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Archives: January 19, 2022

How a Powerful Company Convinced Georgia to Let It Bury Toxic Waste in Groundwater

Teaser Trailer: Netflix's "Vikings: Valhalla"

Biden plans mask giveaway as Omicron surges

Norwegian Mass Murderer Asks Court For Parole 'I Was Brainwashed' Gave Nazi Salute: Far Rt Extremist

A rundown of the 20 Packers playoff games during the Aaron Rodgers Era

Photos: Red Deer Stag by Mark Rowe

The Supreme Court Justices Are Battling Over Masks - Deadline - MSNBC

One goofy looking inflatable snow man I recently painted.

Manchin today: "I've never changed my mind on the filibuster." (Let's look at his website)

Texas' primary election is March 1. Here's what you need to know to vote:

8000+ King Sooper Workers Walk Out On Strike

One more river shot!

Feds find Hanford sloppy in disposal of sensitive items, from body armor to hard drives

Amy and Jeopardy!

EMILY's List says it won't endorse Sinema unless she relents on filibuster

Sinema Girl (parody of "Cinnamon Girl" by Neil Young) - Rocky Mountain Mike

Domestic violence charges filed against embattled Tri-Cities judge by sheriff's office

Boston Bruins will retire number 22 in honor of Willie O'Ree, the first Black NHL player

State health officer Pino placed on administrative leave after pro-vaccination email (FL)

Be careful out there.

Tri-Cities judge refuses to step down in light of allegations. Harassment investigation complete

Australia miniseries - Gov't tries to cover up cause of worst train crash that killed 80+ people

WV Sports Stars Urge Manchin To Support Voting Rights Legislation; Jerry West, Nick Saban...

Bernie Sanders says he would support primary challengers to Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema if they

Blinken to meet Russian counterpart amid rising concerns over buildup near Ukraine

Fixing the glitch for Apartment dwellers/ for the Free Test Site

Gorsuch blasts Virginia city over refusing tax exemption for church

45 Problems: Giuliani Subpoenaed By Congress In MAGA Riot Probe - The Beat - MSNBC

Alabama coach Nick Saban - Manchin's longtime friend -- urges him to support voting rights

Carhartt said vaccination remains mandatory for employees. A conservative backlash followed.

Schiff is on Chris Hayes now n/t

Full Moon higher in the sky.

Question for anyone with a knee replacement......are you having any discomfort with your new one??

Full Moon, 99% visible

TFG lawyers to Supreme Court: Jan. 6 committee 'will not be harmed by delay'

Neil Gorsuch is not a lone actor at the USSC.

1/6 Committee Subpoenas Trump Allies - Zerlina. - TheChoice - MSNBC

Michigan Attorney General says Republicans who faked election certificates 'absolutely' committed cr

Lithium in a California lake could help U.S. gain energy autonomy

Here's a response to insurrectionists that would also work for antivaxxers:

My 'tablet' flips me to Yahoo when I do a Google search. WTF!?!?!

Remember Ashli Babbitt who the right wingers tried to make a hero of?

I have lost a lot of weight

Should we be calling them "election truthers" - the proponents of the Big Lie?

Apple ID Question

Tomorrow at 6 PM--could be huge: UPDATE!

COVID-19 is claiming the lives of Black Chicagoans at staggering and disproportionate rates.

No taxation without representation

'American Phony': 'Mini-Trump' Ditches 'Big-Trump' Amid 'Gutless' Slam - The Beat - MSNBC

Inslee's low carbon task force is long overdue

BOA jams Russian immigrant by honoring a $9,875 (1.7km, 11min) taxi ride that should have been $9.87

Dan Crenshaw Withers Under Questioning From Young Woman, Gets Booed at Conservative Event

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread

Florida suspends health official in probe over vaccine law

Remember that "Freedom Phone" scam?

Watching "Decades", they just did a segment on "The Jefferson's"........

Project Farm: Best CLP? 9 Products Compared

My cat Tommy and i are awake at 3 am

Get to know these names. They will hopefully go down in history.

Bullies win; the Bullies are winning.

New Mexico Republican who signed bogus electoral certificate says he has 'no regrets whatsoever'

Watch Live: Senate debates voting rights legislation CBSN

Government COVID test website has a bug in it

Former Trump Officials Are Trying to Rebrand as Anti-Trump Activists. Don't Fall For It

runny nose, losing voice, coughing up phlegm mild headache. Got testing first thing-Neg


In unusual move, Gov. DeSantis submits redistricting map

KEEP Betty White away from Chocolate Frosting

Texas rejects hundreds of mail ballot applications under new voting limits

How Fake Electors Are Next Tool Of Election Subversion - Mehdi Hasan

Mike Lindell's latest hire is a former Newsmax host who claimed vaccines contain satanic trackers

House January 6 committee subpoenas Rudy Giuliani and other Trump allies

'There's a huge number of cases spreading': Nursing homes see surge in COVID-19 cases

Has a real talking filibuster ever worked? (Jimmy Stewart's doesn't count.)

Gov. Inslee readies $600M stepped up plan to address climate change

Strange experience geneaology and eBay

'Public deserves to see' who opposes voting rights bills, says Schumer

Florida Democrat sworn in as newest member of House

Rep. Jamie Raskin gives me hope

Pro-choice PAC Emily's List will cease support for Sen. Kyrsten Sinema over voting rights: 'She will

'Central Figure': Rep. Schiff On Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenaing Rudy Giuliani

Critics accuse DeSantis of base pandering as he pushes bill to shield white people in Florida from '

Zack Muckerburg, Metaverse Community Guides Are FED UP.

Rudy, you're in DOODY 😂

Conservatives Renew Effort to Push Out Cheney, Kinzinger

'Central Figure': Rep. Schiff On Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenaing Rudy Giuliani - All In - MSNBC

Republicans STEALING Americans Right To Vote

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Pride And Joy (live at Montreux, 1982)


Anyone watche the movie Finch yet?

Are traffic fatality stats misleading?

Sweden sent troops to Gotland against the Russian threat

Roy Orbison - "It's Over" from Black and White Night

Bonus Quote of the Day

How Fake Electors Are Next Tool Of Election Subversion

It's just a wicked cold! (Dammit!)

Justice Sotomayor Works Remotely Due To Apparent Occupational Hazard - All In - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Why do you identify with the bad guy?

A wannabe POTUS named Donnie

Full moon, and some star south and west of Moon.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Escape from QAnon: How Jan. 6 changed one person's path

New Drinking Game for Karen videos on youtube.

walked by the newly reopened cinema complex today - tix prices are exhorbitant.

2022 NFL playoffs schedule

Police crusade to jail law prof over video release reflects 'culture of impunity'

George Conway: Why Trump Must Have His Day In Court Over Jan. 6 - All In - MSNBC

Joe Manchin said there is no precedent to end a fillibuster with 51 votes.

A world without Roe is, for women, a world of social standing cut in half

I'm gonna go for it (Hawaii)... Fuck COVID I have NEVER been anywhere in my LIFE

Roy Orbison - "Running Scared" from Black and White Night

In 2018, Paula Jean Swearengin primaried Joe Manchin

Manchin: Primary me if you want, I won't go 'nuclear'

hawaii sets new daily covid record, 6252....but NO deaths yesterday. amazingly

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

A neighbor's noisy toilet is a human rights violation, Italy's top court rules

Waning Gibbous, 98.7% Full

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will easily win.

Announcing ***February Contest*** Theme reveal coming in two days

Roy Orbison - Oh, Pretty Woman (from Black & White Night)

Listening to discussion Lawrence and Klobuchar,

Picky Kitten Refuses To Give Up His Bottle

'Rage Farming' Is Latest GOP Tactic The Mehdi Hasan Show

Heads-up for the Thurs AM commute in DC area. Increasing signal for quick 2-3 hour burst of snow,

If an autonomous vehicle carrying a passenger (the owner) is going to crash, what should it hit?

The Daily Show: White House Unveils Covid Test Site As Americans Make Sense of CDC Guidelines

This might make you smile:

After two years, consensus on oyster policy still elusive in Maryland.

So I Said to My Cat

Mayo model foresees omicron peak in Minnesota next week

Please note. If you share a mailing address w/others, only one party will get the 4 Covid tests

Board of WBEZ parent company approves acquisition of Sun-Times (Chicago)

Gaetz tries to make a big deal about canceling his Capitol Hill Club membership......

Mel Bonis, Eduard Napravnik

Wednesday Digit: 7/10 - A bit of grade inflation for partial sun and breezy highs approaching 50

Fashion Legend Andre Leon Talley passes away at 73..

A world without Roe is, for women, a world of social standing cut in half

Who is likely to be the Republican nominee for the 2024 WV US Senate Race?

Ex-Girlfriend of Rep Matt Gaetz Granted Immunity, Testifies before Grand Jury - Glenn Kirschner

January 6th Rioters Called Pelosi's Office Looking for Their Lost Items After Storming the Capitol

Five reasons Microsoft is making Activision Blizzard its biggest deal ever

NY AG Letitia James is taking legal action to force the Trumps to comply with investigation

If the Democratic US Senators who retired in 2014 had not retired, Would they have won?

TRMS is really getting difficult for me to watch,,,

Republican LOSES IT on young girl at conservative event - Brian Tyler Cohen

You Don't Love Me - The Allman Brothers Band - Fillmore East 1971

"Own the cons"


Another WTF Florida Man story. Man tried to jump and kill jogger. Jogger knew martial arts.

No dogs on the bed.

NBC Reporter: If Trump Doesn't Crush DeSantis, FL Gov. Could Take Over the Party [VIDEO] some text

Archives to turn over a tranche of Trump's White House records to the Jan.6 committee tomorrow/6pm

Anatomy of a Murder Confession (The Marshall Project)

Joy Reid: Trump's 'TV lawyer' Giuliani Marquee Name Among New Jan. 6 Subpoenas

COVID-19 starkly increases pregnancy complications, including stillbirths, among unvaccinated

Poor Eric Trump...

Booker: Are We Comfortable With Average Black Voter Waiting Twice As Long As Average White Voter?

Great movie, there are so many WW2 movies that are all Rambo'd out, nice to see an intelligent one.

duplicate post

N.Y. Attorney General Outlines Pattern of Possible Fraud at Trump Business

South Dakota State AG Who Ran Over a Man and Drove Away Seeks Second Term

An Argument Against Reality - Why You Can't Trust Your Senses

Sen. Klobuchar: 'We Need Reform' To Filibuster For Voting Rights - The Last Word - MSNBC

The forgotten medieval habit of 'two sleeps'

(Jewish Group) How many Jews have to die for our allies to acknowledge the antisemitism Jews face?

NY AG Takes Action Against Trump Family - The 11th Hour - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Trump even lied about the size of his Trump Tower about 20,000 Sq ft.

Tomb Raider fans... remember how fun it was to play?

Rep. Lofgren: Jan. 6 Committee Has 'A Lot Of Questions' For Rudy Giuliani - The Last Word - MSNBC

Ny AG-TFG and family involved in fraud

So I Said to My Bat

First images of volcano damage show Tonga areas covered in ash

Cult expert REVEALS the secret SECRET CULTS of Mike Pence and Bill Barr!! The MeidasTouch Podcast

ISAO + Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / The Burning Mission

Why are Republicans screaming for paper ballots


Leaving Las Vegas: The Next Q Con May Take Place on Lin Wood's Plantation in South Carolina

Now It Begins -The Saturn to Pluto Aspect At Work

Plausible Or Overblown? Divided America Leads To Civil War Speculation - The Last Word - MSNBC

As State Republicans Pare Back Voting Access, Manchin Blurts Obtuse Excuses - Rachel Maddow

Should vaccine disinformation, denial, and out-right lies about vaccines be protected free speech?

Which airports seized the most guns in 2021?

Israeli Police Hacked Netanyahu's Foes With Spyware

In Race for Attorney General, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert Warns of Liberal 'Agenda' Sweeping Texas

Boltzmann Brains - Why The Universe is Most Likely a Simulation

Neil Gorsuch's mom is also an asshole

Fake Trump Elector Scheme Draws The Attention Of More State Attorneys General - Rachel Maddow

Giuliani, Other 'Clownish' Trump Allies, Subpoenaed In January 6th Investigation - Rachel Maddow

Granbury Lawyer Kellye SoRelle Says She Is Now Acting President Of The Oath Keepers

KIRINJI - LEMONADE (Studio Live Movie 2020)

Pray the Pain Away: Gov. Abbott's Office Asks for Prayers to End Human Trafficking

1977, Dinesh D'Souza's mentor at Dartmouth described 'Roots' as a racist attack on white people

At Basketball Game, Texas Students in Banana Outfits Accused of Making Monkey Noises at Players

1966: CA adopts history book that pays a bit more attention to black history and provokes a backlash

MLK CRT - Jared Whitley 2003 (Daily Utah Chronicle) - Jared Whitley 2021. (Newsmax)

1981 - Salt Lake Tribune published a "both sides" whitewashed story about the rising KKK in Utah

Astronomers propose building a neutrino telescope -- out of the Pacific Ocean

Waning Gibbous, 98% visible 8:43AM set

A discussion on book collecting

Judson ISD probing social media account posting photos of students pooping

A Forgotten Oil Well Births a 100-Foot Geyser in West Texas

Why Joy Diaz Is Challenging Beto O'Rourke in the Democratic Primary for Governor

The Texas Electric Grid Failure Was a Warm-up

I am going fishing 🎣 today.

Margarito Martinez: Mexican journalist shot dead outside home

Mexican TV anchor wins legions of fans for screaming at anti-vaxxers on air

Mexican TV anchor wins legions of fans for screaming at anti-vaxxers on air

Ukraine Crisis: Putin Should Remember That Biden Is a Cold Warrior

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/18/22

Embattled COVID Testing Company Received $123 Million From Feds

Nick Saban and Jerry West sign letter pushing West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin to support voting right

Texas rejects hundreds of mail ballot applications under new voting limits

A Historic Labor Shortage Is Making Oregon Employers Downright Desperate

Stephen Colbert: Guest Samantha Bee

The Boulevards - "Surprise"

"37 Seconds" - Legalize Marijuana Gary Chambers

Plantwatch: goblin's gold luminous moss continues to captivate

Antisemitic tropes cited by the Texas synagogue hostage-taker have deep roots

dog owner sleeps through his attack on a library guard

Plantwatch: how in winter, bark can act like leaves for trees

Navy accelerates the discharge process for sailors who refuse a coronavirus vaccine

The Tom Brady of Fed Ex

Wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas signs letter against Jan. 6 committee

How long before Republicans attempt to undo Martin Luther King Day as a holiday?

Bernie Sanders said he's open to supporting primary challengers to Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

Rand Paul Abandons His Hippocratic Oath to Play Politics During a Pandemic

House Democrats Nominate Rep. Dan Rayfield to Be Next Speaker

As kids come back for screenings, dentists seeing more tooth decay

Modern day slavery. Authorities rescue man from 40 years of life in a farm shed (UK)

Please allow me to state the blindingly obvious in the NY AG Leticia James vs. Don Jr & Ivanka thing

Proud Boy "Tiny" Toese Jailed for August 22 Actions

Union Accuses Portland, Oregon Managers of Interfering with Strike Vote

Union Accuses Portland, Oregon Managers of Interfering with Strike Vote

Wholesome family movie night is gone such as Pixar movies

Breakfast Wednesday 19 January 2022

Puerto Rico exits bankruptcy after U.S. judge approves multibillion-dollar restructuring plan

Far-right rally moves from Redmond to Salem amid pandemic rule controversy

Capitol Rioter's Bail Revoked After Cops Find AR-15 in His Car During DUI Arrest

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Lawsuit details claims against one of Murdoch's 'closest cronies'

Does Trump go to court again today??

Carl Sagan's prediction of an America he never lived to see


Rosa Lee Hawkins, Youngest Member of the Dixie Cups, Dies at 76

Bad Apples

Sisters in Law Podcast 1/18 Joyce Vance, Jill Wine-Banks, Barb McQuade, and Kimberly Atkins

Wednesday TOONs - Passed The Entrance Exam

Conservatives lashed out at Carhartt after the company said staff had to get vaccinated

NYC woman pushed into path of subway spent 10 years helping homeless

Question for the truck drivers amongst us...this is not a test, lol

Carter Trozzolo is Exhausted.

Stone Walls and Steel Bars

BHP Group Orders Battery-Electric Locomotives From Wabtec

Videos: Red Deer Stags - Filmed in Richmond Park, London by Mark Rowe

Thumb Revealed In Uncropped Guiffre Photo

Blinken urges unity to fight 'relentless' Russian aggression

Opinion: Dear media: Stop giving Republicans the benefit of the doubt

White House to distribute 400 million free N95 masks starting next week

Luna - Paint It Black

Trump lawyers will never develop a defense for him.

COVID-19 finally hit close to home for me...

Tory MPs openly discuss Johnson challenge as mood 'turns dramatically'

The Weekly Pull: Catwoman, X Lives of Wolverine, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and More

The Webcomics Weekly #169: Seeking Frosty Olympus (1/18/2022 Edition)

Mignolaversity: April 2022 Solicitations

The Rundown: January 19, 2022


Eric Trump says he is prosecuting "Leticia" for her "abuse of office and ethical misconduct":

Deschutes County sheriff meeting with far-right group will be closed-door

David Davis tells Boris Johnson 'in the name of God, go' after MP for Bury South defects to Labour

As if things weren't bad enough!

Major U.S. Companies Slam Voter Suppression Laws, Then Donate to Their Sponsors

Coldplay X BTS - My Universe (Official Video)

Va. colleges change COVID policies after Youngkin executive order

Janis was born on this date.

Dan Froomkin: Where are the interviews with regular Americans terrified for our democracy?

Smartmatic sues Mike Lindell for defamation, saying he is 'crazy like a fox' and alleging he 'intent

Robert Palmer was born on this date.

U. of Michigan reaches $490M settlement over sexual abuse

Plans to close all but one polling place in a rural Georgia county reverberate through a battlegroun

Donald Trump Falls Off The Forbes 400 For First Time In 25 Years

The Giuliani Subpoena

Eric Boehlert: How many people has Murdoch killed during pandemic?

Happy 40th Birthday to Secretary Pete!

Home Tests

Will the supreme (corrupt) court stonewall the Jan. 6th committee.

Haven't gone out for a while, so yesterday I went out. After being out for a while I thought

After more than fifty years I've discovered several ways to argue with my daughter.

Moore police officers step in as substitutes (teachers... one with a Q cup-UPDATE).

Firearms, a drone and 30 days of supplies: New details of Oath Keepers Jan. 6 weapons cache

Del City Man Accused Of Threatening To Blow Up OSHA Building In Oklahoma City

Brianna Keilar rolls the tape on Fox host going 'full Orwell'

From LatestLY: Chinese New Year 2022 Traditions

"he might as well quit"

Eric Trump Invoked the Fifth More Than 500 Times

Give Up The Funk

I found myself in a really good place last evening. Not emotionally or spiritually, just on the

Any question of whether Trump runs seem to have been answered this morning.

NY AG Taking Legal Action To Force Trumps To Testify

Tory MP Christian Wakeford defects to Labour, blaming PM's 'disgraceful' conduct

Free COVID tests...

Animal shelters flooded with donations in honor of Betty White's birthday

Ex-Girlfriend of Rep Matt Gaetz Granted Immunity, Testifies before Grand Jury.

COVID-19 infection levels in Macomb Co. sewage 'dropping sharply,' officials say

Meeting with Malcolm Kenyatta today regarding PA-SEN

C-17 Loads Of Anti-Tank Missiles Arrive In Ukraine Courtesy Of The United Kingdom

Nassim Taleb on Bitcoin: "...a Magnet for imbeciles."

Food bank at St. Stephen's Phoenix reminder

LIVE 10AM: Senate resumes debate on voting rights bills, setting up a potential filibuster showdown

Update:Controversial Rutherford County judge to retire in September

Michelle Go died after being Pushed in front of Train.

South Africa is over Omicron, and their good news may be a harbinger of hope for the U.S.

WaPo hack job on Democrats

A Cataclysmic System of Privilege and Power

Japan to send SDF personnel to aid Tonga

Why haven't the 'America's Frontline Doctors' set up their own Covid treatment centers?

Eric Trump's Phone Records Subpoenaed

How social media drives a 'regression to the extremes'

Eric Trump Takes Fifth In New York Probe

Terrified Rescue Pittie Gets Surprised With A Special Delivery

I am sure there is a long list of criminal prosecutions

This 82-year-old man is a duck magnet

Pic Of The Moment: Florida Gov. Supports Law To Protect White Republicans From Hurt Feelings

Police in this tiny Alabama town suck drivers into legal 'black hole'

What is your actual Covid risk (Great UK tool)

Senator Mark Kelly backs rule change on election reform

20,497 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed; 21 deaths

5G's Rollout Has Been a Mess, and Conspiracy Groups Are Loving It

Plant and Page

A 13-Year-Old Died of a Fentanyl Overdose. Experts Say the Response Was 'Theater.'

When the Morning Comes

Firearms, a drone and 30 days of supplies: New details of Oath Keepers Jan. 6 weapons cache

Head Spinning

Dutch cultural sector protests pandemic lockdown measures

White House: Texas hostage-taker had raised no red flags

Truck driver gets a year in jail for striking, killing man changing tires

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 19, 2022

Loudoun County school board votes to implement local mask policy, countering Governor's order

Heather Cox Richardson - Letters from an American

Schiff is requiring negative tests for participation in briefings. GOP throws tantrum.

Army Corps of Engineers gets $14 billion to help ease supply chains

Q: Who was in charge of FCC when this 5G/altimeter problem should have been addressed?

Went to Dunkin Donuts this morning and the service was terrible. Don't go to this location.

Eggs Are Not People. But the Anti-Abortion Movement Wants to Change That.

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / Cyber Moon Music Video

Good Day DU (January 19, 2022)

Joe Manchin finally makes it plain: He is in favor of minority rule

My nomination for Quote of the Day: 'In the name of God, go!' (David Davis to Boris Johnson)

Nice people!

Changing a car battery

Russian Maine Coon Cat at 27.5 lbs.- and still growing

Air purifiers/Dust reducers - need recommendations

Madoc is full of surprises

Guess what: Geese borrowing Osprey nest!!!

GOOD morning sky, southern MD.

Hey Slobfather and your spawn

Here is an example of the Trump voters mass madness.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power - Title Announcement Prime Video

JUST IN. SCOTUS releases a short joint statement from Sonia Sotomayor and Neil Gorsuch:

Sinema Responds To Threats From Major Women's Rights Groups

"Show me the pig!"---a demand not made often enough.

When TFG lost the election by a wide margin I felt a great relief.

Anti-Vax Folk Singer Got COVID on Purpose. Now She's Dead.

Ali Velshi - Economic reality check: The mainstream media distorted how good the economy really is.

Oath Keeper Returned to Capitol Morning After Riot to 'Probe Defense Line,' Prosecutors Say

TCM later:

USS Kittyhawk headed to scrapyard.

Three of Tonga's smaller islands badly damaged by tsunami

'Significant evidence' of alleged fraud in Trump business investigation, NY AG says

Any ham radio buffs here?

Sometimes, Substitute Teachers Aren't Qualified to Teach a Particular Subject

Tonga faces 'unprecedented disaster' as New Zealand warns of further eruptions and tsunami risk

John Fugelsang tweet:

U.S. allocates $14 billion to expand ports, shore up waterways

"Fuzzy math"!?! my ass John King, CNN this AM

Pigeon showing off:

Ford recalls 200K cars because brake lights can stay on

Starbucks nixes vaccine mandate after Supreme Court ruling

Looking out into the universe

Dolphin just enjoying himself:

GOP planning to use Sinema against Mark Kelly.

I didn't know deer could fly!

COVID numbers set daily record over weekend in Washington state, but cases trending down

COVID-19 testing options expanding in Seattle

Stunning Wildlife Photos

Is this the new norm?

Burst of wet snow Thursday morning could slow commute in D.C. area.

Senate Election Law Hearings Continue--Link to Watch

We need the open hearings to start in order to get the news media to focus.

Police in this tiny Alabama town suck drivers into legal 'black hole

Small number of Trump-era White House documents set to be turned over to January 6 committee

Bull trying to flip over car--and on the verge of succeeding

Biden nominates Muslim woman to the federal bench, a first in US history as he diversifies the judic

I said, excuse me!

Theme announcement ***February*** for real

Cornyn puts threats against Democrats in writing, presents it to Senate

This baby WANTS a bite!

Thanks, everyone. Going up on my Lithium.. Fingers crossed I can do

Watch Lady Gaga Perform The National Anthem At Biden's Inauguration TODAY

I thought I saw a puddy tat!

US Presidential Children in the 21st Century: A Pictorial Study

so, what is the whitest possible sport?

A Sense of the DU Community: What are the chances . . . . .

Meanwlhile, in the Peach State: Gov. Kemp filing ethics complaint against opponent David Perdue

Repukes Say The Darndest Things

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power - Title Announcement Prime Video


Experts Raise Warnings about Steve Bannon's New Cryptocurrency

Knitting with cooked spaghetti --

Pharma want us to raise Medicare premiums for 57 million seniors

Lol. Pippy Wrongstockings

Cops Accused of Killing 'Disoriented' Dad as He Stumbled From Car Wreck

We Know the Real Cause of the Crisis in Our Hospitals. It's Greed.

Whoa! The instrumental song "Stranger On The Shore" by Acker Bilk just floated into

Trump plans 2,300 new homes at struggling Doral resort

Sununu Spills

Modern Math

From the President Pro tempore of the Va Senate concerning GOP voting right bills.

Has anyone heard of the photographer Horydczak?

'He is Really Naughty': 5-Year-Old Gives Verdict on Boris Johnson Amid Downing Street Party Row

Cartoons 1/19/2022

Confusing Takeaways of the Redistricting Cycle

Tonight look for the constellation Orion the Hunter.

If the GOP can pass a $1,900,000,000,000 tax cut for the super rich with 51 votes

How many ICU beds open in Snohomish County? One.

Kind of a weird question but are real estate agents 'cold calling', looking for houses to sell?

What about the thousands of babies on the border who were abducted by the Trump administration?

At-home covid tests.

Here's What Scientists Know About the Tonga Volcano Eruption

'Thank you, humans... Bye'

Conservative MP Invokes Cromwell's Words, tells Boris Johnson "In the Name of God, Go"

I'm listening to these Republicans 'Debate' Voting Rights

Bannon Rips Fox News for Not Airing Trump Rally

Telltale fireside chat- My! How time changed Grag Locke's mind!

Planned burn may have caused Texas wildfire that's forcing hundreds to evacuate: Officials

Florida Health Official Sidelined for Urging Vaccinations

CNN's Brianna Keilar Drops The Hammer On 'Chief Propagandist' Of Fux Noise

George Conway Details Trump's 'Gravest Crime' For Criminal Prosecution

Three Police Officers Charged in Fatal Shooting of Child Outside Football Game

Coke is giving its cans a makeover

Tucker Carlson's Heartless Solution For The Homeless Enrages Twitter

Perfect Tweet from Swalwell

Some of dis and Some of dat

A man leans over to his wife in church and says

Why in hell is CNN promoting all these assholes pushing the Slobfather's

Otto Warmbier's family awarded $240K from seized North Korean assets

I tested NEGATIVE for Covid!

Jamaica to compete in 4-man bobsled at Olympics for 1st time in over 20 years

New email scam?

why fiat currencies are stable

Black Americans are moving back to the South in large numbers

The Mayor of San Jose, CA holds forth on gun control:

McConnell promises to kill all Democratic bills

Regulator Wants EU Ban On Energy-Sucking Crypto Mining

Maggie Haberman thinks that TFG and family's legal troubles means that TFG is running in 2024

TX AG Ken Paxton says, "We're done in Texas if anybody can vote."

Regulator Wants EU Ban On Energy-Sucking Crypto Mining

President Biden Names Thirteenth Round of Judicial Nominees

TX AG Ken Paxton says, "We're done in Texas if anybody can vote."

Sydney Powell says she'll appear before the January 6 committee

Woman in Gold

EXCLUSIVE: The Oath Keeper Podcast Interviews - Jan. 6 and Continued

Just hit my 18,000 post.

Florida Health Official Suspended For Encouraging Staff To Get COVID Vaccine

If POTUS sending armed militia to storm the capital to illegally stay in power isn't over the edge

Pelosi Lobbies Joe Manchin

George Floyd's murder sparked a movement. The officers who stood by as he died also triggered change

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Wasted On The Way (studio version and live in 1982)

Woman in Gold

The January 6th Committee obtains Eric Trump's phone...

Photos: Rare Snowy Owl touring Iconic Buildings of the Nation's Capital

The 'Great Resignation': Why a growing number of CEOs are leaving their jobs

Cat lice. My 16 year old tom has recently started shedding lice.

I think it's all just a big joke to the Trumps.

St. George testing the Dragon for covid:

Aqua Timez -Niji (Rainbow)

U.S. to let teens drive big rigs in test program to help ease supply chain shortage......Ummmm

Russia says it will take nothing less but NATO expansion ban

I had to change my channel

Snow in Mid-Atlantic and Northeast could affect Thursday travel along I-95.

Bruce Springsteen - My Hometown (live, London, 2013)

Omicron hits American hospitals disproportionately hard

Abandoned Work Horse Has The Happiest Reaction To Getting His Hooves Trimmed

man hears 84 yr old is in hospital. Moves in, changes locks, doors, and utility bills to his name

Booker is on fire in the Senate.

Vaccination protects against Covid-19 hospitalization more than prior infection (CNN)

Medieval art just seems fitting these days.

Trump Family Hit By BOMBSHELL Evidence - Rebel HQ

Ron DeSantis Opens Antibody Centers That Are Useless Against Omicron FALSE HOPE

Once I figured out the trick, I've been getting Wordle in 3...

Laura Ingraham Celebrates COVID-19 Infections - Rebel HQ

Oklahoma virus hospitalizations surge due to omicron variant

RonJon didn't get the response he expected with this poll:

The news just seems to get more difficult to listen to each day. It is not that it is all bad; it

Sinema question

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a solid to slight margin are

N Tx Denton HS's. "2 Detained After 5 Denton Schools Locked Down Due to 'Unsubstantiated Threats"

The January 6th Committee obtains Eric Trump's phone

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Puzzling headline about Mark Kelly from CNN on Google News.

Fascism is on a roll here in the US, how is it going to end?

Technician dies while working on escalator at Stony Point Fashion Park

No talk of house investigations in Freeperville: Sanitized, no links or names: delusional

So are they still handing over the four pages from WH?

Actress & #animalrights #activist Tippi Hedren was #BornOnThisDay, Jan. 19, 1930

LIVE 4PM: Biden hosts rare news conference as administration approaches 1 year in office

Citizen By CNN-Voting Rights: A Continued Fight for the Ballot

NY AG Leticia James Subpoenas Donald, Don Jr. & Ivanka Trump, While Eric Pleads the 5th 500 Times!

Tonga on track to restore communication, transport

Starbucks ends its plan to require worker vaccination and testing.

CNN Biden to start to "reclaim the narrative" in press conference this afternoon,

This afternoon, I finished Jamie Raskin's book "Unthinkable."

Hana Horka: Czech singer dies after catching Covid intentionally

Giggling baby plays with Pug & flashlight:

Cardi B to pay funeral expenses for victims of the Bronx fire

US Governors Elections that the Democrats will win in 2022.

Scorpions - Still Loving You (Violet Orlandi cover)

Depleted carbon isotope compositions observed at Gale crater, Mars

With a press conference coming up, media outlets are reporting Biden has held...

King Soopers granted restraining order against workers' union and picketers as strike enters week 2

University starts audit, criminal investigation over mismanagement

Some of my best foods are...

Yvette Mimieux, 1960s starlet of 'Time Machine,' dies at 80

78-year-old thrown to ground, Tased by Westminster police while suffering medical condition, lawsuit

Boss behind mass Zoom firing back in charge

Tohono O'odham woman found not guilty in border wall protest

Sometime in January 1964, Chuck Berry recorded "You Never Can Tell."

"What are Republicans for? What are they for? Name me one thing they're for." -- President Biden

Biden's press Conference

This...tells you all you need to know.

Ron Johnson lost this poll...

Senate Manchin is speaking now in the senate

Tweet of the Day

Some of the media at Biden's press conference.......

Sen Whitehouse: "Americans want their voting rights protected and dark money out of their politics"

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Biden goes there

Sources: State health officer Pino placed on administrative leave after vaccination email

Is this a crazy idea for the House?

Springsteen & band play Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell" with no rehearsal, Leipzig, 2013

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan., 19, 2022

Far-Right OAN Suffers Devastating Blow - Rebel HQ

4 years ago we needed three Republicans to save the ACA.

Live Updates: Biden Predicts Putin Will Invade Ukraine

Stop calling Manchin and Sinema centrists and moderates...they are extremists.

Less than 45 minutes for Supreme Court to stop Trump document dump

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 20 January 2022

Manchin reminds me of my dad.

Post-infection immunity was very protective against Delta, the C.D.C. reports

Nasdaq Falls More Than 1%, Entering Correction Territory

Fox's Douchey "Why are you trying so hard to pull the country to the left?l"

I hope Joe keeps this presser going til they can't keep going.

God, I love Joe Biden. Aside from knowing the plural of "forum" is "fora"...

The media from murdoch's gutters, newsmax, fox, etc, are should not be dignified as

James Rosen of Newsmax is an ass.

Gryff decided to dine at the kitchen table, tonight

The press conference

Is it my imagination, or are these reporters giving Biden a much harder time than they did TFG? Nt

IRS Will Soon Require Selfies (and a lot more) for Online Access

Yvette Mimieux, '60s starlet of 'Time Machine,' dies at 80

Upgrade to Monterey?

Tendrils of ice

Somthing to take the chill away

Moon amongst the tree tops

Michael Edison Hayden on Far-Right Extremists and Cryptocurrency

Somebody wake me up when Trump is indicted.

What could possibly be the downside of relying only on natural immunity???

So I Guess Those Documents From TFG Are Now Going Into Hands Of January 6 Committee


Biden nominates Jane Hartley as ambassador to UK

Supreme Court DENIES Donald Trump's plea to keep his papers out of the hands of House committee

Debate or not to debate? That is the question.

US House Seats that the Democrats will win in 2022.

Joe's grown up press conference

Supreme Court just cleared archive Documents on Trump WH to

Rare, pristine coral reef found off Tahiti coast

Biden says he expects Russia will invade Ukraine

Frustrated that Biden did not answer the 2nd to last question (on the $10K student loan write-off)

Sotomayor disputes "news" accounts re: Gorsuch.

Supreme Court rejects Trump request to shield release of records to January 6 committee

Another day in America

Biden/Harris for 2024

Whew! Sen ⁦Tammy Duckworth

15-week abortion ban passes first test in Florida Legislature

So has Trumpy released a statement yet

New details emerge about hostage-taker's behavior in days before Texas synagogue standoff

How is the business office able to get away with it?

TSA airport sniffer dog officially retires...

Gov. Kemp files ethics complaint against Perdue...🤣

Jan 6 committee has subpoenaed far-right white nationalist Nick Fuentes and Patrick Casey

Anyone else getting 11PM time stamps on 6PM hour OPs?

Are the attacks upon Joe Biden revenge for the January 6th investigation?

"Justice Clarence Thomas was the lone member of the court who dissented from the court's ruling"...

People don't like Ted because he's a pit bull. His mom wants to change that.

Mike Luckovich - Chuck Todd, reporting

My Favorite From Biden Presser

Anybody else getting an 11PM hour time stamp on tonight's 6PM hour

Ivanka Trump Returns to Instagram With a Photo Shoot Pretending to Be a Good Person

What the Supreme Court didn't decide

When I receive text messages, it causes the LED light bulb across the room to blink

Yamiche Alcindor on Biden:

What time is the voting going to happen on . . .

Jack Teagarden and his Band - The Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe