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We waste time and effort when we try to "understand" why the Trump party says or does anything.

Russia-Ukraine crisis: UK sending weapons to defend Ukraine, says defence secretary

China CUTS Interest Rate

MLKs granddaughter calls out Manchin and Synema on voting rights

To learn how COVID affects the ear, scientists turn to cadavers

Nikole Hannah-Jones (1619 Project) was asked to give a speech today honoring MLK

See You in September - The Happenings

Dream on Betty, Dream on...

Youngkin quotes MLKto defend a racist ban on teaching about structural racism

59 of 93 Trump-Endorsed Candidates Post-Presidency Have Questioned 2020 Election Results - MSNBC

I'm getting older and more square all the time. I just heard of 'Poets of the Fall', a Finnish band.

A nationwide standard of voting rights now seems like a pipe dream.

A Very Needy Dog

I need any medics out there to talk me off the ledge.

Miles Taylor Warns There Needs To Be A Plan To 'Blunt Trump's Momentum' - Deadline - MSNBC

Clyburn Rocks On 'This Week'

The Motor City is Burning

Senate Democrats Press Ahead With Debate on Voting Rights Bill

Just saw, "Don't Look Up."

A day for remembering

The Bloody, Brutal Business of Being a Teenage Girl

Aunt Crabby tweet:

Massachusetts hospitals delay thousands of surgeries as they face COVID surge

Why (Am I Treated So Bad)

Lake Mead dropping faster than projections, but snowpack could help

The final words of the greatest speaker of our times.

Step by Step Guide to a Perfect Beef Wellington - Chef Jean-Pierre

Proposed bill would make public transit free in Utah

I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel to Be Free)

Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai personally oversaw an illegal deal that misled publishers and adve

Distress signal detected in low-lying Tongan island

Summertime / Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

Now Matt Gaetz is attacking the FBI:

Freedom Highway

why is Joe Manchin like he is? Here's an essay on why....from dKos

North Korean hackers stole nearly $400 million in crypto last year

MMW: Bemsha Swing/Lively Up Yourself

Vice President Harris and Second Gentleman volunteer for a MLK Jr. day of service

Google hired union-busting consultants to convince employees "unions suck"

Are you following the tweeter who mocks NYT, daily, for their ledes?

What Really Happened to the Class of '65?

Michigan Democratic Party deletes post questioning parents' role in schools

Trump superfans dream of a run again, and of JFK Jr. on the ticket

Type O Negative - My Girlfriend's Girlfriend (Violet Orlandi ft Cody Johnstone COVER)

Moderna hopes to market combined COVID and flu booster in 2023

Hawaii to require travelers have COVID booster shot to be 'fully vaccinated'

Representative Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend granted immunity in sex trafficking probe

Tribute To Martin Luther King

Harris: "Not going to absolve" Manchin, Sinema on voting rights

State Sen. Ileana Garcia, R, signals support for abortion ban even for rape and incest.

Mahalia Jackson singing & Martin Luther King Jr preaching at Church

Disturbed - Down With The Sickness (Violet Orlandi ft Ai Mori COVER)

Rand Paul cancels DirecTV subscription after it drops OAN

Populist authoritarianism - this time in Alberta:

Some QAnon Believers Think JFK Disguised Himself As Trump At Arizona Rally

Utah groundwater project draws ire from Nevada officials and tribal leaders

Utah groundwater project draws ire from Nevada officials and tribal leaders

Martin Luther King Jr.'s family says 'we're tired of being patient,' urges Democrats to pass voting

3 die in suspected drone attack in UAE


First Black mayor of Aurora to run as GOP challenger in Illinois governor's race

Japan eyes quasi-emergency for Tokyo area

As Abbott celebrates MLK day, voter suppression agenda kicks into full gear

Missouri COVID task force issues recommendations for small businesses

More voters, less party affiliation 2 years into automatic voter registration

Code brown called for Victorian (Au.) hospitals under pressure from COVID-19

Hearing aid advice - 'over the ear' loop or 'in the ear' button?

Hearing aid advice - 'over the ear' loop or 'in the ear' button?

Poll: When will Matt Gaetz be indicted?

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread

Doctor treated COVID patients with Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine suspended

And no mask on the plane back home from Australia

Gannett (USA TODAY) to stop Saturday print editions at 136 newspapers nationwide

MAGA Weirdos

Many workers face uncertain recovery

This is from decades ago but relevant to today:

VA Gov Youngkin, a mini-Trump, Issues Legally Dubious & Dangerous Executive Orders on Day 1 in Offic

All of Nevada's college presidents want student vaccine mandate reinstated

Rachel is continuing coverage of the criminal

Does anyone here remember Roman Gabriel?

Does anyone know a lot about student loans?

See Republicans Cruz And McConnell Called Out For MLK Hypocrisy (MSNBC)

Mike Pence knew before January 6th that there were states that sent in forged election documents.

Out of this world: 555.55-carat black diamond lands in Dubai

COVID Patient Flown to Texas After Minnesota Doctors Decided to Pull Plug on Ventilator

Yellowstone bison species decision questioned by US judge

dog breaks through window as Fed Ex employee drops off package

Senate Democrats Press Ahead With Debate on Voting Rights Bill

Titus proposes national monument around Spirit Mountain

U.S. acknowledges shipping Idaho radioactive waste to Nevada

Out of this world: 555.55-carat black diamond lands in Dubai

$500K 'Big Idea Challenge' aims to improve Nevada education system

The Covid Elephant in the Room

Republicans are DESPERATE to Rewrite MLK Past - HERE'S PROOF They're on the Wrong Side of History!!!

Rep. McCrostie introduces bill to 'add the words' to Idaho Civil Rights Act

Rep. McCrostie introduces bill to 'add the words' to Idaho Civil Rights Act

I was at COSine this past weekend,

For years, bar patrons bought beers for Betty White hoping she'd come claim them. The funds are now

More enslaved Africans came to the Americas through this port than anywhere else.

NFL and Fox Sports

Mrs. Betty Bowers with Zinger of the Week...

Trump Shares Stage With Self-Proclaimed Oath Keeper At Arizona Rally - All In - MSNBC

Marvel Studios' Moon Knight Official Trailer Disney+

Statehouse COVID infections rise, Senate president pro tem tests positive

King was a critical race theorist before there was a name for it

Happy Birthday Michelle Obama:

Blues for Kids

US ballistic missile submarine stops in Guam amid Indo-Pacific tensions

Canada approves Pfizer COVID drug

Are Companies and Corporations finding that Tax cuts hold them back?

Rep. Raskin: Jan. 6 Public Phase Will Hopefully Be Like Watergate Hearings - All In - MSNBC

Sorry But Our Government Is Completely Corrupt The Billionaires Have Nothing To Fear - Nothing

Is the Committee getting ready to send a criminal referral to the DOJ...?

1963 Train From Chicago to DC. Studs Terkel interview People Going to MLK March On Washington:

This little girl has got Boris Johnson's number:

Pupper does a double take at his own reflection:

Kristof defends residency to Oregon Supreme Court

H. P. Lovecraft - Wayfaring Stranger (1967)

QAnon Followers Say Trump Used 'Body Double' at Rally

Sweet doggo watches worriedly as Grandma repairs his stuffed toy:

Silly pupper plays gleefully with a . . . brick? (2nd tweet):

The Daily Show: The Misappropriation of MLK (feat. Dr. Ibram X. Kendi) - Beyond the Scenes

Ingraham claps as she announces Gen. Mark Milley has COVID

Penguin catches an Uber:

Haikus for your consideration---or not:

"They used us as an experiment" Arkansas inmates who were given ivermectin to treat COVID file suit

Zorro the kitten:

Michelle Obama thanking people for their birthday wishes. She's got the moves!

Living with the downstairs neighbors:

Two people hospitalized after propane explosion at homeless camp near Spokane River

"Local papers across the country celebrating Biden's infrastructure law sending $26 Billion .."

Trump's Ranting Rally Filled with Screaming, Shouting & Outlandish COVID Conspiracies

Voting Rights Isn't Just a Black Issue

an excerpt of MLK's letter (on "the white moderate") as a reply to Sinema's tweet

Have my own idiot story from yesterday.

Scoop: Lara Logan Dropped By UTA Over Fauci Nazi Doctor Comments

MLK's granddaughter's statement on voting rights:

Kyrsten Sinema's Martin Luther King Jr. post BACKFIRES HORRIBLY - Brian Tyler Cohen

We're Overthinking Crime Committed In Plain Sight Rep. Swalwell Says On Trump, Jan. 6 - The ReidOut

*Symone Sanders on MSNBC now,

@BarackObama 11h Happy birthday, Michelle. My love, my partner, my best friend...

Kyle Kuluski On Trillonaires

News Ron DeSantis could be a threat to Donald Trump's campaign. Here's why

NFL Divisional Playoff match-ups are set. Pick the winners!

Why The BBC Is Giving Conspiracy Theorists A Platform

The Fight to Vote Broken Down (w/ Michael Waldman)

Have You Googled Betty White?

For two Italian musicians, being unvaccinated means being locked out of public life

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

"Racists don't want their history to be taught because that makes it harder for them to repeat it."

Ingraham claps as she announces Gen. Mark Milley has COVID

Texas's six-week abortion ban remains in effect after federal appeals court ruling

Marc Elias thinks Heather Cox Richardson's newsletter should be read into the Senate record

Do you agree with Paul Begala, Our leaders are fine... we are dropping the ball somewhere else.

Dr. Bernice King: I Think It's Time For Massive Civil Disobedience, Noncooperation With Evil- ReidOut

Hellendaal, Martinu, Lanzetti

Indivisible: Healing Hate - A documentary series hosted by Mandy Patinkin

Chinatown Shuffle (Live at Olympia Theatre, Paris, France 5/3/1972)

(Jewish Group) Senate needs to confirm Deborah Lipstadt as antisemitism envoy -- Now

(Jewish Group) A Synagogue Shouldn't Be a Fortress

Race to cut carbon emissions splits U.S. states on nuclear

Seth Meyers- Trump Repeats Election Lies at AZ Rally After Oath Keepers Sedition Charges: A Closer Look

TCM now &

Trump's Ranting Rally Filled with Screaming, Shouting & Outlandish COVID Conspiracies

Lee, Yoon to have first one-on-one TV debate next week (South Korea presidential campaign)

Anti-vaccers are actively trying to murder me and all of us

Ex-Pence adviser warns of 'grave concern' among ex-Trump staffers

Rep. Raskin: Jan. 6 Public Phase Will Hopefully Be Like Watergate Hearings

Tsunami waves from tonga volcano hit California!

For 2nd consecutive year, Idaho's wealthiest would get largest tax cuts in new GOP bill

Tweet of the Late Night:

Local papers across the country celebrating Biden's infrastructure law

Dr. Kizzy Corbett On Omicron: 'A Boosted, Vaccinated Person' Will Fight This Virus Away - The Last Word

Snow potential index - 4/10 (↑): Chances for snow Thursday morning and again Friday night

Wisconsin two day total for COVID, January 16th and 17th -- New York Times, 83,187

Mexican journalist shot dead outside home in border city of Tijuana

Invoking MLK, Clyburn Says Silence Is Consent In Voting Rights Fight - The Last Word - MSNBC

The eyes of Tammy Faye

FYI, discussion in GD

Funding to Fix Broken Bridges Headed to NC Thanks to President Biden's Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Mike Pence Script Change Seems To Address Fake Trump Elector Scheme - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Idaho snowpack has water experts cautiously optimistic

*NOW 1:30 am Social Confrontation: The Battle of Michigan Avenue (1968)

Taiwan pays $900,000 for ally Guatemala to lobby Washington

Lawmakers aim to reject, replace Idaho education standards

Lonr. and H.E.R. 'Make the Most'

Republicans Enter 'Post-Election' Phase, Blindly Disputing Vote Outcomes - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Republican Voting Restriction Strategy Already Bearing Fruit In Texas - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Congressional Black Caucus Chair Offers Political Warning To Voting Rights Opponents - Rachel Maddow

Cold-case investigation names surprise suspect in Anne Frank's betrayal

Senate Democrats Call In-Person Caucus Meeting

Everett bar owner arrested again on new sexual assault charges

Microsoft to review workplace harassment, including Bill Gates allegations

"Vladimir Putin is inventing, out of thin air, threats to his country" Senator Chris Murphy

Gov. Inslee, Washington Democrats push election bills as they weigh threats to democracy

How To Really Honor MLK's Legacy - Mehdi Hasan

FDR Greatest President? Concealing D-Day: The Deception That Won The War Secrets Of War Timeline

City of Tenino loses $280,309 to phishing email scam, state Auditor's Office says

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/17/22

Canada Chooses Oil Companies Over Indigenous Peoples

Afghanistan twin quakes kill at least 22 in poorest areas

Warriors distance themselves from co-owner who declared: 'Nobody cares' about Uyghur genocide

Stephen Colbert: Guest Senator Elizabeth Warren

Historic preservationists in rural communities across Eastern Washington race against time to save

Too Close to Call

British military aircraft rapidly supplying weapons to Ukraine

I'm not a fan of +1 or -1, but

Taiwan pays $900,000 for ally Guatemala to lobby Washington

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Manchin and Sinema need a clue

"lift with your legs" to spare your back

The Sad Price of Winning

How Democrats Can Recover

Russia denies looking for pretext to invade Ukraine

Breakfast Tuesday 18 January 2022

So what's a DU Lounge Jury and is there any infamous/cool jury decisions that were made here?

Spent a lot of time binge-watching Golden Girls yesterday

QAnon Followers Believe Donald Trump Used 'Body Double' At Arizona Rally

Do the Cardinals add an offensive coordinator now?

Qanon casualties: "taking my Canadian Qanon brother to the border tomorrow. mixed feelings & relief"

Tuesday TOONs - Gag Rule

Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend granted immunity in sex trafficking probe

Four Cornered Room

In honor of Winnie the Pooh Day:

Seems like Briana Keilar is going to be prime time tonight on CNN.

Tsunami waves from tonga volcano hit California!

Do Democrats Who Supported Susan Collins in 2020 Regret Their Vote? Nope.

Baseless claims?

Representative Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend granted immunity in sex trafficking probe

Scary Volcano Eruption Hunga Tonga triggered a Tsunami in the Pacific Ocean (Jan. 15, 2022)

Judicial Shitbaggery In Denver

I just saw another feral cat that looks SUSPICIOUSLY like Madoc!

Yet ANOTHER 'Big Lie'

Trump and Big Lie believers: Fools or liars?

Sanders calls out Manchin, Sinema ahead of filibuster showdown

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 1/12/22

Boomb Tube: The Week of Comic Book Television, 1/9/22-1/15/22

Shinji Mizushima, "Dokaben" Creator, Dead at 82

The Rundown: January 18, 2022

Heard Sen. Amanda Chase on the radio 🤪 "Ivermectin Free" bill SB73

Mary Trump interviews Malcom Nance on her new Podcast Show

'In this moment of struggle over voting rights in America' - Heather Cox Richardson

Didn't it rain, children?

The Honorable Speaker of the House:

The body of an LGBTQ advocate and brother of a former Miami mayor has been discovered in a landfill

This little girl perfectly explains the idiocy that is Boris Johnson not following his own Covid ...

Canada displeased with China's claim over Omicron

Analysis: China reaches out to Japan to mark diplomatic milestone

Aid for Tonga hampered by volcanic ash

Spreads / NFL Divisional Playoffs

Microsoft agrees to buy Activision Blizzard for nearly $70 billion, a big bet on the metaverse.

Why Is the Senate Failing To Build Back Better? Blame Sexism

Israeli trial finds 4th dose 'not good enough' against Omicron

What did Senator Grassley know about Jan 6 and when did he know it?

Laura Ingraham claps celebrating the news that Gen. Milley head of military

Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving won't reconsider COVID-19 vaccine stance in wake of Kevin Durant injury

My Memory of Martin Luther King.

Oil prices will surge to $100 this year, Goldman Sachs warns

Bill DeBlasio won't run for NY-GOV

Yesterday I discovered that if I eat pie really really fast my

Question about about the home COVID-19 test kits

At my age, rolling out of bed is the easy part. Getting

I must admit, sometimes patience is the hardest thing.

I think I'm gonna go buy some Penzey's spice today...anyone join me?

Capitol attack panel obtains PowerPoint that set out plan for Trump to stage coup

The Rude Pundit: Martin Luther King Would Still Fuck Our Shit Up (2022 Edition)

Russian cargo plane takes unexplained detour over Finland

A message from Jim Cylburn from Lawrence O'Donnell show

BBC: In pictures: Stunning Wolf Moon dazzles around the world

Guy Jumps Into Ice Water To Save Deer With Can Stuck On Her Head

You raised $10.00 on January 17, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund

Out-of-state couple's car broken into at Albuquerque hotel

"Examining Extremism: QAnon" - CSIS

How can we effectively use Qanon against the Republican Party?

Rachel Maddow highlights, Mike Pence and electoral vote counting.

When you donate through ActBlue, do you tip ActBlue?

Judge: Baton Rouge Violated the First Amendment by Trying To Imprison a Professor for Sharing ...

Republican Electors - Fake Documents

Difference between (D)s and (R)s

Florida governor proposes special police agency to monitor elections

Rep. Raskin: Jan. 6 Public Phase Will Hopefully Be Like Watergate Hearings

Eric Clapton - Promises

SAD - USA has lower vaccination rate than any other country tracked besides Russia

"I voted" tax incentives

Actor David Stollery was #BornOnThisDay, Jan. 18, 1941. Known for his teenage role as "Marty" ...

Muddy Waters - Rollin' Stone

I'm pretty sure what ever I have is NOT Covid Omicron

Americans not convinced by this recent episode and aftermath that corporate media is fascist?

Guardian: 'Which is more dysfunctional - the US or the UK?

Chief Justice asked his colleagues to mask up out of respect for Sotomayor's health concerns,...

Distrust In Politics, Media and Business Sweeps Globe

First images of Tonga volcano damage show entire communities covered in thick ash

Bad Company - Bad Company (studio version & live in 2008)

One year later, mainstream media still doesn't see Jan. 6 attack as racial

UK Guardian: How Exxon is using an unusual law to intimidate critics over its climate denial

Netanyahu negotiating plea deal in corruption trial

New Mexico AG reviewing fake presidential electors

Florida governor proposes special police agency to monitor elections

Netanyahu negotiating plea deal in corruption trial

David Pepper debunks GOP's "federal takeover of elections" bullshit

New York and other north-eastern US states see a rapid fall in Covid cases

Vending machine at St. Albert school dispenses kudos, books instead of candy bars

Democrats ponder Plan B strategy to circumvent voting-rights filibuster

Everyone needs a hug sometimes..

2_kinds of dogs:

The "Big Lie" was the "Big Steal".

Matt Schaefer Voted To Take Away Voting Rights; Walked In MLK Parade Yesterday

This dog doing his workout along with TV workout:

Explainer: 5G and air travel

It is very troubling to hear reporters attack Joe Biden...

Lawmakers renew debate on illegal gaming, sports wagering in Missouri

Dozens of alligators scrubbed, 3 euthanized after massive diesel spill that killed thousands of anim

The Trump cult cannot believe that Joe Biden got 12 million more votes than anyone in history.

Stevie Wonder says it's time for some signing, sealing & delivering on voting rights

What makes a town 'rural'? The answer can mean the difference of billions in federal aid

Illinois environmentalists again push for the state to ban burning of toxic PFAS

Little kid's ninja move defeats big brother's attempt to lock him outside:

Manchin and Sinema

23,836 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 183 deaths

Still use an old flip phone? 5G technology continues to rollout, leaving 3G users disconnected

This is just outrageous....and this outfit (Fix Noise) still has sponsors, and as for Doocy.....POS

Gay rights icon Jim Obergefell running for the Ohio House in Sandusky district

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top & Daryl Hall - La Grange (Live From Dayl's House)

Out of the mouths of babes [Twitter video]

Something fishy about the orange cons

Maryland: Purple Line won't open until late 2026 and project costs have gone up too

Can anyone tell me if Chris Wallace is actually on CNN streaming service?

Jamie Raskin Says Jan. 6th Hearings Will Be 'Like Watergate'

When babies think the grass is lava:

Smart Home Security Camera Conspires With Burglars In Exchange For Half The Loot

Good Day DU (January 18, 2022)

Russia moves troops to Belarus for joint drills amid Ukraine invasion fears

Highway sign

Dan Crenshaw can't handle a question from a 10-year-old girl

Ron Filipkowski tweet

Not sure how competitive Beto is going to be in Texas...

Bruce Springsteen - The River (live, 1980)

Loretta Lynn -- Don't Come Home.A-Drinkin'

Loretta Lynn -- Pregnant Again

Europe's loud, rule-breaking unvaccinated minority are falling out of society

Covering the Republican assault on American democracy

The coup of 2020 gestated within the central organizations of the Republican right

The 19 Best LGBTQ+ Books Of 2021 ...

It's Long Past Time to Prosecute Phony GOP Electors

Hillcrest's (San Diego, Ca) history as told in 1994

Hillcrest's (San Diego, Ca) history as told in 1994 (LGBTQ community hub)

Lara LOGAN is officially found to be talent-less

Why doesn't anyone want to flip burgers anymore?

LIVE: Senate opens debate on voting rights bills, setting up a potential filibuster showdown

Supreme Court justices aren't 'scorpions,' but not happy campers either

Today is Janice Marie Johnson's Birthday

LIVE: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Mitch Landrieu

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 18, 2022

This cannot be allowed to happen.

Cartoon: Youngkin, day one By Clay Jones -January 18, 2022 10:12 AM

The secret of Arctic 'survival parenting'

Free Covid Test Kits From USPS (easy sign up, less than a minute)

Olympic athletes urged by activists not to criticize China

Legendary college football coach Nick Saban has sent a letter to Sen. Joe Manchin

Matt Gaetz's Ex-Girlfriend Got Immunity in Sex Trafficking Probe: Report

Omicron Forces Amtrak Service Cuts

Rock for Roe virtual concert in support of Planned Parenthood

Another link to ordering free covid tests

Unsociable Foster Cat Starts Taking Care Of Found Stray Kitten

Backlash swells over Peace Corps worker's role in death...

Dancing Northern Lights Over North Pole, Alaska

Looks Like Ron DeSantis Could Turn Into Trump's Personal Nightmare

@PhillyMayor ⁩ Kenney endorses ⁦ @ConorLambPA ⁩ for Senate.

@PhillyMayor ⁩ Kenney endorses ⁦ @ConorLambPA ⁩ for Senate.

Biden Administration Fires Trump Appointee For Pushing 'False Flag' January 6th Falsehoods

Nick Saban and Jerry West sign letter pushing Manchin to support Senate voting rights

Texas Law Targeting Transgender Athletes Takes Effect Tuesday

Russia Thins Out Its Embassy in Ukraine, a Possible Clue to Putin's Next Move

Texas Law Targeting Transgender Athletes Takes Effect Tuesday

A massive asteroid will pass by Earth on Tuesday

DUer duhneece update-phony electoral letters

This was posted by an anti-vaxxer Covid patient, WHILE in the ICU. He's just put on a vent

What did Jody Hice (Fascist-Georgia) know about the coup plot?

An ode to the Jucy Lucy (or Juicy Lucy) of Minneapolis, which may be the best cheeseburger in Americ

"There Must Be a Moral Shift": Bishop Barber Calls on Democrats to Pass Voting Rights, Protect Poor

Stop Buying Russian Oil

Marjorie Taylor Greene Uses MLK Day to Announce 'A New Segregation' for the Unvaccinated

Felony charges are 1st in a fatal crash involving Autopilot

Chinese Investment in U.S. Plane Maker Draws FBI, National-Security Reviews

SOS. Can't take any more of the bp depression, ocd, or binge eating walking. Have

Why all this talk on cable of GOP candidates having to kiss Trump's ring?

Beto O'Rourke announces $7.2 million in fundraising in first 46 days of campaign;

America leads wealthy countries in maternal deaths. Our local data could change that.

A new year, and the give me give me mail is in fore

Supreme Court takes up dispute over Boston flagpole and Christian flag

Dow drops more than 500 points as bond yields rise and earnings season gets into full swing

Russia Thins Out Its Embassy in Ukraine, a Possible Clue to Putin's Next Move

The insurrection is only the tip of the iceberg

Ex-NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio won't run for governor

Are Any Repugs Going To Join The Debate In The Senate On Voting Rights & Tell Us Why....

LIVE 1PM ET: Pentagon press secretary John Kirby holds a news briefing

Oxfam report focuses on the wealth gap, which widened during the pandemic

Just Had Our Renewal Appointments For Med Pot - Updated

U.N. Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield on Secretary of State Antony Blinken's visit to Ukraine this week

Question: Free covid tests and Medicare.

Fux Noise host Laura Ingraham's glee at general's Covid diagnosis sparks outrage

Garfield High School shuts down for the day due to staffing issues

What If We Lost Gravity for 5 Seconds?

Opinion: Jewish worship in America should not involve routine fear

The senators that are voting no

For MLK Day, Inslee Updates Affirmative Action Guidelines

Tiny Orphaned Kitten Decides A Pit Bull's His Mom

Beto O'Rourke announces $7.2 million in fundraising in first 46 days of campaign

You can now order 4 at-home covid tests via USPS (link)

Israeli citizens targeted by police using Pegasus spyware, report claims

GOP takes a potent but risky new path: Hitting Biden on Covid

The Lincoln Project-There's a new Jim Crow Caucus

The Lincoln Project-There's a new Jim Crow Caucus

Browns better put a defensive tackle on the wish list; one is headed to prison

Free .gov Covid test site available NOW!

AT&T Angrily Agrees to Delay 5G Launch After Airlines Freak Out

Israeli Trial, World's First, Finds 4th Dose 'Not Good Enough' Against Omicron

Turtle man is now blabbing on about the voting rights bill on C-SPAN2. 🤮 🤮 🤮

Cold case team believes it has solved the mystery of who may have betrayed Anne Frank

Indonesia names new capital, approving shift from Jakarta

Since Feb. 1, 2020, the CDC estimate there have been 942,431 excess deaths in the U.S.

DeSantis Betting That Republicans Want a Stupider Version of Trump

To what song is this the lyrics?

Ginni Thomas signed letter calling Jan 6 committee of "overtly partisan political persecution."

Don't count on omicron ending the pandemic, Fauci says

Thousands signal they want Trump-loving school board member removed from office

Madoc is such a goof

Maddow: Pence met with Parliamentarian about the fake Trump elector documents

BlackRock's Larry Fink tells fellow CEOs that businesses are not 'climate police'

Wealth Inequality by Country 2021

Tucker Carlson Gets SCHOOLED By Satanist On 1st Amendment - Rebel HQ

Free Covid tests

Why There's a Civil War in Idaho -- Inside the GOP

Free Covid tests

Did you order your free home Covid tests yet? I just did.

'Should be ashamed': Lemon sounds off on politicians' MLK quotes (CNN)

Cartoons 1/18/2022

Annual homeless count could shed light on pandemic's impact

Kristi Noem's on a Political Rocket Ship. But Don't Rule Out a Crash.

Are hydro dams still a potential source of green energy?

Free mass-vaccination site opens Tuesday at Everett Mall

The bullet NJ Dodge last November

Gorsuch refusal to wear a mask, forcing

Two More House Democrats Won't Seek Re-Election

Big voting bill faces defeat as 2 Dems won't stop filibuster

Schumer insists Senate will vote on voting rights bill 'win, lose or draw' - live

Reddit - This is what $17,000 look like... Insurance refusing next one because I'm "over limit"

Googling Covid tests in poor America

Neil Gorsuch Stands Up for His Right to Endanger Sonia Sotomayor's Health

Majority of US states pursue nuclear power for emission cuts

TCM later:

Ming-Na Wen talks about role in new Disney+ series, 'The Book of Boba Fett' l GMA

Supreme Court rejects bid to block mask mandate on airplanes

Capitol attack panel grapples with moving inquiry forward: to subpoena or not?

Trump cutout among pranks left at Executive Mansion for Youngkin

UTA Drops Lara Logan After Comments Comparing Anthony Fauci To Josef Mengele

Oath Keepers sedition indictments are just the beginning for DOJ

Boris Johnson: nobody warned me No 10 party was against the rules

AT&T and Verizon will change their 5G plans after airlines warn of flight chaos.

The federal COVID test order site is up and running

Ron Johnson panel on COVID-19 to bring together vaccine skeptics and promoters of unproven treatment

Opera singer accepts insanity plea in Mar-a-Lago breach

Virginia governor, Republicans off to a rough start with ban on critical race theory

Jeff Merkeley is delivering an outstanding presentation on voting rights debate

In Florida, democracy ends with autocracy

Stevie Wonder: Why *won't* you, Senators?

Justice Thomas, legal question for you:

Is The Senate Debate About Voting Rights Or The Filibuster?.....

A great response to anti-vaxxers

Mitch McConnell: I'm continuing my work to strengthen democracy in Burma

Gorsuch (sp?) needs to sit his fat ass at home

Don't Let CAIR off the Hook for Its Role in the Colleyville Hostage Crisis

Billionaire Warriors owner Palihapitiya: "Nobody cares about what's happening to the Uyghurs, OK? "

Here's hoping the orange shit stain throws a hissy fit and runs as an independent

Childcare Report Card, Where Do Rich Countries Stand? Unicef: U.S. Ranked No. 40

Can we simply refer to him as, No-vaxx Djokovic?

D.C.-area forecast: Breezy and cold today with snow chances returning early Thursday

3 officers charged in shooting death of 8-year-old girl

Ron Johnson did a poll on voting' not going well for him.

Free Covid-19 test kits, now available.

Ron DeSantis Wants Special Police Force For Elections, Which Sounds Perfectly Fine, Sure

NRC Chair Blames Biden For Debate That Had To Go Virtual Because Of Trump

"We believe we're now at a stage where Russia could at any point launch an attack on Ukraine."

Quote of the day (Colbert )

White House: Texas hostage-taker not in terror database

(Cedric Lofton death) Prosecutor: No charges in Black Kansas teen's custody death

Athletes warned about speaking out against China at Winter Olympics

There's a lot of talk that inflation/price hikes/crime will bite Dems in the ass in November

Romeo + Juliet

An asteroid is flying by Earth today and you can watch it live

How PLAYBOY saved Reporter Brian Karem's Life on Jan 6!! - The MeidasTouch

Louisiana Senate candidate (D) posts ad smoking a blunt, calling for legalization:

My TX Ballot by Mail Application was accepted! Please put both Drivers License and last four of SS

Trae Crowder Talks About Carharrt Boycott

Oh shit! The price of orange juice and gasoline are going up! I'm going to vote for the sociopath.

One dead, nine injured in New York City explosion and fire

German, NATO leaders warn 'real' risk of Ukraine-Russia conflict

Florida Republican pushes bill to force sports teams to play national anthem -- or face punishment

Neil Gorsuch Puts Lives Of Supreme Court In Danger - Rebel HQ

Hope for democracy in Iraq as political violence escalates

Study: Covid-19 closures can harm kids' mental health (CNN)

Oath Keepers indictment suggests DOJ is sitting on searing Jan. 6 evidence

MUCC- Namonaki Yume

Adam Schiff finally UNLEASHES on Kevin McCarthy in must-see takedown - Brian Tyler Cohen

What breaking news can we expect in the next 24 hours?

PA Dems? Keep PA Blue? Other?

Double trouble? Chance for snow Thursday morning and Saturday in D.C. area.

Whipping Post - The Allman Brothers - Live, Fillmore East 1970

Seminole County is getting shellacked with Covid positives.

Fully Vaxxed Laura Ingraham Claps For Covid...... This person is a garbage person.

Cleveland Browns player facing public exposure charge in Florida

Marjorie Taylor Greene Uses MLK Day to Announce 'A New Segregation' for the Unvaccinated

Oklahoma pastor faces criticism for rubbing spit on parishoner's face

Ex-FBI Strzok: Concerning Ginni Thomas wrote 1/6 participants 'have done nothing wrong.'

4 Arkansas inmates sue after unknowingly receiving ivermectin to treat Covid

Some people are now suggesting hydrogen peroxide defeats COVID.

The year American politics became a race to the bottom: 1826

'Rickety bordering on chaotic' -- Inside the fits and starts of an Adams transition

Texas Blames 'Supply Chains' for Fewer Voter Cards

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 18, 2022

The pandemic's true death toll: millions more than official counts

What ever happened to debate in the Senate?

Charlie Kirk has called for a boycott of Carhartt...Charlie Kirk is angry!

US Faces Wave of Omicron Deaths In Coming Weeks, Models Say: AP News

The rise and fall of the Great Library of Alexandria

The weekly who had what in Columbus grocery stores report.

Another tip for the bartender

The filibuster is already dead

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 19 January 2022

'Rent-a-Hitman' Website

Parents from Chesapeake sue Youngkin, saying school mask order conflicts with state law

Gallup's final polling for tfg....

A site some of you might enjoy---BBC News Pidgin

Madame Tussauds unveils its wax figures of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Now Oklahoma Governor Stitt wants state employees to become

"Man claims his penis shrank 1.5 inches, 'COVID d - - k is real' say doc"

Schumer will propose a talking filibuster

Philadelphia Mayor endorses Conor Lamb for PA-SEN

EMILY'S LIST says they won't endorse Sinema unless she moves forward with voting rights

dan crenshaw tells 10 yr old girl not to question his faith & she tells him that those were his word

Virginia Republicans Introduce 20 Bills to Restrict Mail-in Voting

Rosa Lee Hawkins, Singer in Iconic '60s Pop Group The Dixie Cups, Dead at 76

Obamacare enrollment hits record high after Biden makes post-Trump tweaks to health insurance progra

Former President Says Crazy, Untrue Thing At Rally Because It's A Day That Ends In Y

710 children have died so far from COVID-19. In contrast, from 2020-2022, 4 children died from flu

For those of you who want an alternative to the Super Bowl

Wind's down, almost civilized.

Breaking! Jan 6 Committee has subpoenas for Rudy, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, Boris Epsteyn....

Rudy Giuliani, three other Trump allies subpoenaed in January 6 riot probe


EMILY's List Threatens to Abandon Sinema

NTSB chief to fed agency: Stop using misleading statistics

Jan. 6 investigators target Trump's court efforts to overturn election

Judge Approves Deal to Resolve Puerto Rico Bankruptcy

Just finished binge watching Yellowstone. DAMN. *Potential spoilers*

Florida could shield whites from 'discomfort' of racist past

The Party's Over - let's get the playlist ready

Guatemala pushes back 622 migrants from U.S.-bound caravan

Bill to ban voting history mailers that 'put people on blast' dies in Va. Senate

Tiedrich on Giuliani

Max the rabbit doing circular zoomies:

Ideas for a gift for my neighbor?

Sometimes, Abusing Power Is "Legal" - LackLuster

OAN host Dan Ball asked viewers to dig up dirt on AT&T's board chairman

Supreme Court justices aren't 'scorpions,' but not happy campers either

For Biden and His Democrats, a Crucial Month Lies Ahead - Seib

Supreme Court's Gorsuch refused to wear mask despite request over Sotomayor's Covid concerns, report

Manchin now opposes "Talking Filibuster"

Herschel Walker's Instagram account has links to many porn sites.

You can now place orders for free Covid tests on the government website.

CNN Select Committee gets cell phone records of 2 key people: Eric Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle.

U.S. faces wave of Omicron deaths in coming weeks, models say

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says 'COVID Was No Joke,' Shares Photos After Recovery

Ron DeSantis, autocrat-in-training, proposes gratuitously unfair new voting map

Actor-comedian Louie Anderson undergoing cancer treatment

Chesapeake parents sue Gov. Youngkin over executive order removing mask mandate in schools

US plans $50B wildfire fight where forests meet suburbia

Eric Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle's phone records subpoenaed by January 6 committee

How A Serbian Scientist Helped Inspire The Oath Keepers To March On The Capitol

Winter's Day at the Beach

My glorious little goofball

Biden plans mask giveaway as Omicron surges

Hey Boone DUers.

"Glenn Youngkin, Mask-Mandate Lifter, Sends His Child to School Requiring Masks"

Sen. Merkley: 'There's No Bigger Issue Than Defending The Ballot Box' - Deadline - MSNBC

Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller's political consultant indicted on charges of theft, bribery in

Gov. Evers Announces Wisconsin National Guard to Support Hospital and Nursing Home Capacity

FIVE! That's the total number of blood relatives I've lost to Covid.

Texas says supply chain issues have limited the number of voter registration forms it can give out

Full Wolf Moon rising.

You got a pay raise, but it was 0$ per hour - Corporate masturbation at work

Israel says it successfully tests long-range missile defense

Former KC priest who was the subject of dozens of child sexual abuse lawsuits has died

Pissarro painting confiscated by Nazis at center of Supreme Court arguments

Should we require 3/5 of senators present v 3/5 duly elected senators to maintain the fillibuster?