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Archives: January 6, 2022

In wake of legal troubles, failed ballot initiative, Tim Eyman pivots to lawsuit against Gov. Inslee

Jordan slowly changes constitution to push serious political reform

Missouri legislature kicks off 2022 session with tight deadlines, Republican infighting

Kazakhstan president appeals to Russian-led alliance for help as unrest escalates


'Put on the gas mask' Lawmakers remember terror during Jan. 6 capitol riot

'Fix the flaws': Gov. Kelly calls for investigation of state mental hospital after escapes

Biden to 'speak truth' on Capitol attack as Trump cancels anniversary event

Jan. 6 was not a riot. It was an insurrection.

The Durian Fruit Saga - Irish People Try: Best Of Compilation

Jan. 6 was not a riot. It was an insurrection.

Maricopa County delivers a K.O. punch to Senate audit. Trump believers don't feel a thing

Trump calls on supporters to 'rise up' against vaccine mandates on the eve of January 6

Why do so many people dislike Mitch McConnell so much?

Mayor Adams not ruling out vetoing noncitizen voting bill, angering NYC Council progressives

VW and Toyota are coming for Tesla, to the tune of $170 billion

Now that there's more evidence of Hannity being a traitor, it's time to hit him full on.

GOP officials in Arizona's largest county affirm 2020 election was secure in rebuttal to Trump claim

Jackson School District pays $4 million in long-running lawsuit

Congressional Progressive Caucus backs measure to expand Supreme Court

Winger Media Recon; As expected they're under reporting Garlands speech but Americans heard him

OMG This is soooo funny. Russian Rocket Live Video on youtube

The AP Interview: Pelosi says 'democracy won' on Jan. 6

AG Merrick Garland Today - 1/5/2022 - Watch for yourself what he said

Top 10 Conservative Idiots: The Complete 12th Season

Inslee announces free at-home testing, masks amid surge in omicron cases

Side-by-side look at Fox News host's contradicting view of Jan. 6 (CNN)

Thoughts on Garland's announcements today?

Most Corporations Kept Pledges Made After January 6 (Wall of shame)

Juarez elected first Indigenous Seattle City Council head

I believe that AG Garland said what I had hoped he would say about pursuing "all" who participated

Novak Djokovic Is Refused Entry Into Australia Over Vaccine Exemption

Clip from "All the President's Men" is Relevant to 1/6 Investigation

Covington residents concerned over lack of USPS mail delivery

Postal service asks for temporary waiver from Biden vaccine requirement

Purely speculative but - fully electric cars stuck in the I95 mess?

Probe: Seattle cops improperly faked right-wing radio talk

Ted Cruz Puts His Foot In His Mouth - Rebel HQ

Harris to highlight voting rights, election reform in Jan. 6 speech

Whatcom County, cascades to get more snow before drier weekend

My county is looking kind of scary, when it comes to Covid-19 transmission.

Kazakhstan unrest: Government calls for Russian help

Regina Spektor Performs 'Samson'

North Korean hypersonic missile hit target in test firing, says state media

Just read a study saying that that having sex burns off as many calories as running five miles.

NY Governor Hochul announced one of her top priorities is a project I managed before retirement

Grammy Awards 2022: Omicron postpones music's biggest night

Grammy Awards 2022: Omicron postpones music's biggest night

Former Zetas leader gets 91 years for 2011 kidnapping-homicide

Jimmy Carter: I Fear for Our Democracy

Joan Copeland, Broadway and Soap Actress and Sister of Arthur Miller, Dies at 99

Maxwell Verdict In Trouble?

McConnell accidentally humiliates himself with major public misstep - Brian Tyler Cohen

Ex-boss paid Georgia worker's final wages in oily pennies. Now the feds are involved

Greene, Gaetz to hold Jan. 6 presser after Trump cancels

Amazon driver kept thousands of stolen packages throughout home, Oklahoma cops say

GOP Rep. Kinzinger On 'Painting The Picture' Of Jan. 6 - MSNBC

Lindsey Graham is taking credit for convincing Trump to cancel his January 6 press conference

Here is a second angle of Ron DeSantis struggling with breathing problems during his event today.

J.D. Vance is P.Oed that the 'Hillbilly Elegy' film wasn't as well received as the book

Hannity, Fux face ethical issues over TFG text revelations

Chrysler aims to be all electric by 2028

15 BIG LIE SUPPORTERS running for chief election officer in 6 of 7 closest 2020 states

Biden Admin. Steps Up Efforts To Prevent Another Jan. 6 - Deadline - MSNBC

Navy blocked from acting against 35 COVID vaccine refusers

Texas natural gas production dropped during recent cold front, reviving concerns about electric grid

Mike Pence's team helping Jan. 6 committee

Rep Swalwell's Twitter

'This Is A Country That's Wounded' Says Rep. Jamie Raskin - Deadline - MSNBC

Canada asks regulator to probe maskless party on Sunwing flight as COVID cases soar

'Remain in Mexico' court hearings resume in El Paso

Shoot, the Betty White tribute (her birthday) day is the same as Martin Luther King holiday.

Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib to Seek Re-Election in New Seat Created Through Redistricting

Italian Citizen Arrested In Online Impersonation Scheme To Fraudulently Obtain Prepub. Manuscripts..

Father, Son Who Bragged About Roles in Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Plead Guilty, Will Pay $2,000

The January 6th House select committee have subpoenaed Mike Lindell's phone records.

Thank you AG Garland

RW Trolls attacking Democracy

Scholars SOUNDING ALARM About Imminent COLLAPSE of American Democracy!!!

Roughly Two-Thirds of Missouri's 1,000 Traffic Deaths Were People Not Wearing Seat Belts

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

I salute my Uncle - His BD was 112 years ago.

Hannity Goes Silent After Texts Reveal MAGA Riot Concern - The Beat - MSNBC

How soon will 4th booster shot be approved?

Tweet of the Night:

Cruz getting hammered by Tucker because he called 1/6 a terrorist attack

Thank you, AG Garland.

Mask mandates are back in my neck of the woods, starting tomorrow.


Rep. Pete Aguilar Says Jan. 6 Committee Will 'Clearly Articulate' Case To Public - Deadline - MSNBC

Biden Briefly Stuck On Air Force One After Snow Storm Landing At Andrews AFB (Updated)

Rifftrax - Fun In Balloon Land 1965

The one song that cements you to the Grateful Dead.

☦ Eastern Orthodox Church: 'The Feast of Theophany/Epiphany', 6 January

Japan Wants To Arm Its Submarines With Long-Range Cruise Missiles

After Trump Aide's Admission On Air, New Heat On Coup Plot - The Beat - MSNBC

CDC chief endorses plan for youths age 12-15 to get a booster

Updated: I have jury duty Monday and

"One man's porn is another man's terrorist repellant."

Let's talk about Garland's speech....

Why is Louis DeJoy still running the USPS? I thought the guy that had to leave

Last Year in the Republican Party - The Lincoln Project

Bette: "Ya just had to be there"

Senator Schumer is not being fooled by McConnel offer

What I would like to know about Trump and Jan 6th

So...I'm migrating to a new bubble.

Mcguinn-Clark-Hillman - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (6-28-1978)

Any DUers have some good tuna salad recipes?

Jan. 6th Organizers EMBARRASSING New Interview

Telling people to "Rise Up" is like yelling "fire" in a movie theatre. They should arrest him now.

Houston Police Officer Who Killed 62-Year Old Pedestrian Was Driving Between 80-100 Miles Per Hour

Peter Navarro wants you to know they only intended to overthrow the government peacefully

Capitol Police Officer Dunn: There Hasn't Been An End To Jan. 6 - All In - MSNBC

Matchbox - Carl Perkins, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash

Mrs. Betty Bowers on Ted Pastyface Cruz

Kimberly Guilfoyle's Leaked Text Messages Are Not Doing the Trumps Any Favors

Dan hicks -1972 - By Hook or by Crook

"These acts and threats of violence are not associated with any one set of partisan or ideological v

As of this writing 01/05/22 10:16 EST US, 61.1% of Switzerland's Carbon Emissions Have German Origin

Exchange Students anthology.

Bob Weir and Levon Helm - Deep Elum Blues

Snow potential index - 9/10 (↑): Thursday night's system is on track for 2 or 3 inches

I asked my interior designer to do an 1870s / 1980s mashup. She nailed it!!

A year after the insurrection, the lies that fueled it shape the GOP and possibly threaten democracy

Northam Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Next Winter Storm; Virginia National Guard Members Also

Just curious - poll regarding Garland's speech

Texas AG Ken Paxton asks court to reinstate his power to prosecute election crimes

Chris Hayes: America Was One Mike Pence Away From 'Full-Blown' Constitutional Crisis - All In - MSNBC

Note to military, medical, teachers refusing vaxx - *cut* the crap.

Lou Reed - People Who Died w/ Jim Carroll - 9/25/1984 - Capitol Theatre (Official)

Climax Chicago Blues Band

Shilling for the Benedict Arnolds of the U.S. Capitol riot

Tweet of the Day

Joe Biden needs to stand up and fight Manchin like our lives depend on it

Republicans Want To Release Their Own Alternative Reality January 6th Report - Ring of Fire

Israeli scientists teach fish to drive a terrestrial vehicle

I'm not sure if I can convey, in words, what it feels like to take care of a dead man walking.

Fox News host admits to cheering for US division in order to boost ratings

Ithaca (NY) Mayor, Svante Myrick, who made history 10 years ago when he was the youngest person

JUST IN: We've INCREASED our accumulation forecast for Thursday night

Does the DOJ have a committee that attends to the

AG Garland Signals DOJ Will hold the "Powerless & Powerful" Accountable for Crimes of January 6

Joy Reid: On Eve Of Capitol Insurrection The Big Lie Continues To Threaten Our Democracy - ReidOut

Joyce on

does anyone know what time President Biden will be making his remarks tomorrow?

Record COVID-19 infections seen in area school districts

The Daily Show - The January 6th Insurrectionists: Where Are They Now?

The Lincoln Project-A year in review: The Republican Party.

Lawyer: Texas dad didn't know son accused in deaths had gun; 14-year-old suspect still at large

The Lincoln Project-A year in review: The Republican Party.

Good night, DU

December warmest in Texas in 130 years

Bonus Tweet of the Day

'Rawhide' - Link Wray

How we built a relational network of 160k voters in less than a month

(Jewish Group) A new museum tells the story of Singapore's Jews, starting with their Baghdad roots

Melting of the Thwaites Glacier could rewrite the global coastline - PBS NewsHour

In Germany and Austria, a movement of grandmothers is taking on the far right

Mike Pence remembers January 6...

Hawkish Fed signals it may have to raise rates sooner to fight inflation

A troll attacked the Buttigieg family. Chasten made sure he got what he deserved.

PBS, 'Preserving Democracy: Pursuing a More Perfect Union,' Premieres Jan. 6, 2022

Tonight's email to local radio wingnut yakker about tomorrow/1-6

'I'm Very Worried': What Really Happened On The Eve Of The Insurrection - The Last Word - MSNBC

Biden to squarely blame Trump for Jan. 6 assault

Lawmaker would require public schools to have King James version of Bible

Cobra Kai Season 4 (no spoilers)

With nowhere else to go, he slept in the emergency room

The Villages sees a voter-fraud outbreak -- with a MAGA twist

Wilma Mankiller, Maya Angelou, Anna May Wong, and Nina Otero-Warren to be featured on quarters

One year ago, Georgia voters elected @ReverendWarnock and Jon @Ossoff ,

'Hatred in the eyes': How racist rage animated Jan. 6 riots

Laurence Tribe: Jan. 6 Insurrection Was 'Plan B' For Overthrowing 2020 Election - The Last Word MSNBC

What are you streaming these days?

Fearing certain death in Haiti, a suspected assassin gambled on cooperating with the FBI

Rio cancels its carnival street parties

Brazil's bars choose their customers for their politics as election nears

One year later, Oklahoma delegation largely silent about Capitol attack

Political notebook: Democrats say Stitt 'harrassing' tribes

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2022 are all Democratic held seats up in 2022 plus PA and WI.

Biden Unveils Plan Aimed At Reducing The Cost Of Meat - The Last Word - MSNBC

El Salvador reopens probe into 1989 killing of 6 priests

Tell me theres not going to be trouble on Janurary 6th

What are you streaming these days?

They didn't even try to hide what they were planning.

Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office arrests three in theft of Amazon packages

Well, well. Karl Rove has surfaced in WSJ w/ an article criticizing Jan 6 and followup.

Jan. 6th One Year Later - The 11th Hour - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Paraguay's Draconian Abortion Law Punishes Rape Survivors

Cuba's vaccine success story sails past mark set by rich world's Covid efforts

Iowa man and Minnesota son plead guilty in Capitol riot case

Rocky road: Paraguay's new Chaco highway threatens rare forest and last of the Ayoreo people

Seattle police faked Proud Boys threat during race protests, says watchdog

Unvaxxed teen in LA tests positive for a co-infection of COVID-19 & the flu now dubbed 'flurona'

US Rep. Adam Kinzinger says he'll focus on GOP anti-Trump movement rather than run for statewide off

Garland Offers No Clarity On Whether Trump Coup Plot, Now Made Public, Is Illegal - Rachel Maddow

Election officials rebut claims in Republican-led Arizona review of Trump's 2020 loss

Kansas doctors plead for you to take COVID precautions as people die waiting for care at hospitals

'Orion's Fireplace': Flame Nebula is ablaze with color in stunning new image

Schumer Cites Trump's Big Lie As Through Line From Jan. 6 To State GOP Voting Restrictions - TRMS

U.S. Capitol Police intelligence thought Louie Gohmert appeared to encourage violence before

U.S. Capitol Police intelligence thought Louie Gohmert appeared to encourage violence before

'One saw me and said, There's the big Jew'

The Rs who voted against certifying the Electoral College 1/6/2021

"was donnie involved" and "was it a coup?" yet again, the media treats us to ridiculous debates

Evergy announces plan for large solar farm near coal plant in Kansas City

Jefferson-- "Every generation needs a revolution" Washington--

Never before seen footage of Altamont released!

'Who gets care and who does not': KS hospital officials ask for emergency declaration

Novak Djokovic to remain in detention during court challenge to Australian visa cancellation

New bills: Senators provide lots of ideas on how to spend $1 billion in stimulus funds

My 2022 motto.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/5/22

Nebraska senator introduces 'heartbeat' abortion ban, teeing up legislative fight

Nebraska senator introduces 'heartbeat' abortion ban, teeing up legislative fight

Stance on Russia, China a test for new German government

Stephen Colbert: Guest Senator Amy Klobuchar

Australia, Japan sign defense pact as China concerns loom

The Sex Pest of Many Names Who Lives with One NEGOP Operative and is in Business with Another

Bill would give South Dakota students right to sue school district if opposite sex encountered in

Union Pacific clears out homeless encampment north of downtown Omaha

CPS classes canceled again Thursday as CTU, district fail to reach agreement

King Soopers, City Market workers in Denver, Colorado Springs authorize strike as contract deadline

King Soopers, City Market workers in Denver, Colorado Springs authorize strike as contract deadline

My sleep patterns are all messed up.

Don Winslow: Trump Loves Antifa

CA county prosecutor who opposed COVID vaccine mandates dies

The surface of the earth 🌍 is some 70% water 💦

Former US Attorney: Garland Critics Are 'Silly'

Flurry of SpaceX launches to begin Thursday in Florida

Ex-paramilitaries stand trial for Guatemala civil war rape of 36 indigenous women

On @thismorning they've been trying vegan nuggets and they LOVE them!

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, January 6, 2022

U.S. Capitol Police tweet this morning (pic):

Possible new names for the Washington Football Team

Dozens of protesters killed in Kazakhstan; 12 police dead

Team Pence Is Spilling to Jan. 6 Panel About Trump's Inaction During Riot, Says Report

Never Before Seen 1/6 Footage from LA Times

1/ Cmte letter to Hannity:

David Corn: The Lesson of January 6: Tragedy Does Not Yield National Unity

Today's tennis laugh

NFL confident about L.A. Super Bowl amid pandemic, but still has alternate sites

Schmitt sues to overturn new St. Louis County mask order

Unsung:the story of Ray Parker Jr

New York Times Illegally Busted Union Campaign, Labor Board Alleges

Thursday TOONs - The Year Of Living Dangerously

New York Times Illegally Busted Union Campaign, Labor Board Alleges

Since The 1st Anniversary Is The Paper Anniversary ...

A Shortage of Covid-19 Tests in Europe and the U.S.A. Is Disrupting International Travel

My 33-year-old daughter has COVID.

January 6, 1973 🎙

Containing Covid-19 requires rapid tests that are highly sensitive to infections. Why is the FDA ask

***Comments Thread for January's Photo Contest***

Heard from a nurse battling Covid:

I'm again posting this story from a little less than a year ago....

***Submission Thread for January's Photo Contest***

In 1953, a Telephone-Company Executive Predicts the Rise of Modern Smartphones and Video Calls

Ford's Ontario Govt Wants You To Believe They Care About Environmental Issues, So Here's Some Guy

1-6-21---"A day that will live in infamy II". nt

Ohio toiled 15 months on license plate, missed backwards plane

Texas Dad Fatally Shot Carrying Daughter's Birthday Cake Outside of Chuck E. Cheese

LA to remove all historic streetlights from Glendale-Hyperion bridge after 22 are stolen

First Nations Tracking Catastrophic Salmon Population Collapses In Just 10 Years In Central BC

Seems like Yesterday....

Ha!: Three airlines refuse to carry 'idiot' Quebecers who partied on way to Cancun

My 89-year-old dad has Covid

Listening to Morning Joe this morning.

Manhattan district attorney announces he won't prosecute certain crime

Grisham says the Slobfather watched with glee and said.

Lightning In High Arctic Was Rare/Unknown; 2021 Saw 2X Lightning Storms Than Prior 9 Yrs Combined

Jobless claims: Another 207,000 Americans filed new claims last week

Rep. Tom Suozzi shares a video from being in the House chamber on Jan. 6

Jan 2019 Heat Wave Killed 100s Of Magellenic Penguins In Argentina; 44C At 44 Degrees South

It rained fish in Texas

PA State Rep Daryl Metcalf, Vocal Climate Liar And (Bonus!) Gun Nut Announces Retirement

Labor organizations, unions ask federal court intervene with OSHA protections for healthcare workers

Trumps Last Stand: Trump and his men are surrounded with no help on the way.

Heads Up for Biden's speech at 9.00am

Lead story on Fox's morning show today, all three hours: Covid, Biden admin's failures,...

The two words that few dare to mutter...

Understand this: the speeches that Jordan and Greene will give attacking the President's

Fact check: Five enduring lies about the Capitol insurrection

COVID impacts mid-Missouri schools, Southern Boone switches to remote learning

Sundance cancels in-person film festival due to virus surge

America Is Uniquely Awful At Climate Legislation; Its In Our Constitutional DNA And Govt. Structure

Breakfast: Thursday, January 5, 2022

Sean Hannity urges his viewers to be sure to watch his show tonight.

Big Oil & Finance Biggest Spenders On Google Ads That Look Like Search Results i.e. "Global Warming"

An elusive thief stole hundreds of book manuscripts in an online scam. The culprit is an industry in

George Jetson was born July 31, 2022

Biden speaking now. 9:17 AM EST CNN n/t

Kamala Harris speech right now. Her best ever or the best I have ever seen he do.

Hell yah. Mr. President finally calling out TFG

Wow. I have never admired Joe Biden more.

Just the facts, Joe!

"Here's the truth: The former President of the United States of America has spread a web of lies"

One can only hope...

"He's a defeated former president"

Top GOP lawmaker attempted to pants referee during basketball game


What is Trump going to hate more....

"He's a DEFEATED former president...". JRB - tells it like it is!!!

Don't hold back Joe!

"He's not just the former president, he's the DEFEATED former president!!!" ZINGGGGG.

"Frankly - It's UnAmerican"

Every Democratic lawmaker should have agreed to do this.

"The responsibility to see each other as neighbors"

I love President Biden's speech

"We are in a battle for the soul of this nation."

Fucking lindsey graham

I am close to breathless, after hearing that magnificent speech

No more TFG. Now use DFP.

"His bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy,"

***EXCELLENT MESSAGE FROM DEMOCRATS!!*** GQP Attack On Voting Rights Is Extension of J6 !!

President Biden Went There! I Stand with Him!

Both the President's and Vice President's speeches...

Yamiche on Pres. Biden's Speech


On January 6, 2021, the Former Office Occupant gave his worst speech ever.

Any reports of an orange, explosive plume arising over Mara Largo?

What We Still Refuse to Accept About the Insurrectionists

Just watched Merrick Garland's speech. Did anyone else note that he tied the gutting of voting

Me after watching that speech:

AG Garland's speech yesterday, President Biden's and VP Harris' today. It a NEW YEAR folks!

trump is a loser and he will be known as one forever

Did they ever identify the person who grabbed the electoral ballot box and took it to safety?

I'm feeling like some Earth, Wind and Fire right about now...

I would hope Democrats follow the lead that the President has presented. Sitting by and just

Though Cold Not Comparable To 2/21, TX Gas Output Still Tumbled In Absence of Weatherization

Biden speaking with the press now n/t

Number of times President Biden said the word Trump: 0

Cantaloupe Island

WAPO News (Not an OP ED): "Trump inspired the Jan 6 attack on the capitol."

tiedrich remarks on biden's speech

Lil mushroom dick posted a

Pic Of The Moment: Republican Leadership Remembers January 6

'Democracy Was attacked': Biden Reflects On The Events Of January 6 (MSNBC)

Statement from President Obama on January 6 assault on the Capitol

The insurrection will be decentralized: The next Jan. 6 will happen in the state houses

Sean Hannity's lawyer is........

How long before TFG issues a response to President Biden's wonderful speech

Did anyone see Stephanie Grisham on CNN this morning?

Syd Barrett was born on this date.

Georgia Republicans planned a vigil for 'J6 Patriots' on Jan. 6.

Christian Nationalism Is One of Trump's Most Powerful Weapons

Prof. Tribe loved this speech

Biden delivers searing speech on Trump's culpability for Jan. 6 attack

Well we are kinda snowed!

Is it possible that Trump, in encouraging the storming of the Capitol, created the very situation

Some memes n such for Jan 6th -- ⚠️ LANGUAGE ⚠️

Sandy Denny was born on this date.

The Hard Rock collapse closed the Rampart streetcar line. Here's why its return is still far off.

The brazen, mind-boggling Republican revisionism regarding Jan. 6? It never ends

Don't choose pets over children, Pope Francis says as birthrates drop

VP Harris' full speech re. January 6th

GOP commemorates denialism day

Earl Scruggs was born on this date.

Kamala Harris: If we do not defend it, democracy simply will not stand (CNN)

President Joe Biden ...

'Completely a farce': TV station marks Jan 6. anniversary by interviewing insurrection denier

There will be no "Let's Go Brandon" in NASCAR.


keith olbermann tweets back to lindsey who calls biden's speech "brazen politicization of Jan.6"

This happened in Colorado Springs

Michigan SOS Jocelyn Benson on The Big Lie:

@CNN fired Chris Cuomo for acting as a political advisor. @FoxNews we're looking at you!

A little William Butler Yeats---sort of----

Russian paratroopers arrive in Kazakhstan as unrest continues

January 6 riots divided Americans of both parties in different ways - CBS Mornings

Does it seem like pieces are slowly moving into place?

Looks like its Game On, Motherfuckers.

Philippines' Duterte threatens unvaccinated people with arrest

A second Maxwell juror has come forward!

Rep. Kinzinger: I Worry About The Rot That Has Existed Since January 6 (MSNBC)

The stakes in the Supreme Court's vaccine cases are even bigger than they seem

another tiedrich tweet ("it's been ONE YEAR to the day and we still don't know who told the dipshits

I've looked: are there transcripts (not videos) of KH and JB's speeches today? Thanks!

Increased protection efforts renewed following fatal stabbing of Illinois DCFS worker

See Jake Tapper's plea to Republicans (CNN)

One Year Later, Duke Scholars Examine Fallout From US Capitol Riot

We Are the Majority! The Trumpers Are Not!

Chuck Schumer giving speech now

The problem Mr. President...

Biden tears into Trump during January 6th speech (CNN)

The tide has turned. This is the Year of the Truth.

Trump must have his day in court for his crimes on Jan. 6

Chuck Schumer Was Interviewed on the CBS Morning News

Incoming US Senators of 2022.

Democrats quietly explore barring Trump from office over Jan. 6

Middle Age Riot tweet:

10,679;new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 16 deaths

'The Foundation Here Is Bogus,' Bob Woodward On Election Fraud Claims (MSNBC)

Happy 2022 from LoveYourFood

More Middle Age Riot tweets:

Just had my robocall scrubber service capture and trash a call from the RNC

Earl Scruggs & Bob Dylan, East Virginia Blues, Live

John Fugelsang tweet:

Fascists on twitter R melting down because Ted Cruz just called the Jan 6 attack a terrorist attack

Somewhere a foolish looking, foolish acting, lying traitor is crapping his pants.

Is there a fed statute of limitation on conspiracy to foment an insurrection?

A living Slinky:

'There's the big Jew, let's get him.'"

Precious little stoat plays with hooman's thumb (2nd tweet):

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Jan. 5 (MSNBC)

VP Harris also gave a hell of a speech. She was very impressive. Thank you VP Harris for pointing

America needs Mike Pence to step forth.

"Jan. 6 was a love fest!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Joe Biden is NOT Fucking Around, Neither is the AG-If I Were Trump, I'd Be Planning an Exit Strategy

1/6/2022 Mike Luckovich-Storming of the Capitol-Jan. 6, 2022

"You can't love your country only when you win".--- Most important line..

Today is Goldie's gotcha day!

Southern states from most to least Democratic.

Michigan governor hopeful hawked supplements as COVID cure: 'You'll dominate any virus'

CSPAN2 now carrying Dem senators' speeches about 1/6.

What does Marjorie Taylor Greene do all day? (CNN)

Today should be known as (the former) Guy Fucks Up Day

Your guy lost. You & the other traitors are the ones who turned 1/6 into a political touchstone.

When you have to have translations and explanation of a speech you made it was not a good speech.

Biden Slams Trump As 'Defeated Former President' Who Spread Election Lies

The only way to wake the brainwashed

Adorable right now, but who knows what the future holds:

Coast Guard, NTSB Investigating Towboat Bridge Strike

The DOJ is never going to drop the investigation of the attempted coup of January 6th, 2021.

Size Not the Main Goal, Shippers Say, as MSC Overtakes Maersk

President Biden's Jan 6 Address to the Nation

Slain officer's sister sues Facebook in 'boogaloo' murder, alleging it pushed extremist content

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 6, 2022

Jan De Nul's Next-Gen Offshore Wind Installation Vessel Launched in China

Chicken goosestepping with soldiers:

Marco Polo Marine to Do 'Green' Ship Recycling in Indonesia

BTRTN: One Year Later... How Can Ordinary Americans Fight for Their Democracy?

BTRTN: One Year Later... How Can Ordinary Americans Fight for Their Democracy?

Reddit On this Jan 6 ... Why I Will NEVER Vote Republican ... Articles Collected Over The Last Year+

Judges have declined U.S.-proposed sentences in two-thirds of Jan. 6 cases so far


This Is a Doom and Gloom Post!

If you haven't watch s5 of The Good Fight (with Christine Baranski) on Paramount+ today's a good day

I'm glad President Biden mentioned that tfg was sowing seeds of doubt, even before November 3

I have never felt prouder to be a Democrat than today

CNN panel stunned by forcefulness of Biden's Jan. 6 speech: 'He just called the former president twi

LIVE: House holds moment of silence for Jan. 6 attack

Who put fliers on New Yorkers' cars telling them to leave Florida if 'woke'?

Speaker Pelosi up now n/t

Somebody stole my kittens and replaced them with these cats!!

Alice In Chains - Rooster

The early part is cut off but she's rating whether the painters have ever seen a baby before:

DeSantis in West Palm Beach: Jan. 6 anniversary events and coverage are 'nauseating','politicized'

A collection of breathtaking pictures----

Hashtags of the day

SPOTTED ON CAPITOL HILL: former Vice President Dick Cheney entering the US Capitol building

David Bowie - Heroes (live in Paris, 2002 - maybe his best performance ever of this song)

The Cheney family on the floor of the House

The Daily Show: We put up monuments to the patriots who fought against America on January 6th.

Jon King on CNN agrees with me

Does anyone remember how the bombs at the DNC and RNC

LIVE at 1PM ET: Congressional historians discuss one year after the Jan. 6 attack

Voting rights filibuster is coming

I can't wait until the repuqs start accusing Biden

Indigenous Works at Sundance Film Festival: Virtual Festival 2022

question: When a bill does not pass during a specific congress does it have to be reintroduced

Outback sheep rancher pays tribute to dead aunt ---

President Biden on January 6th U.S. Capitol Attack Anniversary (FULL REMARKS) 24:55

I'm reading between the lines here

Tweet of the Day

Stray Kitten Ran Up To The Fisherman And Asked To Take Him Home

Is Trump Laying the Groundwork for a Coup in 2024? Bill Moyers Weighs In Amanpour and Company

'Are you serious?' Lindsey Graham buried for trying to dismiss Trump's role in the Capitol riot

Follow-up: Anti-Vax QAnon Podcaster Dies Of Something

Anti-Vax Radio Host Who Got COVID at QAnon-Friendly Conference Dies

Jimmy Carter warns that America's democracy is at risk, as nation teeters on brink of 'widening abys

Grisham said Trump watched the violence....

Doesn't it feel like we've waited over 5 years for this moment?

I'm writing the date '1/6' a lot today.

One Orwellian Image Of 1/6 That Haunts Me Till Today......

Official DOJ Transcript of AG Garland's Remarks from Yesterday

From THERE... to HERE... (illustration)

Crisis, what crisis? Florida Republicans deny Omicron is straining hospitals

Congress should send a letter to the American

For some reason this is the only music I want to listen to after Biden's speech

New GM electric truck faces competition and skeptical buyers

Today... I'm starting by frying some pastrami in butter...

How the insurrection's ideology came straight out of 1990s California politics

VA,GA,and NC are southern states that have Democrats Governors and/or US Senators.

Not again. AIDS nonprofit wants to block L.A.'s ambitious plan for desperately needed housing

LIVE at 1PM: White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds news briefing

China says it plans to finish space station by end of year, make more than 40 launches

Supreme Court to Weigh Vaccine Requirements for the Workplace

"The government" tells you: when you legally become an adult; that you MUST register for selective

founder of anti-vax "Free People" party dies of COVID. Greece

Dismal! "News engagement fell off a cliff in 2021 & given the ongoing decline in interest in news"

Stephanie Grisham says group of ex-Trump officials to meet next week to discuss how to 'stop' him

Dick Cheney comes to Capitol on Jan. 6, says he's 'deeply disappointed' in GOP leadership

Ex-Oaf Creepers spokesperson warns of right-wing 'propaganda'

Frog News host croaks

Seriously, Upgrade Your Face Mask

Fox News Anchors Gripe That Biden Didn't Show Enough 'Gratitude' in 'Aggressive' Jan. 6 Speech

Billionaire Branson Is Recovering From Covid, Urges Vaccinations

Tampa Bay is Zillow's hottest housing market for 2022

You're in a cult & He lost. No, really.

TN republican lawmaker tried to pull referee's pants off at son's basketball game

Extremist forums still brim with violent rhetoric, but disillusionment over Trump is creeping in

64 Texans were charged in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. A year later, here's where things stand.

Peter Bogdanovich, Oscar-Nominated Director and Champion of Hollywood's Golden Age, Dies at 82

TFG's Incendiary Words on Eve of 1/6 Tell 'MAGA Nation' to 'Rise Up' Against Mandates

Remarks By President Biden To Mark One Year Since The January 6th Deadly Assault On The U.S. Capitol

Republicans Want To Release Their Own Alternative Reality January 6th Report

GOP leaders criticize Democrats for commemorating Jan. 6 anniversary

AT LAST! Biden slams Trump/sycophants for Jan 6. 'He is a defeated fmr president' by 7 million votes

Climate advocates hopeful after Manchin spending comments

Remarks by Vice President Harris Marking One Year Since the January 6 Deadly Assault on U.S. Capitol

Reports: Jan. 6 Committee Considers Airing Public Hearings During Prime Time

Michael Bennett (D-CO) now speaking

Peaceful..."they" said

Kinzinger explains his absence today from the Chamber.

Two Republicans mark Jan. 6 anniversary in House chamber -- Liz Cheney and former vp Richard Cheney

Heatherwick Studio's 1,000 Trees opens in Shanghai

GOP Senate hopefuls can't agree on whether Jan. 6 riot was a big deal

In my 37 years of driving a truck.....

Reed asshat from NY is downplaying Jan 6

Memo to DDT (Defeated Donald Trump): last evening, you called upon something you called

Another Stupid Shooting

Dick Cheney joins his daughter alone on the GOP side of the House

Trump turns on Hannity over Capitol-riot texts....

'All Roads To What Went Wrong That Day Lead To Donald Trump's Ill Behavior'(MSNBC)

President Joe has me Fired up. I'm ready to get off my arse and GOTV for 2022 right now.

'Who Steals From a Deaf Kid?' Allegedly, Alex Murdaugh

Dumb Phucker Carlson mocks Ted Cruz, GOP for saying Jan. 6 was a 'violent terrorist attack'

grand lady and her kin still flying . about 1oo still flying.

BJay Pak is an old school Republican

Parrot Kept In A Cage Learns How To Fly

4th resident of retirement haven charged with voter fraud

When you conspire to rob a bank but let idiots do that for you, you are as guilty as them.

Biden slams 'defeated President' Trump for saying November 3 was the 'real' insurrection: 'Can you t

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tears trumpublicans a new one

Judge halts mega-resort in California wildfire zone, says residents could die trying to flee

Trash woes continue as some neighborhoods start third week with no garbage pickup

The battle against vaccine hesitancy among Israel's Ultra-Orthodox

The Art of the Deal

a reminder about Merrick Garland

Insurrection on Capitol Hill descends from the legacy of the Brooks Brothers riot & Bush v Gore

Transcript: President Joe Biden's remarks on January 6 anniversary

The rampant irrationality that sparked Jan. 6 is the republic's greatest threat

CCD designs hotel within Dongfengyun's unique brick architecture


GOP sees 'huge red wave' potential by targeting critical race theory

New Hampshire Republicans advance map with substantially redrawn districts

Blinken urges 'peaceful' resolution amid Kazakhstan chaos

SNOW UPDATE: We've fined-tuned our forecast and now expect the heaviest snow amounts

Minnesota Attorney General Tests Positive for COVID Before Boarding Flight Back to U.S.

Silver Linings in the Dark Clouds of January 6th

Road crews working long shifts in Bellingham after another round of snow

It does seem like the page has turned. Finally.

All three major passes closed due to heavy snow, falling trees & poor visibility

How we get our popcorn while watching Rethugs self-destruct...

Grants still available for Thurston businesses, nonprofits hit by pandemic

Sumner Prepares For White River Flooding

The Scariest Thing About Marjorie Taylor Greene


That speech was a counterterrorism speech.

Just finished a webinar about Mapping the Capitol Attack & Its Aftermath Tech, Extremism & Jan.6

TFG sticks to election falsehoods on Jan. 6

Schumer says he was targeted on Jan. 6 for his religion

it's all that dark and corporate money

The next Democratic Governor of VA is likely to be

Reflections just began in the House n/t

Ants Observed Healing Wounded Trees in Bizarre, Never-Before-Seen Behavior

So I was at Burlington coat factory, next to Wallymart, and yes, I ventured in! Gather round!

LIVE: Members of Congress share experiences from Jan. 6 insurrection

Neal Katyal - The Justice Department Needs to Investigate Those at the Top

A two-year-old finds a gun in the car and shoots sibling and mother...

Union Stops Confed Attempt To Capture US Capital - Battle of Ft Stevens 1864, Lincoln Wash Defenses

Matt Gaetz & Steve Bannon are what too much alcohol gets you

Our congresswoman, Lisa Blunt Rochester, speaking now,passionate

Nicholas Kristof Ineligible to run for Governor of Oregon - per SoS

Candace Owens Says She Would Rather Die of Covid Than Take Covid Vaccine

DeSantis: Jan. 6 is 'Christmas' for mainstream media

TCM tonight:

Peter Bogdanovich, Oscar-Nominated Director and Champion of Hollywood's Golden Age, Dies at 82

Record-breaking snow slams Buffalo; East Coast braces for first bomb cyclone of 2022

How Britain Falls Apart


15 Former Trump Officials Are Meeting Next Week On Plan To Stop Him In 2024

On Jan. 6 anniversary, DeSantis disputes that Capitol attack was an 'insurrection'

(Jewish Group) Jews were on both sides of Jan. 6. Where are they a year later?

So my partner's coworker's entire family has Covid

Val Demmings up now

Judge finds Cyber Ninjas in contempt for not turning over documents re: AZ Fraudit

If You Don't Listen To Any Other Senator's Comments Today - You Must List To Cory Booker's......

Sen Merkley (D-OR) aide saved electoral college ballots before terrorists reached the floor

Trump boosts 'Stop the Steal' candidates in fight for Michigan House control

So my Dean and Assistant Dean all have Covid.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Big GOP Donor Calls COVID-19 Vaccine a Plot by 'The Jews' to 'Euthanize' Americans in Wildly

Seattle police faked Proud Boys threat during race protests, says watchdog

Crisis, what crisis? Florida Republicans deny Omicron is straining hospitals

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1

NKorea claims second successful test of hypersonic missile

Ted Cruz and 16 other Texans refused to certify the 2020 election. None would say whether they see

Trump did not want to tweet "stay peaceful" during January 6 insurrection

Anyone see the film "Zola"?

I don't expect Manchin to talk today wouldn't go over well at home nt

DeSantis admits to finding 1 million expired COVID-19 tests stockpiled in warehouse

DeSantis admits to finding 1 million expired COVID-19 tests stockpiled in warehouse

👋👋👋👋 found my phone, slid under the couch

Happening right now! ProPublica event "The Insurrection: One Year Later"

I Back Brandon!!

Jennifer Wexton is the perfect Democratic VA US House Member for statewide office.

I remember when I first told people I was throwing my support to Biden for President.

Cartoons 1/6/2022

Matt Gaetz Obscenely Attacks Ted Cruz

On cusp of record surge, Snohomish County exec gets COVID

I don't think the Trump party is planning to win the 2024 presidential election.

Shellfish war: Judge dismisses Tulalip clam-trafficking case

Defense Giants Should Stop Funding Election Deniers

Pete Souza: "Subpoena the official White House photos of 45 on 1-6-21

Monroe father charged with hate crime at high school

Shame on you, C-Span

Gaetz and MTG accuse #FailedCoupGuy of orchestrating the Capital attack

These stories of "Former Staffers looking to derail Trump" and "Cheney runs for POTUS" are silly

January 6 committee examines internal FBI, DHS documents for answers on intel failure

Way to go Nancy! She gave Gaetz & MTG the respect they deserve.

so many lampposts have been stolen from historic bridge that LA is taking the remaining down

Texas appeals court upholds injunction allowing Harris Co. to keep mask mandate in place for now

Union Stops Confed Attempt To Capture Capital, Ft Stevens Battle, Defenses of Wash, 'Find Your Fort'

Obama: 'Democracy is at a greater risk today'

Simple question: on January 6th, 2021, why exactly did the insurrectionists eventually

Help me out here.

Is it just me, or are the Cheneys exploiting this to try to make us forget Dick's crimes?

The crucial thing the House Jan. 6 committee knows about Trump that we don't

Bernie Sanders hosts union president to talk Special Metals strike during town hall

U.S. Postal Service seeks relief from COVID testing, vaccine rules

Is it possible tfg or vlad are blackmailing some of these repuqs?

Scoop: Inside Trump's Jan. 6 cancellation

Joe Biden defined what it means to be an American, for generations to come

Garland vows to hold all January 6th perpetrators accountable under the law

TLP: Biden

Snow, downed trees and power lines close 48-mile stretch of US 101

Antonio Brown

Are people still looking to score on good N95 disposable respirators?

Liberal Redneck - January 6th Anniversary

On Bannon's show, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene redirect blame for the Capitol riot.

Some speculation about The Dick at Liz's observance of today's Bring Dad To Work Day

Firefighters Battle Freezing Cold Conditions, Wind, Save 15 Or More Boats, Six Boats Lost

On the river (after BIG snow; more snow later)

BJC Packed With 500-Plus COVID-19 Patients, Company Postpones Elective Procedures Until Further Noti

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Jan. 6, 2022

One year later, our democracy is still under threat.

Ex-Oath Keepers spokesperson warns right-wing 'propaganda' is 'more dangerous than bullets'

Biden finally says what needs to be said about the 'big lie'

Here is a link to share with your antivax folks

Dog Surprise Reunion with Prisoner Who Saved His Life

How 1 far-right platform has weaponized antisemitism and Christian extremism to foment insurrection

So the 25th was being considered...?

(Jewish Group) Israel pushes UNGA to condemn Holocaust denial

Now we know what VP Harris' fancy cookware was for

A Note of Reassurance from Your School District Regarding Our Updated Omicron Policies

Good tune put together by Don Caron

Some political contacts of mine have been in touch with Evan McMullen's Senate campaign in Utah...

This is your mantra:

Is there really a crisis at the border?

Robert Reich...

The 2019 VA Political crisis of Northam,Fairfax, and Herring was a factor in 2021 .

My wife is a federal contractor at Ft Bliss, El Paso

Let's not forget. Trump had been wanting to pull off January 6th for at least 12 years.

2 Dozen Faith Leaders Begin Hunger Strike For Voting Rights On Jan. 6

Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Conspiracy theorists hope to run state elections systems nationwide

Anti-Vaxxer Bishop Who Believed 'God Doesn't Allow You To Be Infected' Dies Of COVID-19

A college student who turned his dad in to the FBI after the Capitol riot fears he's getting more ra

We have to report our $1200.00 stimulus checks don't we.....

COVID is really doing us a solid ....

Child Tax Credit Ends, But Corporate Giveaways Continue

Judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging the revocation of the Keystone XL pipeline

The FBI/ATF are offering a $100,000 reward for info re: the pipe bomber:

Argentine court orders journalist Santiago O'Donnell to turn over interviews of former president's b

Then-VP Elect Kamala Harris was inside the DNC when a pipe bomb was found outside on Jan. 6 2021!

Harris was inside DNC on Jan. 6 when pipe bomb was discovered outside

Keith Olbermann....

Colombia: Arauca Massacre Death Toll Rises to 27


Covid: Deadly Omicron should not be called mild, warns WHO

The Moon in January, 2017.

My sister in northern California still has power out...

Update on our breakthrough Covid's real and can be a bad deal.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 7 January 2022

Bolsonaro Attends Celebrity Football Game Hours after Leaving Hospital

The Rude Pundit: Notes on the Anniversary of a Failed Coup

Update on family and the grandpa

The ridiculous hypocrisy of Sean Hannity hiding behind 'freedom of the press'

Polish PM calls Facebook ban on far-right party undemocratic

LOL--Walking Dead and Anti-vax

Providence man accused of trafficking untraceable ghost guns in Dominican Republic

Rights group verifies Polish senator was hacked with spyware

You can't buy stuff like this anymore

Mexico invites Chilean president-elect to visit, eyeing "strategic alliance"

LIVE: Congress holds prayer vigil for Jan. 6 insurrection

McCarthy did not check in on staff at all in the days following January 6

The haunting a cappella singing on the steps of the Capitol

'Today' Co-Anchor Hoda Kotb Tests Positive For Covid

The mother is as much of a nutjob as the daughter was

The "Big Lie" that has succeeded: "Republicans are better for the economy."

Across the Desk - S4:E3 (James 'The Traitor' Lankford - Finding Credibility)

Thursday night's snow is on track! Snow has spread into WVa after producing 4" in Nashville

There Has Been Much Speculation Here On DU That TFG Or Putin Are Blackmailing Repugs.....

Teen powerlifter tackles man attacking her mom during New Orleans trip. 'His mistake'

Jamal Simmons To Be Named Kamala Harris' New Communications Director

came up on a fb memory from 3 yrs ago... this turned into a fucking disappointment

FBI Posts Update on Pipe Bomb Investigation - Shoes ID'd

Read today.

Cher's Ugg Campaign Causes 1,280% Spike in Demand for California Footwear Company

A year after January 6, One America News has found its insurrectionist footing

Family Fumes After Capitol Rioter Out on Bond Kills Young Mom in Drunken Crash

Timothy Snyder: A dream of power, an awakening to destruction

Donald Trump Is Not Going To Prison

Planned Parenthood fire intentionally set, fire officials say

Preserving Democracy: Pursuing a More Perfect Union - PBS Official Preview - Jan 6, 2022

Seattle police faked right-wing radio talk during social justice protests: probe

Man Busted For Sex Toy Robbery At Adult World

BLM and January 6th

Fmr. Michigan House Speaker (R) under criminal investigation for allegedly molesting a teenager

Ten bodies left in car outside Mexican state governor's office

I suppose a way to think of 6 January 2021 is

Salvadoran Priest Killed by Death Squads to Be Beatified

New clips of January 6th from CNN (I'd never seen the clip of the gallows)

Kamala Harris was inside DNC when bomb was discovered on Jan6

NPR Mara Liasson rips the GOP a new a-hole

Richard Freed, classical music critic, dies at 93

dayam. Just got done watching Biden's speech

I don't believe the repuqs in Congress "believe the big lie."

Judges' decision on North Carolina voting map could affect control of U.S. Congress

Dennis Owens, Washington's classical wake-up man for four decades, dies at 87

What's worse than getting stuck on I-95 for hours? A $600 Uber ride.

Ex-columnist Kristof ineligible to run for Oregon governor

Video shows cop shoot without warning at man firing into air

Youngkin nominates George 'Bryan' Slater as Virginia secretary of labor

Hydrogen power is gaining momentum, but critics say it's neither efficient nor green enough

what's the turtles take on today?

D.C.'s oldest homicide victim of 2021 died in altercation stemming from dispute over apartment ...

Team Pence Is Spilling to Jan. 6 Panel About Trump's Inaction During Riot

Did Climate Change bring a July Storm to Christmas Season?

The Late Show: Abhor Rent

Dutch stop funding Palestinian NGO, question Israeli charges

Youngkin nominates Trump EPA chief Andrew Wheeler for secretary of natural resources

Lindsey Graham's unreal response to Joe Biden's January 6 speech

Do you think you'll ever eat birthday cake after someone blows out the candles again?

I found a very confusing meme on someone's FB page, today.

Indiana GOP Lawmakers Pushing Bill With Natural Immunity as a COVID Vaccine Exemption

Hunters kill 20 Yellowstone wolves that roamed out of park