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The Hospitals Are Exploding Because Of All The MF'ers That Are Too Scared To Get A Shot

What do the repuqs hope to get from all these people dying?

Merrick Garland just shook the tree.

Oath Keepers leader, 10 others charged with seditious conspiracy for Capitol insurrection- PBS NewsHour

RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel Will See Debate Commission IN HELL!

Manchin and Sinema are institutional racists

A moment of silence for our loved ones who are infected by Covid.

When it comes to slavery, the past isn't past

Rep. Lofgren On Jan. 6 Investigation: It's A Giant Puzzle We're Putting Together -Deadline - MSNBC

I used to be good at telling jokes,

Early reports say Florida Republican shot and killed during road rage incident

While the Capitol Was Stormed, A Group of Men Gathered Near the Marine Corps War Memorial

GODDAMNED SHAMELESS: Kyrsten Sinema Is Living In An Alternate Universe

How Trump steered America's police straight into the Oath Keepers

How Trump steered America's police straight into the Oath Keepers

Kyrsten Sinema stuns with shocking announcement - Brian Tyler Cohen

Author of new Ocean Heat Study has some stunning numbers

Walmart accused of having sexist truck driver uniforms

Have fun coming up with captions for this picture of Ted Cruz and the Oath Keepers

Largest rail freight system, BNSF, goes on strike

Hundreds of mail-in ballot applications are being rejected under Texas' new voting rules

Hundreds of Texas mail-in ballot applications are being rejected under Texas' new voting rules

It's granddaughters - two of them.

Kenny Loggins & Daryl Hall - Footloose (Live from Daryl's House)

Republican who signed forged 2020 certification ran Russian-style troll farm that paid teens to post

Supreme Court Upholds Pandemic.

A patriot supports voting rights.

Brainard questioned on inflation, climate risk issues as part of nomination to become Fed's second-i

This Supreme Court Case Could Make Or Break The Biden Presidency (And The Planet)

Joe Rogan caught looking foolish in his sheer ignorance

GOP senator plans to introduce 'Fauci Act' after clash at hearing

A New Look at Chunhyang and Shim Cheong

!Photo Group! OM Systems says that while there are some shortages in the supply chain

In what way is a spider and a grape similar?

Trump Nightmare? First Sedition Charge In Jan. 6 Probe For Overthrowing Election - The Beat - MSNBC

Emergency proclamation by Gov Inslee, hospitals no non-urgent stuff, ntl guard can help....

FL GOP legislator wants cameras and mics on teachers in every school.

Mitt Romney says the RNC 'would be nuts' to block GOP candidates from participating in debates

Assassination of indigenous leader shocks western Honduras

VA's social studies reform legis.: Lincoln-Douglas debates were Lincoln and Frederick Douglass

That worsen the underlying disease of division infecting our country????

WSDOT reportedly refused help from Kittitas County to clear snow from state roads

Virginia GOP insists students be taught about the Lincoln/Frederick Douglass debate

Prince Andrew stripped of royal patronages and military affiliations

Jordan Klepper confronts Matt Gaetz on anniversary of Jan. 6 insurrection

If you want to see over 70 Republican IQ points

Three guys are walking through the woods when they find a lamp.

Sinema Kills Democrats' Voting Rights Act With Filibuster Announcement

OLD: Nobody has been charged with sedition! Fake news.

Waukesha County judge bars the use of absentee ballot drop boxes in Wisconsin.

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper Runs Into Matt Gaetz In His January 6th Return to D.C.

TCM tonight: (NOT my faves.)

Damn, unmanned drop boxes not allowed in next Wisconsin election. 🤬 🤬 🤬

Ever notice how bird shit is mostly white but has a yellow streak sometimes?

1906 film with a cat in it!

goona get my moderna booster on sat @ 11.30. .

'Like a slap in the face': Nurses told to use vacation and sick days to stay home if they test +

Seditious conspiracy: 11 Oaf Creepers charged in Jan. 6 riot

Ruling raises new questions about remote testimony in court

Newsom takes aim at DeSantis: 'We'd have 40,000 more Californians dead if we took his approach'

Shakira has absolutely unreal control of her body.

An observation about DU that might be worth mulling over

Kroger recalls nearly 20 baked items that may be in your home

Celebrities, CEOs among 19 indicted in Georgia on PPP fraud charges

Woman Involved In U.S. Capitol Riot Suing D.C. Police for $1 Million, Claims Officers Assaulted Her

Schumer's 'Shell Bill' To Get Voting Rights To Senate Floor

Top Trump nemesis might join GOP Senate primary

Steve Martin is one of the best comedians ever...

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread

Texas sues Planned Parenthood over $10M in Medicaid payments

Politics Podcast: How Likely Is Another Civil War? 538 Podcast

I am so disillusioned.

Abrams voting rights group has banked $19.5 million heading into 2022 election year

Gov. Abbott's border crackdown Operation Lone Star violates U.S. Constitution, Travis County judge s

AP Biden all but conceding voting rights..

shady, dirt bag student loan servicer Navient required to cancel debt for 66,000 borrowers

Shawn Mendes - It'll Be Okay

What's the update on Glen Beck?

A short joke #1...totally clean for everyone

Fux Noise Brit Hume Panned For Very Poorly Timed Jan. 6 Tweet

Amy Siskinds Thread: Why Would Sinema Do It

'Above politics.' Warnock urges corporate crowd to back voting rights law

Flip Flop Lindsey

Gov. Murphy signs bill ensuring woman's right to an abortion in New Jersey

OK, so the Oath Keeper were (allegedly) in a seditious conspiracy as laid out in the indict.

Shit doesn't change, does it?

weird and scary car jacking

One of the first big deep dives into the Oathkeepers more than a decade ago

Canadian man on run with 7 year daughter. God wants him to protect her from Vax

Warrant for policing reform activist David Hayes originated from a peaceful protest

Frozen waves

Wide partisan divide on whether voting is a fundamental right or a privilege with responsibilities

Psaki: Why is GOP afraid of presidential debates?

Should Dems trade leniency for legislation?

MyPillow CEO Says He Has Enough Evidence To Lock Up Almost The Entire Country

Part of the Nevada electors forgery proudly broadcast by Right Side Broadcasting..

Rachel: MI AG has made criminal referral to US atty re: fraudulent alternate elector documents

Michigan AG has referred their investigation of the fake slate of MI electors to the DOJ

League of Women Voters: How Reliable is Your News Source? Understanding Media Bias 2021

*Recess to be postponed, Tuesday Senate will consider voting rights.

'Big Deal': First 'Seditious Conspiracy' Charge Handed Down To Jan. 6 Suspect - All In - MSNBC

Schumer just said on the Senate floor that Tuesday they WILL vote on a rule change, so Manchin

Congressional committee investigates fake election certificates sent by Michigan GOP leaders

HELP my furbaby has been shitting all over and throwing up

Michigan AG has referred fake/forged electoral college vote/paperwork to DOJ

Sen. Marsha Blackburn criticized for saying judicial nominee has 'rap sheet' over court appearances

"This isn't a thumb on the scale, IT'S AN ANVIL..." TN's racial gerrymandering

Ted Cruz Pushes Far-Right's Favorite Jan. 6 Conspiracy Theory To Prove Loyalty - All In - MSNBC

Chuck Schumer's filibuster dodge for voting rights just may work

The hunt is on for exomoons around alien planets and scientists may have just found one

NY Mayor Eric Adams wants civilian guards.

I have a question that I wish some journalist...

Pachelbel Cannon in D

Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby indicted on federal charges she lied on loans

A Wisconsin judge rules absentee ballot drop boxes are not allowed under state law Facebook Twitt

Adam Schiff: Jan. 6 Panel Has 'Certain Remedies' To Get McCarthy, Jordan To Talk - All In - MSNBC

We're number 1! (Really) Publications on Supercritical CO2 Brayton Cycles

Sabbath - Into the Void. (Video)

Madeleine Dean just went Mr. Smith on Lawrence.

Great debates in history...

January 6th Insurrectionists Charged While Ted Cruz & Marjorie Taylor Greene Push Wild Theories

Judge Karen Berates Cancer Patient For Unkempt Yard

Just letting my imagination run wild. You think Putin would ever take out TFG if He

Tweet of the Day

Flying Burrito Brothers - Lazy Days Live at Altamont

"There's somethin' goin' on with this lady, and it ain't right"

Seth Meyers- Mike Lindell Wants Everyone in Jail; Kevin McCarthy Stonewalls Jan 6 Probe: A Closer Look

IF BBB and Voting Rights Legislation is done...

Why Republicans Won't Confirm This Renowned Holocaust Scholar

Abby Finkenauer (running against nazi fossil Grassley in IA): Kyrsten Sinema is a sellout.

The World Accumulated 16 Zetajoules of Additional Heat in Its Oceans in 2021.

Another Democrat gets indicted

Fleetwood Mac - "Oh Well", Live

Tell Me This Scenario Is Impossible: Republicans Win Both The House and Senate In November.

Please read this in it's entirety. The most amazing public document

SEDITION! - Randy Rainbow Song Parody from twitter

Biden hosts Manchin and Sinema at White House to push for voting rights reforme

"The question that I have moving forward from this indictment is just how high does this conspiracy

Cartoon: Give us the ballot By Clay Jones -January 13, 2022 10:24 AM

Malcolm Nance: On Jan. 6 You Saw The Command Cell Of The Oath Keepers - The ReidOut - MSNBC

The vaccine mandate falls and I'm not mad about it

PBS: Senator Warnock on prospects for voting rights legislation

GOP State Rep. Jake Hoffman refused to answer why he signed phony declaration

Snow potential index: 7/10 (↑) A burst of accumulating snow is likely Sunday

Kyrsten Sinema: Her willfully naive Senate floor speech vs. when she had common sense on GOP obstruc

has anyone ordered their free moveon vaccine card holders?


(Jewish group) Holocaust survivor Charlotte Knobloch leads Germany's Jews into an uncertain future

(Jewish Group) Neo-Nazi leader sentenced to 7 years in prison for distributing antisemitic flyers

Video - 1975 Flashback: Evacuation of Saigon

Trump Continuing To Inspire GOP Cult Of Personality Critiqued By Joy Reid - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Gay penguin "power couple" celebrate their anniversary

A Planned Parenthood Was Burned Down. This Is Just the Latest in Knoxville's War Over Abortion

A Planned Parenthood Was Burned Down. This Is Just the Latest in Knoxville's War Over Abortion

Ken Paxton refuses to release messages about attendance at pro-Trump rally before Jan. 6 insurrectio

Rhode Island man, 34, is caught making untraceable 'GHOST' guns

Ken Paxton refuses to release messages about attendance at pro-Trump rally before Jan. 6 insurrectio

Did Rep. Faison Pants Himself?

A sad day for me. Today was Voodoo's 1st birthday since he passed away.

CSX Purchase of Pan Am Railway Gets Federal Hearing.

Get Galactic Civilizations III for Free (through 1/20/2022) from Epic store

'Big Deal': First 'Seditious Conspiracy' Charge Handed Down

Tweet about Lincoln-Douglas debates and Virginia law.


Greg Abbott in Danger of Losing GOP Governor Primary in Texas: Poll

After more than 70 years, the FDA is dropping its regulation for French dressing

Rep. Tim Rudd vs. MLK's Poor People's Campaign

Seditious Conspiracy Kinda Has A Ring To It

Lawsuit: Tyson Foods shorted construction firm millions for Gibson County plant

Rep. Stevens On Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'Threats': 'It's Called A Red Flag' - The Last Word - MSNBC

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 14, 2022 -- What's on Tonight: Starring Stanley Baker

Hours after being charged with sedition, Thomas Caldwell goes on Fox with Tucker

The "Rick Perry" on Texas GOP ballot is not the former governor of Texas

Strong association between Epstein-Barr virus and multiple sclerosis

Lawrence: Sinema's Filibuster Speech Was Contemptuous And Dishonest - The Last Word - MSNBC

Meet The First Trump Fan Indicted For Sedition, An Anti-Obama Zealot

We are quickly coming up on a very solemn anniversary

Gov. Abbott's border crackdown Operation Lone Star violates U.S. Constitution,

State government policies about vaccine requirements

Gov. Gavin Newsom Denies Parole For Robert F. Kennedy's Assassin - The Last Word - MSNBC

Quietly and over some objections, a national digital vaccine card has emerged.

Great moments in typos...

"Buy shirts so we can afford liver transplants"

Quite the expose' here of another facet of plot -- Amistad Project, ex AG Kansas Kline

South Kitsap Schools closing campuses for several days due to COVID-19

Beware of Republicans who wear masks ...

I've been saving up money during this pandemic for something really special.

In Baton Rouge, there's a $100 million football coach and everyone else

Campaign finance panel to subpoena Rep. Glen Casada, former top aide in audit of PAC

Australia cancels Novak Djokovic visa

Listening to this now, and it's giving me goosebumps.

Smoking Gun? Foreign Plot Inspired MAGA Insurrection, Says DOJ - The Beat - MSNBC

His Praetoran Guard went down today, does Roger Stone do a perp walk soon?

GOP gubernatorial candidate who opposes $400 checks for Michiganders shows off $20,000 Rolex watch

Right-Wing Supreme Court Blocks Covid Protections For Workers - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Pilsen metal shredder could become next big environmental battle in Chicago

driver doing donuts in parking lot wrecks his car only.. caught on video

Hurdy Gurdy Man - Donovan

Thieves Raiding Cargo Containers, Stealing Packages On Downtown Section Of Union Pacific Train...

The Byrne Brothers

More Than 50 Billionaires--Including A Couple Of Trump Supporters--Have Donated To Senator Sinema

Oath Keeper Seditious Conspiracy Indictment Describes A Threat Beyond January 6th - Rachel Maddow

Scores of doctors and scientists sign a statement condemning personal attacks against Fauci.

UW Health nurses push for union amid health care system strain

UW Health nurses push for union amid health care system strain

County-USC Medical Center ER Nurse Attacked While Waiting For Bus Near Union Station

We are not going home

ATTN Oath Keepers Counts 9 through 17 Did youthrew away your "burner phone?"

Evers attorney finds complaint insufficient to start process of removing Milwaukee County DA

Supreme Court: It's not our place to push anyone to do anything...unless it's women.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke cancels Novak Djokovic's visa ahead of Australian Open

October 24, 2021: Chile's "El Mercurio" newspaper publishes a positive eulogy about Hermann Goring

Australia cancels Djokovic's visa and intends to deport him.

Citizens are invited to honor a World War II veteran with a memorial paver brick

Michigan Attorney General Refers Probe Of Fake Electors To Federal Prosecutors - Rachel Maddow

Employers face patchwork of state policies on worker vaccination after Supreme Court order


Haiti Honors 316,000 Citizens Dead In the 2010 Earthquake

Capitol Hill riot: see who's been arrested across the U.S.

Minneapolis, St. Paul will require proof of vaccination or COVID test to enter restaurants

Ukraine: Government websites down after a hacking attack

Glenn Beck's 2nd Bout With COVID, getting into his lungs

I hate breakfast 🍳 without a side of crispy bread 🍞

Key Ukrainian government websites hit with "massive cyberattack"

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/13/22

Who's a good doggie ?

Reynolds Offers Teachers a Bonus Before Announcing Plan to Defund Public Schools

Michael Gerson: The GOP celebration of covid ignorance is an invitation to death

#2 Who's a good doggie ?

Song for Sinema (Perhaps I wont get censored here. Carlins steaming) "warning for Sarcasm"

Job opportunities have gotten worse for many Americans

ADP Statement on Voting Rights and Abolishing the Filibuster

Covid-19 as a systematic disease, run time 33:06

BBC: Greyfriars Bobby and the dogs immortalised in statues

Dana Nessel refers GOPers that falsified election docs to DOJ

BBC: Africa's week in pictures: 7-13 January 2022

"Cooking & Cleaning"

"Cooking & Cleaning"

BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 7 - 14 January (2022)

Youngkin taps critical race theory opponents to lead public education in Virginia

I'm noticing the oath keeper indictment stories are buried in the newspapers

Well, the statement of "this was a protest" or "it was ANTIFA" or "it was a tourist visiting the...

Florida bill would allow cameras in classrooms and microphones on teachers

Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes eye patch!

FOX 5 meteorologist Sue Palka announces retirement

Sanders, Warren and Baldwin urge BlackRock CEO Larry Fink to intervene in strike at coal company

Bolsonaro is a "threat to democracy," HRW says

Maryland hospital defending its decision to transplant a pig's heart into a man with a criminal past

Paraguay: Congresswoman says drug money runs in all political parties

Brianna Keiler is nailing Oath Keeper's lawyer on CNN.

Seth Meyers: Guest Stacey Abrams on Fighting for Georgia and Her Optimism for Voting Rights

They claim they support voting rights and so much else of the Dem agenda.

A simple question about Matthew Gaetz and his former "girlfriend."

A ramble over coffee , So your gonna follow a guy who shot his eye out

Loudoun County teenager sentenced for 2 sex assaults, must register as sex offender

Jon Mosley, attorney for Oath Keeper, sounds like a drowning man on New Day.

Are you as discouraged as I am?

My new favorite rap song... Perfect blend of traditional with modern.

Va. attorney general overturns 58 historic legal opinions that perpetuated racism

Breakfast Friday 24 January 2022

Old video surfaces of Rand Paul telling students that spreading misinformation is a 'great tactic."

N. Korea fires fresh missiles in response to US sanctions

Indian Country Today: Kyrsten Sinema meets with tribal leaders

Biden's Schedule for Friday, January 14, 2022

Guardian: 'The week in wildlife - in pictures, January 14, 2022

Adorable 2-Year-Old Is Beyond Excited To See Himself Represented in Disney's 'Encanto'

Watched Tucker Q Carlson last nite to see what the enemy had to say about the oath keepers

To those people who support "blue lives"...

No 10 apologises to Queen over parties on eve of Prince Philip funeral

Lucky dog! Family pooch rescued a week after Seattle home destroyed during landslide

Western Australia Ties All-Time Record Southern Hemisphere High Temperature: 123.3F

CNN oops:

What's getting lost is the unity that Democrats achieved this year

Friday TOONs - Republicans Forge Ahead

Biden administration launches program to fix 15,000 bridges

Hijab-gate lawsuit filed. It's lottery time....

The origin of Superheroes: Captain Nice

Do not be forlorn people

First Downburst On Record For NWT Flattened 200 Square Miles Of Forest - Equal To F2 Tornado

To put Jim Crow, gerrymandering and electoral college into perspective,

Tea Leaf Prophecy

Wordle: Beat the Admin

How many dead Americans will be sufficient to satisfy republicans?

Import prices fall 0.2% in December on lower fuel prices; export prices decrease 1.8%

13 Years After Green Blahblahblah, Cargill Still Buying Corn & Soy From Clearcutting Farm In Brazil

U.S. Retail Sales Slide Sharply as Inflation Weighs on Consumers

Harry Dunn crash: Anne Sacoolas UK court date postponed

Penzeys Spices latest email: "Republicans Are Racists Weekend!"

Glen does the Covid 2 and Ivermectin Boogaloo

The Occupy movement had it right in 2011 - It IS the 1% causing ALL the pain.

Pence's discomfort documented: he altered parliamentary procedure to thwart the coup plotters

How a Union-Busting Behemoth Shook up Nevada's Gold Country

'The Campbells Are Coming': *Anybody Heard from Marble Falls?

The end of American democracy could signal the end of world democracy

Why did the giraffe fall out of a tree?

Klepper to Matt Gaetz: "Isn't this a little bit childish, Matt, or is that what attracts you to this

Ground Temperatures Hit 129 Degrees as Argentina Suffers Blackouts

Washington Post Torches Kevin McCarthy: 'Thrown In His Lot With Enemies Of Democracy'

Here's the Truth: Not a single GOP House member supported voting rights bill

VA: Shades of things to come for the Old Dominion?

There, we have it. Entire country is solid brick red re COVID infections

Marjorie Taylor Greene Finds a Way to Profit Off Government Debt

All aboard! Virginia finalizes deal for passenger rail to extend into the New River Valley

All aboard! Virginia finalizes deal for passenger rail to extend into the New River Valley

Environmentalists Sue to Stop Livestock Grazing Plan for Point Reyes National Seashore

The Oath Keeper indictment: If this is true it could be bad news for a lot of people.

Madoc is currently in his 'cute little jerk' phase

Just came from Kroger I didn't see any

The Legacy of Campbell Soup's Tomato Breeding Program

Allen Toussaint was born on this date.

Conspiracy Theory:

Opinion: Fear of a Unionized Starbucks

When Covid First Hit, I Was All In Favor Of Standing On My Balcony & Banging Pots & Pans To Show...

Tennessee man served dangerous chemical awarded millions, but Cracker Barrel to pay less

'60 Minutes' streaming spinoff is shuttered by Paramount+

Sinima has it backwards

Latest on Saturday snow (Friday morning update)

Girl friend went UCK when I told her we drink our own pee.

Course Correction for DDG 1000, Navy Will Replace Main Battery for Guided Missile Destroyer

Taiwan Adds Minelaying to Defenses Against China

If we send out free masks, they'll have to be contaminated with COVID right? I imagine someone beat

How Often Can You Safely Reuse KN95, N95 Masks? *Biden Plan, Hi Qual Masks Avail, Free: WaPo

Voter Suppression For Dummies---who say "What's the big deal?"

Pro-Trump, "Big Lie" Virginia Delegate Thinks Abraham Lincoln Debated *Frederick Douglass*

Webb telescope update - this is such an exciting endeavor.

Big snow heading our way - we've lived in the NC mountains for a few years and this...


To those who keep claiming that it's pointless looking for votes in rural America...

Dispute over board game ends with three counts of assault, resisting arrest against wife

The ruling from yesterday from the Right Wing John Roberts court

Come on Judge Amit Mehta

It's not a huge blow to Biden's vaccine mandate.

The Seditious Conspiracy Indictments Truly Tell Us Something

Sinema now a "Christian"?

I wonder if the is a group of TFG supporters in the CIA and they helped plan the coup attempt.

Please congratulate me! Needle phobe is boosted!

Biden Plan: Make Hi Quality Masks Widely Avail, Free For Americans; How Long Safely Reuse KN95 N95

Join the Scientists demanding Spotify act against Joe Rogan Covid misinformation

Biden nominates 3 for Fed board, including first Black woman

Why aren't the other Dem Senators waging massive campaigns against Man-chin and Cinema

Isn't a biopsy supposed to confirm or deny suspicion?

U.S. manufacturing output unexpectedly falls in December on autos

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (Friday Roundup)

Video of Sen. Rand Paul telling students that spreading misinformation is a 'great tactic"

David Bowie - The Jean Genie (live, 2003 + article on song + 1972 video)

Minnesota Prosecutor sought Enbridge funding to prosecute Water Protectors at Line 3

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 14, 2022

Status Quo - Whatever You Want

Dog having waaay toooo much fun, on his own.

20,257 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 66 deaths

Anderson Cooper and Olive Garden for the win

Under Abbott, Paxton, & Patrick, Texas has been safe harbor for white supremacist terrorist groups

Reading two articles on "TheDonald" the reddit subdomain they used to plan 1-6

U.S. consumer sentiment sours in early January to second lowest level in decade

Comcast trying to "torpedo" Biden FCC pick Gigi Sohn

Good Day DU (January 14, 2022)

M. Garland's timing of indictments

If Democrats want to retain control of the US Senate in 2022,

Living In The U.S.A. - Steve Miller Band

Siberian Forest kitten walking in the snow - Looking Bossy

Oath Keepers' 'Seditious Conspiracy' Charges Blow Up GOP Downplaying Insurrection

MI-12: Rashida Tlaib Gets a Primary Challenger

Russia planning potential sabotage operations in Ukraine, U.S. says

Hey, Virginia lawmakers, the Lincoln-Douglas debates did not involve Frederick Douglass

Diocese apologizes for asking if child sex abuse victim is gay, enjoyed priest encounters

Diocese apologizes for asking if child sex abuse victim is gay, enjoyed priest encounters

NevilleDog where are you?

My brother died this morning

Trump's approval ratings his first year. Sound familiar?

Earth experienced 6th hottest year on record in 2021, but 4th hottest for United States

Earth experienced 6th hottest year on record in 2021, but 4th hottest for United States

'Self heating (warming?) satellite dish'

'Self heating (warming?) satellite dish'

Republican John Katko will not see reelection to Congress.

A Democrat won a US House seat this week with 79% of the vote. Her GOP opponent has not conceded

Trump supporter and Former MI GOP Speaker Chatfield Charged With Sex Abuse Of Sister-In-Law

The planners of the Jan 6 coup knew it had to be a permanent direction - frightening implications

Democrats guide to retaining control of the US Senate in 2022 is winning

The Democrats are going to own the news cycle from now to the midterm elections.

DisneyPlus announces that Marvel's Moon Knight will debute March 30, 2022

Virginia Beach Police used forged DNA reports to get confessions, investigation finds

(CA) Kitchen scraps go in your green bin this year

How does a democracy survive journalism this bad?

LIVE: FEMA head Criswell joins Psaki at White House briefing

LIVE: Pentagon press secretary Kirby holds a news briefing

The Future of Our Democracy Will Come Down To State Legislatures

Ohio Supreme Court strikes down congressional map, forcing another round of drawing

Under the microscope: Antivaxxers find "impurities" in COVID-19 vaccines (antivax conspiracies)

Blue Talk Texas - Chase West, Jinny Suh, and Delia Parker-Mims

Behind the Critical Race Theory Crackdown

Hundreds of mail-in ballot applications are being rejected under Texas' new voting rules

Ex-EPA workers ask Virginia senators not to confirm Wheeler

Iowa Senator Introduces Bill That Forces Teachers to Recite Pledge, be 'Patriotic'

Robert Reich @RBReich PSA: Martin Luther King Jr.'s family is calling for no celebration of MLK Day

When they voted for Trump, when they stormed the capital, Trump voters proved this.

Omicron variant causing "hellacious" worker shortages

LIVE: President Biden Delivers Remarks on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

A machete, a crystal meth burrito and other items spotted by TSA

Stewart Rhodes' Estranged Wife Calls Him a 'Complete Sociopath' a Day After Jan. 6 Arrest

Truckers say the way they're treated by their employers and the general public is causing drivers to

Third House Republican who voted to impeach Trump calls it quits

Democrat won a US House seat this week with 79 percent of vote. Her GOP opponent has not conceeded.

What is seditious conspiracy? Rare, but now part of Jan. 6

Biden has options after Supreme Court ruling

We Have Always Been At War With The South

Nobility doesn't exist in the republican party

CT mother & daughter who climbed over a bike rack to get into the US Capitol on Jan. 6 plead guilty

Russia takes down REvil hacking group at U.S. request - FSB

We Can Work It Out - The Beatles - Classic Gem

1/6 Committee Subpoenas Social Media Records Looking for Efforts to Overturn 2020 Election

Home confinement instead of jail time recommended for Omahan in Capitol riot

I'll be back again. And again, and again...

On this day, January 14, 1973, "Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite" took place.

Rockin' All Over The World - Status Quo, opening Live Aid in 1985

Biden administration threatens to rescind stimulus funds from Arizona over anti-mask school policy

Kerry Kennedy talking about Sirhan Sirhan on MSNBC.

Elephants dying from eating plastic waste in Sri Lankan dump

Trump's top Texas backer joined 'Stop the Steal.' It's ending badly for him.

Hillary brings the MLK

Fact check: Image falsely shows COVID-19 vaccine vaporizer cartridge

One of the World's Dirtiest Oil Patches Is Pumping More Than Ever

GOP Rep. John Katko announces he won't seek reelection

Doctors call out Spotify over Joe Rogan spreading 'false and societally harmful' covid-19 claims

Just a reminder: Manchin and Sinema aren't up for re-election until 2024.

Jerks on the bench - "judge" shames cancer patient for overgrown yard - started with "Judge Judy"?

Why is anyone surprised when a congressperson, an MP, etc takes foreign money?

SOMETIMES on TWITTER you get interesting followers...(and I don't live in Michigan)

Pinellas men carried sledgehammer, pepper spray in Jan. 6 Capitol riot, indictment says

Biden to hold first press conference of 2022 next week

Sinead O'Connor hospitalized, days after teenage son's death

Baby elephant gleefully splashes with his trunk:

U.S. intel suggests Russia is planning a false-flag operation

North Korea is test-firing missiles again. Here's what to make of the launches.

Rapper formerly known as Kanye West named suspect in battery probe

Cows entranced by corgi playing fetch:

Novak Djokovic's Australian visa revoked again

How the Supreme Court rules during a pandemic shows what may happen next

Kitten antics to get oblivious toddler to play with her:

GOP attempt to award Mich. Electoral College votes to Trump referred to feds, Nessel says

Two weeks without mail: Investigation launched into Emporia post office

Kevin McCarthy reportedly told Republicans in a phone call last year that TFG admitted being partial

D.C.-area forecast: Chillier air trickles in today, then colder ahead of snow

siblings fell 250 yr old tree located 7.5 ft outside property, sold it for $2K, could face prison

This is how you end up with multiple dogs:

Olympic National Park ranked one of the most dangerous in country, study says

It will cost Tacoma $3.5M to settle fight over pipes tied to I-5 construction project

Kitten persuades human to adopt him instead of a dog:

So, here's something I don't get about MTG and her 2nd Amendment Comment on Gorka's shit show...

Exquisite Madagascar Moon Moth:

Intel picks Greater Columbus for $20 billion semiconductor factory to employ 3,000 workers

Biden administration threatens to claw back Covid funds from Arizona over school anti-mask policies

Puppy makes baby giggle. I love both puppies & baby giggles:

I'm not very eloquent, but...I was just going through my email

GOP governors slam COVID limits while setting policy agendas

Sweden, Worried by Russia, Beefs Up Troops on Gotland

Middle Age Riot tweet:

AG Ken Paxton must turn over Trump rally records or face lawsuit, Travis County DA says

GOP senator blocks Biden EPA nominees over coal plant decision

Biden administration approves third major California solar project

Lindsey Buckingham - Trouble

Oath Keeper attorney says they believed "Trump was going to activate them as a militia under the

Updated Armed Demonstration Data Released a Year After the 6 January Insurrection

Joint Statement of the Five Nuclear-Weapon States on Preventing Nuclear War and Avoiding Arms Races

On this day in 1907, Jamaica shook three times

Past the faux-legalese, SCOTUS' motives don't differ from QAnon shaman

Placebo - Beautiful James

Latinx Files: Will Puerto Rico stop being for Puerto Ricans soon?

Man who got the pig heart stabbed another man 7 times in a jealous rage.

Political Necromania

Michael Beschloss: NYTimes 1 year ago today--

S.D. Gov. Kristi Noem releases national ad targeting transgender student athletes

Here's our detailed DC winter storm briefing:

Toto - I will remember

Olyphant Returns For "Justified" Sequel Series

Remember to call Republicans refusing to concede elections they lose "sore losers"

#OnThisDay #OTD January 14, 1993, "Marge vs. the Monorail" first aired on the Fox network.

Amy C. Barrett-affiliated anti-abortion group accused of promoting harassment of doctors

'Portrait of Raquel Welch' by Salvador Dali

'Portrait of Raquel Welch' by Salvador Dali

lets' dance 4 and final. the king and queen of the dance , the waltz.

(Tweet) Be A King @BerniceKing: I want to encourage us today concerning voting rights legislation

Mitch, GOP, fearing voters, hide behind filibuster

Chase let an elderly customer wire more than $600,000 to an overseas scammer

Cartoons 1/14/2022

Overhead photograph of large throng at Lincoln Memorial as MLK speaks during March on Washington:

Surgeries paused, National Guard deployed to assist hospitals

U.S. arms control group makes Mexico minister 'person of year' after gun lawsuit

US judge reassigned after reversing sex assault conviction

...and Stephen Miller's name enters the "alternate elector slate" story 12/2020

Lawyer for Oath Keepers leader defends 'bloody revolution' message (CNN)

Mail delays frustrate and perplex Snohomish residents

Sketchy firm's COVID-test sites shut down as questions mount

Write the headline for this photo: Proud Boy Enrico Tarrio released from jail

New coalition tells state lawmakers to prioritize ending chronic homelessness

Biden to announce new investment in nation's bridges

Frank Figliuzzi FTW: Hey Ted "A picture says a thousand words"

Remember this image?: National Guard soldiers sleeping in the hallway of the Capitol--

He's Got a Gun - Key & Peele

Twitter, Meta among tech giants subpoenaed by Jan. 6 panel

California school district shuts down for a week to let students and staff "recoup and recover"

The stories of the fake electors was reported over a year ago and discussed here at DU

Elephants Dying From Eating Plastic Waste in Sri Lankan dump

GOP's dream is about to come true - but it's a nightmare for the rest of us

Shipments of free coronavirus tests will take at least a week, U.S. officials say.

Catholic bishop acquitted of raping nun in India

Why Oath Keeper leader Stewart Rhodes wears an eyepatch:

DeSantis Hits Trump for Backing Pandemic Lockdowns

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton ordered to release emails, texts from around Jan. 6 Capitol attack

Jan. 6 Inquiry Weighs a Major Escalation: Subpoenaing Colleagues

"The Daily Show: "RIP to the "no sedition charges" talking point, 2021-2022"

Photo of the Oath Keepers carting their guns around Ballston Comfort Inn.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton ordered to release emails, texts from around Jan. 6 Capitol attack

***January Photo Contest: Stream, Creek, River: Finals Thread***

Does anyone know what's up with canned cat food missing from the store?

Who would be a perfect candidate to defeat Sinema in 2024?

Why doesn't President Biden call up the Militia wannabes and then use military justice against them?

Starting Jan. 19, Americans will be able to order free, at-home, rapid COVID-19 tests online

Book Review: Mario Vargas Llosa Takes On a Coup in Guatemala

Sullivan woman charged in Capitol riot arrested for DUI after fatal crash

Ron Filipkowski tweet re: Brit Hume is an idiot--

Nutrition Tip Read Today

DeSantis Hits Trump for Backing Pandemic Lockdowns

Ohio Supreme Court strikes down CONGRESSIONAL map (2nd redistricting case)

It's Time for a Much Needed Civics Lesson

Guest corrects Joe Rogan live on his own show. See his reaction (CNN)

Does anyone love war more than Richard Engel?

New Year's Eve Tribute to Betty White - Steve Hofstetter

Two years ago this week, the first COVID case outside of China was detected.

Mass student walkout at Kenwood Academy in Hyde Park, Chicago

US fugitive who faked death found alive in Glasgow

'Pharma Bro' Shkreli ordered to pay nearly $65 million, banned for life from pharmaceutical industry

I'm gonna cover myself with the ashes of you

Michael Avenatti files Federal Tort Claim Act complaint against Trump, others

Rand Paul Caught On Video Telling Students To Spread 'Misinformation' Because 'It Works'

Alex Jones today is blaming Ted Cruz for getting Oathkeepers leader Stewart Rhodes arrested

Cops Say Man Faked Death to Evade Justice but Was Caught While Hospitalized With COVID-19

I posted last Sunday

Brian Klaas compared Boris Johnson's accountability to Trump's:

Russia laying groundwork for Ukraine invasion, White House says - Reuters

Democrats guide to retaining control of the US Senate in 2022 is winning

Americans will be able to order free rapid coronavirus tests Wednesday on new federal website

Court puts hold on GOP inspection of county voting machines

Has anyone else ever experienced imposter syndrome?

Oath Keepers Indictment Shows Insurrectionists Were Expecting Armed Second Wave (MSNBC)

Oaf Creeper Tells Tucker Carlson New Jan. 6 Charges Are 'Good vs Evil'

Every single person with a cat has experienced this...

Tommy Tuberville, a prominent critic of China's government, bought up to $250,000 of Alibaba stock

GE halts vaccine rule after Supreme Court rejects mandate

GOP rep facing charges of lying to FBI announces reelection bid

Quick question!!! "When was the last time you recited the Pledge of Allegiance?"

FedEx Asks FAA to Let It Install Anti-Missile Lasers on Its Cargo Planes

Arizona's phony electors aren't patriots, they're traitors

Voting rights isn't just a Black issue

Mexican rights groups seek international probe into torture, forced disappearances

Subpoena Kevin McCarthy

#BettyWhiteChallenge raising money and awareness for animals

And a lot of people wonder why this country is where it is at now.....

Rosenberg: 'Rare' Seditious Conspiracy Charges Means The DOJ 'Got The Goods' (MSNBC)

Professor suspended for jokey? video to students "you people are just vectors of disease to me"

Trump tweeted this article from the Conservative Action Project calling for fake electors

Help me understand facebook craziness

Controversial Indiana Senate Bill 167 on education standards dies

Qanon/right wing radicals are taking over school boards across the country, where's the pushback?

Kacey Musgraves - Justified

Liberal Redneck - President Sinema?? (Naw)

The sci-fi genre offering radical hope for living better

Biden's clean energy initiative could create 80,000 jobs

Shepherd Cat..

Baby Chipmunk Burrows Into Giant 115-Pound Dog's Fur (Warning: sad but lovely.)

Joe Rogan Gets BLASTED By Doctors For Lying - Rebel HQ

***Finals are up in General Discussion***

Biden Discusses Infrastructure Investment In 'Bridges To Make America Work' (MSNBC)

A French fashion brand is under fire for a photo shoot involving Indigenous women in southern Mexico

This Dog Is Best Friends With Butterflies

Enough negative news starting the year, this reminder will bring a smile

Question for the legal/political pundits

You can't reform this (Portland police)

Mike Lindell's bank is terminating its relationship with him due to "reputational damage."

U.S. fears Feb. 7 could bring new political upheaval in Haiti -- with huge ramifications

Whups, should be Lounge. Moving.

Fucke This: Swedish Village Decides to change its name

The B-52's: Rock Lobster

A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away

Wall Of Voodoo - Mexican Radio

Alphaville - Big In Japan

The Supreme Court's golden rule: Only Republican leaders hold true power!

Dorothy Ashby - Little Sunflower

GOP attempt to award Mich. Electoral College votes to Trump referred to feds, Nessel says

Astrud Gilberto - Stay

So the plan was to rile up the lowlifes, use that as an excuse to declare martial law?

Kerry Kennedy: Assassination Of RFK 'Was A Terrorist Attack On Our Democracy' (MSNBC)

6-year-old Eagle River boy spent 10 days in ICU with serious COVID-19 complication

Jane Birkin - Jane B.

My whole kitchen crew is on quarantine...

Portishead - Mysterons

Capitol rioters called Pelosi's office looking for a 'lost and found' for items they left behind

Radiohead - Climbing Up the Walls (Zero 7 Mix)

America has become the living twilight zone

At age 65, I never thought I would live in an America where

Want to Participate in Government? Don't Want to Run for Local Office?

Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli banned for life from drug industry in monopoly case, ordered to pay $64.6

African Head Charge

Hawthorne Headhunters - Teleport

Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok

Incoming VA AG just FIRED the entire civil rights division in the Attorney General's office.

Capitol rioters called Nancy Pelosi's office looking for a 'lost and found' for items they left behi

Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime

Medusa commercial for Amazon Prime - whups, posted it in GD, horrors!1

PM Update: Bitter wind chills late tonight ahead of a cold Saturday. Wintry mess develops late Sunda

Missouri boarding school doctor pleads not guilty to three charges

Twinkle Brothers & Trebunie-Tutki

Stewart Rhodes stays in JAIL for now

Gosar's pal Nick Fuentes says he's not racist. Roll the tape, Vern.

To say that John Donne "had a way with words" would be like saying Michael Jordan was a "pretty good

Breaking:Novak Djokovic was detained by Australian border authorities on Saturday morning

Netflix upping US, Canada prices with competition growing is live -- You might want to bookmark it.

Dub Syndicate - Ravi Shankar

Denzel Washington, Corey Hawkins, and Alex Hassell on creating Joel Coen's 'Macbeth'

Huge 'meat spill' blocks traffic after animal 'entrails' shower busy roadway

Black Uhuru - Hey Joe

4 Idaho elk find themselves in quite the predicament over the weekend

Ex-Wife Of Oath Keepers Leader Claims He Was 'Fulfilling His Own Mythology' (MSNBC)

Feast your eyes on the world's largest cast iron skillet weighing 14,000 lbs. in Tennessee

Teen accepted into more than 40 colleges with over $600,000 in scholarships

Dub Syndicate - Mafia

Liberal group spotlights burgeoning battle between Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis over COVID-19

What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan. 14, 2022

'Dangerous' Republican 'kook' says he is willing to forge elector documents again in 2024

Tucker Carlson repeatedly hosted an Oath Keeper charged with seditious conspiracy

I've always wanted to start a movie quote thread.

Doctor Pablo & The Dub Syndicate - Dr. Who?

Tucker Carlson calls Justice Kavanaugh a "cringing little liberal.

Lawmakers want more accountability from nursing homes, but will industry unite behind payment system

Yesterdays New Quintet - Too High

Iowa Senator Introduces Bill That Forces Teachers to Recite Pledge, be 'Patriotic"

Graffiti plagues Joshua Tree, Pinnacles and numerous California state parks

MED, Blu & Madlib feat. AMG "The Stroll"

MAGA rioters asked Pelosi staffers to return items they dropped while ransacking her office

Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry

iamamiwhoami; clump

The Victim of Tyranny and Oppression Starter Pack:

Trump's top backer in Texas joined 'Stop the Steal.' It's ending badly for him. (Ken Paxton)

Tweet of the Day

Florida Senate advances redistricting maps despite warning they 'dilute Latino power'

This is troublemsome, re: omicron.

SINEMA to run for POTUS in 2024 (and has enormous ego)? Thread from Amy Siskind . . .

McCarthy on 1/6 - The Lincoln Project

Speaking of empty shelves the $14,399.99 Resin white bear statue is sold out

freshwater aquarium question

Pharma Bro is now poorer by sixty four million dollars

New in Freep - After DTE changes name back to Pine Knob, support for Whitmer rises 7 points,...

Ex-Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio Is Coming Home to Start a New "Political Organization"

One of these seditionists will look at years in prison and will name names


Hawaii drought free for first time in years after soaking December rains....

1962 magazine predicts covid in 2022:

FedEx Wants to Install Anti-Missile Lasers in Its Cargo Jets

Not the brightest bulbs on the shelf.

US will react if Russia deploys troops in Latin America White House

CDC says N95 masks offer the best protection against omicron variant but stops short of saying every

CDC says N95 masks offer the best protection against omicron variant but stops short of saying every

iamamiwhoami; play

House Democratic Campaign Arm Outraises GOP

EJ Montini: Arizona's phony electors aren't patriots, they're traitors

Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying

So, what was missing during your weekly grocery shopping trip.

World Heath Organization recommends two new drugs to combat virus

Judge blasts University of Florida lawyer in row over evidence; promises order in 10 days

Evening unease

Make no mistake: By refusing to end the filibuster,

Sen. Sinema is in denial about the Republican Party's sinister intentions

Rep. Dean: Kevin McCarthy 'Retreated' From Telling The Truth (MSNBC)

Walgreens and CVS temporarily close some stores as COVID surges

They. Lie. About. Everything.