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'We're All Hoping For Reassurance' From AG Garland On Jan. 6 (MSNBC)

Not even a blizzard can stop my senator Kaine.

⚠️ Emergency Warming Center for Calvert County Residents

Jesuit who stood up to Paraguayan dictator dies

Trump Cancels January 6 News Conference

We have not heard about the loaded boats off the port of LA. Has anything changed

I hope the Speaker of the House responds to

LIHI teams up with Black-led organization to acquire Central Area apartments

Extremist Groups Go Local In The Year Since The Capitol Riot - Deadline - MSNBC

Gorgeous satellite view this morning shows swath of snow over the Mid-Atlantic

New Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell says it's time to be 'creative and bold'

Gorgeous satellite view this morning shows swath of snow over the Mid-Atlantic

Gorgeous satellite view this morning shows swath of snow over the Mid-Atlantic


Trump Tried A Coup In Plain Sight -- And Has, So Far, Gotten Away With It

Ron DeSantis moves Jacksonville news conference after protest and handcuffing of community leader

Name a national TV show, obscure, but you liked it.

School banned Jingle Bells due to racism concerns

Biden talks Omicron COVID variant in address to nation - CBS News

Eccentric French TV star twins BOTH die of Covid within a week aged 72 after refusing vaccine

TFG called Twitter boring and a disgrace to democracy. He's going to court demand his account back.

Will Arizona's insurrection enablers, Reps. Biggs and Gosar, pay a price?

Trump hit with two new lawsuits from police officers attacked by rioters on January 6

Despite brutal video, only GOP minority say 1/6 very violent

Seriously wondering if Trump cancelled 1/6 event because he got a heads

Animal rights activists pressure Mexico City congress to ban bullfights

"Short-staffed NYC schools are asking teachers with mild COVID symptoms to return to the classroom"

Navarro just admitted plot to steal election from Biden on MSNBC

Social Media 'Is Not A Public Utility' Says Kara Swisher - Deadline - MSNBC

January 6 Committee chairman wants to speak directly with Mike Pence

10,000 bees join protest in Chile, stinging seven police officers

Fox: I-95 traffic jam happened because the left won't let cops have "military-grade equipment"

What it means to the region after U.S. bases in Asia strengthen missile defenses

Revealed: Sean Hannity's Other Desperate Texts About Jan. 6

Opinion: Srgio Moro went from Brazil's sheriff to Bolsonaro's useful idiot. Can he pull off a presi

Who is Ray Epps?

A couple things that made me laugh and nod

Free at last, free at last....

Florida activist handcuffed while trying to attend DeSantis news conference

Trump cancelled his s**t show because of OPTICS, not because it was the right thing to do

Fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose boosts antibodies five-fold, Israeli study finds

Ben Smith Is Leaving The Times for a Global News Start-Up

Yep, Spain Circa 1938-ish!! Greg Abbot "... He's (Joe Biden) is not your commander in chief..."

I think that if I wanted to know for sure if someone would like

Police Lawsuits Against Trump Pile Up

Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak

What time is Garland's announcement?

Snowmageddon: Monster Twin Storms Hit DC, Balto, Phila, Pgh, Chicago.. Feb. 2010

This sucks, don't it?? School will be cancelled if union teachers vote to switch to remote learning

Trump to attend fundraiser for midterm candidates

Home Test:. Swab nose - negative, Swab throat - positive

Death threats, primary challenge followed Rep. Meijer's vote to impeach Trump after Jan. 6 PBS NewsHour

Prime time Jan. 6 hearings?

Peter Navarro admits 1/6

Peter Navarro 1/6 Part II

'Do you realize you're describing a coup?' Peter Navarro gets schooled during train wreck MSNBC inte

I got nothin' for the next contest so I went to the archives

Trump canceled Jan. 6 event as 'it was becoming clear he wasn't likely to get live TV coverage'

Another true hero.....trucker stuck on I-95 shared his food with fellow stuck travelers....

PM Update: Spotty freezing drizzle could cause icy spots early Wednesday morning.

Am I the only one or

Most Awesome Photo of President Joe. (Notice no help down the steps either.)

Panda cub snow scene from the National Zoo yesterday

Flight 19 - New Year, Same Ingenuity

Did you know that Earth reaches its closest point to the Sun about two weeks after the December

Demographics of the Progressive Caucus in Congress

Well That Didn't Take Long-"Moran" Billionaire Opens Mouth Gets Fired

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Jan. 5th pipe bomb planting.

Democrats' most alarming problem

The CDC explains its new Covid guidelines

Some black holes are anything but black - and we've found more than 75,000 of the brightest ones

Minor point about the genius of Nancy Pelosi...

Jan. 6 Committee Releases 'Explosive' Texts From Sean Hannity - All In - MSNBC

The Garland announcement will only disappoint you

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread

One MVP voter says he won't vote for Aaron Rodgers, calling him "the biggest jerk in the league"

Washington Secretary of State's office ends holdout, will implement COVID vaccine mandate

Insurrection prompts change for Capitol Police - CBS News

Biden to attend Reid funeral in Nevada

What's your favorite cover? Well, depends on when you ask... There's no single choice

Cake - Sick of You


Peter Navarro Joins the Ranks of Trump's Co-Conspirators; Garland Set to Discuss Jan 6 Investigation

Melanie is really pushing her NFT!

Retailers hike COVID-19 test prices after White House deal expires

A list of election deniers running for Secretary of State

Schiff: Texts Show Hannity Was 'Plainly Concerned' About Trump After Jan. 6 - All In - MSNBC

*Jamie Raskin on Rachel Show now.

Capitol Riot Panel Weighs Televised Hearings in Prime Time

Capitol Riot Panel Weighs Televised Hearings in Prime Time


Retailers hike COVID-19 test prices after White House deal expires

Another GOP assisted death: 30 days after demanding her freedom from vaccination, COVID freed her.

Thune Signals Interest in Reforming Electoral Vote Count

NYC Mayor Adams Asks Biden to Apologize to Asian Americans for Trump Remarks

Navarro - The Lincoln Project

NYC Mayor Adams Asks Biden to Apologize to Asian Americans for Trump Remarks

Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson Openly Praising Autocratic Leaders (MSNBC)

An allegorical haiku---

Record 1 Mill New Covid Cases In US Single Day: Omicron 'Fastest Spreading Virus Known To Humankind'

Henry Winkler: 'We are all going for Ice Cream ... get your coats'

Michigan Rep. Brenda Lawrence announces she won't seek reelection to Congress

Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson Openly Praising Autocratic Leaders - All In - MSNBC

Schools lawsuit: Ohio pupil voucher system unconstitutional

Schools lawsuit: Ohio pupil voucher system unconstitutional

my 2 cents about the vaccines

Seth Meyers: Biden Administration Promises to Provide 500 Million Free Rapid COVID Tests - 1/3/22

Christian Sect, Burning Shed Focus of Deadly Colorado Fire Investigation

*Cher coming up @ end of Lawrence Show.

Search and Rescue Expert: How Drivers Can Deal w Frigid Conditions: Stranded On Icy VA Hwy, 24+ Hrs

This traitor should be arrested ASAP...

Seth Meyers: Guest David Byrne Reveals Why He Wears a Suit Without Shoes in American Utopia

China's President Xi visits winter Olympics venues as challenges mount

I love Steve Sack

New information disclosed about 1/6. The military seems was more prepared than thought

In Omicron Hot Spots, Hospitals Fill Up, but I.C.U.s May Not

Man who refused to put mask over nose strangled San Francisco store clerk

Extremists Shifting Attention To Influencing Local Governments Expert Says - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Proposal could lead to cameras in classrooms in Florida

O'Rourke releases scathing statement regarding Abbott's handling of COVID-19 and the recent surge

Wintry morning with our Paint mare Kate.

Eric Adams' New Jail Commissioner Pushes Out Acclaimed Head of Investigations

New Manhattan DA won't pursue resisting arrest, other non-violent, non-felony charges, angering cops

Anybody think maybe Melania is selling her stuff because...

The year accountability died

Jan. 6 Committee Reveals Sean Hannity Texts To Mark Meadows And Others - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Heads up family. We are duly screwn. Get your meds filled and stock up.

As I approach 66, some thoughts as I try to process these bizarre times we live in

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2022 are all Democratic held seats up in 2022 plus PA and WI.

Watch Hightown on Starz

'It Better Be'...Claire

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Robin Vos ordered to sit for deposition as part of election probe records lawsuit

How the stupid 5-day rule (and other stupid business policies) spread COVID

The Daily Show: As Seen on The Daily Show

Trump advisor called out for staging January 6 coup TO HIS FACE on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Tucker Carlson: "Our population is too big" and "past a certain scale, democracy can't function"

Now my friend may have COVID

Snow potential index: 6/10 (↑) Not as powerful as the last storm, but

New Fox lies: Police "used massive amounts of force" against unarmed Trump supporters

NYT: The Capitol Police and the Scars of Jan. 6 - but they'd vote for him again

Chicago Teachers Union votes 73% to begin remote teaching starting tomorrow

'Counselor of the Year' Busted for Child Porn Posed as Teen to Chat With Own Students, Feds Say

January 6 Committee Zeroes In On Fox News Host - The 11th Hour - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Latest person in Donald Trump's orbit ... to fight a Jan. 6 committee subpoena ... : Sebastian Gorka

Are Trump and the MAGATs being set up?

The Lincoln Project-Peter Navarro says the quiet part out loud.

In the Brazilian Amazon, solar energy brings light -- and new opportunities

CPS classes canceled Wednesday after CTU votes to refuse in-person work

The Lincoln Project-Peter Navarro says the quiet part out loud.

(Jewish Group) GOP donor says 'the Jews' are using COVID-19 vaccines to 'euthanize the Americans'

Wednesday Digit: 6/10 - Defrosting a bit with afternoon highs in the 40s, and still scenic

Cartoon: Cakes and coups By Clay Jones -January 4, 2022 10:27 AM

Ok Tucker & You Repugs - Tell Us What Your Vision Is Of The USofA If Democracy Is Gone....

Rand Paul violated term limit pledge that he signed

January 6th Attack Reveals Foundational Obstacles To U.S. Democracy - The Last Word - MSNBC

The media is still not doing enough

U.S. Reaches 1 Million Daily Covid Cases - The 11th Hour - Ali Velshi - MSNBC



An apology from the Director of Public Affairs, US Army Honolulu re: last night's shocking event.

Senate Dems' Plan To Stop GOP's 'Coordinated Assault' On Voting Rights - The Last Word - MSNBC

Burning sugar cane pollutes Florida's communities of color. Brazil shows there's another way

Ari Melber destroys Trump's main insurrectionist planner: Do you realize you were describing a COUP?

Mexican Newspaper Warns About the Rise of Fascism in the US

Real Statement from Donald J. Trump, Real President of the United States, cancelling his 1/6 PC

Why Did Hannity Text That He Was 'Very Worried' Ahead Of Jan. 6? - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Jimmy Kimmel Live: This YEAR in Unnecessary Censorship

City of San Marcos acknowledges police sent texts about harassment of Biden bus on I-35

City of San Marcos acknowledges police sent texts about harassment of Biden bus on I-35

Cher Gets Tonight's Last Word - The Last Word - MSNBC

Roughly 1,000 teachers absent from San Antonio's Northside ISD two days in a row

Imagine getting arrested and a cat just comes along and fucking sits on you.

San Antonio ISD offering $200 a day to substitute teachers, holding job fairs this week

The Story Of South Africa's Anti-Apartheid Press The Trouble With Truth Timeline

Biden Admin Points To Silver Lining On Rise In Covid Hospitalizations: Less Death - Rachel Maddow

Florida Surgeon General proposes children skip COVID tests

Will Arizona's insurrection enablers, Reps. Biggs and Gosar, pay a price?

Are the poor subsidizing the University of Texas?

Jamie Raskin On Losing His Son And Defending American Democracy - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Ga. legislators plan push to insure mental health on par with physical coverage

Ford megasite atop 'recharge zone' for underregulated Memphis Sands aquifer

Inside Klete Keller's fall from Olympic gold to the Capitol riot

This week's Calendar of individuals subpoenaed by the January 6th Cmte

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/4/22

Tech founder out -claimed the COVID-19 vaccine is part of a plot by "the Jews" to exterminate people

Isn't it f*king amazing..?

Boise P&Z denies permit for Interfaith homeless shelter. Shelter leaders say they'll appeal

Moving to Texas for more freedom? Not so fast. Study ranks the state 49th in personal liberties

Gaming regulators ask state Supreme Court to restore authority over Steve Wynn

Kristof attorneys argue Yamhill has always been home for the gubernatorial candidate

Mayo Clinic Fires 700 Unvaccinated Employees, WCCO, Jan 4, 2022

Republican Accountability Project Ad - Running on FOX

it took 7 police officers 15 minutes to restrain pandemic-denier

The Snoqualmie Tribe asks for support to protect their most sacred site

As COVID hits nursing homes' finances, Missouri town fights to save Alzheimer's facility

A year after Jan. 6 Capitol riot, a key purveyor of the 'big lie' is heading to Missouri

Trampolines were on sale yesterday for 50% off

GOP lawmakers renew effort to bar Planned Parenthood from Missouri Medicaid program

Trump Sued by Jan. 6 Cop Who Feared Death by His Own Gun

GOP lawmakers renew effort to bar Planned Parenthood from Missouri Medicaid program

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Capitol security officials present list of reforms ahead of Jan. 6 anniversary

GOP Donor Claims Pope Francis Is Jewish Agent Installed to Distribute Vaccine

Seattle University extends remote instruction as omicron variant continues to spread

Ashcroft defends sweeping Texas voting law, considers it a model for Missouri

Federal judge dismisses Capitol rioter Adam Kiefer's request to bar antifascist researcher

High Turnover May Lead to Higher Wages in State Government

Speak up and listen up at virtual ferry community meetings

Cartoons 1/5/2022

Kazakhstan government's resignation fails to quell protests

Comment: Jan. 6 hearings are for the benefit of democracy

Harrop: What Betty White and other Golden Girls got right

Dog thought to be lost on I-89 in New Hampshire leads police to scene of crash, injured owner

Lauren Boebert said she is not a "snotty-nosed politician," but she is running again

Democratic lawmakers file 2 bills hoping to fix problems with Washington's new long-term care benefi

Trump lies about Anitfa (anti fascist) are telling,

New state law proposal aims to stop catalytic converter thiefs cold

Kyle Rittenhouse considering writing a book about his 'unorthodox journey into adulthood'

By a vote of 4-3, the St. Louis County Council approves new mask requirement

tRump hit with two new lawsuits from police officers attacked by rioters on January 6

NYT Rebecca Solnit: Why Republicans Keep Falling for Trump's Lies

Toyota outsold GM last year due to a superior supply chain. EVs Could Revive Detroit's Supply Woes

Deere Rolls Out Fully Autonomous Tractor at CES

Late-night hosts Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers test positive for COVID-19

California Finds PG&E Responsible for Dixie Fire

Will Mr Garland do a "Green bay sweep"

Boy Scouts Fall Short of Desired Vote on $2.7 Billion Abuse Settlement

Toyota Overtakes GM as Bestselling Auto Maker in U.S.

The Next Big COVID Variant Could Be a Triple Whammy Nightmare

Wednesday TOONs - The Face Of The GOP

NY science teacher arrested for vaccinating 17-year-old student

Providers fight Texas abortion law asking for case to be transferred

Judge tosses most of St. Louis earnings tax lawsuit in early win for city

Football player kills teammate at New Year's Eve party

North Korea Fires Suspected Ballistic Missile into Sea

New Wind-assisted River Cargo Ship Design Unveiled

Albuquerque Police: 36% of 2021 homicides solved

French uproar as Macron vows to 'piss off' unvaccinated

A peaceful moment for you today

Biden to restart talks with Manchin after 'cooling off' period

Perfect start to the day.

France's Macron Says He Wants to 'Piss Off' the Unvaccinated

France's Macron Says He Wants to 'Piss Off' the Unvaccinated

Billy Joel - Piano Man (Official HD Video)

University of Kansas suspends two fraternities, alleges culture of hazing

Keep my guy in your thoughts today/this week, please

Independant counsel?

Can I just say...? I'm glad to have some "normal" TV again

December private payrolls rose by 807,000, far exceeding expectations: ADP

"Extreme Marine Heatwave" Gathering Force In Great Barrier Reef; Temps Already 3C Over Normal

I'm Confused

Peter Navarro should have titled his book "I Confess" or

Jan. 6 was, at its core, a racist tantrum.

Jeff Bezos' New Year's Disco Style Hits a Nerve

Upper stage from failed Russian rocket to make uncontrolled re-entry

After Fire, Arctic Permafrost Enters Positive Feedback Loop Of Thermokarst, CO2 Release, More Fires

I see no reason why Garland cannot say something like this today.

Tony Blair's ex-defence chief 'told to burn memo saying Iraq invasion could be illegal'

Pope calls couples who choose pets over having children 'selfish'

" The Night Manager"....

Their miserable dreams of some Imperial America with orange Nero at the helm must be crushed forever

Mayo Clinic fires 700 unvaccinated employees

Wednesday, Jan 5, 2022: What's for breakfast?

Cuba's vaccine success story sails past mark set by rich world's Covid efforts

Golden Globes 2022 will have no stars, red carpet or TV show

Possibly the most informative thread on Omicron ever

North Korea fires ballistic missile, in 1st test in 2 months

Climate Protections 101 ( Presented by Project Drawdown )

Insurrection Index identifies those who acted as accomplices

U.S. Companes donated $8.1M to 147 TeapubliKKKans who voted against vote certification

How to watch Merrick Garland's remarks on Jan 6 attack **Today, 2:30PM ET**

What Will AG Garland Say Today?

Potential Maxwell Verdict Issue (more at link)

Pandemic Profiteering, Plain and Simple': Walmart and Kroger Hike Prices for Covid Tests

nk officials demand handwriting samples of 1000s of Pyongyang residents after ....

Louisiana Governor to pardon Plessy, of 'separate but equal' ruling

Louisiana Governor to pardon Plessy, of 'separate but equal' ruling

George Floyd's niece shot on New Year's. Dad says police didn't arrive until 4 hours after incident.

Sam Phillips was born on this date.

Scathing ads from *Repubs* targeting Drumpf enablers by name to run on Faux on 1-6

Ohio man shot dead by police was celebrating new year with rifle, wife says

Thousands of U.S. troops defy COVID-19 vaccine order

Tumbling Dice - Rolling Stones (studio / live), Linda Ronstadt, Keith Urban

Good morning to all. The purchase of a used grand piano is on my shopping list and am

Kosovo bans cryptocurrency mining after blackouts

I still have trust in Rochelle Walensky and think she is the right person for the job. President...

Manchin is Lucy and the football

Trucker dies on I-8 in East County after being impaled by steel he was hauling

Columnist Will Bunch: Trump Came Much Closer to Pulling Off a January 6 Coup Than People Realize

Ohio Republicans Want Teacher Curriculums Shared Online

Dr. Seuss: The Dopest Rhyme Lyricist

Sweden Creates Agency to Combat Fake News Ahead of Election

At no point in his political career has Mr. Trump enjoyed the support of the majority of the country

Christ - An unvaxxed patient on a rotoprone bed and hypothermic protocol

All Americans Know January 6th Was An Insurrection. Decent Ones Care.

The Real Tragedy of Jan. 6 Is That It's Still Not Over (must read)

Daniel Dale fact-checks the most enduring lies about the Jan. 6 riot at the US Capitol.

A Year After the Jan. 6 Insurrection, Texas Still Has the Second Most Alleged Capitol Rioters

Type "I need more" into seach and tell us what the first result is

The Lincoln Project-Closer Than You Think: Part One

The Lincoln Project-Closer Than You Think: Part One

Pittie Gets So Jealous When Grandma Gives His Brother Attention

Details on Garland speech.

The illegal pot farm down the road from us was raided

Melania Trump's 2022 Resolution: Grift Like There's No Tomorrow

Roger Stone, the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.

Illinois State Rep. Introduces Bill Requiring Unvaccinated Residents to Pay For Their Own COVID Care

Fox News has a Jan. 6 problem: Sean Hannity's text messages make clear his complicity

The GOP's masculinity panic

In a sane world, mankind wouldn't be required to know of, nor acknowledge the existence of Hannity

13 people dead after row house fire in Fairmount section of Philadelphia

Metro to reduce workforce, bus schedule in response to COVID surge

has anyone had any scheduled surgeries delayed recently?

Republicans are losing their midterm advantage, new polling finds

Anyone else watching the Capitol Police Chief testifying at Sen Klobachars committee?

New Orleans Ladies - Louisiana LeRoux

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 5, 2022

"It wasn't a coup so much as a reassessment." . . . Please come CAPTION Peter Navarro!!!!

Some of dis and Some of dat

It takes a special type of stupid

More than 1,000 US public figures aided Trump's effort to overturn election

7749 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed; 61 deaths

Let's listen, Turtle man is talking live on C-SPAN in the Senate......babbling on how

How January 6 changed what it means to be a Republican in one Pennsylvania county

'The Daily Show' uses Fox News hosts attacking BLM protests -- but with Jan. 6 insurrection footage

Fox News talking about BLM protesters but with the footage from January 6th:

U.S.-made F-35s grounded in South Korea after malfunction forces fighter jet to make dramatic belly


UFOs, the Channel Islands and the Navy's 'drone swarm' mystery

UFOs, the Channel Islands and the Navy's 'drone swarm' mystery

A firefly at night in the moonlight

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are gonna win.

December jobs report comes in at double expectations. 807k new jobs.

Prof. Tribe on HARDTalk

Lakshmi's rescue

A WHOPPING 807,000 new private sector jobs were added in December -- DOUBLE economists' prediction

"This was not a peaceful protest."

13 dead, including 7 children, in Philadelphia house fire

I just read an article wherein a conservative opined that, for Republicans, Donald Trump

A Year Later, GOP Lawmakers Still Won't Say If Joe Biden Is Actually President

It's not Twitter's job to hold Marjorie Taylor Greene accountable. The DOJ must step in.

Rand Paul just claimed that nearly all hospitalized Covid patients are vaccinated.

I'm sure someone on here knows the answer.

What they said then vs. what they say now about January 6th

More than 5% of entire UK population contracted covid last week:

Vanity Fair Righteously Labels GOP With Headline: "The Republican Party Is Now The Party Of 1/6"

You must have had to cope with this: I need help!

Man arrested on charges of attacking vaccination clinic, injuring staffers he called 'murderers'

A year after the Capitol attack, what has the US actually learned?

This is from a group that is exposing over 1000 individuals that want to overthrow a government

Merrick Garland - Read This

Tribe: The risk of a coup in the next US election is greater now than it ever was under Trump

1 1/2 hour

Armed pro-Trump demonstrations didn't stop at #January6th.

Tucker Says Low Testosterone Matters And Size Matters And Big Things Are Very Scary

My co-worker says he can't get an appt for a Covid test till Sunday.

Will he get to play or not.....Djokovic refused entry to Australia after receiving an exemption....

Iggy Pop - I'm a Conservative + Iggy Pop - I Need More + Iggy Pop - Dog Food

Husband: Kelly Ernby wasn't vaccinated when she died of COVID-19 complications

Clint Watts: "Where Did All the Insurrectionists Go?"

A Return to Robo-Signing: JPMorgan Chase Has Unleashed a Lawsuit Blitz on Credit Card Customers

Report: Kazakh president's home ablaze as protests escalate

Anybody ever use cheese ravioli layered like lasagna

Republicans are the Anti-Education Party (and Proud of It)

Amazing Race is back tonight....... 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

Did you know North Korea's Kim Jong-iI invented the burrito?

4th resident of The Villages arrested for casting multiple ballots

One Year After the Capitol Attack, Why Have We Done Nothing to Protect Our Democracy?

Woman stabbed deli co-worker at N.J. grocery store, police say

I noticed gas prices down earlier today

Mainstream presence of Proud Boys, other extreme groups creates mass radicalization fears

'Jeopardy!' champ Amy Schneider robbed at gunpoint

"New US dietary guidelines include babies and toddlers for first time"

At least 7 historically Black colleges receive bomb threats

Can someone here on DU please explain the current Filibuster

What Hannity Knew about January 6th and what he did

Democrats zero in on 1887 law pivotal to 2020 election plot

Disco Dancer: "The Greatest Film of All Time Probably"

Every Afternoon, During the News Hour on the Local CBS Affiliate,

"The Day My Kid Went Punk"

another reason to be hacked off at denialists: the COVID generation.

As the new year dawns I'm hopeful that 2022 will bring us health, prosperity, and good fortune.

4th resident of The Villages arrested for allegedly casting multiple ballots

Microsoft, AmEx, Airbnb and 4 other major companies have pledged not to donate to GOP in 2022

Here are the pioneering women who will be on new quarters

Dr Redlener (Dr Doom)is in the hospital with Covid?

Hong Kong Covid-19: This is what happens when you test positive

Dog thought to be lost leads New Hampshire police to scene of crash involving owner

Supreme Court Says All Justices Have Received Booster Shots

Not much change with the forecast. Looks like timing wise-it may start Thursday night

John Pavlovitz: All Americans Know January 6th Was An Insurrection. Decent Ones Care.

Peter Navarro says Mike Pence hung up on him as he was pitching a plan to steal the 2020 election

China blocked Lithuania from exporting 20,000 bottles of rum in a diplomatic feud, Taiwan bought the

Macy's asks employees for vaccination status

Brazil's Bolsonaro discharged from hospital after gut blockage cleared

Corporations seek to rebuild bridges with GOP objectors ahead of midterms

Oh shit. First case of FLURONAdetected in CA. Combo of flu

Pam & Tommy Official Trailer - Hulu

Kinzinger Twitter post.

what's the cost of a marijuana card

Here's a good read on Merrick Garland by someone who worked with him

Ex-White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham to meet with 1/6 committee

Some of the Trump party's bullshit about the filibuster needs to be shoveled back into their laps.

The January Sixers Have Their Own Unit at the DC Jail. Here's What Life Is Like Inside

I'd like to have a bumper sticker that says "GOP spells Treason"


Out-of-control rocket stage is tumbling toward Earth

Mayo Clinic fires 700 workers who failed to comply with Covid vaccine mandate

Green Bay mayor asks judge punish Gableman for saying he didn't cooperate with election review

childless Pope: Having Pets Instead of Kids Is 'Selfish', a 'denial of fatherhood and motherhood'

Republicans on Jan 6th: Fiction vs. Reality

George Floyd's niece, 4, shot on New Year's Day while sleeping in Houston apartment

CNN: Soon on CNN Garland to speak about 1/6 investigation.

In response to that idiotic Lee Atwater tripe about the "Democrat Party" with RAT emphasized

"I fell asleep and woke up at the same spot" Passenger's description of Virginia traffic jam

Providence pauses non-emergency procedures and visitation

Prosecutors Move Quickly on Jan. 6 Cases, but One Big Question Remains

Recalling Jan. 6: A national day of infamy, half remembered

Will the rocket hit Mara Lago?

Biden to speak tomorrow and discuss Trump's role on 1/6

Ron DeathSantis looked and sounded very unwell today.

Starbucks to require all U.S. workers get COVID-19 vaccine or tested

Rand Paul Comes Out as Pro-Omicron

Browns should replace Stefanski, not Mayfield

Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA08) Rips Gov-Elect Youngkin's Pick of Anti-environment ideologue" Andrew Wheeler

Fallen Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick's partner called out Sen. Lindsey Graham for being

Jan. 6 rioters do not love America. They hate -- and fear -- the America we're becoming

Republicans Promised to Banish Jan. 6 Insurrectionists. A Year Later, They've Purged Jan. 6 Critics

GOP-aligned 'dark money' group launches $1M ad campaign to pressure Manchin

Merrick Garland Speaking at 2:30 p.m., streaming at

BLM protesters cleared over toppling of Edward Colston statue

Trump ally Sebastian Gorka sues Jan 6 committee to block subpoena for his cell phone records

Oldest US World War II veteran dies at 112 in New Orleans

More Than 1,000 Aided Trump Effort to Overturn Election


Greene Urges All Republicans to Leave Twitter

Hannity Informs January 6th Panel that Swearing to Tell the Truth Would Violate His Fox Contract

'I don't feel safe': A year after January 6, women in Congress still fear for their security

About 60 years ago, I heard a neighbor boy back down the class bully with this:

'Broken' Dog Changes Her Mom's Whole World

WATCH: Attorney General Merrick Garland speaks on Jan. 6 investigations (WaPo on YouTube)

Woman Earns The Trust Of a Stray Cat Abandoned By Its Owners

More than 40 percent of Americans live in counties hit by climate disasters in 2021

MO Rep. Justin Hill (R) Resigns today spend more time with Liz Cheney

Here's to hoping Garland confirms investigations of those who planned the coup.

Rep. Jamie Raskin on FDR

***Merrick Garland Speech Watch Party Thread***

Penn Law rebukes professor who said U.S. would be 'better off with fewer Asians'

12 More Reasons to Love Betty White

He's Late

Youngkin announces selection of Sec. of Natural Resources and Dir. of Environmental Quality

On eve of Capitol riot anniversary, Kansas City Proud Boys' cases face another delay

**C-SPAN DOJ Merrick Garland NOW.

First Webb Space images from deep space

(Jewish Group) Jewish BBC broadcaster quits after 30 years due to antisemitism

Former Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham to meet with Jan. 6 committee

Novak Djokovic 'Refused Entry to Australia' After National Rage Over Vaccine Exemption

Shuggie Otis, Carmine Appice and Tony Franklin - "Aphelion"

Merrick Garland: "The actions we have taken thus far will not be our last"

Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene to Hold Republican Response on January 6th

Now that MAGA terrorists use the

Has Garland mentioned the Jan. 5 bomb planting yet?

So there ya have it. So what did you think? (Assuming you listed to Garland speak.)

Did Garland just say...?

I cant believe CNN still has the wanker on and remotely as well.

Stop fucking lumping us in trump and his nutters. I am so sick of

Mueller, She Wrote Tweet: "This speech is so much better than I thought it would be..."

Complete Garland Speech 1/5/2022

TRMS last night...What did Sean Hannity KNOW and when did he KNOW it?

Good Job, AG Garland!

This may have already been posted. Did anyone see that George Floyd's niece was shot?

Unemployment still says I owe $13,000!!! HELP!!!

Thousands of starlings form 'bent spoon' swarm over Israel

Let me make this pellucidly clear for the Slobfather & his ReTHUG goons

Overall, I thought AG Garland's speech was fine, but one remark really "clanged"---LOUDLY.

Now Mike Lindell is making slippers?? (My Slippers. They have a FOUR LAYER DESIGN!!!)

Who else is rooting for the Ravens and Jags this weekend?

Betty White Privately Paid To Fly Animals Out Of Aquarium After Hurricane Katrina

From Andy Kim "Remember what Republican leaders said before amnesia set in." I took notes that night

Phila. Inquirer: 62 Pennsylvanians have been charged in the Capitol riot.

Maricopa County gives full breakdown/analysis of Cyber Ninjas claims of 50,000+ questionable ballots

Link for those unfamiliar with "The Green Bay Sweep"

Webb Secondary Mirror Deployment Complete!

Jimmy Carter to NYT: "Our great nation now teeters on the brink of a widening abyss.

There's a whole lot of baggage piled up at National Airport.

Eric Boehlert: Jan. 6 committee keeps dragging Fox News

Jimmy Carter: I Fear for Our Democracy

One thousand or so elected and appointed officials across the country enabled the attempted coup

This article from January 7, 2021 was prescient: Don't Let Them Pretend This Didn't Happen

Georgia high school teacher arrested for child sex crimes

This is new, and different. I fill my couple of prescriptions at COSTCO

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 5, 2022

Biden will be going after Trump tomorrow

"Film & TV actor George Reeves was #BornOnThisDay, Jan. 5, 1914. Remembered as #Superman ..."

TN State Rep. Jeremy Faison, House GOP Chair, tried to fight and depants a high school basketball...

Clean Laundry

Reminder: There were zero leaks in the OKC bombing and Unabomber cases

Italy bans unvaccinated people over the age of 50 from going to work, starting Feb. 15

Grammy have been postponed......

Any idea at what time in the morning Thursday Biden will speak?

Watch what they do, not what they say

They told the truth THEN...why won't they NOW?

Lessons From The Insurrection: Where Are We Now? Citizen by CNN

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 6 January 2022

Snowing and blowing in Boulder County.

"Two welders got stuck on I-95. They shoved aside two trees to escape."

wil ag garlands speach be put into text?

The aspect about January in Wisconsin is settling in...

Well, that explains it.

Anyone here have experience with long-term disability payments

Capitol Police intelligence analysts thought Louie Gohmert was encouraging violence pre-Jan 6

Meatball McPeenerToilet Didn't Like Merrick Garland's Speech, So There's One Yelp Review

Some Posters On DU Are Misrepresenting What Garland Said

Just in: Winter weather advisory issued for DC and Baltimore areas

If only someone with a huge microphone & a huge audience had known a coup was about to take place...

The wealthy and powerful corporate interests are trying to create a culture that makes us feel weak

20 million people pirated "Black Widow"

"Beyond the riot, Jan. 6 was a dangerously close call. How Trump's plot nearly succeeded: ANALYSIS"

Ridiculous Real Estate Photos

COVID testing site at the Getty Center has detected LA's first case of flurona

Daddy's home!

That face! That head tilt! That smile!

Just had another $500 plumbing bill to have hot water and hubby's oral surgery is tomorrow...

Every Good Lie Has A Kernel of Truth

As Merrick talks, Trump is playing 3D Candyland with real nose candy!

CDC panel backs Pfizer boosters for 12- to 17-year-olds

Peaceful, chilly southern MD evening

Perfect response to magidiot saying "so, do you actually like Biden?"

DOJ Transcript of Merrick Garland's Remarks re January 6

Should have known.

According to Raskin the breach of the Capitol was part of the plot to overturn the election.

Five Naval Academy Midshipmen Awarded Stamps Scholarships

Merrick Garland Made a Lethally Important Point About His January 6 Investigation

Ghislaine Maxwell prosecutors ask judge for inquiry into juror

Psaki says Biden will address Trump's role in Capitol riot

Psaki says Biden will address Trump's role in Capitol riot

Estimated prevalence of Covid in London:

Bases housing US troops in Iraq, Syria come under attack

Opinion: 77 years later, still seeking appropriate honor for a heroic Black medic on D-Day

Charlie Pierce's real-time reaction to Garland.

Ron DeSantis struggles to breathe, gasps for air in shocking new video - MeidasTouch

What Garland Said Was Not "Both-Siderism", Sorry, That's Total BS and a Seemingly Intentional

GOP Picks Up Trump's MASSIVE Legal Bill - Rebel HQ

Cops Accused of Taking Hours to Show Up After George Floyd's 4-Year-Old Niece Was Shot in Bed

Cops Accused of Taking Hours to Show Up After George Floyd's 4-Year-Old Niece Was Shot in Bed

The Help Review - Sen. Ted Cruz (Trae Crowder)

I'm just reliving the good times ... 6 January 2021.

Rabbi who was shot in Poway synagogue attack is sentenced to prison for fraud

Italian mafia boss caught after Google Maps sighting in Spain

Per the BBC, Australia has canceled Djokovic's visa.

I guess I am just done with reading tea leaves and listening to the punditry

Republican Hypocrisy on January 6 - The Republican Accountability Project

US sanctions Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik over corruption

Jen Psaki finally DEMOLISHES Ted Cruz at press briefing - Brian Tyler Cohen

Women operated on by male surgeons more likely to die or have complications, study finds

Man arrested on charges of attacking vaccination clinic, injuring staffers he called 'murderers'

Comedians vs. Gay Trump Supporter - Steve Hofstetter

Corazon Espinado

Colombian National Charged in Connection with Plot to Kill Haitian President

Colombian National Charged in Connection with Plot to Kill Haitian President

Tucson police officer fired after fatally shooting man in mobility scooter

Cher Really Doesn't Think Democrats Are Being Strong Enough, No

The Potential Economic Impact of Legislation Restricting Voter Access on Business Activity in Texas

Pre departure Covid travel tests to be scrapped

Trump SLAMMED By Police Lawsuits - Rebel HQ

January 6 committee mulling prime time, televised hearings as Sean Hannity and Mike Pence latest to

The Potential Economic Impact of Legislation Restricting Voter Access on Business Activity in Texas

Why all the crooks in Trummp's administration? Like Nixon, the head guy, who said,"I am not a crook"

Ford plans to double production of all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck

My Pillow guy phone records subpeonaed

McConnell cracks door to Electoral Count Act reform

What is 'flurona'? Coronavirus and influenza co-infections reported as omicron surges.