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Madison Cawthorn for the self-own of 2022.

Anti-vax "Vaccine Police" organization leader Christopher Key - who has proudly started he is going

They grew up surrounded by racism. But early on they chose a different path

Splutter, splutter, splutter. (Two idiot commentators on MSNBC).

It's not about "white guilt". It's not about "retaliation".

A Republican takes over as my county executive on Monday.

Anti-Vaxxer's New Conspiracy: Nurses Are Witches - But Wait There's More...

Gunmen fire more than 80 shots in Philadelphia; 6 injured

Post the lyrics to a song you listened to as a teen that seem quaint now.

Antonn Dvork Symphony #9 "From the New World": I

Betty White Is Extremely Entertaining on Johnny Carson (October 7, 1987)

Building complete and warm survival shelter Bushcraft earth hut, grass roof & fireplace with clay

I don't understand this trending meme but it sounds very racist. Perhaps

Obama say "Better is good." Hezekiah and I Say Happy 2022 -- It's Gotta Get Better, DU!!

Conspiracy Theorists Got COVID, Claim It's Anthrax

PM Update: Rain redevelops overnight. Near record warmth again Sunday.

Posting with no comment

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #9 in D Minor, Op. 125 "Choral": IV. Presto

Bo Diddley

Speedos and snow:

SNL will air Betty White's Emmy-winning episode tonight at 11:30 p.m. with musical guest Jay-Z

Svengoolie tonight: the "Beast from 20,000 Fathoms" with Ray Harryhausen stop motion mayhem

On this New Years Day, I've decided that

"I'm one of the first guys to introduce a climate change bill, way, way back in '87."

Lin Wood Suggests The Deep State Is Making His Kids Not Talk To Him

Texas Gov. Asks For Federal Help With COVID Testing, Treatments As Cases Climb

The editor in chief of People Magazine is probably hating himself right now

A Third Say Violence Against Government Is Justified

Washington archbishop whose archdiocese sued over pandemic restrictions tests positive for COVID-19

U2 I Will Follow (official video)

U2 Like A Song (audio only)

Chief Justice Backs Plan to Review Patent Trial Forum-Shopping

U2 Gloria (Red Rocks)

70th Emmy Awards: A Celebration for Betty White - September 17, 2018

If We Can't Come Together on COVID, These Disasters Are Next

Massive sewage spill closes beaches around Los Angeles

All 21 people who were trapped in New Mexico tramway overnight have been rescued

Minnesota mathematicians, data scientists use new technology to shape political districts

Bitter cold, snow on its way out as temps rise across region in coming days

This New Year's Day, how many black eyed peas do I need to eat...

GOP and Democrats divided over Jan. 6 insurrection and Trump's culpability, Post-UMD poll finds.

U2 Exit (from Rattle and Hum)

Classic BlackBerry phones will stop working January 4

Welp. Snowed in, time to catch up on my reading...

Democrats Race To Pass Biden's Agenda Before Midterm Mania Consumes D.C. -MSNBC

Prepare for Right-Wing U.S. Dictatorship Before 2030, Scholar Urges Canada

Reaching The Endgame Of The Covid Pandemic

Face melting live performance

Well it looks like the pandemic is over!

Bad Juju

"In one of the wealthiest countries in the world people are forced to steal to feed babies."

DOJ Press Release Promises to Hold Accountable All Those "Responsible" for Capitol Attack - GK

Russian world junior team kicked off flight over mask violations, disruptive behavior

Eric Adams says "we will not be controlled by crises" in first speech as New York City mayor CBS News

One Day More! - Les Miserables

Several layers of bees form a "bee curtain" on the outside the vulnerable brood inside

Photojournalists share the stories behind images that defined 2021 - PBS NewsHour

One of my close friends lost her hubby to covid. He never believed it was real. He was not vaxxed

Let's talk about one of the biggest science denying hypocrites that has ever been...

Anyone watching Jimmy Carter Rock and Roll President on cnn?

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a strong to slight lead.

There is minimal cross over for T-Cell Epitopes and the Omicron SARS-CoV-2 Virus.

Alvin Bragg sworn in as Manhattan DA, taking over Trump case

SNL will be showing the episode Betty White hosted tonight

Trump Forced To Reckon With His Own Actions As Anti Vaxxers Attack Him - Ring of Fire

Saturday Night Live rebroadcasting its Betty White episode tonight...

The best Rose Bowl I've ever seen, and I've seen more than sixty and was there in 97.

Snow potential index: 5/10 (↑) The chance of measurable snow late Sunday night into early Monday

MST3K - Mr. B Natural

Johann Strauss II - Kaiser-Walzer

Wishing a happy, healthy 2022 to all the DUers who ...

Your pet's name is the last thing you ate.

"Isn't it interesting how fascists always steal the word 'freedom' ?"

Man gets 100 months in prison for damage in protest

Feelgood story to start the year -- Vancouver hockey staffer finds a face in the crowd.

Rep. Madeleine Dean Hopes Trump's Base 'Is Shrinking And... Continues To Shrink' - MSNBC

Say whatever you want about President Obama . . .

Seattle Kraken fan called a hero after noticing Canucks staffer's cancerous mole during game Social

Rochester woman charged in Jan. 6 insurrection has a new lawyer and legal strategy

Pupper tries to revive dead fish:

Such skills!

Janis Joplin Cry Baby Live in Toronto 1970

Pavlovitz: The Moral Confusion of MAGA Christians

'Crisis standards of care': U. Md. Capital Region Health makes changes amid surge in COVID-19 cases.

Hilarious babies imitate adults:

"Please call the valet an hour before you need your vehicle"

Smart bird:

MST3K Goes to the Circus

In Case A Reminder Was Needed, Denver Fires 2021's Parting Shot From A Destabilized Climate

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet:

All for one and one for all: Musketeers

UMN could replace names on over 30 buildings with 'new people to honor'

Capitol Officer Has Words For Mike Pence - Rebel HQ

Betty White tribute from EDM Artist and Remixer Dillon Francis

Phish: Taste 7/22/97

LIVE from New York, it's Saturday Night!

Saturday night rock - Led Zeppelin, live at Madison Square Garden, July 1973

Betty White on SNL playing now

Fireworks are an environmental disaster, but I admit these Japanese fireworks are pretty:

First dumb question of 2022: Dusk to Dawn bulbs - dimmable, non-dimmable, photocells

Five Below is the best store ever

Mushroomhead - QWERTY (Guitar Cover)

Friday Night Update from the ER in Arlington, VA: "ER's are swamped" with COVID Cases; "This is an

State regulators, utilities cling to coal

Social Media Posts Causing Some Capitol Rioters To Receive Longer Jail Sentences - Ring of Fire

Bonus Quote of the Day

Iowa court to see lawsuit alleging 'gross negligence' by Tyson during COVID-19 outbreaks

Well, there's something you don't see everyday

Betty White toon:

Imagine a country without H.R. 1

Donald Trump unlocked revolving door for Terry Branstad

State of emergency declared by Gov. Beshear due to severe weather across Kentucky

Court ruling good for open records, bad for Kim Reynolds

Wow. Sounds exciting.

1 year after Jan. 6 insurrection - GMA - ABC News

Judge blocks COVID vaccine mandate for Head Start program

EU plans to label gas and nuclear energy 'green' prompt row

Shaken by the Jan. 6 attack, Capitol workers quit jobs that once made them proud

Did De Satin have to bring his wife out because people were jumping

New State Laws To Be Enforced In 2022 - NBC News

Two NHL Teams honor fan who saved equipment manager's life.

No plans to replace Anamosa prison at this time, Iowa corrections officials said

Chaos at Infowars: Alex Jones in legal, personal disarray to end 2021

Dear Mike Pence, You will never be President

"People destroying themselves blindly following fear," Today I was thinking about World War 2..

Conservatives Accidentally Drive Book Sales Soaring After Trying To Ban Books - Ring of Fire

2020 Tanner Lecture on Human Values - Theorizing Racial Justice - Charles W. Mills


Auld Lang Syne - from 'It's A Wonderful Life'

For DUers in remission

We may finally be able to test one of Stephen Hawking's most far-out ideas

Once a Janitor, Now the Bar Mitzvah Photography King of Montreal

Struggling ambulance service faces fine while pleading for volunteers

'Please help me': Kids with guns fueled a record number of school shootings in 2021

Capitol rioters' tears, remorse don't spare them from jail

Jamaica to deport Colombian wanted in Haiti president assassination

Mysterious Black Glass in Chilean Desert Caused by Exploding Comet Thousands of Years Ago

Biden and Chilean president-elect Gabriel Boric discussed the 14-year-old bystander killed by LAPD,

The ideas and arguments that will define the next 12 months

UN provides life-saving aid for refugees and migrants in Mexico, as numbers soar

West Complicit in Arming Chile to Violate Mapuche Rights

H-E-B's domination of Texas scares off competing grocery chain

(Jewish Group) On This Day: 955 years since the murder of Jews in Granada massacre

United Airlines Offers Pilots Triple Pay to Ease Omicron Flight Disruptions

Report Spotlights Massive GOP Push to 'Hijack Elections in This Country'

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Getting Schooled After Describing Kwanzaa As A 'Fake Religion'

Texas Election Audit Demanded by Trump Fails to Find Significant Voting Issues

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Time To Time Edition

Raise Your Hand - Tom Jones and Janis Joplin

drivers get out of vehicles and fight in the middle of the road - Colorado

Remember When You Could Get STD's From Toilet Seats?

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, January 2, 2022

This week's major U.S. economic reports (January 3 - January 7)

If you can think of a better fish 🐟 pun......

Fourteen shot as deadly gun violence in Philly carries into the early hours of the new year

#2 Dude aka Second Gentleman Doug and his New Year's goals ... Take a hike

National Weather Service says meteors are likely to blame for New Year's Day boom in Pittsburgh

Florida public university system officials urge masks, vaccinations amid omicron

2009 VA Elections vs 2021 VA Elections.

Famous Key West landmark burned after 2 set Christmas tree on fire

"Live with it': Betty White defied racist demands in 1954

The older I get I'm starting to think old man winter is pure asshole

On this day, January 2, 1926, country music session musician Harold Bradley was born.

Breakfast Sunday 2 January 2022

Fried claims COVID tests close to expiring; sniping continues as omicron spreads

On this day, January 2, 1969, filming of "Let It Be" began.

Victor Torres, Kristen Arrington bills target HOA fines, liens

Socks, the Moonwalking Pony

Rubio Gaslights America By Calling Omicron A Sore Throat And Accuses COVID Patients Of Being Hysteri

Belgian Antarctic research outpost hit by COVID-19 outbreak

Betty White line...

Fun fact: Jan. 1, 2022 is the exact date of the events in ZARDOZ.

Why news organizations need an editor or proofreader

Antenna TV puts on a "Paul Lynde Show" marathon

First all-Black team of climbers heading to Everest

Guardian: Betty White: a life in pictures

Officials: Nearly 1K structures destroyed in Colorado fire

Heather Cox Richardson from Letters from an American (A history lesson)

Transgender people are three times as likely to go hungry, new census data show

Where We Are

Automatically assume it's a racist fascist fuck

UCSF: 8% of people admitted to hospital for any reason test positive for COVID with no symptoms

Dave Barry's 2021 Year in Review. Vaccines, variants and supply chain woes: A look back ...

'The Book of Boba Fett' premiere is an abysmal failure on every level (spoilers, so beware)

CES gadget show shortened to 3 days; some big tech stay away

Trump still says his supporters weren't behind the Jan. 6 attack -- but I was there - Lauren Hodges

GM heralded this plant as a model for its electric car future. Then its batteries started exploding.

Those blasted "survey" reward e-mails...

Foggy and drizzly in Connecticut this morning but the lake was so beautiful

With Omicron spreading like wildfire, should the White House/CDC

Browsing a Go Fund Me page for a hospitalized, Ivermectin craving, loud and proud anti-vaxxer

'He stays': Betty White refused to remove Black dancer from her show in 1954

What are the statistics on diversity in all spheres of American lives these days?

Within You Without You

I watched DLU

JUST IN: Winter Storm Watch issued for Arlington

Gotta love Betty!


New: Marjorie Taylor Greene's account (@mtgreenee ) has been permanently suspended from Twitter.

Margie Taylor Green's twitter account appears to be suspended

Vaccination Refuser Pisses Off Football Fans

Iraq An Environmental Basket Case After Decades Of War, Corruption And Ecocidal Oil Development

2 killed when Florida Brightline train hits car going around crossing gate

Sierra Snowmageddon A Welcome Change, But Some Level Of Drought Persists Throughout California

Glenn Kirschner: DOJ Press Release Promises to Hold Accountable All Those "Responsible" for Capitol

CBS News Sunday Morning

EU drafts plan to label gas and nuclear investments as green

Australia's Fossils Can't Flat-Out Deny Warming, So They're Offering Greenwash Bullshit As "Policy"

Born on this day, January 2: William Haines (1900) and boxer Tommy Morrison (1969)

Michael Cohen SLAMS Fox "News" - The MeidasTouch

Your HHRS News 2021 "Jersey-Est" Awards: A 6th-Grader Saved Two Lives, A Singer Saved Her Own

Happy Fake Jan Day!

"I've done my own research and decided not to get the vaccine".

Appeals Court Upholds Six-Figure Judgment Against Coal-Rolling Truck Retrofit Shop In Utah

Florida man falls off bike, accidentally stabs himself with sword

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Twitter account banned for good over Covid-19 misinformation

A letter from Neil Young

Chilling Trump Letter Calling For 'Seizure' Of Election Material Revealed In Log To Jan. 6 Probers

Congresswoman Dean is on M$NbC talking about

As U.S. pushes a shift toward electric cars, where should the chargers go?


Actual Headline: "Balmy New Year Weather Ideal For Outdoor Parties Say UK Meterologists"

Woman Adopts A Puppy And Finds Out She's Pregnant On The Same Day

"After all, it's not brain surgery" . . . Please come CAPTION Pete Segseth!!!

Twitter permanently suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene account over COVID-19 misinformation

What are the most useful music videos in the age of TFG?

The Pricey California Market? In 2021, It Got Pricier.

What percentage of Trump supporters would have sued for peace and joined the AXIS...?

The Proud Boys could be key to the Jan 6th investigation.

'It's crazy': GOP governor responds to polls of GOP voters

'Is it criminal?': Bash asks Thompson about Trump's actions

701 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 1 death

NYT with a worthwhile Op Ed "Every Day is January 6 Now"

Watching WW ll in color

Michael Cohen Suing tump and barr:


21 People Rescued After Being Stuck Overnight In Aerial Tram In New Mexico

This Kitty loves cucumber 🥒 Any DU cats out there love fruits or veggies? Mine like melon.

Scotland is Florida of England.

Are there any objectives in the BBB that affects WV and no where else?

Pupper makes his own fun:

Fauci: CDC mulling COVID test requirement for asymptomatic

PBS Premiere Jan 2 - Around the World in 80 Days

Remember when Trump praised Hitler and General Kelly told him you can never do that.

Audubon Nature Institute remembers the kindness of Betty White

PBS Jan 2 - Downton Abbey Movie

I think 2022 is going to work out just fine..See below.

San Diego collects $1.5M in fines for illegal handicapped parking in 2021

January 6 panel has 'significant testimony' the White House 'had been told to do something'

At time of Capitol prayer service Jan. 6, Trump will deliver remarks doubling down on the 'Big Lie'

Liz Cheney on Trump: He's a threat to American democracy

Capitol Police chief says force remains short-staffed

Education secretary urges schools to remain open

Congresswoman Openly Advocates End To American Democracy

Heartbreaking: Beloved grandmother dies after card game with person who hid they had Covid

Trump Is Making the Midterms a Referendum on Himself

Decisions, decisions...

NOVA/Decoding the Great Pyramid

Scientists see troubling signs in humans spreading Covid to deer

Major fire at South African parliament in Cape Town

Gen. Steve Anderson on January 6 and the "domestic cancer" threatening American democracy

Cape Town: Major blaze rips through South Africa parliament building

Majority of Americans think Jan. 6 attack threatened democracy: POLL

The Fonz can still move!

Mars is warmer than Minneapolis right now.

There's a lot of things I don't know and I'll never know..

Is the Western way of raising kids weird?

A California school superintendent said she's been 'subjected to death threats on a daily basis'

Jan. 6 committee studying whether it can subpoena U.S. Republican lawmakers - chairman

Where have all the truck drivers gone?

Liz Cheney willing to lose because the 'single most important thing' is stopping Trump's next presid

Jan. 6 committee prepares to go public as findings mount

the railway steam gallop.

Roger Miller was born on this date.

Cartoons 1/2/2022

Isaac Asimov was born on this date.

What Fiction are you reading this week, January 2, 2022?

Likely behind the curve on this...

Can we sue Majorie Greene

The Rights Blue States May Lose If the GOP Returns to Power

After Oso disaster, landslide prediction remains vexing, necessary

The Rights Blue States May Lose If the GOP Returns to Power

She Was a Child Bride. He Still Shares Custody of Their Kid

Well, covid has hit sorta close to home

Has anyone noticed that 2022 is when "Soylent Green" takes place?

Chrlsea - Liverpool on now


Hot Cha. The original and a couple covers

Whistleblower warns baffling illness affects growing number of young adults in Canadian province

Rodgers thanks Berkeley education, Joe Rogan for 'immunization plan'

Fascistic authoritarian Lauren Boebert

Anybody remember the American Freedom Train of 1975-76?

America gave up on truly educating all its kids. Then Jan. 6 happened. Coincidence?

Fun Fact!

On January 1, 1999, the animatronic singing Big Mouth Billy Bass was first released

Is "Dexter" worth watching? How about for a wimp?

Mama Dog Who Lost Her Puppies Was Heartbroken Until She Got Kittens

1969 Retro Ad: New Kleenex Boutique Towels in Bold Gold, Avocado Green and Sunny Yellow

"I have found is mine."

Winter storm warning issued for several inches of wet snow in Roanoke/NRV area early Monday

Winter storm warning issued for several inches of wet snow in Roanoke/NRV area early Monday

Winter storm warning issued for several inches of wet snow in Roanoke/NRV area early Monday

NRV passenger rail: State seeks public input on study of potential station locations

Kenyan paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey dies at 77

DISGRACE! Chuck Todd allows GOP Rep. to equate GOP violence & Jan 6 with packing courts & BLM

US Army Pays Tribute to Betty White's World War II Volunteer Service

How the "Big Lie" was born?

Governor gives 'Jeopardy' contestant a 2nd chance at clue

Was Charles deGaulle an authoritarian, a generic strong man, or small d democrat?

Teens diagnosing themselves with mental health disorders through TikTok videos

Michael Cohen was on Alex Witt's show a minute ago. It was a long interview, but the highlight was..

Royal Caribbean Bookings Take a Hit as Omicron Fears Worsen

A very interesting and enlightened blog

Possible tornado hits Kentucky on New Year's Day

Chilling Trump Letter Calling For 'Seizure' Of Election Material Revealed In Log To Jan. 6 Probers

Hershel doesn't know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence

Most Think January 6 Attack Threatened Democracy

The FBI is asking for help

Roundup of the Weekly Readings at the Mauna Loa Carbon Dioxide Observatory in 2021.

There are people in this troubled world who lack food, must drink foul opaque water, and constantly

McTurtle said GOP 2022 platform wouldn't have any governing principles. But they DO have a platform:

Just speculating here . . .

"The Lost Daughter". Remarkable directorial debut for Maggie Gyllenhaal

My husband tested positive for Covid.

Relative of mine lives in No.Cal. and has PG&E and says gas rates up more than double this month?

Why do so many New Yorkers hate Bill De Blasio?

There are some very stupid Republicans now in Congress, but if Herschel Walker somehow becomes

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 4: Movie Accents: Americans Playing Brits/Brits Playing Americans

Pfizer meme:

Media Matters Prez: Talk Radio As GOP Disinformation Engine

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 3 January 2022

Antonio Brown. Wtf?

Dumbass Of The Year (Already!)

We are set up. When the next disease comes, we will fall like dominoes

Tweet of the Day

Out of the mouths of babes

(Jewish Group) The Israel Film Archive collects more than a century of Israeli historical footage...

What would a jury trial for Donald J Trump look like?

I just realized something and why I have felt out of sorts for the last 6 years......

(Jewish Group) Researchers discover ruins of 16th-century Jewish community in Morocco as king orders

Antonio Brown bails out on Bucs during game

Internalized homophobia: What is it? And how do you overcome it?

NI peace architect accuses Boris Johnson of 'casual political vandalism'

'There is no money left': Covid crisis leaves Sri Lanka on brink of bankruptcy

Top 20 Betty White Moments

Bengals, Chiefs tied at 31 in the 4th.

The Pauli Murray Fellowship: Investing in the Next Generation of Leaders

Jamie Raskin on tragedies national and personal

Cheney reveals what Trump was doing during January 6 insurrection (CNN)

Mother, 29, who refused to get vaccine as she 'wasn't afraid of Covid' dies of virus

Deep RED Senate seat suddenly IN PLAY for 2022 - Brian Tyler Cohen

Cheney: January 6 committee has 'firsthand testimony' that Ivanka asked Trump to intervene during in

2022 so far in charts . . .

Twitter permanently suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene's personal account.

Do at-home COVID-19 tests detect the omicron variant?

Retired Gen. on CNN Says Military Has 'Threat Within' for 2024

Pro-Covid Republicans Are Restricting Power Of Local Health Officials - The Ring of Fire

Woman Finds A Tiny, Mangey Puppy On The Street

This about a friend's granddaughter *UPDATE*

Overnight storms bring damage to parts of US South

Renewing a national treasure: INL's Advanced Test Reactor undergoes sixth core overhaul

From Trump DOJ Official Pleading the 5th to Congress on Cusp of Subpoenaing its Own: December Recap

2022 Is off To A Good Start

Hailstorm Hits Egyptian resort of Hurghada on January 2, 2022

"Firsthand testimony" of what Trump was doing on January 6th during the insurrection...

So winter has hit Texas.

know who didn't lose her twitter account?

John Madden The First To Call It A

Happy New Year (and snow 'day' for DC area,) here's TCM:

Herschel Walker. WTF??

Adhara Prez, 10, has a higher IQ than Einstein and Hawking. She has her sights set on NASA

LSD Residue On 1960s Synth Sends Repair Tech On Accidental "Trip" [Watch]

Five Centuries of Jerusalem Soup

Something worth noting.

The Magnificent Mr. Madoc

Antonio Brown, who angrily exits MetLife Stadium, is 'no longer a Buc'

Arizona free-roaming burros

Here's why you probably don't need to rely on a VPN anymore

Women executed 300 years ago as witches in Scotland set to receive pardons

Guatemala: 25 years later, 'firm and lasting peace' is nowhere to be found

Scoop: Manchin returns to Build Back Better negotiations with demands

anyone gotten a 2nd booster yet?

Betty White's name will live forever

Scoop: Reid to lie in state week of Jan. 10

Watching videos online (cartoon)

Aoife Beary: Berkeley balcony collapse survivor dies, aged 27

COMMENTARY: Mexico comes after U.S. gunmakers

Senate Parliamentarian Dismisses Democrats' Immigration Reform For The Third Time

Atlanta Apt. Co. Filed More Evictions, Hi Fees Than Any In Area Despite Fed Initiatives 2020-2021

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 2, 2022

'Do You Believe in Miracles?' How celebrity faith healer was exposed as rapist and abuser

'Cosmic monster' star spits energy with the force of a billion suns

What I want to know is if omicron is as mild in 70 year olds and up as...

Any new post-xmas covid stats published?

A massive oil spill helped one Louisiana billionaire avoid paying income tax for 14 years

Tweet FTW: Willie Nelson, GQP, and Jesus. Wait for it.

Canucks employee thanks fan who noticed cancerous mole; she's awarded $10K scholarship

Almost 2,000 flights canceled on Sunday in the US

(Trump) used war rhetoric and incited a violent insurrection against the United States

Almost 2,000 flights canceled on Sunday in the US

Why do so many posts here send us to twits?

This is evil

It's been about 12 hours, so time for a reminder:

Morrison's End

Killing Eve Season 4 "Ride" Teaser Promo (HD) Final Season (HULU)

Fauci voices hope for return to normalcy around February or March

Cool Beans: Biden extends U.S. support for International Space Station through 2030

Whistleblower warns baffling illness affects growing number of young adults in Canadian province

Liz Cheney issues bad news for Trump live on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

San Gabriel Mountains overlooking Los Angeles

Summer & winter separated by only a few states:

Twitter permanently suspends Greene's account over COVID-19 misinformation

82-year-old grandmother dies of Covid after 'friend' hides infection to attend card game

Puerto Rico Governor: There's no pleasing everyone with pandemic response

Has anyone watched Te Ata

The Monkees - She Hangs Out

I need to pace myself. Reading all, but just couldn't post. Except for this.

Worm Week1 & 2 the Antarctic Scale Worm / Pompeii Worm

Gaggles enjoying wind currents, &

Sometimes Science Is Wrong

Maxine McNair, who died today, was the final survivor of the parents of the

The Porpoise Song - The Monkees - Head

The Monkees - Randy Scouse Git

3-D-Printed Chicken Dinner Cooked by Lasers

Harry Reid to lie in state at U.S. Capitol Rotunda

Rep. Adam Schiff says it appears to be 'very likely' that Russia will invade Ukraine