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Brig. Gen. Charles McGee - Tuskegee Airman (Dec 7, 1919 − Jan 16, 2022)

Sacha Baron Cohen quote:

For those who are still questioning the police suicides related to 1/6

Trump dogs "dull" DeSantis ahead of potential 2024 matchup

Filibuster/voting rights the Manchin/Sinema issue

trump is...

Snow Dogs Vol. 1 Sunday edition

Short Documentary on Tuskegee Airman, Brig. Gen. Charles McGee (Dec 7, 1919 − Jan 16, 2022)

Repub Restrictive Voting Legislation

Grandson takes his Grandma Joy to all National Parks

My mother is requesting immediate help

"... Name something you get from Australia?" ...

Willie Nelson, Diana Krall, & Elvis Costello- "Crazy"

Surgeon General on COVID: "Next Few Weeks Will Be Tough"

I am overwhelmed by all the messages of condolence you posted on the death of my brother

For those rooting for Omicron to take over rural areas

I'm recovering from COVID and it was horrible. I can only imagine what it would have been like

Teens come out for newly created Kutztown Banned Book Club (PA)

JUST IN: Observer at ( ) National Airport reports 2.6 inches, pushing Jan. total to 12.2"


Ethnic studies will turn schools into extremist boot camps (Minnesota)

*Around the World in 80 Days coming up on CH. 26 PBS, dc area, NOW, and

49ers just won against Dallas, 23 to 17!!!

Japanese News reports that NK

Supply Chain Woes Could Worsen as China Imposes Covid Lockdowns

Australia, New Zealand step up efforts to aid tsunami-hit Tonga

Well, That's A Damned Shame

State of the Union @jaketapper,@WhipClyburn lays out his case for sidestepping the filibuster

As coal use surges, America finds it's hard to unplug from carbon

The more people omicron infects, the more likely it is to produce the next variant.

Don't Underestimate the Legal Challenge to Madison Cawthorn's Reelection

Sen. Mitt Romney says Biden was elected 'to stop the crazy' and argues that voters weren't asking

An American first: Muslim, Hindu, Sikh legislators serve together in WA Senate

For those who join hobby clubs in Central Florida...

Power outages, flight cancellations, thundersnow: Brutal snow, ice storm slams South

Trump-loving Tulsa pastor spits on his hand and smears it on parishioner

University of Michigan fires president, citing inappropriate relationship

I have been a Browns fan since the 5th grade and now I hope they never win another game under the ..

Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County takes on home repair, saves couple from heartache

Ha! Arizona beat Trump & Bannon to the punch!

$1.5M reserved in funding for families impacted by November flooding in North Sound

Lara Trump thinks Microsoft Word office assistant 'Clippy' is a real person spying on her documents

Gym Jordan Calls 1/6 Committee 'Political Operation' to Stop Trump 2024 Run

Today is dragon appreciation day!

If you like Wordle, and are glad you can only play once a day

Ukraine blames Russia for cyberattack against government agencies

Forty years ago there was "The Catch" game ...

Kyrsten Cinema--All show-No substance- not worth the popcorn-n/t

One-Time 'Sexy Farmer' Pleads Guilty to Capitol Riot Charge

Ukraine: Ex-leader Poroshenko to return amid treason charges

James Carville: Dems 'whine too much,' need to highlight accomplishments ahead of midterms

Investigating who betrayed Anne Frank and her family to the Nazis

George Takei tweet:

Contacted Four Senators

'What's 'Wordle'?' and your other 'Wordle' questions, answered

British police arrest 2 in investigation into Texas standoff

Baked Alaska Jailed for Scottsdale Assault

Black People At Trump Rallies

Betting Big on Pandemic-era Expansion, Arizona Sanitary Wipes Maker Goes Bust Instead

Boris Johnson betting odds (from Paddy Power)

Kevin Kruse compiles a list of fillibusters against civil rights bills and POC starting in 1874

Sunday, July 3, 2022: Nationwide March for Democracy

I am thinking COVID will start fading away

Stelter: False Fox story spread with 'Omicron-like rapidity'

Mexican TV Host loses it , calls all antivaxxers "morons"

POTUS and FLOTUS volunteering at a hunger relief organization

What Happens When Death Row Execution Fails

Ben Burgis Debates Libertarian on Economic Inequality (Opening)

Tucker Carlson Goes Full Scumbag, Claims CDC Kept Vaccines From White People

Why do I get the 403 error for DU when

The Daily Show' comedian confronts Matt Gaetz about Jan. 6

From Robin Williams mouth to your ear.

I know it can't happen, but ...

AOC 'COVID was no joke' as she reflects on her time in quarantine

Life in NYC During COVID Omicron...

3.11TSUNAMI, Great East Japan Earthquake CC for subs

Andrew Giuliani Smacked in Face With Potted Plant Trying to Break Up a Fight

IL Trovatore - A Night At The Opera - The Marx Bros.

Mike Lindell Rages At 'Disgusting' Fox News For Not Talking About 2020 Election


Bay Area's Tongan Community Worried About Family After Underwater Volcano Eruption

Tim Kaine: Build Back Better is "dead" but core provisions will pass

Monster winter storm pummels the South

The Lincoln Project-Looks like someone saw our ad...

Welcome to Green Bay, Wisconsin

Google 9 words to see what Anorexia looks like.....Warning: TRULY DEVISTATING AND HORRIFIC!!

The Lincoln Project-Looks like someone saw our ad...

Bye Rupert - a Chrome extension that blocks all Rupert Murdoch owned websites.

Phoenix Man Charged for Conspiring in January 6 Attack

Ricky Davila Tells The Truth. @Media, can we have the honor of a reply?

Sen. @ossoff Statement on Texas Synagogue Attack

Arizona Weed Trade Workers Union Efforts Nipped in the Bud -- For Now

Arizona Weed Trade Workers Union Efforts Nipped in the Bud -- For Now

Butterfly Effect

Give this man a medal! Mexican TV Host loses it , calls all antivaxxers "morons"

Trump Files Motion To Force New York Attorney General Out Of Investigation - Ring of Fire

Monster Hunter World -Tobi Kadachi Pit fight

Still locked out - But the Cardinals signed a Korean high schooler

Al Franken: U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance Discusses Trump's Myriad Civil & Criminal Vulnerabilities 1/16

How Animals Use Bioluminescence In The Ocean

How is the weather where you are?

Public Service Announcement:

Methinks there is more than just the birdies feasting on the bird block.

Editorial: Clowns like Sen. Rand Paul should stop trolling the adults determined to get us through t

Baxter Black is retiring for health reasons.

Ambroise Thomas 'Mignon', Sol Gabetta on cello

Opinion: Distinguished pol of the week: Merrick Garland's boldest move yet

Lamont, labor headed for a showdown over 'hero pay'

Lamont, labor headed for a showdown over 'hero pay'

Opinion: Distinguished pol of the week: Merrick Garland's boldest move yet

The Daily Show: These People Failed Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Fla. Republican loses by 59 percentage points, won't concede

Progressives urge Lamont to make permanent tax relief for the poor

So, how do we deal with fact that one of the two major parties

When will it be the next time the Democrats win the VA Gubernatorial Election? 2025 or 2029?

If you're ever stopped for marijuana possession, plead guilty to the lesser charge of

Has AA's Definition of Sobriety Changed Any?

Confederate Statues Were Built To Further A 'White Supremacist Future'

Arizona at risk of losing relief funds over anti-mandate rules, Biden administration warns

Where's Winston?

NY nurse gloriously tells off anti-vaxxers harassing people for wearing masks

Larson Announces Reelection Bid

To kick off my live life to the fullest

Petula Clark is 89 yo and has been performing for 80 years.....

Is Garland's DOJ Investigating Trump and Company? Here Are Some Clues From Garland's Past Work

Here's how the Trump faction planned to overthrow the newly elected government:

That applebees commercial

Wait for it:

Adams Vetoes Proposal To Fine Non-Artist SoHo & NoHo Residents $15,000 For Their Lofts

Ice fishing cat:

Who is favored in next week's Chiefs versus Bills game?

Will Jonathan Jackson win the Democratic nomination for Bobby Rush's IL US House seat?

Two Pastorals from Ernest John Moeran

Back edge of heavier precipitation has passed the city and moves through the rest

US races to meet climate goals under Paris Agreement - Al Jazeera English

Correction officers' union sees early wins under Adams administration

Correction officers' union sees early wins under Adams administration


State comptroller scolds Monmouth County commissioners for secret salary hikes

Glorious Din - Leading Stolen Horses (Full Album - 1985) Superb Post Punk Goth Rock Band

Jan Dismas Zelenka: 'Sonata No.4 in G Minor, Movement IV.'

How Did Facebook Contribute to Jan. 6? Whistleblower Weighs In - Amanpour and Company

Republicans losing faith in their doctors makes the Covid pandemic worse

A TV Theme Song Thread

Someone just informed me that the Bill Murray meme "lying to the government

Trump Interviews Get Deleted and He Is Furious (OAN) - Christo Aivalis

Salmon--the fish--are suing the City of Seattle

The Fugitive

Two local children mowed down by a hit-and-run driver. One died, the other in hospital

Wealth of World's 10 Richest Men Doubled In Pandemic, Oxfam Says

China builds 'artificial moon' for gravity experiment

Molly Jong-Fast on How to Save A Democracy in Peril and Danger - iGen Politics Podcast

The Dutch will temporarily stop using their golden coach because of this racist image

States redraw districts ahead of midterms - PBS NewsHour

condominium forest - treehouse apartments

Clyburn: Voting rights bill is 'democracy versus autocracy' - NewsNation Prime

TCM later:

"She was just the person who did everything right."

My nephew joined the marines last year, and will be graduating in a week or so...

Rep. Raskin on Two Unthinkable Tragedies: Jan. 6 Attack and His Son's Suicide - Mother Jones

Government watchdog latest to sue Fulton County over missing 2020 election review documents

Saudi Arabia: Ancient tombs reveal 4,500 year-old highway network

Pitt disenrolls unvaccinated students as W.Pa. universities grapple with COVID requirements

Two drown in Peru as abnormally big waves from Tonga volcano hit coast

Ex-leader Poroshenko returns to Ukraine to appear in court

Bolivia: Judges to Start Ordinary Trial to Coup Leader Anez

Democratic leadership reacts to Ivey's State of the State

Tales of the Unexpected - The Colonel's Wife by W. Somerset Maugham (under 1/2 hour)

No, Keller's city website can't campaign for Greg Abbott. It's wrong -- and illegal

The waitress asked the customer "comfortable sir?"

Former Houston Methodist doctor still licensed after using social media to spread COVID-19 misinform

Novak Djokovic could be barred from French Open as France pass new vaccine law

Breakfast Monday 17 January 2022

National Labor Relations Board sets dates for second Amazon union vote in Bessemer

Womens draw: Australian Open......spoiler......

Veteran NYPD Police Officer Fired for Hitting on 'Vulnerable' Women During Arrests

Alabama mayor arrested for domestic violence in Orange Beach

Kentucky candle factory destroyed by tornado to lay off workers

January 16, 2022, Heather Cox Richardson from Letters from an American

Djokovic circus unleashes toxic chain reaction of mistrust and resentment

Drinking water, ash big concern as Tonga assesses damage after tsunami

Russia and Belarus plan joint military drills in February - Lukashenko

Biden's Schedule for Monday, January 17, 2022

Lego sued over leather jacket worn by toy Antoni in Queer Eye set

Making sugar, making 'coolies': Chinese laborers toiled alongside Black workers on 19th-century

There's an ultra-RW ad AGAINST Dr Oz running in PA

These stupid fucks mad at fauci and not TFG A rant.

Guardian: The Twyford Code by Janice Hallett review - a mind-bending, heartwarming mystery

Actress, singer & ventriloquist Shari Lewis,was #BornOnThisDay, Jan. 17, 1933.

Actor, singer, performance artist & comic Andy Kaufman was #BornOnThisDay, Jan. 17, 1949.

Arlington tweets back

I woke with a heavy heart today, the day we celebrate Reverend Martin Luther King

Mississippi House Approves $4,000-$6,000 Pay Raise For Teachers

Against 'Illogical Beliefs,' Medical Marijuana Earns Mississippi Senate Approval In 47-5 Vote

Lara Trump thinks Microsoft Word office assistant 'Clippy' is a real person spying on her documents

17 year old arrested for altering electronic road sign to display racist message

"Miles Davis, The Definitive Biography"

Jill Biden: I didn't expect 'healing role' as first lady

Today, January 17, 2022 is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in the U.S. I've been

So if you're out and about today in Miami

Snow check

"It's electric:" MLK Jr. Rodeo of Champions celebrates Black cowboys and cowgirls

What's up with the Trump-DeSantis "feud"?

For years, bar patrons bought beers for Betty White. The funds are now going to animal charity.

"An ingrate with a dull personality"?

Mississippi gives financial aid to students who can already afford college, report shows Read more

Soliciting Multiversity: The Best of the Rest for March 2022

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 1/12/2022

The Rundown: January 17, 2022

Not birds of a feather.......

Mental health prescriptions rise 17% across Missouri

Accused of fraud, Coast casino workers forced to repay COVID unemployment. 'Nobody lied.'

Thousands across Carolinas without power as winter storm slams Southeast

Tornado causes damage in South Florida

Bronx fire victims' funeral draws huge outpouring of grief

Democrats see good chance of Garland prosecuting Trump

The road to Auschwitz was paved with indifference

Preet Bharara: This is the most brilliant thing on the internets right now

Liz Cheney's Wyoming Nemesis Is an Oath Keeper Who Was at Capitol Rally

Pride In The Name of Love

Cinnamon Brioche French Toast. I'll say no more!

Ugh, Kasie Hunt is on New Day instead of Brianna Keiler.

Military Flights Sent to Assess Tonga Damage After Volcanic Eruption

N. Korea Fires Short-Range Missiles in 4th Launch this Year

City of New Orleans distributing counterfeit N95 masks in giveaway program

A One-Speech Pony

LA/LB ports container dwell fee programme extended to 29 April

Betty White Birthday Challenge: today would be her 100th birthday--

If you Google Betty White today:

Just over a third of Americans think the U.S. pandemic response is 'going well,' a new poll says.

Today would be Betty White's 100th birthday.

Trump Rally Underscores G.O.P. Tension Over How to Win in 2022

A Grand Miami Beach Hotel, and Its History, Might Be Torn Down

China says tickets for Winter Olympics will not be sold to general public due to Covid-19

Betty White Challenge

'Clown faced Tiger moth'

Former state senator, known as 'The Conscience of the Senate,' Sydney Nelson, dead at age 86

The Lincoln Project - Tribute

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Swing-district Democrats in need of a midterm reboot push leadership to break up BBB

"You hung your door upside down !"

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a wide to slim margin.

"I have decided...

So, what rural areas are vulnerable for Covid in these last two weeks?

MLK is revered today but ... by Michael Harriot.

The setting--almost Wolf--Moon this morning.

Sen. Tom Cotton, Russian stooge on idea to buy Greenland?

A Cheese Vending Machine In A Mountain Village In Switzerland

Half-Pound Kitten Now Pounces On His Siblings Every Chance He Gets

Media focuses on Quinnipiac poll with Biden's approval in 30's.

Favorite TV intros ever?

Don't know who to donate to for the Betty White Challange?

When is the Senate debating the voting rights bill

PSA: Watch For Bogus Emails from Trusted Companies

This pie is finger lickin' good

Grandstanding fears as Norwegian mass killer seeks parole

Emanuel: Japan-US relations at "critical juncture"

Scientists: Shock waves of air logged across Japan

Ash clouds from Tonga volcano reach Australia

Democrats Likely to Take Control of New York Redistricting, Gain Congressional Seats

Japan machinery orders grow for 2nd month

Is MAGA an "anti-Christian" movement?

Japan's motorcycle shipments rise amid pandemic

Florida Republican, Ileana Garcia, says we need to move on from racism.

Beijing Games organizers: No public ticket sales

Tongan Olympian appeals for support for his nation

You raised $5.00 on January 16, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund

2022 US Sen. Elections where the DEM nominee benefits from the 2022 DEM GOV nominee.

Woman speeds across a river in a car, breaks through the ice and takes a moment for a ... SELFIE!

MLK's BD in the UK with Stevie Wonder

Are we living in a potentially worse time than the pre-Civil War era?

If you'd like to chip in on Betty White Appreciation Day, our TNR organization would be happy!

If you'd like to chip in on Betty White Appreciation Day, our TNR organization would be happy!

Willie Nelson has a message for the Slobfather

Trump won't get the nomination in 2024..Here is why: simple:

Florida tornadoes destroy dozens of homes, leave 7,000 customers without power

Are any of those fraudulent electors running for Congress in Nov

My niece has been exposed to COVID.

The Big Lie seditious conspiracy and the Official acts that supported it.

12,066 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon, MLK Day; 1 death

A Beanie Baby investment guide to your someday fortune

Crunching the COVID-19 Numbers: NYC moving past the Omicron peak, as cases begin to tumble

Once again Republicans will try to claim MLK -- but if he were here, they'd despise him

MLK III Tells Arizona Crowd History Will Remember Sinema Unkindly Over Filibuster

Regarding Kirsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, and pressuring them,

2022 midterms may be the last democratic election we ever have in this country

This moon cycle

I thought of you guys first...

Words to chill the hearts of today's Trumpies and Trumpie wanna-bes

It is MLK Day. Remember why we honor him.

With the shortage of restaurant workers these days, this might be too enticing for some:

Europe's loud, rule-breaking unvaccinated minority are falling out of society

Google Betty White


Tim Wise: "Conservatives Would Ban Teaching the Real MLK "

Beloved Tigress Cremated in India

Drag your ass out of bed and get behind that desk - Love and understanding

Tim Wise back in December:"The killing of the two officers in NYC is a terrible, horrible crime. AND

U.S. Political Party Preferences Shifted Greatly During 2021

More than 170K without power from massive winter storm

Daveed Diggs on CBS morning:

This "life philosophy" of sorts showed up in my Quora feed, and I pretty much agree with all of it.

After run with rock legends, Tucson woman got back to where she once belonged

Judd Legum: Thread of Shame

The more damage they do to our democracy, the bigger the backlash.

Lunch today

China's population growth has flatlined

Investigators Drop a Bombshell Twist After Teen's Burger King Drive-Thru Slaying

A good guy with a chair

Let's put in the time again to call in support of the Voting Rights bills.

MLK: On senators using the filibuster to block voting fights:

The conservative mindset explained with smilies

Good Day DU (January 17, 2022)

Professor Who Said U.S. 'Better Off With Fewer Asians' Faces Calls to Have Tenure Revoked

Florida COVID update: State passes 5 million cases -- two weeks ago, there were 4 million

Rep. Jamie Raskin Warns That The GOP Is Acting Like A Religious Cult

Who Is King of Florida? Tensions Rise Between Trump and a Former Acolyte. A spat over Covid

A "Car Accident Attorney" horror story

Garlands silence on Mark (he will sing) Meadows is really loud.

Dallas fan not handling loss very well yesterday

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic will funk up Motor City Casino

day two of post booster shot.

Inconvenient MLK quotes republicans and 'moderate' Democrats won't be tweeting out

No TOONs post today. Late start.

I'm about to get a big chunk of cash...

Who knew the White House issued a Infrastructure Bill fact sheet Friday?

@DonHuffines claims he's raised $ than all of Abbott's 'previous Republican primary opponents

The Texas synagogue hostage situation reminds us that we must prioritize combating antisemitism

Tractor-trailer tips over bridge in Durham, N.C. during winter storm

Celebrated Tuskegee Airman Charles McGee dies at 102

'I Have No Intention of Getting Infected': Understanding Omicron's Severity

Diver helps octopus trade a plastic cup for a shell.

They said no to Build Back Better but billions to these private businesses, Corporate Socialism?

'Expose each and every level': Lawmaker makes promise for Jan. 6 hearings

Some kind of animal is living on my second floor.

Opinion: If Democrats want to win, they must change the venue - Rubin

MLK Day Special: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in His Own Words

My Covid distraction: bonsai

Happy 100th birthday, Betty White. Love that it falls on MLK Day!

VP Kamala Harris Calls On Senate To 'Do Its Job'

There is always one in every family.

Magats can't play chess,

Tweet of the Day

Opinion: One of Biden's biggest achievements is going largely ignored - Waldman

It pisses me off that my chances of survival are too frequently linked to the

Eartha Kitt was born on this date.

Lawsuit Against Amazon On Behalf Of Delivery Driver Austin McEwen's Family After His Death In Tornad

If I may humbly suggest my SIL's family charity for your Betty White Challenge donation :)

SIUE Faculty Unions Express Outrage Over In-Person Return

Alan Dershowitz tweeted this a few days ago...

Cedar Walton was born on this date.

Guy at tire dealership told me we don't need vaccines

Difference between urban and rural pandemic, vaccination rate

Trump Previews the GOP's Future

Tax fairness (This article is a few years old.)

The orange pile of crap plays the race card.

QAnons Think It Was A 'Trump Body Double' Who Appeared at Saturday Arizona Rally

Sweden's spy agency probes drones over 3 nuclear plants

MLK would have understood that the line connecting Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump runs thru Dixie

Why ending illegal pregnancy discrimination is so hard

When becoming a Navy SEAL is taken a little too literally.

Teens arrested in England are children of alleged hostage-taker in Texas, sources say

Teenager finds loophole to get vaxxed without parents' consent

Ever hear of a company called Social Capital...ever here of the CEO of that company

Hurricane-ravaged skyscraper haunts Lake Charles residents, officials. What will happen to it?

The other day read a thread where some people think that antisemitism is a 20th Century thing...

The Trump Org Stiffed a Hotel. His Kids May Pay the Price.

GOP Pretty Sure DC Vaccine Mandates The Real Jim Crow 2.0

MLK on the Big Picture

What would MLK say about this moment in American democracy? We don't have to guess.

From the desk of Stacey Abrams, Georgia's next Govenor 💙

Firefall - Strange Way

Why celebration of MLK Day without legislation defangs the civil rights leader's legacy

Apparently, being my 'bedside' companions is exhausting work

Biden pleads for passage of voting rights bills in speech on MLK Day: 'The attack on our democracy i

Goodbye 'godsend': Expiration of child tax credits hits home

Djokovic's French Open title defence in doubt after Covid pass ruling

Two people, dog escape after Bellevue home slides off foundation, collapses

So the FBI is saying the Colleyville gunman's actions were not related to the Jewish Community, or

9 Things You Might Not Know About Martin Luther King Jr.

Whatcom County school districts fighting battle with COVID to keep students in classrooms

Divisive New Orleans street gets a harmonious new name

When is Gaetz going to be arrested?? Watching American Greed and a year ago it came to light

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #6 in F Major, Op. 68 "Pastoral"

The heat stays on: Earth hits 6th warmest year on record

Janet Yellen says in MLK Day speech that the US economy has 'never worked fairly for Black Americans

Joint Chiefs chairman and Marine Corps chief have COVID-19

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Andrew Vachss 1942 - 2021

Don't forget to look up at the moon tonight! It will reach peak illumination at 6:51 p.m. EST!

Revealed: many common omega-3 fish oil supplements are 'rancid'

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 18: Movie Accents: Accents Around the Country

Corporate sedition is more damaging to America than the Capitol attack

Winners of the January Photo Contest: Stream, Creek, River

***January Photo Contest Winners***

(Jewish Group) Biden yanks Trump appointee who spoke to white supremacists...

The Trump Org Stiffed a Hotel. His Kids May Pay the Price.

Is there any kind of small gizmo one could use for heating that doesn't

Statistics 101 - The larger a sample size, the more legitimacy your data has

(Jewish Group) Colleyville synagogue: Texas rabbi says he threw a chair at synagogue gunman

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 19: Frank Capra & Jean Arthur

Suspended Anti-Vax Cop Refuses To Leave Restaurant

Anything? Anyone?

A thread of Republicans shamelessly exploiting King's legacy by pretending to honor King...

Drone attack in Abu Dhabi claimed by Yemen's rebels kills 3

So, L'il tRumper trying the old "I got 21% of the vote...I WIN!" Bullshit.

Why we decided to put the kid in online schooling

MLK's granddaughter calls out Manchin & Sinema during voting rights speech

COVID depletes collection plates at churches nationwide

Cartoons 1/17/2022

How Manchin and Sinema Completed a Conservative Vision

Old time religion fine, but keep it, government apart

How big was the Tonga eruption?

At deadly Glacier Peak, one last hurdle for new seismometers

One of the World's Wealthiest Oil Exporters Is Becoming Unlivable

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

Jail sued for giving inmates ivermectin: "They used us as an experiment"

They gathered on the bedroom-window tree (over the creek)

Super Sky Point on the 80th B-Day of the great Muhammad Ali.

Martin Luther King III came to Arizona with harsh words for Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

COVID deaths and cases are rising again at US nursing homes

Would McConell have

(Ireland) Calls for action on gender-based violence after Ashling Murphy killing

Ron John the clown blames LBJ and Great Society for high percentage of out-of-wedlock births

Federal suit targeting Jan. 6 extremist groups goes for the jugular: Their finances

MLK Isn't the Only Black Baptist Hero Being Honored Today

China's coal production hit record levels in 2021

Hunga Tonga Volcano Eruption Update; The Island and its Volcano are Gone

Leonard Pitts: Dear white conservatives:

Arkansas inmates who were given ivermectin to treat COVID file federal lawsuit against jail

Gableman subpoenas voting machine companies in 2020 review

Jon Stewart recalls Dinner With Obama, Cuban, and Bezos.

Texas synagogue terrorist was banned from a UK court after 9/11 rant

Linda Sarsour advocates for releasing Aafia Siddiqui. 👎😬

Vaccines and long Covid.

Alaska Rep. Eastman, a 'life member' of Oaf Creepers, blasts 'politically driven indictments' of

Iowa town translates its diverse population into a majority Latino city council

Do you know about Dorothy Parker's connection to Dr. Martin Luther King?

MSNBC Host Tiffany Cross Accuses Kyrsten Sinema of 'Upholding White Supremacy'

Revealed: the Flint water poisoning charges that never came to light

Masks at Walmart

(Jewish Group) FBI walks back claim that Texas attack was 'not specifically related to the Jewish...

(Jewish Group) Near Texas synagogue, a 'bubble' is pierced by attack

(Jewish Group) Texas rabbi details standoff: Gunman 'literally thought that Jews control the world'

Texas rabbi details standoff: Gunman 'literally thought that Jews control the world'

A new Jenga record

Poll: Average U.S. Horse Still Prefers Carrot To Photo Of Biden

Snow Day means Supernatural rewatches

(Jewish Group) Muslim groups show support for Jewish community after Dallas hostage crisis

Muslim groups show support for Jewish community after Dallas hostage crisis

UH-OH COVID Does WHAT To Your Dick?! - The Damage Report

We need a "Herman Award":

I have a sudden new take on where we Dems are in the greater scheme.

As o 1:05 PM PST, I don't see anything blaming the GOP or thanking the majority of Dems is shitty now! (website review)

The part of MLK's legacy that politicians today conveniently like to forget

John King: 'Circus act of characters' support Trump at AZ rally (CNN)

Something I've never been able to understand, and I hope somebody can help.

Maxwell ends fight to keep 8 'John Does' secret, court to decide whether names should be unsealed

Why a Republican legislator wants to make it easier for ex-offenders to vote - Virginia Mercury

Flights sent to assess Tonga damage after volcanic eruption

This 1965 photograph was taken by Steve Schapiro, who died this past weekend at age 87.

Betty White Day is going crazy.

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 17, 2022

Artist and his masterpiece

Judgement at Fox News

Iowa Starting Line - Dr. Glenn Hurst: Universal Health Care can Revitalize Rural Iowa

Texas synagogue hostages fled after rabbi threw chair

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Kentucky candle factory that threatened to fire workers during tornado is closing

Google Betty White.

Animals That Are So Round They'll Roll Straight Into Your Heart

Texas Synagogue Hostage Taker Had 'Mental Health Issues,'

Kyrsten Sinema tweets disingenuous praise for MLK - gets her ass handed back to her.

Lonely Truck Driver Adopts Stray Cat - And Now He's His Companion On The Road

Good masks that fit kids?

Printer Ink...why did I never know this: Makes me angry!

Extreme snow/wind, blizzard conditions at the summit of Wisp ski resort

Betty White on My Name is Earl. Season 4, episode 21. Witch Lady. I just happened to be watching and

Civil War

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 18 January 2022

What the Supreme Court's Vaccine Case Was Really About by Linda Greenhouse

The right way to eat a dog hot.

I was just unexpectedly hurled back in time to high school

Manga artist Mizushima Shinji dies at 82

So I just received the strangest dm

MAGA hats and QAnon: Inside Trump's first rally of 2022

'The most intense violation of my life': Beloved camp, lost boy and impact of child sexual trauma

Great. Now Madoc has turned into a potato chip thief!

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is on Nicole Wallace -updated

Genetic risk factor found for Covid-19 smell and taste loss, researchers say

Ghislaine Maxwell ends fight to keep eight 'John Does' secret, court to decide whether names should

Closest to sun I've seen today.

Trump is losing hundreds of voters a day to Covid -- far more than the margins in the swing states.

*Marking the holiday celebrating Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., WETA

Russia-Ukraine crisis: Why Brussels fears Europe is 'closest to war' in decades

Globally, 2021 had the fewest hurricanes since at least 1980.

So it's started

Election Denying Republicans Raising TONS Of Cash For Midterms - Ring of Fire

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At this hour, German electricity comes in at 420 g CO2/kwh; France 101 g CO2/kwh overall and...

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*Marking the holiday celebrating Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., WETA

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Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.

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Y'know what? I think there WAS fraud in the 2020 election.

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