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Archives: January 3, 2022

Explaining what Antonio Brown just did to hockey fans:

ABC turned over a rock and Sarah ISGUR crawled out

Attack kitten:

My daughter had to wait in line seven hours for a drive-through covid test

COVID-19 Vaccines: People 65+ are 87.3% Fully Vaccinated -and- 95+% have at least One Dose.

My husband's cousin's wife died of Covid today.

Citizen Militias in the U.S. Are Moving toward More Violent Extremism

Settling down, southern MD

Interesting video posted by Justin Guitar yesterday.

Fascinating segment on 60 minutes, 'Richie boys.'

James Webb's sunshield extended to its full 47-foot width

Mr. Subaru gives an excellent description of a PCV Valve and how that $20 part can ruin your engine.

An Exoplanet Found Protected by a Magnetosphere

DNA and RNA Adducts Formation from 3,4-Quinone Metabolites of Bisphenol F

Breaking news! NASA: We know where the aliens are. We'll find them soon. See here where.

Barbados Plans January 19 Snap Election After Becoming Republic

Monster black hole gives off epic radio emissions as it chows down on gas

U.S. Virgin Islands Travelers Now Face Mandatory Quarantine In Illinois

Chinese Mars Mission Sends Photos of the Red Planet

The High Cost of Being Hospitalized with Covid

Say it ain't so Joe.

Can The Caribbean and Latin America Really Trust China As A Business Partner?

College students rescue dog buried in avalanche

Awww! Such kindness--and such an appreciative pupper:

Disney cruise ship docked on St. Thomas turned away due to active COVID cases

I am sick of antivaxxers

The Big Picture: How We Got Into This Mess, And How We Get Out of It Robert Reich

Amtrak to reduce Missouri service to one daily round trip

Cat slide:

Enjoying Inspector Morse on BritBox

Why Can't We Live Together

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin tests positive for the coronavirus

Melbourne man set himself on fire after shouting about vaccine mandates

vaccine believer...

Hmm, that potato salad did have a strange taste to it

This video makes me smile:

Some birds are so smart:

Pupper smiles are so cute:

Small dog steals sled from his human:

Ah, what mothers endure. Such patience. (White tiger & her cub.)

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says he has tested positive for COVID after experiencing symptoms:

The American polity is cracked, and might collapse. Canada must prepare

WH readout of Biden-Zelensky call:

Chrysler V-8 Hemi R.I.P. ⚰️

Report from Mexico

A Study In Selfishness. An 82 -Year -Old Dies Of COVID After 'Friend' Hides Infection

White House briefing room capacity to be reduced amid COVID-19 surge

Biden, Harris to speak on anniversary of Capitol insurrection

Middle Age Riot tweet:

D.C.'s second-warmest December on record caps fifth-warmest year.

GOP Texas governor asks for federal assistance to help with COVID-19 testing, treatment

Resilience Why we shouldn't be discouraged by Robert Reich

What the Texas-New Mexico dispute over the Pecos River can tell us about the Rio Grande fight

Secretary of Defense tests positive

Chris Matthews whining that Democrats are "too far left"

Maps - Maps - Maps

Boebert touts anti-vaccine mandate, pro-gun priorities in reelection campaign appearance

Where do caregivers or family go for support?

Richard Leakey

Meet Geri, The "Two-Faced" Cat

The Prayer Cycle - A Choral Symphony in 9 Movements: Movement V - Grace (Voice) James Taylor

TV: "Who Put The Klan Into Ku Klux Klan"

Manchin Returns to Negotiations on Biden Agenda

Do you think Manchin will agree to a 1.7T BBB bill?

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green Banned From Twitter For Covid Misinformation - MSNBC

"New York City, in the year 2022..." Soylent Green

Trump Is Making the Midterms a Referendum on Him

Follow our detailed coverage for January 3, 2022, impacts to your plans and travels.

Korean-American News Anchor Michelle Li Criticized by Viewer for 'Being Very Asian' On Air

Rep. Liz Cheney says House January 6 panel "will not be deterred" - Face the Nation

AT&T, Verizon CEOs reject U.S. request for 5G deployment delay

TFG 'Went to War With Rule of Law' in Jan. 6 Riot, Cheney Says

Classic Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Jan. 6 committee chairman says attack 'appeared to be a coordinated effort'

Jim Wood - One of the most stupid men in America. Believes Trump's lies with no evidence.

The libertarian myth at the heart of legal challenges to Biden's vaccine mandates


Ex-National Archivist Thinks TFG Is Hiding His Records to Avoid 'Prison Time'

Schiff says House January 6 committee intends to "use every effort to get out the full facts" of 1/6

Orangutan mothers help offspring to learn

Significant history from the new year...

I paid to have my neighbor put her hands in my mouth.

Sudan coup: Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok resigns after mass protests

Energy-saving strategy helps hummingbirds fuel their long migrations

Remembering The Jan. 6 Insurrection: What It Was Like Inside the Capitol - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Doctors Are Urging Medicare to Deny Coverage for Controversial Alzheimer's Drug

"I just love harassing people, especially cancer patients because they're weak and vulnerable and...

Historian: We Must Protect Democracy in 2022, or Lose It Forever

Important message: When you wake up, there may not be much snow yet but

German wholesale power prices hit record above 300 euros on supply worries, Dec. 21, 2021

A year ago today, Trump committed a crime. Why hasn't he been arrested already?

The "Big Lie" and the dangers of denying election results - CBS Sunday Morning

Testimony shows Ivanka asked daddy to stop Jan. 6 violence

I speculate Chris Matthews is hoping for a job with fox. In an interview Matthews is saying MSNBC

**DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has declared a snow emergency for the district.

McCarthy says Democrats using Jan. 6 as 'partisan political weapon'

Former general urges TFG supporters in the military to stop listening to 'the pillow guy'

Rep. Jayapal, "We Can Still Get (Build Back Better) Done." - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

In the local news, long line of people wanting to be tested for Covid, eventually ran out of test

Doctors Are Urging Medicare to Deny Coverage for Controversial Alzheimer's Drug

옷소매 붉은 끝동 (The Red Sleeve)

Tonight, I'm posting a song that if not really a lullaby, is actually lullaby adjacent

We lose Betty White, but Dick Cheney still lives

Rand Paul Says Democrats "Steal" Elections By Legally Getting People To Vote - Ring of Fire

Snow potential index: 9/10 (↑) It's happening (Monday) and there's another chance Thursday night.

Veteran Reacts To Right-Wing Radicals In The Military

Crows keep special tools extra safe

Keith Olbermann goes on Twitter tirade against Mitt Romney

How transparency in butterflies and moths helps ward off predators

Arizona Hate Crimes Hit Their Highest Level Since 9/11--and It's Likely an Undercount

Hail and farewell: Those we lost in 2021 - CBS Sunday Morning

Canada: Mystery Illness In Young Adults Grows; Rapid Weight Loss, Insomnia, Hallucinations, Mobility

Lamont uses federal COVID money to fund one-time tax relief for poor

China: Evergrande suspends shares in Hong Kong as firm tries to raise cash

I hope this is OK. I need help picking an entry for the next contest.


How is Liz Cheney doing in Wyoming? Will they re-elect her?

5 MONSTER Glacier Collapses Caught On Camera

Deal For Millions of At-Home COVID Tests Breaks Down

Wise old elephants keep the young calm

These Fish Work Together by the Hundreds of Thousands To Do the Wave - Here's Why

China Evergrande shares suspended amid reports of demolition order

Desmond Tutu and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission - 60 Minutes Archive - GRAPHIC TESTIMONY

Biden's Schedule for Monday, January 3, 2022

Billions collected, millions returned: How CT and its politicians keep unclaimed money from the publ

Sheep in a trenchcoat

NJ First Lady Tammy Murphy Tests Positive For COVID-19

Yes, Mike Pence, you WILL be pOTUS ...

Tesla says it delivered record 936K vehicles in 2021, up 87%

NHL fan spotted staffer's mole from the stands. Now he's cancer-free, and she has a scholarship.

Disability rights groups lobby Gov. Lamont to prioritize vulnerable residents in distribution of COV


Breakfast Monday 3 January 2022

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Grocery store: I take an item or 2, remaining items way back & no longer visible .. do I move ..

These ancient marine reptiles got very big, very fast (PopSci)

Hochul: SUNY, CUNY students required to get COVID-19 booster shot

"Story makes it clear that Covid was responsible for most of the deaths."

Does Anyone Remember TV's "Ben Casey" or "Dr. Kildare" ?

All Montgomery County Public Schools closed Monday, January 3 due to expected severe weather

CBS News poll: 68% of Americans see January 6 as harbinger of increasing violence - Face the Nation

Ashli Babbitt a martyr? Her past tells a more complex story

Parents Arrested After Abandoning 11-Year-Old for Weeks

Hong Kong news site shuts as pro-Beijing lawmakers sworn in

Lock up this vile cretin- he couldn't even win a second term

Are you smarter than an 8 year old ?

CCPS On 2 Hour Delay, Calvert County Government Offices To Open Late On Jan. 3

as of 4 a.m. We're starting to see a transition from rain to snow in D.C.

"For the Jan. 6 anniversary, I kept thinking about schools - how we spent 50 years killing civics

The Great North Dakota Blizzard (1966)

Byron Brown sworn in for fifth term as Buffalo mayor

Rain began hours ago, sleet/snow now, southern MD.

Happening in Calvert County

From shrill alarm clocks ⏰ to soft ringtones

Schools shut down in DC - Let it SNOW!

Insight On Protecting Congress -

Home schooling our district educators are fantastic

Kitten vs. Potato:

TFG's plan to hold news conference on Capitol riot anniversary shows he's getting 'terrible advice'

Yemen rebels seize UAE ship; hackers hit Israeli newspaper

A Gerenuk (antelope) couple out on a date:

"And maybe what's good ...

As a teamster and part time teacher's aide and lunch room coordinator

"It's now official. California is a universal vote by mail state."

Rensselaer County legislator says vehicle towing was political retaliation

I wish there was a website that told you how books turned out.

Gov. Beshear Provides Update on Severe Weather (copy of email)

For the Enlightened Ones

Monday TOONs - That Got Old Fast

Man who fled to North Korea is a likely previous defector to South Korea, authorities say

Railing collapses at FedEx Field, causing fans to fall and narrowly miss Eagles' Jalen Hurts

$29,000 for an average used car? Would-be buyers are aghast

superb quote from 'The Steal: The Attempt to Overturn the 2020 Election & the People Who Stopped It'

Biden Talks of 'Acting Decisively' With Russia in Call With Ukraine

We Can't Keep Ignoring the Connections Between FoxNews, the GOP and Russia

Houthis Seize 'hostile' Vessel off Yemen; Saudis Claim Ship Carried Med Equipment

Lakota Man Tweet of the Year so far: MTG Gets Flushed.

Climate change, new construction mean more ruinous fires

Coalition: 2 Armed Drones Shot Down at Baghdad Airport

Jewish Space Lasers really are a thing!

January 3, 1844

Since Jan. 6, the pro-Trump Internet has descended into infighting over money and followers

I can't believe it's been a whole year since I didn't

Melanie Moore from Georgia. ❤️ Worth 140 seconds of your time.

Maybe Liz Cheney should run for Republican president

Things are too quiet around here. "Further On Down the Road," at Carnegie Hall

House Democrats begin preparing for the post-Pelosi era

Heather Cox Richardson - January 2, 2022 - Dropping some news


Spokesperson for Trump, Budowich says...

Commentary: Deaths point up lack of awareness of the right to refuse dangerous work

Flynn associate Leigh Dundas on Jan. 5: (video)

Buddy Guy - Damn Right, I've Got The Blues

Every Day Is Jan. 6 Now

Have most people put January 6th behind them?

The Republican Party Is Succeeding Because We Are Not a True Democracy

Another Michigan Registered Nurse/Anti-vaxxer dead of Covid

Ashli Babbitt A Martyr? Her Past Tells A More Complex Story

Why is Liz Cheney more outspoken in attacking Trump than many lawmakers on the left?

Does former Bush aide Scott Jennings trigger anyone else's gag reflex?

AT&T, Verizon reject U.S. request to delay 5G wireless plans

Happy Birthday Stephen Stills

FDA authorizes COVID-19 boosters for 12 to 15-year-olds

Is Vladimir trying to help his pal, Donald, with his threats against the Ukraine?

Stevie Wonder & Tom Jones Medley

"The Virus Is LESS Contagious If Your Boss REALLY Wants You Back At Your Desk"- by Tom Tomorrow

(Another) Happy Reunion for Leopard Mother & Cubs in Maharashtra

RC Cola and Moon Pie...Big Bill Lister

Ex-National Archivist Thinks Trump Is Hiding His Records to Avoid 'Prison Time'

Michael Cohen thinks Jan 6 text leaks are not what they appear - The MeidasTouch

George Martin was born on this date.

Too little...never too late?

When do you think the Supreme Court will rule on Trump's "executive privilege" case?

Sodas (or pops) from every state

U.S. Capitol Building - West Lawn:

Blue Talk Texas - A New Web Show About Texas Politics

BTRTN: The Biden Dream of a 2022 Comeback Is Over...Right?

BTRTN: The Biden Dream of a 2022 Comeback Is Over...Right?

Russian state TV's reaction to this Tucker Carlson banner

Is CSPAN down?

My fosters, Cinder (aka Squeaky) and Smoke (aka Gwenllian) are getting 'fixed' today. Pic included

Twitter: Five Strikes and You're Out!

Harley Rouda declines potential primary against Katie Porter

As a airborne infantry vet I just witnessed our one grandson

Thwaites Glacier.

School, work, travel can wait as snow blankets U.S. capital

No Wiggle Room Ahead ( Joseph E. Stiglitz )

Trump offers unusual endorsement of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban ahead of parliamentary ele

14,192 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon;0 deaths

Tweet of the 47th minute of the hour: There is no labor shortage. There is a

FDA authorizes a Pfizer booster shot for children ages 12 to 15

US Could Be Under Rightwing Dictator By 2030, Canadian Professor Warns, Trump 'May Be Just Warm Up'

They make way too much money for what they do.

The White House Counsel thought they were going to arrest Trump on January 6th.

7-year-old New Hampshire girl reported missing two years after she was last seen

"'Conservative' means 'serve' the 'con.'" . . . Please come CAPTION Marjorie Taylor Greene!!!

When I think bout the coming climate catastrophe, political upheaval, the collapse of civilization..

T.Rex - Bang A Gong (Get It On)

Highway Patrol: Zero traffic fatalities over New Year's holiday weekend

Photos: Rocks, Shores, Ice

Fox Fatigue?

The Senate will debate and consider changes to Senate rules on or before January 17

They need to DO, not CONSIDER

A strategy I would like to see from the DOJ...

The Corporate Insurrection: How companies have broken promises and funded seditionists

Trump Endorses Viktor Orban, Hungary's Far-Right Prime Minister

Suez Canal to Offer Incentives for Eco-friendly Ships

Intelligence Head Gets Saudi Lawsuit Tossed to Protect State Secrets

'This is bad news for Trump': Reporter reveals new Jan. 6 info (CNN)

Achievable New Year's Resolutions

'Storyweapons' and 'fire hoses of falsehood:' Military studies campaign techniques

Wouldn't it be nice if Murkowski, Collins, and Romney had Cheney's courage and conviction?

Idaho parole board recommended sparing an inmate from death row. Gov. Little denied it

Stephen Stills is turning 77 today, please give him some love on Twitter, his music

NEWS: New York attorney general subpoenas Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr for testimony as part of

Just Waitin'

First time visitors to DC and USA, after snowfall, 1964:

January 6 - What will the Press Cover for 24 hours?

Newest Tik Tok stupidity nearly kills a teenager...

Lots of power out around Charlottesville, VA

Senate to consider changes to filibuster

New York Attorney General Subpoenas Ivanka and Don Jr.

Ashli Babbitt a martyr? Her past tells a more complex story

Byron Brown sworn in for fifth term as Buffalo mayor

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 5: Drawn by Hirschfeld

Dr Marshall Steinbaum scorches newly-minted Big Debt shill Matthew Yglesias on student loans

Is Rory Reid going to run for elected office such as NV Secretary of State?

The trumpers are clueless. We know that. But their take on "Don't Look Up" proves it beyond doubt

Jacob Wrestling with the Angel

Kremlin Insider May Have Secrets of 2016 Hack

Kleptoparasitic bear steals wolves' kill in filmed Yellowstone drama

The GOP grip on states is becoming a horror show. Some Democrats see a way out.

I have posted this question in the Jewish group here but would like to ask here!

Trump Accuses January 6th Committee Of Doing Their Job - Farron Balanced

Cheney says Republicans must choose between Trump and truth

TV Guide Cover, January 2-8, 1965: Al Lewis, Fred Gwynne and Yvonne De Carlo of 'The Munsters'

US could be under rightwing dictator by 2030, Canadian professor warns

Pic Of The Moment: McCarthy Upset That Jan. 6 Committee Hasn't Answered The "Central Question"

Ontario moves schools to online learning, bans indoor dining and issues new COVID capacity restricti

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 3, 2022

White House announces $1B plan to address increases in meat prices

Pro-Trump Internet Descends Into Infighting

WWRD (What Would Republicans Do) about the Electoral College if it put them at a disadvantage?

GOP Governor to deceived Trump Republicans: Insane to believe January 6 was not their violence

Wisconsin Democrats, Republicans both want Ron John the clown to run

700,000 US Teens Navigate School Without Family Support or Permanent Housing

On January 2, 1990, Alan Hale, Jr. died.

Edited update: Eldest Trump children won't comply with subpoenas from New York attorney general

Detroit lawmakers plan to challenge redistricting maps over racial fairness

Schumer says Senate will vote by Jan. 17 on changing rules if GOP continues to block voting-rights

Thank you, Governor!

Brazil's Bolsonaro hospitalized with obstructed gut, may need surgery

Want to avoid a Civil War? Bring the showdown with the Far Right to a head sooner rather than later.

Homebuilding lifts U.S. construction spending in November

Detroit lawmakers to sue redistricting commission, allege violation of Voting Rights Act

Eldest Trump children won't comply with subpoenas from New York attorney general

Jeffrey Epstein legal deal with Prince Andrew accuser to be unsealed

Some of dis and Some of dat

Four people hurt by stray New Year's Eve gunfire in St. Louis

It's time for Democrats to remind Republicans: The GOP is very much in the minority

Why are EMTs not wearing masks when going to a home after a 911 call?

Marjorie Taylor Greene says Facebook suspended her account for 24 hours

NYC mayor Eric Adams: "You see, the problem is that you didn't have enough swagger to defeat covid."

Near whiteout conditions close Snoqualmie Pass

Seattle starts picking up garbage, recyclables again Monday

Los Angeles schools, with 30K unvaccinated students, push off COVID-19 vaccine mandate until fall 20

Calvert County has approximately 900 lane miles that crews are working to clear.

Do You Like To Identify As A Christian ...


Nunes formally resigns from Congress

U.S. Catches Kremlin Insider Who May Have Secrets of 2016 Hack - BFD!

A federal court just released the settlement deal between Epstein and Giuffre

Jeffrey Epstein victim's $500,000 settlement deal unsealed in lawsuit against Prince Andrew

Cue Pat Collins. More ...

New York A.G. Seeks to Question Trump Children in Fraud Inquiry

Canada says Biden electric vehicle tax credit could threaten Buffalo auto plants

"FIRST 4 TRAFFIC: All Metrobus service is suspended because of the winter storm. ..."

Blackberry will discontinue service for its classic devices on Jan. 4, the company reminded users.

New York attorney general asks court to enforce subpoenas of Trump children in tax fraud probe

Cartoons 1/3/2022

Hanging on sand/snow bar!

Monthly Child-Tax-Credit Payments Cease, Ending Cushion for Family Budgets

Sable dives into a bucket of snow:

Snow along with gusty winds at times. Temps nearly steady in the low to mid 30s.

Snow pummels 18 states as winter storm rolls through Midwest; warm East in for a shocker

Guy Comforts The Terrified Dog He Rescued

Police chief confident Capitol won't see attack like Jan. 6 again

Snow along with gusty winds at times. Temps nearly steady in the low to mid 30s. SMD.

Angst over China, Russia lessens chance of US nuke changes

Fauci: CDC mulling COVID test requirement for asymptomatic

Covid surge shuts down baby delivery unit at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, hospital

Days Before Jan. 6 Anniversary, Trump Endorses Hungary's Autocracy-Curious Orbn

'Happy New Year A**hole': Michael Cohen Taunts After Bill Barr Served Lawsuit Papers

Ron DeSantis under pressure as Florida breaks its COVID case record

'Nasty perv': Trump-loving televangelist reportedly facing FBI probe for inappropriate sexual behavi

How Long Can The Cable News Shows Continue To Rehash The Same Crap & Ask The Same Questions....

American support for conspiracy theories and armed rebellion isn't new - we just didn't believe it

New year, same demands: Joe Manchin will consider supporting Biden's agenda if monthly child tax cre

trump's mother knew him better than the voters did (at least the 2016 voters):

This storm is a beast. Reagan National Airport w/ near blizzard conditions past couple of hours

Haiti PM flees under gunfire as Haiti rings in new year

An abusive Christian boarding home operated in the shadows. It also took teens' babies.

A Valley Transportation Provost commuter bus overturned in the median on Route 4/Skinners Turn

My little fosters are out of surgery and doing great

Talk of civil war moves beyond theoretical as distrust of elections grows

Is the 'smoking gun' in Trump's Jan. 6 attempted coup hiding in plain sight?

Texas: 600,000 votes

Marjorie Taylor Greene refers to democrats as "termites"

Epstein's Secret Settlement With Rape Accuser Virginia Giuffre Finally Revealed

Nunes Resigns! THIS opens the door just enough to pass some bills!

oh CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK! #Monsutāhantāwārudo モンスターハンターワールド

Downed and dangling power lines are extremely dangerous

We haven't played the alphabet game in a long time! A is for automobile!

Downed and dangling power lines are extremely dangerous

The Last Time America Forgave Traitors

More People Are Getting Unapproved Fourth Doses of the Covid-19 Vaccine: NYT

'Jeopardy!' champ Amy Schneider has perfect response to anti-trans comments

News organizations should not air Trump's lies about January 6 live

Ivanka Drops BOMBSHELL On Trump Coup Investigation - Rebel HQ

No, Beto did not kill his chances with "we will take your AR15s"

Downed and dangling power lines are extremely dangerous

Michael Cohen recalls when Trump offered up Don Jr. for prison over Ivanka - MeidasTouch

Not a great start to 2022.

According to CNN 72% of republicans believe trump bears no responsibility for the insurrection.

The Dangers of Doing Your Own Research

The storm is over for most of us with widespread totals of 5-10" in the immediate area,

Cable News Networks Are Mostly NOT News

How the Taxi Workers Won

Wrong again!

Fifi Rong - The Same Road (Official Video)

Trump's Own Kids PINNED Against Him - Rebel HQ

A plane load of these is heading to Mar a Lardo to assist the Slobfather as he heads up shit creek


How would David McCormick do in the 2022 PA US Senate Race against

Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. subpoenaed by NY AG (CNN)

Scientists say we have to stop salting icy roads, sidewalks

Since the First Anniversary is known as the 'Paper Anniversary"....

If Rouda wants to run for the US House in Porter's district,

Dr. M. Kit Delgado: Some thoughts from seeing a ton of Covid in the ER this week...

Fifi Rong - Out Of Clock (Official Video)

So long Nunes!

Arghhh, static electricity - & the other *INEXORABLE* Laws of Nature!1

I recall reading this somewhere. MAGA 6 January Traitors truly explained.

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton reminds D.C. residents of her provision allowing sledding on Capitol Hill

Elizabeth Holmes jury says they are deadlocked on three counts.

AN CAFE - Live Cafe 2006 - Yagai de Nyappy [FULL/COMPLETE]

Don't you be my neighbor

Remember when TFG refused to honor WWI soldiers because a wittle bit of wain

The Colorado River Is Dying - And It Could Crash The Economy Answers With Joe

Will use QCD again, more so

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Hey Joe

Here Are the 2021 Doug Awards! (Best Car, Worst Car, etc.)

Elon Musk's Tesla has opened a new showroom in...... Xinjiang.

If The Dems Are Able To Get The Voting Rights Legislation Passed Before Nov 2022....

Was there a plan to seize all election machines and election records to undo the election results?

Exclusive: Secret Commandos with Shoot-to-Kill Authority Were at the Capitol

Beach House - 10 Mile Stereo

New Covid-19 Pills Carry Risks: What Patients Should Know

Fierce winter storm lashes South, mid-Atlantic with heavy snow, wind; nearly 850,000 without power

Governor Still Expects Reporter to Be Charged with Hacking

Black cat wasn't getting adopted. Then this woman took him home

A Grieving Family Wonders: What if They Had Known the Medical History of Sperm Donor 1558?

If Ron Johnson(R-WI) decides not to seek re-election in 2022,

Famous Key West Landmark Damaged by Fire

It was Ginger/Mary Ann. Now it's...

Marshall Tucker Band - Can't You See, live, 9/10/1973

" Day 8: COVID is kicking my ass"

Condolences to all DUers who are working today.

WONDERFUL profile of Jamie Raskin by Michael Tomasky in New Republic.

How the Media's Addiction to Bad News Hurts Dems

The Netflix Series That Should Make Religious People Uncomfortable.

DeSantis addresses COVID-19 clusterf**k in Florida by blaming feds, whining about not getting help

Tiny Rescue Dog Is So Nervous That He Lives In His Mom's Pouch

Storm's ended, sun thinking of setting.

Huge snowball fight breaks out on the National Mall

Today is a very bad day for TFG. Enjoy "He will never have another good day."

Peter Gabriel - Mercy Street

The COVID hospitalization risk is MORE THAN 10X higher for the unvaccinated--at every. single. age. l

All of Us Are Dead - Date Announcement - Netflix

Judge dismisses Fortenberry's (R-NE) challenges of indictment over campaign contributions

13 unvaccinated border agents died of COVID, but Breitbart hypes their deaths "in the line of duty."

Online 'Auction' Is Latest Attack on Muslim Women in India

Online 'Auction' Is Latest Attack on Muslim Women in India

How insane is it that you could own a deadly machine like an AR-15 and not need to register it?

Gin Blossoms - Until I Fall Away

In the vitamin aisle at Costco

Well, Covid has hit home...

What's the Best Book of the Past 125 Years? We Asked Readers to Decide. (NYT)

Congress' doctor wants 'maximal telework' amid virus surge

Tampa and Houston

Far-Right Goes Even Further 1 Year After Trump Coup - The Damage Report

Firefighters battle new blaze at South African parliament, suspect charged with arson

2022 resolution!

I just finished zesting 20 Meyer lemons and have juiced half of them.

Apple becomes first U.S. company to hit $3 trillion market cap

Corbevax: "A milestone for global vaccine equity"

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 3, 2021

Another Far-Right Group Is Scrutinized in Effort to Aid Trump

Dear media, it's not news that roughly 70% of Republicans believe something insane

BLACKPINK - 'Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez)'

Kimberly Guilfoyle engaged to Trump Jr.

On this day, January 3, 1917, Texas Playboy Leon McAuliffe was born.

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro hospitalized with abdominal blockage

Tweet of the Day

Trumpy's speech on Jan 6th 2022

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick tested positive last week for COVID-19 but didn't tell Texas right away

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Beto O'Rourke's blunt support of marijuana legalization gives advocates hope for policy change

Iran calls for Trump, Pompeo to face trial for Soleimani assassination

The Stone Roses - Shoot You Down

Residual wifi ending soon,

Eldest Trump children won't comply with subpoenas from New York attorney general

Nutshell Alice In Chains

Kane Tanaka, the world's oldest living person, turns 119

Texas puts final estimate of winter storm death toll at 246

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Democrats Press Manchin and Sinema on Filibuster

Katrina Pierson, Dallas conservative and MAGA loyalist, splits with Trump in Texas governor's race

Another Far-Right Group Is Scrutinized in Effort to Aid Trump

Boldface Names Give Los Angeles a New Cultural Center

Bipartisan Jan. 6 Committee Investigates Trump w/Clear-Eyed Determination and Purpose of Mission

Very interesting cloud after the snowstorm today. The sun came out just before it sent

Texas congressman calls Marjorie Taylor Greene an 'idiot' during social media spat

President Biden on the beach - How a U.S. President is meant to be...

From the Capitol to the city council: How extremism in the U.S. shifted after Jan. 6



Apple Becomes First Company to Hit $3 Trillion Market Value

COVID-19 measures tighten in Juarez as 'yellow' alert continues in Chihuahua state

So, Kevin McCarthy is now criticizing "the majority party" for not focusing on what he says is the

Doesn't James O'Keefe look as though he could be the son of Mike Flynn?

How not to Covid

Conservatism and Fascism Are Not the Same Thing

This guy needs to be a member of congress. Richard Ojeda is a great voice In this one he crucifies

COZI TV is bringing "The Rockford Files" back to TV on Sundays.

Everything is not OK

Canadian court awards C$107 million to families of airliner downed by Iran

Democrats will definitely have at least 51 US Senate seats in 2022.


A Summary Statement for the Photo Group:

Haiti PM Ariel Henry survived assassination attempt - officials

Devin Nunes Rides Cow Into Sunset

Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre's 2009 settlement with Jeffrey Epstein released (CNN)

TV star twins loved plastic surgery but were not vaccinated. both died of COVID this week.

Butthole Surfers ‎- Pepper

Bobby Rush is retiring.

"Brandon won"

Trump's Staff 'Know How Much He Was Enjoying The Violence' Says McCaskill (MSNBC)

MIL Has Pneumonia Had To Wait In Ambulance Over An Hour To Get Into Emergency

**Attorney General Merrick Garland will update Americans on the Jan. 6 investigation on WEDNESDAY**

Anti-Vax Leader Traveling Country With Guns, Flamethrower, and Fake Badge in Quest to Arrest Dem...

Remain in Mexico: U.S. expands Trump-era border program to San Diego

Remain in Mexico: U.S. expands Trump-era border program to San Diego

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