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James Gunn's Peacemaker show is incredible.

Bruce Hornsby & The Range - The Way It Is

Experts on What Happened in the Texas Blackout

My school district has been shut down due to covid for two weeks

I don't think Biden's reset got the desired affect. The news media and not just Fox are

Georgia District Attorney Requests in Trump 2020 Election Probe

MAGA Chuds Are Failing to Grow Their Audiences on Sites Like Gettr and Gab

Well, I stopped all national 'news' from being on my TV again. I stopped viewing all

More Congressional Subpoenas, But Still No Use of Congress's Lawful Tool of Inherent Contempt

Reaching 'big lie' believers is beyond the control of a single individual

A passenger refused to wear a mask on a London-bound flight. The pilot turned the plane around.

Tweet of the Evening:

Why Home Prices Keep Rising

GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn Cleans Gun During Veterans' Affairs Hearing

19-Year Fight Over Loud Toilet Is Finally Over Couple wins lawsuit over owners of neighboring apartm

Peloton Suspends Production Supply has outstripped demand as potential customers return to gyms

Michigan GOP co-chair says Trump campaign directed fake electors, per CNN audio

Anti Dr. Oz ads

Might be old news

Trump now wants his voters to commit voter fraud in 2022 and 2024

Something you might not hear on the MSM... unless you watch the Financials

Did VP Pence order the National Guard to the Capitol?

"Talk about a Carbon Tax" - Who's paying for Miami's Pumps?

Revelations in New York court underscore Trump's legal peril on multiple fronts

After the voting rights act didn't pass and the continued

What exactly can our Justice Department do to protect voting rights?

The Queen of Both-Siderism, Andrea Mitchell: Who's on First?

Tweet of the Night:

Democrats eye new strategy after failure of voting bill

1 police department loses 2 officers to COVID-19 within days

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Season 9 Official Trailer

Maduro, Putin talk after diplomat hints at military activity

Crazy cat lady heads cat charity. CEO quits in dismay

Pastor had 8 people locked in basement ...

Pelosi opens the door to stock trading ban for members of Congress

*Chris Hayes: 'You guys really should have done that 6 weeks ago.'

Hillary Clinton: The fight for the vote is worth fighting

Bernie Sanders: The time for Senate talk is over. We need to vote

How many times has Biden played golf his 1st year in office?

Final night of "Women of the Movement" The Emmett Till Story

Josh Hawley just said "Democrats don't accept elections that they don't win."

Some Montgomery County students plan to walkout Friday in demand of virtual learning.

Believe It Or Not, Gerrymandering Is Not The Most Effective Way To Suppress Democratic Turnout.

The OSHA rule is blocked. Here's how experts say employers can proceed.

DeSantis administration puts Florida health director on leave for encouraging vaccinations for his s

Serendipitous Prescience

Kentucky's governor vetoes GOP-drawn redistricting plans

Bernie: I'm proud to stand with over 8,000 UFCW Local 7 workers in Colorado who are on strike

How to Get Free N95 Masks From the Government

This is a great story, from twitter. I know. Me too. But for real tho - it's great

Ted Kennedy speech on the assassination of Martin Luther King jr.

Remember when Hillary Clinton suggested Tulsi Gabbard was a Russian asset?

Tell me you're an evil moron without telling me you're an evil moron: Greitans Edition

538: Why A Failed Voting Rights Push Is A Setback For Democracy -- And Democrats

24 Hours in Ukraine by Sen. Chris Murphy

Breaking news! M&M characters redesigned for a "more dynamic, progressive world," Mars announces

Swedish public sector crying out for IT talent

Trump Faces New Criminal Grand Jury Request From D.A. Investigating His Georgia Election Plot MSNBC

Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly Throws Shade At Kyrsten Sinema's Filibuster Reform Vote

Insurers are supposed to pay for COVID-19 tests starting Jan. 15.

Rittenhouse seeks return of gun used during Kenosha protest

Is Twitter down?

'Build Back Better' Hit a Wall, but Climate Action Could Move Forward

Why are businesses like restaurants not themselves requiring vax status for service.

January 6 rioters are running for Republican office as GOP pivots toward lawlessness

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

With gaffe on voting rights, Mitch McConnell confirms what many already fear

Federal inspectors allege Covid testing firm didn't put patients' names on specimens

For Evil to triumph, all it takes

Rupoort Murdock had a special on Fox News last night . It is frightening to imagine where their

Video: Fake Pay Rate Scam EXPOSED

Trump's loss in the Supreme Court is a win for the rest of us

Did anyone else see the Tom Hanks commercial with President Biden at the end

UK's Johnson says Russian invasion of Ukraine would be 'disaster' for world

The Lincoln Project-The dream of a total Trump coverup is dead.

The Lincoln Project-The dream of a total Trump coverup is dead.

Recent winter weather has left plenty of potholes for Seattle area drivers to contend with

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread

This dissent by Justice Sotomayor on Texas abortion law case is so very very powerful

Police Arrest Rep. Jamaal Bowman During Voting Rights Protest at the Capitol

Debunking the COVID-19 internment camp conspiracy theory

Opinion: In Year Two, Biden needs to be The Boss

Where Exactly Is Let's Go Brandon Going?

Safari 15 Privacy and probably Security hole


Florida Makes It Illegal For White People To Feel Uncomfortable

reporter hit by car but keeps on reporting

Motorcycle police chase ends with fatal crash

Enbridge says it has fixed pierced aquifer near oil pipeline

VP Kamala Harris FTW: 'It's only just the beginning.' 💖

Russian/Ukraine/NATO News

13 years ago tonight: in a cold freight elevator en route to an Inaugural ball.

The Infamous FBI Informant Behind a 20-Fatality Limo Crash

Capital High School in Olympia WA. Black basketball player facing racist abuse on court.

A perovskite I really like for the electrolytic reduction of carbon dioxide.

'Neon Moon' Brooks & Dunn

January 20, 1942, the Wannsee Conference for the "Final Solution" of the Jews

'We're Closing In On The Target': Raskin On Jan. 6 Panel Calling On Ivanka Trump

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Cleans Gun During Veterans Hearing

Let's talk about Biden's statements on Ukraine....

I am watching this really shitty WW III movie from the 1990s

Russia . . . . Ukraine . . . . NATO . . . . Biden . . . . GQP . . . . Russia

Caution, Speed Bumps - Sack Cartoon

As FL's economy crashes, DeSantis is going ahead with $543 million in tax refunds for corporations

Crisp & Flaky Egg Custard Tarts Dan Tat 蛋撻

This is one thing I do *NOT* like in the least about Wisconsin...

Adam Schiff on Lawrence tonight asked the question if the DA in Georgia can call a grand jury

With all the news tonight re: TFG, it looks like the "deep state" is kicking his ass.

Kansas sheriffs seeks to cement job in constitution

Your Auntie Grizelda

Liberal Redneck - Trashin' Mitch McConnell

Police Departments Are Making Their Own "Cops" Videos Counteracting Police Brutality Depicted On Soc

Opinion: The media wants to paint Joe Biden as a failure. He won't let that happen. - Rubin

Trump Is The 'First Sedition POTUS': Watergate Icon Says Trump Worse Than Criminal Nixon - The Beat

Understanding Covid-flation

Michael Cohen On Jan. 6: Anybody That Doesn't Think It's A Coup Is A Kook - The ReidOut - MSNBC

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 23, 2022 - Romantic Anthologies

TCM Schedule for Monday January 24, 2022 - Star of the Month: Kay Francis

Tired of Toein' the Line - Rocky Burnette

So they say Biden is senile. Let's just roll the tape for Trump's interview with Hannity tonight.

Biden confirmed 42 federal judges in the first year, and that was with Manchin and Sinema

Murders in Mexico fall 3.6% in 2021, but femicides rise

Biden Chief Of Staff On What Needs To Happen To Turn Public Opinion - All In - MSNBC

Australian farmer Ben Jackson couldn't attend his Aunt's funeral due to Covid restrictions.

Democratic Underground Date.

With Supreme Court Ruling, the Investigative Circle is Tightening Around Trump in NYGACongress

Snow potential index: 2/10 - We're on the edge of the next storm late Friday

anderson east - this too shall last (live in studio-2018) for my all my friends, esp. the XX ones

Trump's Secret Meetings Before Capitol Attack & Mitch McConnell Accidentally Says What He Means

Democratic Senator goes megaviral with SPEECH OF THE YEAR - Brian Tyler Cohen

Sec. Buttigieg: We're Focused On Making Infrastructure Jobs More Workers Of Color, Women- The ReidOut

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River (Official Lyric Video)

Legislature writes health care executive order into law

Rand Paul wants to overrule DC's COVID safety measures

Dirty Mistreater, Don't You Know

*Tom Hanks and Joe Biden!

Trae Crowder Talks About Carharrt Boycott

Boycott Kroger! Here's a list of the companies that are owned by them

'A Few Old Memories' - James King

Setback for Democracy: Manchin & Sinema Join Senate Republicans to Block Voting Rights Legislation

'Havana syndrome' unlikely caused by hostile foreign power, CIA says

Year 2: Biden plans more public outreach, less legislating

Residents, advocates decry proposed Kansas congressional maps as lawmakers advance GOP-authored prop

Did anyone see the ad on Lawrence's show that was demanding that Joe Biden resign?

Exclusive: YouTube shuts down two Oath Keepers channels

Blizzard claims four attempting to cross US-Canada border

Tom Hanks Narrates Video Marking One Year Of Joe Biden's Presidency.

Russia and China block new UN sanctions on 5 North Koreans

Colombia judges split on removing abortion from penal code

The Supreme Court for a third time allows Texas to bar abortions after 6 weeks

Tesla's expansion in Xinjiang 'sets a poor example', say US lawmakers

January 6 Committee Calls On Ivanka Trump

'The treeline is out of control': how the climate crisis is turning the Arctic green

Tucker Carlson I think just made a fatal error, attacking Howard Stern...

Dog saved from rising tide after being lured by sausage dangling from drone


Soccer fans who yell homophobic slurs will be banned from games for 5 years: Mexican Soccer Federati

Jimmy Fallon's Monologue Was Very Maligning To Biden Today.....

'This Is Insane': Jan. 6 Committee Letter To Ivanka Shows Trump White House Chaos - The Last Word

'I Can Understand Republicans - I Can't Understand Manchin, Sinema': Bernie Sanders Slams Colleagues

"Mr. Trump was PERSONALLY aware of the FACT that his ... representation was FALSE"

Rep. Schiff: Outtakes Of Trump's Jan. 6 Video To Rioters 'Likely Exist' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Lawmaker wants self-defense law named after Kyle Rittenhouse

Rep. Katie Porter And Her White Board Explain Strength Of Biden Economy - The Last Word - MSNBC

DC Officials Warn Businesses Of Coming Anti-Vax March

Rod Stewart - The First Cut Is The Deepest

Tweet of the Day

Mars has redesigned the M&M characters to be more woke. RIP Sexy Green M&M

Kansas officials want legislature's help in wooing massive, $4 billion secret factory

Mitch McConnell's viral Black voter comments cause widespread furor

Fox News' Mark Levin compares Black Lives Matter to the Nazi architects of the Final Solution.

Some Americans continue to refuse COVID-19 vaccine as hospitals feel strain from Omicron

"80 Years Ago the Nazis Planned the 'Final Solution.' It Took 90 Minutes" - NY Times

Bannon Suggests 'Scumbag' Senator Lindsey Graham Is Secretly Backing Biden

The time away from my wife is wearing me down and I have no one to talk to

How to help a stranger on the street in a mental health crisis

Canadian restaurant was closed (for days) after it accepted dog photos instead of vaccination proof

Braised Red Potatoes with Lemon and Chives

El Chapo's wife reveals she isn't really his wife

Southside OKC's Rep. Jos Cruz to resign for "acting inappropriately"

*New photos, reported on by the publication, show Ivanka and her family leaving

California's COVID gun store shutdowns ruled illegal

Biden vowed to fix America's immigration system. Here's what he achieved in his first year- PBS NewsHour

Keith Moon 2003 Biography Documentary

Nanoparticle-based cure for COVID shows good results.

January 6 Probe Tips Its Hand With Eye-Popping Details In Letter To Ivanka Trump - Rachel Maddow

Senate GOP to hide its legislative plans until after Election Day A reporter asked Mitch McConnell w

Rudy Giuliani Reportedly The Ringleader Of Fake Trump Elector Scheme - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Criminal Investigation Of Trump In Georgia Takes Key Step With Special Grand Jury Request - TRMS

Area schools not getting sub applications from state employees

January 6 Committee Uses Evidence To Paint Ivanka Trump Into A Corner On Testifying - Rachel Maddow

The singer Meat Loaf, whose hits included Bat Out of Hell, has died aged 64.

Chandler man sentenced to probation for Jan. 6 breach of U.S. Capitol

Seth Meyers- Senate GOP Blocks Election Bill, Manchin and Sinema Vote to Keep Filibuster: A Closer Look

Some vintage Fleetwood Mac / Bob Welch ....

The Daily Show: The GOP Blocks Voting Rights Legislation

Legendary singer and actor Meat Loaf dies aged 74

How to know TFG knew he lost the election and has been lying all along,

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/20/22

Texas pipeline company walks back threat to cut off gas to power plants

Texas GOP gubernatorial candidate says he won't fire staffer tied to white nationalist movement

So, who think Rudy G. will be prosecuted for the "fake electors" scheme?

Trump's new attorney must have AG James (NY) worried

I have been hiding from doing exercises.......

Former RDAG CFO Shane Smith sentenced to seven years in fraud scheme

Dozens feared dead after immense explosion rocks western Ghana

For those who can't get enough of Wordle...

On January 20, 1964, the album 'Meet the Beatles!' was released in the United States

How to Avoid Being Hospitalized for Covid.

Rip Meatloaf. Heaven can wait

Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Germany wants to attract 400,000 skilled workers from abroad each year

Why Ivanke will refuse to appear before the Jan 6th Committee,

The sky, on an evening in April, 2018.

More Modern Day Wisdom From Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Here's where I first heard Meatloaf. Uncle Ted and his band backing him up. :)

Biden's Schedule for Friday, January 21, 2022

My friend posted this.... Yeah it's a big fucken deal!

BBC: 'Africa's week in pictures: 14-20 January 2022

Friday TOONs - His Name Is Stampy

Is COVID-19 Fatigue Contributing to the Surge?

BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 14 - 21 January (2022)

More than 100 snakes discovered during wellness check on dead Charles Co. man

Stafford County School Board votes to keep mask mandate despite Youngkin's order

Patient beware: Some states are still pushing outdated Covid treatments

TMZ reporting Meatloaf died of COVID and railed against Aussie vaxx mandates...


Nation's largest abortion protest could be last under Roe

Nation's largest abortion protest could be last under Roe

Mexican abortion advocates look to help women in US

Mexican abortion advocates look to help women in US

'Dangerous precedent': Jan. 6 committee trains its sights on false pro-Trump electors

Va. attorney general files motion to dismiss lawsuit against order ending mask mandate

New audio reveals Michigan GOP co-chair was asked by the Trump campaign to fake elections

FBI Raid on Democrat's Home Part of Azerbaijan Probe

Parts of Southeast await a blast of snow, ice, freezing rain

We're doomed.

I'm so American I don't even know which part of Africa Mitch's ancestors stole mine from!!

Where Omicron Began: Gauteng Province SA

Sean Hannity Sent Kayleigh McEnany A Post-Riot 'Playbook,' Newly Released Texts Show

Breakfast Friday 22 January 2022

Intel building $20B Ohio chip facility amid global shortage

Joe Madison ends his voting rights hunger strike at 74 days

Just because we need to feel good @ times picture. Adam Schiff and family (not sure how long ago)

Good News Network: 'On January 21, 1982, B.B. King donated his record collection

Be grateful that no matter how much pie you eat, your

Girlfriend learns Japanese while boyfriend learns Estonian:

The origin of Super Villians: Gentleman Ghost

The Rundown: January 21, 2022

Snow report:

I know there are bigger things, but it's insane that FOX isn't under intense scrutiny for being so

Delaware House committee clears bill allowing terminally ill people end their own lives

When the arrest and prosecutions begin

Turkey orders cuts to gas use as flow halted from Iran

Heather Cox Richardson


Former Rep. Donna Edwards Announces Bid to Represent the 4th District Again

Meatloaf - Two Out of Three Ain't Bad - RIP

Guardian: 'The week in wildlife - in pictures, January 21, 2022

At least 60 reportedly killed, including children, in airstrikes in Yemen, says aid agency

All of the Trump investigations now have smoking gun evidence.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman Arrested During Voting Rights Protest Outside US Capitol

Spiking coronavirus cases are prompting St. Louis arts leaders to pause live shows

My goal was to lose ten pounds this year. I only have

Meat Loaf has died :(

Whenever I find bird droppings on my car, I sit on the porch eating a big plate of

Long Long Long

The seditionists took Trump's tweets AS INSTRUCTIONS.

It's hard to keep up with all the investigations...

TFG's worst nightmare. Strong smart people of color are coming after him

New Legislation Would Ban Ghost Guns in Maryland

WH has opened a hotline for those who can't order their 4 free COVID tests online

Heather Cox Richardson "Then we heard the news on pence... And lost it... So we stormed."

Sean Hannity Sent Kayleigh McEnany A Post-Riot 'Playbook,' Newly Released Texts Show

These charges 'renew', but also 'deepen' big problems, for trump/trumpers

The original/OG Karen: Peggy Gravel!

Covid deaths in chronically ill people should not be treated as a silver lining

Meat Loaf - a life in pictures

Those who watch FOX or rely on anything it spews should understand this:---

Who has been subpoenaed so far by the Jan. 6 committee?

Do The Math. Putin Equals Fox News

Eric Boehlert: Biden's getting doomsday press -- just like Obama did

Riverview councilman censured, removed from committees after alleged remarks

Today is the 49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Cracks open between Republicans as alleged scheme to falsify 2020 election documents emerges

Adele faces massive backlash

Hot Package: Billy Ray, Adam McKay Team For 'J6,' Film About January 6 Assault On Capitol

Chevron, Total exit Myanmar over deteriorating human rights

3 Pennsylvania officers fired after being charged in the fatal shooting of 8-year-old Fanta Bility

Tom Hanks in new video on the first year of the Biden-Harris Administration.

Biden rocks it! Judicial nominations confirmed now at 42.

Tom Hanks in new video on the first year of the Biden-Harris Administration.

Poll: Who would you prefer to run for higher office -- Katie Porter or AOC?

Robert Reich: Why Manchin and Sinema Came out Against Voting Rights

New York: MTA publishes Interborough Express feasibility study

Jane Mayer: Is Ginni Thomas a Threat to the Supreme Court?

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: Jan. 20

Mama Pittie Was Hiding Her Puppies In A Burrow

Golden Earring - Twilight Zone (live on German TV show Rockpalast, 1982 & studio version)

Louie Anderson Dies: Comedian & Emmy Winner Was 68

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson Vs. Howard Stern: Who Wins?

Duke University leading national study to assess effectiveness of Ivermectin

Water cooler chat question

Count noses:

My Act Blue link isn't showing up

Golden just trying to get comfortable:

Asking the courts to force employees from not leaving


Just a little taste, please:

'The people of St. Louis want to recycle,' says alderwoman

Wash U program shows occupational therapy can be a powerful tool for homeless shelters

What happened to Tonka? Missouri chimp at center of court battle is missing -- or dead

Parson calls for tax cuts, raises for Missouri state employees and $400M for broadband expansion

Sixty-two Missouri school districts temporarily closed in January

Hamtramck judge apologizes for berating elderly cancer patient over weeds

Alpha then delta & now omicron 6 questions answered as COVID-19 cases once again surge across globe

Hannity Advised Trump to Stop Talking Stolen Election

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a solid to slight margin are likely to be

Damn Louue Anderson has died

One dirty trick that would entirely change the political landscape in our favor

'As Bad As It Gets': Trump Took Hits From All Sides This Week. What Hurt Him Most?

We now know Rudy was coordinating the fake electors, the forged documents, who else?

What drove inflation in 2021. 70 percent of the deviation was due to three items: Cars, oil, meat.

Jewish Capitol visitors lft 'confused' after Lauren Boebert askd if they were doing "reconnaissance"

U of A men's basketball is ranked number 3 in the nation.

Boris Ex-Friend Says He Has No Morals & Exposes His 'Biggest Weakness'

1994 ASG: Meat Loaf performs national anthem.

Texas man charged with threatening election, government officials in Georgia

Let's take a trip to Bizzaro land. Just saw these headlines

The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows" as covered by Monsoon

He Lost Everyone He Knew Due To His Obsession With QAnon. Then Came Jan. 6.

Comic book/animated TV show you liked, but simply didn't hit it big?

Not often you remember what you were doing exactly 40 years ago

What happened to social distancing??

( Tweet) Mehdi Hasan @mehdirhasan: I genuinely don't get how anyone can *not* think that an hour of

18,034 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 73 deaths

While Trump watched the attack on the capital, he was tweeting about Pence.

"F" around and find out

The Lincoln Project-Buyer's remorse

The Lincoln Project-Buyer's Remorse

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 21, 2022

This California Dairy Farm's Secret Ingredient for Clean Electricity: Cow Poop

Louie Anderson, Emmy-winning comedian, dies at 68

When Power Goes to Elected People's Heads, We All Lose

I'm sick of hearing about how difficult it is to prove "state of mind" and "intent"

Ex-Giuliani associate Fruman to be sentenced in campaign finance case

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton tests positive for coronavirus

Good Day DU (January 21, 2022)

Louie Anderson has died.

Trump was very lucky no member of congress was killed.

Their job is to deliver America on a silver platter to fascists and oligarchs, foreign and domestic

Jen Psaki is on The View right now. nt

Bipartisan Group Pushes For Modest Election Overhaul Bill

"Republicans and Americans"

Rep. Lauren Boebert Asked A Group Of Jewish Capitol Visitors If They Were Doing "Reconnaissance"

ABWH (think Yes)- Roundabout (just dropped a couple of days ago)

Ex-Sec Def Cohen comment on CNN.

Biden administration raises minimum wage for federal employees to $15

Woman threatens "every single gun loaded" to shoot and kill over mask mandate.

If you had bought a bitcoin on 11/02/21

Covid doesn't care if you are famous


Salon - Media messes up coverage of voting rights, blames Biden for GOP's racism

Memories of Meatloaf

Lech Walesa has covid

House panel broadens probe into climate disinformation by Big Oil

'If I Die, I Die': Meat Loaf Spurned COVID Rules Before Death

Leader of the pack:

Very Nice How They're Avoiding Mention Of How Meat Loaf Died

High five with the bear:

Very cute: father and daughter playing together. Hilarity ensues:

Hank Williams "Hey Good Lookin' (live)

Celebrities call for action after brutal attack in Toluca Lake (upscale area of Los Angeles)

Jerry Lee Lewis "Great Balls of Fire" (in stereo!)

It's almost like it's raining

Before we all start remembering Meatloaf, here is his wikipedia "politics" page

The amazing guitar work of Dave Edmonds in Love Sculpture

Those currently going through a rough patch should not

Omicron surge is undermining care for other health problems

About Joe Manchin.....Not up for reelection till November 2024..Just so everyone knows.

Right now IFC is running a mostly overlooked nature documentary from the mid-80s

Some of dis and Some of dat

They fought critical race theory. Now they're focusing on 'curriculum transparency

so when the movie, "The Trump Insurrection" comes out

Norway mass killer tests limits of lenient justice system

Michigan gop chair caught on audio admitting drumpf behind fake electors

Tannya Benavides, Susan Hays, and Steve Duble on Blue Talk Texas

'Election Law Enforcement' Units coming to location near you

The kid doing social media for OK Department of Wildlife is cracking me up

The Senate took a big step toward regulating Big Tech

Dems need to own the Stop the Steal meme

How a Volcano Severed Tonga From the World

Jeopardy fans: Does Amy tie Matt with a win today?

Ukrainian military intelligence says Russia is smuggling weapons into eastern Ukraine and recruiting

John Mellencamp - Wasted Days ft. Bruce Springsteen

Virginia Karen Threatens to Bring 'Loaded' Guns to School If Her Kids Have to Mask Up

The 1619 Project, other history books should not be banned from SC's classrooms

Fake paperwork is just what federal investigators need to climb atop the conspiracy to overturn...

"Ozark" 7 episodes on Netflix now. Season 4.

Sources in Media: Check your links

CNN Poll: As Supreme Court ruling on Roe looms, most Americans oppose overturning it

GOP Officials Demand Mike Lindell End False Election Claims About Idaho

His parents had a stuffed toy made from one of his drawings:

Trump appointee blocks Biden federal worker vaccine mandate

Trump executive order that would have seized the voting machines and named a special counsel

Complete Hillary Clinton interview with Howard Stern from 2019

Read the never-issued Trump order that would have seized voting machines

Lucas Kunce: Americans Get JAILED For Insider Trading, Politicians Should Too

DeSantis dodges COVID-19 booster shot question again, even as Trump says not answering is 'gutless'

Secretary of State Antony Blinken meets with Russian counterpart amid Ukraine crisis

Officials respond to weapons comment made at Page County School Board meeting

OK bill (SB1442) would bar schools from teaching social emotional learning

Masked Reflections

Trump White House records previously contested have been delivered to House January 6 committee

The Klan Was The Original 'Election Police': GOP, FL, South Try To Militarize, Police Voting; Pettus

Press to Psaki: "Does the President like Meat Loaf?"

Negative Patient Descriptors: Documenting Racial Bias In The Electronic Health Record

And people say I shouldn't go to Walmart

Authorities charge teen in TN 'swatting' incident

The rant light is ON: For anyone who endorsed or supported the former guy---

It was a great day in the Supreme Court for anyone who wants to bribe a lawmaker

I am American posts

Copy of the Executive Order Sidney Powell and Giuliani almost got Trump to sign...

Run for the Trees: Happy Little Virtual 5K

Cartoons 1/21/2022

Billionaire Bezos wants to bring free preschool to Everett

Acrobatic KittyCat

Texas court has blocked enforcement of the FEDERAL employee vaccination mandate nationwide.

Funko to close Everett warehouses, shift work to Arizona

Neighbors hold out on plan for new Lake Stevens trail

Schwab: Deranged? You might be too if you're paying attention

I need a closed captioned copy of Casablanca on DVD

I have Covid

Arctic blast to bring significant ice and snow to several states

Rejoice--Kyrsten Sinema's Political Career is Already Over

Jury in federal trial in Floyd killing appears mostly white

WaPo's Phil Bump: What if a left-leaning Scotus justice did what Thomas's wife does?

Hillary Clinton Helpfully Suggests that Republicans Look at Trump's E-mails

Shadow's a played-out puppy dog.

The Prisoner

'One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure'

Exchange of the Day

Stanley Clarke - East River Drive (1993)

Plea Reached in Arson of Democratic Party Headquarters

TFG revived his years-long beef with windmills on Fux Noise

Big Food is ready to sell you more plant-based meat

Citing Supply Chain Problems, Texas Secretary of State Places Limits On Voter Registration Forms

Biden speaking at the Conference of Mayor's. CNN n/t

Walz announces budget package, which includes direct payments to Minnesotans

Judge calls Phoenix man facing charges in US Capitol riot 'a serious danger'

Wisconsin republican says the quiet part out loud...

Mark Pocan has asked the U.S. attorney general to investigate Republicans who filed false paperwork

Texas went big on oil. Earthquakes followed.

Fucking over the Pine Barrens. Star-Ledger article today.

Travis McMichael's Attorneys Say the State Never Proved Beyond a Reasonable Doubt He Was 'Guilty' of

Fred Parris of The Five Satins, creator of doo-wop classic 'In the Still of the Night,' dead at 85

The quiet part isn't the quiet part anymore.

'Scenery photos'

I To I - The Right Time

Fun thread from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (Twitter users)

I love joe... have for a long time

Repub. Are Now Proposing 'Election Law Enforcement' Units to Crack Down on Nonexistent Voter Fraud

Maybe it's time to put "Suicide" as cause of death on anti vac/mask Covid certificates of death.

Pelosi And Schumer Tell America The Truth About Biden's Impressive First Year

Wow Biden hit it out of the park today at the Mayor's Conference

A Judge Tried to Deny a Teen's Abortion Partly Because of Her GPA

'People Need to Know She Sucks': Kyrsten Sinema's Volunteers, Ex-Staff Are Fed Up

Joe Biden is not failing or flailing

((Rumor: Gov Youngkin and others, maybe have COVID))

Florida Health Official Put On Leave After Promoting Covid Vaccines

The Muslim Doctor Behind the First Cocaine-laced Pig-to-Human Heart Transplant

So many touting the "great natural singing talent" of meatloaf. Now, I know art is subjective...

Jan 6 Committee Invites Ivanka Trump To Testify In February

'Like a clown car on fire': Cooper reacts to Giuliani's fake electors plot

BREAKING: Georgia sues Biden administration over health waiver

January 6 rioters are running for Republican office as GOP pivots toward lawlessness

Jon Voight says Lincoln's spirit is guiding Trump and that only Trump can save us

Sens. Klobuchar and Feinstein tussle over tech anti-trust bill

Kyle Rittenhouse named in civil suit filed by parents of man killed in Kenosha

Tweet of the Day

Video: President Joe Biden gives remarks at U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting

President Biden calls Ohio's new Intel semiconductor plant 'a symbol of what America is all abou

Mike Luckovich-Top Contagion Spreader

If "Republicans" were a sports team, they would not have gotten a participation trophy...

Pro-Oz group changes 'You're Fired' ad against McCormick

Florida Republicans Try to Further Shield Donors

Donna Edwards jumps into the race for her old Md. congressional seat.

Blast from the past: An Olbermann Worst Persons ...

Star Trek: Picard - Season 2 Official Trailer - Paramount+

We just launched Donna's campaign for Congress and we wanted to make sure you saw the big news.

Every republican has a copy

Asa Hutchinson reports that 3% of Arkansans have active case of Covid 19.

Articles in the Washington Blade about Virginia

Asa Hutchinson reports that 3% of Arkansans have active case of Covid 19.

Bird Who Lost Her Owner Loves Dancing With New Dad

Social Media did the job.

Donald Trump's rationale for seizing voting machines was worse than you might have assumed

Georgia Has a Very Strong Case Against Trump

Igor Fruman, an ex-Giuliani associate, gets one year in prison in campaign finance case

I know disgusting things will crawl out when you turn over rotted logs, but I never thought

I was at Food Lion when and unmasked cashier sneezed

Photo: The Spirit of Lincoln Logs

King Soopers Reaches Tentative Agreement With Union To End Strike

Activision Blizzard employees at Raven Software ask management to recognize new union

"Are cats good?" (LOL)

'If I Die, I Die': Meat Loaf Spurned COVID Rules Before Death

Anybody make vegan buffalo chickn nuggets?

Dec 18th-acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller ordered a "Pentagon-wide halt to cooperation"

Notebook revealed statements by Brian Laundrie claiming responsibility for Gabby Petito's death

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a safe to tilt margin.

NPR 'Founding Mother' Unloads on Public Editor Over SCOTUS Story: 'She's Not Clarifying Anything!'

How Activision Blizzard's first labor union may form Raven Software, The Game Workers Alliance

Dick Butkus gets his blue checkmark on Twitter and starts kicking butt

Biden administration suspends 44 flights by Chinese airlines

Crypto Meltdown Erases More Than $1 Trillion in Market Value

Wisconsin GOP lawmaker calls for election cheating in video

SB 1553 would ban abortion in Oklahoma after 30 days

Thousands of Giuliani Texts Shared with Prosecutors

i have covid. crum.

Biden taps new election money regulator

Patriot Front Fascist Leak Exposes Nationwide Racist Campaigns - UNICORN RIOT

Men Are Creating AI Girlfriends and Then Verbally Abusing Them

The best part of all the criminality being exposed right now is that the Slobfather

TCM tonight:

Igor Fruman, an ex-Giuliani associate, gets one year in prison in campaign finance case

Trump's January 6 documents are at the House. When can we see them and what's next?

YOU are cold. They have fur. Do not let inside.

(Jewish Group) For many Jewish Americans, police protection at synagogues is normal

(Jewish Group) After 18 years, Ann Arbor condemns weekly synagogue protesters as antisemitic

(Jewish Group) NYPD arrests woman who told Jewish siblings: 'Hitler should have killed you all'


(Jewish Group) Austrian artist under fire after posting star of David made of syringes

Why isn't she arrested?

The Virginia woman that threatened to bring guns to school seems like a nice person

Mom tells school board she'll bring 'loaded' guns to oppose mask mandates in Virginia

(Jewish Group) Top US security officials to US Jews: Colleyville was a 'terrorist attack on Jews"

P.M. Update: Very cold tonight ahead of a frozen Saturday, then a slight thaw for Sunday.

(Jewish Group) UN General Assembly passes a 2nd resolution condemning Holocaust denial

In this round, I got the...

I got my first vaccination shot today

"It's taxes or pitchforks"

Texas AG Ken Paxton, opponent of vaccine and mask mandates, tests positive for coronavirus

Thich Nhat Hanh has died. I rejoice for him, I am sorrowful for the wold.

Are there a cpl of compromised rethug senators

Bonus Tweet of the Day

The "Don't Say Gay" bill (HB 1557/SB 1834) has passed its first Florida House Committee.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

"The Day After Russia Attacks What War in Ukraine Would Look Like--..." by Alexander Vindman

Drunk Irish People Try Identifying US States

DOJ arrests Texas man over alleged threats to Georgia elections officials

Dear Russia

Opinion: Courts hand Donald Trump loss after loss after loss

House January 6 committee now has all the White House records Trump tried to block

Meidas Touch-Bye, Rudy.

Meidas Touch-Bye, Rudy.

Texas man faces federal charges for allegedly threatening Georgia election officials

You just knew it had to be Texas . . .

Drunk Irish People Try Following A Bob Ross Tutorial

What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan. 21, 2022

Court fight brews over constitutionality of Texas governor's border arrests

Alex Murdaugh charged with 23 new crimes

Meidas Touch Launches Duo of TV Ads on Fox News

Meidas Touch Launches Duo of TV Ads on Fox News

Attorney General Ken Paxton defies county official's order to release records related to Jan. 6

US, French, & Italian Navys to conduct rare "tri carrier operations" in the Eastern Mediterranean

Leaked Chats Reveal Evidence of Hate Crimes by U.S. Fascists

Maybe they got it wrong in the 1700"s???? -

Georgia pastor, wife charged with false imprisonment after people found in locked basement

"Under Suspicion" *** SPOILERS! ***

Meatloaf - Heaven Can Wait

So....Nursing students don't have to get COVID vaccines, because Jeebuz.

Thousands of Giuliani Texts Shared with Prosecutors

Whole lot of witches out there ... TFG, "This is all a witch hunt."

Bernie Sanders: The time for Senate talk is over. We need to vote

Gardai investigating after man's body used in apparent attempt to claim pension

Media: Have The Democrats Shifted Too Far Left?

Ari is pathetic this evening

Religious women have abortions, too. And many faiths affirm abortion rights.

Chile's president-elect names progressive, majority-women cabinet

Democracies do not seek to restrict voting rights.

ARRESTED. the woman who spat on 8 year old. she's a 21 year old college student

US taskforce defending election officials makes first arrest over alleged death threats

US taskforce defending election officials makes first arrest over alleged death threats

Help. Calls from physicians office are being blocked as spam.. iPhone.

Opinion: #MitchPlease, Black Americans are Americans

Opinion: #MitchPlease, Black Americans are Americans

Wildlife YouTuber discovers new species of tarantula

UN condemns Saudi-led airstrike on Yemen prison

Government MANDATES that you drive on the right side of the road.


Donald Trump wants to have his cake and eat it too

Jan. 6 Panel Obtains Bombshell Draft Executive Order for Trump to Seize Vote Machines

Supreme Court's Sotomayor calls Texas abortion case a 'disaster' in blistering dissent

'No SALT, no deal.' Some House Democrats say deduction must be in Build Back Better

'Bizarre and Upsetting': Two Men Carry Corpse Into Post Office in Bid for Dead Man's Pension

You Know What's Not Helping The Conversation, Aaron Rodgers ??

Draft Executive Order Was A 'Nightmare Scenario' In Trump's Final Days

Covid booster shots effective against severe illness from omicron, CDC studies say

I got an acronym for Bitcoin's exchange name, BTC