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Miyares fires 30 in AG's office, including lawyer investigating dangerous conditions at Richmond...

sinema is a Democratic senator.

Youngkin to lift school mask mandate

Oaf keepers

Michael Flynn: Majority of Washington, DC supported British during the Revolutionary War

The Republican Party seems to be a criminal enterprise.

Friday Talking Points -- The Death Of Joe Biden's Presidential Legacy

DirecTV to Drop One America News in Blow to Conservative Channel

Gov. DeathSentence regrets not being louder with his craziness.


Take it from a high schooler who's actually learned about CRT: Adults need to chill out

Video: 8000+ King Sooper Workers Walk Out On Strike

e.mail from President Biden:

Does anyone know if FOX has yet reported on the indictment of the Oath Keepers..?

According to the latest data from @NASA and @NOAA

Bodycam Shows Sunrise Police Sergeant Putting Hand on Fellow Officer's Throat

I want you to think about this.

Republican Rep. Katko will not seek re-election

Carolyn B. Maloney @RepMaloney: Today I led a letter w/ @RepAOC , @RepRas and @RepKatiePorter

I am so angry about Virginia

Oath Keepers Members Indicted for Seditious Conspiracy: Facts Show How Trump Inspired 1/6 Conduct

This Was Sedition: Fox talking points FALL APART!! - MeidasTouch

We got a smoker.

Five hours of Scott Baio?

Richard Ojeda Reacts To Jen Psaki's Viral Moment - Rebel HQ

What would you say if you thought that at least a few Democratic lawmakers read DU?

New Texas voting law snags US citizens, mail ballot requests

People who are not big Bernie fans - where does he lose you?

Djokovic's appeal of canceled visa moves to higher court

DirecTV plans to drop OANN!

The Supreme Court's golden rule: Only Republican leaders hold true power

Outrage After Judge Reverses Sex Assault Conviction (MSNBC)

Putin aims beyond Ukraine. Checking him right now is crucial.

Americans will be able to order free rapid coronavirus tests Wednesday on new federal website

1st bioengineered hybrid animals discovered -- in ancient Mesopotamia

Ella Fitzgerald - First Lady of Song

96 Tears - ? And The Mysterians - Ronnie Spector, Special Guest

Striking satellite photo captures Mount Vesuvius peering through a hole in the clouds

Urban Bees Face a Flower Deficit, Says Swiss Study

The conservative knives come out for Brett Kavanaugh

These birds have been singing the same songs for literally a million years

17 Year Old Singer's Family "Apologizes" For Racism - Dr. Rashad Richey

I've seen these on local gas pumps

Nebraska company attempts to unload toxic waste on Kansas farmer

The accountability-free world of Tucker Carlson

Rev. Sharpton: White House Is Determined To Get Voting Rights Bill Passed Somehow - Deadline - MSNBC

DirectTV to drop OAN.

See Rubio, Graham & McCarthy Exposed For Hypocrisy On Jan. 6, 'Bigot' Trump - The Beat - MSNBC

Would Putin want to wait for Trump II after 2025 to make his big move?

NFL Playoff schedule: Divisional Round

Judge in western Illinois reassigned after tossing out sexual assault conviction of 18-year-old, say

Are inflation/shortages happening worldwide or just in the United States?

DeSantis & Florida GOP Want To Ruin Public Education, What Else Is On The List To DeStroy A State?

China agrees with U.S. to release oil reserves near Lunar New Year - sources

Winter the dolphin-ashes placed at sea

N95 respirators can be safely decontaminated up to 25 times

I'm gonna enjoy life to the fullest

How liberals learned to love federalism.

The Incel Anthem

Rejecting the bystander effect in American democracy

Apparently my local King Soopers supports conspiracy theories and reichwing

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Sex Crimes Probe Has A New Witness

Female Cop CHOKED OUT By Sergeant For Intervention

Democrats Face a Dilemma on Voting: Compromise or Keep Pressing?

Rand Paul Caught On Video Telling Students To Spread 'Misinformation' Because 'It Works'- Ring of Fire

For Coronavirus Testing, the Nose May Not Always Be Best

U.S. Names Official to Counter Foreign Election Interference

Mass Trials in Cuba Deepen Its Harshest Crackdown in Decades

Kyrsten Sinema Doesn't Want Good Things to Happen

Harris team looks to course changes to reset her political prospects

Oaf Creepers founder Stewart Rhodes faces rare charge of seditious conspiracy for Jan. 6 role

Latest buffoonery from Ron John the clown.

Incoming Virginia AG fired the entire Civil Rights Division

AZ Dem women leaders call on Emily's List to demand Sinema support ending filibuster

Oathkeepers/Minutemen: The Same Old Seditious Conspiracy

Putin Takes A Page From Hitler's Book; This Time A False Flag For Ukraine

In March 1888 a blizzard swept through the east coast of the United States

'This Was A Very Public Plan': Capitol Attackers Planned In Plain Sight - All In - MSNBC

No charges for 151 Arizona votes vetted over fraud claims

Peeping Tom - MoJo

If Congressman Reuben Gallego runs against Kyrsten Sinema in 2024, will OR and JD let him?

Hawley says he wouldn't have voted for January 6 resolution honoring capitol staff

Russia WON!

Stevie Wonder - Creepin'

It's here! Mercury's first period of retrograde motion in 2022 lasts from January 13

Rep. Raskin: Leader McCarthy Is Hiding Under His Bed Refusing To Talk Jan. 6 - The ReidOut - MSNBC

U.S. seeks up to 46 months prison for ex-Giuliani associate Fruman

Fact-check: Are you 17 times more likely to be hospitalized for COVID-19 if unvaccinated?

Investigate Joe Rogan for his lies regarding vaccine denial.

Supreme Court agrees to hear case against Bremerton schools about on-field prayers

BREAKING: Persecuted Republicans Forced to Drink Own Piss in Underground "Speakeasies" (Ferret)

Supreme Court agrees to hear case against Bremerton schools about on-field prayers

Alec Baldwin turns over cell phone in 'Rust' probe

Do As Much Damage As You Can To The Country, Blame It On The Democrats - Noam Chomsky

Lawrence Tribe tweet re: forged electors--

GOOD NEWS! USA new covid cases: 827k was 897k 7 days ago, UK 99K was 176k, Canada 29k was 44k

Joy Reid: Oath Keepers Went From Anti-Government To Pro-Government With Trump's Election- The ReidOut

School districts in Seattle cancel classes, move to online learning as COVID cases surge

Stevens Pass reopens after crews moved massive amounts of snow, ice

Chris Hayes: Oath Keepers Were Doing What They Thought Trump Wanted - All In - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert snark re: Andrew losing his princely status--

Leavenworth digs out from winter blast that dumped heavy snow on the town

Subpoenaing Kevin McCarthy is more than justified, the WaPo Editorial Board writes

Lindsey Graham's Trump Flip-Flop: 'These Guys Are Out Of Their Minds'

DirecTV to sever ties with OAN and drop the right-wing conspiracy channel later this year

CDC says N95 masks provide the most protection against COVID-19

Maybe we need to ask ourselves: "If being a Democrat ever becomes a crime,

There's a reason Hannity doesn't debate people often on his show.. It produces clips like this

Chief Inspector Murphy thought he heard a noise

Would you tell me where I went wrong?

Temperature attributable mortality projections due to previously unobserved extreme heat in Europe

FedEx requests anti-missile lasers for planes

Puerto Rico governor maintains restrictions in new pandemic EO

Opinion: The accountability-free world of Tucker Carlson (by Philip Bump)

Saturday Night Live tomorrow night:

Goodbye 'godsend': Expiration of child tax credits hits home

3 of a very creepy kind:

Chris Hayes: People Get Indicted For A Lot Less Than What Trump Has Done - All In - MSNBC

Stephen Stills and Manassas, 1972

Vote and Vaccinate.

Grateful Dead - 4/5/71, New York, NY - Soundboard

Biden Plans U.N. Showdown if Russia Invades Ukraine

Supreme Court (WHICH HAS ITS OWN COVID SAFETY MANDATES) Rejects Joe Biden's Vaccine Mandate!

DirecTV to Drop One America News

Magnesium Night Light, Grateful Dead

Pink Floyd - Comfortably numb

The Filibuster

"I totally adore you, human"

Friday Night Album Rock - Dire Straits - Love Over Gold - 1982

Puerto Rico teachers organization ramps up demand on salaries

Solar storm to hit earth January 15

Long-term Caregiving May Shorten Life Up To Eight Years

I helped a lady stop crying

Saturday's digit: 4/10 - Winds are calming through the day...

Mind Games - Central Park - 1974 - John Lennon

Seth Meyers - Chuck Schumer Has Reportedly Found A Loophole to Bypass Filibuster - Monologue 1/13/22

Livin' it up

Thieves in LA are looting freight trains filled with packages

V.I. Gov't Files Objection to Transfer of Refinery Operating Agreement to West Indies Petroleum

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet:

Alex Jones lists $6.2 million in assets as judge adds new sanctions in Sandy Hook cases

Alex Jones lists $6.2 million in assets as judge adds new sanctions in Sandy Hook cases

Arizona Democrat: Republicans Are 'Coming For Your Vote' - The Last Word - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

New Jersey Residents Evacuated As 6-Alarm Fire Rages At Chemical Plant

Ukraine: Civilians prepare for combat; Former Boxer and Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko Interview

MacArthur Park - Richard Harris

Ina Boyle, Gerald Finzi, Arthur Bliss

Trump Ramps Up Rally Schedule - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

A hazardous tsunami has been generated by volcanic activity in Tonga.

16 year old shot at Wendy's because they were out of barbecue sauce.

Pink Floyd Obscured by Clouds

Rep. Lawrence: Public Servants Are 'Critical' To Democracy - The Last Word - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

I'm just going to suggest: Oath Breakers

I am listening to BBC overnight and Boom Boom Marcos is running to run the Philippines...

A guest on Julie Mason's SiriusXM show felt the need to state "Canada is not planning to invade"

Swalwell trolls Massie on DC mandates.

TFG revealed to the world how corruptible

I put a spell on you - Samantha Fish - Live - Kansas City - 12/16/21

And the Oscar goes to......

Seditious Conspiracy' Is Tough To Prosecute But Couldn't Be A More Fitting Case: McQuade - MSNBC

January 6th Committee Looks To Hear From Mike Pence, Target Of Trump Mob's Wrath - MSNBC

Bonus Tweet of the Day

☦ Greek Orthodox Christian: 'Cherubic Hymn', sung by Cappella Romana

U.S. Anticipates Russian Use Of Familiar False Flag Tactic On Ukraine - MSNBC

High cost of living, pension system driving staff shortages at Virgin Islands' hospitals

Meet the MAGA Extremist Who Might Be Arizona's Next Gov, Kari Lake used to be a Dem, now likes nazis

In shadow of pandemic, Danish queen marks 50 years on throne

Jamaican hotels holding American tourists hostage over fake COVID-19 tests

Netherlands king losing the carriage after criticisms about the Dutch colonial past

Crush Of Covid On U.S. Hospitals Calls For 'Thinking Outside Of Dogma' For Solutions - MSNBC

Oath Keepers Founder In Court - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Breakfast Saturday 15 January 2022

JFC . "Russia accused of forging a 2019 letter to Sen Tom Cotton, claiming to be from Greenland's...

Strong quake shakes Indonesia's capital; no tsunami alert

This Was Sedition: Fox talking points FALL APART!!

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/14/22

Four Democratic candidates running to fill Gohmert's seat

Anchia: When you trash the border, you are trashing Texas

Dallas Private Schools Targeted by Anti-Mask Truck Billboards

This is quite literally what you do with a toddler...

I don't know who needs to know this, but if a bear 🐻 wears socks 🧦

Man, it's cold.

After Helping Launch Jan. 6, Republican Insurrectionist Plans Trump-Styled Run for New Mexico State

(Jewish Group) What is Tu BiShvat? Everything to know about the Jewish holiday celebrating nature

New word: Stiction.

GOP plots onslaught of Biden probes in the run-up to 2024

(Jewish Group) Why antisemitism is still a problem

NM Supreme Court Rules Arrest By Volunteer Reserve Deputy Unconstitutional

GOP Donor Who Called Pope Jewish Agent Says He Just Has 'Beef' With 'Banking Jews'

Sorry Charlie

Churches starting to face facts on boarding schools

England Covid stats for 12/13 to Jan 9

New Mexico governor announces legislative agenda

Dow fought investigation into ethics complaint

Navient AG Multi-State Settlement

Cyber Attack In Albuquerque Latest To Target Public Schools

Navient AG Multi-State Settlement - X-post from GD

Guard May Help Staffing Shortages At New Mexico Schools

White House: Russia prepping pretext for Ukraine invasion

Legislation aims to limit executive emergency powers

Hello, Lounge. You may not remember me, but I posted here many years ago

Morning Du at this moment a oath keeper is in a cell thinking of cooperating



Larry Carlton guitars

I had a horrifying dream last night:

Former CCSD employee convicted of selling 3,000 stolen iPods meant for district students

What Are The Good Guys' Chances If Greg Abbott Loses The Primary?

Southern governors declare states of emergency ahead of winter storm

Help me out here: Weren't the Oath Keepers originally founded because they were convinced Obama

Does Cannabis really protect humans from Covid?

Tsunami hits Tonga after giant volcano eruption

My sentiments, exactly.

I was just reading about a homeless camp cleanup

No charges for 151 Arizona votes vetted over fraud claims

My Secret Place

Chicago students stage walkout, say COVID protocols lacking

Book on race relations removed from curriculum at Monett school

Global Seaborne Coal Trade Up Neary 6% in 2021

Sedition Indictments of Veterans Unlikely to Solve the Military's Extremism Problem

Swedes Step up Military Contingency over Russian Activity

Pilot, Passenger Presumed Dead in Louisiana Helicopter Crash

You have a serious problem if the only opportunities for working class

Omicron in New York State has peaked.

Which would be better to mail to the public? Masks or tests?

On this day, January 14, 1947, Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia, was found dead in Los Angeles.

Florida won't enforce federal health care worker vaccine mandate

Breakfast With The Beatles (covers)

Saw a license plate yesterdat

The state breaks infection records for the third week in a row as hospitalizations and deaths mount.

Breakfast With The Beatles (Covers) 2


This is why I believe Mark Meadows will sing like a canary.

Colorado House Republicans protest mask requirements in Capitol

Snow/Ice Stormy Weather Watch

On January 14, 1969, Dave Grohl was born.

Breakfast With The Beatles (Covers) 3

Madoc is proving to be quite the Drama Queen. Well, maybe Drama Prince.

King Soopers union rallies, calls management back to negotiating table

Breakfast With The Beatles (Covers) 4

The world won't get no better...

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, January 15, 2022

Weekend TOONs - McCarthyism 2022

Breakfast With The Beatles (Covers) 5

This week's major U.S. economic reports (January 17 - January 21)

Sen. Marshall obtains Dr. Fauci's unpublished financial records

Breakfast With The Beatles (Covers) 6

Breakfast With The Beatles (Covers) 7

You raised $100.00 on January 14, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund! (OVER $5,000)

Breakfast With The Beatles (Covers) 8

Vote countin' haiku:

Breakfast With The Beatles (Covers) 9

The difference between Dem and Repuke

Breakfast With The Beatles (Covers) 10

Terry Teachout, versatile critic, biographer and playwright, dies at 65

Breakfast With The Beatles (Covers) 11

Breakfast With The Beatles (Covers) 12

Census Memo Cites 'Unprecedented' Meddling by Trump Administration

Breakfast With The Beatles (Covers) 13

I have a magic pillow. As soon as I lie my head on it I

The Supreme Court can't get its story straight on vaccines

Breakfast With The Beatles (Covers) 14

The new Governor shot 43% from the free throw line.

The Alarm - Sold Me Down The River (studio version & live in 2017 with producer Tony Visconti)

I have always thought TFG was an idiot. I still do, but

Opinion: Take it from a high schooler who's actually learned about CRT: Adults need to chill out

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a wide to slim margin.

File this under "Big Balls" or "Just How Stupid"

Ben Carson keynotes grotesque anti-CRT conference over MLK Day weekend

Earl Hooker was born on this date.

I watched Fox News

I think Gryff is helping Madoc to plot his revenge.

A tsunami advisory has been issued for the US West Coast and Alaska

Boris Johnson's 'wine time Fridays' - No10 staff held drinks EVERY week during pandemic

Omaha business owners sentenced to prison for role in deadly 2015 railcar explosion

Koalas Considered For Endangered Status; Up To 1/3 May Have Been Killed Since 2018 By Fires, Disease

Omaha business owners sentenced to prison for role in deadly 2015 railcar explosion

FDA approves new drug for cats that may improve their quality of life

Captain Beefheart was born on this date.

When Garland Lowers the Boom - A Song Parody

Tsunami Advisory out along all of the US West Coast

Somehow, I think Novak Djokovic is going to be allowed to stay in Australia

CA Canals Sinking Because Of Groundwater Pumping; Agribusiness - Public Should Pay To Fix It

Dad Brings in a Tiny Kitten to Keep His 'Clingy Cat' Company (Attn: Skittles)

Can Somebody Explain...

Photo: Glacial Lagoon, Iceland

Can Otters See Optical Illusions?

Just how stupid is Joe Rogan?

Did you ever see an octopus "walk" on land?

Everythings Heavy Underground.

So we took mom to a board and care facility yesterday

I have begun reading "Unthinkable" by Jamie Raskin.

Video: Stunning Scenes from the Skies above Iceland

This baby rhino was abandoned by her mother. Now a zebra helps her survive.

Whenever I start to worry about our democracy I like to listen to this song.

MAGAts Will Not Replace Us!

Cremated remains of 89 people discovered in vacant Ohio church

Cremated remains of 89 people discovered in vacant Ohio church

Hunga Tonga Eruption and Tsunami Footage

So, who else is terrified for our democracy? And what can we do?

Can any animal learn to speak with buttons like Bunny the "talking" dog does?

Remember death panels?

A lesson from the Brits.

24,964 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat; 103 deaths

In order for US Democracy to survive we need to make a lot of structural changes to our system.

Hannity gets slapped silly by one of his guests

They they them they them the left them they the left

Donald, what is your favorite pronoun?

Tonight on Svengoolie, Saturday, January 15, 2022

Police charge man after South Dakota seniors unwittingly eat pot brownies

I don't know how to link articles to a post.

Trump telling PA GOP to steal the next election

Chicago students protest lack of time for COVID safety

Photo: Snowy Owl at Sunset

In banishing reporters, Kan. Senate joins destructive trend

Diablos still a nasty creature -Monster Hunter World

Firefighters prevent massive fire from reaching main chemical plant in Passaic, N.J.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet (not political)

Massive Tonga Volcano Eruption Triggers Pacific Tsunami

Frustrated pupper can't get tennis ball from cat:

TX Republican candidate wears costume to school board meeting, vows people are going to jail

Kitten defends tiny stuffed toy from human:

Nobody Helped Me Nobody Helped Stuart We Got Fu*ked Said Fred

Thieves in LA are looting freight trains filled with packages from UPS, FedEx and Amazon

MTG's Attack On Debt Ceiling Helped Her Make A Killing In US Bonds

Don't let McConnell fool us with the Electoral Vote.

So my RW neighbor is on Facebook this morning to say it was "RIOT not insurrection!" I wonder what

States Are Hoarding $5.2 Billion in Welfare Funds Even as the Need for Aid Grows

I used to see red every time someone posted about moving to Canada

Is This Stadium in England or Wales? The Team Needs to Know.

Goats have built-in antigravity devices:

'You're all over the map!' Fox News' Sean Hannity gets schooled by an economist on his own show

tweet: "...what made so many americans so stupid?...."

Chance of your cat killing you is low--but not zero:

Texas scientists' new Covid-19 vaccine is cheaper, easier to make and patent-free

Best actor:

Walensky faces CDC burnout as pandemic enters third year

I don't want to change the filibuster at this point

Good thread on how the coup was supposed to play out

Harris pushed hard for voting rights -- then hit a brick wall

woman gives up baby and sues after finding out sperm donor lied about ethnicity, education

When you get right down to it, they've replaced satanists with black people and left-wingers

( Tweet ) Elizabeth Warren @ewarren: Some of the richest, most powerful people in America

Hey cool--we're having a tsunami!

When you're a Supreme...

"The Five Star General" showed up at the Houston school board meeting 😳😆

The best lack all conviction,

The Filibuster Has Forever Been The KKK's Best Weapon

A Library the Internet Can't Get Enough Of

Video of tsunami hitting near Santa Cruz, CA

So, who's going to the big voter rights demonstration in Washington on Monday? Now is good!

The look of betrayal..

Recommend news sources that aren't focused on politics?

on cleaning / reusing N95 masks

Does someone have a list of Senate Republicans

Don't drink Gatorade.

FAA to change how some planes land in effort to cut emissions

Stray Kitten Follows Man Home And Becomes His Best Friend

U.S. bald eagles comeback diminished by lead poisoning from bullets

PPL-Sisters Keeper

COVID-19 cases inside ICE detention centers surge by 520%

As federal voting rights legislation stalls, 2 AGs are at the forefront of trying to protect access

Cat Does The Funniest Thing When His Humans Get Him A New Brother

Former Danish Defense Minister Charged with State Secret Leaks

Tonga volcano from above

If we are dying...


On January 15, 2009, Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger ditched his Airbus 320 in the Hudson River.

I love cat obstacle courses.

Imagine, please, that you are on a ten person crew trying to extinguish a brush fire.

I caved and took the collar off of Madoc

Michael Flynn calling on law enforcement to take over elections

Unvaxxed Lunch Lady Wants You to See Her COVID Death Spiral

((DON"T expect Smithsonian museums, including National Zoo, to be always open))

They're all out there

Cartoons 1/15/2022

Inslee: Supreme Court ruling doesn't bar future vaccine mandate for Washington employers

Seattle-area concrete workers strike grinding development to a halt


Fux Noise host Dan Bongino suspended on YouTube over COVID-19 misinformation

COVID-19 Has Stopped Many of Us from Flying

Dark Mode?

Why Republicans are winning despite being outnumbered by Democrats

Sen. Ron John the clown Ripped As 'Virus That Infects' GOP By Wisconsin Newspaper

Democratic Senate candidate Abby Finkenauer calls Kyrsten Sinema 'a sellout'

Florida Will Defy Biden Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers: 'The State Law Stands'

CNN Unearths Audio Of Kevin McCarthy Saying Trump Admitted Responsibility For Riot

Aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk departs Bremerton for Texas dismantling

TFG to rally Arizona super spreader event

So glad that OAN will lose 90% of its revenue when DirecTV drops them.

My cat refuses to let me trim her nails

PayPal faces lawsuit for freezing customer accounts and funds

I'm old enough to remember..... thread. Please add!

Why you shouldn't just 'get COVID over with'

Aaron Rupar Tweet: Laugh of the Day (Hey, Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio - who let the dogs out?)

States move to protect abortion rights in face of challenge at Supreme Court

Opinion: The white moderates MLK warned us about

Governors turn to budgets to guard against climate change

JAN 15 4:30PM Peter Welch Organizing Kickoff with Special Guest Bernie Sanders

US scholar explains Confucianism as time-honored teachings for self-growth

Pennsylvania is a prime pickup opportunity for Senate Democrats, adding pressure to the Senate prima

Ron DeSantis tears into Kavanaugh and Roberts for having no 'backbone'

Has anyone else played Wordle?

It's 20 degrees outside ... so I made soup.

Malcolm Kenyatta throws shade at Kristen Sinema

Stalin: "... the vote counter is more important than the candidate." Oh wait, not Stalin.

Why is so little known about the 1930s coup attempt against FDR?

Interesting trivia, Dallas @ S.F., 01-10-82 (AKA "The Catch" Game)

Australia and New Zealand issue tsunami warnings

Workers at Warrior Met have been on strike for nearly 10 months, in the middle of a deadly pandemic

Hundreds of Trump Voters Are Dying Every Day

Active SWAT situation at Texas synagog. ****! Hostage situation. Colleyville, Texas

Voters could be flooded with proposed changes to the Pa. Constitution in 2023

A 16 year old was shot over barbecue sauce, but in Milwaukee...

This man raised an opossum. Now he thinks they are smarter than dogs.

D.C.-Area Forecast: A Frozen Sat., w/ Snow Arriving Sun. Afternoon, Then Changing To Ice, Rain: WaPo

FBI assisting in hostage situation in Colleyville, Texas, at Congregation Beth Israel

Michael Flynn (non) historian. 🤪🧐😳

Sweden's parents paid to watch ill kids

(Jewish Group) Temple U. rower says she will quit team & transfer because of antisemitic harassment

Leslie Grace debuts her 'Batgirl' movie set costume on social media.

Bird strike confirmed in connection with F-35A fighter's belly landing: Air Force

🚨Rabbi and three others taken hostage at a synagogue in Colleyville, TX

Democrats Need to Spend Big to Overcome GOP Obstacles

Pro-Trump Media Is in Meltdown Mode Over New Oath Keeper Indictments

Editorial Ron Johnson is a virus that infects the Wisconsin GOP

Woman pushed onto subway tracks, killed by train at Times Square station:

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet:

Merrick Garland's Trump Problem--and Ours

I just see selfish people.

Jan. 6 hearings 'are going to blow the roof off the House,' Raskin says

Saw a video today suggesting a '70s anthem might be needed soon against oppression

Manchin's hometown paper - Sen. Manchin: Pass the Freedom to Vote Act

(Jewish Group) JEWS HELD HOSTAGE IN TEXAS - 1/15/2022 3PM CST

Active hostage situation in Texas synagogue

The Monkees - She

Bipartisan Voting Reform Bill Gaining Steam

More info on new VA AG firing staff.

This Cat Insists on Crashing His Dad's Auditions (Heads up, Skittles!)

TIMELINE: By this time tomorrow, most areas will have either snow, rain or a mix.

TIMELINE: By this time tomorrow, most areas will have either snow, rain or a mix.

Until these white supremacist terrorists are locked up

CNBC's Ron Insana dispels the misinformation about the economy under President Biden

Have this on the tip of your tongue to defend Biden's economy from Right Wing liars.

Still Running Free

This afternoon I'm enjoying the 1956 movie 'The Solid Gold Cadillac' that stars Judy Holliday

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 15, 2022

John Mayer and Jeffrey Ross went and got Bob Sagets car from LAX.

PM Update: Very cold tonight. An icy storm for Sunday afternoon and evening.

Official: Alec Baldwin surrenders phone for shooting probe

Congratulations, President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris

Tennis legend Chris Evert has been diagnosed with cancer

"Elections have consequences"


For those interested in space....two recent articles ... Perseverance and The James Webb Telescope

The Media Never Talks About The Republicans Ongoing Sabotage Of America - Ever

Apparently I've been forgiven for the whole collar debacle

as of 1130 hours , i am now officially tripple vaxxed . (moderna booster)

Mocking Anti-Vaxxers Who Die From Covid-19: Ghoulish or Necessary?

gun compound closed by the court

'Subtle' tsunami surges from undersea eruption hit Washington coast

Police: 6 hurt in shooting at Oregon concert

Bannon say Trump rally is to pressure AZ to decertify 2020 election

Police: one fatally shot on Amtrak train in Lee's Summit

Why do these Islamists Target Jewish People ?

Washington one of few states to fund new suicide hotline

I am going to watch Love Actually and drink tea. Please keep the noise of life quiet for awhile.

Here in NC, the shelves in the grocery stores are almost empty

Taliban pledge all girls in schools soon

Joe Burrow is going to take the Cincinnati Bengals to the SuperBowl

Parents upset by school's 'body image' program which offered 'shapewear'

so last night I dreamed that I got to meet President Biden as he came to Wichita after BBB passed

who would you NOT shed a tear over if they contracted covid and ended on a vent

School District That Suspended Rape Accuser Has Dark History

The UK RCPCH on Children and Omicron.

Ex-senator Joseph arrested (in Jamaica) over Haitian president's killing

1/6 Hearings: Laughter is the Best Medicine. Hell, it's what We Dems have left to fight back with.

David Bowie in French tv commercial for Vittel water:

I am always careful about parking away from

For those following the DjoCovid saga - it is 10.23am in Melbourne Australia

The AP Interview: Taliban pledge all girls in schools soon

Creative protest.

Reframed' revisits Marilyn Monroe's life and legacy, from an all-women point of view

'Wavy Navy Pooh' killed in ambush

Houston man disheartened Texas is not included in Navient settlement agreement

Houston man disheartened Texas is not included in Navient settlement agreement

Why are Republicans trying to prevent you from voting?

Game Camera Fun...Catching a Culprit

Who are your favorite bands?

Penn & Teller: Fool Us - The Penn-tagram

Suspect Takes Hostages at Texas Synagogue, Demands Release of Notorious Prisoner

Don't Let Me Get In Your Way

Cy-Fair ISD trustee loses IT company job after comment about Black teachers

Why is the Republican Party declaring war on democracy and your right to vote?

Cy-Fair ISD trustee loses IT company job after comment about Black teachers

To Hell With Poverty

Trump rally is proof we need to deal with mental health

When any media report on the "Stop the Steal" rally these days,

Fox News' favorite anti-vaxxer guests are at war

Greg Abbott Attacks Biden During Texas Synagogue Hostage Crisis

Greg Abbott Attacks Biden During Texas Synagogue Hostage Crisis