penguins 🐧 produce an oil that helps their feathers retain body heat

West Virginia's governor says he feels 'extremely unwell'

A friend sent me this, has anyone else heard this about TFG? :-)

Once again we see negative projection onto the FBI, this time for the Jan. 6th insurrection

Oreo is celebrating its 110th birthday with a first-ever flavor

Oreo is celebrating its 110th birthday with a first-ever flavor

Greg Abbott's GOP Challengers Debated Without Him on Monday--and Gave Him Hell

Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Others Sued Over Cryptocurrency Promotion

Biden Has A PEN and a PHONE. His Next Move Should Be To Sign An Executive Order Doing The Following

U.S. govt to increase COVID-19 tests for schools by 10 mln per month

What brand of cat litter do you use?

Traveling Internationally? Here's What I Learned After Getting Covid Abroad

COVID-19 kept Texas Democrats off the campaign trail in 2020. Not this time.

GOP guru thinks Texas teachers are just babysitters? Let's see how his insults play at the polls

Biden makes the announcement we've all been waiting for

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Court upholds firing of 2 LAPD officers who ignored a robbery call to play 'Pokemon GO'

Heathrow calls for an end to COVID travel tests

Zurich Insurance: "Insurance Will Not Fix The Problem. Societies Will Pay For Climate Damage"

Mitt Romney! WTF are you saying?

Biden's Putting The Pressure Of History On Manchin And Sinema

Biden EPA Advancing Rules For Coal Waste; 91% Of Pits Monitored Leaked At Least 1Toxin Into Ground

'The Commercial System Isn't Providing the Local News We Need'

Wednesday TOONs - Smuggler's Code

Maine Democrats form union amid growing push for labor rights at state, national levels

Maine Democrats form union amid growing push for labor rights at state, national levels

LOL Berman on CNN: "EVERYBODY wants the schools to stay open!"

'That's discrimination': Arizona mom rips Delta's zero gender options for nonbinary child

Jamie Raskin Throws 'Benghazi' In Jim Jordan's Face

Little Walter - It's Too Late Brother

Video: Ludovico Einaudi - A Sense Of Symmetry 🎶

'Fundamentally immoral': Advocates decry Mills' veto of farmworker unionization bill

'Fundamentally immoral': Advocates decry Mills' veto of farmworker unionization bill

Voting Rights Are Civil Rights...

EmptyG suggests it's time to use Second Amendment on Democrats

Politics in the UK

Tommy Thompson won't rule out run for governor

90 years ago today, Hattie Caraway became the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate.

Database Reveals Vermont Congressman Was a Slave Owner

On this day, January 12, 2005, WHFS departed from the Washington, D.C. airways.

Guardian: 'Lawsuit aiming to break up Facebook group Meta can go ahead, US court rules

On this day, January 12, 2005, WHFS departed from the Washington, D.C. airways.

On this day, January 12, 2005, WHFS departed from the Washington, D.C. airways.

Boris Johnson admits attending Downing Street party during lockdown

I check on the defeated former president first thing every morning,

Rikers Island inmates on hunger strike over horrid conditions, lack of basic services

Omicron may be headed for a rapid drop in Britain, US

Trump Rage-Quits NPR Interview After He's Grilled on Election-Fraud Lies

WAR - That's What Love Will Do

CPI for all items rises 0.5% in December; shelter and used cars and trucks up, energy down

458 US officers died in the line of duty in 2021, highest since 1930

Dan Rather @DanRather: In my book, there's nothing "moderate" about blocking voting rights

Just how dangerous are space heaters? Especially the ones used by growers?

Our most anticipated comics of 2022

The Weekly Pull: Daredevil: Woman Without Fear, Pennyworth, Rain, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (1/12/22)

Soliciting Multiversity: Image's Top 10 for March 2022

The Detroit Spinners - I Could Never (Repay Your Love)

This Month in Comics: December 2021

The Webcomics Weekly #168: New Year, New Webcomics (01/11/2022 Edition)

The Rundown: January 12, 2022

I never wish death on those who wrong me. I wish

"If you're the kind of person who takes their sick child to the dr instead of the village idiot..."

Welcoming immigrants would cool off inflation, US Chamber of Commerce CEO says

Secret to growing giant cabbage is singing

Call me a cynic, but this Covid related 'Go Fund Me' request stinks of grift.

Nexans to Build 110km Subsea Power Cable for U.S. Offshore Wind Farm

BIMCO Urges Gulf of Guinea States to Crack Down on Piracy

Coast Guard Rescues 176 Haitians from Sailboat Off Florida

Tell me again when Louis DeJoy will be fired?

Local organization brings awareness to human trafficking

Detailed update on the voter bills and the filibuster

Someone updated on of the anti-vaxxer's favorite memes

COVID Christmas 2021 Horserace (2 minutes of humor in these times)

Not doing something because you think it might be portrayed as political

Trump's new Manhattan bar: serving rip-off drinks and a side of narcissism

What's in the election bills? Reporters don't care and won't tell you.

Lil' Sister

Do you think that one day, say in 2022-2025ish

Where Was You At

Contact Senators Manchin/Sinema

GA-SEN: GOP Hopeful Herschel Walker Pushed Snake Oil Body Spray for COVID

Two measures that can help preserve American democracy.

Got an extra $5M? Here's your chance to really blow out your Vegas wedding.

Boston wastewater shows steep Covid decline.

The Rude Pundit: Covid Tests, Sick Leave, and More: This Country Has Lost Its Ability to Give a Shit

The Nonprofit College That Spends More on Marketing Than Financial Aid

Anyone else get hooked on Wordle yet?

"The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity."

Murkowski's Trump-endorsed challenger has an imaginary friend she speaks to in tongues

What's in The John Lewis Voting Rights Act?

lets dance

Prince Andrew rejected in effort to get US sexual abuse case dismissed

Pretty sure I have COVID

Who has the coolest user name?

lets dance 2. this is called a galop.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

Rep. Haley Stevens calls on Capitol Police to investigate MTG's threat against Democrats

This Trumpish attack on the media is ridiculous, yes, but serious nonetheless

Link to the complete 11 minute video of Trump's interview on NPR this morning

Baby otters play with handheld shower:

There is no precedent for what is happening in America at this time.

Sanders and Padilla Lead Letter w Colleagues to Billionaire Bob Rich in Support of Striking Workers

"Parental rights" started on the Christian fringe -- now it's the GOP's winning issue

Pic Of The Moment: Jim Jordan Has Nothing To Hide, Except For All The Stuff He's Obviously Hiding

Magawa, 'hero rat' who sniffed out 71 land mines with his tiny nose, dies in retirement

Little lamb demands attention:

Chuck Schumer: Changing the filibuster to help pass election reform remains an "uphill fight"

Tiniest goat with happy tail wag as he gets petted:

This is art that elicits an emotion. and President Trump's Foreknowledge of the Attack on the Capitol

18,783 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed; 6 deaths

Covid loses 90% of ability to infect within 20 minutes in air - study

angry elk pops tire with horns

Amazing Rube Goldberg machine with cats, dogs, and birds!

This is probably a dumb computer/tablet question.

Mississippi Fred McDowell was born on this date.

Full video of NPR'S interview with Trump

Republican Judges Are Out Of Control

US shoppers find some groceries scarce due to virus, weather

Frontline - "United States of Conspiracy" is being rerun on APT World Channel ...

Jay McShann was born on this date.

Tweet of the Day

Schools See Big Drop in Attendance as Students Stay Away, Citing Covid-19

The highly contagious Omicron variant will 'find just about everybody,' Fauci says

can a congressional vote be challenged in court? thanks in advance.

Eric Adams Cuts His Brother's Duties After Giving Him Top Police Job

Biden administration announces major new initiatives to clean up the electric grid

Even the Gentlest Pittie Foster Dad Needs to Get Away From the Kids Sometimes

Cambodia's landmine-sniffing 'hero' rat Magawa dies in retirement

The Lincoln Project: Under Watters (Fox's newest PRIMETIME clown)

So far in 2022 . . .

States that legalized marijuana collected over $10 billion in tax revenue.

Remember a year ago when the Jan. 6 insurrectionists were put on the "no fly" list?

The F.D.A. extends the shelf life of up to a million expired tests in Florida.

"I just want to find 11,780 votes"

Somebody stop me from making fun of Doug Kuzma on his YouTube channel

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 12, 2022

Good Day DU (January 12, 2022)

Federer and Nadal react to the news of Djokovic being stuck at an airport in Melbourne

Apple Rumored To Be Selecting Suppliers For The 'APPLE CAR'

I just listened to NPR's recent interview with you know who

Any Rifftrax fans? Any subscribers?

Of the three major cable networks, only one isn't showing Harry Reid's memorial service

Any Rifftrax fans? Any subscribers?

Which incumbent US Senator running for re-election in 2022 is likely to lose?

New kit in town

Al Smith's campaign slogan in 1928: "Make Your Wet Dreams Come True".

President Biden's full speech on voting rights

Covid-19 was the leading cause of death among U.S. police officers in 2021, a report says.

Biden to meet with Senate Democrats in voting rights push

Blackburn says judicial nominee has "rap" sheet for speeding tickets 10+ years ago

Elizabeth Holmes sentencing in September?

According to Machin - if the repugs who are trying to destroy Democracy don't agree to save Democrac

Florida Politician (Gun Nut) Killed in Road Rage Incident

THAT ICY COLD BREATH on the NAPE of your NECK - Legiana pit fight!!!

Anyone searching for evidence of what's wrong with American "journalism" need look no

Two questions: Why is Louis DeJoy still

Clive artist's crane installation honors the thousands of Iowans who've died of COVID-19

Alexandra Petri: Newfangled 'voting rights' are barely established. The filibuster is eternal.

Generic polls

City of Albuquerque employees must provide proof of vaccination or get tested weekly

If every American is imprisoned for life, who will guard us?

Biden Backs Filibuster Reform to Pass Voting Rights Bills After Sustained Grassroots Pressure

Deer fight at the food pantry. Brownville, ME

Nashville is about to be obliterated

Cannabis compounds stopped COVID virus from infecting human cells in lab study

More subpoenas for Trump world figures, including strategists and Jan. 6 speechwriter

Recommend a lesser known TV show (past or current) for viewing.

Opinion: Georgia voting activists want to turn Biden away. They've got the wrong guy - Capehart

Greg Jaffe wins January Sidney for Moving Account of Union Organizing at a Dollar General Store

The "War" on the War on Corporate Crime

Gimme that ouchie from Fauci

Who is Ray Epps? Just another example of Republicans eating their own

The Supreme Court takes up a case, brought by Ted Cruz, that could legalize bribery

Prince Andrew to face civil sex assault case after US ruling

Dummy getting bullied fights back

HRC stands in the breach for 11 hours of vindictive diatribes (Benghazi) from Rethugs,

Man charged with supplying performance drugs to Olympians

Let's Talk About the Real Attempt to Steal the Election

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis calls for 'voting integrity unit' in Florida as Biden presses Congress

If they handed out awards for smug, self-destructive stupidity, this one would be a finalist

Djokovic: Not isolating after COVID infection was 'error'

Hillary Clinton's 2024 Election Comeback - By Douglas E. Schoen and Andrew Stein

It was pretty damn chilly up on Mt. Washington Tuesday night....

GOP governors' split on business vaccine mandates

Tracking Cougars to Figure Out Where to Build a Bridge

Frustration builds in D.C. region over mail delays

DIY Acid-washed jeans?

'A real turning point': Mobile crisis units offer new tool in mental health treatment

Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend testifies to grand jury in sex trafficking probe

It would seem easier to convince Romney and Murkowski than the 2 bribed "Democrats"

Has the Democratic party ever had such a member like Manchin, who insisted on his own ideas?

U.S. inflation soared 7% in past year, the most since 1982

Twitter explained in 15 seconds:

California hospitals find that Omicron causes fewer hospitalizations and shorter stays.

Council to take up pay increase for state's mental health workers

With more girls pregnant, Zimbabwe pushes a return to school

Revealed: The Billionaires Funding the Coup's Brain Trust

re: Maddow's show last night./ "It is conspiracy" ..JillWineBanks

Biden to huddle with Senate Democrats on voting bills

Massive boulder complicates reopening of White Pass

Real cause of inflation

Thurston County 911 services hit with outage Tuesday evening

Steph Curry was asked if his 2017 Warriors team could beat...

Seattle renters, landlords await eviction moratorium decision

why is cnn broadcasting McConnell's floor speech? eom

Child's body recovered from truck in Snoqualmie River

Slide closes road in Issaquah

Kristi Noem Still Doesn't Understand How COVID and Vaccines Work

Rep. Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend testified before grand jury in federal sex-trafficking investigation

The past seven years have been Earth's hottest on record and there's no signs of 'slowing down'

"It's a WITCHHUNT, I tell ya!" said the witch. nt

Lindell says he has enough evidence to imprison 300 million people

Sanders Reintroduces Legislation to Give Every American Lifesaving N95 Masks

'A Menace to Public Health': Doctors Demand Spotify Puts an End to Joe Rogan's Covid lies

Florida mother shot by men target practicing next door

Wild Parrot Visits Woman's Balcony Every Single Day

A discussion and a question for DU about a Forum suggestion

Finished Tarantino's "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood" book. No Spoilers!

Oh my you are fucked up

Climate change: Athletes flag the dangers of manmade snow

Revealed: The Billionaires Funding the Coup's Brain Trust

Incoming US Senators of 2022.

Icicle melting

Republican concedes special election in Virginia House

U.S. Attorney announces the arrest of 13 individuals for $100 million healthcare fraud...

Don't use this at-home COVID test, FDA warns. It could give you a false positive

Army ups bonuses for recruits to $50K, as COVID takes toll

The World Economic Forum's new Global Risks Report is out..and it isn't pretty.

Cartoons 1/12/2022

"Long Covid drove my wife to suicide. We must give others like her hope"

Lula holds big lead in Brazil as voters worry about inflation, COVID-19

Mukilteo School Board plans vote on the fate of 'Mockingbird'

Prediction: 33%-50% of Snohomish County could catch omicron

Sweden pledges to compensate homeowners for record-high energy bills

Record campaign cash flows into races for state election officials

If not for Tulalip Healing Lodge, 'I wouldn't be here right now'

Perhaps you're wondering how being a Steelers fan feels. Pittsburgh Dad can tell ya

Fact-checking Jim Jordan's letter to the Jan. 6 committee

The Big Lie's Long Shadow

music drop, Fifi Rong

Harry Reid lies in state US Capitol; Congress pays tribute to late Nevada senator

How fleeting choices, circumstances doomed 17 in Bronx fire

Biden challenges Senate on voting: 'Tired of being quiet!'

"Murray says he told them, "because I'm a dumbass." NPR story--IMAGES FROM A COVID UNIT

Judge skewers attorneys in Fortenberry (R-NE) case; trial next month could be delayed

Sheriff Moves to Fire Deputy Who Commented Online That Ahmaud Arbery 'Still Got the Death Penalty'

Icicle not melting

Congress Warms to Stock-Trading Ban, Leaving Pelosi in Cold

Opera student Liu Jianwei spontaneously joins soprano Lisette Oropesa in her 4th encore.

Oklahoma legislator asks judge for compassion for Trump supporter charged in Capitol riot

Tom Brady launches clothing line; but prices catch some fans off guard

Supreme Court clears way for liberal group to depose Assembly Speaker Robin Vos

Ted Cruz believes Biden should answer for FBI's supposed role in Trump-era Capitol riot

More than 40,362 Sandhill Cranes make their way to Southern Arizona

*MASKS: Lack Of US Non-Occupational *Respirator Standard Has Entered Realm Of Absurdity: Kids Masks

[Suspicious] Fire burns home of [San Diego Councilman] Fletcher, Gonzalez in City Heights

Grammar-nazi snark

Arizona is telling health care workers exhausted by COVID-19 surge to shut the hell up

When you have important Orangutan stuff to do...

Tucker Carlson Claims White People Face COVID-19 Treatment Discrimination

Dem Party of Hawaii Reso of Disappointment in Congressman Ed Case Regarding Passage of the BBB

One of largest child porn dealers in E. WA was Tri-City businessman with 'secret double life'

Malcolm Nance.

Do you look down at people who live in trailers? Is it okay to ridicule people who live in trailers?

Mayor Harrell extends Seattle eviction moratorium another 30 days

Did Trump know about the forged elector ballots?

I'm thinking of starting a reality tv show about a failed dog collector

LIVE at 3PM: Jan 12 Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki

Malcolm Nance has a new book coming out. It looks important:

Former President Trump Cuts NPR Interview Short When Pressed On Election Lies NPR

I have seen a couple of Abbott ads

TFG calls politicians who refuse to say they received Covid boosters 'gutless'

This tweet makes a very good point:

Demand a roll call vote on the Freedom to Vote Act.

Rand Paul's accusation that Fauci criticized other scientists in email, Wired Magazine.

Tory MP William Wragg says Johnson should quit, saying he's damaging reputation of party

Team Trump is melting down as probe by N.Y. AG Letitia James intensifies

Buttigieg meets with port leaders in Long Beach, addresses supply chain issues and progress

Hoda Muthana case: Alabama woman who joined Islamic State stuck in refugee camp

After 2020, Trump backers forged election docs in even more states

Follow up to the Bela Fleck concert at Carnegie Hall

Jennifer Rubin: Can insurrectionist enablers be disqualified from office? It's complicated.

Jim Jordan Doesn't Want to Grapple with the Truth

Ohio Supreme Court votes 4-3 to strike down GOP-drawn legislative maps

David Gilmour - Comfortably Numb (Live at Pompeii, 2016)

( Tweet ) Robert Reich @RBReich: Inconvenient, as in...blocking:

Now Mitch is saying Biden's speech was incoherent and inaccurate?

BREAKING: Jan. 6 committee seeks information from House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy

Bela Fleck's all star concert at Carnegie Hall in NYC last Sunday

Here's Jim Gardner's swan song on last night's 11 o'clock news.

Animal crackers

Newspaper Asks Rob Portman to Reconsider

We want answers about the Texas governor's Operation Lone Star

Five more Guantnamo detainees cleared for transfer from military prison

Ohio Supreme Court orders redraw of Republican-drawn state legislative maps

House Select Committee on Jan 6 to request Kevin McCarthy to answer questions.

Ohio Supreme Court orders redraw of Republican-drawn state legislative maps

PA Dems file FEC complaints against Dr. Oz, David McCormick


US Senators running for re-election in 2022 that are likely to lose.

Marc Elias Democracy Docket gets Ohio gerrymandering map struck down!

Trump Supporter Embarrasses Himself At Concert - Rebel HQ

Covid-19: Chinese woman stuck in lockdown with blind date

As N.Y. eviction moratorium comes to an end, lawmakers push Hochul to support 'good cause' bill

QAnon cultists wonder if Lennon, Tupac & JFK will appear at Rump's AZ rally

TCM tonight:11:00 pm The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)

Are you one of the 1 in 11 Americans Mike Lindell doesn't want to arrest?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 13 January 2022

(Jewish Group) Make Old-Fashioned Bagels (video)

High Court finds Government PPE 'VIP' lane for politically connected suppliers 'unlawful'

(Jewish Group) Casket draped in Nazi swastika flag at Catholic church funeral sparks outrage in Rome

(Jewish Group) Jewish businessman offers to buy and blow up 800lb eagle and swastika crest from ship

(Jewish Group) Jewish museums team up to create new tool for researching Holocaust victims

(Jewish Group) NYC Council member apologizes for comparing vaccine mandates to Nazism

(Jewish Group) Stanford to investigate claims that it capped admissions for Jews in the 1950s

1/6 panel requests interview from GOP leader Kevin McCarthy

(Jewish Group) Meet the 29-year-old Bukharian Jew who quit his Wall Street job to open a pickle shop

Where is the best place to research remote backup services for home computers?

(Jewish Group) The Queer Mikveh Project immerses marginalized Jews in a changing ritual

The Queer Mikveh Project immerses marginalized Jews in a changing ritual

Ohio Justices Strike Down New Maps

Jan. 6 Committee Requests Information From Rep. McCarthy (MSNBC)

The Jan. 6 Committee Would Like to Have a Word with Kevin McCarthy

Missouri House Democrats expect to exert newfound leverage on redistricting

St. Louis leaders seek help making the region a destination for Afghan refugees

Ted Cruz Stupidly Smashes His Podium - The Damage Report

GOP Rep. Davidson compares vaccine mandates to the Holocaust

Midwest power plants are among the country's worst polluters. But they don't break EPA rules

University of Missouri curators vote against requiring masks on campuses

high school students continue to use this racist phrase to ask date for dance

On chess: New year, new chess resolution

Wash U researchers seek to unlock Alzheimer's by recruiting more Black participants

Anybody hear anything about the "First Take" scandal? Neither Molly or Steven A have been on lately.

In case you never saw this classic DU thread

This app lets you see what Cahokia Mounds looked like 1,000 years ago

Matt "Epstein" Gaetz could be in deeper trouble than he thinks?

Judge shames 72-year-old cancer patient too weak to tend to his lawn

Vinyl Accounts for Over Half of Physical Albums Sold in 2021, Surpasses CDs for First Time

📺 @SenSanders tonight at 8PM ET will join @AC360 on CNN n/t

Lol... this is so cringey (Joni Ernst):

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

republican gov of WV says he's very "unwell" with Covid (yes, he's vaxxed)

( Democracy Docket ) LIVE UPDATES: Voting Rights Battle in the U.S. Senate

Illinois State Police to Conduct Occupant Restraint Enforcement Patrols

What's for Dinner, Jan., 12, 2022

'The Truth Is, If We Need A Carveout To Protect Voting Rights. I'm There & I Will Do It.'


New Ohio legislative district maps unconstitutional and need re-drawn, Supreme Court says

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany met with January 6 committee, sources say

Ronnie Spector has died at 78.

The Big Lie's Long Shadow

When "It Takes A Village," was published

In anticipation of TRUTH launch, the TRUMP SPAC is up $20/share this week.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 13, 2022 -- What's on Tonight: True Crime

Reps. Garcia, Ocasio-Cortez, Jayapal, and 15 others urge Secretary Yellen to oppose IMF surcharges

Jennifer Rubin: Democrats' best argument for 2022: The GOP creates chaos

Oculus Quest 2 question.

Kayleigh McEnany testified today. I think House Select Committee on Jan 6. N/T

Down creek, & over the river viewed from my sofa!

Pipeline spills 300,000 gallons of diesel near New Orleans

"We want fewer Black teachers"

Let me make this pellucidly clear

Ted Cruz's Teenage Daughter Says She's Bi, Disagrees With Him

Ronnie Spector, lead singer of The Ronettes, has died.

Mary Washington Hospital to open field hospital for COVID patients

Say Goodbye to Hollywood Ronnie Spector The E Street Band

2020 election "investigation", Wisconsin: Judge denies Vos request to stop deposition over records

Kristi Noem introducing two education bills.......not The Onion

***Schumer announces plan to bypass filibuster on voting rights legislation.***

Ronnie Spector and Southside Johnny - "You Mean So Much to Me"

US Rep Mace of South Carolina has COVID for second time

Federal Budget Deficit Narrowed in December

George Harrison with the Rutles, 1975

Eddie Money - Take Me Home Tonight/Be My Baby

Mitch McConnell said that Biden was ranting and that the way he acted was beneath his office.

Karma Variant

**Just heard mcconnell calling Potus' speech yesterday an 'incoherent rant.' EDited

Prosecutors add dozens of charges in Wisconsin parade deaths

You can buy a flying car for $92,000

Cawthorn says he's "working on a strategy of a way to actually circumvent the mainstream media."

Medicare Assist has called me 17 times today.

Omicron Cases May Be Headed For A Rapid Drop In Britain And U.S.

Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District

Ayanna Pressley: Bipartisanship is not the goal--that is an empty talking point.

Trumpists want to poison the grassroots! PLEASE run for something local!!!

Senate Rules Fight Could Be Advanced By House's NASA Gambit

CDC To Weigh In Soon On Whether To Upgrade Your Mask: Answer Will Likely Be Yes, ABC; No, The Hill ?

In the richest country in the history of the world, it should not be a luxury

Germany during the Thirty Years War, 1618 to 1648: Wallenstein versus Gustavus Adolphus

Molly Jong-Fast: Owning the Libs Is the Only GOP Platform

Interesting that Gaetz has been paying Epstein's NY criminal defense attorney.

Mo Brooks Is the Jan. 6 Congressman Who Can't Keep His Mouth Shut

Rep. Lori Trahan, Sen. Bernie Sanders reintroduce Masks for All Act to get Americans N95 masks

Prosecutor on Trump getting CHARGED (Interview with Glenn Kirschner)

Tell me something good- Really nice story from my middle school today- AND pronouns

The psychological drivers of misinformation belief and its resistance to correction

SD Gov. Kristi Noem drafts bill limiting 'action civics' following similar bill weeks ago

Nucor Steel to build a $2.7 billion steel plant in

The Guardian: My wife had long Covid and killed herself

Transgender rights advocates plan to protest 3 anti-trans bills filed in South Dakota

Madman Across The Water

Vaccinated and boosted and looks like we have omicron

Stephanie Miller: Bob Cesca

MAGA App Gettr Sick of Their Racist Users, Bans Right-Wing Pundit Jon Miller Over N-Word

Wow! Some exciting sumo today!

Buenos Aires hits 106 degrees amid severe South American heat wave

Roman Martinez IV Elected Chairman of the Postal Service Board of Governors

Roman Martinez IV Elected Chairman of the Postal Service Board of Governors

Trump Rage-Quits NPR Interview After He's Grilled on Election-Fraud Lies

Judge orders a man convicted of sexual assault to join the military or go to jail. (KY)

Tonight The Streets Are Ours