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Archives: January 24, 2022

"YOU are cold. They have fur. Do not let inside."

Ukraine: US orders families of embassy staff to leave

Death of LBJ, as reported by Austin American, today 1973:

Biden's First-Year Approval Better Than Trump's, But More Polarized

Media goes after VA Governor Youngkin. Asks if he is "going too far to the right"?

That Blood Thirsty Mutherfucker is Going to Start WWIII in the Ukraine

Cheney challenger wins big in Wyoming GOP activists' straw poll

Chicago - Beginnings - 7/21/1970 - Tanglewood (Official)

"Let's hope they have a kissing booth!"

OMG....they opened the Antivaxxer rally with a Meatloaf song!

Idaho's one last chance to save the state from the grip of extremist candidates

Beginnings (2002 Remaster)

Fauci Goes Scorched Earth On Conservatives

The Ron DeSantis base voters...

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a safe to tilt margin.

Connecticut man charged with making racist comment in tirade at smoothie shop

Saving the manatees -- rescue by rescue, rehab by rehab

Infamous neo-Nazi skinhead band member dies of 'Covid complications' in Co Antrim hospital

Trump should have been 'vaporized' the moment he announced he won: Ann Coulter

The coming anti LGBTQ backlash

Don Wilson, co-founder of The Ventures, dies at 88

Is Bernie right...?

Judge Issues Stinging Free Speech Ruling Against University of Florida

Why we care about finding patient zero

Is this Super Bowl going to be bloody?

I'm putting all you Cali football fans on ignore this week.

The cover of People Magazine.

Man Charged After Allegedly Showing His Ass On Flight And Refusing To Wear Mask

Which states never had a Democratic US Senator and a Republican US Senator for a long time?

I'm on day 25 of Dry January.

Jan. 6 Committee is Talking with Former AG Bill Barr, Signaling Further Trouble for Donald Trump

Rams already on defense against 49ers -- by banning ticket sales to Bay Area football fans

Richard Ojeda Has A Message For Joe Manchin

A Note to the Conservative "Freedom Fighters"

The Meidas Touch - A Coup in Plain Sight (A Meidas Original Short)

Poor confused doggo:

Meidas Touch-This is a coup in plain sight

START THE STEAL: New MAGA Emails Reveal Plot to Hand Arizona to Trump

It's Official: Maura Healey Announces Run for Massachusetts Governor

"If anything happens, I love you"

Amazing: dead leaf butterfly

US Citizens are now advised to leave Ukraine.

I"m so sorry

FYI: stick computers. A 5" PC.

Start the Steal: New MAGA Emails Reveal Plot to Hand Arizona to Trump


How Trump's flirtation with an anti-insurrection law inspired Jan. 6 insurrection

Rudy G 9/11 T Shirts

NY Times just can't help themselves: For Many Who "Marched", Jan. 6 Was Only the Beginning

Special effects before CGI:

Some more birds in flight.

Wisconsin Hospital Sues At-Will Workers for Jumping Ship at Same Time to Get Better Jobs

Rabbi Angela Buchdahl details call with Texas gunman in 'Captives of Hope' sermon

Dolphin giving birth:

(Jewish Group) Rabbi Angela Buchdahl details call with Texas gunman in 'Captives of Hope' sermon

*All Creatures Great and Small on Masterpiece, coming up, on PBS (WETA.)

John Stockton's defiance of COVID-19 mask mandate forces Gonzaga to suspend NBA Hall of Famer's bask

Catholic Diocese of Arlington instructs its schools to follow Virginia mask exemption order

ive been listening to nice ,calm music before i end my broadcast day. when music wasnt mean.

Republican falls on her face on air when asked how restricting voting makes it safer - Brian Tyler

Fighting racial bias with an unlikely weapon: Footnotes

U.S. threatens use of novel export control to damage Russia's strategic industries if Moscow invades

I'm hearing the tomahawk chop

Federal prosecutors have been investigating D.C.'s pension board, responsible for $10 billion...

Speechless': Lawmaker reacts to Newt Gingrich's comments during Fox interview

Detroit man charged with setting pregnant girlfriend on fire released on 5k bail payment.

Perspective: If local journalism manages to survive, give Evan Smith some credit for it

"My Gentle, Intelligent Brother Is Now A Conspiracy Theorist And His Beliefs Are Shocking"

Rambo the Orangutan driving a golf cart

French adventurer, 75, disappears attempting to row solo across the Atlantic

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Anyone download the latest iPhone update?

Trump-Branded Executive Privilege - Mark Fiore

US reduces staff at embassy in Ukraine

Just shut up Newt!

Madison WI: "Republicans vote to allow 18-year-olds to carry concealed weapons on school property"

The Kansas City / Buffalo game is the most exciting yet!

i now got this song stuck in my earworm player .

He does *not* stick the landing

Chiefs beat Bills in overtime 42-36!!!!

"1990, 400k Ukrainians🇺🇦 joined hands from Kyiv to Lviv to demand independence" #StandWithUkraine

"1990, 400k Ukrainians🇺🇦 joined hands from Kyiv to Lviv to demand independence" #StandWithUkraine

What a game.

40 ft surf at waimea bay yesterday.....biggest of the season so far....

4 killed, 1 hurt in 'ambush' shooting at house party near LA (near superbowl location)

French fashion icon Thierry Mugler who has dressed Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Beyonc, dies

My portrait of Sophie

Biden Weighs Deploying Thousands of Troops to Eastern Europe and Baltics

jet skis runs for their lives on the outer reef break last year....

SNL cold-open: Trump plays Wordle, Ted Cruz's 'sloppy' phrasing and Djokovic drama - Washington Post

A stowaway was found alive in a plane wheel in Amsterdam after flying more than 11 hours

Richmond School Board votes to take legal action in apparent attempt to block Youngkin mask order

Dozens of Richmond teachers plan to call in sick Monday as School Board shifts meeting about...

Start the Steal: New MAGA Emails Reveal Plot to Hand Arizona to Trump

Opinion: It's past time for online voter registration in Texas

Your Moment of Calm - Wolf Making Snow Angels

Opinion: It's past time for online voter registration in Texas Carol Alvarado

Megachurch in Shambles Over Pastor's Alleged Affair

Two Truths and a Lie

Former Attorney General William Barr has spoken to January 6 committee, chairman says- Face the Nation

Donald Trump wades deeper into Texas politics with 20 endorsements in primary races

Donald Trump wades deeper into Texas politics with 20 endorsements in primary races

My Chiefs are going to the AFC Championship

As the truth trickles out, will rethugs finally abandon TFG?

Best cities where the majority of homes are less than 100k.

The Biden Jobs Boom Is Bigger Than We Thought

It's Up To You - Moody Blues studio version & Justin Hayward, live, 1998

The People Who Want To Do It Again

Taiwan reports new large-scale Chinese air force incursion

If the Rams go to the Super Bowl, an interesting conundrum will occur


One of the great live versions. Blue Oyster Cult-Godzilla

fans OF Saturday Night Live ,, check out this Band from Korea!!

Beto O'Rourke says he'll reach out to 2 million Texas voters in February amid voting problems

BrooklynDad_Defiant: RT & Follow The Really American Team, Help Expand Dem majorities in 2022

Texas deputy fatally shot at traffic stop; gunman took off

Top January 6 Investigator Fired From Other Job

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitic flyer dump...again.

(Jewish Group) Attacker slugs man in Hassidic clothing in Brooklyn

IMDB Bottom 100. How many have you seen?

Just for the record: Merrill Lynch racist's attorney's response to uproar.

Monks in New Mexico desert dedicated to hospitality reflect on two years without guests

Tweet of the Early Morning:

Palestine, Anderson County and Union Pacific Railroad headed to trial in March

PG&E's criminal probation to end amid ongoing safety worries

Seoul says it paid Iran's delinquent UN dues to restore vote

Some Of The Capitol Rioters Were Even Dumber Than Previously Thought - Ring of Fire

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku Instrumental Summit Vol.19 Ladies Night / Live Digest

The kind of community I want

Few details are available about the incentives Ohio gave Intel to build a semiconductor chip campus

Franck, Milhaud

Today's Wordle.



Howard Shore: 'Mythic Gardens', 3 movements, Cello & Orchestra

Sarah Palin v. New York Times Spotlights Push to Loosen Libel Law.

How safe is Earth from an asteroid impact? (2013) - 60 Minutes Archive


One last offering tonite: Arvo Part's 'Tabula Rasa'

Fiery Teostra, the Lion of the Sands -- Monster Hunter World


Second journalist shot dead in a week in Mexico's Tijuana

Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protests During Omicron Surge - NBC News

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a safe to tilt margin.

Insurrection Investigation Committee Reveals GOP's Batshit Plan To Overturn 2020 Election- Full Frontal

Trump mocked over video that shows him ordering applause at Mar-A-Lago brunch

Re-Posting This Piece (Here) From Yesterday

Democrats make surprising inroads in redistricting fight

US orders families of Kyiv embassy staff to depart Ukraine - NewsNation Prime

How the U.S. could address confusing, shifting COVID-19 health directives - PBS NewsHour

Putin rising from the grave of his hero

Republicans Still Claiming Credit For Infrastructure Bill They Voted Down - Ring of Fire

Waning Gibbous, 62% visible 1/24/22 4:04 a.m.

D.C.-area forecast: A third straight colder-than-normal week, but the chance of snow is small.

NATO sends ships and fighter jets to eastern Europe

Burkina Faso's President Kabore is held by mutinous soldiers

Australian Open

'Utama' Review: Visually Stunning Bolivian Drama Explores the Dying Quechua Way of Life

Blind man who rescued 5 after Oklahoma City bombing dies

For the folks facing Monday out there remember

Cruise ship changes course after US judge orders seizure

We can afford to reverse poverty and climate breakdown. What we can't afford is the alternative

Four countries formalize "Ocean Highway" in the Galapagos Islands

I just read that weed is a gateway drug

Colombian farmers -and Ecuador- welcome court decision against aerial fumigation of coca crops

Temple Grandin Wants Us to Think Differently About Kids Who Think Differently.

145 human rights activists killed in Colombia in 2021, says ombudsman

Biden's schedule for Monday, January 24, 2022

Sermon on Collyville TX "Captives of Hope" Rabbi Angela Buchdahl

Russia Plans Exercise Near Ireland

CBC*: Snow dogs and winter birds in this week's photo gallery, January 24, 2022

Can somebody explain to me what is this nonsense about placing a bottle in your parked car's tire if

Leading Colombian presidential candidate pushes for phase-out of oil and gas production

Sweden sends troops to Baltic island as Russian navy steps up presence DW News

Ohio Redistricting Commission adopts new state maps by deadline

CBC*: Your North: Best reader photos for the week of January 16, 2022

Is Putin trying to save his friend Trump from all his legal problems by his moves on

DeWine: Additional transparency not needed in massive Medicaid contracts

White nationalists are flocking to the US anti-abortion movement

World record teddy bear toss

The GOP are doing Putin's work for him.shamelessly tearing down our commander-in-chief, the traitors

Expansion in Gulf of Mexico drilling splits U.S. House panel along party lines

📢 Jan 24 at 8:30PM Sen. Sanders Town Hall with UFCW Grocery Workers 🍞

'Jackie Robinson was the first black player inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame

China tests 2M in Beijing, lifts COVID lockdown in Xi'an

Meat Loaf and Meatloaf and Weber Grills

Michael Cohen: Trump Told Me To Send Don Jr To Prison But Not Ivanka

Va.'s new attorney general fires UVa counsel who was on leave working as top investigator for Jan. 6

New VA AG fires UVA counsel working on leave as top investigator for 6 Jan panel

Monday TOONs - Shell Game

A peaceful moment for you today

Assange wins first stage in effort to appeal US extradition

France bars unvaccinated from restaurants, sports venues

"Spotted outside my friend's apartment building."

Sanders Doesn't Rule Out Supporting Manchin, Sinema Primary Challengers

It's Pretty Clear That Ship Has Sailed

Matanzas: The rebirth of Cuba's abandoned cultural hub

Heard announcement this morning there are republicans calling for Biden to send support to Ukraine

Sensitive snowflakes -by Tom Tomorrow

Is Old Music Killing New Music?


For Trumpists trying to claim Putin sees Biden and Obama as weak and Trump as strong:

If I had attempted a coup and an over-throw of an election...

Watch the James Webb Space Telescope glide to its deep-space parking spot today

You raised $50.00 on January 23, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund!!!

Stock futures fall ahead of a packed week of earnings, Fed meeting

France: "No vaccine, no entry!"...United Kingdom: "It's just the flu!"

Born on this date.

Seven school boards sue to stop Gov. Youngkin's mask-optional order on the day it takes effect

Video: Ruffed Grouse Drumming

Today's Wordle - Monday 1/24/2022

Day is Done -- Peter, Paul and Mary Live

Old-Fashioned, Inefficient Light Bulbs Live On at the Nation's Dollar Stores

Video: Winter Wren Portrait

Triple Homicide at a California High School Linked To Mexican-American Narcotics Ring In "Operation

"If I Had a Rocket Launcher" - Bruce Cockburn


Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 1/19/2022

The Rundown: January 24, 2022

Video: Prairie Warbler Portrait

Vote-by-mail rejections test integrity of Texas Republicans' voting law

Mr. Stockton, when we read a quote of what you said and our first thought is

Hundreds of children held by IS in besieged prison in Syria

Warren Zevon was born on this date.

Video: Willow Flycatcher - Fitz-bew!

Can you be too rich? I always think of that Russian story; In the end he only needed 6ft of land.

Video: Dickcissel

Aaron Neville has a birthday today.

It's Neil's birthday today.

Video: Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Speaking of COVID; the dogs think we quit our jobs to spend more time with them, the cats think we

No more neutrality.

KC -- Self Reflection

Monday Breakfast 23 January 2022

Could, would, should Biden ask FailedCoupGuy

Please, No War

Eric Clapton claims that we were all hypnotized to get the Covid vaccines.

Stephanie Grisham On Ivanka Trump Expectations

Video: Bobolink

How much information did Barr give the Committee's lawyers?

Putin could be taken down with sanctions. His economy is already dropping.

This morning's 2:30am wake up call came from Gryff.

Pro-Trump Death Threats prompt bills in 3 states to protect election workers

Moody Blues - Driftwood

Several wounded in shooting at German university; gunman dead

So I bullied our dentist's secretary today on the phone. Got an appointment for tomorrow

Legislature, Governor could revise Missouri's Sunshine Law

So Newt Gingrich says Garland and committee could go to jail.

US Detains Smuggling Ship, UK Seizes Drugs in Mideast Waters

Sarah Palin tests positive for COVID

Jan. 6 Committee In Talks With Former AG Bill Barr

There goes affirmative action.

Gunman dead after shooting at University of Heidelberg in Germany

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich turns a blind eye to fake Trump electors

Ohio State student workers organize protest, call for higher minimum wage

Peter Frampton- Somethings Happening (Monday morn eye opener)

I keep trying to test my granddaughter for covid

Tucker Carlson's Raunchy Video - EXPOSED

Supreme Court Will Hear Challenge to Affirmative Action at Harvard and U.N.C.

Call on Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes etc to require a vax card to enter.

Rick Wilson issues a chilling warning about 'the new GOP'

Supreme Court throws out Kevin McCarthy's lawsuit against Nancy Pelosi over Covid-19 voting rules

"Empire of Pain"

Online Christian Martyrs

Hypocrite House Republicans tout infrastructure funding they voted against

GOP gaslighting elections

"Ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge."

US Conservatives Linked to Rich Donors Wage

What to do about Justice Thomas?

It may be wise to not put too many eggs in the "fake ballots" box?

Kitteh paws must always be on top:

Proving Trump, his enablers, knew the big lie was not true would show, prove intent.

Playing fetch:

If birds had hands

Inside Jerry Falwell Jr's Unlikely Rise and Precipitous Fall At Liberty University

Trumpworld's delusions and the real world threat

Such drama:

Raw Story: Fake electors scheme was 'nothing short of a coup' per CNN reporters

Interesting sources for fashion ideas:

day three of self isolation

Burkina Faso's President Kabore is held by mutinous soldiers

Middle Age Riot tweet:

14,750 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon; 1 death

The Case for Impeaching Clarence Thomas

John Roberts Gets an F on His Annual Report

NYT is praising/promoting a lawyer who got fired due to Jan. 6 and then sued to disband Congress

Why we care about finding patient zero

Matanzas: The rebirth of Cuba's abandoned cultural hub

US conservatives linked to rich donors wage campaign to ban books from schools

"The Janes": Meet the Women Who Formed a Collective to Provide Safe Abortions Before Roe v. Wade

Trump voters have the same mind set the people of the South had during the civil war.

7 Virginia schools file lawsuit challenging Gov. Youngkin's executive order on masks

Fanaticism and Ignorance: Clip from "Inherit the Wind" (1960 film)

The school shooting generation grows up

Am I the only one who thinks that these winter olympics

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 24, 2022

Attention Republicans:

Central Pa. football coach messaged teen girl he was 'drunk and horny'

GOP Voters Still Like Trump, But Many Ambivalent About 2024 Run

Hawley said this on national television with a straight face

"Jews will not replace us."

Symposium: What would US intervention in Ukraine really look like?

Good Day DU (January 24, 2022)

Term limits, a balanced budget: Ohio Republicans want to amend the U.S. Constitution

Camera sales by category in Japan, just my $.02 worth . . .

Greg Abbott's White Supremacist Propaganda Tour Around Texas

( Tweet ) SCOTUSblog @SCOTUSblog BREAKING: The Supreme Court agrees to hear

What a coincidence. The same folks that got the SC to gut the Voting Rights Act

Do we dare go there and use the choke word on Aaron Rodger's...

NATO Members Send Ships, Jets to Eastern Europe as Ukraine Tensions Mount/1/24/21

U.S. Should Prepare For Putin To 'Make A Bad Decision'

California City Overrun With Crows

Liz Cheney responds to newt gingrich re: January 6 committee

UAE, US intercept Houthi missile attack targeting Abu Dhabi

PoliticsGirl breaks down Russia/Ukraine

Here's a radical idea:

In Cuyahoga County, Only Endorsed Dems Could Get Access to Voter Database. Not Anymore.

Remember all the hacks at power companies, hospitals, other vital infrastructure?

S&P 500 plunges 3% into correction territory ahead of key Fed meeting and tech earnings

Covid Cases 'Will Start To Turn Around' In A Few Weeks - Dr. Fauci

Will those born after 2020 be known as

Virginia's new Republican attorney general tells SCOTUS the state will not oppose MS abortion law

Overcoming an unexpected adoption hurdle:

Florida feels like another planet compared with Quebec

CDC says "natural immunity" better than vax?

Actor playing Harry Potter has been fired

This is the latest twist on GOP strategy to turn the nation fascist...

AZ Democratic Party Board Censures Sinema

Palin COVID-19 tests delay defamation trial against NY Times

AG Miyares fires UVA's counsel who's working on the Jan. 6th committee

Full crowd shot at the anti-vaccine rally in DC:

Charlevoix (MI) man denies wrongdoing despite signing illegitimate election document

"Donald Trump, Jr., . . . Uncorks Slurred Speech Biden Rant": look at those eyes!

Students Ask for Immediate Removal of John Marshall's Name from CSU Law School

Ukraine: I would like to hear from

Trump mocked over video that shows him ordering applause at Mar-A-Lago brunch

If Something We Want Simply Can't Be Done at This Time,

Worth a few chuckles!

Lesbian Sues U.S. Army and Air Force Over Boss' Demand She Grow Her Hair and Wear Makeup

Good morning! 11:52 a.m.

long shot here

Obnoxious Toddler Really Rubbing His Childlike Sense Of Wonder In Everyone's Faces

Morning, 4:04 a.m.

Toxic PCBs Festered at This Public School for Eight Years as Students and Teachers Grew Sicker

"Anyone who never met a man he didn't like just isn't trying hard enough."

I asked where they got their information

"You better stop, people, what's that sound? Everybody look what's goin' down!" nt

US conservatives linked to rich donors wage campaign to ban books from schools

Maryland man found dead amid collection of more than 125 snakes

Been there, done that. I have a positive Covid test.

David Bowie- Man Who Sold The World (live)

Pic Of The Moment: Donald Rages, "It's A Disgrace ... They'll Go After Children!"

love it

Internet/tech questions

The guy whining about the price of burritos is a stock trader, lives in a $1,300,000 house, and ...

Really disappointed in Bloomberg having frank luntz on, spewing the republican propaganda

J.D. Vance says, "our country is kind of a joke." Now, that's a winning campaign message!

I don't have much contact with right wingers

Behind the latest GOP restrictions on race teaching: A hidden, toxic goal

Long, Violent History Of Conflict Between Russia And Ukraine

Reposting the Mark Cuban online discount pharmacy

Shell's massive carbon capture facility in Canada emits far more than it captures, study says

"My $10 political contribution won't make any difference" is cut from the same cloth as

"Disturbing The Peace: 415 Records and the Rise of New Wave"

Grooming a Newfoundland dog:

Gaggle around sandbar 1/24/22 1:12 p.m.


Rick Scott bashes the military

WA state patrol trooper who told Inslee "to kiss his ass" over vax mandate, and was fired, is

Trump's comeuppance is coming

Free N95 masks: US pharmacies, health centers begin mask rollout

Liberal bail policies result in MAGA influencer Brandon Straka to just probation + home detention

Insurrection by other means: The far right is using anti-vaxx sentiment to radicalize

Grateful Dead, Kezar Stadium, 1973 (full show)

Georgia mayor makes taking communion part of his swearing-in ceremony

He loves his new toy...

A single 6-week visit after having a baby? The U.S. is doing postpartum care all wrong.

Unvaxxed Sarah Palin tests positive for Covid. Her trial against the NYTimes

Aussie pupper playing Jenga like a boss:

Texas woman arrested after allegedly trying to buy another woman's child for $500,000 at Walmart

Matt Gaetz Backs Gingrich's Threat to Punish Jan. 6 Investigators

Monday mood:

Clap moment?

Tennessee deputy found fatally shot inside burning home

Junior has his tongue tangled

Joe Trippi was just on Thom Hartmann's show.

Bill proposes felony charge for selling fake proof of vaccination

Whitmer Leads In Michigan

Newt Gingrich just threatened the members of the January 6 committee with jail time

Iguanas will begin falling from trees as South Florida temperature drops

Pelosi opens the door to stock trading ban for members of Congress

Mail-in Voting Does Not Increase Chance of Election Fraud--Study

Boris Johnson had birthday bash during lockdown, ITV News understands

"Mega" iceberg releases 152 billion tons of water into ocean

'Climate of fear': Fla. school district cancels professor's civil rights lecture over critical race

Going to the gym or not during the pandemic?

Whitmer leading former Detroit police chief in reelection bid

Can we love animals and eat them?

Aaron Rodgers lost way more than a chance at the Super Bowl this season

Kitsap County's COVID-19 cases up 7.1%; Washington state cases holding steady

Biden huddling with European leaders on Russia's military buildup on Ukraine border

Another 'Big Lie' Bites The Dust

Rep. Malinowski: My office is now getting calls from folks who say they watch Tucker Carlson and are

Beware Sham Voter Protection

My wife is having a total hip joint replaced tomorrow but...

Arizona Republicans propose major changes to elections after GOP review finds no fraud

Bank exec who threw drink and racist tirade gets fired and now arrested, good

Arizona Senate, Which Hired Cyber Ninjas, Now Desperately Seeking Its Election Records

Plowy McPlowface has a job to do

How NPR's Steve Inskeep cracked the code for interviewing Trump

White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds a news briefing

LIVE: Pentagon press secretary John Kirby holds a news briefing

A liar, an adulterer and a fascist walk into a bar......

LIVE: State Department spokesperson Ned Price holds news briefing

In any conflict with Russia, right wingers will sabotage Biden and pull for Putin.

Playing with Exposure Compensation:

Kyrsten Sinema DISMANTLED in must-see takedown (Interview with Mehdi Hasan) - Brian Tyler Cohen

Wow. "NASA's revolutionary James Webb Space Telescope reaches final orbit in space"

Some types of baby formula in short supply, frustrating parents

If you think there are too few RW extremists in congress, 2022 promises there will be more. . .

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker trolls the Packers

One of the strange things about COVID-19 where I am

Cartoons 1/24/2022

Will pro-life supporters now march for kids, moms?

A blizzard of Stevens Pass complaints hits the AG's Office

Rodgers didn't choke. He was shut down by a good defense and a good game plan.

Nurses face burnout as hospital staffing shortage continues

Omicron may be a "reverse zoonosis", say scientists.

Netanyahu rejects plea deal with clause that would ban him from politics

Julian Assange Can Appeal Decision to Extradite Him to U.S., U.K. Court Rules

Look at this BS from Wisconsin.

Did Redistricting Commissions Live Up To Their Promise?

Royal Canin Dog Food supply

Analysis: Crisis in Ukraine a showdown of two world views

Imagine is 1/6/21 had been successful, or if TFG pulled off a victory


Tucker Carlson viewers want congressman to side with Russia against Ukraine

Ferraris, Maseratis, And Bentleys, Oh My

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott unveils "Parental Bill of Rights"

Love You Barbra Streisand - tell the Slobfather!

Increasing signal for BIG winter storm for Northeast this weekend, especially NORTH of Maryland.

Biscuit World union effort rooted in West Virginia history

Does anyone think China will go into Taiwan if Russia goes into Ukraine?

Video: White-throated Sparrow: Whistler of the North

🎵 Drunk and Maskless on Airplane (Gets Arrested)

ABBA - "Waterloo"

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Case On Affirmative Action In College Admissions (MSNBC)

This Face the Nation focus group is as dumb as a box of rocks

Still unvaccinated? You could be fined $4,000 in this EU country (CNN)

Blondie "Heart of Glass"

"COVID-19: endemic doesn't mean harmless"

Beau of the Fifth Column talks about what we're learning about the coup attempt:

How about in addition to a massive GOTV campaign, we Dems conduct state audits of our own?

Video: Indigo Bunting

Tucker Carlson Viewers Want U.S. to Side with Russia

Webb telescope arrives at outpost 1 million miles from Earth to begin study of distant galaxies

Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" (12 minute version)

That mass grave of Indigenous children in Canada may not exist

Video: Mockingbird Song Bout

There is no nice way to say this. If you reside in this country and you are voicing your

Why I loved Penny on "The Big Bang Theory"

Fulton Co. DA Can Seat Special Grand Jury This Spring

LIVE: NASA's James Webb Space Telescope operators answer questions on their latest milestone

Somebody was looking for farm animal cookie cutters

Wow - that loud sound must have been the stock market bouncing magically back

Vice President Kamala Harris touts replacing lead pipes at Milwaukee visit

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 24, 2022

I used to think that Junior's natural calling would be as a greeter in a third world disco.

Hey, wait a minute! You're not my mother.

Unicorn or T-Rex?

Letter to the Editor: Why do anti-vaxxers even show up at hospitals when they get COVID?

Gov. Ducey sues Biden for the right to use federal funds to help spread COVID-19

Gary Gary Gary 🤔😳 * ⚠️ Warning on content ⚠️

Workers at Wisconsin hospital sought new jobs with higher pay -- then the hospital sued to stop them

Cop Gets Fired and Arrested After Planting False Evidence - Audit the Audit

Fulton Co, GA, Superior Court to convene Grand Jury to investigate Trump's election interference

TFG Is Too Cheap to Use His Own Money to Help Aides Eyed by the Jan. 6 Committee

Minister quits in Lords over government handling of Covid loans fraud

Dutch tourist arrested for making Nazi salute at Auschwitz death camp while posing for photo

Racist Suburbs - Key & Peele

Stock Markets up today

TFG says the Ukraine-Russia crisis would never occur under him, but he withheld military aid from

Georgia prosecutor granted special grand jury in probe of Trump's efforts to overturn state

John Stockton Dragged for Claims That Vaccinated Athletes Are 'Dropping Dead' Mid-Game

'Again guys, we only rate dogs.'

Koch-Funded 'LIBRE Initiative' Targets Low Income Latino Communities: Brave New Films

Rent-A-Cops Get Caught Breaking The Law

I have said all along "Russia is running a major covert op on the U.S."

Why are stores out of yogurt ?

'It boggles the mind': Acosta on RFK Jr.'s offensive anti-vaccine speech

Netflix - "Munich - The Edge of War"

Beau of The Fifth Column: Let's talk about what the media is getting wrong about the 6th....

Shadow at five months of age. She is about four and a half years old now.

Excellent, *CLEAR* exposition of Omicron - UPDATED with Disclaimer

Supreme Court to weigh limits on reach of Clean Water Act

Persistant optimistic forecast

DA for Atlanta area Granted Special Grand Jury to Probe Trump's Election Interference

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 25 January 2022

HuffPost: Holocaust Museum Criticizes RFK Jr. For Saying Anne Frank Had It Better Than Anti-Vaxxers

Biden's Doocy Bomb

Who is weaponizing FAUX news in support of Russia invading Ukraine.

Barr Talks to House Select Committee with No Leaks: Two Important Takeaways from this Revelation

Any ground -beef-over-rice recipes?

Florida GOP forcing LGBTQ students into the closet

Conservatives Get HUMILIATED By Viral Litter Box Rumor - The Damage Report

So, I took possession of my Ford Maverick Hybrid Pickup last week!

A 2 alarm fire in an abandoned townhouse in Baltimore killed 3 firefighters. One more injured

I took possession of my new Ford Maverick hybrid truck last week!

Made it to Amicalola

Biden: "What a stupid son of a bitch" about Doocy!!! Video and audio here:

Cops Sued When They Don't Know The Law - LackLuster

Aid to Poor Mothers Improved Brain Function in Babies

Father Charles Coughlin and American Fascism

Astonished . . . by this Texas Republican. 5:09p et CNN. Ranking Republican on

An elementary ESL teacher is the victim of an apparent murder suicide last night in Fauquier Co.

Texas League of Women Voters gets 10,000 voter registration forms, threatens to sue state...

Anti-vaxxers, Stop-the-Stealers, Bigfoot stalkers and Flat-earthers---TRY to understand:

Mike Flynn supports Russia Ahead Of Potential Ukraine Invasion

Lots of people not happy with today's Wordle! SPOILERS

Hey Boris Put 200,000 Troops In Kiev

Doocy is basically a troll, not a reporter.

Jeopardy Fans - Will Amy pass Matt Amodio Today

New York Democrats Will Control Redistricting

pass it on - CLEAR MESSAGING re: Voting Rights Act.

Stocks climb back after steep slide on Fed, Ukraine jitters

The Drummer Died Of COVID!

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas stays the course as NCAA changes eligibility rules

White Nationalists Recruiting By Knocking On Doors

How has the pandemic impacted your post-retirement plans?

Graham Nash Slams RFK Jr. for Using His Song in Anti-Vax Rally Video

Steep Rise in Educational Gag Orders, Many Sloppily Drafted

Advice to anyone watching "Don't Look Up".

Lab study shows omicron-blocking antibodies persist four months after a Pfizer-BioNTech booster

Tweet of the Day

Biden Re: Doocy "What a Stupid Son of a Bitch."

Quote of the day

Eastman invoked the 5th Amendment 146 times

Does "Medicare" cover shingles shots?

I bought a package of Democratic cupcakes this morning:

That nice man in a pickup with a plow

**Rtd Gnl Wes Clark will be on CNN's AC360 at 8:00ET, to discuss Russia and Ukraine.

Stressed hospitals are asking workers with covid to return -- even if they may be infectious

If Jeremy Grantham is talking about a US 'superbubble', we should listen

TFG thinks he is an old time King.

Peter Douchey v. John McCain: "Here is Sen. John McCain spanking him in 2017."


Biden answers inflation query by calling Fox reporter SOB

IL-06: OCE finds that Marie Newman May Have Bribed Primary Rival