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When life gets you down... what song always puts you in a good mood? Here's mine...

Neil Young - Alabama

9 long distances shots. shooter not charged yet. Authorities won't name shooter


Princy Mthombeni: Nuclear energy is critical to Africa's agenda for sustainable development.

US, NATO using military moves to send message to Russia over Ukraine

Amazon payed $50.000 to have anti union courses on public schools

The Wordle Archive

Devious new malware steals your money, then wipes your phone

"There IS no labor shortage! The owners of this establishment treated workers like dogs.''

Spotify paid $100 million to air Rogan's podcast of crazy made up stuff.

Pentagon defends its preparation for Ukraine crisis, details military forces that could deploy

Let's Burn Down the Cornfield - John Baldry and Elton John

Monoclonal antibodies were 'doing nothing' against omicron: That's why FDA pulled its authorization.

Oklahoma death row inmate who requested firing squad is executed by lethal injection

Five Ukrainian Soldiers Killed after National Guard Serviceman Opens Fire

Musk says 'Canadian truckers rule' ahead of drivers' protest over COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Alexander's Ragtime Band - Al Jolson and Bing Crosby

Musk Hails Canadian Trucker Convoy In Anti-Vax Rant

Record 14.5M sign up for ObamaCare

This man is invited on a TV show, but he has no clue why everyone suddenly stands up:

Did SCOTUS cut the legs from OSHA?

The Cracks in Ukrainian Society Run through Kharkiv

Do you have cold feet?

Dr. Oz

Big lie behind who gets to make COVID vaccines won't protect us With omicron breathing down our nec

Protests in Warsaw as death toll related to Polish abortion ruling rises

I have memories of what I learned about the Holocaust.

Texas: 95-year-old World War II Veteran says his mail-in ballot application has been denied twice

Lawyers question strength of Prince Andrew's response to lawsuit

Always on the WRONG side of science..

GOP Divide On Russia Weakens U.S. Standing In The World - Deadline - MSNBC

Someone needs to give an assist to John Stockton

Rihanna Pledged $15 Million to Climate Justice Via Clara Lionel Foundation

Dan Crenshaw's Voting-Rights Hypocrisy Is Breathtaking

How crypto became the new subprime - Paul Krugman

Student borrowers in shock over 'zero balance' as federal program fulfills elusive promise

Moscow Mitch: Biden shouldn't "outsource" Supreme Court nominee "to the radical left"

Democrats Look To Supreme Court Pick For A Political Boost - Deadline - MSNBC

Melania Trump's auction items fail to bring desired price

If David Duke Had A Black Child

Donald Trump Jr FaceTimed this weekend while he was high...

17 percent see path to reinstate Trump before next election

"Could endanger others": Oaf Creepers leader denied bail on Capitol riot sedition charge

Our Shadow discovers the internet. And much more -- please see below.

Biden Affirms Commitment To Name Black Woman Justice

Pandemic tensions deepen in Florida as DeSantis digs in

Supporters of the ERA push for publication despite lingering legal questions

Judge Orders Stewart Rhodes, Leader of Oath Keepers, Jailed Pending his Seditious Conspiracy Trial

The IRS wants to scan your face

A microcosm of absurdist logic

Senator's Wife Was Nearly Denied A Life-Saving Abortion & That's Why He's Committed to Reproductive

'Oncoming Train': Gaetz Alleged Sex Crimes Bombshell Exposed (MSNBC)

Today In Biden Scandal History: Getting Ice Cream The Daily Show

A little adult -hope, it's amusing- fun

Judge denies media ban ahead of cop's trial over Breonna Taylor raid

Trump's Cult Is Full Of Mental Derangement - Rebel HQ

Sen. Ron John's Latest COVID Conspiracy: Athletes 'Dropping Dead' From Vaccines

Georgetown Law official deletes tweets saying Biden will pick 'lesser black woman' over better SCOTU

Sen. Blumenthal: 'We Will Move Quickly And Fairly' On Biden's SCOTUS Pick - Deadline - MSNBC

Stephanie Ruhle to replace Brian Williams: She wasn't my choice.

Richard Ojeda Won't Let Nikki Haley Gloss Over Her FAILURES

Harris discusses pandemic, migration during visit with new Honduran president

The Iowa Pie Hole moment of the day......


Watching A Place in the Sun

I'm "all for" local community control over schools and curriculum.

What Would the Working Class Say? (WWWCS)

DeSantis vows to fight FDA after COVID treatment s found to not fight Omicron

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Thread

Will Bunch: 'Gag orders' for U.S. teachers are becoming our new McCarthyism

Well, my step son has covid again, for the second time

Fox News Lies Debunked: Viewers Know Less Than If They Watched No News At All - The Beat - MSNBC

Oh my, the poor dear is CONCERNED!

Judge throws out Biden administration's massive Gulf of Mexico oil and gas lease sale

The stress of running a lizard centric Instagram account

'Awful' to say thank goodness my parents don't live in Florida anymore,

I was sharing coffee this AM - the lawyer I was chatting with brought up Kamala

History repeats itself, sort of

Just in case you don't know Elon Musk is showing his true colors on twitter today

New Georgia Atlanta Journal Constitution poll shows there is work to do

Tomi Lahren Gets Supremely BLASTED For Racism

As the unvaxxed corpses pile up, as they fill up our hospital ICU's

THIS is the real reason Desantis is

Having just watched Dr. Ladapo's "testimony" before the Florida Senate, I am amazed at his strength.

Spotify is no longer letting people cancel subscriptions.

The Daily Show: Selma van de Perre - Surviving the Holocaust & Why She Wrote "My Name Is Selma"

Weld County teen librarian fired over programming policy & Read Woke Book Club

What gets me about banning books

Broken Leg Blues

Need some company. My husband is in the ER.

🎵 The home of Neil Young. Listen to his entire catalog on Apple Music

Seth Meyers - Delusional Trump Tells Golf Partner He Would Be the 45th and 47th U.S. President

This morning I decided to buy a copy of Maus.

Beware of so-called 'left' accounts repeating Kremlin lies and distortions

(Alabama) Brookside police patrolled social media, threatening town's critics

(Alabama) Brookside police patrolled social media, threatening town's critics


York Suburban school board member faces global backlash for op-ed

this song................Silk Sonic every song on the album is fantastic

Flowers for Manchin - Sack cartoon

Biden says Russian invasion in Feb. 'distinct possibility'

Ron Johnson's Message To Parents: You Are On Your Own - All In - MSNBC

A legislative assistant for state Sen. Ann Rest, DFL-New Hope escaped police pursuig

Ken Paxton targets Louie Gohmert in hotly contested primary for attorney general

1953 Dwight D. Eisenhower

Maus School Ban Inspires CA Retailer to Offer 100 Free Copies to Tennessee Residents

Vow To Nominate Black Woman To Court Spurs 'Spiral Of Racist And Sexist Tirades' - All In - MSNBC

Bring Back the Free World - Stephens

VA Gov. Youngkin's hypocrisy exposed . . . and it's brutal

Molly Jong-Fast tweet about book banning:

Neil Young - Old Man

Friday's digit: 5/10 - A little something for everyone? Light snow shouldn't disrupt daytime travel

Florida Republican can't answer ONE SIMPLE question - Brian Tyler Cohen

I just downloaded the free Tidal app...

Legislature rejects higher pay, per diem restrictions

For those of you that have had their covid booster, did it make you ill afterwards?

FL GOP may prevent Broward's new Democratic lawmaker from participating in legislative session

I'm pleasantly happy.

Texas Scientists Develop A Patent-Free Covid Vaccine

Trump Gets Re-Platformed - Mark Fiore


Scientist explains how they're creating a universal Covid vaccine

Rockin in the Free World - Neil Young 1989

UA President: University has turned a corner on funding

*Jen Psaki coming up on 11th Hour.

Russia Sends Medical Units to Ukrainian Front

Today's Manchin is going to think Last Week's Manchin is a real asshole

JUST IN (11:09p Thursday): We have bumped UP snowfall totals in the immediate DC area

To the Irish South and West Fish Producers Organization

Dream Theater - Pull Me Under (Live HD)

Hard-Right Republican And A Progressive Debated. It Went As Well As You'd Expect.

Fun fact I learned recently about film background crowd noise.

Fake story in Gateway Pundit regarding Wisconsin...

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, January 28, 2022

Why Fake Trump Electors Could Face Criminal Scrutiny - All In - MSNBC

Mercola and Kennedy sue Sen. Elizabeth Warren for combating their COVID misinformation

Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr sue Sen. Elizabeth Warren for combating their COVID misinformation

Nina Turner is back...

Neil Young - The Loner

Neil Young - Cortez the Killer

Alaska House considering action against Rep. David Eastman, 'life member' of group linked to Jan. 6

Pirates Spammed an Infamous Soviet Short-wave Radio Station with Memes

So, How is everybody doing on Wordle?

Fiona Hill op ed in the New York Times: Putin Has the U.S. Right Where He Wants It

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 28, 2022 -- What's on Tonight: Let's Go Skydiving

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 29, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Epic Saturday Nights

New Mexico AG Believes Seditious Conspiracy Charges 'On The Table' For Fake Electors

Maus School Ban Inspires CA Retailer to Offer 100 Free Copies to Tennessee Residents

Man Killed in Hail of Police Bullets Fired by NINE Cops on Nashville Interstate

(Jewish Group) Yiddish Word of the Day: The Holocaust

Creator Of Banned 'Maus' Graphic Novel: I Just Know The People That Banned This Are Stupid - ReidOut

Nina Turner is running for Congress.

Husband home from ER. He's fine. I ❤️ You guys!

One thing I do like about this time of year in Wisconsin...

(Jewish Group) Some 1,500 statues and streets honor Nazis around the world

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 23, 2022 - Medical Malpractice

Susan Collins Says Not to Rush Replacing Breyer

New Developments In Gaetz Probe The Mehdi Hasan Show

'Shang-Chi' star Simu Liu responds to Evangeline Lily's anti-vaxx remarks

TCM Schedule for Monday January 31, 2022 - Star of the Month: Kay Francis

Brazil's top court subpoenas Bolsonaro in leaked documents case

Seth Meyers - Biden Gets a Chance to Make History with SCOTUS Pick as Breyer Retires: A Closer Look

Anthony Fauci is up against more than a virus


Lawrence Explains Why Biden's SCOTUS Candidate List Must Be Short - The Last Word - MSNBC

Andrew York plays 'ALBAYCIN'

I'm crazy - paid $21.95 for ham hocks

Sarah Palin Dines Out with COVID, Don Jr's Run for President & Right Wing Outrage Over Minnie Mouse

Anybody seen or heard from BoZarts lately?

Commodores - Nightshift (Official Music Video)

Venezuela electoral commission says Maduro recall cannot move ahead

Governor sets minimum for Tonga relief donations from American Samoa government employees

REMATCH!! Yui vs Rathalos -Queen of the Skies- Monster Hunter World

Hours out of office, Honduras ex-president gains immunity through regional post

Everyone warned him to not meet the gorilla he raised ❤️ 🥺

American Samoa EPA calls on feds to include the territory in future enforcement actions

With CNMI now nearing 99% vaxxed, what's next?

Australian Open - spoiler

2 South Korean airlines to resume Saipan route next week

The Buzzword Among Democratic Senate Leadership: Expeditious

Biden: 'Distinct Possibility' Russia Will Invade Ukraine

NYT: Russia's Military, Once Creaky, Is Modern and Lethal

Caroline Randall Williams: Black Woman On SCOTUS Would Show Democracy's Capacity To Heal

Hofschneider refers impeachment resolution on CNMI Gov. Torres jointly to 2 committees

CNMI Democrats kick off campaign

Arizona Attorney General Too Busy Kissing Up To Trump To Deal With Fake Elector Referral - TRMS


DeSantis Surgeon General Pick Stumbles Through Evasions Instead Of Straight Answers - Rachel Maddow

Stalwart Irish Fishermen Uncowed By Russian Threats And Diplomatic Games - Rachel Maddow

DeSantis Unable To Adapt As Covid Conditions Change; Clings To Obsolete Treatments - Rachel Maddow

(Jewish Group) Free Speech is Sacrosanct, But Who Will Protect the Faithful...

Tweet of the Day

San Nicolas: Guam constitution a possibility

Guam sends medical supplies to help Palau battle 1st COVID-19 surge

Breakfast Friday 28 January 2022

It was so quiet at the bowling 🎳 alley

Jen Psaki Defends Filibuster Strategy - The 11th Hour - Mehdi Hasan - MSNBC

'A very dark day': What happens if Russia unleashes its cyber army on Ukraine

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/27/22

Costa Rican president vetoes legalization of medicinal marijuana

Navy authorized to discharge contaminated water from Red Hill Shaft to Halawa Stream

Businesses concerned over officials proposal to reinstate 24-hour shutdown over COVID-19 violations

EPA fines Kauai, Oahu companies $110K for illegal cesspools

Biden's economy.

Today's Wordle - Friday 1/28/2022

Russia says it won't start a war as Ukraine tensions mount

COVID hits one of the last uninfected places on the planet

Here, kitty: Bidens welcome cat named Willow to White House


Holy Shit - the temperature in Miami will be in the 30s this weekend

Djokovic - The Plot Thickens

Anyone else following the Peter Bernardo Spencer murder case?

'I want you to see what a s***show America is': Frank Luntz warns the UK

Activists urge athletes to speak out at Beijing Olympics

Brookside police patrolled social media, threatening town's critics


Biden's schedule for Friday, January 28, 2022

My favorite coworker is

I ask my self, "To which group do I post this?"

Things just keep getting worse for Matt Gaetz!

Should manchin be taking money from republicon billionaire ?

ski lift malfuctions

The Bidens get a cat!!!

Have you guys heard about Only Sky yet?

A mother left a Missouri ER before her son saw a doctor for his burned hand. billed $1,012

So is Leondra Kruger the front runner?

Chicago lights fires to keep trains moving

Owner of a $24M mansion on Maui clashes with residents over shoreline access

It's that first morning that you don't see him/her

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants Welcomes Deirdre Hamilton to the National Mediatio

BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 21 - 28 January, 2022

Soros pours $125M into super PAC ahead of midterms

BREAKING: Fern Hollow Bridge Collapse in Pittsburgh

100 years ago today, Saturday, January 28, 1922, the roof of the Knickerbocker Theatre collapsed.

Pittsburgh bridge collapses on day Biden to visit city to talk infrastructure

Voting in my district's primary

Argentina and IMF reach preliminary agreement on refinance of $45 billion Macri-era debt

Argentina and IMF reach preliminary agreement on refinance of $45 billion Macri-era debt

Stacey Abrams trails Brian Kemp, David Perdue for Georgia governor, new poll shows

The origin of Superheroes: Young Avengers

The Rundown: January 28, 2022

Community upset over McMinn Co. BOE decision to ban Holocaust book from curriculum (update)

On this day in 1986:

Stromboli! I'll say no more.

Charlie Crist's old-fashioned economic campaign

Finally, a rumor from OM Systems on the "Wow" camera.

Student activists disrupt Florida 15-week abortion ban hearing

Acosta: 'Onion' headline crystalizes where US is when it comes to Supreme Court (CNN)

Question about people being taken off of the transplant lists, due to not being covid vaccinated

Sad day in America when satire is fact.

Got my 4 free covid tests in the mail yesterday. Thanks Biden!

New report exposes persistent animal welfare violations at Cumberland puppy mill

Holding Back the inner Groucho

(NM) Former Old Town Boys Club director facing sexual abuse allegations

This is a story of Henry--a Holocaust survivor...........

Does MSNBC really need the money that badly?


Da Yoopers in da winter..

Brass in Pocket

Albuquerque priest calls off basketball game after some crowd members refuse to wear masks

You raised $10.00 on January 27, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund

Albuquerque priest calls off basketball game after some crowd members refuse to wear masks

About Those Empty Grocery Shelves

A key inflation gauge rose 5.8% in 2021, most in 39 years

U.S. consumer spending falls in December; inflation increases

"Pet Sounds" redux

I love Claire McCaskill!!

Yesterday my wife accused me of never finishing

Released court documents: In Feb 1974 a federal grand jury was prepared to indict Nixon on 4 charges

Act Naturally

Anyone watching "The woman in the house...

MAGA Candidate Caught on Tape Menacing Butterfly Sanctuary

Covid Associated Hospitalizations by Vaccine Status ages 50 and above.

Snow-covered bridge in Pittsburgh collapses (CNN)

Are you intimidated by right-wingers such as the "insurrectionists"?

Is the support that Republicans are giving anti-vaxers just another extension of

Tweet of the Day

Biden's Interior Department Cancels Two Hard Rock Mining Leases Near Boundary Waters

Richard O'Halloran allowed depart China and return home

Eagles - Already Gone (live, 1974, and studio version)

outrage and fear: the drug of choice of the priviledged

How dare you Joe Biden.- lock him up!

Little girl puts a coin in the hat.....

New KY-SEN poll (Mason-Dixon): Booker -16

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Morrison Pledges $1 Billion In "Environmental" Funding As Sixth Bleaching Event In 24 Yrs Begins

Insiders Say US Rep. Kai Kahele Considering A Run For Governor

Ige Extends Emergency Proclamation As Lawmakers Consider Limits On Executive Power

"Stunningly Ignorant"; "Word Salad" - Jordan Peterson Tells Joe Rogan Why Climatologists Are Wrong

Rep. Long calls YouTube 'un-American' after it removes his Senate campaign ad with false election...

Universal Studios' parent company says Epic Universe will open in 2025

Ambrosia-Time Waits For No One (nice prog in the morning)

Businesses gain power to fight local governments under measures passed by Florida Senate

It's high time to nominate an Atheist or Agnostic to the SC

Jeopardy Spoiler!

Va. judge reverses decision to place teen on sex offender registry in bathroom assault case

Who has more influence on supreme court: Clarence Thomas or his activist wife?

NFL Spreads, Conference Championships

Judge denies media ban ahead of cop's trial over Taylor raid

Fulton's special Trump grand jury has historic task

Excellent Wolf Alice outdoor concert performance

Brownstein: Voter Suppression for Adults, History Suppression for Kids

Barry Manilow is joining Neil Young in leaving Spotify

Some of these wannabe insurrectionists probably feel like they have been sucked into the matrix?

15,610 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 59 deaths

Seven in southern Missouri indicted in catalytic converter theft ring

After media outcry, charter school drops assignment asking fourth graders to justify Trail of Tears

Parents, legislators call for right to choose virtual learning for students

Boy, 7, dies after being run over by bulldozer in west Michigan

Sheriff's review finds no foul play in teen's gym mat death

VA AG issues 1st opinion: Colleges can't require Covid vaccine

Missouri Autism Centers seek increased funds to decrease wait times

Springfield couple sentenced for participating in Jan. 6 riot

We uncovered the impact of GOP voting restrictions in one key state. It's staggering.

Pittsburgh Bridge Collapses Ahead Of Biden's Infrastructure Visit

Activists call for safer conditions at Amazon warehouses following Edwardsville collapse

Missouri veterans are lobbying for more money from gaming

Metro East to share in $220 million to improve ports and transit systems

"He is lying. He did not win Wisconsin. And he has provided no proof otherwise."

This would be nomination for Tweet of the Day

Jason Rivera's wife speaking at his eulogy.

AZ AG Not Dealing With Fake Elector Referral?

Yes, one day after US economy broke 4-decade-old record for growth, NYT ran a frontpage story

Yesterday I had a hernia operation

Who or what is preventing Trump, Giuliani, and Big Lie promoters from finding the evidence?

Court finds Pennsylvania mail-in voting law unconstitutional

Voting machine company won't comply with Wisconsin subpoena

Did JHB take today off?

Any minute now...

Lack of Medicare coverage for at-home coronavirus tests sparks outcry

New Attorney General says public universities can't require COVID-19 vaccine for students

I originally posted this in the lounge

Good Day DU (January 28, 2022)

Judge to hear Rittenhouse request for gun used in shootings

'Stealth omicron' is now in North Texas. Is it a new COVID variant? What we know.

Biden's economic policy in plain English

The Bidens' cat has finally arrived!

Smoking gun evidence vs I have no defense except for child like, foolish, stupid lies.

I had two strokes last week

BREAKING: Spotify.

Covid denialist and Bolsonaro ally Olavo de Carvalho died of virus

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 28, 2022

I think I know what happened to all of the EVIDENCE that "Trump won by a landslide"!

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Jan. 27

Belarus leader tells opposition leaders: 'Repent and kneel'

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: Jan. 27

Schools Use Off-Book Suspensions To Push Out Students In Special Ed, Report Finds

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: Jan. 27

Trump, Fauci, Obama, Clinton, McConnell, Cruz & DeSantis discussing Biden's Supreme Court pick.

How Corporate Greed Drives Inflation: Price Gouging

About Don 'Cokehead' Jr's statement on reports of a possible Russian cyber attack

How long before we hear the conspiracy: "Biden had the bridge blown up for his visit to Pittsburgh"

It's not a nursing shortage, it's GREED

No TOONs post today

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell delivered an incredible eulogy for Jason Rivera today

Barry Manilow I write the songs

Strong winds in Iceland are carrying volcanic black sand, making it look like snakes (Twitter video)

MAGA Candidate Caught on Tape Menacing Butterfly Sanctuary

In J.D. Vance's primary, nonstop Trump-worship shows the perils of populism

I can imagine conspiracy theories about the bridge collapse . . . . discussion

4th Graders Asked To Justify 'Trail of Tears' Native Removal For Settlers; Outcry, Assign. Dropped

'This is not going to end well': Former Fox anchor reacts to recent rhetoric

This is why I am so fired up convinced Trump will be indicted.

Falling Iguanas Possible This Weekend

Stopped at Wal Mart today and the greeter gave Jeannie and me two N95 masks each.

The Mary Trump Show Around the world with Fiona Hill

Baker College Threatens Legal Action Against Former Teacher Who Talked to Reporters

Thich Nhat Hanh After 9/11: Ignorance, Discrimination, Fear & Violence Are Real Enemies of Humanity

Got the ball rolling with SSDI attorney

Butterflies are groundzero in the war between good and evil.

Free masks are on the way to pharmacies. Here's when N95 masks can be picked up at stores.

Africa may have reached the pandemic's holy grail

Soros group pushes back on Tucker Carlson documentary

'Tiger King' resentenced to 21 years in murder-for-hire plot

Affirmative action may be questionable in private business but is clearly appropriate in government.

Pizza, beer and punk: An oral history of Vino's

Well, my MAGA cousin finally died. I feel weird about it.

North Korea's Lazarus APT leverages Windows Update client, GitHub in latest campaign

'We are desperate for new people': inside a hate group's leaked online chats

So Biden appointing a black woman to the SCOTUS will destroy America???

This may be the political photo of the year.

Woman Rushes To Rescue An "Aggressive" Husky With An Hour Left To Live

Bidens Welcome Their Cat, Willow, To The White House

this is a thorney subject. very thorny.

Va. Senate passes bill requiring cops to tell drivers why they're being stopped

LIVE: Pentagon's top officials hold news conference on Ukraine

LIVE 1PM: Defense Leaders Austin and Milley Hold Briefing

All-time icon Art Spiegelman responds to Maus ban on CNN (while vaping).

Elon Musk Rips Into Joe Biden, Canadian Government: 'This Is the Path to Tyranny'

PA Lt. Gov. says Pittsburgh bridge collapse shows Biden was "ahead of the curve" on infrastructure

They had a conspiracy to activate armed paramilitaries to keep Biden from taking office


Vaccinated parents give COVID protection to unvaccinated children, study finds: Updates

Top aide to meadows appeared before Committee for 6 hrs -

Living Near Fracking Sites Linked to Higher Risk of Early Death: Study

These Black mothers don't want their kids taught 'whitewashed history'

Imagine how much power Manchin and Sinema will have during period after Breyer leaves

Va. bill to regulate explicit books in school libraries killed

It Started With DIVISION, Not Gas Chambers- 'Us vs. Them'...

If Democrats want to win elections, they should stand up and fight for what the American people want

Audit finds results in 2021 Virginia elections to be accurate, officials say

This Parrot Has A Passion for Basketball

It's time senator Ron Johnson (R wi) prove he is not mentally ill.

Nevada man charged with threatening state election worker

GOP's critical race theory lie revealed

Neil Young's "Thrasher." Love that song.

Out my back window!

Busy week at work. Looking forward to a vodka and tonic tonight.

New Poll Finds VA Gov. Youngkin (R) at 90% Among Trumpists, Wildly Unpopular with Everyone Else

Democrats need 52 US Senate seats to be in the majority(minus Sinema and Manchin)

"I Survived A Nazi Massacre": The Worst Experience In My 100 Years, Hungary 1944

A student just accused me of being "Culturally insensitive"

Just wanted to post a song that feels like a deep cleansing breath

9 officers shoot man with box cutter, shiny object on Tennessee interstate, police say

When a colonoscopy misses cancerous polyps

The tangled web of DC messaging.

The Jan. 6 insurrection, 1 year later - PBS NewsHour 2:51:34

LIVE 2PM: President Biden Delivers Remarks on Building a Better America

Unspent funds color debate over additional pandemic relief

The race-baiting response to Biden's Supreme Court pledge

Out of the Sun: On Race and Storytelling Esi Edugyan's CBC Massey Lectures - Enjoy!

Cartoons 1/28/2022

Pres. Biden visits site of Pa. bridge collapse, just a few miles away from his speech

Hundreds seek housing in Snohomish County -- but are on hold

COVID cases prompt Community Transit to cut 36 bus trips

Apple Music trolls Spotify by calling itself 'the home of Neil Young'

Lynnwood pirate bar faces mutiny over 'catch the virus' show

Breaking: 14 new subpoenas for those linked to the fake electors' plot

CNN: 1/6 Committee subpoenas 14 people tied to fake electors plot.

January 6 committee subpoenas individuals tied to fake elector push

Who knew about that 4th vaccine dose?!

Newt's prediction: It's 'all going to come crashing down'

Blockbuster storm to bring blizzard conditions along East Coast.

If any RWNJ you know calls the bridge collapse "convenient" share this...

In Ukraine, I was never allowed to forget that I was a Jew

US tries to name and shame Russian disinformation on Ukraine

I was in a movie with Zelenskyy. His Jewish optimism will help him beat Russia

Kenosha police will destroy Kyle Rittenhouse's rifle used in protest shootings

FYI, Forecast here in SOUTHERN MD,

Nightly Repairs Coming To Interstate 5, Starting Monday

Well, that was kind of depressing

Pennsylvania GOP opposed bridge repair funds that could prevent future collapses

Wait for it

Suicide hotline shares data with for-profit spinoff, raising ethical questions

Gov tells Bette Midler to kiss dog's 'heinie' - and shows it

Two words we might find useful going forward . . . . .

Just had to share this with someone. Who better than DU? Thanks for listening!!

California Could Be on the Verge of Passing Single-Payer Health Care

The real reason some people are so afraid of 'Maus'

January 6 committee subpoenas individuals tied to fake elector push

I realized today that I have not vomited in over 23 years

What exactly was the goal of sending an angry mob to attack Congress?

Here's a picture I took from outback yesterday.

Pennsylvania GOP opposed bridge repair funds that could prevent future collapses

Some people say we are in a civil war.

ex-Fox host Gretchen Carlson on how the far-right media is aiding in dismantling the US democracy.

An Arizona bill would empower state legislators to reject election results

Make no mistake...Pence is a lying POS

SiriusXM Brings Back Neil Young Channel After Spotify Blowup

Happenings: cove, creek, air, river

As a child of the cold war I am thankful for President Biden.

'Quick Reaction Forces' And The Lingering Mysteries Of The Plot Against The Capitol

US Senate seats the Democrats need to be in a working majority is 52.

Select Committee Issues Subpoenas Over Fake Electors

Now we know.....

Mason-Dixon poll of KY-GOV...Beshear approval rising!

Cyber Ninjas Still Won't Turn Over Election 'Audit' Records

If Democrats want to occupy a US Senate seat from KS? Who should the KS Democrats nominate?

This is weird. I just got an email that says it's from my sister, who has been dead for 7 years

"Last night broke me."

Sad to find this, outside front porch:

Biden talking infrastructure in Pittsburgh CNN n/t

"Gimme some damn Snausages!" (Sound on!)

NEW (posted 1050a Friday): We have upped forecast snow totals to 2-4"

DeathSantis takes credit for infrastructure money

POLL: Will Donald Trump ever be indicted for any of his crimes?

Remember Their Names - July 4, 2018: Seven GOP lawmakers travel to Russia

In IA, Does the Gov. fill a US Senate vacancy? Does the appointee have to be from the same party as

Try playing chain Wordle

Vermont, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Wyoming.....

BROKEN: GOP Governors Proclaim End of Science Classes in Schools

World War II Vet's Ballot Application Denied Twice Due To New Texas Voter Suppression Law; Age 95

Blessings for Trumpsters

PM Update: Snow to be occasionally moderate through evening,

Damn Hamsters! (New Lancet study on Delta variant)

Biden talking about infrastructure now, what a passionate presentation when talking about childcare

Big War CEOs: There's chaos in the world and our prospects are excellent

Omicron BA.2 in Connecticut

Question about Joe Rogan

The Stock Market is up for a change

Anti-Masker Caught On Video Harassing Children For Wearing Masks

Misleading Raw Story headline: Jan 6 Committee "drops" subpoenas

The afternoon local news has started, at least on channel 5. I wonder what they'll talk about.

Fire Expert Refuted Government Claim That 43 Disappeared Students Were Incinerated at Infamous Dump

Art Spiegelman sees the new ban of his book "Maus" as a "red alert"

Wuhan scientists flag new coronavirus

Anti-abortion activists arrested in Fort Myers; In Capitol, lawmakers pursue 15-week abortion ban

Confederate flag in Canada antivax trucker convoy because pick up trucks and racists

If I were the Slobfather

This puts to rest the idea the fraudulent electors thing was a stunt or just in case maneuver

I have some photos on my iPhone 11 that were airdropped onto it.

Secretary of State certifies Daryl Campbell's win in HD 94, clearing the way to his swearing-in

Golden Earring - Back Home (Dutch TV show TopPop, 1970)

5 x US Navy E-6Bs airborne. Probably nothing... or imminent global annihilation.

Tiffany Cunningham for the US Supreme Court?

Australia's billion-dollar plan aims to protect Great Barrier Reef

An air stewardess fell 33,000 feet and lived to tell the tale 50 years ago, January 26, 1972:

Spreading religion...oops, Covid.

The problem with recycling clothes and textiles

Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas 'Alternate Electors' From Seven States

No, we are not faced with a killer 'NeoCov' virus now; here's why

Many districts that Biden won went to R members of Congress

Phantom Thread (Netflix)

LGBTQ+ dating apps used by police in dozens of drug arrests

LGBTQ+ dating apps used by police in dozens of drug arrests

Did the U.S. get back all the aircraft,

Tweet of the Week

Perhaps I'm naive, but I still believe the good guys are going to win in the end.

The Republican Party is the key enemy of Democracy in the United States

Elephant Tramples Tourist to Death After He Left His Car During Safari

100 bags of fentanyl found in bedroom of Connecticut teen who overdosed at school, police say

Golden Retriever pulls down branches to dump snow on himself:

'Bomb cyclone' set to bring blizzards and hurricane-force winds to the Northeast on Friday: Here's w

Russian Invasion of Ukraine Could Redefine Cyber Warfare

It amazes me how much exercise...

What's for Dinner Fri., Jan. 28, 2022

Moderna won't enforce COVID vaccine patents right now, but not waiving rights

Where did Omicron come from? Three key theories

How a 7 p.m. Walmart run and makeshift ICU in a rural Missouri hospital saved a dying patient

Moderna Launches Clinical Trial of Its mRNA HIV Vaccine

You must read this.

OMG, a Dalmatian deer:

Kid Rock says he won't show up at any of his tour stops with a vaccine mandate

Inflation Continued to Run Hot and Consumer Spending Fell in December

Fawn spots camera and starts strutting:

Professor offering a free Maus class to Tennessee students

F.B.I. Secretly Bought Israeli Spyware and Explored Hacking U.S. Phones

A U.S. Foreign Policy Fit for the 21st Century

28-years ago today Beastie Boys released "Sabotage" (1994)

Shoutout to Rep. Zoe Lofgren!

Ukraine Accuses U.S. of Hurting Its Economy by Sowing Panic

U.S. Shares Russian Disinformation on Ukraine

Taiwan Vice President in Honduras to Shore Up Relations

Peter Frampton joins Neil Young SpExit

Bidens welcome cat named Willow to White House.

GM to build Michigan EV car plant, battery facility

Some musical gratitude from Yo-Yo Ma.

An unanswered question re Jan 6

Neil Young returns to SiriusXM after pulling music from Spotify

Cute fish photobomb:

2,000-Year-Old Roman Bowl Discovered Intact in the Netherlands

Wet cement is irrestible:

Why commas are important.

( Tweet ) Airport Workers United @GoodAirports: We're demanding airlines and their contractors

Maybe its time for someone to file a lawsuit in Florida...this really is BS...

Approved fiscal plan says Puerto Rico won't face budget deficits until 2048

5-4 Supreme Court clears the way for Alabama execution


Did anyone watch the J/6 Committee interviews on Nicolle Wallace's show?

Kansas Man on 'Mission From God' Charged With Threatening Biden's Life

Sometimes, I hate people.

Judge Blocks Biggest Ever Gulf of Mexico Oil Drilling Lease Over Climate Crisis

Carville Says Democrats Are 'Addicted to Hopeless Causes'

Puerto Rico teachers call pay hike authorized by fiscal board 'a crumb'

Same energy as this Indiana Jones scene:

It's about to get a lot easier to find out what jobs in New York City pay. Employers aren't happy.

Why is no one talking about Jimmy Fallon's suggestion for the next Supreme Court Justice

Peru bans Repsol execs from leaving country after oil spill

Doc & Tony at Merlefest 2002 - "Salt Creek"

Vaccine Developed At A TX Children's Hospital Could Be The Silver Bullet For Taking Down Covid MSNBC

Binge watching Karen videos: Common themes

Reports: Citing 'serious cash flow problem,' AES demands government bailout from Puerto Rico

Trump WH spokesman is sent subpoena by January 6 committee

Covid isn't a human being, it doesn't care what you think about it.

Evidence Shows Trump Was 'Involved In Conspiracy To Overturn Election' - Deadline - MSNBC

D'OH! ... Trump Was 'Involved In Conspiracy To Overturn Election'

Little Smoke is quite a clever girl

"The Mussolini of Mar-a-Lago" - has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Former President Donald Trump to visit Conroe for Save America Rally

Anita Hill for Supreme court justice

parents who took kids for joyride through flooded creek spared jail (3 kids drowned)

Insider Tips for How to Order and Eat Korean Barbecue

Great impersonations.

Watkins Family Hour - "Brokedown Palace" (Dead cover)

Tomorrow night on Svengoolie, Saturday, January 29, 2022

Salary increase proposed for central government employees in Puerto Rico

Good tweet:

Thousands Gather To Remember Slain NYPD Officer Jason Rivera - Deadline - MSNBC

Outrage as Bolsonaro confirms Russia trip despite Ukraine crisis

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Another Middle Age Riot tweet:

TCM tomorrow:

Barry Manilow - Weekend in New England

Republicans Are Trying to Suppress More Than Votes

Neil Young - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Neil Young - Don't Let It Bring You Down

Peter and Gordon - "World Without Love"

Friday afternoon - time to dance a little bit

The Outsiders - "Time Won't Let Me"

The Big-Name Journalists Who Are Trying to "Both Sides" Covid

How to close your Spotify account - link:

PS5 shortage

Watkins Family Hour - "Steal Your Heart Away" (Fleetwood Mac)

Montana weighs wolf hunt limits; 23 from Yellowstone killed

Sean Penn: Men Have Become 'Quite Feminized' and 'Cowardly Genes' Lead Them to Wear Skirts

Vikings' 'blood eagle' torture was horrific -- and may have actually happened

Omicron drives US deaths higher than in fall's delta wave

Could someone send DU thread where JR is totally high