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Pierogi Ruskie (Potato and Cheese Pierogi) Recipe from Bar Prasowy, a Polish 'Milk Bar' in Warsaw

Raise your hand if you're not being investigated by the New York Attorney General.

Crowd funds top $50K for Tampa man charged in Jan. 6 riots. Where should it go?

"...What are Republicans for? What are they for? Name me one thing they're for."

Chemical pollution has passed safe limit for humanity, say scientists

The Select Committee has issued subpoenas to Nicholas J. Fuentes and Patrick Casey.

I assume the Jan. 6 Committee has those Trump documents by now.

Nobody's senator but theirs: Ron Johnson's backroom dealing shows who he's working for. It's not you

Cliffnotes From Biden's Marathon Press Conference

'There won't be enough people for Mars': Elon Musk warns about population collapse.

Ken Paxton Gets Covid

So Once the Jan 6th Commitee has the papers


Liz Cheney vs. an Oath Keeper

So to paraphrase the incomparable Van Jones, is today the day Joe Biden won the 2024 election?

Bernie on the Senate Floor

Biden's press conference...

Despite my handle and in fact my actual last name which is Polish as hell

Florida Man Has Growing God Complex

They're Telling People to Inhale Hydrogen Peroxide for COVID

FBI agents at Democratic U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar's house, but won't say what they're investigating

They (news people) forget one of the BEST things Joe Biden did so far was

Watching the Senate debate on C-Span, and damn, Georgia has two of the most impressive....

Despite Our Best Efforts COVID Has Entered Our Bubble

Sir George Martin explains to his granddaughter why he signed The Beatles

Joni Ernst Makes A Fool Of Herself

I watched Senator Manchin's speech on the Senate floor today.

One of my biggest challenges, right now, is trying to stay one step ahead of the boys.

Want (More) Proof That Nepotism Is Bad?

Missouri State Rep. Brian Seitz says he's not racist by being racist.

I get a lot of emails from politicians and causes, asking for money. But this one broke my heart...

SCOTUS ruling opens the door to the DOJ indicting Mark Meadows

Larry Bird - His 40 Greayest Moments.

Senator Reverend Warnock is preaching on the Senate floor in support of voting rights legislation.

early anti smokeking campaign

Ossoff: Do not invoke Congressman Lewis' name to signal virtue while you work to erode his legacy.

Big Riiver (Sound Check) (La Grande Salle du Grand Theatre, Luxembourg 5/16/72)

Manchin's refusing to abandon the filibuster because he wants "bipartisanship"

FBI says it's conducting a 'court-authorized' search of Rep. Henry Cuellar's Texas home

Asking for a friend (OK, it's me)

The good news about Putin's aggressive posture toward Ukraine...

Chinatown Shuffle (Live at Olympia Theatre, Paris, Fr

🔥 Bernie: We can certainly change the rules to save American democracy.

AZ election bill (HB2577): Must present fingerprint to vote, and much more

Due to the continued surge in Maryland of COVID-19 cases as a result of the Omicron variant,

Democrats push resolution to end Vos/Gableman 'sham' election review

In 'Overwhelming' Decision, SCOTUS Rejects Trump Effort To Hide Docs From Jan. 6 Committee - MSNBC

Hot Tuna - Water Song - 1973

Manchin and Sinema should watch Mr Smith Goes to Washington

THE INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERS - "Run to Heaven" (Live at JITV HQ in Los Angeles, CA 2016)

Messages on car windows and bumper stickers.

Question time: Biden won the 2020 election a record 83 times

President Biden Addresses 'Challenges' His Administration Faced In Its First Year - MSNBC

Kansas City man gets probation for participating in Capitol riot

Our Flag Means Death - Official Teaser - HBO Max

Mcguinn-Clark-Hillman - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (6-28-1978)

Select Comm has already begun to receive records that the former President had hoped to keep hidden

Texas GOP candidate won't ditch overt white nationalist staffer, blames "cancel culture"

Rachel Maddow: 'Biden Will Get Pushback From Liberals, But He's Right About Republicans' - MSNBC

Old quote from DL Stewart

Tweet of the Night:

O'Rourke: I am blown away by the Brownsville city leadership

Hot Tuna- Keep On Truckin' - 3/22/1973

Linda Ronstadt - Just One Look - 1973?

'Exactly What Happened In Watergate!': SCOTUS Rebuffs Trump

Does anybody remember Sen. Batson D. Belfry

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread

How Mike Judge Got The Inspiration For Boomhauer's Voice On King of The Hill

Commander Cody- Down to Stems and Seeds again Blues

Senate Republicans block voting rights bill, dealing blow to Democrats' effort to overhaul election

Infamous Strinduster - "Don't think Twice. It's alright."

'Oak Tree': Biden Crushes Right-Wing Media And Trumpism, Says Carville - The Beat - MSNBC

Maybe it wasn't Ginni who Clarence was trying to protect?

I missed first coupla minutes of Rachel

*Linda Greenhouse on Rachel Show NOW.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Joe Walsh is on The Conners.

Ken Paxton is ailing...

Charles Blow: For Black Voters, a Flashback to the 1890s

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton tests positive for COVID-19, working from home

Opinion: As one Joe builds, another Joe destroys

KIMI Official Trailer HBO Max (new Steven Soderbergh movie starring Zoe Kravitz)

Van Morrison - Wild Night (Live at the Santa Monica Civic, Santa Monica, CA - May 1973)

How is the rule change vote going to go down?

Clarence Thomas really doesn't want the Jan 6th committee to see those subpoenaed WH documents

What a beautiful moon! No wonder wind chill index is -19!

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a solid to slight margin.

Don't fuck with this woman....!

LIVE: Debate on election-reform bill continues on the Senate floor - Reuters

Republican candidate for governor in Nevada running campaign ad in Palm Beach, Fla.

Woman sentenced to death in Pakistan over 'blasphemous' WhatsApp activity

'Worn' Book Review: Material World

OH&S - Then and now

NRPS - Glendale Train (video)

Trump loses again!


Merkley on the floor

Most international universities in the world 2022


check mate Susan Collins, Ossoff handed you your ass

Even while asked the most stupid question in pressers...

WTF us up with Lisa Murkowski?

Marc Elias To GOP: Stop Suppressing The Vote, And I'll Stop Suing - All In - MSNBC

"friends" question drunk teen privileged daughter of news anchor/judge about her racial views

So, my anti-vaxxer niece

Paraphrasing Jeff Merkley on Senate floor: The Filibuster was born of racism.

Texas synagogue terrorist ranted about "f***ing Jews" in last call to family made during siege

Forty-one Republicans representing 21% of the country block voting rights


Yes, I donated to my local shelter

Singer Hana Hork Dies of COVID After Catching It on Purpose To Avoid Vaccine

Just when you think they've left the cult.... (Jordan Klepper)

Eric Holder On Senate Voting Rights Fight: The Battle Doesn't End Here - All In - MSNBC

Manchin and Sinema's dumb argument about

Can we just keep talking and make them stay?

Has there been a APB on that wonderful American couple . . . . .

Top donors threaten to cut off funding to Sinema

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 20, 2022 -- What's on Tonight: True Crime

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 21, 2022 -- What's on Tonight: Motorcycle Classics

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 22, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Epic Saturday Nights

Ronald Brownstein FTW

I Think All The Slobfathers Kids Are Going To Prison Too

Bitcoin is used to launder money, for the coup.

TCM tomorrow:

To Covid Or Not To Covid...

It's dead Jim

Seth Meyers - Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Rudy Giuliani; NY AG Details Trump Fraud Case: A Closer Look

At least we got to see

So what's the REAL reason that Manchin and Sinema won't allow a filibuster careve out?

EVENING update: Snow Thurs AM still on track. Rain changing to snow 6 to 9a,

I recall that a cynic once defined an "honest legislator" as one who "once bought,

filibuster rules vote - it's official, 2 sellouts to repubs get their silver

Here's an idea for the inane "DeSantis Bill"

Old Women

Trump's Fraud, Giuliani's Lying & Biden's Endless Press Conference

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Rmoney/Mittens ❤️s Cinema

Republican senators are lined up to shake Sinema's hand on the floor.

The GOP's 'rolling coup' has large corporate backers

Rep. Bentz says 2020 presidential election was bought, not stolen

I read a couple local articles which led my to check the latest Covid statistics

Murmurs: Kristof Files Appeal, Continues Fundraising

Joy Reid: Mitch McConnell Nuked The Filibuster Himself To Steal Supreme Court Seats - The ReidOut

Really Kristen Welker?

Votes have to happen.

God I fucking hate her.

I've had eating problems and gastric bypass and lost 60 pounds BUT now I am

Frankie Valli - Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

COVID in New Mexico

Who did it better the NY Post or the Onion.

The Republicans didn't want to have this debate today.

Fox reporter tries to embarrass Biden. It backfires INSTANTLY - Brian Tyler Cohen

Um, my advice to you

Beach Boys - Sloop John B

This why the MSM is complicit in destroying democracy

A Group Called Smith - Baby, It's You (1969)

Dumb Question: How would Putin Invade the Urkaine?

Booster shot lengevity study from UK

Sen. Murphy: We Should Be Very Worried About War In Europe Over Russia-Ukraine Tensions- The ReidOut

Gallego just got his first campaign advert to bury turncoat Sinema with in 2024 handed to him

We were caused to take that vote tonight in no small measure thanks to John Roberts

Capitol riot trials delayed, again, with DC Jail in COVID lockdown.

The Sacred Mushroom - I'm Not Like Everybody Else (1969)

McConnell tattles on himself: African-Americans vote just as much as Americans

Senate Republicans Block Voting Rights - The 11th Hour - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Sen. Amy Klobuchar all but called Joe Manchin a liar on filibuster stance as she slammed Republicans

Michelangelo Signorile: How Sinema became a dangerous force in American politics

Michael McFaul is saying on MSNBC that we had decent dialogue with putin

Is it against Senate rules for Democrats to address Manchin and Sinema with "fuck you"?

Sovereign Citizen Ideology Increasingly Seeping into QAnon

Booster longevity: Data reveals how long a third shot protects

Norm Ornstein: Voting Rights Has 'Died On The Sword Of The Filibuster' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Similar political issues showing up in UK as US,

OK. Plan B. What can we rank and file Democrats do to help those fellow Democrats in Red

Kudos to Senate Leader Chuck Schumer for holding the vote anyway.

Grateful Dead - 8-30-70 - Brokedown Palace

At Biden's Press Conference Today He Asked A Number Of Times - What Are Repugs For?....

Wasn't there a special maneuver that would allow

Fears Of Ukraine Invasion Heighten - The 11th Hour - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Tonight's waning gibbous moon, January 19, 2022

I Was Thinking That If All Three Of The Slobfather's Supreme Court Picks Died From Covid

Does this new balance sheet make my asset look fat?

Jupiters coming trines for President Biden before the midterms

Rachel made me laugh out loud on her hour tonight.

Votes continue to be counted for Newberg school board recall election

Nothing says we need more immigration than needing to train teenage CDL drivers

Manchin chides Democrats over filibuster, saying he can't support 'such a perilous course'

Lawrence: Supreme Court Ensures Trump's Dream Of A Total Coverup Has Died - The Last Word - MSNBC

Democrats Need Their Own Media Company NOW!!!

The Office of the Calvert County Administrator, Communications & Media Relations Division

2,4 D Sprayed On Amazon Rainforest To Speed Up Deforestation - Was A Component Of Agent Orange

Gov. Deathsentence Wants More Study And Research On Red Tides; Certainly Not Pollution Cuts

FBI agents descended on Democratic U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar's house, but won't say what they're inves

Federal Court reveals why it backed decision to send Novak Djokovic home

People Living In Black Neighborhoods Are 74% More Likely To Wait More Than A Half An Hour

Biden Calls Out GOP At Marathon Press Conference: 'What Are They For?' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Despite Massive Increases In Gas Leaks, Largest NM Producer Reports Nothing To See Here, Move Along

new survey finds that attitude regarding immigration/race correlate with belief in the "big lie"

Charles Villiers Stanford's 'Cello Concerto'

19 weeks until I got back to Asia and be with my wife

12 Years Of "Carbon Capture", $1.1 Billion Spent, 8/11 Planned Projects Never Built, It Doesn't Work

comment of the day: "We waste time refuting one lie after another while they sit around making up ..

Recent History Of Senate 'Nuclear Option' Belies Hand-Wringing On Voting Rights Bills (MSNBC)

Senate Uses 'Nuclear Option' All The Time Despite Manchin & Sinema Saying Otherwise - TRMS

Kyrsten Sinema defined

Prof. asks Wharton students what the average American makes - they thought it was 800k

Trumps Surprisingly Uninsulated From Sketchy Accounting, Court Documents Suggest - Rachel Maddow

Effort to expand access to unapproved COVID-19 treatments applauded in Kan.

Court Filings Expose Trump Pattern Of Exaggerating Values Of Real Estate Holdings - Rachel Maddow

Texas Attorney General Paxton has COVID

Senator Hassan Shames Republicans For Failure To Stand Up For Democracy - Rachel Maddow

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a solid to slight margin.

Bookkeeper who embezzled more than $1 million from adoption agency sentenced to 4.5 years in prison

So, now that TFG lost his executive privilege case,

DU astronomy experts: I read recently that all planets in our solar...

Supreme Court Effectively Ends Trump Foot-Dragging On 1/6 Investigation Document Requests - TRMS

When We're Alone (Penthouse Serenade) - Bobby Short

Trump sues The Supreme Court of The United States of America

Anyone here have luck with tens therapy for depression, ocd, or for an eating disorder?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/19/22

Today's Diet Advice........

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022.

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, January 20, 2022

James Tate Grant, MAGAt Capitol Insurrectionist Suspect Faces Jail Over AR15 Found in Car

"So...African Americans aren't real Americans, Mr. Turtleman, sir?"

Wordle thought...

Voting rights legislation fell short in the Senate as the two Democrats chose to side with GOP

Katharine Hepburn's Brownies

Freddy Fender-- Before The Next Teardrop Falls

Elvis Presley, Junkie XL -- A Little Less Conversation

DeSantis' proposed election police force alarms voting rights advocates

Barbados Election - the ruling Barbados Labour Party led my Mia Mottley

Lula says reducing poverty is Brazil's priority, not fiscal containment

CIA finds most Havana Syndrome cases unlikely caused by foreign power - NYT

Peru says oil spill caused by Tonga waves is an 'ecological disaster'

First Native woman to lead Smithsonian American Indian museum

Suspect in killing of Brianna Kupfer arrested in Pasadena

Has anyone tried the new migraine drug Qulipta?

Mexico committed serious errors in investigation of activist death-rights court

Breakfast .Thursday 20 January 2022

How "Sad"! Lincoln Project's latest

Our Republican county is auditing 2020 election

Thursday TOONs - No Talk And No Action

US researchers test pig-to-human transplant in donated body

'Do not fall victim to false gods again': Judge worries about rioters acting in 2024

John Roberts knew what he was doing, and made it clear what we need to do

A peaceful moment for you today

He's not voting for anyone. Because he's dead.

L.A. Just Ran the U.S.'s Biggest Free-Transit Experiment

I'm pretty pragmatic, but those far centrists

German investigation accuses Pope Benedict XVI of 'wrongdoing' in handling of abuse cases

Truncated titles

Florida bill to shield people from feeling 'discomfort' over historic actions

Missouri attorney general renews threat to sue schools over mask, quarantine rules


On this day, January 20, 1923, Slim Whitman was born.

Bill would block Missouri cities, counties from enacting EV charging station mandate

I move your picture,..

Memphis Soul singer and Stax Records legend William Bell and The North Mississippi Allstars

Amy Klobuchar, taking the children to school...

Missouri Republicans Can't Quit Medicaid

Dr. King warned us about the 'white moderate' undermining voting rights

Number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for this week in 1968:

Kansas City Rep. Emanuel Cleaver tests positive for COVID-19 in breakthrough infection

Orange County health director Dr. Raul Pino placed on administrative leave for urging staff to get

Pentagon releases first video of botched Kabul airstrike

The toughest decision you'll make today (Puppy Bowl time!):

One quality of Republicans that I detest (And there are lots),

Just a note to Apple Geniuses, there is no such number as "-0". Just saying.

Hurry Tomorrow

Know what is killing the defeated former president today?

If you watched President Biden's press conference yesterday and watch cable TV this

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 1/19/2022

Art of the Week: Week of 1/19/22

Andrew Vachss, Writer & Child Advocate, Dead at 79

Ron Goulart, Writer and Comics Historian, Dead at 89

The Rundown: January 20, 2022

Jobless claims: Another 286,000 Americans filed new claims last week

CIA says 'Havana Syndrome' not result of sustained campaign by hostile power

Security scanners across Europe tied to China govt, military

Republic of one: Hutchinson, Kansas, rejects 'treasonous' plan to preempt 'overreach'

North Korea slams US, hints at resuming nuclear, ICBM tests

GOP gubernatorial candidate David Perdue calls for new election police unit in Georgia

Amazon plans a clothing store for a Southern California mall

After millions in tax breaks for big corporations, Wyandotte County leader cashes in

Moose rescued after being found trapped in Colorado basement

UK police arrest 2 men over Texas synagogue hostage-taking

St. Louis notary admits ordering 989 fake COVID-19 vaccination cards from China

Tory MP accuses No 10 of using blackmail against colleagues challenging Johnson - UK politics live

Republicans float plans to stop nursing homes and hospitals from restricting visitors

Trump held secret meetings in days before Capitol attack, ex-press secretary tells panel

Two Marines Are Dead, 17 Injured in Truck Rollover in North Carolina. Driver Charged.

Flotilla Of Russian Landing Ships Has Entered The English Channel

South Dakota AG impeachment probe questions investigators

1/6 Committee Is Already Getting Documents That Trump Tried To Hide

Navy Will Let Wisconsin Keep Badger Statue for 50 More Years

Attention Mark (I will sing) Meadows, did you hear that flushing sound.

Djokovic could have inspired anti-vax Australians, court says

I don't get it

Recipes: Inflation squeezing your food budget? Make these 3 frugal dishes

Re: SC Ruling on Documents

Is it possible to cook alligator in a

Sinatra and JFK at inaugural celebration, this week 1961: #Stern

Dog crashes Eisenhower-Nixon inaugural parade, this week 1957:

Note to journalists: The story is NOT "Biden Loses"--it is--"GOP seeks white minority rule"

Anyone else feeling the pinch from price gouging of pet food and supplies

The SOAP Project Helping Victims of Human Trafficking Using Bar Soap, Other Resources

Do you feel more optimistic today?

Latest Republican bill to ban critical race theory in Arizona is ... racist

WaPo warns about interviewing autocrats

Canada Post employee sent home for wearing N95 mask instead of company-provided ...

Yesterday's Corgis

Senator Hassan Shames Republicans For Failure To Stand Up For Democracy

Watching FAUX, looks like Biden's ".. what are republicans for ..." hit REALLY hard

Seven Spanish Angels

Tennessee-Virginia region surpasses 3,000 COVID-19 deaths after latest TDH report

Tennessee-Virginia region surpasses 3,000 COVID-19 deaths after latest TDH report

Mitch McConnell says we aren't Americans

Rowdy supporters of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin cleared from Virgnia Senate committee room

I believe the Whitehouse records include hand written notes from Meadows and others.

1/6 select committee says it "has already begun to receive records TFG had hoped to keep hidden"

End of Discussion

Judge to decide lawsuit alleging admissions discrimination

Alaska Supreme Court upholds elections ballot measure, state will use ranked-choice voting

"Too many so-called journalists these days are simply puffed up gossip columnists with tv platform"

Eddie Vedder & Beyonce - Redemption Song (Global Citizen Festival, 2015)

Leadbelly was born on this date.

"Gobsmacking" #s Of Stinging Bluebottle Jellyfish Washing Ashore In Multiple Australian States

I didn't think it was possible to hate anyone more than I hate Trump. Wrong again!

Aid finally reaches devastated Tonga, water supply ship awaited

See Prince Charles' Watercolors of Landscapes Around the World

After the vote, Republicans lined up on the Senate floor to shake Sinema's hand,

New Filings Reveal Another $$$ Billionaire Behind the Big Lie

Raise your hand if you're not being investigated by the New York Attorney General.

Treeline Racing North In Norway; Movement Had Been Centimeters/Year, Now It's 40-50 Meters Per Annum

Looks like radiation side effects caught up with me this week. :(

A virtually never discussed side effect problem of the filibuster

Ron DeSantis wants to form an election security police force (CNN)

Joe Vass, our inventory control officer, celebrates his 94th birthday.

Judge rules on jurors vaccinated status in his court.

Why are we not seeing this ?

Donald Trump calls for racial violence: White supremacists are listening, but the media laughs

Democracy Is Ours to Demand

Colorado Man Wakes Up to a Mountain Lion Eating an Elk on Front Porch

Eddie Vedder with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - The Waiting (Denver, 2006)

17,724 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 13 deaths

Rep. Swalwell to Moscow Mitch: African-Americans are Americans

Forest Mushrooms

NCAA updates policy on transgender participation, to let each sport set eligibility requirements

BREAKING NEWS: Eric Trump remains open to legal liability after mistakenly pleading Third Amendment

Pic Of The Moment: Mitch McConnell Admits He Does Not Consider African-Americans To Be "Americans"


Yesterday was another very bad day for Trump.

Gryff to the rescue!!

NC snow freak out meets 37% positivity COVID test rate to create bare grocery shelves.

Simple Delicious Deviled Eggs Recipe

The Accelerant of American Extreme Politics: Prophecy Belief

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 20, 2022

Should Bankers Go To Prison For Laundering Drug Money?

I know there are medical professionals on the DU. I have an issue with gatekeeper medical care.

As I have watched the economic pundits attempt to explain "supply chain" disruptions I am

Scratch one more Republican rumor/lie off the list. Biden/Harris 2024.

US: Swift, severe response if Russia sends troops to Ukraine

Synchronized swimming sketch from SNL:

One year ago today, Vice President @KamalaHarris showed every child in America that there are no...

Juan Garcia Esquivel was born on this date.

Theodore Roosevelt statue removed from outside New York's Museum of Natural History

St. Louis lawmaker seeks to create crime of 'malicious prosecution of a journalist'

There's always that one joker:

We need much better PSAs on voting rights and voter participation, for radio, TV and social media

Tennessee-based adoption agency refuses to help couple because they're Jewish

Reporter gets hit by car on live TV and continues her report. "We're good, Tim."

I watched Frontline's "United States of Conspiracy" last night ...

Former Bishop Gorman star Tate Martell calls it a career

Statement from Democracy Docket (Marc Elias group) on voting rights degeat

Texas takes a new, novel twist in voter suppresion

Good Day DU (January 20, 2022)

Did Lincoln PD Retire a Hero or Hush Up a Sexual Assault?

Here is an interesting question.

Is Putin going to invade Ukraine for the sole purpose

Have you lost your taste ?

This panda is on a roll--he just likes to somersault:

Texas' "maternity deserts" grow as staff shortages close rural labor and delivery units

Dan Pfeiffer - Voting Rights Failed: Here's What To Do Now

Side of Ranch: COVID Test Price Gouging on the Prairie

All of us should contact Senator Manchin. Deluge his website. Here are my comments to him.

There was a man called Meadows.

TFG is being brought down by bad lawyers: impeachment attorney

Republicans allege state Sen. Adam Morfeld not eligible to run for county attorney

Woman spits on Jewish boy, shouts antisemitic comments at children outside synagogue, police say

Triangle people!

Why So Many People Still Don't Understand Anti-Semitism

Top 10 most expensive foods in the world.

Woman spits on Jewish boy, shouts antisemitic comments at children outside synagogue

Biden Inaugural Committee-Watch our new video featuring Tom Hanks

Biden Inaugural Committee-Watch our new video featuring Tom Hanks

Fulton County DA seeking special grand jury to investigate Trump election interference.

Missouri Congressman Cleaver tests positive for COVID-19

Um, well, I guess, uh, I guess so. OK! Thanks for showing me your sign. See ya later!

NBC will not send announcers to Beijing for Winter Games

19-year-old sets world record as youngest woman to fly around the world solo

DeSantis' proposed election police force alarms voting rights advocates

Florida under DeSantis has gone completely insane.

Trump held secret meetings in days before Capitol attack, ex-press secretary tells panel

Are the republicans hoping to set off violent protests with their vote suppression? I think

GIVE ME MORE!!!! ... CAN'T wait till next Episode!!!

Jan 6 committee's next ask...the former Princess Ivanka

CIA Chief Made Secret Visit to Europe Ahead of Blinken's Trip

Why Schumer picked a filibuster fight he couldn't win

Flooding will get worse in Tampa Bay. Tropical Storm Eta showed how.

January 20th 2021 - was it really only a year ago?

Robert Costa, a Noted Political Reporter, Is Joining CBS News

Robert Costa, a Noted Political Reporter, Is Joining CBS News

Sibling rivalry...

Congrats to EarlG & Elad! 21 Years! Appreciation thread!

Emily's List kicks Cinema to the curb

Hochul puts her stamp on state infrastructure with a practical, outer-borough rail project (NY)

Ronald Brownstein: Why Manchin and Sinema Will Be the Last Pro-filibuster Democrats

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) sets the record straight on voting rights history

BREAKING: Fulton DA requests special grand jury for Trump probe

Jan. 6 Panel Says They're Already Getting Docs Trump Tried To Hide

BREAKING: Fulton DA requests special grand jury for Trump probe

I believe Joe Biden is baffled like all of us.

"I Was In an Underground Abortion Network Before Roe v. Wade"

Fulton Co. DA asks for Grand Jury

Supreme Court did not address executive privilege

JFK by Fredrick Logevall

Handmade Romantic Aqua Blue Green Faerie Flower Necklace and Earrings Set

"The Book of Boba Fett" Cast Finds Out Which "Star Wars" Villains They Really Are

It's a Terrible Idea to Deny Medical Care to Unvaccinated People

House GOP plots policy agenda for 2022 midterm elections -- with help from architect of 1994 plan

I fear it is time for Biden to show resolve.

Handmade Champagne and Pearls Vintage Brass Gothic Trefoil Pendant Necklace and Earrings

David Rothkopf nails "laziness and distortion and bad analysis from the political media"

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Katana Swords Answered by an Iaido Trainee in Kyoto, Japan!

I am not a huge Dead Head, but I am a huge guitar fan

AG Seemed to Know He Killed a Man With His Car, Say Agents

Jan. 6 Committee Asks Ivanka Trump to Cooperate in Inquiry

Pro-Trump Audiences Stall on Alternative Social Networks

Either Youngkin is really tall, or there's some strange perspective going on in this picture.

Boris Accused of Blackmail to Wreck the Plot to Oust Him

Just Found Out The Drummer Died

JFK: 61 years ago today.

Less than 13% of the population 18 or older are anti-vax or haven't had a covid jab.

As Giuliani coordinated plan for Trump electoral votes in states Biden won, some electors balked

Virginia is no longer participating in West Virginia v EPA, a lawsuit that could devastate coal

With Winter Storm Coming, Pipeline Company Threatens Gas Supply To Texas Power Plants

U.S. Drops Its Case Against M.I.T. Scientist Accused of Hiding China Links

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022.

Fundraising platform Donorbox is letting anti-vax conspiracy theorists and QAnon figures raise...

Yesterday's Biden press conference. What da fuck? But Biden shines through.

HEY, MEDIA Posers, Pay Attention! "What Biden has done"

New Va. AG pulls out of Supreme Court climate case

German actor Hardy Kruger, star of adventure movies, dies

Jewel-Box Heroes: Why the CD Revival Is Finally Here (Rolling Stone)

Upcoming LIVE: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki

Ken Paxton's Campaign For Attorney General In Texas Dropped $50,000 At Trump's Private Club In Flori

The Georgia election law

Ken Paxton's Campaign For Attorney General In Texas Dropped $50,000 At TFG's Private Club

Nebraska bill strengthening religious freedoms stalls amid concerns it might go too far

Little guys keep skittering before me. Woodpeckers?

Does TFG Still Get Secret Service Protection?.....

Amanda Gorman: Why I Almost Didn't Read My Poem at the Inauguration

Constant hang-up calls on landline

It's that time of year once again!

Across the Desk - S5:E1 (The Silence & the Sympathy for Jan. 6th Seditionist)

KU administrator resigns after plagiarizing message on MLK Day

How Old Were the Golden Girls Supposed to Be?

Madison Cawthorn praises Manchin: "He's a lot like in the same vein as Rand Paul - a statesman."

Democracy Docket-Our statement on the Senate's failure to pass the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Ac your step.

Pelosi Statement on Supreme Court Ruling Rejecting Former President Trump's Campaign to Hide the Tru

400,000 Texas homes and businesses could lose power over financial dispute between energy companies

NEW: @IvankaTrump 's spokesperson tells me Ivanka "just learned" of the 1/6 Committee's invitation

As Giuliani coordinated plan for Trump electoral votes in states Biden won, some electors balked

The best illustration of how D's and R's differ

(N.M.) Emergency SNAP benefit extension to continue in January 2022

'Like witnessing a birth in a morgue': the volunteers working to save the Joshua trees

How about applying the Senator TURTLE Doctrine to MANCHIN-SINEMA?

Court bolsters defendant's right to cross-examine witnesses

Jan. 6 panel will target Ivanka Trump for questioning

Benedict Faulted for Handling of Abuse Cases When He Was an Archbishop of Munich

I just want to find 11,780 votes which is one more than we have now. Did the slob mean 1 more than

Susan Rice-12 remarkable accomplishments @POTUS has achieved in the past 12 months. Buckle up!

Jan. 6 panel wants to talk with Ivanka Trump

Ransomware group exploits Parler's hands-off approach to shake down victims

Cawthorn says Dems want to hang out with him, but he won't cuz they're communists.

Where to buy face masks online after CDC updates COVID Omicron variant guidelines

Georgia DA requests special grand jury in Trump election probe

Kansas GOP's redistricting plan targets Rep. Sharice Davids

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / Blue Planet Live 2014/6/8

Theodore Roosevelt statue removed from outside New York's Museum of Natural History

Kansas GOP's redistricting plan targets Rep. Sharice Davids

Kansas lawmakers test positive for COVID-19, worry about lax safety at Statehouse

Joe Biden says his administration has 'outperformed' in bruising first year

Super Speed Yakisoba & Okonomiyaki Cooking In Japan Large Yakisoba Iron Plate Cooking

Idaho officials tell MyPillow CEO to stop false voter claims, send cease-and-desist letter

Why time travel is impossible

'Corporate-sanctioned racism'? How war on critical race theory spread from schools to big business

5 Things You DON'T Want to Do When Eating SUSHI in Japan

cute tweet from eric swalwell (warning: baby photo) lol

Video of Kyrsten Sinema Shaking Hands With GOP Senators After Vote Goes Viral

Louie Gohmert fails to reach self-imposed $1 million fundraising goal

Louie Gohmert fails to reach self-imposed $1 million fundraising goal

Placebo effect the true cause of many reported COVID-19 vaccine side effects: Study

US accuses Russia of recruiting Ukrainian officials to take control of Ukraine's government as it un

'Today I Learned' Facts

If everyday is a gift, yesterday was

Just finished

These aren't the numbers of a politically competitive Dem

Star Wars Ahsoka Series to Start Filming This Month!

By the numbers: The first year of Biden's presidency

Rep. Lauren Boebert Asked A Group Of Jewish Capitol Visitors If They Were Doing "Reconnaissance"

Democrats Moved the Filibuster Overton Window

Joe Biden has now named more appellate court judges his first year in office than any POTUS

Scammer alert! Just a head's up, friends.

In a race to save rare plants, MoBot scientists study which survive best in St. Louis

4 noteworthy tweets (dean obeidallah, the hoarse whisperer, dan price, & tiedrich)

Puppy Teaches A Scared Work Horse How To Play

Two more scumbags....

Liberian church stampede kills 29 worshippers in Monrovia

Wash U program shows occupational therapy can be a powerful tool for homeless shelters

According to Mother Jones, two influential DEM money streams have told Kyrsten to fuck off.

34 million more Americans....!

"I'm too short to see anyone's yarmulkes,"

Youngkin isn't just Pro-Covid.......he's really Pro-Covid.

The effect of clothes on our environment

Turned On TeeVee This Morning Chucky Todd Was Talking About Biden's Failures Blah Blah Blah

U.S. sanctions Ukrainian officials accused of helping Russia

Jan. 6 Committee Seeks Information From Ivanka Trump

Scientists Are Baffled by Novak Djokovic's COVID 'Cure' Company

Michael Edison Hayden: Nick Fuentes Faces Scutiny Following Jan. 6 Subpoena

The Neatest School Assignment I Ever Saw

Thousands of Students Stage Walkouts, Protest In- Person Classes Amid COVID Surge

Biden's First Year: The Goals He Hit and the Ones He Missed

GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn Cleans Gun During Veterans' Affairs Hearing

Kirsten Sinema reveals who she is

Rep. Lauren Boebert Asked A Group Of Jewish Capitol Visitors If They Were Doing "Reconnaissance"

Existing home sales in 2021 reached highest level since 2006, despite December slowdown

GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn Cleans Gun During Veterans' Affairs Hearing

Shout out to one of the BEST....

Protect ballots, meetings from armed intimidation

We have a long way to go.

Open-Source Vaccines Got More Funding From Tito's Vodka Than the Government


Cartoons 1/20/2022

Alaska Airlines to add Boeing 737s to the Paine Field fleet

Governor-elect Youngkin Announces Covid Action Plan

Some flakes, southern MD

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

Seattle-area Teamsters, concrete companies set to meet with federal mediator

The Lincoln Project-It's good to have hope, for a change.

The Lincoln Project-It's good to have hope, for a change.

NFL seeks dismissal of Jon Gruden lawsuit over 'repugnant' leaked emails

It's not just Peloton: Buy now, pay later is fueling a consumer debt boom

Manchin Wants to 'Start Over' on Biden Spending Bill

World Order : "lets START World War Three"

Mitch McConnell says Black people vote just as much as 'Americans'

(Jewish Group) 27% of religious hate crimes in Sweden target its tiny Jewish community

(Jewish Group) Jon Stewart to receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor

NFTs explained

Something Has to Give in the Housing Market. Or Does It?

If you have 2 apples and 1 egg, make this delicious recipe in 5 minutes! No oven!

(Jewish Group) Dvora Hacohen, Joshua Cohen, Dara Horn win big at the 2021 National Jewish Book Award

Just got a chance to watch Biden's speech. He was both sweet, firey, steadfast

Ducey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Cinema

from Jamie Raskin:

Trump now has TWO perfect calls!!:

Amnesty International Gun Violence, Key Facts

NY couple accused of $59.6M Medicaid fraud involving chain of Nebraska nursing homes

Everybody I love You.

The truth shall set you free.

Why More American Children Are Dying by Gunfire

Eagle couple disagree on how to arrange their nest:

Has anyone reported how the synagogue hostage taker got his weapons?

Trump campaign officials, led by Rudy Giuliani, oversaw fake electors plot

Decades ago, I recall a lecture in a political science class that explained how, at least

Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show: Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lama

Police break up fracas at Orange County Republican meeting

Opinions The myth that Jews are all-powerful is the biggest threat to Jewish lives

2nd tweet-- Eagle sings for his treat:

Manchin Is Clueless

Here's how @POTUS & @TheDemocrats have delivered in TX:

Sinema's favorable rating among AZ Dems at a whopping 8% (1/14)

Webb two days from L2 insertion!

Clean up on Aisle 1600!!

Please take that pain and anger and turn this moment into something positive. Marc Elias's Democracy

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will end up winning.

An oldie but goodie:

Djokovic-backed 'biotech' firm's approach likened to homeopathy

(Jewish Group) Tennessee-based adoption agency refuses to help couple because they're Jewish

Tennessee-based adoption agency refuses to help couple because they're Jewish

Very clever:

Sci-Fi Short Film: "The Gate" DUST

Breaking CNN: Rudy Giuliani oversaw fake electors plot in 7 states

Puppies--team game (doggos, too):

School Board Member: With all due respect ... no, I don't work for you

AGGGHH! Thanks to TFG's bogus 2020 census, Katie Porter will no longer be my rep!

Nancy Pelosi still doesn't sound like a big fan of proposals to bar members from trading stocks: "I

Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati: Who is the arrested Hindu priest?

Book Of Boba Fett: Ming-Na Wen and Temuera Morrison on Boba Fett's Ship Name

A leaked Oaf Creepers list names 20 current military members. The Pentagon could have prevented this

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Jan. 20, 2022

TFG sent House Republicans copies of conservative writer Mollie Hemingway's book with a note saying

Colorado has been offering free birth control for 5 years, and it works.

Democrats didn't kill the filibuster. Republicans might.

Film & TV actor DeForest Kelley was #BornOnThisDay, Jan. 20, 1920.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 21 January 2022

Idaho sends MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell a cease-and-desist letter along with $6k bill

Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen Are a Dynamic Duo on 'The Book of Boba Fett' Entertainment Weekly

Interesting things are happening

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott takes fire from all sides for indefinite National Guard border deployment

BREAKING: Trump campaign officials, led by Rudy Giuliani, oversaw fake electors plot in 7 states

"The Royal Treatment". Ugh!

The Squad was right to vote against infrastructure bill Part 4: Manchin "starts over" on BBB

"Two years ago today the CDC confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in the U.S . . .

Indiana considers approving ivermectin to treat COVID-19 despite FDA warnings

Internet Archives has 38,500 recordings from their 78 rpm collection online

Thursday marks two years since Snohomish Co. man contracted first US COVID case

This just in...

Whitmer releases plan to make Michigan carbon neutral by 2050

Rep. Massie tests positive for Covid, says he's unvaccinated

A favor, please? When posting recipes, please identify whether the actual recipe is posted.

Some Democrats not ready to give up on child credit

Recipe (with modifications): Apple Brie Tart

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and Shirley Temple. The first interracial Hollywood dance-team. 1935...

Right, so I need help finding legal help for my uncle, like today...

"My experience as a school principal right now..."

Ghislaine Maxwell seeks new trial, alleges jury misconduct

OAN Anchor Assisted Rudy Giuliani on Trump Fake Elector Stunt

Florida GOP bill would further shield names of dark money donors

The road to Auschwitz...

Washington justices uphold $18M fine in GMO-labeling case

My conversation with "Amazon Security"

Al Franken: Tucker Carlson Humiliates Ted Cruz (and Himself) - (January 20, 2022)

On this day, January 20, 1969, Led Zeppelin played the Wheaton Youth Center, in Wheaton, Maryland.

Clarence Thomas' Wife Signs Letter Saying Capitol Rioters Did Nothing Wrong

Supreme Court denies request to move Texas abortion case to district court

On this day, January 20, 1969, Led Zeppelin played the Wheaton Youth Center, in Wheaton, Maryland.

It appears the Mango Duce, in the New York State real estate case, will use the

Just so everyone's keeping score at home...

Georgia District Attorney Requests in Trump 2020 Election Probe - MSNBC

On this day, January 20, 1982, forty years ago today, Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat.

Dusk with faint gaggle; heard them before I saw them. (Thru window)

How to reuse your N95 and KN95 masks...

Dusk with faint gaggle; thru window. Southern MD

Supreme Court Smacks Down Trump's Attempts To Block Records From January 6th Committee - Ring of Fire

Covid & Memory: Greetings From The Pandemic Memory Hole, Where The Last 2 Years Are One Big Blur

Is Biden Being Too Weak on Russia? Biden's Russia Policy Explained - TLDR News

'I will not stand by silently': Sotomayor blasts SCOTUS conservatives over their latest attack on ab

Jon Ossoff confronts Susan Collins over her past support for voting rights legislation

The Republican Party has no political platform. No written policies or objectives.

HOPPTORNET (TEN METER TOWER) by Axel Danielson & Maximilien Van Aertryck

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Best Of #20 Edition: Omicron Variant Edition

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, January 21, 2022 (Season Premiere)

Snow Leopard plays in the snow

Jimi Hendrix estate sues bandmates' heirs after alleged royalties and copyright threat

Sometimes when I read that when people are asked if they could have one Superpower

Al Gore: Emissions reductions hinge on AI measurements from space

So when are we going to mow

If you're wondering who's paying for all that ivermectin--you are

US sanctions Ukrainian officials accused of helping Russia

Republicans More Likely to Get Covid

4 Belarus officials charged with air piracy

Ari Melber quoted the rapper Orwell...

Who still believes that Trump was a Putin asset?

This is what oligarchy is about.

DeSantis says nurses don't want to get vaccinated because they want to have families.

Elvis could actually hit notes and stuff

Toronto councillor pushes for speculation tax to cool 'insanity' of escalating real estate prices

An actual Covid variant: BA.2

Why some Immigrants turn against Immigration (CNN)

USC Fraternities Will Be Required To Hire Security To Keep People Out Of Bedrooms Before They Can Pa

Giuliani Oversaw Fake Electors Plot In 7 States

The historic Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines, Iowa, sells to new ownership for $1.9 million

Rep. Lofgren: The 1/6 Committee Is 'Expecting A Large Amount Of Material In The Coming Days' - Deadline

Trump Is Cooked As Coup Details Surface - Rebel HQ

"In Hollywood, you haven't really made it until you've been recognized by those in parasitology...

Supreme Court rejects another attempt to block Texas' six-week abortion ban

Tweet of the Early Evening:

U.N. defines Holocaust denial, urges social media firms to fight it

FBI Searches House Of Congressman Henry Cuellar - The Damage Report

Will Ivanka refuse the Committee's invitation to appear and answer questions?

Wealth tax proposed by Egyptian former vice president