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Archives: January 16, 2022

Hundreds of migrants set off from Honduras toward US border

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 15, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Epic Saturday Nights

Tsunami waves from Tonga volcano hit California

University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel fired by board after investigation

TCM tonight:

Hannity gets humiliated by his OWN guest on his OWN show

Yes, it's absurd, but fraudulent certificates are still fraudulent

How long is the incubation period for Covid?? How many days?? I know I should know

Pennsylvania State Education Assn candidate forum for PA-SEN

Texas County Rejects Half of Mail-In Ballot Applications Amid New Voter Restrictions

Tweet of the Day

Roses Are Free

New vaccine requirement for Washington DC

CNN Unearths Audio Of Kevin McCarthy Saying Trump Admitted Responsibility For Riot

75 million Americans under alert for winter storm, chilling temperatures

Hospitals Confront the Fallout From Supreme Court Ruling on Vaccine Mandate

Ghislaine Maxwell ends fight to keep the names of 8 'John Does' a secret after Virginia Giuffre

City installs hydrogen fuel cell backup for traffic signals

The Justice Dept. alleged Jan. 6 was a seditious conspiracy. Now will it investigate Trump?

Texas County Rejects Half of Mail-In Ballot Applications Amid New Voter Restrictions

Talking While Black

Tesla asked law firm to fire attorney who worked on Elon Musk probe at SEC, report says

No sleep for about 50 hours and counting

Saturday Night Deep Dive #1

JUST IN: One hostage at the Texas synagogue released

Thousands protest against France COVID vaccine pass

Sedition And Democracy: Which Is Winning? - Ayman - MSNBC

Economist Confronts Sean Hannity on Energy Production Claims: 'You're All Over the Map'

Gosar seems to be getting worse. Much worse.

Twitter fails to remove 100 abusive misogynists

Meet Opera Dog & His Human; Opera Dog Sings with Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli

Tweet of the Night:

Official death toll from Kazakhstan unrest stands at 225

Connecticut estuaries designated 'living laboratories' by NOAA

Tweet of all Tweets

Sobbing Capitol Rioter Tells Judge She Just Wants To 'Disappear' Into Obscurity - Ring of Fire

I hope this doesn't offend,

Trump's Foot Soldiers are Indicted. Now It's Time to Indict the Command Structure - Glenn Kirschner

Patrols increased outside Houston-area synagogues amid hostage situation in North Texas

Halting progress and happy accidents: How mRNA vaccines were made

Man Holds Rabbi, Potentially Others Hostage in Synagogue, Wants Release of Aafia Siddiqui - MSNBC

Raspberry jello mold

Q: Why did the District Attorney drop the lawsuit against a bootlegger?

World's shittiest parent

Florida man stops to charge ankle monitor while committing a crime, faces grand theft auto

Hostage situation at Texas synagogue

Eric Swalwell Rips Steve Bannon's New Call To 'Decertify' Biden As Democracy's 'Endgame'

(WaPo's stenography): Prosecutors Are Asking about Rudy Giuliani's Ties to Militias

Feeding cats when there is no cat food. Ideas?

The Republican Race for Attorney General Will Be the Weirdest, Wildest--And Most Telling--TX Electiion

So you don't think they want Democrats arrested?

The Republican Race for Attorney General Will Be the Weirdest, Wildest--And Most Telling--TX Electiion

RNC Ripped, Ridiculed Over Presidential Debate Ban Threat

Only in Minnesota

Arizona Man Who Stormed the Capitol Dressed as the Book of Mormon's 'Captain Moroni' Pleads Guilty

Opinion: Witch hunt-loving Jim Jordan ducking and dodging Jan. 6 testimony

Roger Stone was at the Willard Hotel on the phone with the White House on Jan 5 and 6

This is the hill they chose to die on

Nicolle Wallace Just Can't Take Lindsey Graham's Latest Tongue Bath for TFG

Hate when people leaves grocery carts in parking lot? Cart Narcs will get them...

Democrats Gear Up To Bring Voting Rights Bills To The Floor This Week Cross Connection - MSNBC

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Arizona super spreader event: State senators continue to claim election fraud

75 Million Americans Under Alert For Winter Storm, Chilling Temperatures

DirecTV Dumping OAN In Major Blow To Right-Wing News Operation

The Wonders of the Filibuster! - Mark Fiore

Ecuador expands protections around Galapagos, creating 'a new highway' for sea life

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 16, 2022 - Hollywood Rise and Fall

TCM Schedule for Monday January 17, 2022 - MLK Day - The Film Group

Half of University Place clinic staff out sick, creating COVID testing challenge

Manchin and Sinema Must Face 'Consequences' for Stalling Voting Rights, Democratic Rep Says

Photo: Snowy Owl Blastoff

Edmonds beaches and piers closed after tsunami advisory issued Saturday

Pro-Trump Candidate Cries Fraud After Getting Humiliated In Florida Election

Cruise Cancels at Sea, Stranding Passengers

Rare sedition charge filed against Oath Keepers was used before -- against Puerto Rican nationalists

Photos: Snowy Owl Takeoff Captured With A Fast Camera And A Big Lens

dad planned Burger King robbery w kids friend. another employee thought it was real robbery, killed

Trump: "The only thing we didn't win was the election" -- whoops

lots of mayhem this week: 20 year old shot dead by police after backhoe rampage

Thank God for DU (& the truck hot spot)

In a Rush deep track mood #1

In a Rush deep track mood #2

In a Rush deep track mood #3

A Fight Over Turning A 'Rural Crescent' In Northern Virginia Into A Hub For Data Centers: WaPo

Deep tracks for a Saturday #1

Hostages are out and safe per Abbott

Weird sand 'chess pieces' dot Lake Michigan shore. Here's how they formed.

Goodnight you people. Here's a short and pretty song for you that is actually about

Deep tracks for a Saturday #2

One more...Ween's emotional return to the stage.

SCOTUS Nixes Vaccine Mandates. What Happens Next? - Ayman - MSNBC


Texas officials say all hostages safe, out of Colleyville synagogue; hostage-taker dead Read more a

What's that? Rush deep cuts?

Super good movie on Netflix: The Book of Henry. nt

Sunday Digit: 2/10 - At least morning to midday hours are salvageable for errands,

All hostages free and safe

Wealth Inequality by Country 2021

NPR: Trump officials interfered with the 2020 census beyond cutting it short, email shows

Sack goes after the gun nuts

Milk and Benadryl to treat Covid...Republicans are fucking idiots

Guy attending his 40th Trump rally:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton ordered to release emails, texts from around Jan. 6 Capitol attack

Proud Boys leader freed from Washington jail, served time for burning banner at Black church

Hostage Taker Deceased

And then there is this....BS on free speech.....

Snow potential index: 7/10 (→) Along and west of I-95 we still have a pretty good chance

Deep tracks for a Saturday #3

A-Ha - Stay On These Roads acoustic

Glenn Frey - You Belong To The City

Emperor Penguin chick is very cute while being weighed:

Eternals was decent

'Lady of al Qaeda's' brother denies any connection to hostage standoff

TCM tomorrow:

This song is beautiful.

Chimes of Freedom. A prophecy.

Journey-only the young

I wish this line up would cut a whole album. N.M.A. " Mean Old World"

Tonight's SNL cold open skit

Tsunami wave from Tonga volcano hits California:

Douglas County health board is sued again over mask exemption order

My library offers a free legal clinic once a week. Do you know if yours does?

The Cars - Moving in Stereo-All Mixed Up

More video from Tonga volcano:

MLK III: History to remember Sinema unkindly over filibuster

Tina Peters, Mesa County clerk under criminal investigation, announces reelection bid

So they caught Elmer one-eye bcause he started selling his guns online!

The Monkees - Fairy Tale

SNL: Message from the President Cold Open

This is what the world was like before childhood vaccinations.

The Mentalist: There's no such thing as real psychics

I hadn't been here in about a year before this week ... but I think I'll stick around.

String Quartets by Arthur Bliss, Reinhold Glier

"If you're white, you don't get the vaccine or if you're white you don't get therapeutics..."

US hospitals no longer required to report COVID deaths

SNL: Eric Adams Press Conference

Kyrsten Sinema gets owned

Statement by President Biden on the Hostage Situation at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Te

McKean Tries (and Fails) to Explain Away Rape Remarks

Australian Court Rules Against Djokovic

BREAKING: Djokovic has lost his appeal

Coloradans delayed care in the early months of the pandemic. The consequences will last for years.

Gov. Youngkin signs 11 executive actions on first day in office, ending critical race theory in scho

Experts warn against using Benadryl and milk to treat COVID, despite NC lawmaker's post

How many people can Earth support?

Trump said Republicans will never be elected again if Democrats pass their voting rights bill

Baroque for a Sundae 🍨 Afternoon

Live Now: Novak Djokovic to be deported from Australia after Federal Court unanimously upholds revok


Trump Soft-Launches His 2024 Campaign

Has anyone applied for Soc Security recently? Mrs GoS applied 3 months before her 62nd UPDATE!

Pink Floyd - Dogs w lyrics

Dancing in the Moonlight (King Harvest Through the Years)

Just finished watching a phenomenal film -

This should be blasted more.


GOP Senate Hopeful, Who's an Election Conspiracist, Says He's Training Poll Watchers To Be 'Bulldogs

Looking Glass - Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) (Official Music Video)

Ron Goulart has passed.

Ron Goulart has passed. (XP from SF)

Colorado is lowering teacher qualifications amid staff shortage a year before expanding preschool

The right way to eat a hot dog

SNL: Weekend Update

Tweet of the Week

Trump's 'Crimes Flow Through' Oath Keepers' Sedition Indictment: Former Prosecutor

At Rally, Christian Univ Prez Falsely Claims Colorado Lawmakers Want to Protect Abortion "Even After

Deborah Lipstadt may be asked to apologize to Republican senator before confirmation as antisemitism

As the Unvaccinated Fill Hospitals, CO Republican Leader Warns of 'Medical Harm' from 'So-Called'

J'ever notice how much Texas wingnut crap has got to be kept up with on DU page 1 - ?! - tons!

How the arrest of a far-right militia leader signals a new chapter in the January 6 inquiry

Several COVID-19 testing sites ordered to cease after CDPHE investigation

Brazilian turtle breeders shot dead along with teenage daughter

This is too funny

Nebraska governor's $500M water plan in Colorado puzzles politicians, experts in both states

Nebraska governor's $500M water plan in Colorado puzzles politicians, experts in both states

hot mic catches high school broadcasters body shaming girl athletes and laughing... fired immediatel

Microsoft discloses malware attack on Ukraine govt networks

Directv drops OAN.

Breakfast Sunday 16 January 2022

Florida Police Sergeant grabs neck of female colleague and pushes her against patrol car

Waxing Gibbous, 97% visible

Crisis Mode: Utah bar and restaurant owners urge lawmakers to update liquor licensing laws.

SNL: Urkel Reboot

Did Pence ever receive the votes of the crackpot "electors"?

See Talking Black in America.

Upon learning that her boyfriend lived at the lighthouse,

The orange loser once again exposing himself by his projecting Dem behind election fraud,

Donald Trump goes full Aryan Nation.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds -- Red Right Hand

Muse -- Uprising

Teenage cashier saves man's life with CPR

Trump brags about Jan. 6 crowd size: 'I think it was the largest I've ever spoken before'

Police open homicide investigation after LGBT+ rights hero found dead in landfill

K9 used to subdue 63 year old pediatrician. video released a week after $325,000 settlement

Dave Bateman doubles down on antisemitic conspiracy theory

Utah Senate leader tests positive for COVID-19

Trail of African bling reveals 50,000-year-old social network

Strong, Sporadic Magnetic Fields Could Explain One of The Moon's Enduring Mysteries

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Pour Me Out Edition

In Photos: Jaw-Dropping Close-Ups Of Jupiter And Its Giant Jet Streams As NASA Spacecraft Whizzes By

Tonga's Incredible Underwater Volcano Eruption Seen From Space

Gas giant 11 times the mass of Jupiter discovered in b Centauri binary system

Jon Hopkins - Music For Psychedelic Therapy

Netflix is raising prices again by $1 to $2 for every plan

jury awards Cracker Barrel customer way more than he asked for

Miyares announces investigation into Virginia Parole Board, Loudoun County schools

Blue Oyster Cult's 1st album was released 1-16-72

'Guilty, your honor': Man who dressed as Captain Moroni for Jan. 6 Capitol breach makes plea deal

Ralph Emery, famed country music broadcaster, dies at 88

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, January 16, 2022

Ralph Emery, famed country music broadcaster, dies at 88

After walloping central U.S., winter storm sweeps toward East Coast

Trump points a big finger at Brnovich in Florence

Board offered to pay thousands for private school if hazing suspects would leave their district

Board offered to pay thousands for private school if hazing suspects would leave their district

On January 15, 1953, a Pennsylvania Railroad train, the "Federal," wrecked at Union Station.

Let's get ready for The Full Moon Fever tomorrow, January 17, 2022

The right way to eat a hot dog

Man Who Purchased Gun For The Murderer Kyle Rittenhouse Takes Plea Deal

Popular Founder of DC Restaurant Dies of Covid After Month In Hospital, Breakthrough Case

On this day, January 16, 1938, Benny Goodman and His Swing Orchestra played Carnegie Hall.

Treasury: Arizona risks relief funds over anti-mandate rules

Novak Djokovic: Tennis star deported after losing Australia visa battle

BBC: Your Pictures on the theme of 'View From A window'

You can only live in one house: 1980s edition!

Netanyahu negotiating plea deal in corruption trial

Thank you Australia - Update

Trump resumes attacks on Biden, Ducey in combative Arizona appearance

The best thing to come out of Trump's rally yesterday:

SNL: Sappho new translation

Does Mike Pence not know how much he is despised and hated by the Republican base?

Omicron hits sanitation workers as garbage pick-ups suffer

Cro-Mags - The Age Of Quarrel (1986 - Full Album)

Covid-19 Deaths in Los Angeles County Pass 28,000

Is the Biden team looking too much at the polls?

Texas synagogue hostage taker was British - reports

Big Tech Braces for a Wave of Regulation

I'm looking forward to a few things ...

"Morris fFrom America". What a pleasant surprise.

One reason Sinema and Manchin vote the way they do?

Five Inventions to Help Us Live Better, Longer

The Quest to Identify a Westerner Called 'The Most Famous Face in China'

A Close Encounter with a Chinese Aircraft Carrier Has Become a Badge of Honor for a US Navy Destroye

Jefferson City warming shelter shuts down temporarily due to COVID

What the hell was the guy who discovered

Alex Jones: It's Ted Cruz's fault that Oath Keepers leader was arrested and charged

Comes Love

Good morning I'd like to congratulate all of us.

Josh Allen throws 5 TDs as Buffalo dismantles New England 47-17

Just a heads up that The BBC America channel is showing their usual Sunday lineup

A horrifying thought: Even if we succeed in getting TFG and his minions locked up, the next Repub

Recruitment of veterans by extremists may increase, top Democrat warns

Under President Obama we had 2 deaths from Ebola

I haven't tried yoga, but I don't think I'd like it. I have bent over to

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey cutting off additional unemployment payments was OK, judge rules

...not if you're paying attention...

Stephen Stills, Kenny Wayne Sheppard and Barry Goldberg. The Rides - "By My Side"

Novak Djokovic deported, won't compete in Australian Open after bid to play unvaccinated fails

Some Colleges Loosen Rules for a Virus That Won't Go Away

"Rock Snakes"

Some Mountain Music

Nativist Republicans call on Ducey to militarize the border to stop an 'invasion'

Smart kitties find warmth on satellite dishes

Republican wants all Arizona cell phones and tablets to have an anti-porn filter

Austria to start fines for unvaccinated in March, Nehammer says

Tiny Cow Who Loves To Swim With Dad Climbs On Up His Jetski

Abbott Pledges To Destroy 411,000 Tarrant County Residents; Spouts Racist Rhetoric

I believe anyone who blames Joe Biden for not accomplishing more,

Police: Kyrsten Sinema intentionally went into a bathroom to dodge activists filming her at ASU

Madoc enjoys watching me sift the litter pan, cleaning up spillage and spraying deodorizer

Expect More Worrisome COVID Variants After Omicron, Scientists Say

Getting weighed at the doctor's is a little awkward

Doonesbury - Really Relates

Is there a universal symbol for being vacinated?

Cat Lovers Magnetic Poetry Kit. For all of us owned by felids, a great way to

Smells Like Teen Spirit prescient lyrics

The Hartmann Report: The Supreme Court Sets Up American Oligarchy

Roy Lanham was born this date.

Sade has a birthday today.

The Gun Club - Fire of Love (Full Album - 1981)

In Hawaii, the homeless built their own village:

S5:E1 (The Silence & the Sympathy for Jan. 6th Seditionist)

Pacific tsunami threat recedes, volcano ash hinders response

Clap, don't chant: China aims for 'Zero COVID' Olympics

Cat Lovers Magnetic Poetry Kit. For all of us owned by felids, a great way to

December 2021 Atmopspheric CO2 Content 416.71 ppm; December 2020 414.26 ppm; December 2019 411.98

Heartland Institute Mails 100K Paper Copies Of Their Bullshit Climate Site To Schools, Universities

"We're 15 years too late": Endocrine-disrupting plastic additive BPA is still in everything

Did Trump ever commit to a goal with a significant chance of objective failure?

Shout out to WaterMan

ER Activist Home Raided By Oz Counter-Terrorism Police For Taking Pictures Of Chalk Messages

We pass voting rights or we hit the streets in mass protests or else....

It's nice to see papers about industrial technetium to start out 2022.

Panic as Kosovo pulls the plug on its energy-guzzling bitcoin miners

Won't Someone Think Of The Crypto-Bros?!? Kosovo Cuts Mining In Face Of Winter Power Crisis

Mary Anning's statue ready to be cast in bronze

Broward county Tornado Warning until 3:00 pm

May We Lift EVERY Voice

Airport snow plow drivers reached tentative deal on contract

21,637 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 40 deaths

Robert Reich: Corporate sedition is more damaging to America than the Capitol attack

The Justice Dept. alleged Jan. 6 was a seditious conspiracy. Now will it investigate Trump?

trump or alike get elected. watch convention under article V

All-Time Record High For Paraguay At 114.1F; Heat/Drought Punishing Argentina's Export Crops

OMG..... The Righteous Gemstones....

An actual conversation with Mr. Femmedem

This just occurred to me:

BBC licence fee to be abolished in 2027 and funding frozen

MLK looking at you

Raskin Recounts Jan. 6th and The Three Rings of the Insurrection

Snow, ice blasts through South with powerful winter storm

Jan 6th Committee Looks To Hear From Mike Pence

Vulnerable people in B.C. and Alberta being paid to take COVID-19 vaccines for others, officials say

Is anyone on this site doing anything about voter registration,

South Korean school lunch meal - In America at least $30

Corporate Sedition Is More Damaging To America Than The Capitol Attack, Robert Reich

school lunches

Study reveals which kinds of people are most likely to die of COVID:

Good Day DU (January 16, 2022)

Israelis Protest at First Whiff of Netanyahu's Potential Plea Deal

King on Wheels

Oath Keepers Were Doing What They Thought Trump Wanted

They're Too Extreme for QAnon -- and Right at Home at Trump's Rally

Photo: Barn Owl by Mickey Rebecchi

Reconstruction-Era Law Could Keep Trump Off The Ballot In 6 Southern States

Chu's Day- Cycling

Watch: Tonga Volcano Erupts Undersea, Triggering Tsunami Warning

Some of dis and Some of dat

North Carolina is getting some snow... is that normal?

A 7/11 owner spots a theft in his store and turns it into an act of kindness.


Rejoin military or go to jail?

You'll be able to order free at-home COVID test kits starting on Wednesday

One of the World's Wealthiest Oil Exporters Is Becoming Unlivable

What Fiction are you reading this week, January 16, 2022?

The Supreme Court can't get its story straight on vaccines

Clowns like Sen. Rand Paul should stop trolling the adults

Has anyone seen Season 3 of "After Life"?

How The States Have Become "Laboratories of Autocracy"- And Why It's Worse Than You Think

With Billions in Fines, U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Ranks Are 'Packed With Rogues'

Mika Nakashima-find the way

Colleyville hostage taker identified as British national

Michael Robin Jackson Dies at 87

Duke U Study Finds Who is Spreading the Disinformation

My sis caught Covid from an unmasked worker at the retirement community where she works.

Trump Administration Exerted 'Unprecedented' Census Engagement In Bid For Political Gain: Memo

Who's more pathetic...

'Celebrating Betty White: America's Golden Girl' Special to Air on NBC

The Vitamix crisis enters its second month...

FBI identifies hostage-taker in Colleyville standoff as 44-year-old British citizen

Black Smoke Maine Coon

The Alex Jones Pal Behind The Urine-Drinking COVID 'Cure'

You can be heroes.. (from Twitter)

Why Hasn't President Biden Issued Any Executive Orders To Push Along His Agenda Items?.....

Steve Bannon claims Trump rally will prompt Arizona to decertify Biden's 2020 election victory.

Dog Waits By The Door Every Morning So He Can Greet His Favorite Mailwoman

Biden Needs to Shift Focus of Midterms

Her mom kicked her out of nest. Then a human raised her.

Framing the vax lax as draft dodgers instead of scarlet letter wearers

Love (Twitter post)

The effects of defaunation (birds, largely) on plants' capacity to track climate change.

DOJ Creates New Task Force To Combat Domestic Terrorism

The Lost Textile of Ryukyu - NHK WORLD PRIME

Ash-covered Tonga is like a moonscape say residents

No vaccine? No cafe, according to new French virus law

Bremerton's Jackson aiming to 'change the game' for serving homeless

For Oaf Creepers and founder, Jan. 6 was weeks in the making

A Free South : The Black Arts Movement and the politics of emancipation.

SCOTUS blocking of vaccine mandate 'a setback for public health': Murthy

I'm prepared to give up the filibuster...are you?

'Smoking guns all around': Conservative connects dots

Same shit, different era

Tsunami Surge Raises Coastal Waters, But No Injuries Reported

Missed opportunity ( re yesterday's stuperspreader )

'War Is Coming': Mysterious TikTok Videos Are Scaring Sweden's Children

Microsoft Warns of Cyberattack on Ukrainian Networks

Tesla inks deal to get graphite outside of China

Drummer & bandleader Gene Krupa was #BornOnThisDay, Jan. 15, 1909.

Omicron Surge Spurs New Relief Push

Russia Issues Subtle Threats More Far-Reaching Than a Ukraine Invasion

If you like Wordle, check out MasterMind

How to Avoid Burnout

MSNBC Reports Weekends @MSNBCweekends: Civil rights leaders take the battle for federal voting

A pro-business retired cop sparks liberal revolt in first few weeks as mayor

Astonishing photo of Margret Zimmermann on a tightrope walking over the ruins of bombed-out Cologne

Donald Trump belongs in a Garbage Dump..Apologies to Garbage everywhere..

New Mexcio In Depth: Hydrogen is a false climate solution (See update at reply #10)

In Cuba, the job of "sex sorter" is going to be supplanted by machines.

Ukraine says Russia behind cyberattack in 'hybrid war' move

SNOW! It has now begun in most of the region with many areas already having a coating

How cool: A teenage Bob Saget used to visit Larry Fine of The Three Stooges to show him movies

Ex-Defense Secretary Meets with Select Committee

Mary Ann Vecchio learned she had PTSD. It took over 30 years till she knew.

Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama.

Out of the utmost caution, I just canceled dinner plans

President Biden Needs Our Help - Not Our Faint Praise and Second-Guessing

How cool: A teenage Bob Saget used to visit Larry Fine of The Three Stooges to show him movies

On the river, as first flakes began

Texas synagogue siege: hostage-taker named as 44-year-old Briton

Cartoons 1/16/2022

'Streaming,' in southern MD.

My response to a projecting listener who said Democrats are separatists from American culture & valu

Lawmakers consider Snohomish County request for 2 more judges

Light travels faster than sound.

Voters to decide fate of critical school funding measures

The Master's Voice

COVID program delivers 1 billion doses to poorer countries

NPR holds master class in confronting Trump, Big Lie

Viewpoints: Invoking King's legacy without exhausting it

Trump seeds race animus with COVID falsehood

The alarming prospect raised by the Supreme Court rulings

I would like to know the MAGAt count from tfg rally last night. Can't find that info.

This dictionary entry...PERFECT!l

Youngkin threatens to force Arlington schools to comply with Pro-Covid executive orders

U.S. Food Prices Are Up. Are the Food Corporations to Blame for Taking Advantage?

Repugs are nothing more than saboteurs

GOP Senator Says Voting Rights Bill Isn't Needed Because Black People Have Been Elected

Portland Police Riot Training Presentation Included Graphic Slide on Brutalizing 'Dirty Hippies'

At his Arizona rally, Trump played a supercut of NY Attorney General Letitia James, who is

Kevin McCarthy is a spineless noodle who nonetheless owes us the truth

There is life after addiction. Most people recover

When you hear the Cheers theme, what bar or restaurant do you think of?

Private prison operators go ka-CHING while catastrophe awaits Arizona's schools

Red herrings and chaos: Missouri Republicans distract from COVID-19 issues

Steve Bannon's been guzzling Sterno again.

Glenn Youngkin attempts to ban critical race theory on day one as Virginia governor

Youngkin threatens to force Arlington schools to comply with Pro-Covid executive orders

A great history podcast for Montanans

"Make Them Vote .. And Forever State What Side They're On," Says Rev. Sharpton.

Israel Dresner, rabbi who marched with Martin Luther King, dies at 92

'That really hurt my feelings': Marjorie Taylor Greene is still upset about 'Jewish space lasers'

Look around you. The way we live explains why we are increasingly polarized

Day One EO's in Va - school mask mandate over, CRT, state employees no vaccine requirement

(Jewish Group) Colleyville synagogue: Meet Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker

Anyone here play MLB The Show 21?

(Jewish Group) Colleyville synagogue: Jews turned to prayers designed for moments of danger

(Jewish Group) Colleyville synagogue: gunman spoke twice to Rabbi Angela Buchdahl in New York City

(Jewish Group) Colleyville synagogue: attacker says he released hostages before the shootout

Pink Floyd - Us And Them

NZ and Australia send air recon to assess damage on Tonga islands...

Food prices are rising dramatically.

(Jewish Group) Colleyville synagogue: Rabbi held hostage in synagogue attack speaks out

(Jewish Group) Who is Aafia Siddiqui, the prisoner the TX synagogue hostage-taker wanted freed

13-year-old dies from suspected fentanyl overdose in Connecticut, police say

Biden needs to start governing via executive order. Start with student loan debt canellation.

More Patients Getting Covid At Hospitals, Experts Worry Infected Health Workers Are Sick On The Job

we should be grateful that Democrats elected a lot of smart, fearless women in recent years

Why the indictment of Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes should scare a lot of people

It's up to Russia to prevent war in Ukraine, NATO chief says

Weekly Ludi #31

The Monkees - Words

emptywheel: DoJ investigating Stone, Giuliani, former officials,

AZ officials delivered another rebuttal to election fraud claims ahead of Trump's rally

Orangutans were dying of LONELINESS, until these RASCALS moved in with them. See what happened next

And the grift goes on...

US Army Offers $50K Bonus To New Recruits - Rebel HQ

Interview w/son of Stewart Rhodes

University of Michigan President Fired from his million dollar job For 'Inappropriate Relationship'

Leopard Gets Stuck In Tight Spot

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 16, 2022

Portland Releases Police Training Material That Encouraged Beating Protesters

Question: watching MSNBC just now (Vaughn Hillyard reporting), trump soundbite made dt look drunk.

Sting - Fields Of Gold

International rape and domestic rape

Down a rabbit hole

What would you call this chapter of your life?

WATCH: TFG Fumes at 'Woke Executives' Pulling OAN from DirecTV, Floats Call of a Boycott Against Dir

Anything to win: Trump Administration Exerted 'Unprecedented' Census Engagement

Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire (Live)

4:45p Sunday: HEAVIEST snow yet inside the Beltway! Many spots now with 1-2" or so.

Gay activist who helped win marriage equality in Florida found dead in landfill

Conch meets Izzy

COVID-19 patients show more signs of brain damage than people with Alzheimer's disease.

Target CEO Sees Fewer Store Trips as Shoppers Confront Inflation

How quick thinking stopped a ransomware attack from crippling a Florida hospital

Trump dogs "dull" DeSantis ahead of potential 2024 matchup

Tweet of the Day

Atlanta transit CEO dies by suicide after walking in front of train

Omicron Hasn't Hit Rural Communities Yet

MD-SEN: Hogan won't say if he will file to run for Senate by Feb. 22 deadline

Military's anti-extremism policy might not apply to about a million reservists

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a wide to slim margin.

Tweet of the Early Evening:

Hilarity ensues as deplorables forced to wait up to 3 hours after TFG's AZ rally

The far right coup continues at pace

Andrew Giuliani Hit in Face With a Flower Pot in NYC

Tuskegee Airman Brig. Gen. Charles McGee dies at 102

Republicans are coming for the election systems

Novak Djokovic is the first player to be knocked out of a Grand Slam tournament...

Who was the first person to write about the British Isles?

Adorable little penguin chick being fed:

Don't Underestimate the Legal Challenge to Madison Cawthorn's Reelection

Florida DUers I hope you were spared

Rescues needed as hundreds went to San Francisco's Ocean Beach despite tsunami advisory

Youngkin's Twitter accounts.

I think it is time MTV release the movie.

We do what we can. An offering since he couldn't attend the funeral

Blacks for Trump

Actor, singer & later a chiropractor Keith Wayne was #BornOnThisDay, Jan. 16, 1945.

State Rep. Jake Hoffman Signed A Fake Election Certificate, Throws AZ GQP Chair 'Chemtrails' Kelli

🏆Fake Christian of the Day Award🏆

Jim Clyburn Says Kyrsten Sinema's Argument for Supporting Filibuster 'Not Right'